Warrior Nun (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Psalms 116:15

Lilith, you bitch!
What the fuck? What did Adriel do to you?
He enlightened me.
What the fuck?
Are you doing this?
It's Adriel's final plague.
A burning light
that only scorches non-believers.
Come back to the OCS.
They can help you.
Lilith, stop this.
Okay? Your sisters need you.
My sisters?
You want me to return
to a world I don't belong to?
To fight a battle without hope?
For the glory of a God
who has abandoned me?
You should join us.
He likes you, Ava.
That's why he hasn't killed you yet.
- Please
- No.
No more talk.
Come with me.
Adriel will give you
the freedom you've been seeking.
You can finally be yourself
without fear of consequence.
This is not a negotiation.
You will join the Halo to our cause,
or I will rip it out through your chest.
Suit yourself.
You were right about one thing, Ava.
You are the last Warrior Nun.
There's nothing more I can do.
The ambulance is still ten minutes out.
I'm sorry I couldn't save the Arc.
I'm sorry I couldn't save you.
Soon I shall kneel before God.
I hope He forgives my sins.
He will embrace you as His champion.
Don't be so certain.
A life is a long series of mistakes.
In every choice I made,
I denied God's light.
When the Halo rejected me, I resented Him.
And when He chose Ava, I resented her.
You can't carry the entire weight
of the OCS on your shoulders.
No, you can't.
I understood too late
the importance of my sisters.
I let the scars and my shame
blind my vision.
When you get to Heaven,
God won't look you over
for victories or medals,
but for scars.
Take care of our girls.
I will.
Let the Lord,
who frees you of sin, save you.
And raise you up.
We did everything we could.
I haven't felt this way since
Since it was yours.
Thank you.
This is a miracle.
I suppose,
as a former Halo-bearer,
I still have a connection with it.
It reached out for me.
We should pray.
For Camila, Yasmine,
and everyone we've lost.
To hell with that.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly grateful
that you're alive. I am.
But Adriel is literally
sucking our prayers out of the air.
I mean, who are we even praying to?
Talk to me.
I lost the Crown.
It was right there, and
I let my emotions blind me to the mission.
You saved my life.
But if I'd grabbed the Crown,
we could've beaten Adriel,
and none of this would have happened.
Camila, Yasmine.
They might be here with us.
So you're saying, if if I had died,
the others might have lived.
I'm saying that maybe
we're just delaying the inevitable.
The Beatrice I know never stops fighting.
Never loses hope.
She never did.
You said we would stop him our way.
Together. That there's always
something else we can do.
There is nothing else you can do.
Are you kidding me? I was hiding.
Our only priority now is
to keep the Halo out of Adriel's hands.
At all costs.
If I left,
would you come with me?
We could go back to the Alps.
To the bar.
Hans and the regulars.
You could teach me how to dance.
I could teach you how to drink.
I can't.
So, uh I think we should exchange names.
You know, for morale.
- Morale?
- Yeah. I'm Todd.
I would shake your hand,
but I'm a little tied up at the moment.
That's terrible.
Yeah, I know. But see?
I'm Camila.
Nice to meet you, Camila.
Come here often?
First time.
Kinda sucks.
Oh, I can't believe
you made it back in one piece.
Tougher than I look.
Oh, my boy.
You're a man.
I, um
I reviewed the television footage
back at the cathedral.
When you, uh
When you reached out for Ava,
you said,
"We'll never get a better chance."
Better chance to do what?
I can't explain it.
It's Reya, isn't it?
Something happened when you looked at her.
There's only one way to stop Adriel.
That's why she sent me back.
These women, they mean well,
but there's no reason
for them to die for nothing.
I can end all this.
By sacrificing yourself?
I think
you sacrificed enough, Michael.
You can't stop this. No one can.
Please don't blame yourself.
How can I not?
There were forces at play
that we couldn't understand.
We were both pawns in an ancient game.
But you
You never did anything but try to help me.
To love me.
And I didn't want to admit it to myself.
I missed you.
So much.
Oh, that's incredible!
Like I said,
tougher than I look.
How'd you end up here?
I got in the van.
My dad died when I was very young.
My mother and I were left with nothing.
When I realized how much
she was struggling to feed me, I
joined the convent.
I was 15.
So you did it for the food?
Now, that would have been a mistake.
I did it for service,
but I found much more.
Love, peace, acceptance.
And some ass-kicking lessons, apparently.
Well, yeah.
Get your fucking hands off me,
you brainwashed asshole.
Leave him alone!
Stop! Stop!
I'll go with you. Stop!
I'll go with you.
Just leave her alone, okay?
How are you feeling?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
About everything.
I'm tired of being sorry. I
I want to do something.
I want Adriel to reap
what he's fucking sown.
Then you know what we have to do.
There's another way. I know it.
I know you're afraid.
But embracing death
can lead to enlightenment.
- Did Reya feed you that shit?
- Ava
Fuck the enlightenment of death.
I'm tired of being manipulated
by these divine beings. Uh
This cosmic bullshit
has nothing to do with me.
It has everything to do with you.
If you didn't get the Halo, you'd be dead.
If I didn't get the Halo,
Adriel wouldn't be here.
There wouldn't be a literal hell on Earth.
Maybe I'd be dead,
but I wouldn't be losing my friends.
I wouldn't be losing
the life I just got back.
I don't know what Reya told you,
but dying,
really dying,
doesn't lead to anything.
Trust me. I've been there. It's
There's no Heaven.
No enlightenment.
It's just nothing.
But what good is living
if the world dies around us?
We're out of options.
No. I won't accept that.
Mother Superion says there's always hope.
There's always another option.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
But there's got to be something that
Ava, what are you gonna do?
I'm taking one last shot.
Have you accepted
the truth of Adriel?
I believe I have, yes.
Your Eminence, forgive me.
Is that
you've made an impression.
How did you find me?
Last time I saw you, it looked like
you had some thinking to do.
And that's the nearest bar
to Adriel's Cathedral.
I thought the light spared
Adriel's believers.
It does.
It did.
You took the Crown.
Why didn't you give it to Adriel?
I was hoping against hope.
So was I.
I was attempting
to track the location of the Arc.
I couldn't find it
anywhere in the cathedral.
So I thought it may be shielded somehow.
The Arc requires an enormous amount
of energy to function at full output.
So, if the prayer energy enters
through the rooftop array,
chasing its path
should lead us to the Arc's position.
So where is it?
The energy path leads
into this conductive bracing,
directed towards the floor.
The floor?
It It makes sense
if the design is symmetrical.
The Arc
Is underground.
Todd! You're all right.
Everything is all right.
I have witnessed Adriel's glory.
- No, no, no
- Rejoice, Sister.
For now you enter his service.
What did he do to you?
He opened my eyes.
His light is everything, Camila.
You'll see.
- Yasmine?!
- Hi, Camila.
I have so many questions.
I know.
I couldn't get out when others escaped.
So I kept hiding in the cathedral,
looking for a way to get to you.
- Sorry it took me so long.
- Trust me.
You were right on time.
Is he dead?
He's breathing. Just knocked out.
Oh my God. That was scary.
I've never conked anyone
on the head before.
Seminary didn't really prepare me
for that kind of work.
You're a natural.
Did you see what they did to him?
There's some sort of ritual
in the main hall.
Adriel ♪
Adriel ♪
Adriel ♪
Adriel ♪
Adriel ♪
Adriel ♪
Bless and protect this child.
In the name
of Adriel.
Adriel ♪
God. What happened to it?
They're possessing them with demons.
Where is Adriel?
No one knows.
He comes and goes,
and he just shows up out of nowhere.
Everyone's terrified.
- We have to get out of here.
- Wait.
We can't just leave these people.
We have to call the others.
I don't want to stay here.
I'm afraid.
Me too.
But listen.
Sister Warriors don't run.
- I'm not a Sister
- Yes, you are.
You're one of us now.
If the others see you,
they'll kill you before I can explain.
I wouldn't blame them.
Yeah. Neither would I.
We have to talk.
You turned on Adriel.
I saw it when you picked up the Crown.
When Adriel murdered Duretti,
and made the claim that God had done it,
I realized that
just because a man can create miracles,
that doesn't make him God.
Turns out it just makes him a man.
A hard lesson for a priest to learn.
We're all learning
some hard lessons lately.
You must not give up, Ava.
You can still win this.
Did you see us out there?
We were outmatched at every turn.
Adriel knows every move
before you can make it.
Yeah, I know.
Question is,
what are you gonna do about it?
There's nothing more I can do.
I have betrayed my church,
my family, and my world.
I'm broken in body and soul.
I have but one ember of hope
left in my heart.
You, Ava.
That's fucking great.
You let the devil loose, and I have to put
the genie back in the bottle.
- Come on.
- Well, technically
you let the devil loose.
Yeah, because you lied to me.
Because you manipulated me.
Yes, because you were innocent, naïve.
Because you got your Halo by accident,
I took it as a sign that you were
the key I could use to free Adriel.
But I was wrong.
I believe that you were chosen
by the Halo.
I thank God it went to you and not Lilith.
I believe that you, only you,
can restore the world.
I really don't care
about what you believe in.
What I need is to find a way
to take on Adriel alone,
without risking
the lives of the people I love.
Now, can you help me with that?
The Crown is the key, Ava.
Adriel is afraid of it.
Yeah, 'course he is.
It got him locked up for a thousand years.
No, it's more than that.
It's something in the nature of the Crown
that he fears.
Back in the day, before we freed him,
how did you talk to him?
Through my divinium tattoos.
Show me.
The new Bible.
Spread my word to the world, Kristian.
- The people will be enthralled.
- Yes.
Yes, I believe they will.
And where did you run off to?
Get out of my head!
My lord
Leave me.
Are you all right?
I deserve this.
What did you see?
You were right.
Adriel is afraid of the Crown.
Something inside it.
Some truth.
I couldn't quite see.
Do you think
embracing death
can lead to enlightenment?
Mother Superion. It's Camila.
Camila! You're alive?
So far, yeah.
Yasmine and I are in Adriel's Cathedral.
She broke me out.
Can you find a way out?
We're not leaving.
What's happening here
is a blasphemy beyond blasphemy.
You need to send everyone
to help us stop it.
Mother Superion?
Camila and Yasmine are alive.
They need our help.
Go get the others.
Step away from her.
Get back.
- Please listen.
- Michael, get that thing off of her.
Ava chose this.
She put the Crown on herself.
It's true.
She's searching
for a way to defeat Adriel.
I don't know.
Come on, then.
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