Waterloo Road (2006) s05e05 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 5

- Welcome to Waterloo Road.
- Here's a leaflet.
Have a nice day.
- Welcome to Waterloo Road.
- Take a leaflet.
Welcome to Waterloo Road.
It might not be John Foster's to look at but I can assure you I'm applying the same high standards on the inside.
(Girls bickering) - Morning.
Now then, ladies, no misbehaving today, remember? You can show your parents how successful this merger's been.
Got it? (Girl groans) - Take a leaflet.
Welcome to Waterloo Road.
- Good morning, Stephanie.
- Morning, Jo.
- All ready for the open day? - Mais oui.
- Here you go.
- What's this? A training course.
You got so much out the last one, I've made it a regular event.
- Great! Look forward to it.
- Bye.
I thought you enjoyed that course? As a one-off.
It doesn't mean I want to do more.
Didn't look like she was giving you too much choice.
Then I shall have to persuade her otherwise, Grantly.
A certain time-honoured technique that I used to employ when a certain Jack Rimmer wanted me to do extra work.
You can't seriously think you can flirt your way out of this one? - Why not? She likes women.
- Yeah, but Tom, there is no reason why Jo Lipsett will be any less susceptible to my womanly charms than the rest of you.
Morning, girls.
- Careful! - What have you got in here? It's an open day for Max.
I'm not going to give him corned beef sandwiches.
I didn't think a school's catering budget extended to Beluga caviar.
- It didn't, we did.
- What? John, I put it on the company credit card.
- Ruby! - I think you can afford it.
You could have asked.
The money you earn, I don't need to be here.
Excuse me, young man, you and your girlfriend take this inside.
Chop chop.
Right, good morning, everybody.
As you know, today's open day is a golden opportunity to demonstrate to our governors and parents just how successful this merger has been.
Now I can't stress how important it is we use today to work together.
HODs, you should have your subject displays ready in the main hall.
Throughout the day, there'll be class tours.
So if you could make sure your lessons are running smoothly.
These itineraries will let you know what time you can expect us.
Rachel, Chris, Kim, myself will be doing the co-ordinating.
Any trouble, any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Have a very good day.
The quicker we get this over and done, the quicker we can stop pretending to like each other and get back to normal.
Ooh, is that for the buffet? I prefer to call it a selection of high-quality hors d'oeuvres.
- Really? Sounds expensive.
- Well, it was.
I bought them myself.
I thought I'd bring a bit of class into school.
The least I can do.
Seeing as I'm not condemned to spend the rest of my life here.
Like the rest of you.
The governors we're not expecting till lunch so we can concentrate on the parents until then.
Most will be John Foster's so it's best if I do the introductions.
- I could have handled that.
- Of course.
I think they might need to see a familiar face.
These are high-achieving kids with demanding parents.
We need to show them that we can be trusted with their education.
I just don't think we should ignore our other pupils in the process.
Fine, but we need to prove that this merger's been a success.
Otherwise it's not just my reputation on the line, it's the entire school's.
I promised the LEA I could turn this place around.
If they hear anything different after today, they're going to look to hold someone accountable.
OK? He's a good guy deep down.
He just wants the best for the school.
You seem to care an awful lot about him.
Look, I I wanted to talk to you, actually.
- About earlier.
- It's all right, Kim, I know.
I saw you and Max together.
Last week after school.
Oh, God.
Look, I did mean to tell you.
I just You didn't.
Look, your private life is none of my business anyway.
I didn't want you to think that I was going behind your back.
Max is such a private person.
OK? Ladies and gentlemen, a very warm welcome to our open day.
If I could make the introductions.
Most of you will probably know me from John Foster's.
Max Tyler.
I'm here to oversee the redevelopment of Waterloo Road as executive head.
Christopher Mead you may also remember, now acting as deputy here.
Kim Campbell, head of pastoral care.
And last but not least, Rachel Mason, head teacher.
We're going to split you into groups and give you a couple of pupils to take you on a tour.
Miss Campbell has kindly put on a magnificent display of our best artwork down the corridor.
Our food tech group will be preparing your lunch.
And our heads of department will be back here during break to talk to you in person.
So if I could take the first few couples.
Mr and Mrs Porter, Mr and Mrs Mealey, if you'd like to follow me.
And I'll have Lister, please, Jewitts and Dodds.
Remember, smooth equal slices, everyone.
Good morning, welcome.
This is our new food technology block which we've invested a lot of money in.
Hopefully give us a chance to train the next generation of Jamie Olivers.
Just about to make a start on the crudités.
The what? It's French for raw vegetable.
Tu imbécile.
Some of you may recognise Mrs Fry from John Foster's.
One of our most accomplished teachers and working wonders here too.
You're obviously on top of things, Mrs Fry.
Thank you.
Some of them are a bit rougher than we're used to but you just have to smooth the edges.
No, no, no, no, no! You wouldn't be served that at Claridges, would you? - She wouldn't know.
- We're not in Claridges.
Your presentation should be just as high.
It's as much about how something looks as it is about how it tastes.
Right, if you'd like to move along, perhaps.
Right, let's go and have a little chat in my office, shall we? Carry on! Zero tolerance today, Michaela.
Do you want to get thrown out? Why should I care about impressing your John Foster's lot? Because we're all Waterloo Road now, whether you like it or not.
If you don't work together, the reputation that's going to suffer is your school's.
Whatever we do, you still think you're better than us.
Do me a favour and stand up straight.
Take your hands out your pockets.
Go on.
Neck straight, chin up.
Pull your tummy in.
Go on.
(Sighs) You look about three inches taller! Good posture.
That feels better already, doesn't it? It's not just how you present food that's important, it's how you present yourself.
Why do you care how I present myself? You're not in your fancy private school now.
Yes, yes, I have had a drop in circumstance.
It doesn't mean I had to drop my standards.
You come from a deprived, working-class school.
You don't have to enforce the lazy, belligerent stereotype.
It doesn't matter what you've got or where you come from.
There's no reason you shouldn't demand the same high standards from life as the rest of us.
You just have to work a bit harder for them.
Same as you, you mean? Right.
You can stay in here and sulk and confirm to that John Foster's lot that you're not good enough for them.
Or you can get out there and prove that you are.
STEPH: Allez.
- Allez.
- Appendre.
- Appendre.
- Avoir.
- Avoir.
- Moi.
- Moi.
- Yes, Sam? - Can you help me with this verb? Yes, yes, if I can.
We've started to do team teaching in some classes where we feel it's appropriate.
We find that it helps the weaker pupils and also some of our members of staff.
If you could just make your way back to the hall and we can continue with the tour.
Listen, can you all just carry on with your work? Keep the noise down.
I'll be two minutes, OK? Jo? I erm think we make quite a good team.
Must be the chemistry.
I feel like a changed person since I've been on that course.
You'll be looking forward to the next one, then.
Well, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.
- (Sighs) - No, no, no.
I just think that I would benefit from some one-to-one sessions with you.
It seems mad to send me on some daft course when I can learn from the best here.
We could keep things informal.
Have a few drinks.
Erm Maybe go to one of those bars.
What exactly is one of those bars? One of those bars where there's no men so I won't be distracted.
Well, do me good to have a change now and again.
Oh, that's better! That's much better.
Hey, class, we've got a natural here.
I don't believe this.
- Is there a problem, miss? - No.
Everything's fine.
Won't be a sec.
Helen, Helen, you couldn't do me a favour? I've forgotten the dips for the crudités.
I'm going to pop home.
- Could you cover for me? - I would but I won't be long.
20 minutes.
Thank you! (Bell) Admittedly our A to C grades aren't amazing but they are up on what they were last year.
Still not a patch on John Foster's.
No, but we are trying very hard to improve them.
Going to have to work harder then, aren't you? Hi.
You didn't expect me to miss our son's open day, did you? No, of course not.
Jordan, show our parents to the assembly hall.
Nice to meet you.
Good to see you again.
- How you getting on, all right? - Great, yeah.
I've just seen Josh's latest art project.
He's top of the class.
Well done, mate.
John? John! - Hello.
- Ruby! What are you doing home? I could ask you the same.
You're supposed to be in work.
(Doorbell) - Look, don't get that.
- Why? Please, just stay here and let me deal with it, please.
- Why, who are you trying to hide from? - No.
(Doorbell) John.
- Oh my God, I don't believe this.
(Doorbell) Ruby, it's not what you think.
Mr Fry.
Through there to the left.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Excuse me! What the hell's going on? - I wanted to tell you.
- What? What the hell's going on? (Vehicle outside) The company went into receivership two weeks ago.
We're bankrupt.
- I'm sorry.
- Bankrupt? We had all our money invested in new developments.
We couldn't shift 'em.
When the market collapsed Can you We're having a conversation! Could you just stop, please? You can't do this! You can't let them do this! Ruby, we're in debt, big time.
We need to pay it back.
Have you noticed anything strange about Steph lately? Oh, come on, guys.
If there's something going on, I want to know.
If there's one thing you should have learnt about Steph, she'll do anything to get out of a bit of hard graft.
Including giving your side of the fence a shot in the hope that she can get out of going on another of your training courses.
No! You can't be telling me she'd rather try it on with me than go on another course.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
- I thought Mrs Fry was taking this class? - She'll be back any minute.
What are we meant to do? This lunch has to be ready in an hour.
Just erm get on with what she set you before break.
- We were supposed to be taste testing.
- These are well expensive! I doubt you were so can you put them back, please? - Aw, that's minging! - Bolton! We've got to try it before we serve it.
Look, can you just put it back, please? Bolton, just give me it! Give me it! Bolton! Bolton! Ruby! What are you doing? We need to talk, get this sorted.
You need to get it sorted and I need to get back to work! Please.
You don't have to be like this.
How do you expect me to be, John? Hooray, you've thrown it all away! Ruby, wait.
(Hubbub of noise) Sit down right now! All of you! - Not you, Miss Hopewell.
- (Sniggering) I trusted you to keep us safe and you failed! - I tried but it's not - You didn't! You've lost us everything.
I took a risk, that's how we got all our stuff in the first place.
- Take another one, get it back.
- I've tried.
Can you not see that? All I see is you lying to me the last couple of months telling me everything's fine! How could you let me find out like that? Cos I knew you'd act like this when you did, caring more about your precious lifestyle than me.
You what? Have you asked me one question about how I feel yet? It's you who got us into this mess! It's me who's killed himself for the last two months getting us out of it! Whilst you spend any money we've got left on expensive, pointless crap just to show off what you've got! Our house is about to be repossessed and we've lost everything! And you want to blame it on me, spending some money on a few ingredients! And designer clothes and jewellery and top-of-the-range everything else.
Sit down now.
It's not my wardrobe that bankrupted the flaming company! No, but it didn't exactly help! It's all you seemed to care about, Ruby.
Would you have preferred it if I had been having an affair? At least we could have got through that and got back to normal! Because now I've got no choice whether I work in this dump or not! I'm trapped here like the rest of them! Ruby? Shall we have a little chat? In private.
Yeah, OK.
Would you tell me what the hell's going on? Erm We're We're having a few issues.
Yes, I heard.
So did most of the flaming school.
I did tell John that if Ruby, things might be tough for you now but today is an important one for me and I could do without a key member of my staff having a screaming match while I'm trying to show parents round.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
I need every one of my John Foster's team on top form right now, particularly you.
Can you handle that? (Knock at door) - Yeah? - Is there a problem? - No.
We're done now, aren't we, Ruby? - Yes.
- Good.
Erm The LEA rep's arrived.
- They're early.
- It's all right, I can speak with her.
No, I'll do the introductions myself.
Max, this is Jennifer Headley from the LEA.
Have you met? Of course.
Good to see you again.
I've been telling Jennifer about the tours.
Do you want me to show her round? Er do you know what? I'll take Jennifer round myself one to one.
Give us a chance to catch up.
Did you see how crazy she went? - Divorce.
- Divorce! Everything all right? Yes, it's fine, thank you, Helen.
Right, let's pick up where we left off before break, shall we? - Miss, are you OK? - Yes, I'm fine, thank you.
Let's carry on where we left off before the break, shall we? Like I just said.
(Sniggering) - Miss, we can't.
Half your stuffs missing.
(Giggling) Where's it gone? This is £150 a pot.
It's not Pot Noodle.
I hope you kept the receipt cos you might need your money back.
(Sniggering) Do you think this is funny? Just saying.
Sounds like you need to make some cutbacks.
- Michaela! (Laughter) No, I think she's right, actually.
(AII laugh nervously) I suppose my life is one big joke to you, isn't it? Eh? (Laughs) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Miss! Miss! So how are things going today? Be a lot easier if certain members of staff let me get on with my job.
- Rachel.
- She has an answer for everything.
Sounds like someone else I know.
Isn't there some clause we can use to get rid of her? I'm not here to make an assessment, Max.
The governors can make up their own mind about Rachel.
- Our relationship stands for nothing? - No, this is business, remember.
When you see what I've done with her kids, just remember it's my initiatives not hers that have done it.
(Chanting) Go Fry, go Fry, go Fry! Go Fry, go Fry! - Quiet! - It wasn't us, it was her! Ruby! Right, everyone out, now! Michaela, you clean this mess up.
- What? - Do it! Ruby, what's got into you? - Jen? Long time no see.
How are you? - Good, thanks, you? - Same as always.
Keeping Max in check.
- You need to keep a closer eye on him.
- Why, what's up? - Chris, er Could you close this corridor off? I don't want any parents here.
- Sure.
Is Ruby OK? - Yeah, she'll be fine.
Is there anything I can do? Maybe you could wait in the hall while I've got this sorted out.
- We should have you for dinner soon.
- Sounds great.
Chris, er I could do with people not knowing I'm married, OK? - Especially not Kim.
- What's going on? You and Kim? I could really do with your help today, Chris.
Oh, for God's sake.
Help me sort this out and keep an eye on Jennifer.
OK? Please.
Boys only chat, is it? Just got a bit of a situation in there.
Do you want to come and have a quick word? - Yeah, I'll leave this with you, yeah? - Yeah.
Don't know why you look so upset.
I'm the one cleaning up.
Miss? Miss? If you could carry on down to the next class, please, ladies and gents.
We've had a bit of a spillage here.
I'll catch up with you.
- What's going on? - Bit of an incident with Ruby and the lunch.
- Not serious, is it? - I'm not sure.
You'll have to ask Max.
You know this woman from the LEA, Jennifer Headley.
Do you know her? She's just the usual local authority trouble-shooter, I think.
Jennifer? You OK? - Max was looking for you.
- He was busy.
I showed myself around.
Maybe we can have a chat? I could do with a different perspective.
- Have you and Max met before, then? - You could say that, yeah.
Max has asked me to talk to you about the things we're doing in science.
- Is now a good time? - Yeah.
- Looks like we'll have to do this later.
- Yeah.
Look! What do you know? Someone must have dropped them down there.
I don't know what the big deal is.
They don't taste nice.
Come on, you can get some money back off them.
50? It's caviar substitute.
They're £4.
75 a jar.
Didn't think I'd trust you with the real thing? Well, you got 'em back now.
Least you've got something to smile about.
Do you have any idea what I'm having to deal with right now? Yeah, we heard you out there.
Wouldn't catch me freaking out like that when Bolton broke up with me.
Do you honestly think this is anywhere near the same? Michaela, it's not some teenage breakup.
It's serious.
Yeah, me and Bolton were serious.
It's not even in the same league.
I've lost everything.
This morning, you told me it didn't matter what you had or where you came from.
You not mean that, then? Et voilà, madame.
Et madame.
Hey, we've got much more interest than the other departments.
It'll be down to that chemistry you mentioned earlier.
Regular Thelma and Louise, you and me.
Well, you bring the Cadillac, I'll bring the gun.
Call me crazy, Steph, but I Forget it.
It's ridiculous.
No, no, go on.
I can't help but feel there's been a different vibe between us lately.
C'est possible.
More than just a work colleagues kind of thing, right? I'm starting to see you in a whole different light.
And you know, I can make sure that you never ever have to go to another training course again if you and I become a tight unit.
(In French): Meet me in my room in five minutes.
We can talk about this in private.
If you're going to do a job, can you just do it properly? You know what? Do it yourself! - You made the mess.
- Mr Tyler asked you to do it.
Yeah, Mr Tyler asked you to do lunch.
Yeah, well.
Not going to be able to rescue that lot, am I? Fine.
Give up.
Prove you're no better than the rest of us.
You'll have to get used to doing without that fancy crap.
Like us chavs.
Ruby, are you OK? I heard there was a problem Erm No, I'm fine, thank you.
What's happened? Erm I had a little wobble earlier.
- Rose and Candice are on their way in.
- Oh.
Great because they can give us a little hand getting lunch together.
Do you think they might have left-overs in their fridge? I'm sure they have, yeah.
I'll get some kids to help out.
It's great you're getting kids so involved with the sciences.
My teacher made it sound so exciting when I was a kid.
If I can enthuse them like he did me - Christopher been looking after you? - He's been very attentive.
Just need to have a word with him.
If you go through to the hall, we'll join you.
Think I can probably move around a hall unaided, Max.
Are they OK? - I'm not happy about being dragged into this.
- I know.
I appreciate it.
How long are you going to keep it up? You ever going to tell Kim you're married? Jen and I have been on the rocks for a long time.
I'm serious about Kim.
Just not serious enough to be honest with her.
- Where's lunch? They're getting hungry.
- They'll have to wait.
Guys, if you'd like to follow me, we'll go and see Mr Clarkson and a football match in action before lunch, OK? Come on, you can do it.
- I thought you were never coming.
- Oh yes.
Just erm freshening up.
You don't know how long I've waited for this, Steph.
So you won't be breathing down my neck with any more self-improvement courses? I can't vouch I won't be doing the breathing part but whatever you want.
As long as you give me what I want.
I knew it the first time I ever laid eyes on you.
That you were one of us.
- Did you? - Course I did.
All the signals were there.
- Just not sure that you knew yourself yet, right? - No.
I mean, this is what you want, isn't it, Steph? Cos if it is, I can make your life so much easier for you.
You can drop the act, Steph.
I know exactly what you're playing at.
If you seriously think that you can flirt your way out of trouble with me, you're even more naive than I thought you were.
Worth a try.
No, it wasn't.
I don't see our names on your little menu.
I can fix that.
I can get some more done.
Can you have us sponsored by a bankrupt company too? Right, look, there's been a change of plan, and I really, really need your help.
I'll have a look and see what we've got in the fridges.
You'll be hard pressed to get anything from what we've got.
Delivery doesn't come till tomorrow.
(Sighs) Erm Well, we'll just have to make do with what we've got, won't we? Come on.
Come on, Josh, put your back into it.
Don't be scared.
The facilities will all be upgraded in time.
Mr Clarkson's had to re-work the line-up since John Foster's joined, isn't that right? Yeah.
They get on great when they've got a mutual enemy.
- See that Josh is getting stuck in there.
- Yes.
Must get that from his dad, then.
Sorry, have I said something? No, it's fine.
I just hadn't got round to telling anyone yet.
- Telling us what? - Josh is my son.
Er We should be just about getting to lunch.
For you.
Gloves, please, Michaela.
One each.
Rachel, what's happened about this lunch? - Ruby's handling it.
- I told you to keep her out of it.
Are you deliberately trying to undermine everything I do? Ladies and gentlemen, if I could just have your attention.
We've had a technical hitch with your lunch.
(Coughs) Don't speak too soon.
But er it It now seems that we're ready for you.
Apologies for the delay.
Chris, I can't take much more of this.
What? He's been bad-mouthing Waterloo Road all day.
Hanging his own staff out to dry.
He's acting like everything's OK when it isn't.
I think someone should let Jennifer know the truth.
- Rachel.
- What? There's something you should know about her and Max.
Come on.
- You know Josh hates football.
- He told me he likes it.
That's cos he wants you to like him.
You've got a lot to learn about each other.
We've not exactly been given much time.
Yeah, I know, I did a stupid thing.
I'm sorry.
He needs you in his life, Tom.
I just wish I hadn't taken that long to realise it.
I I wouldn't have been ready then, to be honest.
What's done is done.
There's no point worrying about it.
If we're going to be any sort of family to him, we've got to get over it, start getting on, for his sake.
I'm going to pay more attention to what's going on in his life.
There's still time to teach him he likes football.
Josh! - They're married? - Yeah.
He's full of surprises.
You don't know the half of it.
You know about Kim then? Chris, I can't keep pretending I stand a chance here any more.
Max wants me out, his wife's in charge of the borough.
If he wanted to use his wife to get rid of you, he'd have done it ages ago.
Trust me.
He's got far more to worry about in this than you have.
Look, if people start thinking that he only got the job because of her, he'd be finished, believe me.
Ruby, you've done wonders with this lunch.
Corned beef.
Well done, Ruby.
Makes a refreshing change to have some good honest fare instead of the usual nonsense you get at these things.
Lucky to get anything at all after this afternoon's performance.
Look, I am sorry about what happened earlier and I know that I didn't handle it very well.
I wouldn't dwell on it, Ruby, really.
We've all allowed our personal lives to affect our work at some time, haven't we? We support our staff whenever we can, don't we, Max? Yes, Max, why don't you show your support for your team for once instead of trying to take all the credit for yourself? Excuse me, everyone, if I could have your attention, please.
Er I'd just like to say a very big thank you and congratulations to all our staff, old and new, who have been working behind the scenes today to make sure that this merger and open day has been such a great success.
I'm sure that all our visitors will agree with me when I say that we couldn't have found a better school to join than Waterloo Road.
Kim, sorry we didn't get a chance to speak earlier.
Oh, no, no.
Jennifer, we better get you going, your taxi will be waiting.
It was nice to meet you.
Maybe next time.
Yes, bye-bye.
See you later.
Fully registered, start the course next week.
It's all right, Steph, you made it clear you didn't want to go.
No, I do, I do, and I've got to stop avoiding responsibility.
- And start working with me? - Mm-hm.
- Honestly? - Mm-hm.
Someone else could do with an apology.
Hey! Why? I didn't make her smash the classroom up.
No, but you've not been supportive since she's been here.
If you've come to gloat, let's just get it over and done with.
Well, I haven't actually.
Me and Jo are going out for a drink and we wondered if you fancied it? Thank you but I should be getting home, really.
See if I've still got one.
Let me give you a lift, then.
- Look, it's really sweet of you but - Ruby, listen.
We don't have to be best friends but you're stuck with us so we might as well get on.
And anyway, it's the least I can do.
Give something back.
That means the gossip vine'll be twice as powerful.
Don't worry.
I'd give it a week before they're back at each other's throats.
- Hey.
- You all right to give us a lift home? Yeah, course I can.
Come in a minute.
Er everyone, this is Josh.
My son.
- Rachel.
- Jennifer, I thought you'd gone.
I want to say thanks for today.
You've done a great job with the schools.
It wasn't all my doing.
Team effort, you know.
Of course.
But I wanted to congratulate you personally.
Max can be tough.
I'm glad to see you're up to the job.
Thank you, that's good to know.
His bark's worse than his bite, trust me.
If you ever need my help, just give me a call.
I know a trick or two to keep him in line.
- Thank you, Jennifer.
See you.
- Bye.
Max? Can I have a word? - Can it wait till tomorrow? - Not really.
I'll wait.
What is it now? What's this? Just a little video reminder of what we got up to last year on the school trip.
Something I'm sure you'd hate to get into the wrong hands.
- What are you trying to say, Helen? - I'm saying I'm saying you better be careful how you treat me in future.
- Just you listen here - No, you listen to me, Max! I'm sick of being pushed aside all the time.
Pretending nothing ever happened.
So unless you start treating me with a bit more respect then there's plenty more copies where this came from.
Go home, Helen.
The bailiffs had to take anything of value but I managed to save some of your things.
I wasn't sure what you wanted to do with them.
Sell them.
I don't need them, John.
I need you.
I'm so sorry.
I've said some stupid things today.
We used to be about more than what we had.
Yeah, and we still are.
That doesn't have to change.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you about it all sooner.
I was just scared of losing you as well.
Oh Oh, I can do without any of that other crap.
We should be able to get by on my salary.
We can manage until you get yourself back on your feet.
- I thought you hated that school? - Erm Well, maybe it's not as bad as it seems.
I might have actually made some progress today.
(Loud dance music) There's not many men in here.
I thought you wanted something different? Well, here's to something different.
'Ey up.
- What's she saying? - Erm She wants a dance.
(Laughs) Oi, legs.
Do one.
She's all mine.
I could get used to this, being the man in the relationship.
Looks like we make a good couple.
So tell me, Steph, because I'm dying to know.
Would you have let me kiss you if I'd have gone for it this afternoon? That's for me to know.
Come on.
Let's dance.
(Birdsong) (Groans) (Mouths words)
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