Warrior Nun (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Jeremiah 29:13

Easy, boys.
I'm not here to fight. Okay?
At least, I hope I'm not.
Let her come unto me.
They're gatekeepers.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
What did you do?
Ava chose this.
Beatrice, let him speak.
The key to Adriel's destruction
may be found in his realm.
Ava put on the Crown to seek it out.
Why would you help her
with Adriel's destruction?
Yeah, what happened
to your devotion to Eurotrash Jesus?
It died when he killed Duretti.
I don't expect you to forgive me.
I was manipulated
by a power I did not understand.
And I turned my back on a power
which had been entrusted to me.
I have paid,
and I intend to keep on paying
until I can no longer breathe.
But Ava sought me out.
I took the Crown for her.
We must let this run its course.
And how could we possibly trust you?
After everything you've done.
Sister Beatrice,
I believe him.
Even if he's telling the truth,
Ava can't take the Crown off herself.
How will we know
when she's ready to come back?
It's a good point.
How are we supposed to know?
- Are you all right?
- Fine.
Better than fine.
What happened?
I was on the other side. I saw
It doesn't matter what I saw. I
I understand what we have to do.
What I have to do.
It was incredibly brave, what you did.
I'm a danger to myself and others.
- What did you see?
- Her.
I understand now
what you were talking about
Giving yourself over
for the mission completely.
Separating your ego
from your responsibility.
Welcome to my world.
I love my friends.
I know.
This has to work.
It will.
Okay, then.
We'll keep this between us,
to keep the others safe.
If the others suspect for a minute
what we're going to do,
they'll fight to stop me.
Listen, Ava. There's something
you should know about the Arc,
something my mother discovered.
The Crown showed me a vision.
Adriel's a fugitive from the other realm.
Having failed in trying
to take power there,
he intends to make our world his kingdom.
We cannot let that happen.
Right now,
Adriel is setting up his endgame. Jillian?
Based on what I've learned,
it seems that Adriel
is ultimately going to use
the prayer energy of his followers
to activate the Arc
to open the floodgates, and
bring over enough wraith demons
to enslave the entire planet.
And that's the way the world ends.
We have no time.
We need to act now.
We will use chaos as an ally.
There's one more thing.
For a while now, the
the Halo has been giving out.
I thought it was rejecting me, and
when I went near Adriel's cross
the Halo failed completely.
I thought it was the end.
But the further I got
away from the cross's energy,
the more the power of my Halo came back.
We need Ava
running on full batteries.
So destroying that cross
is priority number one.
The cross is in the main hall,
and I've located the Arc machine
in the south annex here.
We will divide into three teams.
One finds the Arc. Two destroys the cross.
Three, you will infiltrate the cathedral
as pilgrims.
Keep in mind, the hall is going to be full
with Adriel's monks.
These servants have demons inside.
They will be tough to handle.
Also, Jillian will be jamming
all radio frequencies, once we're inside.
So, to sum up,
we need to rescue Yasmine and Camila,
destroy the cross, find Adriel,
and fuck up his shit.
Everyone get geared up.
We're hitting target immediately.
Ava's holding back.
She isn't telling us everything.
I know.
She reminds me of Shannon before the end.
- I should keep an eye on her. Yes.
- Better keep an eye on her.
I don't remember a lot from before,
when I was with you.
It seems like forever ago.
Only a few months for me.
But I do remember when I was six.
I couldn't go to the park
'cause of my condition.
So you built me a park.
I did.
We spent so much time there, playing.
We always made the best of things.
You always did what you could
to make me happy.
God, I I wish
I wish I could do that now.
I wish that too.
I realize that this is
all beyond me.
And I know that your
your life was difficult.
But I loved being your mother.
More than anything.
I want you to know something.
Something that no one else knows.
On the other side,
the nature of life is different from here.
If I can stop Adriel, I may not come back.
But a part of me will always exist.
You made that happen
when you built the Arc for me,
and I stepped through.
So please know
that wherever I am, until the end of time
I will always love you, Mum.
I can come back.
Once you get the Crown on Adriel
this may be the only way to kill him.
Thank you.
Are you troubled, my child?
I'm overwhelmed
with gratitude.
Sometimes the simple truth of being alive
just moves me.
So you see
I'm reminding myself what's at stake.
What we're all fighting for.
This speaks to the core
of your worthiness.
Why God chose you.
Why your sisters will follow you anywhere.
That's the problem, Mother Superion.
I don't want them to follow me.
In order to protect them.
I made that decision once.
And in spite of the cost
I'll do the same.
Then you understand.
- You've got that look in your eyes.
- What look is that?
That look right before
you aikido someone into submission.
Well better not test me, then.
I know I'm supposed
to absolve sin,
but, being honest, I am
having difficulty.
I don't seek your absolution,
Mother Superion.
Only a measure of patience
so that I may demonstrate my penitence.
I'll allow your actions
to speak to your repentance.
Bring them all home.
No. You're not coming with us.
Look, I appreciate that you had
an epiphany, and your help with Ava.
But do not take that to mean
that you're in our good graces.
I don't think that.
I've no right.
We need his help.
- I don't trust him.
- Neither do I.
But he knows the cathedral.
He can get us in through security.
Besides, you're still a nun, aren't you?
Forgiveness is sort of your job.
I'll see you again.
Fulfilling my hope,
headlong, I go towards glory.
Talking Heads.
This is our last shot, Sisters.
Don't fuck it up.
I am not a woman, I'm a god ♪
I am not a martyr, I'm a problem ♪
I am not a legend, I'm a fraud ♪
So keep your heart
'Cause I already got one ♪
I am not a woman, I'm a god ♪
I am not a martyr, I'm a problem ♪
I am not a legend, I'm a fraud ♪
So keep your heart
'Cause I already got one ♪
I am not a woman, I'm a god ♪
I am not a martyr, I'm a problem ♪
I am not a legend, I'm a fraud ♪
So keep your heart
'Cause I already got one ♪
There are so many of them.
How will we be able to make a difference?
All we can do is try.
Here goes everything.
Leave this to me.
Father Vincent.
All guests must go through security.
Main entrance.
Brother Griffin, these virgins
are guests of Adriel himself.
His word was that they enter unseen.
And, uh unmolested.
Meaning what?
Meaning that,
if you so much as touch them,
you'll break his Holy Covenant.
Praise Adriel.
Praise Adriel.
We're inside.
Jamming all frequencies except yours.
Good luck.
That was too easy.
My thoughts exactly.
What took you so long?
- Hi!
- Hey.
- Camila.
- Hey, Bea.
Hi. Sister Dora, Michael.
Father Vincent.
Hello, Camila.
Yeah, he's been
he's been born again again.
It's It's a long story,
and we don't have time.
Well I'll take your word for it.
So, what's the plan?
Find the Arc and destroy it.
Same with the cross.
Take out Adriel
and anyone who stands in our way.
Oh, and then what?
What's the plan to get out?
I see.
You've done more than enough.
You can wait outside and cover us.
No. I want to be part of this.
Yeah, she's She's one of us now, so
All right. Well, then,
as the Warrior Nun,
I hereby make you a Sister Warrior,
effective immediately.
That's it? That's how it works?
- That is not in any way how that works.
- Yeah. But we don't have time, so
- Praise God and kick some ass.
- Hey!
- Congrats.
- Here we go.
What are you doing over there?!
Sister Warriors don't run.
Sister Warriors don't run.
Ava, we need to finish this
before more come.
I'll take care of it.
Cover me.
- She's incredible.
- Yes, she is.
Stay safe.
Ava! Phase!
Nailed it.
I'm gonna make ya fear me ♪
We're clear.
Hide the bodies
before anyone else shows up.
Where's Michael?
He split off to find the Arc.
Yasmine, you'll be with Ava and I.
Yes, ready, anything.
The rest of you, with me.
- Nothing.
- See you after the fireworks.
There it is.
Just waiting for us.
Assuming you ignore
the brainwashed cultists.
Kinda hard to ignore.
Where's the Arc?
This is where Jillian
told us it would be.
Maybe they moved it?
She lied about its location.
What? Why would she do that?
Because I told her to.
I don't I don't understand.
Because things change when you realize
not everything's about you.
I'm sorry, Bea.
But that's the Warrior Nun's job right?
They die so everyone else can live.
Ava, don't.
I'm doing this so you can live your life.
So live it. Okay?
I won't.
I can't.
You can.
I can't.
For her ♪
My hymn for her ♪
Oh, the aster blooms ♪
Under pearly moon ♪
Where the poets choose their verse ♪
She's the autumn air ♪
- In the next.
- She is everywhere ♪
Oh, this is my hymn for her ♪
My hymn for her ♪
She's the weaving road ♪
That will lеad me home ♪
And the story without an end ♪
Nice of you to show up.
I found the elevator down,
but it's guarded.
- All the sweetest words ♪
- You okay?
For my hymn for her ♪
- Let's find another way down.
- Amen ♪
- What is she doing?
- Sacrificing herself.
We can't let that happen.
No, but we don't know where she's going.
This whole plan has gone upside down.
Yes! Upside down!
What are you doing? Don't stop.
The upside down temple.
The first church he built was inverted.
- Adriel's repeated the design.
- It would have to be to
To focus the energy down.
The Arc is below that cross.
Are you up for this?
We don't have a choice.
We have a million choices.
We could be back in the Alps,
drinking at the bar.
Enjoying our lives.
I don't drink. Remember?
Besides, if Adriel wins,
the bar will be gone.
Everything will be gone.
We're both living
on second chances anyway.
So fuck it.
You've been practicing.
You have no idea.
Do you feel that energy?
Vibrating in the air?
It's coming from this direction.
We may have a problem.
I'll deal with Kristian.
Try to stall him. You two go ahead.
Okay, so,
walk me through this again.
Once we're discovered,
they'll bring us before Adriel.
They'll expect us to use the Crown on him.
So we use it as bait to draw him in close.
When he's in range
I'll give you the signal,
and you
you pulse the Halo's energy
directly into me.
And the resulting explosion
will tear the three of us apart.
That's the idea, yeah.
You're sure about this?
Adriel claims
he can't be killed in this realm.
Sort of.
I think he can't be killed
by anything in this realm,
but the Halo, the divinium, and me
are not of this realm.
Semantics, huh?
That's what we're betting our lives on?
- We're betting our lives on faith.
- Ah. Even worse.
That won't be necessary.
No more lies.
I know you have renounced
your divine faith.
My faith has been restored.
Is that so?
You know this is wrong, Kristian.
We've been blinded, deceived.
Adriel's work conflicts
with everything you believe in.
Adriel is here.
Living proof of a world beyond.
Breathing evidence of a higher power.
Who are you to question his works?
Who are you to question the alternative?
A benevolent creator
who gave us a miracle in Ava,
risen from death to save us from darkness.
That, my friend,
is a fatal error in judgment.
My God doesn't punish errors.
Your God
is about to be extinguished
from the universe.
Ava's gone.
- Gone? Gone where?
She's trying to stop Adriel on her own.
You need to destroy that cross.
The plan's coming undone.
Okay. This is it.
Stay behind me.
Follow my lead.
Your reckoning is at hand, traitor.
Is it?
So soon?
For a thousand years,
you've escaped justice for your crimes.
That ends now.
No No!
That did end that.
I didn't quite catch the first part,
though, something about justice.
Ah, well.
I guess it wasn't important.
Your plan failed.
I've been ahead of you at every turn.
And right on schedule,
you brought the Halo to me.
I've seen the other side.
I know that you stole the Halo from her.
A power that dwarfs yours.
A power you can never outrun.
You're absolutely right.
And that did occur to me as well.
I'll handle this.
Trust me, Sisters.
It's going even worse
for your friends below.
Imagine trying to bring light
and guidance to your world,
only to be punished for it.
Exiled and trapped beneath the Vatican
where lesser beings use your power
to create a new global religion,
a system of beliefs
that imprisons humanity,
denies science, stifles progress,
subjugates women, protects the powerful,
and is responsible
for the death of millions.
How is that any different
than what you're doing?
Believe it or not, Ava,
you and I are on the same side.
This universe is driven
by forces you can't imagine,
powerful beings
you can't possibly comprehend.
They see this world as primitive.
A mere plaything.
I see your world as a staging ground
to prevent the next Great War.
A war against a devourer of worlds.
If I don't succeed,
it'll fall on you to stop her.
You all stand
between me and Ava.
I offer mercy to whoever walks away now.
Stay and you'll never walk again.
Take her.
Never say I didn't warn you.
Well, I'm glad I don't have to fight her.
I just need you for a hostage.
I'm not a hostage.
I'm a Sister Warrior!
Mother Superion's gone.
She can't save you this time.
Yah! Yah!
It's not true.
She's alive and with me still!
Oh, it'll take far more than that
to stop me, child!
You're wrong.
That right there,
that's your femoral artery.
It pumps blood at a pretty impressive
auscultatory pressure of 115.
Oh, you unholy bitch!
- Are you all right?
- Yes. Let's go.
Keep safe. Find the others.
You've done enough.
Yeah. Okay.
I have to do this alone.
Maybe I'll just
sit here and bleed for a while.
I can bind this universe together.
Heaven and hell.
Earth and science.
I can save all existence.
But, to do so, I need power.
Much more than I currently possess.
You see, Ava, if I am to become God,
I first must imprison God.
You can't let You can't let him do this.
- Please.
- Oh, Lilith understands.
She knows how long I've been waiting.
Waiting for the Halo
to be received by a perfect fool.
Ava needs us.
The cross, it's an amplifier, isn't it?
Yeah. Jillian said
it was an energy transmitter.
And I've got
a direct line into Adriel's brain.
We'll buy you some time.
Stop this!
I command you!
You command me no more, Reya!
You are my prisoner now!
I will keep you locked in this chamber
till the end of time!
I will use your power to free
every living creature from your tyranny!
Reya! No.
I've been waiting a long time for this,
Warrior Nun.
Time to end this,
and take back what is mine.
It's okay.
You did it. It's over.
Okay, let's get you out of here.
Wait. Wait, just Just, let me
Let me rest for a little bit, okay?
- No.
- No.
No No
Treacherous, irritating fool.
I cannot be killed in this realm.
Maybe I can't kill you in this realm,
but I know something that can.
And what would that be?
And what did that accomplish?
What it always accomplishes.
You're mad!
They'll kill us all!
But they'll kill you first.
No! No!
- Beatrice, get away from me.
- No!
I told you not to follow me.
Who's that?
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
We have to get you out of here, Ava.
I'm not gonna make it.
Don't say that.
You could heal.
Not from this.
Take the Halo, Beatrice.
Take it.
- I'm done with it.
- No.
It's not your time.
I'm sorry, Bea.
You're gonna make it. You'll make it.
Why are you always trying to save me?
There is one way to heal her.
But you need to hurry.
There has to be another way.
There isn't.
She's right.
You know she is.
Let me go.
Be free.
I love you.
I love you.
You did what you had to do.
There's a holy war coming.
I really hope we end up on the same side.
The new recruits
are waiting for you in the courtyard.
I'm sorry, Mother Superion. Someone else
is going to have to teach them.
I drag my hands out the window for you ♪
Oh, it's killing me ♪
It's killing you too ♪
Suffering people surround us
It's true ♪
You stand ♪
You stand in the headlights confused ♪
It's always been forever with you ♪
It's always been forever with you ♪
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