Waterloo Road (2006) s05e04 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 4

- Hey, shall I call for you? - No, I'll see you at school.
Got your garden thingy sorted? Uh, it's a joint English/art project.
Cross-curricula co-operation.
Um, Luke Pendle.
His care-home manager's been on.
He didn't get in till six this morning.
She's threatening to call the police if he breaks another curfew.
I'll have a word with the home.
Since when did exec heads get involved in pastoral issues? Luke Pendle's one of our brightest kids.
And so you're best to deal with him because? OK, OK, you deal with him, but keep me informed.
As soon as he steps out of line, I want to know about it.
This'll sort out Pendle.
Start of the Tyler revolution.
Has Rachel seen this? No, but I'm counting on you to bring her on board.
(Text alert) Excuse me.
Chillout zone comes to Waterloo Road, eh? - The Waterloo Road Garden Project.
- Like the Blue Peter garden.
We don't want people burying their dogs in it.
Think you might find it was a tortoise.
- See you later.
- See you in a bit.
So what do you think Miss Mason's gonna do? - Karla's back today.
- Mason's said nothing to me.
Everyone's saying it were you.
Just tell Miss Mason you lost it, you were upset about your mum.
I don't need your advice, Ros.
Come on.
- You OK, Karla? - Yeah, she's fine.
Don't worry.
Lindsay's not gonna get away with this.
I want the set changes implemented as soon as possible.
Look, all the top-set kids will be JF pupils.
I thought we were trying to create peace, love and harmony.
I believe in meritocracy in and out of the classroom.
In time, standards will rise for all our young people.
Take Luke Pendle, an extremely able pupil, he's displaying all the signs of succumbing to peer pressure.
He needs challenge.
He needs to be taught by the best teachers.
- Just who are the best teachers? - Exactly.
- I'll decide that.
- Huh! I want to hit the ground running with this.
This school is coasting, ladies and gentlemen.
Are you forgetting that we created a sixth form, completely transformed the curriculum? I'm not forgetting that, Tom, no.
But take your department.
High turnover of staff.
Attainment well below that of other schools with a similar intake.
Are you telling me you're happy with that? I want every teacher's future plans on my desk within a week.
We're implementing sets.
Get used to it.
I had no idea about any of this.
- Light the blue touch paper.
- You're not kidding.
Keep your ears to the ground, see how it goes.
- It's a bit cloak and dagger, isn't it? - Black art of leadership, Chris.
I thought leadership was all about communication and teamwork.
Leaders need to be unreasonable.
It inspires people.
Progress depends on it.
Get back to me, yeah? Max.
Max! It's nice to be consulted.
Communication, teamwork to the fore there? I just felt we needed to move things along a bit.
I wasn't trying to freeze you out.
You've just managed to freeze out about half the staff room.
The lazy and the cynical ones.
I can live with that.
You are bringing independent-school ideas to a state comprehensive.
We don't do things like that here, Max.
I gathered that.
Grantly Budgen is gonna be on the phone to his union right now.
And if we don't support it, how are you gonna push it through? I've got the support of the governors.
Things are going to change, ladies, simple as that.
So I see.
Max am I still head teacher? Oh, that? It's just so people know where to find me.
Good way to show how united we all are.
Like I say, it's nice to be consulted.
I've got a really good feeling about these changes, Rachel.
How am I supposed to work with that? - It's not even up to school.
- That's not what Miss Campbell said.
I could've had the police round here last night.
Siobhan, what are you doing here? So this is where you live? Was that your mum? - No.
- Luke, what's wrong? There's nothing's wrong.
I live here, all right? I'm in care.
That was Debbie.
She's a manager, kind of like my guardian.
- Where's your mum and dad? - Just leave it, yeah? - I wanna know what's going on.
- What's to know? I live in a care home.
My mum couldn't look after me, and my dad, I don't even know where he is.
You said he worked on the oil rigs.
Why didn't you tell me this? I don't have to tell anyone where I live! A proper home like those hostels they put paedos in? No.
It's for kids who don't have a mum or a dad.
The lying little He's like one of them now.
SIOBHAN: Yeah, all right, Amy.
It's not that big a deal.
He's a scuzzer.
Amy, you won't tell anyone, will you? Please.
- Shuv, you're well rid.
- I haven't finished with him.
Who does Tyler think he is, deciding on who can teach the top sets? Grantly, I thought you approved of Max's autocratic approach.
Yeah, for them out there, but he can't do this to us.
I can't believe he's put up with mixed ability this long.
How can you teach an A-star pupil in the same room as someone who can barely write their own name? - Spot checks? - Eh? On us, to see which sets we get.
No, no, that is intimidation.
What about trusting your teachers? All this is saying is, "You lot are crap.
" Max Tyler doesn't suffer fools, incompetents or lazy sods, Tom, and I reckon half of this lot won't be here in six months.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You all right? OK, everyone.
Welcome to the foreign languages refresher course.
This way, please.
Well, beats teaching, I suppose.
- Steph? Steph Haydock? - Yeah.
Sheila McKechnie.
I'm a friend of Jo Lipsett's.
Glad you could make it.
- Hi.
- You looking forward to it? - Oh, can't wait.
- Jo said you were a kidder.
I can see I shall have to keep my eye on you.
- What do you mean? - Stay clear of the wine at lunch.
(Groaning) BO Y: A test? Miss, you never said we've got a test.
It's the same for everyone, Denzil, orders from Mr Tyler.
Just try your best, OK? My mum says just read the questions carefully.
I'm thick.
I'm never gonna be in the same set as you.
Listen, this test is to help us find you the right set, the one that works best for you.
It's not about finding out who's thick or who's a swot, OK? You can start now.
Sit down, Lindsay.
Well, I'm hoping that we can sort this out.
- Karla, it's all right.
- I never did anything to her.
- She's lying if she says I did.
- We're here to solve a problem.
I never touched her.
You did.
You held me down and said that if I ever make your little sister cry again, you'd kill me.
And then you wrote on my head.
I'm not a freak.
Emily, your sister, was there.
She saw everything.
I don't think Karla's making that up, Lindsay, because she's been too scared to come into school.
Now, I can go and get Em and put her through the ordeal of lying for you, but I think it's time to tell the truth, don't you? Hmm? I've been in touch with Karla's mum.
She wants my guarantee that nothing like this is gonna happen again.
So can I give her that assurance? Is that an admission, Lindsay? Yes, miss.
Sorry, Karla.
Well, it does take guts to own up, doesn't it? But I am still gonna have to think up an appropriate punishment.
- Are you gonna chuck me out? - I don't give up on people, Lindsay.
However hard they push me.
Hmm? How do you feel, Karla? Uh I don't want any more trouble.
I just want everyone to get on.
It goes without saying that all this can't be achieved without an outstanding subject knowledge, which I'm sure you all have.
As a matter of interest, how many of you feel confidently able to teach three languages? Two? One? OK.
Recognise this? It's a very common sight in MFL classrooms, I can tell you.
Death by vocab.
Grantly, it is the entitlement of a head teacher to introduce structural changes.
So it was your decision? No.
No, Max decided that Well, he Grantly, I can't discuss this.
Oh, look, just who the hell is in charge here, you or him? Hmm? Oh, my area rep has just assured me of his full support.
For what? I intend to request permission to ballot my membership with a view to possible industrial action.
- Industrial action? - Mm-hm.
We can close this place down in five minutes.
Will do if he so much as sets one foot across any of my members' classrooms.
Course she's gutted.
How would you like to be going out with the Artful Dodger? Shut up.
Just cos he's in care doesn't mean he's a skank.
Well, you'd know what a skank looks like.
Don't start.
I can't believe you told everyone.
I thought you were my mate.
I am.
The more people know it was a surprise to you, the less of a chavette you look.
It's all right, Luke.
My mum were a mess as well.
- So you told everyone? - I told Amy.
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't worry about having only one language.
I was the same when I started.
Just flag it up at your performance review and you're away.
We're desperate for Hispanists.
- Spanish specialists.
- Yeah, yeah.
I know what they are.
Right, well, I'll take it up with my line manager.
Oh, you'll enjoy this next session.
That's our native French speaker.
She'll be putting us all through our paces.
It's months since I was in France.
Comment allez-vous? Comment ça a été votre voyage? Merci beaucoup d'être venue.
Steph? Just nipping to the loo.
Two minutes.
Good to see the kids outside, getting stuck in.
Yeah, it's really good when people work together, in't it? Have you apologised to Rachel yet? I like to get things done.
Sometimes that shocks people.
She'll come round.
No, Max, you've just undermined her in front of the whole staff room, never mind putting me in an impossible situation.
- Kim - No, I didn't appreciate it.
Luke, I'm dead sorry.
I just needed someone to talk to.
So what did you say? Did you tell her that it didn't make a difference and it doesn't change how you feel about me? No, but it doesn't.
You're having a go at me like I was the one taking the mick out of you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I miss the part where you told her to shut up? Or were you just about to tell that spiteful, stuck-up little cow to keep her nose out? Probably for the best.
You don't think Siobhan's mum and dad would let her go out with someone like you? - Luke! AMY: Why did you do that? - He's wrecked my work.
- Cooler.
Now! That took me ages.
Plan B? Just give him time to calm down, all right? Maybe he might respond to me.
Male role model and all that.
Right, Tyler walks into any lesson uninvited and we walk out, simple as.
Why should a head teacher not have the right to check what's being taught in his school? His school? You're all the same, you lot.
Like a bunch of nodding dogs.
Yes, Max.
No, Max.
Three bags flaming full, Max.
He says he wants outstanding teachers.
- Just vacuous enthusiasm.
- (Phone rings) It's easy to be enthusiastic when you've got a bunch of bright kids.
Oh, hi, Sheila.
No, she hasn't contacted me.
What time did she leave? Really? OK.
No, no, there's not a problem.
No, honestly, I'm really glad that you called me.
OK, thank you.
- Are you all right? - Uh Yeah, I've just got to check on something.
See you later.
Mason's letting her off.
- What? - No way.
If we'd done that to Karla, Mason'd have us arse first out of here.
So if Mason isn't gonna do it, we'll do it for her.
Lindsay James needs to learn if she goes against one of us, she gets it back, But we'll get done if we do owl in school.
So we don't do it in school.
We wait till she's on her way home.
I can't wait to wipe that smirk off her face.
Right, I'll see you later, and don't say a word.
Come on, Sam.
The situation is quite straightforward.
You do something wrong and there are consequences to that action, yes? - Sir, I didn't mean - I'm talking, you're listening! That's more like it.
I say it, you do it.
Look behind you.
I'm going to give you three simple tasks, starting with a spot of litter-picking.
You can start in the canteen, then make your way outside.
- You forgot the bib.
- I don't need a bib.
It's non-negotiable, Luke.
I'll be down to check on you shortly.
(Music on radio) (Doorbell rings) - Hello, Steph.
- Jo.
- How - Did I know you'd be here? Wild guess.
Come in.
Funnily enough, I was just about to ring you.
I had to, um I had to leave the course because I wasn't well.
I've been sick three times.
- Something smells really good.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm just cooking something to settle me stomach.
Do you wanna cut the crap, Steph? You walked out.
Sheila called me.
I can't actually believe you.
After everything that happened last week.
- It was a waste of flamin' time.
- (Sighs) That Sheila McKillabody woman, whatever you call her, she doesn't have a clue.
Well, that Sheila McKechnie was the head of her department and AST by the time she was 24, Steph.
You know, if Max Tyler had his way, you'd be out of a job, and if he finds out about this, you really will be.
I couldn't face it.
All those geeky, swotty types, it's just not me.
It's gonna have to be, cos I'm not having a female Grantly Budgen in my department, no way.
Do you want a glass of wine? Cup of tea? I'll make you a cup of tea.
No, because you're not stopping.
Go get changed.
I'll tell Sheila you're on the way.
Go on.
Miss, I've gotta take any rubbish round to recycling.
Yeah, OK.
Um There's some over there.
What is he playing at? GIRL: Ugh! Look at the state of that.
CHRIS: Yes, all right, thank you.
- Showing him who's boss, I guess.
- Humiliating him, more like.
- Can you give us five minutes? - Yeah, no problem.
Look, maybe I can tell Miss Campbell that Amy wound you up.
I don't care what Campbell thinks of me.
You're the one that didn't tell anyone.
Why are you angry at me when you're embarrassed? No, I'm not.
So that's why you lied to me for six months? Making up stories about why I couldn't come round.
Making me feel like maybe I wasn't good enough.
You're full of crap.
Blaming me is just easier than admitting you're well ashamed of that home.
- Waster.
BO Y: State of you, Pendle.
GIRLS: Skank boy.
BO Y: Loser! That's really good work.
Well done.
Well done.
- Steph! - Hi, Sheila.
Um Sorry for disappearing like that.
Oh, not a problem.
Any bargains to be had on the shopping channel? (Laughter) Do you know that half of all children in care leave school with no GCSEs? Are you going to be like that, Luke? Or are you gonna be part of the 40%/° of prisoners who have spent time in care? It's your decision.
You've missed a bit.
- Water needs changing.
- What? - Come on, move it.
- I'm doing it.
- Yeah, not quick enough.
- I said I'm doing it.
Don't you ever speak to me like that again.
Now get it changed.
Oi! Luke! Get back here! Luke! GRANTLY: "To Mr Max Tyler.
We, the undersigned, protest in the strongest possible terms after consultation with our" Walk, boy.
"professional organisations.
" TOM: Can somebody pass me the hammer? Thanks.
It must be hard living in care.
Have you tried asking him about it? I tried.
He thinks I'm embarrassed of him.
Well, try again.
Just make sure she's not listening in.
Right, everyone, let's get everything done now.
We want to get finished up.
Do you want to grab a sandwich and meet me in my room? Nah, I had something at break.
Was it that much of a shock to you, finding out about me? Bet that's really messed things up for you.
It was a shock, yeah.
You must've known I'd find you one day.
Well, no, I didn't.
The first I knew about you was three weeks ago.
- Yeah, right.
- It's the truth.
I'm sure your mum had her reasons for not telling you, but I didn't even know she was pregnant.
So what you saying? My mum's been lying to me for, like, all my life? - I'm telling you the truth.
- Yeah, your truth.
You run away from the truth.
That's why you walked off from Mum the other day and why you haven't had the guts to speak to me till today.
Look, Josh, I just didn't want to be the one to tell you.
- It's up to you whether you believe me.
- Yeah, well, I don't.
I thought it'd be mint having a dad, but you're just full of crap.
Just leave me alone, yeah? Well, he could be anywhere.
I'd better let Kim know.
So much for executive control.
That's That's my car.
That's my car! Out the way! This is my life.
Do you wanna see it? Everyone can find out about me now! Is this what you want? Read it! GIRL: Go on, hurry up! Look out! Do you wanna know about me? - Get back inside! - Get back! Get back! - Luke! Stop the car! - Is this what you want? Stop the car! Dear God.
It's like the Wild West.
- Come on, then! - Oi! Stop the car! Oi! Luke's case files.
How the hell Come on! Luke, come on! RACHEL: You all right, Max? Get back! Everybody stay where you are! - What the hell - Luke! Luke! Miss! - Stop, Luke! Stop! - Kim! Are you stupid? You could have killed someone! Come here! You! I'm gonna make sure they lock you up and throw away the key.
- I don't care what you do to me.
- Max, leave him alone.
Let go of him.
CHRIS: OK, everyone, back inside, please.
Girls, inside, I said.
As MFL teachers, we all know how difficult it is to motivate boys.
- Like teaching turtles how to run.
- (Laughter) Absolutely.
But what's the one thing they respond to? Well, it's not forming reflexive verbs.
I agree, Steph, but we've got to teach them.
The question is, can we do it in an exciting way? But are we here to teach them or to entertain them? Be good if we could do both.
I've only known boys respond to two things, and I'm sorry, boys, but that's sex and football.
Or in fact any game that involves winning.
Spot on, Steph.
Boys are very competitive.
You are absolutely right.
It's why they do better in maths and science.
These are in your games packs.
Enough to keep them going for weeks in here.
Takes their minds off the other thing as well.
Another nail in the coffin.
Why the hell I ever came here, I don't know.
Why Max ever came here.
Yes, I think we've all seen the chaos that will rain down if he gets his way.
You're wasting your time, Grantly, my love.
Max Tyler bends to no man.
Believe me, I know.
I've known him for 10 years.
I think you'll find that your friend Max is facing a far less servile collective than the one he was used to in the private sector.
You're gonna have Foster's kids on one side and Waterloo Road on the other.
If you've got kids of your own, don't you want the best for them? You want them to be in the top flight.
What I do know is Max's plans will be a kick in the teeth to the likes of Denzil Kelly.
The top set's great if you're in it, but what does it do for the self-esteem of the others? We should focus our resources on all of the kids, irrespective of their abilities.
- Mmm.
- Well, I'm surprised at you, Jo.
I didn't think you'd be siding with Scargill here.
I'm on the side of what's best for the kids, Ruby.
Oh, absolutely.
It is It's they who are important here.
Dead right, Grantly.
- Think about what you're doing, Jo.
- She's a big girl.
A majority.
And now all we need is a delegation.
Here we go.
I think that's most of them.
Chris Look, can you take Luke out for a second, please? - Come on.
MAX: Stay with him.
I'm calling the police.
Max, hang on.
Just calm down.
Nobody got hurt.
- You forgetting he nearly killed you? - Please, please, for me.
All right? Let's just deal with this on our own.
He doesn't need any more discipline.
He just needs a little bit of TLC.
- (Dials number) - Max.
This is Max Tyler, Waterloo Road executive head.
I'd like to report a serious incident.
Yes, please.
Not as bad as you expected, eh? Well, I've, um, learnt a couple of new tricks.
You lack confidence and, dare I say it, you're stuck in your ways.
La vérité vaut bien qu'on passe quelques années sans la trouver.
The truth is more valuable if it takes a few years to find it.
- Parfait.
- Merci.
Why, love? Why did you do it? I don't know.
I I just lost it.
Police are on their way.
I'm going to hand this over to them.
- What'll happen to him? - He'll end up with a criminal record.
And if he does, it'll be what he deserves.
Luke, why don't you, uh Why don't you tell Mr Tyler why you ended up in care? It's OK.
When my dad left my mum and started his new family, she just couldn't look after us any more.
- Right, and what age were you? - I was six.
Maybe, um, this'll be the shock he needs.
Absolutely it will.
What's the point? - Loins girded, everyone.
- Kim Ah.
Pending approval from the union, our commitment to meeting intimidation and threats with an immediate walkout.
Hope you know what you're doing.
That's exactly what I was gonna ask you.
The majority of the staff have signed.
Yes, including some from your old establishment.
When you've had a look, I suggest we sit down and discuss this properly.
I know Budgen's Precambrian.
I'm surprised at Tom Clarkson.
Even Jo Lipsett's signed it.
This is just some kind of power thing, innit? It's always about power when you're trying to reform a place like this.
And you're using a young, vulnerable boy to show how tough you can be.
Personal attacks.
I thought they'd come.
You're beginning to annoy me, Kim.
Yeah, advice from colleagues does annoy you.
I had noticed.
When the advice is to dish out tender loving care to kids who clearly need a kick up the backside, that annoys me.
I'm glad you value my professional opinion.
I do value your professional opinion, Kim.
- There's a signature missing.
- Why are you taking this so personally? He hasn't told anybody that he's in care, not even his girlfriend.
Oh, Max, you can roll your eyes at me as much as you want, but you've failed him! It is your responsibility to make sure kids like Luke stay out of the system, and all you've done is threaten him and humiliate him.
And then now, what, you're gonna get him thrown into a cell? Let me give you some professional advice.
Unless you get to grips with the pastoral issues in this school, you can kiss all your little reforms goodbye.
- Kim - No! (Mouths) Thank you for coming.
Max Tyler.
Um Look, could you Could give me five minutes with him? Sure.
The police will be in here shortly to charge you.
Can you think of one good reason why that shouldn't happen? No, sir.
Miss Campbell thinks I should give you a second chance.
Is she right? - She's all right, Miss Campbell.
- Yes, she is.
Thing is, Luke, when you leave here in two years' time, Miss Campbell doesn't leave with you.
You have to stand on your own two feet.
What I did today was try to make you realise that in life, bad things happen.
You have to be ready.
Which means ready to accept authority.
Sir, things just went a bit I fell out with my girlfriend and everyone was having a go at me.
Yes, I heard about that.
Don't ever be ashamed of your background, Luke.
Just work hard so it's not an issue.
That's what I did.
When you came to John Foster's, I was delighted.
I said, "Now, there's a lad with the brains to really achieve something in life.
" You do want to achieve something? University? Career? Definitely.
I want to be a lawyer.
But you won't get there if you can't show respect for the people in charge.
And in this place, that's me.
I'm going to inform the police that we'll be handling this incident.
I'm giving you a second chance.
A final chance.
The onus will be on you from now.
- Think you can handle it? - I can, sir, yeah.
Best decision you've made all day.
Sir, thank you.
(Bell rings) Well, do you think she'll have her gang with her? - She's not gonna know what's hit her.
- Are you two talking about Lindsay? I don't want any more trouble.
I told Miss Mason that.
Don't worry, Karla.
You won't have any more trouble off of Lindsay.
That means you're gonna give her trouble? Miss Mason sorted it out.
Lindsay apologised.
She's gonna be apologising all over the pavement once we've finished with her.
What are you gonna do? We're gonna kick her head in on the way home.
We're doing it for you, Karla.
Well, I'm sure Max'll see off the rebels.
Don't underestimate Grantly.
He's crafty.
Is that a sneaking admiration I can hear? - Hey, Karla.
What's up? - It's Michaela White, miss.
She's not having a go at you as well? No, Michaela's gonna kick Lindsay's head in.
- They're gonna get her on her way home.
- Have you got your car keys? Yeah.
OK, Karla, you've done the right thing.
Don't worry.
- Should I let Max know? - That's up to you, Chris.
Come on.
Oh, Siobhan, cheer up.
They're not gonna lock Luke up.
She's in a mood cos I've been having a go at him.
You're with us now.
We're more important than some poxy lad.
Look, anyone gives you any grief tomorrow, you just let me know, yeah? Part of the crew.
What did Miss Mason say about you and Karla? Shut up, Em.
It's sorted.
I said I'm sorry and that's it.
She's still a nosy little cow.
They're coming.
Siobhan and that slag Amy are with her as well, and her little sister.
Right, get back.
Right, don't go till I say go.
We're not gonna hurt her little sister.
It's Lindsay I'm after, no-one else.
We must have missed 'em.
Look, Wilton Street's up there.
- Shall we try it anyway? - This is unreal.
When did girls get like this? - You out tonight, Shuv? - No, I'm going to Luke's.
What do you wanna go to that skankhouse for? - I thought you'd finished with him.
- I never said that.
You did.
You've been doing all the talking today and look what happened.
I can think for myself, Amy.
You all right, Linds? You having a nice time with your little mates? I see you need all of yours.
Dead brave of you.
Coming from someone who beats up special-needs kids? You'll have special needs if you touch me.
- Leave her alone! - Get out! Touch her and you're dead! Think you can do one of ours and get away with it? No chance.
This is for Karla.
This is for me.
EMILY: Lindsay! - Leave us alone! - Come on, we're going.
EMILY: Lindsay! (Shouting) - That is enough! CHRIS: You lot, pack it in now! - Come on! - Lindsay, come here! Get up! Lindsay, get off her! Lindsay! - That's enough, all of you! - What you doing? What do you call this, girls, eh? The law of the jungle? Retribution dressed up as loyalty, Michaela? Right, this stops now! - Get home, the lot of you! - Come on, home, all of you.
Move! Go on, all of you, get home! Now.
This is not finished.
Do you understand? Yes, it is! Yes, it is finished, or you are.
No exams, no future.
I will kick you out of Waterloo Road before you can blink.
You think that's funny? Try me.
I thought you were gonna kill her.
What do you want? One very contrite young man to see you.
Hey, miss.
I'm sorry about the garden and everything.
- What's happened? - I took your advice.
We're going to deal with this in-house.
- Less rules, more responsibilities.
- He's not getting away scot-free.
We're still gonna keep him behind for the next two or three weeks.
Thank you, Max.
See you later.
See you.
The pastoral approach is the only way we're going to get through to that lad.
I'm saying you were right, Kim.
I wasn't sure you'd turn up.
Thanks for seeing me.
- Everything all right with your mum? - No.
She tried to tell me she did it for all the right reasons.
I can't see a reason to lie like that.
She's looked after you all your life.
Maybe she was worried I was someone that didn't care you existed.
It doesn't change anything, you know, you being this great guy.
I'm still nothing to you.
Oh, come on.
I'd have run a mile if you were nothing to me.
Isn't that what you did? I'm here now.
I don't mean to be funny or anything but I'm a little bit disappointed.
It's just for years I thought about you, what you're gonna be like.
Are you rich? Do you have a posh car? You was like this imaginary hero to me.
I just went on at my mum.
She said you'd done one to shut me up, I think.
So I just thought you must be a scumbag.
I know you're not.
Listen, I think we should move away from blaming your mum.
I want to try and have a sort of relationship.
If that's what you want.
For next Saturday.
- I thought we could go.
- I don't like football.
Right, no problem.
I I thought you might You thought what? That maybe we could do the whole father and son gig? You don't know me.
No, you're right, I don't.
But I'm trying.
- I want to get to know you.
- Why? You're not making this easy, are you? I don't know why.
I know that without me, you wouldn't be living and breathing being a pain in the backside.
Is that enough? Who's playing? I can handle you not liking football.
At least you're not a United fan.
Glory, glory, Man United The boy's a comedian.
I made a mistake and I tried to put it right.
But you should have just trusted and respected my opinion in the first place.
Look, if you wanna close the doors on us No, I don't wanna close the door on us.
You've just got a lot of grovelling to do.
I can do grovelling.
- Hi.
- Hiya.
Uh, Max has decided to let Luke off.
He's not getting the police involved.
Oh, right.
Well, that's a good decision.
Yes, yes.
Easy one, really.
He's too good a student to risk losing.
- Chris, I was looking for you earlier.
- Yeah, I had to help Rachel.
Lindsay James and Michaela White had a fight outside school.
- What? Was anyone hurt? - No, they're not.
But it confirms my fear we've got a serious gang problem here.
Michaela and Lindsay are at the head of it.
We need to sort this as quickly as possible.
Absolutely right.
It needs all our attention.
I think that if we can, you know, unite, we can put a stop to it.
So what about the petition? I think we could set up a little arbitration service.
Really? You're willing to make a compromise? - Not on delivering quality teaching.
- Well, I think we can support that.
As long as it is a collaboration with the staff, not spying on 'em.
Yes, if the sets are all in place, I'm sure that even the less able teachers will do better.
OK, I'm gonna go and get rid of my wellies and stuff.
See you in a bit.
- Uh, Rachel, thank you.
- Huh? - For going to help sort that out.
- Right.
No, I just think the girls needed a reminder of who's in charge.
Maybe we could kick around a few ideas, form a strategy.
I think we need to have a new regime of trust and openness.
- It's lovely.
- Yeah, it's all right.
Come on, shift, kid.
- I told Amy to bog off.
- Yeah? Thanks.
- I didn't know you could drive.
- I can't.
- So what's gonna happen to you? - Mr Tyler's given him a second chance.
It's heads down and graft.
No more sleepovers, staying out past 10.
You understand? I thought they were gonna kick you out.
It just means Tyler's gonna be on my case, but I'll be all right.
Look, I'm sorry that I lied.
I mean, I'm just glad it's out now.
It'll be a big relief not having to look both ways every time I leave this place.
- Look, d'you wanna stay for tea? - It's OK, I'd better get back.
It'll be all right.
Please? Yeah, OK.
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