Watchmen (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

A God Walks into Abar

1 LAURIE BLAKE: People who wear masks are driven by trauma.
They're obsessed with justice because of some injustice they suffered, usually when they were kids.
Manhattan is here, walking amongst us as a human being.
Are you the one who put that idea in my grandfather's head? Actually, he put it in mine.
In less than an hour, they're going to capture Dr.
Manhattan, and they're going to destroy him.
And then, they're going to become him.
That's the craziest shit I've ever heard.
LADY TRIEU: I just told you Dr.
Manhattan is here, walking amongst us as a human being, and you never asked me who he is.
Time to come out of the tunnel.
We always knew that this day would come.
- You're not yourself.
- No, John.
You're not yourself.
My name is not John.
I am so sorry.
We're in fuckin' trouble.
- I brought you a beer.
- You can see I'm a cop.
And I'm telling you to go and you're not going.
- Did you tell me to go? - It was implied.
If I can guess why you're here drinking all alone, - will you let me join you? - Sure.
Why am I drinking all alone? You're commemorating the anniversary of your parents' death.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
So, who at the precinct told you to come over here? I haven't spoken to anyone at the precinct.
- Then who told you about my parents? - You did.
- I did not.
- You will.
In about 20 minutes.
- But I didn't tell you yet? - Correct.
Then how did you already know? I'm Dr.
You're dubious? Oh, I'm not dubious.
I'm just wondering why the actual Dr.
Manhattan is wearing a Dr.
Manhattan mask.
I don't wanna be recognized.
Is this a Zeus thing? A Zeus thing? The Greek god.
In all the stories, he came down from Olympus, trying to get laid, but he turned himself into a swan or something to blend in.
(STRAUSS'S "THE BLUE DANUBE" WALTZ PLAYING) I'm guessing you popped down here to Saigon from Mars, 20 years after you abandoned humanity.
That's not me on Mars.
- Oh? - It's a recording of me, carrying out a series of predetermined patterns, like a computer program.
It's a decoy so that people will think it's you on Mars.
Then where have you been for the past 20 years? On Europa.
- It's a moon of Jupiter.
- Oh, that Europa.
And what were you doing there? Uh, technically, what am I doing there.
I don't get it.
The way I experience time is unique, and for you, particularly, infuriating.
That said, I am, simultaneously, in this bar, having a conversation with you, and on Europa, creating life.
And how does one create life? I do it with a wave of my hand.
MANHATTAN: It's 1985.
A gossamer sheet of vapory atmosphere thickens into an azure blanket.
Parched tundra becomes fertile savanna.
Vast swards of green spreading across the moon's arid skin like a verdant rash.
A primordial ocean transmutes into a liquid creation engine.
I step out onto the amniotic lake, a hatchery stocked with miracles, finned, winged, and hoofed.
You walk on water? Occasionally, yes.
You take Sunday off when you're done? No, the entire process is complete in approximately 90 seconds.
- Typical.
- I'm sorry? A man creating life in under two minutes.
MANHATTAN: Oh, a sex joke.
- That's funny.
- Thanks.
So, what about Adam and Eve? You create them, too? Adam and Eve are fictional characters.
On Europa, I did it for real.
I knitted their bodies from the microbes in the water.
Two infants that by virtue of accelerated biomechanical maturation would soon become a man and a woman.
I give them higher brain function, instantaneous speech, self-awareness.
And then I bring them a place in which to live.
- A manor house.
- (ZAPS) You brought them a manor house? - Yes.
I teleported it - To Jupiter.
- Europa.
It's-it's a - Moon of Jupiter.
- You mentioned that.
- You're still dubious.
I'm just wondering why you zapped a house across the galaxy when you can make one yourself? The manor is a special place, a place I'm connected to from my childhood.
I feel safe there.
Because you're a child right now.
Yes, right now.
("THE BLUE DANUBE" WALTZ RESUMES) ANGELA: All at the same time, you're talking to me here, and you're creating life on a moon of Jupiter, and you're growing up in a manor in the English countryside? DR.
MANHATTAN: Actually, I'm raised in Heidelberg, Germany, until my mother falls in love with an officer of the SS and leaves us.
My father is of Jewish ancestry.
Fearing for our lives, he and I flee for England.
There are rumors that the lord and lady of the manor will take in those in need of help before we travel to the New World.
ANGELA: Mm-hmm.
When is this happening? DR.
My father was repairing a watch.
At least it's something that he can fix.
(SPEAKS GERMAN) I wander the hallways of this strange place.
It will be years before I study the electromagnetic spectrum of infrared light, but I can't help but wonder if I've become invisible.
Something catches my eye a sealed atmosphere unto itself.
I don't realize it at the time, but later, this will inspire me to create a jar of my own - on Europa.
- (WOMAN LAUGHING) In 1936, parents do not talk to their children about sex.
There, in the darkness of a closet, I have no idea what I am seeing or hearing.
But whatever these two are doing to one another, it is overwhelmingly joyful.
(WOMAN GIGGLING) This is the first time I know love.
(APPLE THUDS) (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Now, here are some new faces.
- My name is Hans Osterman.
- Hans.
Thank you deeply for opening your home.
Introduce yourself.
- Jon.
- (SPEAKS GERMAN) Eyes up.
- Hello, Jon.
- Hello.
Hans, might we talk to Jon in private? We like to get to know all the children during their stay here.
(CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) We know you saw us in the bedroom.
And it's all right.
What we were doing Good Lord What you witnessed was a good thing.
It was a beautiful thing.
We were creating a life.
You see, we, uh We had a son, he would've been about your age.
But he, uh he-he fell ill and died.
Such was God's will.
And it is God's will for us to try again.
Jon, this is for you.
(PAPER RUSTLES) Do you own a bible? No.
Papa does not believe in this.
Oh, well, that's all right.
These are still very beautiful stories.
The first one is called "Genesis.
" And it's about how God created the world.
You see, there was a time when there was nothing at all, and he made everything.
The sky, the seas, he even made people.
And they were called Adam and Eve.
What if we made a trade? You could do us a favor in return for the bible.
When you leave this place, long after, when you grow into a man in America make it your purpose to create something beautiful.
- Will you do that for us, Jon? - All right.
Then say it, Jon.
I will create something beautiful.
MANHATTAN: Seven decades later, and 390 million miles away, I fulfill my promise.
I'm creating something beautiful.
Within the pocket of atmosphere I synthesized, and before the very structures they lived and died in decades earlier, I made Adam and Eve, not in my own image, but in theirs.
I gotta tell you, man, you have a fantastic imagination.
(CHUCKLES) What, you got something caught in your throat? DR.
MANHATTAN: Six months from now, a friend is telling me I have a profound lack of imagination.
You have friends? Perhaps he's more of a colleague.
He tried to kill me once.
Wonder why.
So, tell me, if you went through all this trouble to create the Garden of Eden, then why'd you leave? So I could meet you.
Come on, man.
I love you.
Oh! We just met.
When the fuck did you fall in love with me? I was already in love with you.
Before you even saw me? I don't experience the concept of "before.
" (SIGHS) So, there's no moment? - Moment? - A moment.
When you realize, "Oh shit, I'm in love.
" For example, I'm looking at you, hiding behind your mask, and I'm having the opposite of that moment.
You might be pretty good-looking if you didn't cover yourself in blue makeup.
It's not makeup.
- You're naturally blue.
- That's right.
I thought Dr.
Manhattan glows.
I could if I wanted to, but it would attract too much attention.
Come on.
Nobody in here is gonna notice.
Just glow a little bit.
I'd rather you remain unsure before you agree to have dinner with me tomorrow night.
My blue friend, you think you may know all about me, but you have made a critical error in your approach.
I hate Dr.
Why? Forty years ago, Nixon comes to Big Blue, asks him to go to Vietnam.
Manhattan goes, 100 feet tall.
Torches the Vietcong with lasers from his hands.
A little boy watches his village burn.
Boy grows up, becomes a puppeteer because he wants to hold the strings.
He makes a bomb.
That bomb kills my parents 22 years ago tonight.
Tonight is the anniversary of your parents' death? You knew that.
You said it before you sat down.
Yes, but you just told me now.
As for Vietnam, I was trying to be what people wanted me to be.
A soldier, superhero, a savior.
I tried to do the right thing, and if it's any consolation, I do regret it.
Then you must've known that you would end up regretting it before you did it.
So, why do it anyway? Haven't you ever done anything you knew you were gonna regret? Maybe.
Then will you have dinner with me tomorrow night? Well, you know everything that's gonna happen.
Am I having dinner with you tomorrow night? - Yes.
- Incorrect.
Tonight, you fit in with all the other drunk Manhattan wannabes, stumbling around for VVN.
But tomorrow, you're gonna stick out like a sore blue thumb.
If I walk into a restaurant with you, people are gonna stare, man.
Why go to a restaurant when I can teleport you anywhere? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That sounds great.
But eventually, we're gonna have to go out, in public.
So, how you gonna pull that off, Doc? DR.
MANHATTAN: Actually, you've come up with a rather elegant solution to the problem of my appearance.
- Have I? - Yes.
You're explaining it to me right now.
Actually, for you (METAL DRAWER RATTLING) two weeks from right now.
Dao Van Noi.
Accidental gas leak.
No next of kin.
Michael Declan.
Age 36.
Heroin overdose.
No next of kin.
(DRAWER RATTLES) William Heath.
Age 33.
Killed himself.
No next of kin.
Lived alone, died alone, and in 48 hours, they're all gonna be cremated.
Ashes floating over Saigon.
Pick one.
I could actually look like anyone you want, Angela.
Why limit it to just these men? Because they're real.
They have birth certificates, Social Security numbers, passports, everything that you need to exist in this world, so pick.
I don't care what I look like.
Whatever form I take is the one you should be comfortable with.
Well, I don't care either.
Then, you should have no problem choosing one of these men.
Unless, for some reason, you have yet to present all of the options.
(ANGELA SIGHS) His name is Calvin Jelani.
He just dropped dead.
Probably a heart attack.
There's no family to pay for an autopsy, so DR.
MANHATTAN: Ashes over Saigon.
I'd be comfortable with him.
I like the name.
(ZAPS) What do you think? You sound different.
My vocal cords loosened in the transformation.
- Shall I adjust them back? - No! Uh, I'm good.
You forgot your thing.
I'm going to forget so much more.
A conversation for another time.
- I have an elegant solution? - Yes.
Okay, what is it? - I can't tell you.
- Why not? Because then it won't be your idea.
(SCOFFS) Man, you have got this shit down.
- Thank you.
- So, you can see the future, but you just won't tell me about it.
MANHATTAN: I'm not seeing the future, I'm experiencing it.
And you're experiencing tomorrow night, - and you and me are having dinner? - Right.
But I'll play.
So, after dinner, - how long are we together? - Ten years.
Hmm, that seems manageable.
I'll still be young.
I can fall in love again.
How does it end? DR.
MANHATTAN: Tragically.
You wanna be a little more specific? DR.
MANHATTAN: I'd rather not.
So, 10 years, tragic ending, I can roll with that.
But I'm still not convinced.
MANHATTAN: Convinced of what? That you know what's gonna happen next.
MANHATTAN: Your favorite song is about to play on the jukebox, right now.
Holy shit.
The tunnel, the tunnel with you I have never even heard this song before.
MANHATTAN: It's called "Tunnel of Love," and now it's your favorite.
You don't know shit about the future.
(LAUGHS) But you are funny.
MANHATTAN: You find it amusing now, but in six months, it's the reason you're telling me to leave.
- I thought we were together 10 years.
- We are.
Then, what happens in six months? DR.
MANHATTAN: It's happening right now.
We're making love.
It doesn't sound like I'm telling you to leave.
Not yet.
Right now, you're asking where I am.
(PANTING): Where are you? CAL: I'm in the bar (PANTING) the night we met.
Just before I created the egg.
I'm telling you about the fight we're gonna have.
- Shut up.
- That you're telling me to leave.
- ANGELA (WHISPERING): Shut up, shut up, shut up.
- All right.
God damn it.
(SIGHING) We are not gonna fight because I'm not gonna tell you to leave.
We are and you will.
I'm sorry, but it's already occurring.
- Do you wanna fight? - No, but the fight will still happen regardless of my intent.
Not if we don't let it.
You knew this about me.
Who I am, how I perceive things.
I told you the very first night we met, knowing that it would lead to this argument.
- We are not in an argument.
- We're close.
And now, you say BOTH: Don't tell me what I'm gonna fucking say! (SIGHS) This is not fair.
If we're not gonna be together, then why are we even fucking together? It makes no sense.
Until now, my ability to know the future was immensely reassuring to you.
It gave you a sense of safety and stability that you never had growing up in the orphanage.
- Uh-uh.
- Was your childhood not filled with the constant fear - that you would never have a family? - Don't you dare - Because yours was taken away from you? - Stop! We're in the fight now.
Yeah, we fucking are.
What do you know about fear? When was the last time you were even afraid? It's 1959.
I'm in Gila Flats, New Mexico.
I left my watch inside the intrinsic field chamber, and now I'm locked inside, fully aware that when the countdown ends, my skin will burn off of my body.
So, 50 years? The last time you were afraid was 50 years ago? No, Angela.
I'm being torn apart right now.
And then you put yourself back together, piece by piece, and then you were never scared again.
Because if you know everything that's gonna happen, what is there to be afraid of? What is there to risk? I'm taking a risk.
I've been taking a risk every day since you walked up to me in that bar.
What the fuck are you doing? (SIGHS) I'm sorry.
Do you need me to say it? Yes.
Our guardian star Lost all his glow The day that I lost you He lost all his glitter The day you said no (ZAPS) (WIND BLOWING) (ZAPS) Like him, I am doubtful That your love is true But if you decide To call on me Ask for Mr.
Blue I'm Mr.
Blue Waa-ooh-waa-ooh When you say you love me Mr.
Blue Then prove it by going out on the sly Proving your love isn't true Call me Mr.
Blue I'm Mr.
Blue (TVS PLAYING INDISTINCTLY) When you say you're sorry (SIGHS) - Reactor meltdown.
- (REMOTE CLATTERS) Idiots! Gave them every opportunity.
Solar, wind, wireless power transmission.
Why, oh why do they need to keep to making their godforsaken bombs? This may appear paradoxical, but they make them feel safe.
(TVS PLAYING INDISTINCTLY) Nice to see you again, Jon.
It's nice to see you, too, Adrian.
How did you know it was me? Because only Dr.
Manhattan would have the balls to show up here wearing nothing but his birthday suit.
Should I put something on? - (BUTTONS CLACKING) - Welcome back to Antarctica, Jon.
I do appreciate this visit.
- How long has it been? - For you, 24 years, 41 days, and 13 hours.
- For me, it's happening - Right now, yes, yes, I remember.
So, Jon, what am I saying to you, 24 years, 41 days, and 13 hours ago? You've just attempted to destroy me.
I'm telling you that I'm disappointed in you.
Sorry about that.
Now, you're explaining that you just killed three million people.
(MACHINES WHIRRING) "Morally, you're in checkmate," you're telling me.
I was gambling.
(WHIRRING) Gambling? That you had morals.
(MACHINE WHIRRING) Still fabricating alien incursions, I see.
And maintaining world peace, one cephalopod at a time.
It's quite an interesting form you've decided to take.
Interesting? It's not the '80s anymore, Jon.
This kind of appropriation is considered quite problematic now.
It's 2009, Doctor.
A lot has changed while you were on Europa.
How do you know I was on Europa? A little elephant told me.
What I don't know is why a blue man is masquerading as a hu-man.
Though, I might venture an educated guess.
What's her name? Angela.
Well (SIGHS) let me guess again.
- (CLICKING) - You're wearing this face because she has no idea you're the most omnipotent being in the history of civilization, whereas you just want her to love you for you.
I told her who I was the moment I met her.
She knows who you are? Yes.
Ah! That's the rub.
Because who in their right mind would want to be romantically linked to a god? So, you don't just want to look like a mortal, you wanna be one.
Will you help me? Why can't you do it yourself? You tell me, Adrian.
Because you have a profound lack of imagination.
I gotta give it to you, man, you have a fantastic imagination.
(CHUCKLES) You laugh now! (CHUCKLES): Wow! This Angela must be quite something.
Six months ago, she's telling me I have a fantastic imagination.
Tell me something.
Do you have a brain? - I'm sorry? - Well, you seem to have replicated basic human physiognomy, but, uh, what about the physiology? You do have a brain, - internal organs, blood? - Yes.
- Yeah.
- Why? Well theoretically, we could insert a device into your prefrontal cortex that would short circuit your memory.
Without the awareness of your abilities, you wouldn't know to use them! Ah! Except, perhaps, as a reflex in life-threatening situations.
You could walk and talk and live among the normals undetected.
You just wouldn't know you were Dr.
And how long would it take for you to make this device? Oh, my dear, sweet Jon.
I made it 30 years ago.
As you reminded me earlier, Jon, I did try to destroy you.
But the intrinsic field subtractor that I lured you into was, in fact, Plan B.
B for blowing you up.
Tell me, Jon, do you know what is inside this? Actually, I don't.
Because I irradiated it with tachyon particles, one small part of the universe even you can't see, a blind spot.
This, Jon is Plan A.
A for amnesia.
Now, you tell your Angela to put this here.
The effect should be immediate.
You'll forget who you are, what you can do, and everything that's ever happened to you.
So, if you have any business to finish, now would be the time to finish it.
Angela has a grandfather that she's not yet aware of.
He and I have matters to discuss.
Well, best discuss them now, while you still know you are you.
Thank you, Adrian.
I'll do that.
No, there's one thing that I'd like in exchange.
I saved the world from nuclear Armageddon, Jon.
Aside from you and a select few, nobody knows.
My plans for a great future ignored.
I once asked you, Jon, whether it was all worth it in the end.
You avoided answering by saying "Nothing ever ends.
" Tell me now, Jon, will I live to see my utopia? Yes.
But not here.
I don't understand.
I sought to create a kind of life that was superior to the life here on Earth.
Kinder, gentler.
Beings who are designed to care for others instead of themselves.
And I did it, Adrian.
I did it on Europa.
(BIRDS SINGING) It's a beautiful place.
Verdant and untouched, teeming with life, completely devoid of conflict.
But all they want is to please me, to adore me.
Their love is infinite, which is the very reason it's so unsatisfying, which means that I must leave my creations behind.
They're still there, just waiting for someone to worship.
Sounds like paradise.
Would you like me to send you there, Adrian? Yes, Jon.
I would like that.
(METALLIC CLINK) I just push it into your head? Yes.
I'll make myself intangible.
Be sure to withdraw your hand very quickly.
How do you know it's gonna work? I don't.
That's what makes it a risk.
Are you gonna forget how to speak or walk? No.
My understanding is that it will only affect my memory.
Perhaps you could tell me I was in some kind of accident.
We should leave Vietnam, start over where nobody knows us.
I can be a cop anywhere.
How about Tulsa? It's where my family's from.
I think that's a great idea.
Of course you do, it's yours.
Actually, it was yours.
What's wrong? If you forget everything, will you still be you? My memories may be lost, Angela but you won't be losing me.
Okay, you're losing me, man.
And you're not giving me a lot to work with here, Dr.
Manhattan, so dinner tomorrow night is gonna be a hard no unless I get some proof.
MANHATTAN: Do you have anything in mind? You said you can create life.
Create some life right now.
MANHATTAN: All right.
We're in the tunnel, the tunnel, the tunnel We're in the tunnel, the tunnel, the tunnel with you - That's it? - It is technically life.
A chicken would've been better.
MANHATTAN: But you will still have dinner with me? No, but I am interested in hearing more about these 10 glorious years we're together before tragedy strikes.
MANHATTAN: What would you like to know? - Do we have any kids? - DR.
MANHATTAN: Yes, three, a boy and two girls.
Hmm, are they, like, half gods? DR.
MANHATTAN: I would never pass my abilities on to someone without their consent.
So, that's a thing you can do? Give someone your powers? I suppose I could transfer my atomic components into some sort of organic material.
If someone were to consume it, they would inherit my powers.
So, you can put them in this egg, and if I ate it, I could walk on water? DR.
MANHATTAN: Theoretically, yes.
Well, I don't want kids.
I've never wanted kids, and I'm never gonna have kids, so sorry, Doc, you're gonna have to find another egg to knock up.
MANHATTAN: They're not our biological children.
They're adopted.
Where do we adopt them? Tulsa.
- What? - Tulsa, Oklahoma.
It's where your family's from.
- Who told you that? - You did.
No, I didn't.
MANHATTAN: You will, six months from now, when I give you the ring.
Ring? Now, we're getting engaged? DR.
MANHATTAN: In a manner of speaking, yes.
But this is after the big fight, when I tell you to leave? - Yes.
- Okay.
So then, these three kids, how long are we living in Tulsa before we adopt them? DR.
MANHATTAN: That, I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? I thought you know everything? DR.
MANHATTAN: There's a period of time I cannot see.
When I try to look, there's only darkness.
All I know is that you are there before it begins, and you're there when it ends.
Why are you smiling? Nothing.
It's just what you said.
Just sounds a lot like a tunnel.
A tunnel of love.
The tunnel of love.
Ten years, huh? Then tragedy? That's right.
But you're not gonna tell me what happens? I won't.
Maybe I should leave this thing in your brain.
That way, you won't know how it all ends up.
I leave it entirely in your hands.
You wanna get down on one knee? I do.
It's just a matter Of time I love you.
I love you, too.
(SIGHS) ANGELA: Hey, baby.
We're in fucking trouble.
Cal? Jon? Are you okay? Jon? Jon? We're in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
It's 2019.
I had to wake you up because you're in danger.
The people here, they're bad people.
They know who you are, and they're coming to hurt you.
Do you know who you are? You still have his face.
Jon, the kids are upstairs.
You can't look like this, okay? You need to change back.
No - I need to move forward.
- What do you mean? - Jon, we don't have time for this shit - This clock is damaged.
Do you remember what happened? How it broke? DR.
MANHATTAN: It is Christmas.
A man in a mask kicks in the door.
You push me down.
The bullet hits the clock.
There were two of them.
One of them was about to shoot me in the kitchen, but you zapped him away.
- (ZAPS) - VEIDT: Without the awareness of your abilities, you wouldn't know to use them! Ah! Except perhaps as a reflex in life-threatening situations.
Thank you, Adrian.
Now, I understand what happened.
Adrian Who are you talking to? I'm sorry, Angela.
This must be frustrating for you.
I'm experiencing confusion as a result of the device being removed, and I'm not entirely sure when I am.
Would you excuse me for a moment, please? - (ZAPS) - (GASPS) - Motherfucker - GIRLS: Daddy! Daddy! Oh, shit.
Daddy! Daddy! Mom? - Daddy! - ANGELA: It's okay! It's okay! What's happening? - There's a blue man on our swimming pool! - Look! He looks like Cal.
That's because he is.
(ZAPS) Motherfucker.
Where are they? Where did you send them? It's all right.
They're safe.
Get the fuck up off the pool and tell me where they are right now.
- You need to see me on the pool.
- Why? It's important for later.
I've seen it.
Now, tell me where you sent our children.
They're with your grandfather.
What?! They're at the Dreamland Theatre in downtown Tulsa right now.
It's all right, your grandfather was expecting them.
When did you talk to my grandfather? Ten years ago, I'm standing in Karnak.
Veidt is offering me the device, and he's telling me So, if you have any unfinished business now's the time to finish it.
And so, I teleport to New York City.
(ZAPS) I'm walking up to a mansion once owned by Nelson Gardner, - also known as Captain Metropolis - (DOORBELL RINGS) the leader of the Minutemen.
When he died years ago, he bequeathed this property to an old acquaintance.
My prayer Mr.
Reeves, hello.
My name is Jon Osterman.
Is that supposed to mean something to me? Oh.
You may know me better as Dr.
In a dream that's divine My prayer Is a rapture With a world far away May we talk for a moment? Tonight while our hearts Yeah.
All right.
Oh, tell me the words That I'm longing to know Aren't you supposed to be blue? I recently made some changes in my life.
I'm about to make a few more, which is why I wanted to speak with you.
Reeves Our lives have become entangled in a most profound way through someone known to both of us.
But the future is uncertain, and my ability to influence events is limited.
In order to ensure an optimal outcome, I would like to form an alliance.
You wanna team up with me? You are Hooded Justice.
- A hero.
- Oh, that's what this is all about.
Want me to put on a goddamn mask, huh? No.
This is about Angela.
Angela? Your granddaughter.
I don't have a granddaughter.
But you had a son.
He had a daughter, which makes her your granddaughter.
That's how that works out, huh? I met her in Vietnam.
We are in love.
Soon, we will marry and move to Tulsa, where she'll be a police officer.
(SCOFFS) I don't know why the hell she'd wanna go to Tulsa.
I'm not sure she knows yet, but I suspect it's because she senses it is where she comes from.
- What the hell you want with me? - Nothing.
But Angela does.
She wants your help.
She doesn't even know I exist.
That is because you choose to let her be ignorant to your existence.
- No, she don't want me in her life.
- She does.
What the fuck do you know? I know the moment I first see her, I sense profound emptiness and loss.
I know because she says over and over again that she doesn't want a family, yet it is clear through her actions that it is all that she wants.
I know because I'm talking to her right now.
You're talking with him right now? Relatively, yes.
For you it's right now, but for him, it's 10 years ago.
That's right.
You're talking to her right now? Relatively, yes.
Can you ask him something? - Of course.
- Ask him how did he know Judd Crawford was a part of Cyclops.
Ask him how did he know there was a fucking Klan robe hidden in his closet.
She wants to know how you knew Judd Crawford was a member of Cyclops, and how you knew he had a Klan robe hidden in his closet.
Who's Judd Crawford? He said he doesn't know who Judd Crawford is.
But he does now.
No No, no, no, shit! Did I start all this? Did I send my grandfather here? Is this my fault? I'm confused.
You're confused? Isn't it a good thing that Judd Crawford is dead? Does it matter where the idea came from? Yes, it matters.
I only asked the old man about Crawford because he murdered him.
Hmm The chicken or the egg.
What? The paradox.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer appears to be both.
At exactly the same time.
I'm hungry.
(ZAPS) Motherfucker! (SIGHS) What the hell are you doing? Making waffles.
Watch the eggs.
God damn it, Jon! We don't have time for this! I woke you up because the Kavalry knows who you are, and they are coming for you.
You might have an alliance with my grandfather, but he has one with Lady Trieu, and I'm pretty sure she knows who you are, too.
So, stop fucking around They're already here.
- What? - The 7th Kavalry.
They're in a truck parked across the street.
On the back of the truck is a tachyonic cannon, which they will use to involuntarily teleport me, and then destroy me.
They've been here all this time, and you're just now telling me? There were more important matters to discuss.
They wanna kill you! - Yes.
- So then, let's fuckin' stop them! We can't.
- Why not? - We can't stop them.
- There's nothing we can do.
- There's something I can do.
(BEEPS) What? - This is the moment.
- What moment? I just told you that you can't save me, and you're gonna try to anyway.
In the bar the night we met, you asked me about the moment I fell in love with you.
This is the moment.
Is that supposed to be romantic? - Sorry? - All this time we've been together, and you fall in love with me now? No.
I've always been in love with you.
- My perception of time - Yeah, I get it.
You stay here while I save your life.
You were wrong.
No, Angela.
I wasn't.
What? - (CANNON HUMMING) - I'm sorry.
- (BLASTS) - (SCREAMING) Jon! I can't keep calling you Dr.
What's your first name? DR.
No H.
Jon with no H.
- I'm Angela.
- I know.
Yes, of course you do.
So, we spend 10 years in the tunnel of love, and once we're out, something terrible happens? That's right.
But you won't tell me what that is? DR.
Okay, Jon.
It was really nice talking to you.
Definitely one of the more interesting conversations I've had, but I cannot get serious with someone if I know it's just gonna end in tragedy.
By definition, don't all relationships end in tragedy? Yeah.
Guess you have a point.
Then will you have dinner with me tomorrow night? (SIGHS) Fuck it.
Why not? (JACKIE WILSON SINGING "A WOMAN, A LOVER, A FRIEND") I want her right now I want the little girl any way I want her any how I want a woman I want a lover I want a friend A woman, a lover, a friend Oh I don't want a fancy gal With powder and paint And I don't want a woman Who thinks she's a saint I'm looking for someone Who's not make-believe And doesn't mind giving So that she may receive There must be somebody Somewhere around That's looking for someone To give pound for pound I want me a woman Mm, I want a lover I want a friend A woman, a lover, a friend Yeah I want her right now I want the little girl anyway CROOKSHANKS: Will you stay, Master? VEIDT: No.
(SQUISHING) PHILIPS: Will you stay, Master? VEIDT: No.
(SQUISHING) CROOKSHANKS: Will you stay, Master? VEIDT: No.
(SQUISHING) PHILIPS: Will you stay, Master? - No.
- (SQUISHING) Will you stay, Master? No.
(SQUISHING) (SPITS) - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) - (KEYS RATTLING) (GATE OPENS) If you sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," I'll vomit all over your boots.
Philips and Crookshanks insisted on preparing this for you.
Mm, before or after they repeatedly smashed tomatoes in my face? An action they would certainly desist on performing if you agreed to stay.
If I didn't know better, I'd assume you want to suffer.
Do you know better? Would you like me to get you another book? No.
I like this one.
Why? You wouldn't understand.
It's about loneliness.
I understand loneliness.
'Cause your big blue daddy left to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back? I was here.
The very first to emerge from the water.
I was here when he put light in the sky and air in my lungs.
I saw grass sprout from dead earth, and soon after, I saw him bring the beasts forth to graze upon it.
He made Heaven before my very eyes.
Why is Heaven not enough? This is not my home.
My home is 390 million miles away.
And my children all eight million of them are undoubtedly standing in their cribs, crying out in desperation for me to return.
Heaven is not enough because Heaven doesn't need me.
Enjoy your fucking cake.
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