Waterloo Road (2006) s06e05 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 5

You touch me and I'll kill you.
Finn! I seen you leaving his flat, Jess.
Vicki, please, just don't say anything.
There is a vacancy here, if you want it.
I've still got a baby though.
You clearly want one bad enough to go through this, so have mine.
I heard you're not shy about giving students one-on-one.
What are you talking about? Your secret's safe with me.
Karen Fisher, Charlie's wife.
Tenner each, yeah? Got any action ones? Go look around, girls.
Lads, one for you here somewhere, there you go.
How much for this one? In the shops, more than you can afford.
But here today, seeing as I'm a nice guy and you're a mate let's call it a tenner.
All rightseven quid.
How much d'you think I've got? Fiver! Fiver or your nearest offer.
You're kidding! No.
Go on, get out of here.
Go on, lads, what are you saying? Peep Show, a tenner.
I must admit, I never thought I'd be teaching in a place like this.
Meet me for lunch, then? Yeah.
Well? Well, what? Are you not going to tell us how terrible this place is, how bad the kids are.
How it's just going to bring us down to their level? Nope.
It could've been worse, I suppose.
Yeah, if we'd been murdered in our sleep maybe.
I'm telling you, it's the kids that suffer.
Mum and Dad split up and we spend half our time in a skanky hotel.
At least we can get pizza delivered.
You're so easily impressed it is embarrassing.
Where have you been? I tried calling last night.
Oh, of course.
My battery died.
Yeah, she's all right now.
Last night it was like she'd lost a limb.
What's up? Nothing, just be nice to chat about stuff, that's all.
Well, listen, can we talk about it later? I'm having flashbacks from last night.
Seriously, who lives in a hotel with no satellite? God, you have it hard don't you? What are you looking at? Marcus, I've just been telling Chris how glad I am that you accepted my offer.
You might change your mind when you've heard the ideas I've got for this place.
Oh, I suspected you might have some thoughts.
Say about 12-ish? Shouldn't take more than an hour.
Well, I erm appreciate your enthusiasm, but could you just give me a minute? Sure.
I'll see you later.
I'll catch you at lunch, yeah? So, how did it go? Well, it was touch and go for a while - some disaster with a missing phone charger, but no, all in all, it was pretty good.
Actually, there was something I wanted to tell you - this hotel, it's all right for a few nights, but what with the kids staying over and my things cluttering up the place What are you trying to say, Charlie? Me and Maria have been talking about me maybe moving into her place.
Well, that sounds like it'll be much more comfortable for you.
Very sensible.
Karen! Karen.
Oi, pick that up.
Good Morning, Sir.
What's wrong with you? Hello? Just keep walking, Jess.
Just because you're in a narky mood, doesn't mean you have to take it out on me.
What do you expect? I thought you were mature enough to keep your mouth shut.
What are you going on about? Your mate Vicki, she knows about us.
One guess how that could have happened.
Well, I haven't told her! D'you think I'm stupid.
I didn't, I swear.
Chris How many times do I have to tell you it is Mr Mead and I want you to stay as far away from me as possible.
I didn't tell her, I promise.
OK? She saw me coming out of your flat.
But she swore she wouldn't say anything.
Yeah? Well, she did.
And now she's threatening to tell everyone unless I give her decent grades.
I'm sorry.
D'you know what? I'm starting to think that owning up about this in the first place would've been better than all this.
It's doing my head in.
Well, don't worry about it, yeah? I'll sort it.
Anything you like, just let us know, yeah? Tenner each, them.
Jo, can I interest you in a hardly used, barely even scratched Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's with the jumble sale? Dad cut off your pocket money or something? What are you saying girls? Oh, here he is, sweet boy Stevenson! On the prowl, are you? Looking for a new boyfriend now you know I'm not interested? Shut up.
Or what? WOLF WHISTLE One crisp shovelled expertly down her gullet every half a second.
Someone ring the Guinness Book Of Records, the girl's a world beater.
Oi! Oi yourself, lady.
Have you any idea how much saturated fat is in just a handful of these things? I hate to be a tattle tale, but she's had a few more than a handful.
Whatever you eat, the baby eats.
And I would rather it wasn't born addicted to E numbers and processed meat, if you don't mind thank you.
Less of the junk food, and more veg.
What like veggie burgers and that? I'm joking! I'm not a total muppet, am I? Sorry to interrupt, I'll keep it brief.
Most of you already know Marcus Kirby.
As of today he's joining the geography department.
Welcome to the Gulag, there's a spare shovel over there.
Cesca Montoya.
Ah, yes.
I've heard a lot about you from my son Jonah.
You seem to have a flair for inspiring the children.
Can't be easy in a place like this.
Most of them are quite keen, actually.
Might have to give them a bit of a nudge sometimes.
Marcus Kirby.
We, er We met before? Oh, right, Jonah and Ruth's dad, I heard you were joining us.
You've got a boy here, right? Yeah, Josh Stevenson, year 11.
Must be a tricky balancing act - knowing when to be their father and when to be their teacher.
It has its moments.
Ruth informed me that Josh was having a few problems recently.
Must be tempting to knock heads together when it's your child taking stick.
Josh has always been able to handle himself.
Course, I I wasn't inferring that he couldn't.
Have a nice day.
What the hell is your problem? Why? Care about other people's problems now do you? What are you on about? I'm on about Mr Mead.
We're supposed to be mates.
You promised! Look, we are mates! I didn't mean to say anything, it just came out.
Cos you're incapable of keeping your big mouth shut? No, cos I can't bear failing my coursework on top of everything else.
On top of what else? It's my dad he had a stroke and he's in the hospital.
Oh, my God, Vic, I'm so sorry.
Look there's no way that I'd actually grass Mead up, he's all right.
And I wouldn't want to hurt you, would I? So what's going on at home, I mean, have they said if he's going to be all right or what? I don't know.
It's weird not having him in the house though.
Yeah, well I mean, from now on I will do anything that I can to make it better or whatever, yeah? Thanks, but unless you're planning on moving in with me, then Well, why don't you just come and stay with us? What? I'm serious, we've got tonnes of room.
I'll ask my mum, there's no way she'll say no.
So, what about climate change? Climate change.
If that doesn't prove geography's relevance to modern life, then what does? Yeah, but some people don't even believe that that exists.
Are you sure? I can do you a special deal.
There's a debate over why it's happening, not if it is.
What do you think, Ronan? Erm, I think, what he said.
CLASS LAUGHS You do know you're in an A-Level class, yeah? The theory being that you're here because you want to be? Yeah, look Sorry, I'm listening now, yeah? You're kidding, right? DVDs? I was Flogging DVDs while the rest of us were having a discussion.
Not only is it extremely rude, it's also no way to learn anything.
I said I was sorry, I won't do it again.
Look, ask me a question, I'm listening now.
This isn't a question-and-answer session, Ronan.
Give me the DVDs.
What about that stuff about treating us like adults? I'll treat you like one when you act like one.
And the rest! Thank you.
Thursday at the latest, please.
Oh, Josh! I need a favour, big one.
You know those self-defence classes that Mr Cuthbert's taking at lunchtime.
They're lame, what about 'em? He's off sick and I've been roped into covering.
You taking self-defence classes? Obi Wan Clarkson, is it? I might not be Jedi material, but I can teach kids how not to get their heads kicked in.
What's that got to do with me? I thought you might come along, make sure I've got a friendly face there.
This hasn't got anything to do with Finn, has it? This isn't about you for once.
Good, cos I know I'm going through some stuff at the minute, but I can take care of myself.
You'll come, then? For me.
Yeah, it's not like I've got any friends to hang round with, is it? Make sure you concentrate Jonah.
Thank you, Sir.
You're welcome.
Just checking to see if you were still in one piece.
They're a good bunch of children, Ronan Burley could do with a shift in attitude - spent most of the lesson flogging DVDs instead of taking part.
I'll have a word with his form tutor, get someone to mention it to him.
The way I see things, education's about a contract, right? The children, their parents and us, we all enter into this pact, and we make sure that we work together so that the children have the best education possible.
That's what we aim for.
How about fortnightly meetings? The parents, the children, us Fortnightly? We have difficulty getting the parents into this school twice a year.
But a more open dialogue would do wonders.
Take Ronan Burley for instance - he broke the contract today Marcus I'm not saying it's a bad idea and I will find time to sit down and listen to this properly.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Listen, about what happened earlier, no hard feelings.
Right, now that we've got all that cleared up, you'll probably want to give me my DVDs back? Actually I was going to suggest we have a chat about you getting the most out of your education.
You, me, your parents, how does that sound? I just want my DVDs back It wouldn't need anything formal and the point is not to get you into trouble.
My DVDs, can I have them, please? But I'm sure your parents They'll not be interested in anything like that, OK? Look, keep the stinking DVDs, they're only worth a tenner anyway.
Ronan Oh, thank you.
Janeece, let me take those for you.
Could you do me a favour please? I need Ronan Burley's address, please.
Oh, go on, then, seeing as though you're such a gent.
You're following me so I'm going to make a crazy leap and assume you want something.
I brought you a present.
Oh, bribery as well, must be a big ask.
You know Vicki MacDonald? Yeah.
Well, her dad's been taken into hospital Oh, really? Oh, poor girl, how's she coping? She's not, she's a mess.
She's in a right state.
Well, thanks for filling me in, I'll go and see her, let her know she has some support.
Exactly! Well, that's the thing, she's got our support right? So I was thinking that maybe she could come and stay with us? What for a few days? What does it matter how long for? It's not like we're short of room.
Jess, I'm going to say no because I think we've got enough disruption in our family at the moment.
You've just said that you want to help her.
Yes, as a head teacher, I do and I will.
But if I was to take home every lost soul then we'd soon run out of room, wouldn't we? Well, Dad wouldn't have a problem with it.
Yeah, but he doesn't get a say in it any more, does he? Jess! He's always had an eye for a quick buck.
He's a lad, he wants cash in his pocket, I get it.
But not at the expense of his education.
Yeah, well, exams are one thing, but I never had any, I've done all right for myself.
You know people think selling stuff's easy.
Well they're wrong, it's a skill and Ronan's got it.
So what is it you do for a living? I've got my own business.
Well, it's a family affair, you know.
To be honest with you I was hoping that one day Ronan'd take it over.
Not what you were expecting.
I bet you thought Ronan's dad was going to be a loser.
No, not at all.
No, it's just that when I mentioned to Ronan about his parents coming into the school, he implied that you weren't the type to bother turning up.
What, Ronan said that? Well, I could've misunderstood.
That I wouldn't bother coming in? Let's just get one thing straight, all I do is bother.
That kid wants for nothing.
I obviously got the wrong end of the stick, which is great! So you'd be up for coming in then, yeah? You come and see for yourself, that kid needs nothing.
That's really not necessary.
Come on.
OK, we'll start with something simple.
Now, can you identify butternut squash? Have you just made that up? Can you name me a food rich in iron? Guinness.
You're not taking this seriously.
It's a load of rubbish anyway! Oh, health of that baby is rubbish?! Women have been dropping sprogs for hundreds of years.
It's hundreds of thousands actually, but go on.
Yeah, and they ain't got no books or nosey adoptive parents in their ears.
Neither do they labour under the misapprehension that mange tout is an infection! Stuck-up cow! Oh, little Will you get on with it, please! I don't get it.
He's been selling his own stuff? I mean, he begged me for this computer.
He loves playing his games, why would he want to do that? One day they want a computer, the next they want to trade it in for a bike.
I'm sure Ronan doesn't mean any harm.
You know, I thought he'd got hold of a load of knock-off DVDs or something and saw an opportunity, butwhy would he want to sell his own stuff? I've got a son same age as Ronan, actually.
God knows he does some things I don't understand.
Disagrees with me, fights, rebels No, this has got to be about drugs, hasn't it? It's got to be.
I mean, if he wants cash, he comes to me, he knows that.
I don't think we should jump to any conclusions, Mr Burley.
Listen, this is MY son we're talking about! Look at it.
He must've sold everything he owns to get this lot.
Look at it and now tell me he's not in some kind of trouble.
Milk, no sugar, for me, thanks.
If your mother catches you in here Yeah, she'll go spare as usual.
Like I'm not totally immune to it by now Go on, then, what's wrong? Nothing.
Except my mother is a robot with no feelings.
Oh, really? And why would you think that, Jess? Well, because I asked her if Vicki could come and stay and she said no.
Even though Vicki's dad's in hospital and she's living like some orphan.
Is she OK? No she's not OK, I told you, she's got no human emotion! I mean Vicki.
Well, she'd be a lot better if she wasn't going through it on her own, Dad.
Well, it's your mum's decision, Jess.
I know it is, but I promised Vicki! Which is why I was thinking, what about if me and Vicki come and stay with you when you get a new place.
Oh, I Well, if you don't want me there, Dad No, it's just I'll have a word with your mum.
We'll come up with something, OK? I knew you'd fix it.
Right, right, right, just give me what you've got, then.
Tenner? Have fun, did you? Robbing me blind? You guys are dead lucky, d'you know that? Most children are stuck in stuffy classrooms with boring geography teachers droning on.
But you? You get to go out THERE and see everything for yourself.
Everything like? Everything we cover in urban geography, we can find in the town where we live.
I don't really think empty crisp packets and dog turd counts as "urban geography", Sir.
Urban geography is about where and how we live.
The houses we live in, the factories we work in, the hills we walk our dogs in of a weekend.
If you take those cameras What d'you think you're doing? Ronan.
Is he part of the project too, Sir? My dad said you went round.
What gives you the right? Keep your nose out.
Have a look out of the window and make notes of anything that catches your eye.
Thank you.
Yeah, right.
I told you I thought it would be beneficial if we sat down with your parents And I said I wasn't interested! No, you said THEY weren't interested.
I thought that maybe if I You think you're so clever, don't you? Well, stick to the teaching.
You don't know anything about me or my parents.
Your father's worried sick about you.
We found a load of cash under your mattress.
What?! What's going on, Ronan? You just stay out of it, yeah? Just wanted to get my teaching schedule for next week.
Janeece has a copy of those, you know? I just spoke to Jess, she says that you and her had a bit of a bust-up this morning? I might have known she'd go running to her knight in shining armour for back-up.
Seems to me she genuinely wants to help out her friend.
If I've said no it's for the good of the family.
And despite all her pouting, she knows that.
Does she? Yes, she does.
Then why did she ask if her and Vicki can come and live with me? She wants to live with you? That's what she says, yeah.
I didn't give her an answer, I thought I should speak to you first.
Oh, that's very considerate of you, Charlie.
Brilliant! You cheat, you betray the family and yet you come up smelling of roses and I'm left to take the blame for everything, that's great! I'm sorry, Karen, maybe I could try and, I don't know, have a word with her? KNOCK AT DOOR We need to talk about Ronan Burley now.
Could you just give us a minute, Marcus? It's fine No, we hadn't finished our conversation.
What did you say about Ronan? I think there's something serious going on.
Whatever he's involved in, it's much bigger than a few DVDs.
Well, you did insist on doing everything your way, so whatever it is, I think you'd better sort it out, Marcus.
I need cash.
I thought I could get what I needed by flogging my stuff, but I'm still short.
Why are you so desperate? What's going on? I'm leaving, I'm getting out of Rochdale for good.
Thanks to your dad, it looks like I'm going today.
Hiya! Ready to go to the canteen? Not now, Ruth.
But I thought you said we'd have lunch together.
I really don't have time.
Dad Sweetheart, please.
When we're at school I can't be your dad all the time, I have to be a teacher as well.
You could do both before.
I know, but that was different.
Look, I think we both have to accept that things have to change now we're here.
But Ruth, find some friends your own age instead of hanging around your old man all the time.
I thought you liked it when we hang around together? I do, but right now I really have to find someone.
Just give the friend thing a chance, OK? For me, yeah? Why are you giving Ronan so much grief? No-one asked you to go and see his dad.
I'm trying to help him, Jonah.
No, you're assuming you know what's best without asking what he thinks.
Just like you do with me.
Like I do with you? You followed me to this school without asking.
I took this job so we'd see more of each other.
Yeah, and I came here so we wouldn't.
You never ask what I want.
I didn't know you felt so strongly.
Cos you've never asked.
You know what? Me and Ronan have got something in common - both our dads don't know when to leave us alone.
Mr Burley wants the best for his son, and so do I.
Cos you're never wrong, are you, Dad? Step across going into the hip, and throw down, right? Right, who wants to learn a bit of self-defence? Can't you just teach us how to karate chop? Boo! Now, you're not here to learn how to kick somebody's head in, you're here to learn how to respect other people.
Respect? What's that got to do with self-defence? Because if you respect other people, Lauren, you might not have to use the stuff I show you.
Now, some of you are going to be more vulnerable than others.
Like who? Well, people that are a bit different.
Different how? Well, different in different ways.
People might think you're different, Lauren, because you've got dark hair.
Yeah, they'd be a little bit mad Or they might say that you're different, Amy because, um Well, because um Are you just going to insult everyone, Sir? No! I'm saying that it doesn't matter if you're different, it doesn't give anyone the right to pick on you.
Now you take Josh for example, now just because Josh is Just cos he's, what? Yeah, what is he, Sir? Curly-haired.
THEY LAUGH Oh, shut-up.
I need all the information you have on Ronan Burley's family situation.
Anything at all.
I thought maybe you keep files or Files? Don't need no files, mate.
It's common knowledge, he's one of the Burleys.
What Burleys? I know plenty about that lot.
If you would have asked me earlier I could've saved you from going round there.
Josh? Come and show us how it's done, eh? Who else? Me, Sir.
Go easy on her, Josh, we don't want anyone getting hurt, do we? OK.
Let's try with someone else.
Me, Sir.
It's all right to try this time.
Well done, Amy.
Oi, Cameron! This school's full of scumbags who don't pay debt.
Never mind that, my dad's been looking for you.
Yeah, I'll send him a postcard.
Are you sure? Is there not someone you could talk to? Jo, it's cool.
I know my dad, right? If I want to get away from here, I need to get away.
But leaving I've thought about this, I know what I'm doing.
I've been planning and saving.
Look, I thought I had more time, but today's as good a day as any.
Are you going to be all right? I'll be fine.
This is so embarrassing, can I just go? Look, I know I said this wasn't about you and Finn What, you lied? No, I just think you should be able to stick up for yourself.
Just give it another try, yeah? Why have you got to make things worse? Ronan! Ronan, wait! Ronan! Hello, Son.
Why don't we go home, eh? You can tell me all about it.
What's all the cash for? You in some kind of trouble? Is it gambling? Drugs? Me and your mum are really worried you.
I'm leaving Rochdale.
No, no, you're not.
Yeah, I am.
That's what I needed the money for.
I can't be around you any more.
Get in the car.
No, I said I was leaving and I meant it.
I can take care of myself.
Oh, what? By living off the cash you got from selling the gear I bought you? Sounds like you're really looking after yourself.
I can't be who you want me to be.
I'm sorry.
It's not good enough, now get in the car.
Calm down, please.
You are my son! Don't you get it? You don't walk away from me.
Mr Burley! Can you let him go now, please.
You'd be happy? Seeing your boy turn his back on you? I would try and understand what he was trying to tell me.
Dad, you're hurting me.
You're not taking him anywhere! And who's going to stop me? Looks like that's going to be me.
Don't you ever come between me and my boy again.
Get off this property.
You heard him.
What the hell's going on here? Let me handle this.
Ronan, with me.
Now! What was that all that about? Don't ask me.
You lot, back inside now, please.
All right, everybody, the show's over.
I feel responsible for all this.
That's because you are responsible! Your father told me he hopes you'll be taking over the family business soon.
Yeah, if you can call it a business.
More like robberies, drugs, GBH.
Whatever really.
It's just not me.
I can't get into all that, he just doesn't listen.
Thinks he knows best the whole time.
You'd be willing to leave Rochdale to get away from all of that? I don't have a choice.
My cousin Jack, he's a year older than me, doing 20 years for armed robbery.
If I don't get away, that'll be me.
You could've told someone.
And what would they have done? Gone to my house and seen how lucky I am to have a dad that gives me everything? Now that I know the real situation, I can help.
I need to be out of here by the end of the day.
OK, fine.
Give me till then, yeah? I'll stick around till the end of school, but as far as I'm concerned nothing you can do will stop me leaving tonight.
You owe me an explanation.
I know, but can we do it later, please? I'm on a bit of a tight deadline.
Now, Marcus.
I came to you for help earlier.
You told me to deal with it? If I'd known Ronan selling DVDs would somehow spiral into a riot, I think I would have paid a little more attention.
It's my problem.
I made a mess, I'll clear it up.
You should've kicked his head in.
The best way to deal with trouble is to stay calm.
There are lots of ways of sticking up for yourself, you know? It's like she's a child, it's worse actually, it like she's a teenager.
She is a teenager.
Don't anger it.
You've got a flaming cheek, haven't you? Maybe we should go.
No, no, no, it's just starting to get interesting.
I've got a cheek, have I? Why is that? Well, it occurs to me I'm looking after the baby's health now, you when the baby's born.
Yeah, a fact for which the baby and the NHS obesity statistics will be eternally grateful.
We can all do a bit of research.
How come you didn't tell me about your John? Gone bust last year.
A little birdie told me.
That has got absolutely nothing to do with our ability to raise a baby.
Just cos you know what a courgette looks like, it don't make you a good parent.
D'you know what? I think it's about time me and you had a chat, don't you? Come on.
I was really enjoying that.
And before you ask, I do know what a courgette looks like.
Are you all right? Must be a new record.
Getting into a fight with a parent on your first day? It's not the first time I've taken a punch.
No, I'll bet.
Still it's hardly surprising, it was only a matter of time before Kev Burley had to stick his oar in.
Ronan's a good kid, but the family In and out of prison every five minutes.
So the school knew about Ronan's family situation and did nothing? What are we supposed to do? You can't poke your nose into a family's business just cos they're a bad lot.
Anyway, Ronan keeps clear of all that.
He's been trying to.
Mr Burley thinks it's time Ronan got involved in the family business and Ronan thinks his only option is to leave Rochdale.
When did all this kick off? Round about the time I started poking my nose in.
At the end of the day, it's his life.
We'll never know what goes on behind closed doors.
So I should just sit back and do nothing? Let Ronan leave everything behind even though I know it's not the best thing for him? You're here to guide Ronan as best you can.
I know it sounds harsh, but at some point you've just got to trust he makes the right decision.
OK, you can ask me anything you like and I promise to give you an honest answer.
Same here.
If there's anything that either of us think is incompatible with child-rearing, we address those questions calmly, sensibly, like adults.
Seems fair enough to me.
OK, I'll start.
Did you and John almost get divorced? Yes, we did.
It was a very hard time, but, you know, we got through it and I think we've come out the other side stronger than ever.
My turn.
The father of the baby.
Did he look like he may have had a family history of heart disease and, or glaucoma? Well, it was dark and I'd had more than a sniff of sherry.
Fine, fine, well, you know, we'll greet any genetic mutations as a pleasant surprise.
Right, your turn.
Was you addicted to tranquillisers? Next question.
But Next question, please.
Finn I wanted to say, you just either be my mate or you don't.
Your choice.
I don't need so-called mates who just don't accept me for who I am.
And for the record? I don't fancy you.
Then why were you were sharking me all summer? You what? Don't deny it.
We were mates! I weren't hanging round with you so I could jump on you.
Get over yourself.
D'you reckon Jess Fisher'd go out with me? No.
Why not? Because she's fit and you only wash your hair once a month? Can you just wait outside the classroom quietly, please! Haven't you ever done anything that you're really ashamed of? Even though it was over, you didn't want to talk about it cos it just makes you feel awful and guilty.
Like you let everybody down.
Yeah, course I have.
Look, I know I'm an interfering cow, but I am going to love this baby, Janeece.
And nagging, it's just my way.
You nagging is the only thing that's going to get us through this.
Aw, that's sweet.
To tell you the truth, this whole pregnancy is scaring the crap out of me.
Me too.
Look, you don't have to tell me about the pills.
Thank you.
But if you're not doing a truth you're going to have to do a dare.
Hey, Dad.
Did you, er, get chance to speak to Mum? Did she go mad when you told her that I'm moving out? Shut the door, Jess.
You can come and live with me if that's what you want, love.
You and Vicki.
I'd love to have you.
Great! So what's the problem then? It's no problem, it's just that I need to tell you something first.
When your mother and I split up, it wasn't because we fell out of love or what happened with your sister.
Well, it was but Just say it, Dad.
I had an affair.
An affair? Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't Mum tell us? Because she thought you and Harry had been through enough already.
And I'm going to be moving in with her very soon.
Her being your fancy piece? Her being Maria.
And it's not just some fling, love.
So Sorry, let me just clear this up.
You leave us for another woman.
I didn't leave you.
So you lie, and you tell the truth because you're forced to? I know.
I should have told you the truth before.
No more lies, I promise, all right? I'm going to tell Harry everything.
No, Dad, I'll do it.
Save you a trip.
Jess Damn.
Almost forgot this.
Never thought I'd be taking souvenirs from this place, but here I am.
Dunno why I'm getting so sentimental.
Maybe cos you'll miss this place? I guess that means you haven't come up with a grand plan? There's no easy answer here.
I can't give you a foolproof solution because there isn't one.
So that's it? Hmm? You're just going to run away? Better than jail.
Better than spending my life thieving.
But listen to the practicalities for a second, yeah? You're too old for foster care.
The only job you're likely to get will be minimum wage with no hope of anything better.
I don't have a choice.
I didn't ask.
What do want to do with your life? You what? Well, when I was your age I wanted to lose my virginity and win a Nobel prize.
Not necessarily in that order.
It's stupid.
More stupid than wanting to win a Nobel prize instead of playing centre forward for England? You'll think I'm daft.
Doubt it, go on.
I want to be an estate agent.
I know.
I might as well work for my dad.
At least he's an honest criminal.
HE LAUGHS I don't want to be what everyone said I was going to be - Just another thug.
I know.
You still have choices.
Difficult ones, but still choices.
Choosing between my family and my gut isn't much choice.
You think I should go back and speak to him.
It has to be your decision.
But you owe it to yourself to be sure.
Will you come with me? Right, is this strictly necessary.
I don't want my kid being brought up by someone who don't stick to her word.
OK, stop laying it on thick.
What's up with your face? Trapped wind? I wish.
Oi! I'm a married man, you mad trollop! Get your coat, Grantly.
I think you've just pulled.
Right, mate, put your right leg right across me there, go.
There, you're getting the hang of that.
Get used to that, mate.
Good night, Mr Clarkson.
I didn't expect to see you two in here.
I thought I could do with some practice.
Yeah, I've got to go.
See you later.
Am I missing something? He was taking the mick out of you, now you're best mates? I told him he didn't need to treat me any different than what he did before, I'm still me.
Good for you, son.
I'll catch up.
I'm going to be a bit late home, so can you look after Ruth for me, please? No problem.
I'll be as quick as I can.
Don't worry about it.
Just make sure Ronan's OK.
I'll see you at home.
Jonah If you don't want me to be here, I won't stay.
Dad, I'm sorry about all that stuff I said earlier.
Don't be.
I brought you up to have opinions for yourself.
Maybe it's about time I started listening to them.
Oh, go on then, you can have one.
So, I've been thinking.
Till the baby's born, I give you permission to nag me as much as you like.
You know, keep a proper eye on me.
And I think the best way to do that is if .
I move in with you and John.
What d'you, reckon, roomie? I'm sorry about your dad.
I know what it's like to be stuck in the middle of your parents.
Your dad didn't have an affair, did he? Are you upset? I just wish people would be upfront with me.
That's what makes me upset.
The lies.
Tell me about it.
My dad said we'd spend more time together while he was here.
But all he's done all day is tell me he's too busy.
So? I'm stuck in this hell hole and my dad doesn't even want to talk to me.
What should I do? Make some friends of your own? Walk me home? Why? Aren't you allowed to cross the road on your own? Something like that.
Hey, gorgeous.
Listen, will you go out with me.
Just one date, you won't regret it.
Ask me another day.
Well, I need to know now! Hi, love.
I'll deal with this.
I knew you'd come back.
I'm here for Ronan.
It doesn't matter what crap teachers fill your head with.
You're a Burley, all right? You know you are.
I haven't changed my mind, Dad.
I don't want to work for you.
With, you're going to work with me.
Partners, remember.
Just like that thing tonight we spoke about.
Until I get banged up? I've seen it, Dad.
You ruin lives.
All right, all right.
If that's what you want then you don't have to work with me.
What, seriously? Serious.
But let's be honest here, you're not exactly blessed in the brains department.
What are you going to do for the rest of your life, sell DVDs? No-one ever ended up in hospital cos I sold them a DVD.
That's the difference.
You know what? You go off and be whatever you want to be, yeah, go on the dole, see if I care! Go off and be some low-paid office boy worker if that's what you want to do, if that fits your little moral code.
But don't come crying to me when it goes wrong! You've got a chance to make things right with your son.
You said to me this morning I know what I said! Look at me, Ro.
I want you by my side.
By your side? You just want to control me.
I need my stuff.
You ungrateful You ain't going anywhere, I promise you that.
I knew it.
You'll never change, will you? You leave this house, you ain't never coming back.
Bye, Dad.
Let him go.
Why don't you come back to mine tonight? We can think about something more permanent tomorrow.
This is my home, he's not going to drive me away.
Give me your phone.
We could, we could go back to school and maybe sit down and try and see if we can work something Police, please.
Well, if you're here to give me official notification of your moving out I'm not.
I did talk to Dad about it before, but, well, it turns out that You OK, Jess? Do you know who she is? Who? Dad's girlfriend.
Your father and I agreed I think he figured it'd be difficult to keep her a secret when I moved in and she's cooking breakfast every morning.
It might have been a bit of a problem.
Are you OK? No.
I don't know.
I just wish you'd have told me.
So does Harry.
I thought I understand why you didn't.
I just wish that you didn't think you had to protect me from stuff.
I'm sorry I didn't see how difficult things were for you.
Look, I've been thinking about Vicki, and I had a chat with her dad's carer and you're right.
She does need some support.
So if you want to ask her to stay, you can.
Really? Mmm, oh, that's unless you're moving.
I'm not going anywhere.
Why don't you give her a call? OK.
# A cargo lies in our laps # The weight is so heavy and this is all we know # The message will need a ship # To travel across oceans # You don't have to stay, you know? The police said they'd call when your father's in custody.
Until they do, I'm staying put.
It'll be weird, just me and my mum in the house.
I'm not going to pretend that this is how I thought it would end.
ButI'm proud of you.
Proud of a grass? It's the one thing you don't do.
But now that I've done it, I feel good.
I feel like I can do anything I want.
How does that work, eh? SIRENS WAIL Stop, police! I'm arresting you for robbery, you do not have to say anything but anything you do say may be used in evidence.
MOBILE RINGS Do you want to? You do it.
Marcus Kirby.
Thank you.
Well? Let's get you home.
# Hear it through the ceilings and through the night # Those sweet sounds of silence Till morning light # Thanks for this, Mrs Fisher.
No problem.
Glad to have you.
Um, I was thinking about putting Vicki in Bex's room.
If that's all right? It's fine.
You make yourself at home.
I'll bring the rest of my stuff round tomorrow.
There's more? DOORBELL Hi.
Come on in? Thank you.
Do you think I helped at all? Or did I just make things worse for the boy? I think you did all you could.
And Ronan got some support and that can't be a bad thing.
I was out of my depth, Karen.
Actually, I'd say for a first day, it went very well.
All I've been hearing is "Mr Kirby this, Mr Kirby that.
" Really? Mmm.
I'm sorry I had to cancel our afternoon meeting, but it's been one of those days.
There's been a few of those lately.
You ought to be grateful you got a clean mug.
Well, clean-ish.
Don't worry.
I know how hard it is when you're going through a separation.
Actually, I don't usually talk about my private life at school.
We're not in school.
No, I suppose we're not.
It's hard.
It'd be strange if we didn't feel lost.
GIGGLING FROM UPSTAIRS Quite a few things going on at the moment.
Right, well, I'd better, um Before you do.
What happened to Ronan today, showed up some holes in the pastoral care system.
Well, that's fair to say.
I'd like to hear your views about fixing them.
How about tomorrow lunch time? Excellent.
I've got a good set of ears so you know where to find me.
Thanks, Marcus.
Thanks again, Mrs Fisher.
When we're in the house, it's Karen.
And you don't need to keep thanking me.
D'you like it? Cute, I never see you wearing this though.
You can borrow it.
I don't think I will! Tonight, at mine.
Are you up for it? Yeah.
I'm in.
You want to get yourself into drugs, fine.
Don't expect me to hang around with you.
He's a right laugh is your John, he told a joke last night, talk about funny.
Never realised I was that funny.
No, neither did I.
Leave him alone! She's practically conducted a drugs deal on school property and you've allowed it to happen? Who brought the drugs into school? Sam did.
It was Amy, sir.

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