Warrior Nun (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Luke 8:17

I know we're on a mission,
that the fate of the world
and the safety of our sisters is at stake.
But I just love the feel
of a new city.
The smell of the bakeries,
the energy of the streets,
sharing an adventure with a friend.
Damn it to hell!
Having trouble?
Mother Superion made us study
the call code when we joined,
but it hasn't been used in centuries.
I'm a little bit rusty on coordinates.
Can't you just call them?
Cell phones can be traced.
And the call means
no unencrypted communications whatsoever.
Well, you know, if you need
some time to figure that thing out,
we can always swing by
the Royal Palace or the Prado Museum.
You want to go sightseeing? Right now?
I spent my whole life in an orphanage.
I mean
This is Madrid!
Villa y corte. The city of the bear
and the strawberry tree.
I wanna see everything!
I understand,
but now is really not the time.
- Come on. It's this way.
- All right.
This is the location.
Someone was hunting us.
Do you think they got Superion
or the others?
Given the dust, this glass
has been laying here for two, three days.
Superion only sent the call yesterday.
They must have come later and found this.
Maybe they left us a message.
A clue. Something.
Ava, check the gargoyle.
Well, looks like
we're going to the movies.
Look, reading a newspaper.
No cell phone.
What is this? The '50s?
Bus stop, two o'clock.
He's looking the wrong way.
The bus comes from the other direction.
That guy's window shopping
at an accountant's office.
We can't lead them to the others.
We have to lose them.
Let's lead them down a side street
and take them out.
I only see three.
Three so far.
Never spark a conflict until you have
a complete understanding of your odds.
More of a, uh, punch first,
maybe ask some questions,
and then punch again kinda girl.
Yes, I've noticed.
- I think we lost them.
- Shh.
Someone else is following us.
Someone quieter.
I'm impressed, Ava.
You're so much faster.
Why are you doing this?
You know why. You've seen it.
You've witnessed its power.
Is that why you turned on your family?
Shannon, all the women who trusted you.
For power?
For truth.
I searched all my life for God's truth.
Now I found it.
Adriel is real.
He's divine, and the Halo belongs to him.
Tell him to come and get it.
Let's compromise.
I'll take you to him.
Come on.
Give it up. You know
you can't lay a hand on me.
Divinium tattoos.
You can't phase through these.
Let's go, then.
I didn't want it to come to this.
I really didn't.
You shouldn't have done
all those shitty things, then.
I should take him in,
but I can't carry both of them.
- Ava?
- Hi.
Just hang on, okay? We're nearly there.
- Nope, nope. Not in front.
- Oh. Yeah.
- Back through the alley.
- Yeah.
Okay. Just
What now?
What the fuck?
Oh my God!
I missed you two so much.
I couldn't help myself.
Are you feeling okay, Bea?
Y-Yeah, she's just had
a little too much tranquilizer dart.
I'll have to hear that story. Follow me.
This way.
The Firstborn Children beat us
- Shh!
- to the Madrid OCS HQ.
- Yeah.
- So we had to get creative.
I love this scene.
All right, that's enough cinema. Let's go.
Come on.
This used to be a cover for resistance
fighters during the Civil War.
What took you so long?
Now that you're here
Every OCS branch was attacked.
Many of our sisters killed.
Those who survived or escaped
are in hiding,
awaiting for my orders to assemble.
My heart cries out for our order.
Let's pray for our sisters.
- Amen.
- Amen.
I wish there were time to mourn the dead.
But there's a reason we're being hunted.
And our duties resume now.
This is Sister Yasmine.
Hey. What's up?
You're her.
The Warrior Nun.
Uh, maybe.
Depends who's asking.
Yasmine has
something to tell you.
Yes. Um, yes.
I know how to defeat Adriel.
I've identified a myriad
of healing properties of the other side
from cancerous cell samples
that we managed to send through early on.
It may be that
your initial injuries were so severe
that the healing process
resulted in these scales.
But it could be that enough time there
may heal you entirely.
And, even if it doesn't,
you're hoping I might find your son.
My interest in this is not selfless. No.
Why not cross over yourself?
I've tried.
It won't let me. It It burned me. It
It forces me out.
If I could cross over
to find my son, I would.
Even if it killed me.
And what if it kills me?
We're both desperate to find
what we're looking for,
so let's just make this
experiment a success for both of us.
Areala, the first Warrior Nun,
managed to imprison Adriel.
That story is known to you all.
But what has been kept secret
is that she used
a specific weapon to trap him.
My order was created
to protect that weapon,
to keep it safe
should Adriel ever regain his freedom.
What weapon? What are you talking about?
I'm talking about
the Crown of Thorns.
This man or thing
This devil believes that
combining his power with our institution
will make him unstoppable.
Adriel wants the Church.
But he will have little use
for its leaders.
Powerful men whisper to the weak.
They dangle a taste of their influence.
They promise safe and secure partnership.
And then inevitably the knife.
Wouldn't you agree, Cardinal Rossi?
Hey! Hey!
Unhand me! What are you
- What are you doing? What
- How did he buy you?
I was not bought.
I was reborn.
Next to Adriel, you are as ants.
You will kneel before him. Yeah.
Take him away.
Where, Your Eminence?
The old crypt.
You will kneel, one and all!
No man may withstand before his might!
No man may withstand before his might!
Crown of Thorns?
Like the Jesus Crown of Thorns?
The Crown is in fact
a device from Adriel's realm.
It neutralizes divine beings.
The Romans placed the Crown on Jesus' head
to block his supernatural gifts.
And 1,000 years later,
Areala placed that same Crown
on Adriel to trap him in his tomb.
I never read about
the Crown of Thorns' power.
I just thought it was
another element of Roman torture.
The histories are
intentionally incomplete.
They focus only
on what the Crown symbolizes.
Never on what it does.
The Crown can shut off Adriel's power,
make him vulnerable.
It will give you a chance to defeat him.
Sorry, but does this mean
that Jesus was was, like?
Let's not go there.
So you just tracked us down to drop
the key to defeating Adriel in our laps?
How can we trust you?
I mean, she doesn't seem
like a liar to me.
She's very convincing over time.
And any advantage we can have over Adriel
beats the hell out of nothing, so
I promise you
everything I've said is true.
How do we find this Crown?
That's precisely why
I brought you to Madrid.
Once Adriel was imprisoned,
a sister named Cora entrusted the Crown
to an order of Coptic nuns in Egypt.
This order, my order,
kept the Crown hidden for centuries.
But, during the Egyptian Civil War,
British officers looted sacred sites
as one last act of oppression.
The assholes strike again.
Ava, language.
The Crown vanished, stolen.
My order dedicated itself
to recovering it.
Since I was a girl, I've sought the Crown,
but it seemed lost forever.
But now you think you've found it?
A trove of stolen antiquities
was recently recovered from the estate
of a corrupt British officer
who retired to Spain.
The entire collection was donated
to the Prado Museum.
The collection contains items
held by my sect for a century.
Sacred books.
The Crown is there. I know it.
Hold on. Are Are you saying
what I think you're saying?
Um, I don't know.
What am I saying?
Well, it sounds like you're saying
museum heist.
™ª Boom, boom, something's goin' down ™ª
™ª Do you, do you hear the sound? ™ª
™ª Something's goin' down ™ª
™ª Boom, boom, boom, boom ™ª
™ª Boom ™ª
The Crown will be
in the early Christian wing.
And you know where it is?
Um, not exactly.
Because it was stolen before I was born,
I've never seen it directly,
but I found a match in the collection.
It looks right. The data is right.
It's just
We can't know for sure until you touch it.
When the Warrior Nun grasps the Crown,
its power will be revealed.
Revealed how?
Don't know. Guess we'll find out.
Early Christian wing.
Second floor, area 13.
We'll meet you there.
™ª Do you, do you hear the sound? ™ª
- Sorry to bother you.
- What is it, Sister?
There's a group of school boys
making inappropriate gestures
to a nude sculpture
in the Renaissance wing.
Not again.
Thank you.
™ª Something's goin' down ™ª
We can activate
these remotely.
That's the easy part.
The cameras are the tricky bit.
Are you checking my work?
If you don't hit it just right
It lit up. That means it's right.
I'm just making sure.
When you were in hiding,
I had to fend for myself.
And Mother Superion and I are still alive.
Look, I'm sorry.
But if we want to beat Adriel, everything
has to go according to the plan.
It won't though.
Plan as hard as you want, but, I mean,
even He couldn't control everything.
"God, why have you forsaken me?"
Focus on your work,
and trust that I'll do mine.
I'm not a rookie anymore.
So this gear will allow me to monitor
everything you experience
on the other side.
Something like that.
Lilith, you're very brave.
It's an honor to do this with you.
Your window is coming up.
The Arc should surge
in five, four, three, two
Subject has entered the Arc.
She successfully passed
through the portal.
I can see
I must admit, I'm curious to see
what you have planned, Your Holiness.
Just a little theater, William.
For maximum effect.
So that's it, huh?
It matches the drawing perfectly.
I just wish you could touch it,
just to be sure.
We'll get our chance.
What happened?
What happened?
I was lost
for hours under a scorching sun.
Then the ground just swallowed me up.
No, you you were only gone,
uh, for a few seconds.
- That can't be.
- Yes. Look at the readings. It
Oh my God.
We have 107 minutes of footage
from 7.8 seconds of time elapsed.
That's That's some kind of
temporal distortion or quantum anomaly.
What What was it like?
I only know one thing for sure.
I was not welcome there.
William, there was a beauty
to medieval torture.
A creativity I find lacking
in the modern world.
Look at this, for example.
The simplicity of it.
You can practically feel
the imminent damage to one's flesh.
And so?
You don't frighten me, Duretti.
The Pope cannot just torture someone
in the Vatican basement.
If you believe that, Cardinal Rossi,
you are a poor student of history.
My associate here has taken
vows of secrecy to protect our Church.
You could disappear from this room,
and no one would ever know.
Now, explain to me the plagues.
Where do they come from?
How does Adriel create them,
and how does he stop them?
Adriel is our Lord,
reborn for our salvation.
His will manifests reality.
I need you to be a little more specific.
Adriel is power and light
The plagues, what is their secret?
There is no secret.
Adriel is God's avatar on Earth,
and you are his enemy!
- Blasphemy!
- No!
Torture me all you like.
Adriel's salvation is a gift beyond pain.
No true acolyte
will ever tell you anything.
No, don't. No
Well, that is disappointing.
Put him in the iron maiden.
No What? What?
But you you can't!
No, no, no! Hey! Hey!
- Your Holiness, please!
- Did you hear that?
Now it's "Your Holiness" again.
Close it up.
No, no, no! No, what are you No! No!
No, please! No, no, no! No, no, no!
Stop! Stop! Okay, okay, okay! Okay!
The Arq-Tech Corporation
is using technology to create the plagues.
Was that so difficult?
Lock him in a cell,
and give him some dinner.
You'll need your strength if I come back.
Why did it burn me?
I don't know.
Fact is, something over there
didn't want me there.
I could feel its presence, its hate.
Well, if that's true,
if there's some sentient being over there,
perhaps we can communicate with it.
On our next attempt, we can try and
Next attempt?
You want me to go back there?
We only just started, right?
I mean, this is our chance
to see what's beyond the veil.
You mean it's your only opportunity
to find your son.
- No matter what it does to me.
- No!
Jeez, Lilith!
How can I not be desperate to find my son?
And I also truly want to help you.
And I truly want to understand.
We're partners in this.
Is that so?
Look at what your help
has done so far, partner.
Look at me.
You would do anything
to bring your son back.
I understand that.
But I am not your lab rat.
If you don't have the answers I need,
I'll find someone who does.
- Good evening, Sister.
- Good evening.
How can I help you?
Could you direct me
to the museum entrance?
I'm sorry, Sister, but we are closed.
I see.
Do you have a pamphlet
with the hours listed?
- Of course. Let me get one.
- Thank you.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Here you go, Sister. Let me help you.
- Oh, you're very kind.
I'm sorry.
I thought you said you had
an encyclopedic knowledge
of Madrid's streets.
I do. And also Paris, Rome, Mumbai. I
Yeah, yeah. We assumed that meant
that you knew how to drive.
Oh. No.
Not well.
Ava, wait for us!
Phasing won't fool the cameras.
And who knows
how it will affect the lasers.
First, the cameras. Playing a loop
of security tape from earlier tonight.
Watch this.
They're designed
to roll towards the laser.
Micro electric magnetic pulse.
Camila, stay here
and look out for trouble.
You don't trust me?
On the contrary.
I'd rather have you looking out
for our backs than anyone else.
Bea, come on.
Yasmine said when you
touched it, it would activate somehow.
It's not doing anything.
Mother Superion,
we have the wrong crown.
We're coming in.
Yasmine will advise.
Where should we meet you?
No, no, no. The plan was
that I would tell you where it is,
and you would go and get it.
The problem with having all that knowledge
is that sometimes you have to use it.
Mother Superion?
But, I
I'm afraid.
Take this. This will protect you.
9:42 p.m.
Begin test of quantum frequency
lens adjustment.
Colors are vibrant.
Dramatically expanded color spectrum.
Footage resolves no discernible objects.
The image movement feels very slow.
It's It's It's almost as if
Speeding up footage.
Matching to Earthside time elapsed,
7.87 seconds.
Oh my God.
Whatever it's supposed to do,
it's not doing it.
We're running out of time.
Our bafflers on the security cameras
will run out of power
in four and a half minutes.
Just quiet. I'm thinking.
Okay, the thorns, they're different,
maybe a different material.
Why would they call it Crown of Thorns
if the thorns weren't thorns?
Just quiet!
When the British marauders moved in,
they must have tried to hide it.
Disguise it.
Disguise it how?
In the last place a white,
Catholic pirate would look.
Follow me.
It wouldn't be in a chest,
not with the weapons or the jewels.
Someplace unexpected somewhere.
Somewhere only a woman would notice.
Ava, in the center,
that statue, the black headdress.
It's a Coptic nun monastic hood.
It was my great-grandmother's habit.
That's it. It has to be.
We're out of beads to block the lasers.
Ava? Two minutes, 53 seconds.
We're running out of time.
We're not leaving without it.
We don't know
how phasing will affect the lasers.
If I can get through solid rock,
I can get through light.
Ava, stop!
What happened?
The Halo just sort of gave out.
It's not like it was running out of power.
It's just like
someone flipped off a switch.
Stay focused, Ava.
Are you sure about this, Yasmine?
That's it. I know it.
I am here.
I am everywhere, Camila.
Oh no!
It's a trap! It's a trap!
Vincent, stop!
Sister Lilith.
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