Waterloo Road (2006) s06e06 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 6

I had an affair.
An affair? Do you know who she is? Who? Dad's girlfriend.
Sam's a good kid and by keeping her off school any longer you'll lose more than you've gained by suspending her.
I was thinking about putting Vicki in Bex's room.
That's fine.
You make yourself at home.
Sambuca, here's the deal.
You're on trial.
You put a foot wrong and you're onto the next stage.
Till the baby's born, you have permission to nag me as much as you like.
The best way to do that is if I move in with you and John.
I'm saying, I don't think they'll be in the best of moods.
Why? What's happened? Well, you've dragged them in for an early meeting, for a start.
I didn't drag them in.
I've simply asked them to attend.
Karen, you called round everyone at ten last night.
That's not much notice.
Marcus and I discussed this and we feel we've been dragging our heels.
Is that a fact? We're almost half-way through the term.
We need to start pushing this policy.
All right, just don't expect too much enthusiasm.
This lot can be tetchy in the mornings.
It's seven o'clock.
How tetchy can they be? Who the hell does she think she is? Guessing you mean Karen? Thinks we're at her beck and call.
Breakfast meetings Some of us have things to attend to in the morning.
Ah, has Fleur got you doing chores? You have no idea.
Bit much this, innit? What can be so important that she calls us in this early? Make your way to the staffroom, please, then we can get started.
I see she sent her lapdog out to round us up.
You're not a morning person, are you, Grantly? Were you wearing that shirt yesterday? Course not.
I just thought I recognised the soup stain.
Hey, Missy! Give them here, thank you.
I can carry my own things.
Heavy weights? In your condition? Ruby, I'm pregnant.
Not disabled.
OK, I want to discuss pastoral care.
I know we've phased out the position, but we are still responsible for the emotional well being of our pupils.
It's a tricky area.
I know some of you would prefer to pass these issues on to senior management.
But I think we should be much more hands-on with our approach.
So, I'd like you to be responsible for the pastoral care of your own tutorial group.
Let's start with first period this morning - send out a message that we are all here to help.
Be open, flexible, and, above all, listen.
Thank you very much for coming in.
Enjoy your breakfast.
Thank you.
Oh, you have a PSHE drug-awareness class, is that correct? Year 11.
It's hardly the forum for an open discussion, is it? With respect, Karen, it is a drug-awareness class.
Yes, I want you to make them aware of the dangers of drugs and the fact that the school doesn't tolerate them.
What if the kids have questions? If they want to discuss something? I'm to tell them what? Just say no? It's important we send out a clear and concise message.
Yes, but if the kids see we're lecturing them, they'll just switch off.
Oh, I'm sure you'll find ways to engage them and stay on message.
Yeah, but, Karen We need to stay on message, Cesca.
Ah, check this, Amy.
Sam did us a CD.
She made us a cover and everything.
Yeah? Great.
Listen, Trevor came round last night.
Oh, serious? So we're on, then? Totally.
Guess what? Amy's cousin got us Lauren, what you doing? I thought I told you.
Between us.
Well, it's only Sam.
But I don't care.
Don't want everyone knowing, come on.
Sorry, Sam, I guess it's private.
Lauren? I'll catch you later, Sam? Thanks for the CD, I love it.
Mate of mine went last week.
Said it were brilliant.
Yeah, looks all right, I suppose.
They're free passes them, as well.
Won't have to queue.
Pick you up at eight? Yeah.
That lad does not know when to give up! Got a date out of it, though.
It's not a date, all right? It's just going out is better than staying at home.
Yeah, all that Ibiza techno stuff? It's a bit dated.
What, home-schooled kids into something cooler? It's supposed to be ironic.
Retro nights are all the rage.
Foam parties with 15-year-old lads.
Is that where you're at? Yeah, it's where I'm at.
Hilarious, lads.
Really Hilarious.
My sides are splitting.
Cesca? Treating me like an idiot Drugs are a tricky area.
We need to be careful when discussing them, that's all.
Now you're treating me like an idiot.
I know we have to be careful but why do we have to be so rigid? This is drugs.
We're talking about vulnerable kids.
They're only vulnerable because we don't give them enough proper information.
We're supposed to be teaching them.
And we are.
No, we're preaching to them, we're talking down to them, and they won't listen to it and I don't blame them.
Look, Cesca? Just make sure that you I know.
Just say no.
Is it strong, then? Yeah, one joint and you'll be totally baked.
Well, what, have you tried it? No, but Trevor reckons it's good stuff.
And he knows all about it, so D'you reckon we'll be OK? Soon find out.
Trying it tonight at mine.
You up for it? Erm, yeah, I suppose.
Don't suppose.
You're in or what? Yeah.
I'm in.
What are you playing at, Lauren? Are you stupid! You almost made me drop this down the toilet.
The best place for it! What? You into drugs now, Lauren? It's just a bit of grass, Sam.
You think Fisher's going to take it that way? We weren't planning on telling her.
Are you mad or what? What's it got to do with you? I'm talking to my mate.
What? Is there someone else in here? No-one finds you funny.
Shut up, both of you.
We're all mates, aren't we? Come on, Sam, you are being a little bit of a downer about this.
It's just grass.
We should all go to Amy's after school.
Smoke a bit.
It'll be a laugh.
She's not coming to mine.
Oh, come on, Amy D'you know what? I'm not.
You want to get yourself into drugs, Lauren, then fine but don't expect me to hang around with you.
Total emotional blackmail or what? You going to stand for that? Come on, Sam, don't be like this.
See you got your bag back? Yeah.
Does that happen a lot? Those lads having a go at you.
Pretty much every day.
I don't mind.
It gives them something to do.
You what? If it wasn't for me, they'd be out on the streets causing trouble.
I'm like a leisure centre, really.
Sam, wait up.
Look, Sam, why are you being like this? Being a downer, you mean? No, I just don't get why you're so against it.
Lauren, have you met my mum? Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I completely forgot, I'm such a div.
Look, it's not like I'm mad about the idea.
To be honest, I'd rather leave it.
Leave it, then.
I can't.
Amy's already got the stuff.
I promised her Tell her you don't want to do it any more.
That gives her more.
Well, you know Amy, she's not the easiest person to say "no" to.
Sam, I'd just feel better if you were there.
No, Lauren.
Just to keep an eye out to make sure everything's OK.
Think about it.
BELL RINGS I'm sure you all think you know how each drug can affect you, but there are risks, too.
Yeah, she's right.
Munchies are murder.
Actually, I was thinking of more serious problems that can arise.
Some drugs are safe, Miss.
No, not so.
Some so-called safe drugs can also pose health risks.
For example, cannabis.
Paranoia, panic attacks, nausea.
Long-term dependency.
Can cause brain damage, Miss.
Yeah, you'll know all about that.
Have you ever taken drugs, Miss? That's not really relevant.
Yeah, it is.
Well, if you've never taken drugs then you can't lecture us.
And if you have, then you're a hypocrite, telling us not to touch them.
Yeah, Miss.
I mean, you can't expect us to listen if you're not honest.
OK, let's talk frankly.
Mr Budgen? Oi! STUDENTS LAUGH Quiet! Are you working nights or something? What? That is the second time I've caught you napping.
It's not even ten.
Just a bit tired this week, that's all.
Are you all right, Grantly? Hey, let me give you a hand.
You're going to do yourself an injury.
I can manage, Ruby.
John was right.
You need to stop fussing over me.
I am not fussing.
I am helping.
When did John say I was fussing? Last night.
We had a little chat after dinner.
I don't remember.
No, because you're usually off fussing.
What, usually? Regular little chat, is it? Yeah.
He's a right laugh, your John.
Told a joke last night.
Talk about funny.
Funny? God, yeah.
I nearly wet myself.
I know experimentation is a big part of growing up and some of you may decide to try drugs but you have to be aware of the risks involved.
It's up to you to take responsibility of your own lives.
And if any of you have any questions or need advice, then we, as your teachers, are here for you.
Yeah, right.
I'm serious.
Oh, come on, Miss.
Imagine walking into his mum's office and asking for advice about drugs.
Yeah, but it's not just Fisher.
All teachers are the same.
Want to give you a lecture about "all drugs being evil.
" Then they go down the pub and get out off their heads.
OK, maybe there are some double standards.
Well, how about this? If any of you have any questions or issues about drugs or you need advice or a chat, then come to me.
Strictly confidential and you won't get a lecture.
I promise.
Can we ask you about anything, Miss? Absolutely.
Everybody's welcome.
Where can I get some good stuff? LAUGHTER OK, everybody except Finn.
Lauren? I'm in.
I'll come along tonight.
Seriously? Hold on a minute.
You've suddenly just changed your mind? Lauren's a friend, so I'm helping her.
Ah, great, it'll be a right laugh.
What? No way is she coming.
Not getting any of my gear for free.
Oh, for God's sake, Amy.
How much do you want, Amy? It's a bit steep, Amy.
We only paid a tenner.
Yeah, but we did all the hard work.
Took all the risks.
If she wants in now, then it's 20.
I'll get the money.
Yeah, believe that when I see it.
But if I'm paying £20, then I want to keep hold of the drugs.
What for? Don't trust you.
Right, just make sure you follow your recipes.
What are you doing charging her 20? Cos she's up to something.
There's no way she's for real.
She's just being a good mate.
Totally playing you, by the way.
Look, soon as we give her the stuff, she'll have it down the bog.
Sam wouldn't do that.
We'll see about that.
Pass me that.
What are you doing? I'm making this look like the real stuff and proving a point.
If Kelly's on our level, turns up wanting to party, then we tell her we gave her fake stuff by mistake.
But if she ditches this, then we've still got our grass, her money, and you know who your mates are.
So how did PSHE go? Great, actually.
Really great.
We had a very positive discussion.
You towed the party line, though, right? Yeah, mostly.
But I did manage to engage them on their level.
It's just a matter of popping round.
Just making sure everything's OK.
How about this after Oh, no, no, no, of course.
I understand, it's fine.
Is everything all right? Bloody neighbours.
There's a pupil at the door for you.
Oh, thanks.
Miss, you said that we could come speak to you.
Yeah, for a talk.
Not for money to buy drugs.
It's so I can get rid of them.
It's the only way.
No, it's not.
For a start, you can tell me who's got them.
No, I'm not giving names.
Sam, that's not good enough.
Well, why not? How am I to know that you're not going to take them? You really think that I'd take drugs? Miss, I've spent half my life with an addict.
Apart from with my mum, it was alcohol.
I've been there at the beginning of the night, when it's just having a few to take the edge off.
And at the end of the night when she's drunk and I'm picking her up off the floor, putting her into bed, making sure she won't wet herself.
No, it's not OK.
Because if it was, you'd know that I'd never take drugs.
I didn't even have to come to you, y'know? But it was you who was going on about how you could help, so I thought I'd do the right thing.
Obviously made a mistake.
Are you OK? Me? Yeah, I'm fine.
You haven't seen a pair of trousers have you? Thanks.
You should tell your mum.
It's not that easy.
What's hard about it? I tell on those two, I'd have to tell on all the other lads that give me grief every day.
Before you know it, she'll have half the school in her office.
Then fight back.
It's not going to stop them.
All bullies are cowards.
Why does everyone think all bullies are cowards? They're not.
They're just bullies.
You're just going to let them keep having a go at you? Yeah, until they get bored.
Soon as you get them, you bring them straight back to me.
OK? Go on.
Come on, it's all clear.
Finn? What are we doing? I just need to talk to you, don't I? Well, there is a perfectly good corridor out there for talking.
Yeah? What d'you think you're playing at? Oi! What's going on? I just came to get some homework, Sir.
You're not in my class, Finn.
I've been getting really into science recently.
Biology, mainly.
Really into biology.
D'you know what I mean? Finn.
Just shut up, yeah? Out, now.
Have you got a minute? Jess Jess, see the look on his face, man? Just leave it, Finn.
You've got to admit, it was pretty funny.
D'you know what? You're embarrassing.
D'you know that? Snogging in classrooms like we're a pair of teenagers.
We are a pair of teenagers.
Jess? You actually gave a pupil money to buy drugs? So they can hand them over to us.
A bit unorthodox I know but Try reckless, try stupid.
What was I supposed to do? Gone straight to Karen.
I said I wouldn't get her involved.
This isn't the playground rules, Cesca.
You're a teacher for God's sake.
I don't see what the big deal is.
You do.
That's why you came straight in here and told me.
You're looking for a get out if this goes pear-shaped.
I just thought you should know.
Who was it? I can't tell you.
I'm taking this to Karen.
God! Why is it, every time something goes wrong, you go running to Fisher? Cos she's the head.
And you're the deputy head.
Must be some level of autonomy.
Or maybe Grantly's right.
Maybe you are just her lap dog.
Hey, I'm nobody's lap dog.
And I'm not ten-years-old, so spare me the cheap reverse psychology.
Fine, look.
The main thing here is to get the drugs out of the school.
Let's just see how it pans out.
Let's just trust the kids for once.
Thank you.
We're all set for tonight, then? Yeah, catch you later, yeah? Still think she won't flush them? No, I know Sam.
She won't do that.
Come on.
I knew it.
The little cow.
I just don't get it.
What is she doing? What does it look like? Grassing us up to Montoya.
Your mate's a snitch.
I can't believe it.
Warned you, didn't I? We need to get rid of the stuff Lauren, let's go.
John? All right, love? What are you doing here? Janeece forgot her lunch.
I thought I'd pop by and drop it in.
You came all the way over because she forgot her lunch? Can't have her going hungry, can we? She would have managed.
We have a cafeteria.
Yeah, but you made this special.
All the major food groups covered You mean fussed over it? What? Janeece told me about last night, you and her, after dinner, your little chat.
But not in a bad way, Ruby.
We were just talking.
Having a laugh.
More than a laugh, apparently.
She nearly wet herself.
Really? Never realised I were that funny.
Neither did I.
In you go, everyone.
Find a seat and sit down quickly.
Open your books at page 17, we're on experiment three.
OK, we've got a big problem.
Why have I got a big problem? Because you are going to have to admit that I was right.
In you go.
You're late.
I can't believe she set us up.
So much for being your best mate.
Yeah, I know, but why go to Montoya? Just because she's anti-drugs? Look, Lauren, change the record.
Sam would.
Sam has.
Sam's a cow.
Actually You know what? Why should we let her get away with this? She turns up this morning, all pally like, and then two hours later, she's reporting you to the teachers.
I guess she wasn't the mate I thought.
Yeah, well I am.
I'm not letting her get away with treating my mates like this.
Just get rid of it.
They find that on us and we're in trouble.
But what if they found it on Kelly? What are you talking about? It won't do.
It will not do.
It won't do, what will they think? Clean shirt, won't do, it won't do.
It will not do Spa weekend, is it? Mmm, it's just a You know, a little treat for Vicky and Jess.
As we're all getting along so well, I thought it would be nice.
Ah, lovely.
A proper girly weekend.
You don't think they're too young for a spa, do you? You're kidding right? a spa.
They're spa mad.
You want to hear them in the corridor, it's spa this, spa that.
Thank you, Janeece.
You've made your point.
There's something I need to tell you, Miss.
Just think about what we discussed.
You've got the information to answer the questions.
Anything you don't finish you can take as homework.
And you're sure Sam Kelly has drugs with her today? Yeah, she was practically bragging about it, Miss.
What time was this? This morning.
Before school.
I would have come straight to you miss, but Miss Montoya said What did Miss Montoya say? In class this morning, she was saying that drugs were all right.
Miss Montoya was endorsing drugs? I wouldn't say endorsing.
She just talked about how we were young and how we should, like try things out so I reckoned that, well, maybe Sam having drugs was all right.
But then I thought about it and it's not all right, is it, Miss? No, Amy.
It certainly isn't.
I need to see Sam Kelly.
Sure, what's the problem? Drugs.
What? Sam? Can you come with me now, please? Why, what have I done? Right away.
Bring your things.
The rest of you, get on with your work quietly, please.
Hey! Easy.
It's oregano.
Oh, for God's sake, Chris.
How naive are you? That's what grass looks like.
Yeah, well the reason this grass looks like oregano is because it is oregano.
Are you sure? I'm positive.
Well, there must be some mistake.
You think so? I reckon your informer's taken you for a mug.
Where are you going? To find out what's going on.
I've been informed that you are in possession of drugs.
What? Have you got anything to say? Well It's a total lie, Miss.
I'm asking you to search your things.
Hang on a minute.
You don't have to do that, Sam.
No, she doesn't but if you have nothing to hide It's fine.
And your jacket? Where did you get that from, Sam? I don't know.
It's not mine.
What else is in your pocket? Miss Sam, please.
Miss, I don't what's going on I don't believe this.
Right, you need to come with me.
Look, Karen, Sambuca is totally anti-drugs.
There is no way Karen Tom? Just found drugs on Sambuca, can you believe that? It won't do, Grantly.
Your shirt.
It won't do, it won't do.
BELL RINGS Grantly, your shirt, forgotten.
I've told you, Miss.
I don't know how they got there.
Sam, forgive me if I find that hard to believe.
But I'm telling the truth.
KNOCK AT DOOR Is everything OK? No.
Sam's been found with drugs in her possession and a quantity of money.
Right, I see.
Well, tell them, Sir, that it must be a mistake.
You know that I'd never touch drugs.
Explain to us why they were in your pocket.
Well, someone must have put them there, to set me up or something.
Why would someone do that? I don't know.
Well, you must have your suspicions? I don't believe this.
I gave them to her, she was going to get rid of them.
Gave them to who to get rid of? Miss Montoya.
She gave me some money.
I was going to get her the drugs and I was just helping out.
Sam, do you understand how serious this is? Yes! Yes, I do.
Then don't make matters worse by falsely accusing a member of staff.
I'm not, Miss.
I know Miss Montoya may have made some ill-advised comments in her class today, but I doubt even she would give money to a pupil to buy drugs.
Actually, Mrs Fisher Unbelievable! It's a cock up.
I admit but And you knew about this? After the fact.
Cesca had already gone ahead with it when she told me.
Why didn't you come to me? She thought we should hold fire, and see how things pan out.
She thought? Excuse me, remind me who you report to? Me or Francesca? Actually, I made the decision.
Clearly, decision-making isn't your forte.
Oh, come on, that is unfair.
Unfair? She's practically conducted a drugs deal on school property and you've allowed it to happen.
I warned her this morning, stay on message.
You keep an eye on Sam and find out who else is involved with this.
THEY CHAT AND LAUGH Oh, there you are.
Grab a seat, Rube.
You're still here? Janeece thought we could all have lunch together.
Grab a pew.
John was just telling me about your first ever camping trip.
First and last.
Ruby hated it, swore she'd never do camping again.
That's not true.
Yeah, is it.
You don't do tents, you don't do caravans, you don't do guest houses Ruby only does hotels, but nothing less than four stars, mind.
JANEECE GIGGLES Ruby? Hey! What was all that about? Nothing.
Come on.
Talk to me.
Why did you tell her I hated our camping trip? Because you did hate it, it rained solidly for seven days it was a disaster.
It wasn't a disaster.
Ruby, the tent blew away.
Yeah, and we slept in the car and we drank hot chocolate and we sang to Girls Talk on the radio.
That was our first holiday together, John.
I didn't realise.
Why don't we sit and talk after dinner? What? Well, you're happy enough to chat to Janeece.
Why not me? Wait a minute, d'you think this No! I'm just asking the question, why don't we sit and talk? Truthfully? Mm-hmm.
Because you're always busy, Ruby.
As if using PSHE to encourage them to try drugs wasn't bad enough, you have them working as mules.
That's not true.
Well, how would you describe it? The plan was that Sam would buy the drugs and then hand them back in.
Well, the plan didn't work, did it? With respect, it sort of did.
Sam was almost true to her word.
Oh, so she handed them in? She handed in oregano.
You've been duped.
She's pulled the wool over your eyes.
Look, I don't know what went wrong, but Sam is not into drugs.
Well, we'll soon find out, won't we? Because you are going to call Rose Kelly and explain to her what's happened, and tell her that Sam could be facing exclusion.
Wait a minute And if she doesn't tell the truth we'll call in the police.
Karen! Karen! Exclusion? It's a bit much, isn't it? Sam's already had two strikes and now she's in possession of drugs.
Well, even so, what exactly do we gain by chucking her out of school? We send out a message.
What message? That we don't tolerate drugs.
Throwing Sam out will not stop the kids from taking drugs.
All we'll do is ruin her future.
You should have thought about that when you handed over 20 quid.
OK, I messed up, I admit it, but do not punish Sam to get back at me.
I don't need to punish Sam to do that.
I didn't sleep with Charlie! I beg your pardon? It wasn't me, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop acting like it was.
Be very careful here, Francesca.
Why? In case you get angry? Sorry, but I've been on the wrong end of your anger since this came out and the worst part of it is, I tried to stop them.
I was on your side.
Am I supposed to thank you? I just don't think I should have to put up with your attitude.
My attitude towards you is based solely on your ability as a teacher and right now, I have got very good cause to question that ability .
and I'm pretty sure the board will, too.
Are you angry with me? I don't fancy your John, you know.
Oh, don't worry, Janeece.
I wasn't worried you were going to steal my husband.
He's just good company and he's funny.
He's got loads of stories to tell.
I know, he can be very entertaining when he wants to be.
Look, don't get me wrong.
I do love living with yous, but if it's causing problems between you and John No, you're not the cause of our problems, you just made us aware of them, that's all.
I think yous are great together.
Do you really? Yeah and you know each other backwards.
Mmm, yeah, well, that's not always a good thing.
My dad used to say that he loved my mum because she was like his favourite pair of slippers - warm and comfortable.
Ah, that's sweet.
I know, I used to think so.
My mum didn't, cos who wants to be somebody's old pair of slippers? Right, I'd best get off.
I'll see you later.
Aaargh! Aaargh! Oh, good God.
Sam, do you know what could happen here? Exclusion, the police.
Is that what you want? Obviously not.
Then tell me who was involved.
I can't.
Has it ever occurred to you that whoever you're protecting might be trying to get you in trouble? It's not like that.
Come on, all we want to know is who brought the drugs into school.
It's your last chance.
That's all you want to know? Right now, that's all.
It was Amy Porter.
Sam, Amy was the one who gave me your name when she came to see me.
I know, but that doesn't mean he didn't bring them to school.
Right, let's get her in, then.
You wanted to see me Fleur? Fleur, what's happened? What's she doing here? I found her in my office.
Forgot your shirt, Grantly.
Fleur, love.
What are you doing? Bringing you your shirt.
SHE MOUTHS (She's got no shoes, so I think she must have walked here.
That was embarrassing, weren't it? Sorry? You walking in on me and Finn this morning.
Oh, that, yeah.
I mean, he's a nice guy and stuff, but it's not serious between me and him.
Thanks for letting me know.
Oh, Jess.
Don't let me catch you in class during break again, yeah? Chris.
How's Sam? She says that Amy Porter had the drugs.
Well, that makes more sense.
Oi, Miss Montoya! Are you sick in the head, or what? Tom, listen You gave Sam money to buy drugs.
What are you playing at?! I made a mistake.
Yeah and Sam's paying for it.
She could be out the school.
We're trying to sort it out.
Have any idea how tough she's had it since she started here, how hard she's fought to stay? I'm sorry.
Yeah, you will be.
I'd better go and get Amy.
I'm going to get you later! You loser.
THEY LAUGH Don't they ever give you a break? You've got to admire their dedication.
Why do you always do that? Do what? Act like it's a big laugh.
What am I supposed to do? Something other than making stupid jokes about it.
Maybe making stupid jokes is my way of getting back at them, lets them know they can't get to me.
No, it lets them know they can get to you anytime they want.
Cracking one-liners when you're getting picked on isn't funny.
It's just pathetic.
Well, thanks for that Look, I'm trying to help you.
That's your idea of help, is it? No wonder you've got no mates.
Amy, Mead's looking for you.
Lauren, Mead's looking for us.
What do you reckon it's about? Maybe he wants us to join the school choir What d'you think? Like you said, they've got nothing on us.
If we just stick to our story then we'll be fine.
Don't know, it just doesn't seem right.
Kelly's the one that started all this.
I'm not sure about this, Amy.
Amy? Come with me, please.
You'd better get sure.
Why didn't you tell any of us? Because it's private, that's why.
What are the doctors saying? Alzheimer's, he reckons.
Early onset.
Oh, Grantly, I'm so sorry.
She's not always like this.
Mostly she's fine.
It's just a bad day today.
And what about help? Are you accessing any support? I'm her husband, it's my job.
Now what about when you're at work? During the day's not so bad, cos I try and get home, lunch sometimes.
You mean she's on her own? Hey, I'm doing my best, you know.
It's not easy, running a home Grantly, where's Fleur? Oh, flaming Nora! Who brought the drugs to school? Amy brought them in.
Sam just turned up with them.
She got them from a dealer, or maybe it was it her mum, I can't remember.
She got them off of her cousin.
And what did she plan to do with them? Take them, and she wanted me to take them too, but I'm not into that, Miss.
She was going to go to her house after school and smoke 'em.
Who brought the drugs into school? Sam did.
It was Amy, sir.
Lauren, a word.
I want to know the truth.
Truth about what? Oh, don't play dumb with me, Lauren.
Sam and Amy are in Mrs Fisher's office now.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Sam's in trouble, so if there's something you don't I don't.
Thought Sam was a mate? Right.
You won't talk to me, you can talk to Mrs Fisher.
Come on.
Nobody's leaving this room until we get the truth.
Well, I just can't believe Sam would blame me just because I told on her.
Oh, you are going to get such a slap! Oi, that is enough, Sam! KNOCK AT DOOR I think Lauren here can shine some light on this.
Lauren? Do you know who brought the drugs in to school.
Then who was it? It were Sam, Miss.
Lauren! She can't have gone far.
Come on.
Yeah, but if we tell some of the members of staff then we can all split up.
No, no-one else! I don't want everyone knowing my business.
She travelled halfway across Rochdale barefoot.
You can't keep a lid on it much longer! Look, WE can find her, all right? What's all the fuss? Oh, Fleur.
Where have you been? Toilet, of course.
Of course.
Can we go home now? Oh, yes.
Oh, yes, love.
Let's do that.
They're lying.
You know that.
You can't punish Sam if you think she's innocent.
We have to find out the truth.
The truth is, my hands are tied.
And you've tied them, Francesca.
Half the school knows I found Sam with drugs and you gave her money to buy them.
PHONE RINGS I can't just let her off.
If you'd come to me in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Coming to you isn't as easy as you think, Karen.
Rose Kelly's on her way up.
I'll deal with you later.
Don't! You're kicking her out?! Are you serious? Under the circumstances, we have no option, Mrs Kelly.
Of course you do! Sam had the drugs on her.
She was on school premises.
She already told you, Amy Porter brought them in.
Unfortunately, another witness has confirmed that Sam was the culprit.
Who? Who said it was her? Lauren.
And why would she say that? I don't know.
No way this is happening without a fight.
I'll appeal.
I'll go to the governors.
And that's your prerogative, although I have to say the board feel as strongly as we do about drugs.
We'll see how they feel after I've spoken to them.
Mum, leave it.
No, I will not Just shut up, all right? Do you know what? I'm done with this place now.
I don't see how you can sit there and kick me out when I'm the only one who's done the right thing.
It's true.
Lauren, Amy and Montoya was all in the wrong today.
And I just tried to help.
Look where that got me.
Just one thing I don't get, Lauren.
Miss? I know Sam didn't bring those drugs in and I'm pretty sure Amy did, but what I don't know is why you accused Sam.
I just told the truth, Miss.
Oh, Lauren, I've done some staggeringly stupid things today, but I'm not an idiot, so don't treat me like one.
I've got to go.
Nothing to worry about now.
You and Amy got away with it.
Sam's excluded, I'll probably lose my job, so you might as well tell me.
Why did you betray your mate? Cos she betrayed me first, running off to you to grass us up.
So you saw Sam come to me? Yeah and I thought she was a mate.
Talk about being it wrong.
Oh, Lauren, you stupid! You know, before I was so angry, but now I just feel really sorry for you.
You've gone and probably lost the best friend you'll ever have.
And trust me, friends like Sam don't come along too often.
She never gave me your name.
What? She wanted to protect you.
So she gave me the drugs, but no names.
Even when she got caught, she stuck by you, gave Amy's name, not yours, loyal to you all day.
And the one moment she needed you to stick by her, what did you do? Maybe Cesca was right.
Maybe I should've let Sam off.
And what would the governors say? Or the parents? Kids, even.
She said something.
When I asked her why she hadn't come to me, she said it wasn't that easy.
Am I really that unapproachable? You're a strong head.
You're dedicated and you know what you want.
Wow, that was diplomatic! What do you want me to say? The truth.
The staff don't come to you because they think that you seem remote and that you don't seem to trust them.
Why would they think that? You treat them like kids half the time.
Calling meetings to tell them to do things that they're already doing.
Like when? Like this morning.
Pastoral Care.
You act like you're the only one that's even thought about it.
I only asked them to look out for the pupils' well-being.
Telling Tom Clarkson to look out for the kids is an insult to him.
He's practically fostered half the school, and the rest of them have all gone out of their way to help these kids out at one time or another.
You have a vision for this place and the staff want to help, but you've got to let them do it their way.
Ooh, I think I preferred it when you were being diplomatic.
Lauren? THEY JEER AND LAUGH Get off me! Oi! Come on.
Up you get.
Leave him alone! What's it got to do with you? I said leave him, all right? You know, I'm beginning to think you guys might fancy him.
You what? You can't keep your hands off him, chasing him round school everyday.
There's something a bit latent about that.
Am I supposed to know what latent means? I doubt you'll ever know what latent means.
Ooooh! Ooooh! Thirsty are you? Aaaaaargh! CROWD CHANTS AND CHEERS To bring drugs here is one thing, to try and blame another pupil? So we need to send out a message here, girls.
One week's suspension, and that's just for starters.
You'll both attend a drugs awareness course with your parents.
Miss, my mum won't do that.
Oh, she will if she wants you to come back here.
And you will both write an apology to Sam and her mother, to be published in the school magazine.
Front page.
You what? Miss! That's fair, Miss.
Now get out of my sight.
You are so dead for this, Lauren.
I'm going to Go and play with your cousin, Amy! Sam, wait up.
You sold me out, Lauren.
How could you even do that? I told the truth in the end.
That makes it all right, does it? No, course not.
We were best mates, it was you and me.
I know, but when I heard you sold me out and everything Amy Amy said? That makes sense.
I was angry, Sam.
I didn't want to set you up, but Amy just took over.
I don't even know why I trusted you to stand up for me.
You can't even stand up for yourself.
I was stupid.
I'm sorry.
You know what, it was me that was stupid, for thinking I was doing the right thing.
Can't we be best mates again, like we used to be? No, I don't see how.
I'm not coming back.
What? You're not even suspended.
The only reason I came here was cos I had a good mate.
There's no reason to stay now, is there? Sam! Thanks for jumping in like that.
It was the least I could do.
How did it feel, hitting him back? It felt good, really good.
They'll come after you tomorrow, though, won't they? Yep.
Well we should stick together then.
In you go, love.
I'll be there in a minute.
I don't want anyone at school knowing about Fleur.
No, it's private.
I understand.
You are going to need to get proper help though, Grantly.
In sickness and in health.
When I took that vow, I meant it.
Doesn't mean you have to do it on your own.
It's what Fleur wants and besides, I've looked after her before.
Well, it's a bit different, she's not going to get better this time.
Well, at least she'll be with me.
I'm going to send John round tomorrow, he's going to pick up your washing and I'm going to make up some meals.
There's no need.
If you are hell bent on doing this by yourself, you're going to need clean clothes and some hot food.
Don't take it for granted, will you? Marriage.
Person you love.
You wake up one day and they're not there.
Jess! He's like a little puppy dog, isn't he? God, he's embarrassing.
Why are you with him? I'm not getting much attention from anyone else, am I? Are you all set for tonight? Yeah, I suppose.
Going to be having it large.
Yeah? Sounds wicked.
Yeah, totally banging.
New chance for me.
So we got the truth out in the end.
Lauren mentioned that you had persuaded her to come clean.
Least I could do.
Won't make up for the mess I've made of things.
No, it won't come close.
I spoke to a few of the governors explained what had happened today.
Not impressed, I take it? Keen to see you removed from your post actually, but I did explain that I thought your intentions were noble and that a period of probation might be more fitting.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
There are conditions, of course.
You'll have to attend a drugs awareness training scheme, refresh your skills and I've arranged to take your Year 11s tomorrow and deliver a slightly more appropriate PSHE class.
Anything else? For the next month, Mr Mead will be responsible for the pastoral care of your tutorial group.
Not safe to be around them? I think a little period of distance might be good for everyone.
Look, about the Charlie thing.
I had no right to say that.
Even if some of the accusations were true.
Karen, about my ability as a teacher Francesca I need to know what you think.
I think you're naive, I think you lack discretion, you make poor choices and you're a liability.
Apart from that, I I think you have the makings of a very good teacher.
Beans on toast.
JANEECE LAUGHS I mean, what is that about? Just in time.
Just in time for what? I've got something to show you, come on.
There was a luxury one, but I thought that would be cosier.
That's brilliant! You can keep each other warm.
I'm not kipping in it.
Why not? Well, there's my bad back for a start.
John, your back? I'm trying to spice up our marriage.
I appreciate that, love, but I'm not camping out.
It'll be freezing.
I'm going to leave yous to it.
We're not sleeping indoors, that is final.
What are we going to do then? "Girls Talk" by Elvis Costello # Can't get any clearer # Girls talk # And they wanna know how girls talk # And they say it's not allowed Girls talk # And they think they know how girls talk # Girls talk # Girls talk, girls talk # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Girls talk # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # THEY LAUGH Here we are, love.
Nice cup of tea.
Eh? Biscuits.
That programme you like is on in a minute.
Should watch it.
Nice cosy evening in, that's what we need.
When can we go home, Grantly? We are home, love.
We are home.
Maria's coming for the debate.
She tried to get out of it, but the head insisted.
Hush your talking.
You've got a big mouth, you know.
Might try keeping it quiet.
Karen Fisher, head teacher.
Maria Lucas, deputy head.
You may be carrying our baby, but I'm not your slave.
So if it's for the baby, fine, if it's for me, forget it? Yeah.
How is it OK? You're shagging my dad! 'It's Janeece, I'm in the toilets.
'I think the baby's coming.
' SHE GROANS Don't you dare tell me that my kids are messed up.
My kids are fine! Piggy, piggy, piggy.

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