Waterloo Road (2006) s05e02 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 2

- Weirdos.
- Murderers.
- Your mum's a freak.
- Murderers.
Your mum's a murderer.
Just ignore 'em.
(Laughter) Bet you don't feel so big about yourself now.
Hey, come here, sexy girl.
(Wolf-whistle) (Car horn) (Car horn) I hoped she'd gone for good.
Don't let her bug you, babes.
Euch! He must be blind, snogging that minger.
- You posh cows want another fight? - You make me wanna vom.
- She's just jealous of you.
- Talk about a waste of a fit boy.
- You can't fancy him.
- Why not? - Cos he's one of them.
- So? Serve them right if we got off with their boyfriends, wouldn't it? I think he needs rescuing.
Soon as.
- Lindsay.
- Go straight to class.
I think we should go to Dad's funeral.
Mum can't, so we should.
Look, just forget it, Em, yeah? See Hopeless Hopewell's back.
Just wish she'd get that Michaela White expelled for hitting her.
Yeah, well, maybe I should speak to her, give her a bit of a nudge.
Uh Ros, what do you think you're doing wearing that? Just going with the flow.
I tried to call you.
Are you OK? Waterloo Road rules, yeah? We'll see about that, yeah? You belong in prison with your murdering mum.
(Bell rings) We ain't wearing that uniform till we've got her kicked out.
Bring it on.
All systems go again? Just gotta wear this thing for another week.
Next time you're in a hurry, slide down the banisters.
I didn't fall, Max.
I was pushed, I told you.
I thought you were confused.
No, I'm sure of it now.
It was Michaela White.
You actually saw her push you down the stairs? I had my back turned, but I felt a push.
I know it was her, Max.
She hates me.
- Now, come on.
- Look, she hit me, didn't she? Then she came back to finish me off.
She'd been threatening she would.
That is why you've got to get her expelled.
Helen, look, if you really wanna make a go of things, you've got to stop surrounding yourself in all this drama.
So just keep your head down, stop trying to draw - Trust me.
- Helen.
- She's back in the saddle.
- Such a relief.
You gave us a shock.
My dad reckons I must be bionic.
Well, you're certainly very lucky, as is whoever was bullying you.
Honestly, I wasn't No-one else was Helen, you mustn't feel that it's your fault if you're being victimised.
I'm not.
It's just nonsense.
Helen will find her feet.
She has my firm backing.
- I just want to get back to work.
- We'll leave you to it.
Could we? I'd really value your opinion with this fundraising proposal.
Ideal project for my Youth Voluntary Action scheme.
- What? - Same thing as we had at John Foster's.
I've got Christopher setting out a stall for assembly.
Hang on.
So you're putting another new scheme in place without consulting me? I thought you'd be delighted, getting kids involved with the local community.
I just mind that it's been the first time I hear about it, Max, when you've already discussed it with Christopher.
It's you I'm consulting with about the detail.
Get back to me.
Right, the coffee revolution starts here.
Right, out with the instant and in with the organic Fairtrade 100 per cent Arabica.
- It's my gift to the staff room.
- Ah.
How generous.
I just can't function without a decent shot of coffee at regular intervals.
Excuse me.
Call me a pleb, but some of us actually prefer instant.
I'm here to educate your palate.
I know what I like, thank you.
You're a betting man, aren't you, Grantly? For the sport, then.
I bet you a tenner I can make you prefer proper coffee by the end of the day.
It just takes the ten tastes test.
- Hm.
You might as well pay me now.
- You're on.
You're all in one piece, then? - Just a bit of a sprain.
- That's deffo one of your lives gone.
As your union rep, I need to know if we have a case for compensation.
Were you the victim of a slippy floor or litter on the stairs? Honestly, it was no one's fault.
Just stupid me.
GRANTLY: On your own head be it.
Helen, are you sure there was nothing more to it? I'd say if there was, wouldn't I? I'll give her another month at the most.
Right, taste number one.
Well, come on, Grantly.
A bet's a bet.
On you go.
Oh, I'll just think of converting your ten-pound note into a bottle of Scotch.
- You can't be serious about him, Amy.
- Yeah.
He's cute.
- He's a total chav.
- He's a boxer.
And I can't wait to get in the ring with him.
I'm gonna knock him dead.
You don't want a fight with her, do you? We wanna show them who rules, don't we? Anyway, she should be expelled soon, now Hopewell's back.
- Why don't you wait till she is, then? - Oh, come on, Siobhan.
You don't wanna miss her face when he blows her out.
- Ooh! - Sorry, Kim.
- Are you all right? - Yes, yes.
Ah, now, what have we got here? Obviously someone's out to really bug me.
Student me and my college crush.
My tutor, Georgia.
We had a meaningful one weekend together.
I've been sent one of these every day for a week.
- What? - Yeah.
Stuck on the English department's notice board, in my pigeonhole, left on my desk.
What? And you've no idea who Who or why or how the hell they got hold of these.
I don't stick stuff up about myself on the internet.
- And that's your photo? - No.
I got rid of all my old girlfriends' photographs when I got married.
All I can do is try and catch whoever's leaving 'em.
See this in the local rag? Excellent PR.
Thank you.
Yeah, no mention of any bust-ups in the playground, no murder.
I know we've still got work to do to meld our schools in reality.
But that's where my Youth Voluntary Action scheme will play a big part.
Christopher mentioned this.
Sure this is gonna work with our kids? They're not known as great joiners.
I see I've still got a lot to prove to you, Kim.
Although I would just like to say again, I really appreciate your help gluing the management team together.
Come on.
He is so mine.
Yo, is she hitting on you? Begging for it, yeah? You have gotta help me get him on his own.
Entrez silencieusement et calmement.
And that means quietly and calmly, Sambuca Kelly.
Aprés vous, chére professeuse.
"To all heads of departments.
Re: Back to Setting hyphen Implementation.
- Subject: revised rosters.
" (Phone rings) Just a minute.
Eric, hi.
Yeah, you got my message? (Knocking) - Yes? You wanted to see us, miss? Lindsay um, yes.
Let's go outside.
No, I'm still here.
That's fine.
OK, take a seat.
I just wanted to find out how you're coping.
- Fine.
- Yeah? Your case worker says it's your dad's funeral today, but you're not going.
- None of our mum's family's going.
- I see.
How you do you feel about that? - Whatever.
- How about you, Em? How do you feel? You are allowed to go if you want to.
I want to go, but Lindsay won't take me.
Cos it's only gonna make you upset again.
I just wanna take him some flowers, to say goodbye properly.
Might be an idea to say goodbye.
I can take you there.
Will you, miss? What do you say, Lindsay, you know, to help your sister? OK, I'm gonna check with your case worker, see if it's all right.
- Are you Paul Langley? - Yeah.
Mr Mead was looking for you.
He said to wait outside the science lab.
- What for? - What have you done? - What have I done? - Don't know.
- You'd better go and check it out.
- I'll see you in a bit, yeah? - She's waiting for you in there.
- Who? Your new girlfriend.
In there? Hi, Bolton.
Here, what's going on? What you dream about, isn't it? Em.
Em, where's your jacket? Don't be leaving it round here.
Em? Em, where is it? You're not my mum.
Stop pretending that you are.
I just miss her.
Yeah, well, if it wasn't for him, our mum would still be here.
- And you wanna go to the funeral? - He was a nice dad to me.
They'll all be there, you know.
Dad's family.
They all hate Mum.
- They probably hate us as well.
- I only want to say goodbye.
Hey, I'll get you in the canteen.
We'll buy some flowers on the way.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Thanks, Lindsay.
Miss Hopewell! I'm really glad you're back.
You OK? Soon will be, thanks.
No worries.
We felt so terrible you got punched in that fight.
But you know who did it, don't you? You are gonna make sure she gets excluded? That's all behind us now, Lindsay.
I think everybody's learnt their lesson.
What, that Michaela White, miss? She's been boasting, says she's gonna scare you right out of this school.
Look, nobody's gonna scare me anywhere, OK? Amy? What's the matter? What happened? - He attacked me.
- Oh, my God.
That's really bad.
Lindsay, something really bad's happened to Amy.
What's going on? How did you find out she set me up? She wanted you out of the way so she could set me up.
- What, man? - The Amy girl, man.
Told you she was begging for it.
She was waiting for me in the toilets.
- What? - Yeah, man.
- You never? - Yeah, man.
- No way.
- All the way, man.
- No way, man.
- I swear.
Yo, you'd better watch out.
What are you bigging yourself up about? Nothing.
It's just Paul, innit? Gotta big him up cos he's a midget, innit? Little guy, just like you, a midget.
Bolton Smilie did this to you? He's a pig.
I hate him.
That's attempted rape, that's what this is.
- You get me? - Yeah? But it it wasn't, was it? No, it was, if Amy says it was, right? Yeah, right.
We are so not letting him get away with this.
You know, Max, this is all very well.
I just think we need to focus on, you know, on building school morale first.
Are they mutually exclusive, morale building and fundraising? Not in my experience.
Right, but what about my experience here? We haven't even got all the kids wearing the same uniform.
How's it gonna help offering them another badge, especially when it's loaded with John Foster connections? Rachel, hi.
We've got a situation going on.
Year 10 pupil, Amy Porter, is claiming she was sexually assaulted in the girls' toilets this break time by a Year 12 pupil, Bolton Smilie.
- What? - I don't know all the details yet.
- Just thought I'd better let you know.
- Where's Amy now? She's in my office.
She doesn't want to see the nurse.
I've said I'm gonna try and contact her parents.
We need to get this boy in for a grilling.
Joyce, sixth former, Bolton Smilie, can you locate which class he's in? I can't believe this of Bolton, can you, Kim? I don't know what to think yet, but we might have to call the police.
Don't take sides until we get the facts.
Actually, I know a lot of facts about Bolton, Max.
The worst he's been guilty of is low-level disruption.
He's never been violent.
His mum's done a great job with - Oh.
- We're gonna have to let her know.
Um it's Candice Smilie.
She runs the school canteen.
She's gonna be devastated.
There's no need to disrupt the school yet.
First we'll interview the boy and girl separately.
I'll fetch Bolton and I'll sit in with you.
Get a full statement off Amy Porter.
I think that you should let Kim and I conduct the interviews.
- What? - You've got a school to run.
Plus taking the James sisters to the funeral.
But that's not till lunchtime.
We have no idea how long this is gonna take, have we? Yeah, fine.
I'II I'll go and get Bolton.
- Where did you say he was? - He's in the science lab.
So animal and vegetable fats and oils are just big complicated esters Sorry to interrupt.
Mr Tyler needs to see one of your pupils.
- Yeah.
- Bolton, can you come with me, please? - Why, what have I done? - Just go with Ms Campbell, please.
I know what he's done and I'll tell you why.
CHRIS: two main parts.
- What's this about, miss? - What, you don't know? No.
I hope not or there's gonna be a lot of people seriously disappointed in you.
OK, as soon as you can, please.
Thank you.
Wait in there, Smilie.
Kim, Amy's parents are both at a conference in London.
I've left a message via their office.
You should get back with Amy and we'll do these interviews at the same time.
Are you sure? We shouldn't leave her on her own for too long.
Someone gonna tell me what I'm here for? There's been an alleged assault against a girl pupil during break this morning.
- Amy Porter.
- Assault? Says you tried to rape her in the girls' toilets.
She what? This is your chance to tell me what happened.
Take a seat.
(Door opens) Sorry it's taken me so long.
Are you OK? Did you call my parents? Yeah, we did, but they're in London, so we've had to leave a message with them.
Do you feel ready to tell me what happened yet? What I said.
That boy, Bolton Smilie, tried to rape me in the toilets.
OK, I am gonna have to ask you to go over everything.
Are you all right with that? OK.
Why don't we start at the beginning? How did you first find yourself in the toilet with him? How did that happen? I did a really stupid thing, miss.
Were you in the girls' toilets with her during break? Simple question.
Were you there with her or not? No.
- Yeah.
- Yes or no? - Well, yeah, but - Just yes or no? - Yeah, but no way, man.
- So that's a yes.
I never assaulted her, man.
She was the one that assaulted me.
I know he'll deny it, miss.
He said nobody would ever believe me.
Amy, I'm gonna have to ask you to be more explicit you know, about what he did to you that you didn't want him to.
When he started rubbing himself up against me She assaulted you exactly, how? Come on.
You're claiming you're the victim here.
You tell me what she did to you that you didn't want her to.
Well, like, you know, she was on me like a vampire, man.
He said he was going to teach us John Foster's girls who was boss.
She said us Waterloo boys had gotta go out with them John Foster's girls.
I told him to get off me.
I said, "I've got a girlfriend.
" - He was like an animal.
- She was wild, man.
- I was really scared, miss.
- I was freaked, innit? Did you try and call for help? He had his hand over my mouth.
I tried to push him off, but he bashed my face against the wall.
I just wanted to get her off me and get out of there.
No one came into the toilets the whole time? No, they'd put this out-of-order sign on the door, like her and her mate had planned it all.
- Ask Paul Langley.
He'll back me up.
- Yeah, cos he's your mate, isn't he? Man, this is completely stupid.
D'you think I'm some ugly-face loser? I can pull who I want.
I've got girls begging to go out with me.
I ain't gotta force nobody.
Me? Imagine! - Sit down.
- This is worse than saying I'm gay! Sit down.
You ignorant, arrogant moron.
You're exactly the type who thinks he can get away with it.
- No, you've got me wrong, man.
- I don't think so.
I want a full confession, Smilie.
You can write it for me in the cooler.
Come on.
KIM: Mr Tyler.
Miss, you don't have to believe that girl.
She's just lying.
- There's no way I'm a rapist.
- Move your legs, Smilie.
If you're innocent, you've got nothing to worry about.
Just tell the truth.
He don't believe me, else why's he sending me to the cooler? - We need to know what happened.
- So why's it just me and not her? Guilty till proven innocent, innit? (Humming) Oi! What are you doing, creeping up on me? Maybe I should ask you the same question.
About what happened to me on the stairs.
- You fell.
- Wouldn't you have loved to push me? - I never pushed you.
- You hit me in the playground, didn't you? Everyone knows you've got it in for me.
You should just be very grateful I've told Mr Tyler it was an accident, because I can always change my mind if my memory comes back to me.
What are you saying? I am saying that that just better be the end of it, all right? And that includes mucking about in my class.
You'd better tell everyone to stop that as well.
All we've got is a case of he said/she said.
That boy thinks it's his natural right to take what he wants.
He might regret it, but only because he didn't get away with it.
We can't prejudge him just for attitude.
What if she's the liar? - Thought you were a committed feminist.
- Yeah, I am.
So I assumed you'd be firmly on the female side.
It's a bit primitive to think feminists regard all men as rapists, innit? I didn't think you'd be an advocate for the defence, but - Hang on.
What do you mean? - I don't mean anything.
I'm supposed to take responsibility for the pathetic rape conviction rate? - That's not what I said.
- Get the guy, no matter what? That's not what I'm saying.
It's men who have got the power to stop more rapists getting away with it.
They would do if they were the victims.
It will soon be out of our hands.
If Amy's parents want to call the police, that's what they'll do.
A male pupil once sexually intimidated me, right? Then he switched it all round and made out I'd seduced him.
I got suspended, I went to a tribunal.
He made my life hell.
I was guilty until proven innocent.
Kim, I'm sorry.
Are you saying you'd rather not be involved? No, I'm not saying that.
I'm saying that I want to find out who's lying, fast.
Bolton wouldn't rape anybody.
Bolton wouldn't do that.
Like I'd be going out with a sicko.
We've just seen Mr Tyler take him into the cooler.
He must've done something, Michaela.
He's been framed.
It's John Foster's versus Waterloo Road.
If they can't get me, they'll get Bolton.
You don't believe me.
See this? That's what that stupid Helen teacher thinks I sent her, like we've really got it in for her.
- Look, they're setting us up.
- No way.
Do you reckon? I am gonna rip that Amy Porter's tongue out.
You lying little cow! Whatever you've said against Bolton, you're gonna unsay it right now in writing.
No, you're not going anywhere, not till you start telling the truth! I'm not lying.
As if my Bolton would ever fancy a snotty little cow like you.
Are you totally stupid? Do you really think he's only interested in you? He was snogging my face off.
I could feel how hot he was for me.
He just got mad cos I didn't wanna go all the way! Michaela, this has gotta be a mistake.
No way Bolton would have done this.
Really? I saw him bigging himself up about it at break.
Well, not like that.
Well, he wouldn't make out he was gagging for it, would he? Kim, what's all this stuff about Bolton Smilie? There's an investigation into an incident.
We don't know anything for sure yet.
- Well, I'm not teaching any rapists.
- I thought the girls were bad enough.
Eh, isn't it one of your lot whose mother's being done for murder? This morning in the toilet.
She's got a massive bruise on her face.
So just make sure you stay away from Bolton.
Didn't think you'd tell the whole school.
- Serves him right.
- It was half Amy's fault.
Oh, too bad, Siobhan.
Now just shut up.
Rapists never get done for it, anyway.
(Text alert) (Text alert) (Text alert) Candice, we've gotta keep this to the verbal, OK? - I'll give him verbal.
Just watch me.
- Hey! - Right, you! - What? - Shut up and sit down.
- What've you got my mum involved for? Sit down! Do you mind if we just leave Bolton with his mum just to have a little chat? Bolton, I've had to get your mum involved because legally you're still a child, all right? - And if that's a Hand it over.
- No, I need to call Michaela.
Give it me now.
Thank you.
Right, I want the truth about what's been going on, and I mean the whole truth! "Till we meet again, dearest son.
All our love from Mum and Dad.
" I'm gonna put mine next to theirs.
Did he hit you as well, Lindsay? He's dead now.
What does it matter? Well, it does matter because you and your sister are left with a lot of stuff that you need to sort out, and it's part of my job to make sure that I help you to try and do that.
And all those bad feelings, you don't take them out on someone else, that's what I'm worried about for you, Lindsay.
I just hope that our mum gets let out soon.
Are you two OK, huh? That was the right thing to do, you know.
If you need anyone to talk to at all, you come straight to me.
- What you doing? - I got into trouble with Mr Tyler.
- OK, you need to go to your class now.
- But Mr Tyler said I don't care.
I will speak to Mr Tyler.
Go on.
Go in now.
Good boy.
- Just tell me the truth.
- Mum, I'm not lying to you! - Why don't you believe me? - Miss, can I have a word? Yeah, course you can, Paul.
What is it? I don't think it's Bolton's fault why he lost it.
I saw that girl coming on to him.
Then she were waiting for him in the toilets.
Then she got her friend to pretend that Mr Mead was looking for me, when really she just wanted to get me out of the way.
So I think she wanted this.
I know Bolton shouldn't have been bragging about it, yeah, but Hang on.
What, Bolton bragged about having sex with Amy? Well No, it was more So you tell me how a six-foot lad can get assaulted by somebody that comes up to there! Eh? What did she do? Nail your feet to the floor? No, cos she didn't assault you, did she? Tell me the truth! All right, so I snogged her, but that's all I did.
I didn't even want to do it.
She made me.
But that's it, Mum, I swear.
That's all I did.
Right, and five minutes ago, you said nothing happened, so you're a liar! Why is this happening to me? I just want it to stop! Bolton, calm down.
I didn't even do anything.
Why won't no-one believe me? Like I believed your dad when he said he'd never thump me again? Candice, Candice, come on.
We'll have to call the police, Bolton.
Bolton! Bolton! CANDICE: Bolton! Bolton! - (Bell rings) - Right! Up and at 'em! Blimey.
It's not the end-of-the-day bell, Grantly.
How many shots has he had now? I've got him up to five, and the last one was a double.
He claims he still hates the taste, but I hope he likes the effect.
I just hope it likes him.
Look out.
Teacher coming through.
(Whistles) Max? Have you seen Bolton, Max? - Smilie, open this door! - Go away.
This is between me and her.
Leave this to me.
Oh, Candice, can you hold her off? Please, please.
Leave this to me.
- Are you sure? - Honest, it's fine.
Leave it to me.
Bolton? Bolton, it's just me here now.
Miss Campbell.
Look, I need I need you to just calm down, all right? - I need you to talk to me.
- I'm talking to her! - See how much trouble you've got me in? - Don't hurt me.
Bolton, you have got to let Amy out! - You gonna tell them you lied? - Please.
You're just gonna make things worse.
- I ain't letting her out till she fesses up! Tell her.
- Help! Look, the police are already on their way, Bolton.
Candice, we will sort it out, trust me.
I'll keep you posted.
I'm sorry.
This is a total disaster.
I would have never have had this happen at John Foster's.
You can't tolerate low-level disruption, Rachel.
You have to stamp it out.
By humiliating and bullying punishments? God help our kids if you think that's the answer.
- Excuse me? - Denzil Kelly.
On his hands and knees scrubbing the playground.
- I sent him to his class.
- You countermanded me? Yes, I did.
Sue me.
(Siren wails) D'you want me to get locked up for something I didn't even do? Tell her I'm not a rapist! I can't.
Bolton! Look, if you take me to court, you've gotta come as well.
You've gotta say in front of all those people, hand on a Bible, tell all these people, tell a judge, all these lies you made up about me.
Do you really want that? What the hell do you think you're doing? Amy? Are you all right, Amy? I just wanted to get back at him cos he didn't wanna go out with me.
So you accused him of raping you? I was angry.
He called me a slag and I'm not a slag.
You're a vicious little liar, though, innit? - Bolton.
- Ask her how she hurt her face.
Cos that wasn't me either.
Well? I hit it on the door, when I was trying to stop him getting out.
Have you got any idea how serious this could have been for him? - Would've sent me to prison, man.
- I never meant to do that.
So what did you think was gonna happen when you start making those kind of accusations? I don't know.
D'you know what? It's because of a few stupid girls like you that lie that there's women and girls out there who do get raped and that don't get believed! - I'm sorry.
- It's not bloody good enough! D'you know what? I'm gonna get you some stuff to read about rape, about how it damages women's lives, and I want you to write me an essay on it.
Then you might see just how selfish and stupid you've been.
Well, it's OK now, miss.
There's no need to go ape, is there? You do that, Amy, or you're excluded.
This way, please, quickly.
He's got her locked in an office.
- Amy, are you all right? - She's completely unharmed.
- Where's Smilie? - I let him go.
What? He's not guilty of anything, apart from stupidity.
Who assaulted her, then? Some other boy? It turns out nobody assaulted Amy, did they? No, miss.
I don't understand.
- Amy? - I'm sorry for wasting all your time.
Let's go and collect your things.
I'm really sorry you were called out.
It was a complete misunderstanding.
It was a boy/girl tiff that just blew out of control.
She was lying.
So she was all alone in the toilets and suddenly all she heard was this bang.
It was the door.
She turned round and she saw him stood there What are you lot doing in this class? You're supposed to be in mine.
We told Mrs Fry you'd just left us to it, and she said we could come here.
Did she, now? And where is Mrs Fry? - Mr Budgen.
- Ah.
So you've finally remembered you have a class to teach? I had to escort these terrified girls to the lavatory because you left them to the mercy of Bolton Smilie.
- Where on earth have you been? - May I speak with you in private? Try and stay calm, girls.
Yes, until I march the lot of you off to the cooler.
I don't know what's behind all this sensationalist talk about Bolton Smilie, but I do know that the cause of my absence was you deliberately giving me a dose of the trots to undermine my authority.
Well, I The coffee.
Oh! Kim.
- Thank you.
- Oh, God, no, it's fine.
Just glad that we got to the truth before the cops got stuck in.
Well, I'm especially grateful to you for that.
What a day, eh? Yes, uh I could really do with a drink.
I know.
Oh, Tom.
Yeah, I need to catch up with him.
Yes, yes, I need to make my peace with Rachel.
- Tom.
- Hiya, Kim.
Total blank trying to track down Georgia.
I might have found out who's been putting up your pictures.
Who? I had girls asking me to accompany them to the toilet, they were that scared.
I know.
I've had total bedlam all day.
I don't know how anyone can teach in this place.
May we be so bold as to ask what the hell is going on? Yes, you may, Grantly.
Can I have everyone's attention, please? Thank you.
You all probably know that there was an incident of sexual assault reported this morning.
It turns out that it was just a malicious rumour that got out of hand and Bolton Smilie is completely innocent.
RACHEL: I'm gonna make that very clear in assembly tomorrow.
We're really sorry if you've had to deal with disruptions in your classes, but appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken.
Meaning what? Well, it was a victory for common sense and Waterloo Road, so I thank you all for your patience and professionalism.
Now I hope we can close the subject off and move on.
Have a good evening.
Otherwise everything OK with you today, Helen? Yeah, totally.
No worries.
Um Make of that what you will.
I'm sorry I don't speak management jargon.
Isn't it time you had another shot, Grantly? One for the road? If you think I'm touching another drop of that bowel-churning You owe me a tenner.
Think yourself lucky I don't report you to the Health and Safety.
(Laughs) Oh, Amy confessed.
She fessed up? How d'you know? - She texted me.
- Oh, my God.
Well, what did she say? She didn't dob any of us in for it.
She just said it was all her own idea.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You see? That is true loyalty to us, yeah? Bolton.
I can't tell you no more details, man.
I'm just saying I'm glad you're in the clear.
I thought they were coming for me next.
BOLTON: Look at them still giving me evils, man.
Mud sticks, innit? Don't worry about it, mate.
How's you and Michaela? Bolton! I'll see you tomorrow, mate, yeah? - I feel so bad.
- How's that? MICHAELA: I knew it.
I should've trusted you.
I knew Lindsay set it all up, so John Foster's could get one over on me.
I'm gonna sort her out.
- Oi! - Michaela, man, leave it out.
- I can't take no more trouble.
- I can't just leave it, Bolton.
All of this has happened cos you got involved in this stupid girl gang crap.
Shouting oi to me, Michaela? What do you want, a punch in the face? - No, I don't.
- You sure about that? - Yes.
- Yeah? Yes, she is.
Me and you's over.
Oi, you, Josh! Wait there.
I think you've got some explaining to do, haven't you? Why have you been sending me these? Hmm? Well? I know it was you.
They're my mum's.
Your mum's? What would your mum be doing with old pictures of me? - That's my mum, Georgia.
- She's your mum? You get it now? Yeah? You're my real dad, aren't you? Mum? Did Miss Campbell tell you what that girl told her? Your favourite.
And I'm making steak and chips when you get home.
Why? Because I'm sorry I said you were like your rotten dad.
Cos you're not, are you? Well, I hope you're making my favourite afters and all, yeah? Join me? Yeah, all right.
Rachel's already left.
I'll have to wait to offer my hand of friendship.
Well, for my next project, I was thinking about making a peace garden.
Maybe you and her can have your meetings there.
A peace garden, is that, what, a sort of sanctuary with a big CND sign made out of flowers? Luckily I'm joking, but I seem to remember you being as sceptical about my hand project until it got you all that brilliant publicity.
I was never sceptical about you, Kim.
That's complete slander.
I think you switch from day to day.
Last week you were dead against staff having drinks after work.
I was only against you not having one with me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Kim Rachel, I thought you'd left.
Um would you like to join us for a drink? As in, thank God today's over.
No, thanks.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I wanted to say, about the YVA scheme, you're right, it's too soon.
Uh we had another run-in today I didn't tell you about.
Rachel objected to me putting a Year 10 boy on gum-scrubbing duty.
Gum-scrubbing duty? Well, what's that about? I sent him to scrub the playground with a bucket and brush.
Well, I hope you're joking.
Otherwise I'm with Rachel all the way.
As I'd expect you to be.
You think I'm one step away from caning these kids, don't you? I'm just using what worked on me myself, an out-of-control 12-year-old boy.
Shall I, um Shall I tell you what my next next project is? Would you like to go for something to eat? You know, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself after today.
You should be.
I had um quite a battle with myself today.
Cos, well, part of me wanted to believe that Bolton was lying, so that I could come down on him like a ton of bricks.
- You were so fair on him.
- Yeah.
I had to make myself, though.
Didn't Didn't really believe what I was saying.
(Sighs) Quite complicated, aren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm a minefield, I am.
Kim, I think you're absolutely the most fantastic woman I've ever met.
Do you want to finish the evening with another drink? I would like another drink, yes.
But I don't I don't necessarily wanna finish the evening.
Do you wanna come back to my place?
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