Warrior Nun (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Isaiah 40:31

[ominous music playing]
[distant car horns honking]
[device beeping]
I see at least 12 men, armed.
Swords and guns.
And our sisters?
[Shannon] They're alive,
including Mother Superion.
[device trills]
How should we proceed?
You should know me by now, Shannon.
[music swells]
We save them all.
[Shannon] Suzanne, stop.
That room is full of men and guns.
It's a death trap.
- We need to find another entry point.
- There's no time. I'm going in.
They'll turn that room
into a shooting gallery.
Then I'll deal with it.
Suzanne, our sisters don't heal
like you do.
They won't need to.
You are not going in there alone.
I'm sorry, Shannon
[energy charges, pulses]
- But I'm the Warrior Nun.
- [chain mail clinking]
[Superion] It happened a few years ago.
- ["Another Level" playing]
- [hinges creaking]
[Superion] I had borne the Halo
for three months by this point.
Standing in the street ♪
The sun is in the east ♪
- [men exclaiming]
- [weapons cocking]
You have my sisters.
- I've come to take them back.
- [men yelling]
- [gunfire]
- [energy pulses]
[gunfire continues]
[energy fluctuates, warbles]
I'm goin' ♪
All the way ♪
[masked men screaming]
- [man groans]
- [sword crackles]
[fighting grunts]
[man groans, thuds]
[Superion] Yah!
[Superion grunting]
[man groaning]
[metal clanging]
[metal bar clangs]
Let's go, let's go, let's go! ♪
To another level ♪
To another level ♪
Let's hit it ♪
To another level ♪
[song fades out]
[nuns chattering excitedly]
[dramatic music playing]
[man grunting]
[Superion pants, whimpers]
[man grunting]
[Superion] We were evenly matched,
and I had drained the Halo too much.
- [gun cocks, fires]
- [Shannon] Suzanne!
[nuns screaming]
[Superion whimpers]
[dramatic music swells]
[Superion wails]
[man groans]
- [flesh tearing]
- Yah!
[Superion grunts]
Oh my God. You're hurt.
I'll heal.
- [Shannon strains]
- [Superion grunts]
[chain rattling]
[sobbing] I'm so sorry.
[Superion sniffling]
[piercing scream]
[energy pulses loudly]
[Halo clinks on ground]
[ethereal music playing]
[high-pitched ringing]
[Superion] And that is how
I lost the Halo.
[ringing continues, fades]
[theme music playing]
I don't know what caused
the Halo to reject me.
The fact that I used its power on Shannon
that I was arrogant enough to take
the entire mission on my shoulders,
or that I allowed [inhales sharply]
Mother Superion to die. I
I did learn something that day.
No one can carry our burdens alone.
[dramatic music playing]
[Ava] As you know,
our numbers have been cut to the bone.
Duretti's been captured,
and Adriel's supporters
are massing worldwide.
But, thanks to the bravery
of Sister Yasmine and Mother Superion,
we now know one key element
for the very first time.
Where Adriel will be
and when.
[dramatic music swells]
Adriel will make his appearance at his new
cathedral tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.
We should have a multipoint strike team
in position by then.
Sorry, but, um
how do we prepare for this?
I mean, what do we think
Adriel is planning to do?
[Superion] He wants
to announce himself to the world.
It's the debut of an angel.
[Beatrice] He'll make a display
of his power.
How that manifests is anyone's guess.
But whatever it is,
we'll be ready.
Dr. Salvius?
Yes. [clears throat]
These are the blueprints
of Adriel's Cathedral.
It's a fortress.
I will give you codes
to hack the entrances.
Adriel and Kristian,
who I trusted with my company,
have used a mix of my technology
and Adriel's abilities
to harness the energy
of his followers' devotion.
Prayers of worshipers are being collected
to power the plagues
and who knows what else.
I believe it's this energy that has been
activating the Arc at regular intervals,
which leads me to the theory that the Arc
must play a part in Adriel's plan.
[Miguel] She's right.
Adriel wouldn't have fed me
the blueprints as a child
if it hadn't got something to do with it.
Michael, given your time
on the other side,
do you have any idea
how this might play out?
Not yet.
[Beatrice] Could Adriel have built himself
another Arc, do you think?
I mean, there was barely enough
divinium in the world to build this one.
Then we should be prepared
for him to try and steal it.
[Yasmine] I'm sorry. What does the Arc do?
[Jillian] Oh.
It's a portal to another realm.
Adriel's realm.
[Miguel] Adriel's former realm.
He escaped a fugitive
a thousand years ago.
Perhaps he's trying to go back home?
He's about to take
ultimate power on Earth.
Has to be something else.
Maybe he's planning
to bring something back here.
[dramatic music swells]
[music fades out]
[exhales shakily]
[whispering prayers rapidly in Spanish]
[ominous music playing]
Adriel [voice echoes]
Can you hear me?
[Adriel whispers] Camila
You reached out to me on your own.
I'm impressed.
Now it's time for you to come home to me,
my little warrior.
The more you fight,
the more you'll suffer.
I don't want to see you suffer.
I would suffer a thousand years in hell
before I would submit to you.
[fire roars]
Be mindful what you wish for.
[Camila] I understand something now.
You put your cross in my head
so I can't get rid of you.
But communication is a two-way street,
which means, if you're in my head,
then I'm in yours too.
I don't see how that changes anything.
Neither do I.
[inhales sharply]
But I guess we'll find out.
[fire roaring]
[music fades]
[knock at door]
[door slides open]
[Ava] Oh, hey.
Come on in.
What's up?
Since I've returned,
I've been trying to figure out
my purpose here.
Yeah. Join the club. [chuckles]
When I was a child,
I was in isolation my entire life.
I never appreciated
the joys of this world.
But these past few months,
my time with you
[soft music playing]
I'm sorry.
I'm not sure what you're saying.
I was sent here with a mission.
One preordained fate.
[ethereal music playing]
But meeting you, fighting beside you,
inspired me to believe that maybe there's
another way we could win this thing.
You made me believe
that we could defeat Adriel.
And keep on fighting.
[Miguel inhales]
But then Jillian showed me the video
Lilith brought back from the other side.
I saw her face.
And I knew all along she was right.
What are you talking about, Michael?
[ethereal music intensifies]
Adriel believes that nothing of this realm
can kill him.
Divinium is not of this realm.
Reya sent me back
with an explosive device
packed with enough divinium,
that it should overwhelm
Adriel's ability to heal.
It's my destiny to deliver that bomb.
It's your destiny to help me.
It's why Reya sent me to you.
So what's my part in all this?
You're the fuse, Ava.
You have to use the Halo's power
to detonate the divinium.
Right. This is not sounding
like the, um, ideal plan to me.
I know.
So we put the Crown on Adriel
and immobilize him,
lock him away again forever.
Reya told me this is what will happen.
So sooner or later,
we'll run out of options.
What does that mean?
That she's all-knowing? That Reya's God?
[Miguel] God is just a name.
You've all been fed this twisted version
of the truth that confuses everything.
Reya just is what is.
Well, she kinda sounds like she sucks.
And where is this divinium bomb?
I mean, maybe we can
we can detonate it remotely.
[Miguel] I don't think so.
[ethereal music swells]
Oh my God.
[Ava shudders]
I am the bomb.
No No.
- That's that's not happening. Forget it.
- Ava
I said no!
We are not both dying
over some interdimensional power grab.
You cannot run from this. This is fate.
[Ava breathing shakily] Oh, yeah?
Well, I've beaten fate once.
[ominous music playing]
- [music fades]
- [faint birdsong]
[distant church bell tolling]
- [panel beeps]
- [mechanism clicks]
[door hinge creaking]
[William] Lunchtime, Holy Father.
- [door creaks shut]
- [lock clicks]
Brought it yourself, William?
I should suspect poison.
[William] Not today, Father.
Today, you are as safe
as a bird in a cage.
At least until tomorrow morning.
After that, your survival
will depend on your level of devotion.
I wanted to take this opportunity
to tell you
I have lost none of my respect
for you or your position, Your Holiness.
You must forgive me
for doubting your respect
after watching you slit the throats
of your fellow cardinals.
How could you do it, William?
You have dedicated your entire life
to the Church.
Yeah. Yeah.
My entire life
My entire life,
I was told God was watching me.
An omnipotent being
beyond all natural power.
Then, one night, a vision appeared to me.
He told me of his imprisonment
beneath the Vatican.
- [scoffs]
- Of his plans to save mankind.
He asked me for my fealt [sobs]
He asked me for my fealty.
And, in his voice
I heard a thousand sermons
telling me this very day would come
since the moment I could speak.
In exchange for my conversion,
he promised me a place at his side,
and that is worth my loyalty.
Rejoice, Father.
Tomorrow morning,
you usher humanity unto salvation.
- Everything he promised you was a lie.
- [panel beeps]
- [door opens]
- All that awaits you is death.
- [William] Well, Father
- [hinge creaks]
Death awaits us all.
[door creaks shut]
[Adriel] What do you think?
A sharp, new look for the modern savior?
Or messiah classic?
[Vincent] I often feel
the old ways are best.
Well, you're probably right.
Suits can wait.
What can I do for you, Vincent?
I need some guidance.
For why am I risen, if not to guide?
Ancient brandy?
- No
- Straight from the cellars of the Vatican.
Literally divine.
[liquid pours]
[sighs] Well, maybe one.
Tell me.
[Vincent strains]
What's on your mind?
A new age.
Ah, yes.
Imagine, Vincent.
A world in which God exists.
I always have.
No, not like that.
Not some human fairy tale.
I'm talking about a world
where God can be reached via text.
Where sickness, war, and genocide
can be erased with a wave of my hand.
[somber music playing]
[Vincent] But you're not God.
Well, maybe not in the sense
they expected.
But am I not
what they've been praying for?
An all-powerful entity come from the other
side to save them all from themselves.
For you can't tell me
humanity does not need saving.
No, I cannot tell you that.
[Adriel] What's really
troubling you, my son?
We seem to rely on fear and violence
to bring salvation.
Well, yes. Well, sadly, it seems to be
the only thing that humans
respond to.
Have you tried walking the streets
and telling the truth?
They'll kill you for it.
What about compassion?
[Adriel] Compassion can come later,
when they're ready for it.
When you introduce
a major change to their lives,
humanity seems to be
motivated by two things alone.
Fear and money.
[Adriel] And why waste money
when you don't have to?
[exclaims softly]
[Adriel] But you fear not, Vincent.
We'll set humanity
on the path of righteousness,
and together we'll guide them
to a new era of peace and tranquility.
And we shall contact God by text.
Now, go.
I have a big day ahead of me.
Do you remember what you said to me
the night we freed you?
[Adriel] No.
What did I say?
It's not important, I suppose.
Such a shame.
I do love this suit.
[clothes hangers clinking]
[dramatic music builds]
[ethereal music playing]
I need all of you to reflect on the
gravity of what we're attempting today.
This is no standard mission.
I do not know what Adriel is precisely,
but millions believe him to be an angel.
Should we succeed
in removing him from this world,
we will be hated,
judged by some as heretics,
blasphemers thwarting the will of God.
If the world sees
a man that can perform miracles
taken out by agents of the Church,
what will they believe in then?
Our actions today will change
not only the nature of our order,
but the very fabric of belief itself.
[inhales sharply]
[music fades]
Here's what's gonna happen.
At 9:00 a.m., Adriel's followers
will gather in his cathedral
for a global broadcast.
[energetic music playing]
Yasmine will enter
using her press credentials,
and the rest of us will enter
through a side door.
Beatrice and our newly arrived sisters
will connect with
a group of disguised Samaritans.
will break into a server room
and connect with Jillian back here.
I'll plant a signal relay
on Adriel's cathedral roof,
allowing Jillian to hack into
Arq-Tech's plague generators.
On stage, Duretti will expose Adriel
as a fraud.
Once Adriel is good and truly pissed,
Camila will create a diversion.
Once he's distracted,
I'll put the Crown of Thorns on his head.
We lock Adriel into a box.
We bring the box back here.
Jillian hijacks Adriel's power source
to activate the Arc,
and we shove him through the portal.
Once he's on the other side,
we blow up the Arc.
[electricity crackles]
And that should do it.
Adriel's gone,
and, without the Halo or the Arc,
he can never return.
So let's do this.
- [weapon clicking]
- [music fades]
[weapons cocking]
Good luck.
- You're not coming?
- I'm staying behind to protect the Arc.
Are you sure?
[car engine revving]
You're ready for this.
[car approaching]
[brakes squealing]
[engine stops]
Hi, bud.
[nuns chattering in background]
Thank you.
Thank you.
[gasps softly] Oh my God.
What is it?
I don't normally notice these things, but
that guy's really hot, right?
[indistinct chatter]
Uh, that guy you just said was hot
He's looking at you.
[Yasmine chuckles]
This is the most embarrassed
I've ever been.
- [laughs]
- Where's the Rapture when you need it?
[Yasmine] He's still looking, by the way.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
[whispers] Stop. Shh.
[Yasmine laughing]
[somber music playing]
- [Miguel] Ava
- No. Don't say it.
I've given it some thought,
and I have to say,
your plan sits dead last
on my list of desirable options, okay?
You can't run from this.
Did you not hear Mother Superion?
What we do today will change the world.
How do you think a suicide bomber
dismembering an angel on live TV
will reflect on the sisters?
Bad optics, man. Forget it.
Listen to me.
It's time to go.
[Camila] Thanks.
[man] Very welcome.
Here. [clears throat]
After we take down the devil,
maybe we could grab a drink?
Dude, I'm a nun.
But thanks.
["LALISA" playing]
[van doors shut]
I'm good.
Let's do this.
[music intensifies]
- What's my name, what's my name? ♪
- Hey! ♪
What's my name, what's my name? ♪
[music halts]
[protestors clamoring]
[van engine idles, stops]
You have to use the front entrance.
Mm. I know.
Yeah, but there's been a change.
[guard 1] A change?
Gag order.
- [intense music playing]
- [guards grunting]
[guard 2 groans]
[guard 2 chokes, thuds on ground]
[phone trilling]
[panel beeping]
- [panel chimes, buzzes]
- [lock clicking]
[panel beeps]
[Camila] I'll find the server room.
[Miguel] My guys are throughout the crowd.
When shit hits the fan,
they'll help us get out.
[Beatrice] How's the Halo?
Strong so far.
Well, then, Warrior Nun,
see you on the other side.
[suspenseful percussive music plays]
- [Camila] I'm in, Dr. Salvius.
- [Jillian] I can hear you.
Once Ava gets the patch set,
I will hijack Kristian's plague generator.
[Camila] Copy.
Ava's heading to position.
[high-pitched ringing]
[energy sputters, fades]
[Ava] I might have been too optimistic.
Come on!
Please, just give me a little more.
[energy sputters]
[ringing resumes]
[ringing fades]
[indistinct chatter]
[music fades]
You seem unimpressed, Holy Father.
[Duretti] And so I am, Father Vincent.
With you, most of all.
You know, when you were a pathetic drunk,
a barely reformed criminal,
I offered you a better path.
In the end, all you did
was trade a vile obsession for another.
What choice does one have
when one hears the voice of God?
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen
of the faithful,
His Holiness, the Pope!
[all cheering]
[ominous music playing]
Do you know how I know
that Adriel is not God, Vincent?
Because he chose to speak to you.
I welcome the faithful
here and around the world.
Today, we find ourselves in a new era.
For centuries, we have worshiped God
as an unattainable ideal.
We prayed through hard times and joyous,
never knowing
if our prayers would be answered.
Now, it seems they have been.
[energy resonates]
[device beeping]
- [energy fades]
- [grunting]
[breathing rapidly]
[rapid pained breathing]
[tense music playing]
[Ava] No. Not now. Not here.
I don't care if I go back to being
paralyzed, but I can't let them down.
[Lilith] Oh, Ava.
You've looked better.
Hey, Lilith. You too.
Oh fuck.
For the Lord God has delivered unto us
a living, breathing angel.
A chance to witness
the truth of our devotion.
I present Adriel.
[ominous music playing]
Thank you, Your Holiness.
You have served your God
to the utmost of your abilities.
[crowd roaring]
[Superion] Duretti's about
to make his move.
I can't hack in.
Where's Ava?
She'll be there. Just give her a second.
I feel no power from you at all.
Could it be that the Halo
is finally rejecting you?
What What are you doing?
What's happened to you?
I kept changing, so
I pursued an expert opinion.
[Ava sighs]
Don't do this, Lilith.
You should be fighting with us.
Just follow orders?
Be a pawn to the OCS?
Never again.
[both grunting]
[Duretti] Truly a momentous day,
that we, the faithful, should witness
the arrival of a divine being.
For the longest time,
I asked myself "Why you?"
Was it divine intervention
that delivered you the Halo?
Did you have some inner strength
that I was missing?
But now I see you clearly.
and that your arrival
should coincide with the dire plagues
from which you have delivered us,
is truly God's Providence.
Or so I thought.
That's our cue.
It's now or never.
Come on, Ava.
You are weak.
- [energy whooshes]
- [Ava groans]
I call you fraud, liar, devil!
This charlatan seeks to usurp our
beloved Church through trickery and fear.
Holy Father, don't do this.
[energy whooshes]
[fighting grunts]
I tell you, the plagues of Adriel
were manufactured by Kristian Schaefer,
using Arq-Tech technology.
Francesco, do not accuse me so.
Behold the plagues of a fraud.
We're out of time.
Where's Ava?
[fighting grunts continue]
[Ava panting]
[energy whooshes]
[Lilith grunting]
[Lilith] I pity you, Ava.
I wanted the Halo so badly it consumed me.
But now, for the first time,
I'm free.
[Ava] Okay, focus now.
- [energy builds]
- [yells]
[Lilith screams]
[energy resonating]
- [straining]
- [device beeps]
[computer trills, beeps]
She did it.
We're in.
[alarm beeping]
Someone's hacking our systems.
[crowd chatters, gasps]
- Should I stop this?
- No. Let it go.
- Activating high-frequency sound waves.
- [keyboard clacking]
[crowd chattering worriedly]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
We're in their system,
but nothing's activating.
They could only be doing this
if they knew what we were planning.
The fog of fear.
Camila, it's not working.
I have no control of the plagues.
They [scoffs]
They let us believe we're in.
To what end?
To destroy him.
- [flesh sizzling]
- [exhales sharply]
[Ava] No plagues.
What the hell?
Come on. I just need
enough juice to finish this.
See how he lies to protect his power.
But is this not the same voice
you've been hearing your entire lives?
The voice of men like him.
Telling you that all you need to achieve
salvation is through worshiping them,
through heeding their wisdom,
giving them money.
What have they ever given you in return?
and judgment.
Well, I ask for nothing.
I need for nothing.
- [whispers] God
- [Adriel] Save to let you know this
You are not alone!
[crowd cheering]
[car horns blaring]
[cheering, whistling]
[applause fading]
I have descended from Heaven itself
to deliver you from pain and fear,
and the damnation of humankind!
[cheers and applause]
[Ava] Just one last thing.
I can only pray
[applause fading]
that God, in His mercy,
will offer forgiveness
to this man.
I beg you all!
Deny this counterfeit angel!
Idolize not such false gods,
lest you reap God's vengeance.
For in forsaking the one true God
- [praying silently]
- [Duretti]thou shalt invoke His wrath!
- [beep]
- [powering up sound]
Oh God.
[electricity crackling]
[loud zapping]
[energy crackles, fades]
[crowd gasps]
[energy droning]
[Jillian gasps]
[Superion, softly] No.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Superion] They're here.
[dramatic stinger]
[telekinetic whooshing]
[Camila] Adriel!
And so come the assassins.
Oh, I know I can't assassinate you.
But I can distract you.
[smoke grenades clinking]
- [hissing]
- [crowd clamoring]
[fighting grunts]
[crowd screaming]
[Beatrice grunting] Yah!
[dramatic ethereal music playing]
- [screeching]
- [Ava yelps]
[wings flapping]
[Ava groans]
[Ava panting]
Oh, come on! You've got wings now?
[Miguel grunting]
[eerie droning]
Michael, the little boy who built my Arc.
You've been hardwired by Reya,
haven't you, boy?
You're the one that used me.
Time to rest. You've served your purpose.
Not yet.
- [Adriel grunts]
- [blood trickling]
[Adriel thuds]
[gasping and choking]
[Miguel grunting]
[Jillian] I'm losing the connection.
They're locking me out.
[Superion] Doesn't matter.
Our part is done.
I'll hold them back.
You can't let them take the Arc.
Destroy it if you can't stop them.
This is the detonator. Okay.
[electricity powering down]
They've cut the power.
How do I get you out?
Don't worry about me. I'll be all right.
The glass is bulletproof.
The detonator will still work.
[shudders, groans]
[crowd screaming]
[Ava grunts, panting]
[Miguel] Ava! Now!
It has to be now.
We'll never get another chance!
[suspenseful music playing]
[music intensifies]
[Ava grunting]
[Vincent whimpers]
[woman screaming]
[straining] No
No! [grunting]
[Ava gasps, groans]
Ava! We need to go right now.
No. No.
[fighting grunts]
[Miguel groans]
[Miguel groaning on tablet]
No! [panting]
[weapons cocking]
Find the Arc. Watch out for nuns.
- [Superion grunting]
- [gunshot]
[man groans]
Mother Superion.
You seem to be having difficulty
accepting the Church's new direction.
It's always been my problem.
[Superion groans]
- [gunshots]
- [grunts]
- [body thuds]
- [Superion exhales]
[grunts] Damn it all.
[hinge creaking]
[Jillian gasps]
Did you stop them?
There are more coming.
You have to destroy the Arc.
The detonator's shattered.
How can I destroy it without it?
You have to set it off by hand.
[intense music playing]
- [crowd screaming]
- [Adriel cackles]
[Adriel cackles]
[Adriel cackles]
[Beatrice groans]
[Adriel cackles]
[Camila whimpering]
- ["New Blood" playing]
- Yeah, I'm lookin' for new blood ♪
[man groans]
Yeah! ♪
Nothin's gonna stop me now ♪
I'm lookin' for ♪
I'm lookin' for ♪
Yeah, I'm lookin' for new blood ♪
New blood ♪
Yeah, nothin's gonna stop me now ♪
Nothin's gonna stop me ♪
Lookin' for new blood ♪
- Lookin' for new blood ♪
- [song fades]
Come, Sister.
- Who are you?
- Sister Dora.
[Beatrice grunting] Thank you.
Come on, pretty boy.
[Miguel groaning]
[ominous music playing]
[breathing rapidly]
[inhales sharply]
[inhales sharply, groans]
[inhales sharply]
[weakly] I come to see you, my Lord.
[ominous music builds]
- [gunshot]
- [Superion gasps]
[gasps, breathes rapidly]
[Superion whimpers softly]
[Superion groans]
Rest now.
You fought well.
- [breathing rapidly]
- [clattering in background]
[electricity surges, fades]
[emotional string music playing]
[flesh squelching]
[in Latin] Welcome to the new order.
- [hammering in background]
- [Jillian sniffles]
[emotional music swells]
[energy resonating]
Come to me, my child.
[yells, grunts]
- Lilith, no!
- [energy whooshes]
Cut the live feed.
[music swells]
Missed me again.
[dramatic theme music playing]
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