Waterloo Road (2006) s06e08 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 8

Your secret's safe with me.
Help me out with my grades in future.
This way, you help me with problems I might have in my private life, and I'll keep quiet about yours.
And what are the doctors saying? Alzheimer's, he reckons, early onset.
It's my dad.
He had a stroke and he's gone to the hospital.
I don't want anyone at school knowing about Fleur.
No, it's private.
I understand.
I don't want this baby.
My little girl.
Yes, you are.
My family.
I'll just go.
Where will you go? I'll go to my mum's.
We're closing, love.
It's time to go home.
MUSIC PLAYS Sorry, babe.
Yeah, it's fine.
Here, I'll wipe it up.
Want some? I can't.
I'm revising.
School is for losers.
Look at me.
I never went.
I seen that look.
Do you think you're better than me? No.
Let me remind you of summat, sweetheart.
You live in this dump just the same as me.
Yeah, I'm only here till my dad gets out of hospital.
Then we're getting a flat.
Cos social services are going to let you take care of a sick man once they know you're a dosser? What do you mean? I always take care of him.
Don't you know nowt? Once social know you've been in here, they just treat you like another messed-up loser.
They take away everything.
Cos if you can't look after yourself, you can't look after no-one else.
Turn it down! For the last time, I am not turning my sounds down! Right, that's you set for the day.
And listen, love, I've got to go, but I will call you at morning break, all right? Er Oh, yes, I've left you something to eat in the fridge.
Do not forget.
You got the baby's bottle? Bottle.
Yeah, but I don't want it.
I'm just checking.
Erm, extra nappies? Ruby, it's all packed.
Shall we just get on with it? Are you're sure we've got everything? Positive.
What is it? You know when you get that feeling you've left something behind? Baby.
Vicki, before you go There's some consent forms.
They let social services know that you're staying with us.
Look, I'm in a rush.
As your key worker, it's my job to advise you with this.
People need to know your situation - your school Look, what's the point? When my dad gets better, I'm going to go and live with him.
You're going back to the same house? No, it's repossessed.
But we're going to go find somewhere new.
There's something else.
There's been some complaints made.
Loud music all hours.
Shouting abuse in the corridor.
But that wasn't The hostel's very strict about disruptive behaviour.
You could be evicted.
Straightaway, no appeal.
But that wasn't me.
I was trying to revise for this exam.
If you're not coping, I've got to advise social services anyway.
No, I am coping.
I'm fine.
Then tell me who was making the noise.
Was it Chantal? OK.
What are you doing?! Just wanted to say bye.
Bye-bye, Mummy.
Have a nice day.
Do you really think it's a good idea to be parading her around the school? What, you think someone's going to shop us to social services? You never know in this place.
Ruby, stop worrying.
As far as anybody else is concerned, we're just looking after her.
You will make the appointment with that lawyer today? Because need to know exactly what our rights are.
And Janeece's.
I'll talk to them later.
Have you got the extra bottle? Yes.
Extra nappies? Yes.
Look, just go to work and stop fussing.
We'll be fine.
If there's any trouble, you'll be the first to know.
Bye-bye, Mummy, have a nice day.
What's she doing back? Watch it! Oh, sorry.
I left me brain at home this morning.
I can imagine.
Oi, should you be back at work so quick? Oh, you know what it's like, in and out, have a baby and go.
Anyway, best get on, I've got lots to do.
Janeece? Hello, Miss Fisher.
Coffee? What happened to Fiona? Oh, we sent her home.
I phoned the agency and told them there'd been a mix-up and that her service was no longer required.
Oh, did you now? Yeah.
It's a very stressful time for you, isn't it? You need your trusty Janeece to be with you all the way.
A week's a very short time to be back.
Are you sure you're OK? You are entitled to maternity leave.
I'll be fine.
Well, let me know if you need any time off.
Oh, no need.
There's too much to do here.
I've got to go now, Dad.
I've got that big chemistry exam.
I need to do well so I can do medicine at uni.
Do you remember? You always said you'd be proud of me if I did that.
I'll see you later, yeah? Oh, Vicki? Will your mum be coming in? No.
She's really busy.
We need to have a chat about your dad's condition.
Take a seat.
Your dad's developed an infection on his chest.
We're working really hard to help him, but the stroke's left his body extremely weak.
Well, what are you doing to help him? More drugs? What? We're doing everything we can, but your dad, he just can't fight these infections like he used to.
You're going to have to prepare yourself.
Look, just get him better so he can come home.
As you know, this is the last of a three-part exam, so please make sure you read the questions carefully, because it goes towards your final A-level grade.
Sir, can we use a calculator in this one? Yes, all right, thank you, AJ.
But for those of you that weren't listening the previous 21 times that I said this, yes, you can use calculators.
Where's Vicki? This is the third day in a row she's not been in.
Yeah, well, I said I don't know.
Has anybody seen Vicki this morning? OK.
Make sure you write your answers legibly, because if I can't read 'em, I can't mark 'em.
Right, you may begin.
PHONE BEEPS 'You have one new message.
' 'It's your ex-roommate.
'We need words.
I'm in the caff, the one next to the hostel.
'Come now.
It's serious.
' You're dead, Vicki.
Vicki, where have you been? I overslept.
Sit down.
We've already started.
All right, interruption over.
Heads down, please.
Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
Now, come on, you can't afford to get a low mark on this one.
I know, I know, I know.
GCSE set personal statements.
You're the last teacher to hand them in.
Well, I'm just putting the finishing touches to them.
They were due in last Tuesday.
Is there a problem? No, no, not at all.
I'm just putting the finishing touches to them.
It's all right, thank you.
So, by, er .
three o'clock today, for the statements? Three o'clock.
Not a problem.
Harry? I wasn't sicking up, I just went to the loo.
That is allowed, isn't it? Yeah, of course.
Get off back to class.
Ah, Karen, glad I caught you.
I wanted to bother you about this reading list.
Er, maybe another time, yeah? OK.
Harry'll be OK.
Will he? He's tougher than he looks.
Well, he's got the two of us monitoring his every move, so no wonder he's clamming up.
We're his parents.
It's our job to be concerned.
What are we doing with our concern, Charlie? Apart from suffocating him.
Doing? Charlie, are we fit enough to be helping him? Hang on, what are you saying? He should see someone? Well, he's not going to like that, is he? He doesn't.
I've already asked him.
What do you suggest? I'd like us to be able to sit down together to talk to him, to persuade him it's for the best.
I mean, you said it yourself - we're still his parents.
Just because you moved out, it doesn't change that, does it? Yeah, you're right.
No, there was nobody in the house last night.
Look, don't you remember? No, darling (I told you this morning.
) Hello? Fleur? Fleur? Oh! That's not like you.
I didn't sleep a wink last night.
Someone keeping you up? It's not like you to work through your break.
Personal statements for each uniquely special member of my GCSE set, as requested by our great leader.
Weren't they supposed to be in last Tuesday? Better get cracking, Grantly.
Don't want to disappoint Her Ladyship.
BELL RINGS OK, time's up.
Pens down, please.
So, Mr M, when do we get the results? Teacher's pet.
Er, yeah, well it goes toward your A level, so shut up.
They'll be on the window by the end of lunchtime today.
OK? I've got a surprise for you later.
Not a fan of surprises.
You'll like this one.
All right, then, go on.
Well, what is it? I'll tell you later, yeah? I can't believe you're going to leave me hanging.
I'm sorry.
Just enjoy the suspense.
Later, yeah? Vicki, wait up! I've not seen you for days.
Are you all right in that shelter? Why don't you say it louder so the whole school can hear you? I'm sorry.
You think I want to be known as the local homeless? I'm just worried about you, Vick.
I want to know you're OK.
Well, I don't need looking after, all right? I'm only trying to help.
What, by feeling sorry for me? I bet you're having a right laugh with your boyfriend.
OK, well, first of all, he's definitely not my boyfriend, and secondly, I would never tell anyone where you're staying, Vick.
And third, it's not your fault, so you've not got anything to be ashamed of.
It's not just that.
If they think that I can't handle it If who thinks you can't handle it? Social services.
If they think that I can't look after myself, they're not going to let me look after my dad, are they? So your dad's getting better, then, yeah? Look, I've got to go.
Just promise me that you won't tell anyone where I'm living.
You swear it.
Yeah, I swear.
So, are we still on for a drink later? Drink? Hello.
I'm in.
Are you sure? Well, why wouldn't I be? Er, well, it's just a quiet one.
Not really your speed.
Yeah, so we step it up.
I'll rally the troops in, make it a big night.
My mates are going to love youse two.
They're right nutters.
Thanks a lot(!) Yes, Noodles, what's happening, you mad man? Don't you find this whole thing a bit weird? Weird? Well, she's only been out of hospital a week.
Well, she's resilient, I'll give her that.
And what about this arrangement with Ruby and John? Well, if they're all happy Is it even legal? Well, I just don't think it's my place to judge.
Just handing the baby over like that.
I mean, she must feel something for it.
Yes! Noodles and Crystal are both on it! This is going to be carnage.
Come in.
Those the exam papers from this morning? What is going on with you, Vicki? I know that your dad's sick and that you're worried about him, but you're missing deadlines, you're coming in late And you know how important this exam was today.
How did I do? You're not going to fail me? It'll mess up my A levels.
It's going to ruin my chance at university.
Yeah, but you didn't put the work in.
I tried.
I don't think you did.
You have got so much potential.
I can't believe that you'd want to throw it all away like this.
I don't.
OK, look, be honest with me.
Is everything all right at home? Yeah, it's fine.
No, something's wrong.
If you don't tell me, then I can't help you.
You can.
How? You can pass me.
What? I thought you wanted to help.
Not by changing your mark.
But I need to pass that exam.
Even if I wanted to, it's too late.
You've already failed me? You failed yourself.
Right, then you can change it.
Or I'll do what I promised.
I'll tell Mrs Fisher about you and Jess.
No, no, you've got to stop this now, Vicki.
I warned you that I'd need a favour one day, and I warned you what I'd do.
We've been here before, remember? I am not giving in to these pathetic threats.
I'll tell her everything.
About you and Jess.
How you kept it quiet, all your pervy little secrets.
Right, just stop it, now! You can't behave like this.
You can't intimidate and bully people just to get what you want.
I need to show I can handle it.
Handle what? Everything.
School, life.
I need to show people that I'm coping.
But you're not.
That's just the point.
You're not coping.
You just find a way to change the grade, or I swear I will go straight to Mrs Fisher and I will tell her everything.
Just checking everything's OK.
Call me back.
(I love you.
) Sorry, Mr Budgen, phones off, please.
You know the rules.
Oh, sir, there's people throwing dangerous missiles around here! What? I just got hit in the head! SHUT UP! I'm going out for a minute.
But, sir? Jess! Come on, then, what's this surprise? Mum's working late.
That's a massive surprise.
I'm shocked.
Yeah, listen, idiot.
That means no-one's going to be in till late.
Really? Plus, Harry's on his best behaviour, so he'll keep his mouth shut.
Some tunes, my big bed Listen, Jess It's pretty much perfect.
We can do anything we want.
If you know what I mean.
Well, don't look too excited about it, will you? It's not that.
Then what? Maybe another time.
Yeah, great.
Look, what I mean is Yeah, I know what you mean, Jonah.
No, you don't understand.
Jessica Fisher! Science lab, now.
Something's going on with Vicki, and I want to know what it is.
Right now.
Well, then, shouldn't you be talking to Vicki, seeing as how it's her you're interested in? Oi, don't be smart with me.
This is serious.
How is everything at home with her mum? Jess! I don't know.
Fine, I guess.
You know, she's threatened to go to your mum, tell her about us unless I change her exam mark.
She wouldn't do that.
She promised.
Yeah? Well, she seemed pretty serious to me.
It's obvious that something is very wrong with her.
If she's told you anything, anything at all, then tell me.
But she made me swear I wouldn't say anything.
Well, go on.
She isn't living at home with her mum.
She's isn't even talking to her mum.
So where is she living? Who's looking after her? A relative? Jess? She's in, like, a shelter for homeless people.
But you can't say anything, because she'll know it came from me and she'll hate me forever.
You'd better get back to class.
Just go easy on her, yeah? She's having a really hard time.
Spanish has two different personal pronouns.
You can use the "usted" form or you can use the "tu" form.
But the "usted" form is more polite.
Vicki? Vicki! Oh, sorry, miss.
When should you use usted? Momento, por favor.
Sorry I'm late, miss.
I hope we're not interrupting your busy social schedule.
It's not social, miss.
Well, you'd better explain to me why you're so late.
And I'll be checking, so the truth, please.
Mr Mead wanted to see me.
You can ask him if you don't believe me.
FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! What is going on here? Back to your seats, the lot of you! Just pack it in.
Stop messing about.
Get back to your seat this instant.
I said stop it! Now, where is Mr Budgen, please? Yeah, he's legged it.
Excuse me? It's true, miss.
Well, did he say where he was going or how long he'd be? No.
But he totally ignored me being assaulted before.
Just get on with your work, all of you.
Or you'll all in detention till the end of the week.
Is that understood? No Grantly? Erm, no, I think he's just popped out.
OK, well, will you remind him that his personal statements have got to be done for three? Yep.
Karen's on the case.
Fleur? Fleur? PHONE RINGS What have you been doing? Someone was down here.
I heard noises.
They were after my things.
My nice things.
It's all right.
There was no-one here.
Are you sure? I heard something.
Come on.
Come on.
See? Nothing's been touched.
Everything's in its place.
It's fine.
Grantly? Is everything all right? Your class is running wild.
And Chris has told me to remind you about year 11 proposal statements or something.
Anyway, apparently they're important.
Where are you? Vicki? I've got to do something.
I spoke to Jess.
She told me your situation.
Don't get angry.
She's just looking out for you, that's all.
She's a gobby cow.
She's a friend.
PHONE BEEPS Vicki! Please, just put that away for one second.
What happened with your mum? I thought she was back.
She's got a new life now, one that doesn't involve me.
Why didn't you let us know? Cos I'm not a charity case.
I can look after myself.
'Ey, this isn't a question of charity.
We're here to help you with things like this.
Have you changed my exam results, then? Cos that would be helping.
Look, I'll do you a deal.
I know under normal circumstances that you'd have passed that exam with flying colours.
So? So if I change your grade, I want you to do something in return.
Well, it depends what it is.
My friend runs a foyer.
It's an accommodation centre for young people.
She'd be happy to meet you.
I know what foyers are.
So you'll know that there's people there, exactly like you.
Come with me after school, meet her and we'll have a look around.
I can't.
I'm going to see my dad after school.
It won't take long.
You can see your dad afterwards.
Come on.
Meet me here when the bell goes.
Oi! About time.
Why didn't you meet me in t'cafe, like I asked? Well, I had an exam.
Why did you grass me up to prissy knickers this morning? Me? I know it were you.
They've booted me out now.
I'm out on t'streets.
Look, Chantal, I'm so sorry.
I Well, you will be, because nobody stabs me in the back and gets away with it, right? I'll get you back for this.
Big time.
You're finished, snitch.
Jess, about before.
It's fine, Jonah, OK? I've been rejected before.
No, you're getting it all wrong.
It's fine, seriously.
We don't want the same thing.
But we do.
I do.
Just not yet.
This could be really great.
But I don't want to be like all those other guys you've been seeing.
If we wait, it'll make it more important.
Jess, I really, really, really like you, all right? Good.
One step at a time, yeah? Starting with this.
I have to admit, this is new ground for me.
Yeah, first time for everything.
So, now we're a couple, what was Mead after before? Come on.
Couples don't have secrets.
He just wanted to know what Vicki's problem was, that's all.
And what is Vicki's problem? She's in a homeless shelter.
You what?! Oh, this is tasty.
Go on, give me some details.
Shut up, Finn.
Vicki MacDonald's living in a homeless shelter? That's wild.
Yeah, and she's having a really hard time, give her a break.
Jess! Women, mate.
There's no pleasing them.
Jess? Is that really true about Vicki? Is she OK? Well, she won't be when she finds out that Finn's blabbed to the whole school, will she? She made me swear not to tell anyone.
Does she need anywhere to stay? I could always ask my dad.
She won't let anyone help her.
She thinks if it gets out that she can't handle her own business, then they won't let her look after her dad.
That's crazy.
I'm really worried about her, Jonah.
Come here.
It's all right.
Are you all right? Look, I'm still alive.
You can't stop us worrying.
Couldn't you and Mum at least take it in turns? Or fit me with a tracking device? Mum says you don't want to go and see anyone about your thing.
I'm not crazy.
Of course not.
Then leave me alone.
Whoa, Vicki.
Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
Have you got the coursework you promised me last week? Tomorrow? Tomorrow, I promise.
Oh? Hi, Janeece.
This one's been crying all morning.
I just need a bit of help.
Ruby's not here.
It's all right, I'll wait.
Do you want to say hello to Poppy? Hello, Poppy.
It's your Auntie Janeece here.
You can shake her hand.
It won't come off.
She likes you.
Janeece, are you OK with this? Yeah.
Never been better.
It's just that I'm dead busy.
Me mind's all over the place.
Look, I'll go and see if I can find Ruby for you.
Right, we're going to give Mummy a big surprise, aren't we, eh? Yes, we are.
We're going to show her how well we're coping.
No, I'm not having that.
No way.
It's not on.
What's the matter, Ronan? Vicki MacDonald.
She comes to the test late, she doesn't revise, she gets texts and still she gets a better mark than me.
I even revised for this test as well, Miss.
It's favouritism.
Well, maybe Mr Mead can go through your paper and explain to you why you didn't do so well.
That bad, eh? What? Results.
No, actually, they're fine.
Better than expected, in fact.
Oh! I was just wondering why you looked so shell-shocked.
Was I? I wanted to see how Jess did.
Right, yeah, go ahead.
I see Vicki MacDonald passed.
So she's obviously coping with the upheaval in her life.
She seems to be.
Well, let me know if anything changes.
I will do.
Grantly, where have you been? Yeah, I got your message.
I'm onto the statements.
You can tell the Iron Lady not to worry.
It's Fleur, isn't it? How is everything? Oh, you know, tickety-boo.
Been up since six writing Post-It notes and making packed meals.
And I'm exhausted.
And do you know what? I don't know if I'm helping.
Are you sure you can cope on your own? What's the alternative? Hello? Vicki, it's Margy from the shelter.
Something's happened.
I need you to come over right away.
But I've got lessons.
This is very urgent, Vicki.
This could have serious repercussions on your future here at the shelter.
What do you mean? Look, I've told you it was Chantel's music.
This is about something else.
Something more serious.
Can you get permission from your teacher to leave and come over straight away? We need to sort this out.
I suppose.
What have you got there? Vicki MacDonald's homework.
Oh, yeah? She's been really preoccupied in my class lately.
Yeah, mine too.
Her work's completely dropped off.
She's normally head and shoulders above the rest.
Really? Yeah.
Something's definitely wrong.
She hasn't said anything? She's not exactly the type to ask for help.
Think we should go to Karen? Well, look, I've got her next lesson.
If things are still deteriorating, we'll go to Karen, all right? Yeah.
Oh, look! Say hello, Poppy.
Oh, please.
Sorry, mate, are we disturbing you? It's nothing to do with me, mate.
No, it isn't.
But that doesn't stop you giving us funny looks, does it? John.
I get the feeling you're not comfortable with me and my little girl being here.
It's your little girl? You got a problem with that? That's not entirely accurate, is it? Tom! I mean, she's not yours exactly, is she? You keep your nose out of our business.
Easy, fellas.
I'm looking out for Janeece's interests, because somebody has to.
What's that supposed to mean? She's a vulnerable and confused young woman who doesn't know that she's being taken advantage of by a desperate couple who can't see beyond their own needs.
Enough! Struck a nerve, have I? Can you just pack it in, the pair of you? Tom! Look, just so everybody is clear, John and I, we're looking after Janeece's baby until we can formally adopt her.
Aren't we, John? Yes.
And we're doing that with Janeece's blessing.
That's what she wants, and that is what we want.
We're not taking advantage of anyone.
Settle down, everyone.
And you can all get your exercise books out.
Jess? Where's Vicki? Just a second.
I'll just check my pocket.
Oh, wait she's not there.
Sorry, I dunno.
Can you turn to page 108? You should try checking all the shop doorways.
Sorry, Ronan, I wasn't aware this was a comedy club.
It's not, sir.
So what's so funny? Nothing, sir.
Then get on with your work.
PHONE RINGS Do you recognise this? No.
It was found under your pillow.
I didn't put it there.
If you lie, this will just be harder.
I'm not lying.
I have never seen that purse before.
It's my purse.
It was stolen this morning.
I had £80 in it.
Well, I didn't do it.
Theft means immediate eviction.
You know that.
Look, someone's trying to get me back.
It wasn't me.
Is it Chantel? Did she threaten you? Vicki? Do you know what? Chantel's right.
Living in this place makes people think you're scum.
No questions asked.
We treat everyone the same here.
What, equally bad? No, just equally.
You're like my teachers, always interfering, playing by the rules.
You don't even know what's going on! Vicki! I don't belong here, anyway.
Where will you go? Oh, just stay out of my life.
I thought she was coping well with things.
The strange thing is I got a completely different story about her progress from Chris.
Anyway, thanks, you two.
I'll take it from here.
Hey, this is not your fault, OK? I just feel a bit embarrassed.
She was living with me.
I didn't spot it.
No, you put your family first.
That's not a crime.
Speaking of which, I think I may have messed things up with Harry.
I had an opportunity to talk to him about getting help, and I think I may have I just think I may have closed him up more.
Oh, don't worry, he did the same to me.
Let's try a united front this afternoon.
Janeece? I need see Vicki MacDonald's grades.
Am I disturbing you? No, not at all.
What's up? It's about Vicki MacDonald.
Oh? Charlie and Cesca have been to see me.
They seem to have some concerns about her.
Which are? Well, I've been looking in her file, and all her grades in chemistry have been going down recently until this morning's exam, where she seems to have done quite well.
Yeah, she, erm, she obviously buckled down.
Yeah, except it seems to be a trend in every other class, this downward spiral.
I wondered whether you could explain the anomaly.
Well, erm, I suppose this was a pretty important exam.
Is there something you're not telling me, Chris? No.
Because the important thing here is Vicki, isn't it? And you know her better than any other teacher in this school.
So if there was anything I changed it.
Her grade.
I changed it.
I wanted her to do well.
It was important.
I can't tell you how wrong that is.
How do you not know that? Of course I know it.
Then what the hell were you trying to do? Bump up your averages? No, of course not.
Then what? I wouldn't have done this under normal circumstances.
Well, under what circumstances have you done it? Vicki is good at this subject.
She is really good.
If she wasn't having such a terrible time at the moment, she'd have sailed this exam.
You'd better explain yourself to me, and quick.
She's living in a hostel.
It's a shelter for homeless people.
Since when? And evidently she's not coping.
I don't believe this.
She's not been able to work, and she's clearly not having much sleep.
I thought she was at home.
Her mum's not around any more.
How long have you known this? Jess told me earlier today.
Jess knows? And neither of you thought it pertinent to inform me? Look, Karen, I know what I've done is a sackable offence.
And I know that we need to discuss my future, but please help me get Vicki sorted first.
Well, how do you propose doing that? My friend runs a foyer.
She thinks she can get Vicki a place there.
Well, I can call her.
I can speak to social services.
No, involving them will drive Vicki away.
I've made a mistake, but I think I can fix this.
I'm going to leave you to sort this out.
Oh, you look nice.
Big night? Massive.
Guess an early one for youse, then? Yeah.
Well, John'll have nodded off by dinnertime and I'll be up all night with the baby.
Janeece? You don't think we've taken advantage of you, do you? No way.
If anything, it's like I'm taken advantage of youse.
Well I'm fine.
I seen how you and John was today with Polly, and youse was so loving, so attentive.
Poppy? Poppy.
I could never do that.
I mean, I wouldn't ever be able to go partying whenever I wanted to, would I? Janeece? You know you can come round any time? Just knock on the door.
Here she is.
Here's the smell.
Hey, Vicki.
I was clearing my bedroom out and I found some cardboard boxes.
Could you use one? Yeah, it could be your new house.
Yeah, you're right, she does whiff a bit.
Ah, reeks.
Well, at least I can wash.
You'll always be ugly.
By the way, homeless, your grade's been changed, too.
Reckon they realised you were a failure all along.
Hey, Vick? Get away from me.
Vicki, why have you got your bag and every.
You told him.
You've told Mead.
Yeah, I had to.
Where are you going, Vick? I'm leaving school.
What, for good? Well, they've changed my grade.
I'm going to fail anyway.
What's the point in staying? Don't go, Vicki.
What do you care? You've told all the school about me.
What? I don't even know why I bothered with you.
The personal statements for each and every one of my GCSE pupils.
You're looking very pleased with yourself.
Well, let no-one say that Grantly Budgen ever fails his pupils or his head.
Come on.
Jess, have you seen Vicki? She's gone.
She's gone where? She's supposed to be meeting me.
I don't know, but she's not coming back here.
She just got her stuff and went.
What? She hates me now cos of you.
Oh, no, I don't believe this.
She's well upset about her grade.
She just thinks there's nothing worth staying for.
Right, I'm going to go to the hospital and the hostel and see if I can find her.
In the meantime, if she contacts you, then let me know, yeah? Promise me, Jess.
OK, I promise.
What's going on? Vicki's in trouble.
It's this place.
It messes you up.
Jess, love, can you wait here a sec? Me and your mum want to have a quick chat with Harry.
We've both been on your case a bit today, Harry, and, erm, I know you don't want to talk to us about things, and that's OK.
We're always here to listen, and we'd love it if you did want to talk, so it might be easier to speak with someone outside the family about things.
Yeah, it would just be like having a really good chat with someone, you know, someone, er, that doesn't know you and wouldn't judge you.
You could do that, couldn't you, love? Mum, Dad, you can stop with the speeches.
It's fine.
I'll go and speak to the shrink.
I'm home, love.
Darling? Fleur? Love? Thief! Animal! Help! Help! Fleur! Animal! Fleur! Stop! It's me! Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Get away! Fleur! Stop! Wait! Fleur! Idiot! Darling! Oh, come on, Grantly's here.
Are you all right, love? You ought to be off the road! Talk to me, darling.
It's Grantly.
Babes, come on.
There we are.
You all right now? Yeah.
Come on, then.
Is there anyone who can stay with you tonight, Vicki? A relative? A friend? Maybe someone at school could stay with you.
# Circling us as if they knew # If I fall down, if I fall down # Darling, will you reel me in? # And if I lose it, # If I lose it Will you remind me where we've been? # So we were climbing, and how we were climbing # I can't believe Vicki stole your purse.
I didn't think she did, either.
Sorry? I thought you said that's why she left.
I found it in her bedroom, but Vicki reckoned her room-mate set her up, which is probably true.
But I had to investigate it properly.
And knowing Vicki, she flew off the handle.
Have you seen her since? Have you checked the hospital? She might have gone to see her dad.
I hope so.
Oh, if she does turn up, will you give the school a call? Of course.
Grantly? Yes, princess? Promise me something.
Promise me you won't put me in a home.
I promise.
# And love is a crippled dream # And love is a crippled dream # I'll go somewhere else.
You're all right.
So they kicked you out as well? Guess we're even.
Has summat happened? My dad.
He's died.
And now I've got no-one.
Come on, that's not true.
What about your mates? I'm better off alone.
Listen, sweetheart, I know it don't feel like it at this moment, but you're lucky.
You've got people who care whether you live or die.
Don't throw that away because you're angry.
It's stupid.
They took my kid away from me.
Cos of my drinking.
He lives with his auntie.
He'll be eight now.
Do you see him? Nah.
Hey, better go.
Before some dosser gets my spot.
Hello? Vick? Is that you? Jess, I need you.
All right? How did it go with Vicki? Not good.
I've been to the hospital, the hostel.
I can't find her.
Jess said she left with all her stuff.
It's not looking good, is it? I know.
I'm so sorry, Karen.
I've totally screwed this up, haven't I? Well, what to do now? I know where Vicki is.
She's at the caff round the corner from the hostel.
I'll go and get her.
Can I come with you? She's my best mate.
We'll speak tomorrow.
OK, come on.
Vicki? SHE SOBS DOORBELL We've got a visitor.
Come in.
I just wondered if I could hold her and say goodnight, an' that.
# It seems like a heavy load # And too depressing, this episode # All the West End boys in their hand-me-down clothes # Will you show Jess where to take Vicki's bag, please? Thanks.
Well, this is all right, isn't it? That room's better than my place at home.
Look, why are you helping me? I don't deserve it, the way I treated you.
It's my job.
I'd do the same for any of me students.
Seriously, that room is bigger than my bedroom.
Look, Jess, will you call your mum and let her know that Vicki's safe now? Yeah.
Erm, text me in a bit, yeah? Yeah.
See you later.
See you later.
So, do you think you'll be OK here? I promise I won't do that again.
Threaten you with stuff.
I was totally out of order.
It's been a long day.
You should get some rest.
Oh, by the way, I've arranged for you to retake that exam, if you feel up to it.
You need to brush up on your molecular formulas, then.
Mr Mead? I know.
I'll see you in class, Vicki.
Did you speak with the lawyer today? After the day that we've had? What are we going to do if she won't let go? What do we do then? What can we do, love? Between me and you, I'm going to call you Cheryl.
Got that? Ew.
Jonah, what's wrong? What are you doing? I know! What? Jonah, no! I don't want to lose him over one night with you.
OK, OK, just calm down.
I want my baby.
Fleur's condition isn't the problem here, it's you.
And if you really want to do best by her, you have to let her go.
But our deputy head doesn't understand why we don't like being spied on.
We wondered how he'd feel if he knew we was watching his private moments.
Why do I think I'm not going to like this? Cos you're not.

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