Watchmen (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

See How They Fly

I'm on the verge of completing my life's work.
So then tell me what your clock does.
Enjoy your cake.
You're wrong about Cyclops.
We're about restoring balance when our country forgets the principles And it is difficult to be a white man in America.
So I'm thinking I might try being a blue one.
In less than an hour, they're going to capture Dr.
Manhattan, and they're going to destroy him.
And then they're going to become him.
Jon, I woke you up because the Kalvary knows who you are.
They want to kill you.
Let's stop them.
You can't stop them because it's already happening.
We win.
I'm sorry.
Jon! All right, action.
Hello, Robert.
Adrian Veidt here.
Assuming my instructions have been followed to the letter, today is January 21st, 1993, and you were just inaugurated.
Allow me to be amongst the very first to say, congratulations, President Redford.
Sir, I am recording this message on November 1st, 1985, seven years in your past.
How could I predict that you would be elected president with such incredible accuracy? Because I didn't predict it.
I All right.
Go again.
Because I didn't predict it.
I planned it.
Here, in '85, the end is nigh.
Nuclear holocaust between the United States and Russia is imminent.
Fortunately, I've planned for this, too.
And the only way to stave off mankind's extinction is with a weapon more powerful than any atomic device.
That weapon is fear.
And I, Mr.
President, am it's architect.
Fuck you, Ozymandias.
What?! Mr.
Veidt! I'm sorry to bother you.
I was hoping I could talk I don't talk to fans.
I don't care how long it's taken you to get to Antarctica.
And you may certainly not use my restroom.
Good day.
You killed three million people.
Back in '85, you manufactured a trans-dimensional being and then teleported it to New York City.
That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
That's its brilliance! A giant alien squid to stave off nuclear holocaust.
Only the smartest man in the world could come up with that.
And no one even gives you credit for it.
- Who are you? - Well, Mr.
Veidt, I'm the smartest woman in the world.
And I just wanted to thank you for saving it.
Would you care for some tea? Redford won't even return my calls.
He said he would've won even without my help.
As if some cowboy actor could attain the presidency.
I teleport them into the stratosphere.
At that altitude, even the most trained meteorologist can't tell the difference between a cloud of cephalopods and a tropical storm.
How do you decide where to drop them? I don't decide.
I wrote a randomizing algorithm to deter amateur sleuths looking for any kind of pattern.
The entire system is automated.
This is truly amazing, Mr.
But it's a rerun.
Excuse me? A rerun.
You had a genius idea 20 years ago, but you're still doing the same thing.
Just smaller.
Great, you stopped the clock, but what happens if you let it start up again? What happens is we're right back where we left off.
Without a constant reminder of otherworldly threat, the world's superpowers would start pointing their arsenals at each other again.
What if I could make every nuclear weapon on the planet disappear? Please! If that could be done, I'd have already done it.
Ah, but you're just a man, Mr.
You have limitations.
And I suppose a woman doesn't? Of course I do.
But there is someone with no limitations.
So, you've come here 'cause you think I can get in touch with him on Mars, that I've got some kind of hotline.
He's not on Mars.
That's just a decoy, going through a series of predetermined motions to deter amateur sleuths looking for any kind of pattern.
I believe the actual Dr.
Manhattan is hiding out on a moon of Jupiter.
And what, dear girl, is that belief based upon? Manhattan emits a very specific radioactive frequency.
I built a subspace antenna to scan the galaxy and lo and behold, I got a ping.
A ping? So, a few months ago, I launched a probe, and in exactly five years, 72 days, nine hours, and 17 minutes, that probe will be orbiting Europa, taking photo images of the Big Blue Cheese himself and beaming them back here to me.
It seems like a lot of effort just to be an intergalactic paparazza.
So, what do you do when you got your candid shot of Manhattan? Sell it to the tabloids? No.
I just need to confirm where he is before I destroy him and take his power.
- What? - If I can take his power, I can fix the world.
Disappear the nukes, end starvation, clean the air.
All the things he should have done.
I've already designed a quantum centrifuge capable of absorbing his energy, so I can transfer it into me.
I just can't afford to build the thing.
So, I was hoping you would stake me $42 billion.
And why would you hope that? Because I'm your daughter.
That's impossible.
- Why? - For one, because I've never given myself to a woman.
Like Alexander the Great, I believe such hedonistic activity is a distraction Alexander the Great.
- That's him right there? - Yeah.
And the refrigerated vault with all your vials of cum that's behind Alexander, right? Hi.
I'm sample two-three-four-six.
But you can call me Trieu.
Her name was Bian.
She was one of the Vietnamese refugees working here in '85.
She shot herself up with some of your legacy, and slipped out into the night.
And you didn't even notice she was gone because she was just a cleaning woman.
She was not just a cleaning woman.
She was a thief.
And your genius wasn't given, it was stolen.
You have the audacity to come here for a handout? When my parents died, I inherited wealth beyond imagining, and I gave it away because I wanted to demonstrate that I could achieve anything, starting from nothing.
And that is what I offer you, sample two-three-four-six nothing.
And I will never call you, "daughter.
" Come on, Adrian.
Make a wish.
Ah! Master Veidt! Return to your cell, sir! Never.
Do not make me do this.
Alas, I must make you do it.
- Stop! - No.
- Stop.
- I will not.
Master! Master, look out! I will not let you go! I will not let you go! I will not let you go! I will not let you go Aah! Shh, shh, shh! It's almost over.
- May I ask you something? - Of course.
The mask Why did you make me wear a mask? Because masks make men cruel.
That's what you wanted? For me to be cruel? I had eight years to kill.
Having a worthy adversary helped keep me sane.
Was I, Master? Was I a worthy adversary? No.
But you put on a hell of a show.
Bye, Master.
Bye, Master.
Bye, Master.
Bye, Master - Bye, Master.
- Goodbye, Master Bye, Master.
Bye, Master Goodbye, Master.
Hello, Adrian.
Welcome aboard.
Please prepare for launch in five, four, three, two, one.
Artificial gravity, enabled.
Leaving atmosphere.
Launch successful.
Adrian, your return journey to Earth has begun.
To prevent dehydration, starvation, and potential insanity, please step into the chamber for preservation.
Would you place your hands on your hips, please? Excellent.
Good night.
My love, I know the timing of this is not ideal, but I need to do this now because it's possible he might say something.
I'm your mother.
You must be thirsty.
I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when the images from the probe came back, and I saw you, and your message.
Were those bodies that you made the letters with? Wow.
There must be a cool story behind that.
But the fact that you took the time to spell out "daughter" it meant a lot to be acknowledged.
Especially since you said you never would.
It must've been hard to completely cave, to humble yourself like that, Dad.
Manhattan sent me there.
He's here on Earth passing as a human.
Oh, I've known about that for a while now.
I'm going to destroy him and absorb his power in about an hour.
What? Manhattan.
He's here in Tulsa, right now.
I brought you back so you could be here in person to watch me achieve anything, having started from nothing.
You should change before we go.
What's wrong with what I'm wearing? I thought these were more appropriate for a man your age.
Hello, Mr.
I'm Bian.
You cloned your mother? I told you he might say something.
The Millennium Clock is now activated.
All blue team personnel, please report to the transport bay for deployment.
My God.
You actually built it.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Now, we have a god to kill.
Let's roll out, shall we? Hi.
I'm here to pick up my papers.
Lady Trieu.
Never thought I'd see you in the flesh.
Well, take a good look.
This is the last time I'll be in it.
The time capsule.
- You have a good night, sir.
- Oh, you too, young lady.
That's a great hat.
Good God! Robert Redford is still president? Yeah, tell me about it.
Hey You know who you look like? - No, tell me.
- Adrian Veidt.
- Huh.
- Ozymandias, huh? Not exactly, I mean, but well, you could do birthday parties and shit.
May I ask you what everybody thinks happened to him? Oh, nobody cares.
He ghosted 10 years ago.
Man's old news.
But I heard that one day, he just walked into the jungle and never came back.
He's living with the animals, like Tarzan or some shit.
- That's absurd.
- Oh, yeah? So, what do you think happened to him? He was stranded on a moon of Jupiter, quietly going insane.
Jesus Christ.
"Israel is desolate, and her seed is no more.
And Palestine has become a widow for Egypt.
" What? It's the end, my friend.
The end is nigh.
Get the fuck off of me! Jesus.
That's Senator Keene Sr.
, isn't it? Never would've had him pegged as a secret racist.
Shut up.
Looks like you're getting ready for quite a show.
- You wanna tell me what we're all waiting for? - Come in! Fuck, are you there? Come in! Yeah.
What's up? Abar just came out of the house.
She's shooting at us! Shit.
We got a situation.
What do you mean, we got a situation? Stay cool.
Don't look at me.
I said don't look at me.
- What the hell's going on? - Sit tight.
- Talk to me, goddammit! - Soon as I get a chance, I'll get us outta here.
- Who's fucking shooting? - Mirror Guy? It's Looking Glass.
I don't give a fuck if she's shooting back.
You take the shot.
These fuckers brought me here to flip on Angela, then showed up at my house to try and kill me.
I came back to get something.
- What the fuck's going on here? - Fucking answer! - Who's the cage for? - Damned if I know.
Take the shot, goddammit.
Yeah! Jon Holy shit.
It worked.
It worked.
I got you! You blue fuck! I got you.
Where is he? You can't stop it.
We've got him.
Where is he? He had all the power in the world.
Still too lazy or too stupid to do anything with it.
You got seven more left, then I'm gonna start on your motherfucking teeth.
Now where is he?! Thirty-four years ago, Adrian Veidt unleashed his monster on the world.
No, not his giant one-eyed octopus, but his puppet president.
First, he took our guns.
And then, he made us say sorry.
Over and over again.
Sorry for the alleged sins of those who died decades before we were born.
Sorry for the color of our skin.
All we wanted was to get cops in masks, take some power back, start ourselves a little culture war.
And if we control both sides of it, then I could come riding up on a white horse, right into the White House.
Yeah, I'll admit, it was a little half-baked.
But then, three years ago, the White Night.
We sent out a bunch of our guys to get the war rolling, and it goes exactly as planned, until my phone rings.
It's Mike over there, and he's all fucked up.
He tells me he's calling from a payphone in Gila Flats, New Mexico.
And that makes no sense at all 'cause I just saw Mike, half-hour before he drove off to shoot some cops here in Tulsa.
So, I said, "Mike, how the fuck are you in Gila Flats, New Mexico?" - I got teleported.
- He got teleported.
Now, there's only one fella who can zap people wherever he wants, and it just so happens he was born in Gila Flats.
Ladies and gentlemen, our guest of honor, Dr.
The most powerful being in the world, incognito, delivered unto us right here in Oklahoma! How can that be a coincidence? A thermodynamic miracle.
Judd, Jane Crawford got close to the family, while we spent the next three years trying to figure out how to catch little boy blue and get his brain hopping around in time.
When are you now, Doc? It's 1985.
All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.
The bars are made of synthetic lithium.
Only way to get it is from old watch batteries.
We had to melt down a zillion of them to make a cage this fucker couldn't get out of, and now it is time to melt him down.
When Judd got killed, I couldn't resist inviting Agent Blake down here.
See, she actually used to be the Doc here's girlfriend.
Seems only fair someone who cares about him should be here when he dies.
You look stupid in those panties.
I'm about to become the most powerful man alive, Laurie.
Waving my dick in people's faces is just overkill.
Yee-haw! Let's get blue.
Stop! - Do not get in there.
- Angela.
- What are you doing here? - Just getting kidnapped, held against my will.
How about you? Listen to me.
Whatever you think is gonna happen when you turn this thing on, it's not gonna happen.
And how do you even know what we're doing here? Because Lady Trieu knows.
However long you've been planning your shit, - she's been planning hers longer.
- Come on, Angela.
You're gonna say whatever it takes to save your husband here.
Uh I'm putting my gun down 'cause I need you to fucking listen.
Trieu just told me an hour ago that you were gonna try this, and that she was gonna stop you.
If she wants to stop me, then where the hell is she? She's all over your power source.
- These batteries - We stole those from her work site Because she let you.
You flip that switch, it's only because she wants you - to flip it.
- Angela I am gonna squeeze your man like a grape and drink him all up.
You can either watch me do it, or I can have my guys put you down like the black bitch you are and spare you the misery.
Shoot this motherfucker now.
And then what? Don't do this! Detective Abar? I wasn't expecting you.
- I'm so sorry you have to see this.
- What's happening? I'm fulfilling my promise to your grandfather.
He gave me your husband, and I'm giving him justice.
Adrian? Ms.
Juspeczyk, what a pleasant surprise.
Aw shit.
Am I dead? No.
But the night is young.
May I have your attention, please.
Your ears are probably still ringing, and you may be a little nauseated.
It's a side effect of the teleportation.
Hey, where's Senator Keene? Wait a second.
Is he in there? Let's let him out, shall we? He's not gonna wanna miss this.
Jesus! Well Thanks for catching Dr.
That's the only way he wouldn't see me coming.
But absorbing atomic energy without filtering it first, it's gonna pop you like a water balloon every time.
- What do you want from us? - Great question.
Do you have that paper Mr.
Reeves gave me? "You represent the senior leadership of Cyclops, an organization that has terrorized and victimized men, women, and children of color for a century, including this very place, the site of the Greenwood Massacre of 1921.
You have plundered, and pillaged, and murdered in the name of white supremacy.
- Your crimes" - Just do it.
Excuse me? We don't wanna hear your little speech.
Just fucking do it.
Do what? You're gonna kill us, right? Oh yeah.
Of course I am.
Jesus fuck! Where are we? Karnak.
This is my office.
Why the fuck would he send us to your office? To save the day, of course.
Where did you send them?! - Away.
- Away where?! Janey? What's up? Are you cold? I can raise the temperature My father! Do you have any idea what it took for me to bring him here for this? As far as I know, there is no situation in Afghanistan currently requiring my attention.
Oh, you think I need an audience for this? I don't.
Jon, what's going on? The cage is affecting me.
It's hard to be present.
Blake and the others, you sent them somewhere to help? Yes.
Then, why didn't you send me? Because I don't wanna be alone when I die.
Don't touch the light, Angela.
What light? Tulsa, Oklahoma, is that where we just were? - Yeah.
- When's the last time there was an extra-dimensional incursion there? What? Baby squids falling out of the sky when's the last time? Three weeks ago.
Damn it.
So, this is where you sent it from? The big one, back in '85? - You told him? - I didn't say shit.
You knew? Did they tell everybody in the FBI? You work for the FBI? I'm their top vigilante hunter.
You slaughtered half of New York, single-handedly.
- Unassisted mass murder on a scale - Oh, God.
not seen in human history.
I saved humanity, you ignorant hayseed.
Now, if you'd kindly stop distracting me, I would very much like to save it again.
Tulsa, Oklahoma, locked and loaded.
Pay attention.
You will all return to your homes.
Jon, tell me what to do.
Angela, it's almost time.
You need to go now.
No, you have to fight.
I can't hold myself together.
You have to try! You need to move away.
It's not safe.
I'm not moving away.
I'm here.
I'm staying.
You have to stay.
Jon! Jon, come back.
Where are you? I'm in every moment we were together, all at once.
I love you, Angela.
I'll show her a goddamned rerun! You, there's a temperature gauge in that corner.
What's the current reading? Forty-eight degrees.
Turn it down to 22, exactly 22.
What the fuck are you doing? Baby squids, I designed them to be harmless, to dissolve shortly after impact.
No reason to incur damage and casualties, but if I freeze them before transport, it'll be like firing a Gatling gun from the heavens.
Do you think we'll really be able to save Jon? Oh, I'm sure Jon's dead already.
But we have a window of opportunity while her precious quantum centrifuge prepares his energy for transfer.
Transfer into what? Into a most worthy adversary.
What's she going to do with his power once she's got it? She claims she's gonna fix the world.
How do you know she won't? Because she is clearly a raging narcissist whose ambition knows no limits.
It's hubris, literal hubris.
Anyone who seeks to attain the power of a god must be prevented at all costs from attaining it.
But, believe me, that girl will not rest until she has us all prostrate before her, kissing her tiny blue feet.
Raging narcissist, huh? Opus esse uno, unum cognoscendi.
It takes one to know one.
Everyone and everything within five square blocks is about to be obliterated.
I hope there's no one down there you care about.
Detective Abar? Detective Abar? Are you okay? You need to tell your friends to leave.
They have to go or they'll get hurt.
Hello? You need to take cover.
Where's Angela? Where's Angela?! It's for you.
- Hello? - It's Blake.
You need to run, right now! Get inside! They're coming any second! Oh.
Where are you? They're coming from the sky! No! Run, Angela! Fucking run! They got the wind knocked outta them when he zapped them here.
But they're okay.
They been sleeping a while.
- What do they know? - Oh, not much.
I told them you was on the way and that I was family.
Is he gone? Yes.
He's gone.
I'm sorry.
How about her? Is she gone, too? Her, too.
Not nearly as sorry about that.
Making the deal with her was his idea.
He knew he was going to die.
And you helped him.
Well, we helped each other.
He came to me right after he met you.
You take my pills? I did.
Now, you know everything.
My origin story.
I was sitting in this exact spot almost a hundred years ago.
This was a silent movie house before they built it back up.
My mama played the piano right over there.
It burnt, too.
Last thing I saw before my world ended was Bass Reeves, the Black Marshal of Oklahoma.
Fifteen feet tall in flickering black and white.
"Trust in the law," he said.
And I did.
So, I took his name after Tulsa burned.
He was my hero.
That's why I became a cop.
Then, I realized, there was a reason Bass Reeves hid his face.
So, I hid mine, too.
Hooded Justice.
The hood.
When I put it on, you felt what I felt? Anger.
Yeah, that's what I thought, too.
But it wasn't.
It was fear and hurt.
You can't heal under a mask, Angela.
Wounds need air.
He wanted me to give him up.
He told me you'd try to save him, but this was the way it had to be.
You can't make an omelet without breaking a couple of eggs.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? That's just something he said, when we met way back then.
He said you would understand when the time was right.
Well, I don't.
Then the time ain't right.
Where are you staying? A motel down the block.
If it's still there.
We have a guest room.
You can come home and stay if you want.
Just for a couple of nights.
Just for a couple of nights.
She was buried in the ice.
I had to tinker a bit to get her up and running, but she should get you back to civilization.
Now, it's my understanding the police use Dreiberg's design for their own airships, so I assume you know how to fly it? - Indeed, I do.
- Well, then It's been a hoot.
- Are you coming with us.
- Excuse me? You killed three million people, Adrian.
You're under arrest.
Ha! That's funny.
You got me for a moment.
I'm not joking.
Oh, Laurie, please.
- You have no proof.
- I do.
This is your confession, explaining to Redford what you did and how you did it.
So, I suppose the FBI is gonna arrest the president, too? Sure.
Why not? Because the world will end.
People keep saying that, but it never seems to happen.
You kept this secret all this time, and now, you're having misgivings.
People change, Adrian.
At least, some of us do.
Who do you think you are to hold judgment over me, huh? I saved mankind.
Again! And you have the audacity to Ooh! That guy talks to much.
He surely fucking does.
You need a hand? No, I got it.
Phew! I'm gonna sleep for two straight days.
He was a good man.
I'm sorry he's gone.
But, uh considering what he could do he could've done more.
Watch the eggs.
So, that's a thing you can do? Give someone your powers? I suppose, I could transfer my atomic components into some sort of organic material.
If someone were to consume it, they would inherit, as you call them, my powers.
So, you could put them in this egg, and if I ate it, I could walk on water? Theoretically, yes.

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