Waterloo Road (2006) s06e07 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 7

Yes, I've tried that, Charlie, it's still not working.
Could somebody turn this music down, please? There's no cereal left.
Don't look at me! Mum, where's my other school shirt? Well, can't you just come over and fix it? Mum! I'm trying to get your dad to fix the washing machine.
He's obviously got better things to do.
Erm, I can't wear that.
Look, you can borrow mine.
Thanks, Vicki.
You again.
You're the liar.
What are you on about? I know where you're going Friday.
That's Anita's sleepover, isn't it? No, Finn Sharkey's.
To have sex.
What?! You little grass, you! All right, you two, that's enough.
What did we say about your behaviour? Um, I'm not a slapper, you know.
I didn't say that.
You were about to.
I was about to say you're grounded.
That was so mean.
Who cares what you think? You don't even belong here.
I'm 16! And you still live in my house.
Dad wouldn't ground me.
Dad isn't here.
No, and I don't blame him! Come on, Vicki.
Hi, Ruth.
What am I going to do with that girl? She's your father's daughter.
You're the only normal one in this family.
At least I can rely on you.
School uniforms are social levellers so that poorer students and those of different religious backgrounds are not marked out.
They therefore discourage bullying.
And? We're already 10 seconds over.
Why does that matter? It's got to be a minute, that's the point.
Sophie McMullen won't be over.
Who? Inter-school debating champion for the past four years.
Until today.
Surely not! This is a serious competition.
It's Ruth's chance to show what a gifted student she is.
You mean it's your chance to show how much of a gifted teacher you are.
The two go hand in hand.
She takes after moi.
That's not a word! Hi, Ruth.
Do you fancy hanging out sometime? Maybe after school.
Morning, kiddo.
All right.
See you later, Mum.
Bye, love.
Have you calmed down yet? I'm perfectly calm, thank you.
Good, because Maria's coming in for the debate.
She tried to get out of it, but the Head insisted.
I'm sorry.
What? I'm waiting for the explosion.
I don't have a problem with your girlfriend being here in a professional capacity.
We're at school now, not arguing about the washing machine.
You can tell the kids.
What about "Poppy"? I thought we agreed on "Cheryl" and "Cole" if it's a boy? Did we? You said I could have anything I wanted to.
We've got a few more weeks to think about it yet, haven't we? You all right? Here, let Ruby take that.
And that'll go in the hall, ta.
'Hey!' I'll see you later.
I can't wait for Friday.
Friday's off.
What? Mum found out.
You're joking, aren't you? She's grounded me.
I've changed my bed sheets and everything.
This is rubbish, man! I'll think of something, OK? Piggy told her.
What? I know.
Spiteful or what? Jess said she could kill him.
Ooh, Cesca, looks like you're taking Year 11 swimming.
Oh, keep it down, would you? Late night, was it? Something like that.
Fine, thanks.
How's Fleur? Dressed, at least, when I left her.
Right, this is for you.
All you've got to do is pop it in the oven.
Thank you, but I don't need babysitting.
Oh, don't be so prickly! I'm only trying to help.
Morning! Just to remind you all of today's debating competition against Glossop Hill.
Please hand these out to your classes.
It's a wonderful platform for gifted students, and will improve our reputation with high-achieving schools.
Not just to show off your daughter, then.
Thanks for coming.
What's this about? I don't want to be late for registration.
Well, Maria, my Bit on the side.
partner .
is an English teacher at Glossop Hill and she's coming in today for the debating competition.
Are you kidding? What about Mum? Well, Mum understands it's professional and it's nothing to do with me and her.
Yeah, right(!) Oh, come on, Jess, be a grown-up about this.
Let's keep our private lives private, yeah? Is that it? You OK with this? Suppose.
I knew I could count on you.
PHONE BEEPS Oh, and keep an eye on your sister for me.
I think we should be doing a lot more inter-school competitions like this.
I mean, I could take charge of them, make it my speciality.
Let's just concentrate on today, please.
We've got to make a good impression.
Of course, why wouldn't we? It'll be just like Strictly meetsReady Steady Cook.
Think you've forgotten the pupils.
Er, yeah, I wanted to get here early, you know, just in case.
I've told her and she's fine.
Really? Anyway, I think she needs to get used to seeing us together.
I know but this is hardly how I'd planned it.
Charlie, what about your kids? They understand that you're here as a teacher and it's purely professional.
Then I think you should move your hand from where it is.
Wish me luck.
That way.
She's not an ogre.
Well, can't we keep the lights? It's a bit much, that's all.
Well, what am I going to do now? I mean, my schedule says I'm decorating for an hour.
Oi, oi, no, you can't come in here.
There's an event on, I'm sorry.
I'm from Glossop Hill.
I'm here for th for the debating competition.
You're early.
Can you not wait half an hour? It's all right, Janeece.
Karen Fisher.
Head teacher.
Maria Lucas, Deputy Head.
I thought I would get here early so that we would have chance to meet.
How thoughtful.
This is Marcus Kirby, our geography teacher, responsible for the debate today.
Nice to meet you.
Well, as you're here so early, why don't I take you on a tour of the school? I'm very proud of what I've well, what we've achieved here.
No doubt.
I've heard lots of good things.
Hey, how's it going? Good, thanks.
I've still got my trousers on.
It's only first period.
You all right, Harry? Er, hi.
See, you stand up for yourself, you get respect.
Lauren! I hope you will all show some support for Ruth this afternoon in the debating competition.
So lame.
I'll come.
Really? Yeah.
In your seat, please.
D'you fancy hanging out sometime? Yeah.
That'd be nice.
And these are our language rooms.
They told me Waterloo Road was going to be a tough job, but I have to say, apart from a few bad elements, the kids have been great.
It's my mission to stamp out the more disruptive ones that are left.
Presumably offering the supportive ear for the troubled students? Not just.
Not just throwing them out? Absolutely, Maria.
Maria! Cesca.
Am I missing something? ALL: No.
Janeece, I just got your text.
Is everything all right? It's my ankles, they're all swollen! Oh.
Couldn't give them a rub, could you? Me heels are chafing.
I can't go into a room full of VIPs barefoot, can I? I can't wait to drop this sprog, become a size six again.
All right, size eight.
I just can't wait to see the baby for the first time and Ooh, don't know, look at their little face.
And then chuck me out.
Well, I It's OK.
I love living with you, it's just that Just what? SHE BELCHES I'm sorry, cheese and onion.
Can you get me another packet? Janeece! It's the baby that wants 'em.
SHE BELCHES Oi, Harry! Harry! All right, I don't bite, promise.
Go on, I need to practise, anyway.
OK, I'll, um, see you later.
I'll be in the front row.
What do you reckon? And I won't tell your girlfriend.
Do you want some? Sure? Come and sit down, mate.
Move over, Josh.
School uniforms are a good thing because they create a sense of camaraderie.
Fine, don't talk to me, but now that Sam's gone, ask yourself who your mates are.
Oh, my God, it's her, look! Who? That Sophie something, you know the one who gets on my bus.
She's well up herself, her and her little gang of girly mates.
Oh, cow.
Too right.
Sophie McMullen? She's my rival in the debate.
No way.
But I'm easily better.
That'll wipe the smirk off her face then.
And we'll be there to see it.
Really? Come on.
Let's go and say hello to the competition.
Oi, dingbat! Denzil, how do you fancy making some cash? Me? Yeah.
So what's your type, then, Hazzbomb? You know, the usual.
Look at this one, looks like your sister.
I'm only joking, mate.
Come on.
What are you boys laughing at? Oh, does someone need their bottom wiped? Oh, Piggy, or should I say Skiddy? Very funny, lads.
You like it, do you? I'm not scared of you.
Hush your talking.
You've got a big mouth, you, you know.
You might try keeping it quiet.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to Waterloo Road.
We are so excited about having you here this afternoon.
If you'd just like to make your way through to the canteen and leave your bags and coats and then we can go through to the hall.
This is my daughter, Ruth, our secret weapon.
This is our shining star, Sophie.
Pleased to meet you.
You're supposed to be good.
She's better than good.
Yeah, she's unbeatable.
No-one's unbeatable.
Ah, Ruth is.
HE LAUGHS You're the one? You're not even pretty! Jess Don't you dare embarrass me.
So you want to act like everything's all right? Now is not the time.
Come on, Jess, leave it.
Look, it's OK.
How is it OK?! You're shagging my dad! Go, get out, get out.
Let's go to the canteen.
Come on! There's free food in the hall.
Quick as you can.
Karen I'm so sorry.
You can't blame her for being angry.
No, no, I don't, and I understand how difficult this must be for all of you.
Really? I've have two kids and when my husband and I got divorced Charlie and I are not divorced.
I just I just mean I understand your kids are messed up about it.
Don't you dare tell me my that my kids are messed up.
My kids are fine, thank you very much.
Basically, what Shakespeare's saying is that if it's true love, as in "a marriage of true minds", then nothing can alter it.
Not time, tempests, nothing.
That's a nice sentiment, JK, but as we all know, poetry isn't real life.
That was actually rather good, despite the cynicism.
Oh, while I remember, I am obliged to hand these out.
Debate and argument is an important part of learning to use the English language.
Although you all seem to have the argument part mastered.
Are you OK? Yeah, sorry, just ignore me.
Will you come and watch Ruth with me? Dad'll kill me if I don't.
Yeah, but would you do me a favour? Will you cover for me this Friday? Tell Mum that I'm studying with you.
Why? Well, because me and Finn were supposed to have a night in together, but Mum found out and went ape.
But if she thinks I'm with you, then she won't think anything funny's going on.
So you'll do it? I don't like lying.
For me? Don't think so, Jess.
Jessica Fisher, turn round and zip it.
OK, today we're going to be making chocolate fool, which is one of my favourites.
I know it's not the healthiest of desserts, but every now and again you've got to treat yourselves.
OK, can you break your chocolate up into your bowls, please? Can you do it quietly? I've just got to leave the room, OK? Thank you very much, carry on.
I'll be very quick.
Hiya, Harry.
I just want to say that what Finn did at break, I thought it was a bit harsh.
Just want you to know it weren't my idea, so if you ever need a chat I'm all right, thanks.
What you talking to him for? Give him a break, Finn.
Why should I? He's done nothing to you.
Come on.
You know what? You're just as much of a loser as him.
Help yourselves to lunch, everyone.
Can you not just give me a minute? I said wait! Ow! Thank God.
They've been at the quiche.
They've ruined my display, I'm going to have to ditch it.
And replace it with? That other one that you made.
Sorry, that's taken.
Pop to the shop and get another.
I've got lessons to teach.
I need it.
What are they going to think of me? Do you know what? I don't care.
Oh, charming.
You may be carrying our baby, but I'm not your slave.
Oh, I see.
So if it's for the baby, fine, if it's for me, forget it! Yeah.
Oh, good.
Good! You can shut it, and all.
You might as well have it now! I knew it.
I shouldn't be here.
That's not the point.
How dare she? The poor kid, she must I don't mean Jess, I mean Karen.
It wasn't her fault.
How dare she have a go at you? Charlie, she was just being protective, and I would be exactly the same.
I'm going to speak to her.
I should never have mentioned your kids.
I'm not having her treat you like that.
Charlie, please don't make an issue of this.
Quid on Ruth.
Current favourite at Have you got any money? You'd better win.
What happens if I don't? Half the school loses money.
Stick a tenner on the Kirby girl.
Right you are.
Right, come on, champ, psych her out.
What d'you mean? Like boxers do.
Put the willies up her, go on.
So I hope you're ready for a fight.
Come on, then.
The only word you have to remember today is "loser".
Dad, I'm not sure about this.
Ruth, there's nothing to worry about.
I remember my first debating competition.
I was nervous as hell, but when I got up there, I knew I could do it.
As I know you can.
This is yours! Right, thank you.
Now, where were we? Right, where is it? Come on, where is it? Harry took it.
What? I can't lie for you, mate.
Did you take that from the hall? Did you? Well, you're a greedy little pig! I spent hours Right, come on, you're coming with me.
Come on.
THEY ALL LAUGH How are the kids supposed to accept Maria when you won't? I'm trying, but I'm not going to put my arms around her and give her a big hug.
Don't be so facetious.
Look, I am sorry about all of this.
Don't you apologise.
You're the one who said you could keep this professional.
You should not have brought our personal life into this school.
You said it was OK.
And what else could I say? Mrs Fisher, excuse me.
Your son's been helping himself to food which isn't his, food he's taken from the buffet in there.
Harry? Leave this to me Charlie, I am the Head.
I'll see you in there.
I spent two hours making a quiche and I could have been sitting in there with my feet up.
I'm sorry, Ruby.
I'll take it from here.
For goodness' sake, Harry, I gave you your lunch.
Perhaps you're not giving him enough food.
Mum It's "Mrs Fisher" in school.
What are you saying? The lad's obviously hungry.
I thought I could rely on you.
You can.
Well, obviously not.
I've no option but to give you a week's detention.
Mum! I don't want to hear another word from you today.
Now, can we get back to this competition? Be a little bit professional? I'll be back in time for your bit.
Scoot off, pig face.
She's got all the support she needs.
You don't have to come.
I want to.
Such a lame-o.
I know.
Stop dawdling, please.
Come on, Harry.
I love swimming.
Don't you, Skiddy? Miss, I don't feel well.
Me neither, so tough.
Please, miss, I've been sick all night.
And I'm supposed to take your word for this? Finn, I tried to get one of my mates to cover but no joy.
What? I tried.
Maybe it's not such a bad thing.
It's not all about sex, is it? Fine.
Jess, I really need a favour.
Curl up and die, yeah? You've ruined a beautiful thing, Skiddy.
And now you're going to pay.
You mustn't be too hard on Harry.
Don't tell me how to be a parent.
You of all people.
I'm just saying.
Well, don't.
One, two, one, two, one, two.
Can I have your attention, please? Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
Welcome to today's debating competition.
Each candidate will be arguing for or against the motion "school uniform should be scrapped", condensing their argument into a one minute speech.
Can I have the first contestant, please? A round of applause, come on, come on.
He's not going to win.
Two pound on you, please.
Another bet on yours truly at 20-1.
I don't understand, who do we want to win? We don't give a monkey's.
Sophie, Ruth, whoever.
As long as I don't win, then we're in the money.
Nice one.
Janeece, do you want a hand with those? No, I'm all right.
What about that poor baby you're squashing? That? It's fine.
Look, it's absolutely fine.
You're as stubborn as Chlo was.
You'll be asking for help when it's crying all night.
Won't have to worry about that, will I? Thank God.
Did you get them? Genius.
Yeah, I love that place.
They make the best tapas.
Miss? What is it? I've lost my trunks.
You're just going to have to borrow some.
Off who? We keep spare ones.
I want you in that pool with everyone else.
Right, where were we? Wheeey! Nice trunks! Turn round, Skiddy, let's see that little arse.
CHILDREN LAUGH Hope you've got plenty of chlorine in there.
He gets a bit scared, if you know what I mean.
Get in the water now, please, and quieten down.
Go on, Skiddy, let's see you skid.
Off you pop! Go on, jog on! Chris Putin, out! Yes, out! She's all mouth and no trousers.
I said shut it.
I'm sorry.
School uniforms are an outmoded and pointless British tradition.
There is no proven link between school uniforms and improved behaviour.
Bullying is just as rife in uniformed schools as ever.
Everyone, have you seen chocolate arse over there? Skiddy! Skiddy! Piggy, isn't it? Piggy! Piggy! Piggy! So surely it's time we got rid of these gang colours.
Isn't school about learning to express yourself as an individual? Finding your own voice rather than following the herd? Why pretend we're all the same when we're not? Instead we should be celebrating these differences.
To conclude, school uniforms stop us from being who we really are.
Harry, talk to me! Are you OK? Did you swallow any water, Harry? I'll check him over to be sure.
What happened here? Well, come on.
I want answers now! Right, all of you get changed now! I'll be calling Mrs Fisher.
OK, next up for Waterloo Road, we have Nicola Harrison arguing against the motion.
I've just had a message from Karen.
She's waiting for me in the car park.
Why? No idea.
I suppose you should go and find out, then.
Oh, you little Eugh.
Minging! PHONE RINGS Harry? I've checked him over and he's fine.
He doesn't need to go to hospital.
What happened? Nothing.
He was being bullied.
No, I wasn't.
I spoke with the other pupils.
Finn and Josh were the ringleaders, but everyone else got involved.
It's been going on for some time.
Harry? Mum, it's no big deal.
Why did you go under the water? What were you trying to do? I just wanted the noise to stop.
How long's the bullying been going on? I can handle it.
Go easy on him.
It's a bit late for you to turn up being the concerned father.
What? Just leave this to me.
Hang on, he's my son.
He's mine, too, and you haven't exactly been there for him have you since you left.
That is not fair! Stop it! Just leave us alone, Dad.
You heard him.
You know I'm here for you.
I want the names of everyone who's been bullying you.
If you don't want to tell me, you write them down.
And we're not going away from here until you do.
Right, if we could have our next competitor.
Ronan Burley to the stage.
Just one sec.
This is what I think about school uniform.
MUSIC: "Just Dance" by Jamiroquai APPLAUSE WHISTLING Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm just making a valid debating point through the medium of interpretive dance.
I've got a good mind to disqualify you.
Oh, no, sir, please don't.
At least you can make up for this idiot! Josh, Finn, just about everybody else and your sister? You asked for the names.
Why didn't you tell me about this? What's the point? You can't suspend the whole school.
Don't bet on it.
Time, time, time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, yes.
Is everything OK? I can't believe that woman.
She's turning my own kids against me.
I'm sure that isn't true.
It's hardly my fault I haven't seen Harry, she's the one that's kept me away.
'Hello, Ruby.
'It's Janeece.
I'm in the toilets.
I think the baby's coming.
' Oh, my Oh, I'm so sorry.
Are you talking to me or the baby? You! Argh! You can go now, the ambulance is on its way.
Oh, I'm sorry for being such a cow.
I do care about you.
Not just the baby? Not just the baby.
Come on, hold my hand, let's breathe.
Sod that, I need drugs! Janeece? Thank God for that.
Take a deep breath.
KNOCK ON DOOR Right, I've informed Mr Clarkson about what has gone on.
Harry, I'd like you to tell Finn and Josh about how you felt at the swimming pool today.
Come on.
This is your chance to make them listen.
You know, you're such a lame-o.
And I hate that you make me feel so bad.
And you, you just walk around sucking up to him.
No, I don't.
Let him finish.
I think you're both just sad.
Can I speak now? Yes.
Perhaps you could tell us why you and Josh feel the need to be so cruel to Harry.
He's a pathetic loser with a big mouth.
That's enough.
No wonder he's always stuffing it with sweets.
I said that's enough.
He eats so much he makes himself sick.
I've seen you.
Harry? Is this true? Do you make yourself sick? Harry, wait! Look at me.
Do you make yourself sick? How often? Four or five times a day.
Why didn't you tell me? Because you rely on me.
Do you want me to phone your mum? No.
You're going to stay, though? Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
BOOING I just spoke to Sarah in the toilets.
Finn was being really nasty to Harry at swimming.
He nearly drowned.
What?! What is it? Nothing for you to worry about.
I'll go with her.
No, it's family business.
She's fine on discipline at school, but at home Can we stop talking about this, please? The thing about Karen is she never listens to anyone.
Do you ever shut up about your wife? You two, more than anyone, know what it's like to feel sad and vulnerable, and different from other people.
And don't think I don't know whose idea this was.
When are you going to stop bullying people that don't conform to your idea of what's normal? You're going to end up very lonely one day.
Can I go now? You'll both be suspended for a week.
Mrs Fisher's putting you on report.
That's an official strike.
Get out.
You really think his friendship's worth it? Sorry.
I'll make it up to Harry, I promise.
I've had enough.
I'm sorry, I'm just so wound up.
You're always wound up about her and I can't deal with it any more.
What do you mean? This isn't working.
What, because I'm so angry with Karen? No, because she's always here.
There's three of us in the relationship.
That's not true.
Then why do I feel like a spare bed you come to every time you need a break? You move in with me, then you go back, then you come to me again.
I've had it, and I can't share you any more.
Listen Listen to me.
I love you and I want to be with you.
How can I be sure of that? I'll tell her.
I'll tell her I want a divorce.
You mean that? I'll do it right now.
And now it's time for our very own champion.
Ruth Kirby to the stage! Yeah! CHEERING Remember you can do this.
THEY CHEER BELL RINGS School is a place for learning, not a fashion show.
Where students needn't be ridiculed for not having the designer labels.
(Come on.
) School uniforms Well, get on with it.
SLIGHT LAUGHTER School uniforms school uniforms (You can do it.
the same.
LAUGHTER What a load of rubbish.
That's stupid.
Boo! ALL: Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! MOST CHANT AND CLAP CHEERING I need stronger drugs! We'll soon have you settled, Janeece.
You're doing great.
I feel like I'm going to die.
She's not, is she? Just concentrate on your breathing.
I never learnt the stupid breathing! I did, I did.
Come on.
You went too far.
Oh, don't be soft.
Hey, baby.
I've been looking for you.
That's for my brother.
Oi! How dare you treat him like that? You hate your brother! He's my brother - I'm allowed to! Come on.
I only went out with you for a dare.
To see if the rumours were true.
Cooler, now, please.
Though I can't say I didn't enjoy that.
Shut up! Can you tell me why you do it? Because I don't know.
I get stressed, and then I feel like I have to eat.
It's OK.
I can't stop myself.
And then I feel full and disgusting.
So I make myself sick and I feel better.
Oh, Harry.
You've all voted to ban school uniform, unsurprisingly, but who was the most persuasive speaker? Votes for Ruth Kirby? Votes for Sophie McMullen? And votes for Ronan Burley? Right, well, it looks like er you're the winner.
But you said I was disqualified.
I said you might be.
I don't deserve it! Here! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Karen, we need to talk.
What's happened? Is Harry OK? Charlie, we've been such terrible parents.
Harry's bulimic.
What? He's been so miserable, and we haven't even noticed.
I've been so caught up in you and us.
And I've been so angry all the time.
I know.
It's OK.
Look, we'll be there for him from now on, all right? I'll come home.
Look at the damage we've done to our kids.
You don't love me any more.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
We've had 20 really good years.
I'll always be there for them, you know that, don't you? I know that.
I know.
First thing in the morning, I'll call the solicitor.
Shall I come round and fix that washing machine? No, I'll get in a really fit plumber.
What's the matter? I messed up.
I really let my dad down.
He was relying on me.
Everyone was.
I know that feeling.
I heard about Finn.
I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry about earlier, too.
I don't really think you're lame.
You're the only one.
My dad's going to kill me.
Remember what you said to me? That if you stand up for yourself, you get respect? I'd better go.
My mum's waiting.
It's OK, you don't have to hang around with me.
I understand.
Hey, I heard you got a strike, are you OK? I'm fine.
Jess, come here.
TEARFULLY: I'm sorry.
Shut up.
It's just everything's such a mess.
Mum, Dad Harry.
I've been such a cow.
No, I'd say more like a panda.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
My head is all over the shop at the moment.
I don't know if I want anyone Chill.
I'm not in a hurry.
You're pretty cool, you know that? Yeah.
Get yourself gone before someone comes.
I'll see you later.
This is it.
Come on, Janeece.
JANEECE SCREAMS IN PAIN Come on now, girls.
Whatever it takes to get you to the finish line.
I can see a massive bottle of Lambrusco.
And I'm going to drink it all.
SHE SCREAMS I can see the head.
We can see the head.
We can see the head now.
That's it.
That's it.
You did it! You did it.
It's a girl! It's a girl.
Here you go, sweetheart.
Here's your little girl.
Take her.
It's very important that mother bonds with baby.
I don't need to.
I just need to go to my locker to get some more cash.
I'll be back in a tic.
Watch and learn, Denzil.
I'm about to teach you one of the first principles of business.
When faced with losses, bail out.
Get him! Like I said - loser.
Pick a better mascot next time.
I'm not a mascot, these are my friends.
As if.
Yeah, right.
Loser with no mates.
Even worse.
I'd rather be a loser with no mates than a sad insecure cow who has to put people down she's threatened by.
LAUGHTER Go, Ruth! Woo! Now you find your voice? Why didn't you find it during the debate? You want to know why, Dad? Because of you.
I'm fed up of always being on show, making you look good.
Maybe I'm not as clever as you, but I'm my own person, and from now on, that's who I want to be.
Not Marcus Kirby's genius daughter, just me - plain old Ruth.
Ruth, you can hang out with us if you like.
I'd rather hang around with Harry Fisher.
That's not a word! It's my word.
GIRLS GIGGLE What? Nothing, just a littlerumour, that's all.
You deserve it.
What? Josh! Josh! Look, I might have took the Harry thing a bit far.
But it's Jess Fisher, man.
My one and only chance.
There are more girls, you know.
HORN BLARES What do they want? I think it's time we gave your father a break, and Maria a chance.
Listen, how do you both fancy coming over for tea at the weekend? Ifif that's OK? Oh, I could do with a rest.
Kids? Harry? Give them time.
See you soon.
Right, you two.
Family time.
What's that? You'll see.
Look, here she is.
Our Poppy.
She's gorgeous.
Ooh, I don't know what to do.
BABY SQUALLS I think she's hungry.
Do you think she wants Janeece? Where is she? She's gone to the toilet.
Let me.
See? We can do this.
Yes, we can.
Our little girl.
Listen, erm I want to apologise about how I've handled your dad leaving.
I didn't take into account how upset you've been.
I'm sorry about that.
But things are going to be different from now on.
Why? Cos it's time we behaved like a family.
So it's more talking, more meals together.
Not every night, though, right? I don't need babysitting.
Oh, it's not babysitting.
You also owe your brother a bit of TLC.
Erm, I've said I'm sorry and I'll try and be here when I can, but I'm not giving up my life, Mum.
Don't be selfish, Jess.
Can we not argue again, please? DOOR OPENS Hiya.
I tell you what, I won't go out again.
Where have I heard that before? So you're calling me a liar? No, I'm not.
Harry, will you set a place up for Bex, please? I mean Vicki.
Excuse me.
Harry KNOCK ON DOOR Go away.
Harry Go away! Oh You think you can fix this like everything else.
You can't.
But we can talk about it.
What's the point? You never listen.
I'm listening now.
You think we can be all happy families.
It's rubbish.
I'm sorry your dad left.
See? You're still not listening now.
This isn't about Dad leaving.
We've never been a family since Say it.
Since Bex left.
None of us matter.
She's like this ghost that's always here.
And I hate it, but I can't say anything.
So I do this, cos it's better than crying.
Oh, love.
You don't have to clear up.
I don't mind.
Will you just stop? Look, I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Mum just needs to let go of Bex, that's all.
Yeah, but I'm not really helping, am I? I'll just go.
I don't want you to.
I know.
But I think I need to.
Where will you go? I'll go to my mum's.
She's always on at me about moving in anyway, so I thought you don't like your mum.
Yeah, well, she's all right these days.
Are you sure? Yeah, totally.
I'll go and get my stuff.
I love you.
I love you, too.
She was so Much better than me, I know.
No! Messed up.
A high achiever.
Yeah, when she was 12 maybe, but that's not the Bex that left us.
She was taken from us.
We don't know that.
She was trouble, Mum.
She was never here, she was always bunking off school, she stole money from you - you know that.
It was just a phase.
She'd have grown out of it.
Well, she didn't.
She disappeared.
She's gone.
She's not coming back.
Come here.
I'm sorry, you two.
# She's got a smile # That it seems to me # Reminds me of childhood memories # When everything was as bright # We're closing, love.
It's time to go home.
# Oh, oh, oh, sweet child of mine # Oh, oh, oh # Sweet child of mine.
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