Waterloo Road (2006) s02e12 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 12

What are you two doing in here so early? Got early Bible practice with Mr Preston, sir.
MAXINE: We're doing Genesis, Chapter 9, and the best reader gets to do it in assembly.
The Lord God blessed Noah and Noah's son.
He said unto them, ''Be fruitful''.
Yes, thank you, Janeece.
I don't need you to quote me chapter and verse.
Mr Treneman, remember Jesus loves you! (ECG BEEPING) DONTE: Happy birthday, babes.
IZZIE: (EXCLAIMS) Enough of that.
- Look what Tom got me.
- Wow.
Didn't know you had taste, sir.
She chose them herself.
(EXCLAIMS) Nearly fell off my perch when I saw the price of them.
And you're going to get your present tonight.
You have sorted it, haven't you? I mean, your mum knows about the party, right? Oh, come on, Chlo.
Well, my dad's only away for the night and I've got my cousin getting us booze and everything.
I just don't want things to get out of hand, that's all.
What, you mean Lewis? Well, I'll just tell Maxine she can't bring him.
It's not just Lewis.
What? Me? It'll be all right, won't it? Unless you want different? Come on.
Mrs Seddon? I wonder if I can speak to you, teacher to parent? Look, you've made your point about the children having choice at lunchtime but I've got benchmarks to reach in this school.
Healthy eating benchmarks.
We're wasting a lot of food.
D'you want me to bin your salad for ya? (LAUGHS) All right, come on, the bell's nearly gone, let's get inside.
Yeah, well, till it does, you can shove off or I'll stick your head in this fryer.
What kind of creep makes a living shoving crap down kids' throats, eh? If these kids didn't want what we're selling, we wouldn't be here.
Most of them are half starved because of the crap that you're serving up in there.
You're just a pair of money-grabbing scum.
just shove off, will ya? Remember, soon as you go through those gates, you're not allowed back out.
This heap is out of bounds.
Come on, you lot, inside.
Come on.
Keep it moving, go on.
You wouldn't want your pupils seeing their head teacher getting his face kicked in, would you? Do you know what, if this lot weren't around, I'd gladly go a couple of rounds with you.
(BELL RINGS) Come on, get inside, let's go.
- Hey! How's your mate? - Still the same.
- Just lies there, like she's dead.
- Well, she ain't dead.
You got to hold on to that.
And whatever happens, you remember what I told you, yeah? You keep it shut.
jERRY: So I thought we'd just use this morning for any questions that you might have.
Excuse me, sir.
jERRY: Come on in.
Sit wherever you want.
Sir, a lot of us are getting slagged because we're trying to make people believe in Jesus.
People are scared of what they don't know.
But if you take the time to explain, you usually find they listen.
I used to drink loads of booze, not too many years ago.
I thought it made me into a big person.
Actually, I was hiding who I was from myself.
Anybody else ever feel that way? Sir, it's like all you're living for is the buzz and if you don't get it, then you're nothing.
Felt exactly the same way myself, Maxine.
Well done for speaking up.
janeece says Siobhan will go to hell 'cause she took drugs.
Well, like all of us, Siobhan was seriously tempted.
So is Siobhan going to go to hell? Not if we can help her, Janeece.
We have to pray hard she wakes up in time to repent her sinful ways.
Come on, everybody.
- Not your favourite people? - It just seems to be everywhere.
Don't you worry about religion's influence in schools? - Keeps the kids calm.
- It's the ''opiate of the masses''.
- You're in a good mood.
- Well, things are on the up.
Eh - Is that the post? - Yeah.
And there's this from Andrew.
He's marked it confidential.
So you understand what I'm looking for here? Try to write your own epitaph.
Try to be humorous, original, let it tell us something about yourself.
''Here lies Fred, all full of junk.
''If I'd eaten fresh fruit, I wouldn't have sunk.
'' jACK: A word, Mr Treneman? ANDREW: You've got 20 minutes.
So you didn't have the guts to tell me to my face? - Jack, just hold on.
- I thought better of you.
I'm sorry.
It's due process, a letter of resignation.
You could have talked to me first.
Well, I'm not sure you're the sort of person who listens any more, Jack.
- At least not to the right people.
- Oh, so this is about Jerry, is it? - It's about a lot of things.
- I'll tell you one thing about Jerry, is he won't cut and run.
You're not even giving me time to find a replacement.
They need me out there as soon as possible.
Well, you tell your friends in Africa that you've got to work your notice first.
Then you can sod off.
I need teachers here who are committed to this school, how it is now and how it's going to be.
Not people who can't finish what they started.
Can you not just do get well messages, like everybody else? It's like a prayer, miss.
Siobhan needs this to get better.
Well, a few doctors and nurses will help as well.
It's terrible, ain't it? All because of drugs.
She should never have took them.
'Course she shouldn't.
But it doesn't make her a bad person.
Do you know what, Janeece, I'm quite disappointed in you.
All this holier-than-thou stuff, you know.
It's not making you into a better person.
My mum says different.
Well, she's obviously not seeing what I'm seeing, is she? I'm just saying, miss.
Siobhan needs to ask God for forgiveness or she'll go to hell and die.
Don't talk rubbish.
How can she ask for forgiveness? She's in a flaming coma.
- Courtney, don't.
- Well, she should shut her face.
Some Jesus Chain member you are, from what I've heard.
Yeah, Siobhan wasn't the only one taking drugs, was she? - Get lost! - All right, calm down.
Look at the guilty face on it.
Siobhan's probably in a coma because of you.
That is enough! Stop it! You two can go and spend some time in the cooler.
- What? Just because we believe in God? - Out! (SNIFFS) They don't know what they're talking about.
Yeah, but they're right.
I am a sinner.
'Cause 'Cause, I could stop it all.
And I can't 'cause I'm a coward.
(SNIFFS) What? You know who's dealing the drugs? Courtney, you've got to tell me who it is.
You don't know what he'd do.
Look, I don't believe in devils or demons, but I do know that there's evil out there and whoever's threatening you, whoever's dealing the drugs, is evil.
And you know that because you're scared of them.
Do you want them to get away with what they've done to Siobhan? Please, just, just tell me.
(STUDENTS CHATTERING) (MUSIC PLAYING) jed! Quick! - JACK: Seddon! - What's going on? You lot are about to get nicked.
We've had a report that you're dealing drugs.
- What the hell - He's a lying toerag.
All right, let's have a look then, shall we? This is a fit-up this! No.
Let him come and look.
We've got nothing to hide.
Don't know how they do battered sausages down the cop shop canteen, but we do need flour.
- You lying - KIM: Jack.
Leave it.
(STUDENTS CHEERING) What's going on? Kim got an anonymous tip-off, the Seddons are drug dealers.
- You're joking.
- Well, except the police couldn't find anything.
Listen, what we do is we get a letter to all the parents telling them we've got a drug problem in the area.
Waterloo Road is doing all that it can, including bag searches.
- What can I do? - Pack for Rwanda.
jack Rimmer is so wound up about what his kids are putting in their mouths.
What's he doing about the junk he's peddling in here, that's poisoning their minds and souls.
Well, you'll probably find it's part of the curriculum, Jerry.
This sort of stuff closes minds.
We want to open them, Roger.
Get some balance in this place.
Get Creationist scientific thinking on the shelves.
Well, we'd have to be careful about Ofsted.
Ofsted Schmofsted.
This is going to be our school.
jerry, you can't just set your own curriculum.
There are inspections.
What? Once every couple of years or so? That's a heck of lot of time in between to do what we want.
How are you ever going to find the teachers? I mean, to do what we want? Don't worry, Roger.
UCOS has its own teacher training college.
The quality of our teachers is excellent.
(SIGHS) - Can I borrow your gold shoes? - Nope.
- Not even for my birthday? - Oh, all right.
IZZIE: So, girls, you know the rules for tonight, don't you? - No booze.
Is that clear? - 'Course, miss.
What, not even a can of cider? She'll have her big sister there to look after her, won't she? Oh! Fantastic.
So I'll see you about 8:00, yeah? Yeah.
- I'll see you later.
- See you.
There must be some way of catching them out.
Well, they're just going to be on their guard now, more than ever.
- Good night, Kim.
- See you tomorrow.
I'm going to need a pint after this.
Are you up for it? - Kim? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, that'd be good.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Have a lovely evening.
- You, too, Steph.
Oh, I'll be partying the night away.
(MUSIC PLAYING) - Oh, you look fantastic, babes.
- Thanks.
You're all mine, remember.
Right, where do I get a drink round here? Come on.
(CROWD CHATTERING) - I've got something for you.
- Yeah? Lewis, what you doing? I thought you wanted to have a good time.
But you don't need stuff for that.
You've definitely got Jesus, you, Maxi.
- It's nothing to do with Him.
- So what are you getting uptight about? God made everything, right? So he made gear an' all.
Well, he wouldn't have made it if people weren't going to use it.
Yeah, I told you, I don't want them for myself.
It's not 'cause of God.
Is it right Siobhan had an overdose off something you give her? Don't listen to the teachers.
They've got it in for the burger van.
Sending all sorts round.
If some girl had an overdose, it's 'cause she's a guzzler and can't get a buzz without going over the top.
- So what d'you say? - No, ta.
There's plenty of people in here that want decent gear.
Chlo, for example.
She's really going for it in a big way.
You know why, don't you? Because she's scared about having sex with Donte.
Yeah? We can't have that.
Sixteen now, isn't it? I think this is going to be the best birthday Chlo's ever had.
Donte and all.
- Do you fancy another? - Yeah, go on.
- GIRL: Happy birthday, Chlo.
- Cheers.
What's up? - Mum told me to look out for Chlo.
- It's her 16th birthday.
Let her enjoy herself.
- There you are, Chlo.
- Thanks.
- Fancy a little pick-me-up? - DONTE: Put that away.
Don't get so hung up about it.
It's only a buzz.
We're going to have a good night tonight, yeah? - Yeah.
- Hey, steady on.
You only just got here.
Don't want you getting drunk already.
I thought we were going to have a good time.
Well in.
So, what do you think of Andrew abandoning ship? He just does what he thinks is right, don't he? Bit snooty like that, isn't he? No, I didn't say that.
He's principled.
Yeah, up his own backside, you mean.
Well, I mean he can go and play Saint Andrew of Rwanda if he likes, but it's the children here that are my concern.
We'll manage without him.
- Will we? - Will you? What Andrew does is nothing to do with me.
Well, we're going to be a teacher down very soon.
We need to fill the post, otherwise Jerry Preston might start shipping in his own suitable candidates.
- What do you mean? - UCOS.
Apparently they have their own teacher training facility.
So we could end up with teachers at Waterloo Road who are trained in Creationism? - Not if I can help it.
- But what if you can't? How many is he going ship in? What, five? Twenty? The entire teaching staff, all Creationist? That's not going to happen.
But it could.
That's the point.
Calm down, Kim.
I'm scared, 'cause I can see where all this is heading.
The flaming Dark Ages.
Why can't everyone else? Look, without Jerry Preston there is no academy, certainly not for Waterloo Road.
I know I'm not the teacher here, but is that really so important? As a matter of fact, it is.
Look, when Andrew goes, I'm going to need a new deputy.
You mean me? I'm going to have to advertise, but you would be top of my list.
(EXHALES) Look, you don't have to give me an answer now.
Why don't we discuss it over dinner? Fancy that? Yeah, yeah, I'm up for that.
Kim? Do you know what, I'd better get off actually.
- Well, have a think about it, yeah? - Yeah, yeah, of course.
- You two have a nice time.
- See you later.
Chlo? Chlo? Are you all right? I'm fine.
Will you stop checking up on me? She's right, Mika, come on.
Come here, Donte.
- Bring it on, babes.
- I will.
- Mum is going to go mad.
- 'Cause what, you're going to tell her? Stop being such a grouch.
Mr Preston says that there's loads of books in the common room that shouldn't be there.
We could get excluded for this.
No way.
It's Mr Preston that runs the school now.
He won't let nothing happen to us.
Looks more like Donte's birthday, to me.
Might be yours an' all.
You wouldn't rather be down there, would you? Stop messing about.
Happy birthday, babes.
Oh, my God! You're 16 now.
We can do it.
We can get married.
I love you.
I love you, too.
(DONTE MUMBLING) (MAN CHATTERING ON TV) - I really love you - Shh! Girls? Mika, what's going on? I don't know.
Someone must have spiked her drink.
She just started acting really weird.
What? Chlo! Chlo! Chlo, look at me, look at me! What's happened? What have you taken? All right, Donte.
You and Chlo have a good time last night, did you? You want to watch it, Seddon.
'Cause I don't know what you put in Chlo's drink, but if she'd ended up like Siobhan, I'd have killed you.
What you on about? We don't know nothing about that Siobhan.
Yes, you flaming do.
It's you who's giving him the gear.
Shut it, you muppet.
What you going on about? He was giving out drugs to anyone who wanted them.
Take a hike, mate, or I'll make you.
Yeah, I will take a hike, to the cops.
Get in, now! You've screwed up, Lewis.
If Dibble gets hold of this - You'll be swinging from a hook.
- He's only bluffing, isn't he? We were stupid letting him in with us.
Get lost.
- Well, give me what I'm owed.
- You'll get that.
Yeah? Then Donte Charles won't be the only one going to the coppers.
Look, maybe you and me should have a little chat, eh, Lewis? When I get what I'm owed.
- Give him the money, Ma.
- Eh? just do it.
Lewis isn't daft.
Go on.
And I'm buying my own van.
Don't be like that, Lewis.
Ma's just a bit upset.
Maybe we should take a bit of a breather.
Get away from the earache.
Yeah? (STUDENTS CHATTERING) Where have you been, Steph? You're supposed to be helping out on the bag search.
Oh, don't give me a hard time, Tom.
Oh, what, hungover, are you? Well, maybe you should ask your ward here what she was up to last night.
just search that for you, Maxine.
'Cause her boyfriend here was spiking Chlo's drink.
What boyfriend? Lewis Seddon, the neighbourhood drug pusher.
He's not a drug pusher.
Lewis Seddon.
What have I told you, Maxine? He was just at the party.
I didn't have anything to do with him.
- Do you think I'm stupid, Maxine? - We've already got one girl in a coma.
- Chlo could have been the next.
- I don't know what she's on about.
Oh, don't give me that.
I told you that if I caught you with Lewis Seddon again, you'd be out of my house and back in that hostel.
God, how many more people in my life are going to kick me in the teeth.
Are you satisfied? Donte Charles.
He's always had it in for me.
Yeah? Seems like it.
I tell you what, I'm gonna be having words.
No one threatens me.
You go to the police and you are dead.
That's a promise.
Everything from Philip Pullman.
- Hey, Chlo.
How are you feeling? - Get away from me.
- Chlo? - I never want to see you ever again.
What are you talking about? You know exactly what I'm talking about.
- I was off my face last night.
- What? What're you talking about? Nothing happened, if that's what you mean.
Chlo! If Mr Treneman makes us pay for them, we'll get the money off Mr Preston.
He's loaded.
Sir, we was only making the point.
We can't have devil books at school.
(DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) jack, what's it going to take? Your precious academy has not even been built yet and you've already got students burning books.
- What? - Look! jack? Seddon? What the hell do you want? Right, I want you to pick the right form of the verb, and then fill in the gaps.
(SPEAKING FRENCH) jerry? I was hoping to get the chance to speak to you.
I just wanted to say that I think these early morning prayer meetings are having such a positive effect on this school.
Thanks, Miss Haydock.
I think we're starting to have an effect.
But you know Satan, he hides in all kinds of places.
Oh, yeah, I know.
And you know where he hides round here, don't you, Jerry? Down the cleavage of the headmaster's secretary.
Why don't we ring the police now? Let them handle it? Because I've already given them a bum steer and I don't trust Lewis Seddon.
What are you going to do with that? They really don't teach you anything at public school, do they? Well, I'd say we can call the police now.
- Jack's not here.
- When will he be back? I don't know.
It was to do with the drug thing.
Can I help? I guess you could save some time later and start clearing your desk.
Er clearing my desk? What you talking about? Well, it's either that or we make your affair with my son public.
The police are all over Seddons lock-up.
jed and Gemma will be in jail by lunchtime.
What's up? They know about me and Brett.
It happened before either of them came to Waterloo Road.
But you knew about it and you never thought to tell me what my son had been getting up to.
He's 17, Roger.
She is a Jezebel.
She has corrupted you and she is corrupting this school.
Oh, for God's sake! I made a mistake! There's a new dawn coming for this place, Jack.
But that can't happen with a cancer at its heart.
Cut it out, Jack, before it destroys you and any hope for this school.
- Just a minute - He's told you what you got to do, Jack.
At least it's out in the open now.
We can get on with our lives.
Thank you, Jack.
I mean, you didn't want this seccy's job anyway, did you? I mean, with the references I'm going to give you, you could walk into a teaching assistant's post anywhere in the country.
Look, I don't know nothing about drugs.
Well, do you know where Jed is, then? Miss Dickey was one of the most popular people ever to teach at this school.
I feel privileged to have known her and I know that you do, too.
This afternoon's memorial is about honouring our memory of her.
I know that some of Miss Dickey's class have asked Mr Preston to say a few words.
- What words? - What's going on? Calm down.
It's just a prayer.
Let us put our hands together and pray to our Father in heaven.
We are gathered here in memory of our departed sister Miss Dickey.
But I'd also like us to remember young Siobhan Geary.
Barely 15 years old, but, right now, lost in a coma, because she could not, and was not strong enough to turn her back on temptation.
- Oh, please.
- Likewise Miss Dickey.
She was a good teacher, Lord, a fine teacher.
But when you tested her, her faith was weak.
- Jack, you have to stop this.
- And when the Devil offered to ease her pain, well, she listened to him and took her own life.
Stop it.
This is enough.
You're interrupting a dialogue with the Lord.
Then let Him strike me down.
Didn't think so.
This is a school.
It may just seem like flaking paint and the crumbling cement but, believe me, its value goes way beyond that.
Here, you are given the freedom to investigate things you don't understand.
You're encouraged to argue with things you disagree with.
You can tell a teacher to their face you think they're wrong.
Ask Brett Aspinall, he does it every day.
(STUDENTS LAUGHING) I want to open minds.
There's another way of looking at things, a way that doesn't have gigantic holes in its theory.
All I'm saying is check out the alternatives.
I admire Mr Preston, to some extent.
He's a motivated man, very sure of himself.
But he's a fundamentalist.
He'd admit to that himself.
But fundamentalism has no place in schools.
Especially in those who run and fund them.
It leads to the burning of books by small-minded and ignorant people.
Well, you're the one who believes that people are evolved from apes, aren't you, Mr Treneman, hmm? I mean, apes are people? How does that make you feel, folks? Actually, it's the other way round.
People are apes.
Although most of us are a little less hairy and a little more intelligent.
(STUDENTS LAUGHING) Lorna, we know how hilarious you'd find it that a man who believes that Noah and his ark actually existed should be standing here at your memorial service.
And how outraged you'd be that he is trying to warp minds and condemn you for the tragedy of your untimely death.
We know you're resting in peace, as one day we all will.
(BOY WHOOPING) (STUDENTS APPLAUDING) (STUDENTS WHISTLING) I can't believe I turned Lorna's memorial service into a bloody university debate.
It wasn't really much of a debate, Andrew.
- No.
I suppose not.
- Do you know what it was, though? - What? - It was fantastic.
Chlo, just let me talk to you, all right? Leave me alone.
You have got nothing to be ashamed about.
janeece, tell her about last night, all right.
And about how nothing happened with me and her.
Nothing did happen.
You was off your head.
He had to come and get me to calm you down and get you back in your gear.
Don't you remember? But you sent me this? Yeah, that was for not doing it.
- What? - It just didn't seem right, babes.
It just wasn't you.
You can send my P45 on.
I think you know my address.
Oooh, there's a new dawning, Jack, and it seems like I'm in the way of it.
Look, this doesn't have to make a difference.
You know, maybe it'll be better, a bit of space between us.
I like working here, Jack.
I wanted to be a teaching assistant here.
And I like being close to you.
I mean, I can't believe that you didn't even try to defend me.
You'll get another chance, Davina.
This school probably won't.
Yeah, well, I hope it's worth it.
As soon as the academy is built, I will personally kick out Jerry Preston and Roger and the Holy Choir of Angels.
Then we can talk about a teaching assistant post.
Look, Jack, I know I'm a fine one to be giving you advice, but what you're prepared to sacrifice for this academy, your honesty, your good judgement, fair play Good luck with it all.
Hello, Janeece.
What is it? I've been a pillock, sir.
I mean, I've seen fossils.
You get them off the Internet.
Well, that's a relief.
Do you not believe in God at all, Mr Treneman? No.
But you have to make your own mind up about that, as I did.
How? Well, read the Bible.
That's a start.
Chlo, you will never marry Donte Charles.
You can't ban me from doing something that I want to do.
Either that or we move away, somewhere very far.
Yeah, well, I don't care what you say.
If you leave, I'm staying.
You can't make me come with you.
Grow up, Chlo.
You can't marry Donte without Mum's permission.
Yes, I flaming can.
Can you just wait outside? I'll be with you in a minute.
I can't deal with this now, Chlo.
I've got club.
Come on, Chlo.
Let your mum get on, eh? - I'll talk to you at home.
- I'm not coming home.
- Chlo, could you just, for once - She'll see you at home.
There'll be a nice dinner waiting.
Don't worry, Mum.
She knows she's talking rubbish.
Well, I hope so, Mika, because I am dead serious.
just come in and find a space on the mats.
- You wanted to see us, Jack? - Have you gotten rid of that woman? - She's gone.
- Good.
Now we can start planning for the future.
But as of tomorrow, she is going to be reinstated.
What are you talking about? And then I'm going to instruct my staff that none of them are to have anything to do with your Creationist claptrap.
Well, you've obviously not thought about the consequences of what you're saying, Jack.
You can take your money and shove it.
ROGER: That's not your decision.
Well, I think the LEA will be interested in my objections and, if necessary, I know the papers will.
jack, you're mad.
Don't you know what you're throwing away? It's stepping on your ego, Roger.
But there's not going to be an Aspinall Academy for Waterloo Road.
But, to be honest with you, I'd rather teach in a tin shack.
There are plenty of other schools that will open their arms to UCOS.
There will be a Roger Aspinall Academy.
As long as I don't have to teach there.
I will pray for your soul, Mr Rimmer.
Actually, I'd prefer it if you didn't.
Enjoy your tin shack.
I told Jerry and Roger to shove their money.
As of right now, you are officially reinstated.
Are you serious? Flaming right I am.
And, from tomorrow, Waterloo Road is officially UCOS free.
I'm going to run this school the way I want to.
Well, I'm at the usual place.
I'll be there in ten.
Okay, I'll see you soon, bye.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
We've just been playing games, haven't we? I mean, we've both felt the same but, all this time since we met, we've just put obstacles up for each other.
It has been a bit of an assault course.
just hope we haven't played it for too long.
- Come to Africa with me.
- Huh? Why not? They need teachers like you.
You could get a job without any problem.
I've got a life here.
The kids need me here.
I need you.
- Well, then stay.
- I can't.
Fine, but it's all right for me to just throw my life up, is it? just give up my job, give up my house, put thousands of miles between me and me family, but not for you to just change your plans and stay here, to make it nice and simple for us to be together? How will I fit into the new academy when Jerry Preston and his gospel bunch take over? Well, you stood up to him today.
You can carry on standing up to him.
Going off is just giving up.
That's not the way I see it.
Besides, there's Jack.
I used to think he was a man with principles.
Today was the last straw.
I'm not going back, Kim.
I'm flying out tomorrow.
You can't do that.
- Come on, you can't do that to me.
- Come with me.
- Andrew.
- This time tomorrow I'll be in Rwanda.
I want you there with me.
Call me and tell me you're coming.
Hey, Rimmer.
What do you want? Don't you remember? You said you wouldn't mind going a couple of rounds if there weren't no kids about.
Don't see none now.
Do you? Clear off out of it.
What, so you can call the cops, tell them where to come and pick me up? You stupid All right.
Take it easy, take it easy.
jack! jACK: Izzie! Izzie! Stay with me! All right.
Stay with me.
Izzie, Izzie, stay with me.
Help! Help!
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