Waterloo Road (2006) s05e01 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 1

Do you know what? I don't know what to expect.
Well, I guess I'd describe Christopher as, well, how you'd expect any John Foster's teacher to be, really.
He's Thank you.
He's kind of um kind of humourless.
He's a bit scary and he's ultra conservative.
- Why have you appointed him? - To help with the new intake.
- Rachel, I can't believe that after - Rachel.
Hello! Kim, this is Christopher Mead, our new deputy head.
- Kim Campbell, head of pastoral care.
- It's nice to meet you, Kim.
- Rachel's told me a lot about you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Same again? - Yes, please.
Same again, thanks, and a pint as well.
So, are we here to celebrate or to steel ourselves for battle? A lot of resistance to this merger.
Which is why it's good to have you on board.
A friendly John Foster's face might quell a few fears.
If they're pains, please don't send them over to me.
I heard that some of your staff are up in arms about all this.
Which is why we've got to prove that we're as good as any independent school.
This'll be the best year yet for Waterloo Road.
- And I wanna be part of that.
- Great.
So we've got three weeks to get the school into shape for New Year.
BO Y: Look at them.
Bunch of snobs.
GIRL: Who do you think you are, you bunch of snobs? - Look at the state of 'em.
- Bunch of snobs, innit? They're looking rather nervous, don't you think? CHRIS: I know how they feel.
You all right? I'm Luke.
This is Josh.
- Hello.
CHRIS: Morning.
That's what we like to see, a nice friendly face.
That's Amy Porter.
Let's just say she sees Waterloo Road as a bit of a demotion.
KIM: I'm sure we'll win her round.
GIRL: Dad, she doesn't wanna go! MAN: Shut it! I don't need you sticking up for her.
WOMAN: Just calm down, Tony, please.
- This doesn't concern you.
Get out.
(Door slams) - Oh, my God.
Would you look at him? - He's gorgeous.
So, we've got 100 new pupils, six new teachers, brand-new deputy head.
(Clears throat) Never mind two school cultures coming together.
- Two very different school cultures.
- I wouldn't overdo the differences.
Wouldn't you? Once they've all got the same uniform, no-one'll tell the difference.
We'll see.
Hey, Chris, a lot of people think we can't make a go of this merger, that we can't provide these pupils with the education they deserve.
- We're gonna prove them wrong.
- (Bell rings) OK, you lot! Come on, let's have you inside! Mum! Go on, both of you.
Oi, you.
Staff room.
Uh, Helen Hopewell, new English teacher.
You teach? Well, not quite.
Got about 20 minutes to go.
- It's my first day teaching.
- No.
- Hello, Steph.
- Jo.
Grantly, this is Jo Lipsett, my new head of department.
Last time we saw each other, we were sat outside an interview room.
Well, the best woman won.
Didn't you say she slept her way into the job? Ah, Tom, the adolescent in the corner there is your new member of staff.
I can only say thank you, God, that you got the head of department's job.
Glad you're taking it so well, Grantly.
Tom Clarkson, head of English.
You must be Helen Hopewell.
We'll catch up after assembly, eh? Sounds like you're a man with a plan.
She's all yours.
Do you think Mum and Dad are gonna get divorced? She should have chucked him out ages ago.
- Don't say that.
- You heard her screaming, didn't you? - He was beating her up, again.
- I've never seen Dad hit Mum.
- Yeah, he does it in secret.
- You're talking rubbish! Hey.
I'm Ms Mason, the head teacher here.
What's caused all this? - Nothing.
She's a crybaby.
- Wait a minute.
Go inside, join the others for assembly.
- My sister's coming with me.
- Your sister's staying with me.
Go in.
RACHEL: Right, first thing first, what's your name? - Emily.
- Emily.
That's a lovely name.
Now, are you gonna tell me what you're so upset about? No? Don't wanna tell me? (Vomits) We've been given an amazing opportunity to create a bigger and a better school.
There's lots of new faces here, I know - teachers and pupils, but in no time it's gonna feel like we've been together forever.
There's no time like the present to start getting to know each other.
So I'd like you all to get up and I'd like you to mix up and stand next to somebody that you don't know.
Come on, let's do it.
GIRL: Mingle.
That's teachers too, please.
God Almighty.
We'll be doing the hokey-cokey next.
Good stuff.
Come on.
I just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to starting here.
That's really good news.
Thank you.
Come on, everybody.
Let's give the John Foster pupils the hand of friendship.
Hi, I'm Ros.
- I'm Josh Stevenson.
- Mr Clarkson.
- Tom Clarkson? - No.
- Just go with the flow, Linds.
- I can't be bothered.
- Oh, come on.
At least give it a try.
- I said I can't be bothered, all right? So all day today, Ms Campbell's gonna be putting together a sort of sculpture to represent the two schools coming together.
We really hope that you're gonna join in.
(Some cheers) Everyone, this is Mr Tyler.
I know you John Foster pupils know him, but not in his new role as executive head.
He is going to be overseeing four schools in the area.
- Yeah, cos she's not up to the job.
- You don't even know her.
If you don't mind, I'd like to reassure the new intake.
Absolutely, that's fine.
He's big on discipline, so that'll be her nose out of joint.
Well, he can discipline me any day.
So, boys and girls, the new school starts here.
We want peace and harmony to rule.
Any hint of rivalry or bad blood will be stamped on hard.
(Sighs) Good-oh.
I was a trainee at Mr Tyler's school.
He picked me as his best student.
We're going to make sure that John Foster's standards and values will be maintained in Waterloo Road.
- Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
- (Laughter) - You, girl.
- Me? You're either stupid or you're pretending to be.
Which is it? - I'm not stupid.
- Well, make sure you prove that to me.
Next time you speak will be when I tell you to, OK? (Muttering) OK, that's enough, come on.
I'll say it one more time, welcome to all.
Now, any problems, myself, my management team, Ms Campbell, Mr Mead, we're here to help, just come to us.
OK, assembly's over.
Go and have a good day.
If you want peace and harmony to rule, it's best to not make one set of pupils feel inferior to another.
Sorry, it must have sounded a bit crass, but Ms Mason and I felt I should try to calm fears.
Max, I must say, I think I might have handled that differently.
I want the kids to go home and tell their parents what I've said.
If they feel special, it should keep them off your back for a bit.
You wait for one bus Tom, looking forward to shaping your new department? - I am, yeah.
- There's a good buzz about you.
Grantly Budgen.
Hoping that you are the much needed saviour this school so requires.
I reckon that's Ms Mason's role.
Right, shall we go to my office and start this meeting? I'd like to check out the new facilities.
- OK, I'll show you around.
- No, no.
That's fine.
I'll find my own way.
- We'll start you off gently, eh? - Good ones only, please.
- We're strictly mixed ability here.
- Really? I wasn't expecting that.
Well, you'll get a hell of a kick out of making it work.
Year 12s.
What are they like? They're the only A level class I've got.
There's a few gobby ones in there.
Michaela White, Bolton Smilie.
And come to think of it, these two an' all.
- Is there anyone not gobby? - Just go in hard from the off.
Any problems, send 'em to me.
I've seen it all.
Graffiti on the inside of the school.
- And I heard a teacher did it.
- That is so scuzzy.
Yeah, it's art, actually.
- OK, find a seat, please.
- Come on, find a seat.
- What are you doing? - Oi.
Oi! Sambuca.
- Quickly, find a seat.
- What are you grinning at? Uh, well, not that it's any of your business, but he is her dad, more or less.
Shows how much you know, don't it? Go on, tell them, Sam.
Tell 'em what? What am I supposed to say? That he wears stripy pyjamas and eats cold curry for breakfast.
- Yuck.
That's disgusting.
- Well, you're disgusting.
- What's all the fuss about? - Sir, they're insulting us.
- We weren't doing anything at all.
- What did I tell you? Clean, yes? OK, I'm Mr Clarkson.
I'm gonna be your form teacher this year, you lucky people.
So if you shout out "Here" when I call your names.
What's your name? Michaela White.
You've got spirit, Michaela.
You're not afraid to voice your opinions, are you? Just pick the right time and place next time.
Well, it feels like John Foster's are taking over.
Well, it's hard for them coming somewhere new.
But I also know it's hard for you when you feel like you're being invaded.
You've got some great new teachers, a whole bunch of new friends.
That's not so bad, is it? - I suppose.
- Just give it a chance, yeah? Right, 250g in there.
Ooh, yes, and then Um Oh.
Well said up there, Max.
You know, it's so reassuring knowing that you're gonna oversee things.
Thank you.
But don't get too used to me.
This is just a flying visit to see how everyone's settling in.
- Oh.
- The room looks great.
Well, I do my best.
It's not exactly John Foster's, is it? I'm sure you have everything well and truly under control.
Can but try in the face of adversity.
I think this merger is a joke.
Rachel Mason shouldn't be in a job let alone running a school.
You! Have those nails ever seen a scrubbing brush? Thank you, Max.
- Get them under the tap now.
- (Laughter) Excuse me! Excuse me! Right, back to work everyone, thank you.
(Police radio chatter) HELEN: Love, justice, knowledge, blindness and madness.
What's up with you today, Linds? Do you not feel well? No, I just don't like this place, all right? Can anyone tell me another one? I'm worried about you.
Look, I just had a fight with my mum and dad, all right? No biggie.
- Again? - So, who can tell me the last one? - Anyone? - Miss, I need to go to the toilet.
Not now, Lindsey.
You're, like, so in charge, miss.
Sorry if we started off a bit at loggerheads.
Our kids have got a lot to offer an' all, you know.
I've got a difficult brief.
I just need all the help I can get.
So if I step out of line, just er kick me back in.
This looks fabulous.
How's it all going to work? We are going to transform all of this into a really meaningful work of art, yeah? You know, I admire teachers who stick their neck out to help.
Especially when someone comes along and nearly spoils it all.
Yeah, well, maybe I overreacted.
I'd better get to my meeting with Rachel.
- I wasn't expecting to see you today.
- I want to keep an eye on things.
There's a whole new school ethos about to be written.
Oh? What's Rachel saying about that? Chris, you know how highly I rate your opinion.
How do you think things are going? Any areas of concern? It's like you say, big changes for everyone.
A lot to get used to, but we'll get there.
Staffwise? Kim? Rachel? I'm looking forward to working with them both.
- Thank you, Joyce.
- At last.
- People can talk.
- Yeah.
Let's hope it's about our new future.
Those plans that I sent you from over the summer? - These? - Yeah.
Yeah, um, you see, basically we want to keep our community school identity.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
It's been such a resource for everyone around here.
Not sure how big John Foster's is on community.
No, I do realise how important those exam results are to you.
Top of the league tables for the last three years.
Yeah, can't get away from that one, but, you see, I I just don't want my children to feel inadequate in any way.
Let's give them the kind of intensive support they deserve.
Fingers crossed on LEA support for that one.
John Foster's staff are more than capable of bringing up the standards.
I'm sure.
(Boisterous chatter) - What's all that about? - Miss Hopeless.
The number of laughs she's getting, she should be in panto.
Well, looks like a job for the new head of department.
- You're enjoying this, aren't you? - (Chuckles) HELEN: Please, just settle down.
Oi, Denzil! What are you doing out of your class? My new food tech teacher was making people laugh at me.
- I'm sure she wasn't.
- Yes, she was.
Saying Ms Mason shouldn't be running the school.
Look, it's gonna take a while to adjust to this new setup, Den.
Now, come on.
What's your next lesson? - Maths.
I'm not going.
- Don't start.
- I'm going home.
- Oi, this way.
You are giving me a lot of grief, son.
Come on.
and verbal aggression a day.
We need to create a new set of school standards covering everything from personal hygiene, management, timekeeping We do already have a policy on all of these things, Max.
I've made huge improvements at this school.
Better isn't always good enough, Rachel.
Um, OK, er Let's write an exchange between King Lear and Cordelia in your own words, you know, so you can really understand where they're coming from.
Miss, why can't we use Shakespeare's words? - Do you really need to ask? - Oi! You slagging us off? Um Look, I want attention now.
You just gonna let her get away with disobeying you? What, just cos she's posh? We should all just walk out.
GIRL: Yeah, I agree.
Come on.
- Do you want me to call Ms Mason? - (Laughter and whooping) BO Y: Miss Mason! It all starts with a strict set of rules.
You see, military-style discipline will not work at Waterloo Road.
- It just won't.
- Don't sell the children short, Rachel.
Helen! Is that your name? Never mind what my name is.
I know what yours is.
Michaela White, loudmouth.
PUPILS: Ooooh! - Who are you calling a loudmouth? - You.
And an empty-headed one at that.
- You what? - Why don't you sit down and shut up? - (Cheering) - Some of us are trying to learn here.
HELEN: She's a nasty piece of work.
- Who you talking to, you posh slag? Hey! I said break it up! Ms Mason's office now! The pair of you! You lot, sit down! Miss Hopewell? You do not lash out with your fists, Lindsey, whatever the provocation.
- Quite.
- What do you think you're doing, huh? You realise I'm going to have to contact your parents.
There's no other way.
- Miss, don't.
- What? Don't call my mum or my dad.
Lindsey, what is your problem? Come on, tell me.
Miss, they'll go mad.
- Please, miss, don't call my mum.
- Yeah, get the police! I'm not safe with her in the school.
Maintenant, s'il vous plaît.
- What kind of accent's that? - Thick, in more ways than one.
- Why don't you just shut up? - Tais-toi, Sambuca.
- It weren't even me, it were them.
- And you two shut up.
I've got your number, the pair of you.
- Why are you picking on us? - She shouted at us, miss.
Ms Lipsett, how can I help you? Can I have your schemes of work, Steph? - What, do you take all that seriously? - Yeah, yeah, I do.
I'll have them with you by the end of the day.
OK, where were we? Do you wanna tell us how you got this job? And you've got way too much to say for yourself, as usual, Josh Stevenson.
Can we all turn to page 14 of your French revision books? - We don't have one.
- Miss, which book is it? That's not it, is it? - Is that what you're looking for? - (Laughter) Hey, come on, let's not push and shove.
It's only a small doorway.
- You're a crap teacher, miss.
- Sorry, but you are.
You should have stopped them fighting, miss.
Just standing in a corner, doing that isn't a good thing to do.
Ooh! Oh, sorry, miss.
- Are you all right? - They're feral, every last one of 'em.
- Hey, steady on.
- Steady on? I have just witnessed a serious assault.
Don't their parents teach them anything? Helen? Are you all right? It's awful.
I know.
I know it is, love.
Come on, let's get you to the staff room, away from this lot.
Oh, mate, there's nothing better than a girl fight.
What a maniac.
She's well scary.
Well, if she can take Michaela on, none of us are safe.
There's something really weird going on there.
A Year 12 girl just lashing out like that.
Lindsey used to be an exemplary pupil.
If she does it again, the new rules will be in place and she'll be out on her ear.
You two, inside.
Right, you, you say to Michaela, "I am sorry for assaulting you.
" Do it now.
I'm sorry for assaulting you, Michaela.
- You should be.
- And so should you be, miss.
Me? Why? I was sat there and she smacked me in the face.
MAX: And that was out of order.
- You're mad.
You retaliated.
So you say, "I'm sorry for assaulting you.
" - I'm sorry.
MAX: Good.
You can thank Ms Mason you're being allowed to stay at school today.
Now, get.
And don't give me any more grief.
Sometimes it's useful to assert your authority.
Authority or intimidation? It's exaggerated comments like that that make teachers scared to discipline children.
You've just reinforced their belief that bullying gets results.
I care, Rachel.
I hope we both do.
- Do you want a bit? - Oh, no, thanks.
I'll be popping down to the tuck shop later meself.
Do you want a bit, Grantly? I know they're right rough, but it's not looking good.
I'll stick a teacher in with her till she finds her feet.
KIM: Good idea.
Isn't that just typical? Oh! Typicalement.
- Do you read a French newspaper, Steph? - Give me a magazine any day.
- Politique Internationale? - No, I like Bonjour.
I love all the celeb stuff, me.
So how was your first stab at teaching, Helen? Would've been fine if she hadn't had a bunch of thugs to deal with.
That kind of language isn't gonna help, is it? I'm not being helpful.
I'm being truthful.
The truth hurts, Kim.
I mean, this school, it's outrageous.
Everybody knows it's a breeding ground for the next generation of criminals.
An excellent analysis, if I may say.
- There you are.
TOM: That's all we need.
- Another bigot like Grantly.
KIM: Hear, hear.
- I beg your pardon? - Calm down.
Oh, so you're on their side, are you? - You sound completely bonkers.
- Because she is.
We all know where the girls get their tarty look with you as a role model.
D'you know, why don't you just get a life, you frigid cow? And I can see why they're all so rude, given the teachers in this room! - You're a disgrace to the profession.
- Everyone needs to chill out.
Look at you.
You're nothing but a bunch of thugs yourselves.
Why apply for the job if you didn't wanna come here? Because until now, I thought teaching was a worthwhile profession.
I'm making a complaint to Mr Tyler.
Yeah? Get him to come up and cane us all.
Me first.
Mum, it's me.
Will you please call us? What's happening? Are you OK? - Where is she? Why isn't she answering? - How the hell should I know?! - Don't shout at me! (Sighs) Sorry.
Come here.
Look, everything is gonna be fine, right? I just know it.
Please, miss! Please don't call my mum! She's a slag an' all! Max, aren't there any other schools you need to attend to on your patch? (Sighs) None with this record.
(Knocking) Max.
I can't believe what's happening here.
The pupils are out of control.
The staff are shouting abuse at us in the staff room.
- That can't be right.
- You weren't there.
- Calm down.
- No, no, no.
There's mixed ability all through the school in every subject.
And pupils like Karla Bentham.
I mean, it's impossible, Max.
You've gotta do something about it.
Your complaint has been noted, Helen.
Thank you.
Seems I'm not the only one here with concerns.
I'll attend to them.
It's obviously my staff that are being accused.
- Ms Mason? - Yeah.
I'm DI Roper.
This is DC Blackmore.
Could we speak privately for a moment? John Foster's! John Foster's! John Foster's! John Foster's! Shut it, you snobs! (Shouting) We don't want you here! Yeah, all right! Break it up! Oi! Keep away from the Volvo! Looking for trouble, are you? Not had enough for today? JOSH: What's going on there, man? This is looking great, guys.
Really good.
Yeah, we just stuck to the plan, miss, and Ros has the strength of two men, so Well, it just looks like good teamwork to me.
It looks like something out of Edward Scissorhands.
Really? Well, that just shows how much you know about art, doesn't it? Yeah, art's always been a bit of a mystery to me.
And artists.
Give me a column of figures, I'm as happy as a pig in mud.
Lunch, before it all goes? Er are you all all right without me? - Yeah.
- Yeah? (Shouting) So how come you left your big job in the City, then, to come and be a teacher? Yeah, when I say leave, what I really mean is kicked out of.
- Is teaching just a stopgap, then? - It may have been why I got into the profession.
- But I love it now.
- Yeah, yeah.
Me too.
(Shouting and taunting) Come on, then, you slag! (Shouting) Helen.
A little help, please.
TOM: Oi! We'll have to cancel this meeting.
This place is a shambles from top to bottom.
TOM: Break it up! TOM: Inside now! To the cooler! CHRIS: Get to the cooler! Over there! Now! Cooler.
Now! Find your sister.
There's people to see you.
Listen, get them all to the cooler.
Max, I'll sort it out later.
Get over to the cooler! HELEN: She actually hit me.
TOM: Anyone still stood here goes to the cooler.
Move! CHRIS: Inside.
I've never experienced anything like that before.
- It can't get any worse than this.
KIM: We'll get you inside.
HELEN: It really, really hurt.
OK, just take a seat on the sofa there.
Lindsey and Emily.
What is it? Girls, I'm really sorry to tell you, but I've got some terrible news.
I'm afraid your father This morning I'm afraid your father was Er OK, um Your dad passed away this morning.
What are you talking about? Lindsey? Lindsey, what's she talking about, passed away? I'm sorry.
D'you mean he's dead? My dad's dead? Yes, love.
(Shouting) Shut up! Right now! We don't know where Ms Mason is, so you're going to have to answer to me.
That isn't going to be a pleasant experience.
We're making arrangements with a relative for the girls to get picked up, but they are gonna need to make a statement later today.
No way.
Why? We didn't see anything.
Miss, I need to talk to my mum.
Lindsey, I'm sorry, but that's not gonna be possible.
Is my mum OK? He was hitting her, you know.
- That's a lie.
- He was always hitting Mum.
Why are you saying that? He wasn't.
He wasn't.
- Shut up! What the hell do you know? - Lindsey, please.
Emily, don't worry.
Why do they need to speak to me? I can't tell them anything.
- It's nothing to do with me or Emily.
- I know.
The police just need to find out what happened this morning, that's all.
No one's accusing you, I promise you, Lindsey, huh? But you do need to tell them the truth.
Whatever that is, you need to tell them everything, everything you know, everything you heard, everything you saw.
You need to tell them, yeah? You will be detained every lunchtime for the next week.
Letters will go out to your parents and guardians.
You will each write an essay explaining why schools have rules which must be obeyed.
Anyone who fails to deliver will be excluded.
(Groans) Uh, does this mean that the sculpture project's on hold? We need to make more of an effort than ever to establish some peace.
I'm relying on you.
RACHEL: Thanks, yes, I will tell them.
Lindsey, can I just have a quick word, please? I'm sorry.
Your mum won't be coming home today.
Um The police are saying that your dad's been murdered.
They're charging her.
I can't believe it.
My God.
Poor girls.
I just knew there was something wrong with those two.
They were so jittery this morning.
They must have picked up on the atmosphere at home.
You didn't do anything about it, did you? Sorry? If you knew something, you should have acted.
Um, I have actually spoken to both those girls.
Too little, too late.
These kids need clear leadership, someone in charge, looking out for them, not someone dropping balls left, right and centre.
Hang on a minute.
Things kicked off before I had a chance to do that.
Due, in part, to your your protégée, Helen Hopewell.
It clearly rankles she's made a complaint about you.
What? Oh, for goodness' sake, Max.
She is out of her depth and she is getting her defence in first, and if you can't see that.
, I I believe I have a sculpture to unveil.
- Did you get him to maths? - Ooh, not quite.
You've gotta be harder on him, Rose.
You've no idea the day I've had.
I'm up to here with departmental work and this new teacher.
We'll muddle through.
Not that I know one end of an equation from another.
I'm coming over tonight and you and me's getting the old maths books out.
Thanks, love.
There'll be a spag bol in it for you.
Tom, can I just have a quick quick word? Are you aware that there's been accusations of staff-room bullying? - What? - Yeah, from Helen Hopewell.
Bullying? There was a bit of a barney, yeah, but we Look, I don't think some of them like being here, especially Helen.
OK, thanks.
If I knew then what I know now, I'd have cheered that bulldozer on.
- And I'd have joined you.
- It's gonna be hell on earth, Grantly.
- I can feel it in me water.
- Mmm.
Pub this way, I think.
- The sculpture's this way, isn't it? - Very good, mein Fuhrer.
Max, can I have a word? - Not now, Helen.
- But it's really important.
It always is, isn't it? - Nervous? - You will be when you see it.
Helen, I'm glad I caught you.
Listen, you're new, so I'm not gonna make too much of a fuss.
In future, please moderate your language when talking about your colleagues.
Thank you.
- Are you nervous? - Me? No, no.
- Our entry for the Turner Prize.
- Eh, that's a good idea.
ROS: Do you like visiting art galleries? Now I've sculpted my own masterpiece, course.
Thank you.
Right, I think everyone is just about here.
Shall we get on with it? Actually, everyone isn't here yet, Max.
We need to wait.
Well, I can't wait all day.
Slow Slow down.
Three BOTH: Two, one - Dah-dah! - (Applause) Somebody cover it up, for God's sake.
The power of laughter is a wonderful thing.
So I want you to go home and tell your parents what fun you all had at your new school today.
I'd also like you to put your hands together to show a big vote of thanks to Ms Campbell and her team for making such a wonderful symbol of unity for our two schools.
He knows how to work a crowd, doesn't he? Yeah, like all good politicians.
Ms Mason! It's Miss Hopewell! There's been an accident! Girls, get out of the way! MAX: Right, stand back.
Staff, round up your pupils.
CHRIS: OK, come on, girls.
Back down, please.
- Helen, it's OK.
- Can you tell us what happened? - Chris, we're gonna need an ambulance.
CHRIS: Right.
Back downstairs.
- Go away.
CHRIS: Down the stairs.
CHRIS: I won't tell you all again.
- Helen, are you OK? Helen, did you trip on something? Max, I didn't fall.
I was pushed.
One of the Waterloo Road girls.
Did you see who it was? - Um - You didn't, did you? I I think it was Michaela White.
You're drawing attention to yourself, Helen, and to me.
It's this damn school.
There's no control, no rules.
You are gonna sort that, Max, aren't you? Of course.
I've known dozens of teachers walk on their first day.
There's no harm in admitting the job isn't for you.
Not so long ago, I was your special girl.
- Yes.
- Yeah, I can prove it, too.
Not that I'm saying it's gonna come to that, Max.
KIM: I just can't imagine what they're going through.
Oh, poor Emily.
She's so upset.
RACHEL: Lindsey, she's just closing down.
KIM: It is a pretty common response to something this big.
We'll keep an eye on 'em.
She seems so tortured, you know? I don't know what the hell went on, but she knows more than she's saying.
Anyway, how are you, eh? What's going on between you and Max? He just wants to run everything his way.
- I think you need to talk to him.
- He doesn't rate me, Kim.
Full stop.
After the day I've had today, I'm not sure he's wrong.
Course he's wrong.
I mean, if what you're saying is true.
Are you ready? Um, we were gonna go and have a drink.
Unless you need me? No, have one on me.
- Well, shall we? - Yeah, yeah.
Nice start to a new term, eh? A murder.
And here's me thinking a fight involving the whole school was as bad as it gets.
Welcome to Waterloo Road.
The all-new, never-to-be-the-same-again Waterloo Road.
Oh, my life won't be worth living if that Helen Hopewell decides to return.
I mean, I hate to say it, but let's just hope her injuries are serious.
You can't say that.
Just enough to keep her off a term or two.
STEPH: Thank God for Mother's Ruin, that's all I can say.
I'll be tempted to have a few of those before I go into school tomorrow.
That Jo Lipsett is right up herself with her double first and her fluency in four languages.
- She needs to find herself a fella.
- Suggest it.
See how it goes down.
Put yourself forward, Tom.
You've had everybody else in the staff room.
You'd better run that past Rose first.
To be honest, I think Rose'd probably be more her cup of tea than you are.
- No offence.
KIM: Saved from the Clarkson clutches.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
I didn't know you drank in here.
I didn't until I started at Waterloo Road.
Right, well, you're just in time.
Mine's a pint, thanks.
- And Kim'll have a red wine? - Yes, please.
- You're a fast mover.
- Fingers crossed.
- So you can keep your hands off.
- Relax.
She's not my type.
- Is Helen OK? - Of course.
If you don't mind me saying so, you seem rather defensive of her.
She's an excellent graduate.
She'll be an excellent teacher, given half the chance.
Rachel, I'm not here to talk about Helen.
I'd like to know how you think today went.
- Not well, of course, but it is - It was a shambles.
And what do you think that was down to? - In part, it was down to - No, Rachel.
There is no part blame in this equation.
Are you partly in charge? Does part of the buck stop with you? No.
Bad management.
Today was a tram smash, and as head teacher, you are responsible.
Part of the reason for that disruption was you wading in and not allowing me to do my job.
I have informed the LEA that, based on what I've seen today, you are not capable of running this school alone.
I'll be basing myself here full time and have their support to do whatever I see necessary to clean up this mess.
- You're joking.
- I don't care what you think, Rachel.
I care about what's best for this school, and if you can't see that, then maybe we need to reassess your role here.
I'm not leaving you in charge.
No way.
Understand, I am in charge.
And I'll be sharing this office with you from now on.
So if you don't mind
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