Waterloo Road (2006) s06e09 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 9

So how can I help? You can come with me to your mum's office.
We need to tell her what's gone on.
Well, why are you leaving? We need to talk about this when we get back.
Me and you will never happen and not because I'm scared of your mum.
She's amazing, all she's been through.
I think that we make a really good team.
What are the doctors saying? Alzheimer's, he reckons, early onset.
Love?! (What are we going to do if she won't let go?) Between me and you, I'm going to call you Cheryl.
So you didn't see a thing, Lauren? I told you.
Cos there's a year-seven kid at the gates with his shoes in a tree and his description of the person that put them there sounds very much like you.
Well, erm, no, cosI was in school early this morning.
I had homework to finish.
I've been here since twenty to eight.
So I think you've had your eyes wiped, sir.
Oh, right, I see.
So this isn't you? Oh, my God, that is like so against my human rights.
Lunchtime detention.
What was it I said at the start of term? Something about creating an atmosphere of mutual trust? Yeah, but three break-ins in a week, Karen.
I'm confident that this could make a difference.
Day one in the Big Brother school, Jess and Jonah are making the rest of the housemates wanna vom.
How out of order is this? Only cos all the teachers will see your little money-making scams.
He's right.
Who wants teachers knowing what we're doing every minute of the day? Try asking the ones who get bullied.
Bullying's not going to stop just cos of a few cameras.
Who cares? It's not going to stop me doing the things I want to do, just cos people are watching Ew.
Even if it is my mum.
Mate, I don't know how you can tongue anyone who's going to grow up to be like Mrs Fisher.
Shut up, mate.
When did you two get so loved up? So how are you then? How's things in the new place? Yeah, they're good.
Mr Mead did a good thing getting me in there.
I want all the dirt, you and Jonah, what's happening? Nothing That's why you've got a big massive grin all over your face? I just really like him, OK? What, it's going to last more than a week? Seriously, Vic, I've really fallen for him.
My God! I know Ah, she's lovely.
She's in the creche today.
They don't normally take them when they're so tiny.
Look, she's so cute.
Do you know, I miss her so much, even though it's just for a few hours.
< LAUGHTER Janeece, why don't you just ask her for your baby back? I might not be your teacher any more but I'm not just going to stand back and watch you mess up your life.
Even if I did, which I'm not saying I'd do, how can I when Ruby's so happy? How can you not when you're so unhappy? I'm not.
I gave them the baby, they looked after me.
There's nothing written down yet, it's not legal.
Morning everyone.
I'm going to hand you straight over to Chris who's going to talk to you about the new CCTV system.
Right, well, I'm sure all of you have seen the cameras going up this morning.
It's a real state-of the-art system, audio as well as visuals, and it's already generating results.
How's the new flexitime working out for you, then, Grantly? Now, I know some of you have concerns, especially about the cost, but I think the potential impact on bullying, vandalism and truancy means it'll be well worth it.
Yes, but, Chris you forgot to mention that the cameras would be in the classrooms.
What? That's right, there have been a few changes to the original plan that I need to discuss with you.
In classrooms? Hang on, not through lessons, though? The idea is that it'll be an extra teaching tool.
What? It's about transparency and honesty.
It's been tried and tested in other schools with proven benefits.
So basically we're having a permanent Ofsted? - Hardly, Cesca.
- I've been a teacher for ten years, I have eyes in the back of my head.
This isn't just about discipline, it's about the educational benefits.
You can spin it any which way you like.
It's clearly there to police staff.
I can't believe you'd bring this in without proper consultation.
BELL RINGS Obviously there's going to be concerns, but it is only a trial, so please give it a go.
Went well, I thought.
OK, everyone a word of warning before we get started.
Mrs Fisher and Mr Mead are in the room, in mind if not in body.
You what, miss? Is that on now? Oh, my God, are we being filmed? Yes.
And you might not like it any more than I do, but if we just ignore the camera maybe we can show them how unnecessary it all is.
Come on, Fisher, save your son.
Sir, it's making me self-conscious.
I don't want to write anything in case I look stupid.
You don't have to write anything for that.
Sirit's bad enough you're spying on us in our free time, and now you've taken a record of what we're doing here as well? What's up with you? You're not exactly going to be discussing state secrets(!) It's like having Mrs Fisher in the room the whole time.
Welcome to MY world.
The cameras are there for protection.
For everyone.
Protection from what? Teachers? Like, staff coming onto pupils? I don't think that's a big problem at this school, Ronan, but Well, are the cameras in the staff room? Snooping into all your private conversations? They're not in the staff room, no.
Oh, big surprise! Yeah? How is that fair? Listen, if you want to see teachers arguing about biscuit money then just let me know and I'll bore you rigid with a blow-by-blow account.
Now, Ronan? Dad, are these things here to stay or what? They're saying trial period, but I doubt some people will be giving up their new toys.
You feel like you've done something wrong.
Like when you can't go in the newsagents more than two at a time in case you rob the sweets.
You usually do, though.
That's not the point.
This is about certain people at the top feeling very insecure.
Which we didn't hear from you? Right.
Listen, do you have any frees this morning? Yeah, why? I'm going to organise a meeting lunchtime, staff and pupils.
Could you get a PowerPoint presentation together for me? CCTV stats, that sort of thing? I suppose.
Not going to change anything, though.
Inspiring words, son, spoken just like Martin Luther King.
What's he on about? He means don't lie down and take the crap.
So what have you got in mind? What? Miss, he's left his homework in the back of my dad's car, and my dad can't find the keys and he said it'd be in his jacket which is in here.
You be quick.
Thanks, miss.
You don't know where he left it, do you? Coats are hanging up on the coat stand.
Um, is it this one? No.
That's Mr Clarkson's coat.
You don't know your own father's jacket? Sorry, miss.
Sorry, miss! His coat isn't even here, are you sure he said the staff room? Yeah.
What are you gawping at? Nothing, miss, it just looked interesting.
Bus duty rotas 2005-2006? Get out.
Martin Luther King did this? No.
This is a little surprise for my dad's meeting.
We get clips of the teachers saying something embarrassing, edit them together And we could charge people to watch! When my dad asks us to run the presentation this is what we show.
See how they like being spied on.
Mate, I see enough of teachers being boring as it is.
Do you want a can? Yeah, go on.
Hi, can I leave these here? Yeah, I'll take them.
I don't suppose they're for me? My last boyfriend's idea of romance was a bacon butty and a footy match.
Sir, I just got a message to come and see you.
Yes, Vicki, I've got the results from your retake.
The real ones this time? Hi.
- Keep it down, yeah? - Sorry.
Come on, they're in the staff room.
'Just don't get your hopes up, yeah? Here we go.
Oh, my God, I got a B! Oh, this is amazing.
Thanks, sir.
You did it all by yourself.
- After what I nearly did to you as well.
- Yeah, well, you didn't, so Well, I just want you to know you can trust me.
I'll never tell anyone about you and Jess.
You shouldn't get sacked just cos you slept with her.
Hey, babe, where are you off to? You're a liar, and a cheat.
What? Jonah? Jonah, what's wrong? Jonah, what did you just call me? Oi! Mead! Jonah, what's wrong?! What are you? I know! What's got into you, lad? Get off me! You! Get into my office! Go and get Marcus.
That was brilliant, man! Yeah, totally worth getting excluded over.
Are you all right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
What was that about? I don't know.
What, Jonah Kirby just attacked you? Must have been about something, Chris.
I've no idea.
# My heart is like a jigsaw puzzle # Pick it up and fix it for me # And figure it out, figure it out # Vicki? You told him, didn't you? No! I said I wouldn't.
Did you? Why would I do that? Then how did he find out? I don't know.
I don't want everyone else finding out either.
I don't want to lose him over one night with you.
OK, let's just Let's calm down.
What if Mum rings the police? She won't.
Not once she knows why he did it.
You can't tell her! People will find out.
I'll speak to Jonah.
I'll ask him not to say anything.
No way! This is all so stupid.
I mean, it happened so long ago.
It's the only way.
I don't know, Jess He'll keep quiet if I ask him, I know he will.
Honestly, every class I've had today, they've either played up to CCTV or it's "you can't say that, miss, it's on camera".
People need to hear that at the meeting I'll be there.
Marcus Karen needs to see you, mate.
Can it wait? It's Jonah.
Yeah? Look, I'd better tell you before you get there.
He attacked Chris Mead.
What? Jonah hit Chris? Yeah.
I don't get it either.
He's normally a good lad.
Did Chris do anything to him? I didn't see how it started.
Yeah, well, that'll be chance for him to see if his cameras work.
Bloody stupid mug.
Anything the matter today? Nothing.
Just a shadow of your normal unpleasant self.
Perhaps I don't want every word I say being filmed as potential evidence for the prosecution.
How's Fleur? What Big Sister has to realise is that by watching us every minute of every day is not going to make her feel any less guilty that she didn't watch her own daughter more closely.
Grantly! Well.
Go on, tell me.
Fleur hit me.
With a horse-racing book.
Oh, Grantly, what are you going to do? What CAN I do? Is that the best 50p you've ever spent, or what? Why would you want to watch teachers in private? It's creepy.
They're doing the same to us.
No, they're just trying to make sure that stuff we need doesn't get stolen and that people don't go round taking our dinner money off us.
No-one wants CCTV.
Unless it's you getting beaten up, followed, robbed.
Or if a terrorist bomb goes off and you can find out who did it cos you've got a video.
God, how do you not get your dinner money taken off you every single day? If I give you two quid, can you not show my dad saying anything embarrassing? Yeah, thanks.
Thank you.
Listen, something's gone wrong that you haven't told me about.
I'm not going to tell anyone.
Go on.
She wandered out and nearly got hit by a car.
Was she hurt? Did more damage with the book.
She's been to hospital, right? She didn't even know it was me that she was hitting.
Perhaps if she had she'd have hit harder, eh? You're not taking her to hospital because you think they're going to keep her in.
Or they'll put her in a home.
She is NOT going in a home.
And what is going to stop her walking out into traffic next time? Because you're not there in the day, Grantly.
I am there for her.
And I always will be.
We're fine, thank you! You need help! Jonah look I don't know what you think happened.
You jumped in bed with the guy.
You're not denying it, are you? It happened before I even knew you, and it finished ages ago.
I didn't know he was a teacher, Jonah, and he didn't know I was a pupil.
Please don't tell my mum.
She's got enough going on with the divorce and stuff.
And Chris Mr Mead will lose his job and he doesn't deserve that.
Do I look like I care? Then for me.
It's all over and done? Yeah.
Have you got any feelings for the guy? No, I promise.
What's it about? Why would I know? Because you're usually involved.
That is so typical.
You think everything's my fault.
No, I'm not saying that, Jess.
You didn't need to, Mum.
Ruby? Ohh! Breakfast - cold meat feast pizza.
What? You know, I say to them, can you come up with a meal planner for Healthy Nutrition Week and I get breakfast - cold meat feast pizza.
That's from two of them.
Um I was just, er I need Lunch, crisps and gravy.
I want my baby.
I think somebody has put dog food down here somewhere but I reckon that's just a wind-up.
I want my baby.
You know, you can come and see her any time you like, Janeece, you know that.
I don't just mean for five minutes.
Look, I've made a mistake, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry I've messed you about, I just want Cheryl back.
Think about what you're doing.
I've thought! I've done nothing but since you took her! I didn't think I was ready but I am, I knew I was ready from the second I seen her.
I should've told you then, I just didn't know how.
Janeece I don't blame you for having a little wobble.
It's not a But you have made your decision and it might not seem to you like I've had her long but I love her like she's my own.
I do.
I'm in bits.
I mean, you and John, yous have been so nice, but that makes it worse, I just can't help it.
She's going to have such a happy life with us.
And she would with me.
You always said you couldn't even look after yourself properly.
Yeah, but How are you going to manage? I'd find a way.
I just think that you might have a little bit of postnatal depression.
Have you seen the doctor? I don't need to, I just want Cheryl.
Oh, Janeece Um It's too late, cos John's going to the solicitors today.
I don't care! We didn't make it proper legal Is this Tom stirring it? You know, because you've done a good thing, Janeece, and it's not just for you, me and John.
It's for Poppy.
You don't let what someone else says go and spoil that.
Jonah, what are you doing? I know! I can think of plenty of people who might be stupid enough to try something like that.
I didn't imagine for one moment until now it could be you, Jonah.
I've made it perfectly clear I will not tolerate violence of any kind in this school, certainly not directed towards a member of my staff.
I wouldn't have You're in a lot of trouble, and just because you're a teacher's son or the boyfriend of my daughter, don't imagine that's going to help.
This is an exclusion offence and possibly a police matter.
Hang on a minute.
How about we hear Jonah's side of the story? Fine.
What do you have to say? Why did you do that? Jonah.
Mr Mead has no idea why you should do such a thing.
You know Jonah, you know he wouldn't do this unless there was a reason.
Tell her what it was.
You can't exclude me for For what? Jonah.
I'm trying to defend you here.
I know there's a reason for this.
Speak up for yourself.
Mr Mead, can you give us your version of events, please? Come on! It's in that first speech.
The gentlewoman tells us.
What is Lady Macbeth doing? Ohshe's sleepwalking, sir? Yes.
Like most of you through this lesson.
Lauren, we hear that she takes paper from her closet.
Why? I dunno, sir.
Is it to wipe up the coffee, sir? LAUGHTER Shush! Coffee? What coffee? Oh, I dunno, I thought she spilt some coffee or something.
Somebody Right, what is she doing while she sleepwalks? Is she looking for her daughter, sir? Daughter? What daughter? Didn't you say she had a missing daughter? I don't know what you're you talking about.
I must have heard it from somewhere.
Someone from planet Earth Why is she sleepwalking? Oh, is she injured? Injured?! Yeah, like she's been hit on the head with something? Likecos she got walloped over the head with a horse-racing book? Where did you get that from? Sir, we're just doing our best with the play.
I mean, what's wrong with YOU? Do you think I don't know what you're doing? Are you a bit confused, sir? Think you've got Alzheimer's.
LAUGHTER What did you say? Sir, you're freaking us out.
Lady Macbeth is doing this .
because what Becauseof what? I don't think you're dealing with the cameras very well, sir.
It's because of guilt.
All I'm saying is this is a one-off, it's totally out of character and I would rather it was just forgotten.
There's no way we're going to pretend that this didn't happen.
Surely that's up to me No, it's up to me.
If I don't get a full explanation now I'll call in the police and they can ask the questions.
Wait Jonah's not giving me any answers.
Neither is Mr Mead, and I don't buy it.
I know my son.
Look, I don't want to see anyone thrown out of school cos of one careless moment.
If a child laid into me, I'd want to know why and I'd want him punished for it.
So why don't you? OK.
OK, I do know why he did it.
It's not easy to explain.
We're waiting.
What it is is Jonah he must have overheard He must have overheard me saying some things about his dad.
About me? I was annoyed with you, Marcus, over the grief you gave me about the CCTV, So I was talking to another teacher, and well I guess I was slagging you off, I'm sorry.
For goodness' sake, Chris.
Is this right? He was defending you, Marcus.
You can't blame him for that.
I don't want him to see him get in trouble for it.
Is this right? I, er I would really like it if this was just forgotten.
I don't believe it.
Well, Jonah's not denying it.
He's a teacher's child.
You think he's not used to hearing me being called names? Just tell us honestly.
Is this what happened? We have rules.
We have to control our anger.
We can't just go around attacking people, at least teachers.
You're not still talking exclusion after hearing that? I see no remorse from Jonah.
I want a written letter of apology to Mr Mead, and only then will I consider reducing your punishment to a first strike.
Otherwise I will assume that you no longer wish to study here.
And what about Mr Mead? We'll discuss that after you and Jonah have left.
Come on, son.
What's got into you lately? I know that I've made mistakes, and I know that this was stupid PHONE RINGS Is there anything else you're not telling me, Chris? I'm being as honest as I can be.
Oh, Janeece.
Where is she? Well, why is it so complicated to sort out, John? I don't understand why we can't just get Janeece to sign a document to say we want the baby and she doesn't.
Why is that difficult? Because the longer this goes John, I think it's too late.
You OK? Did you say anything? No.
Look, Jonah, you're being totally out of order here.
Me? I know you're narked off with her but this was ages ago.
She said it was all over.
It is! She told me that she really likes you! Seriously? Yeah, just this morning.
She hasn't been like that with anyone.
I mean with Finn, I thought she was just doing that to wind up Mr Mead, but with you it's different.
What? Well, what I'm saying is she really fancies you.
She was seeing Finn to make Mead jealous? No, that is not what I'm saying.
What, I thought you said it was ages ago.
It was.
Oh, sounds like she's still into him to me.
Why else would she make me lie? You've got it wrong.
Jonah! Jess.
What's going to happen to Jonah? He'll be OK.
OK how? Don't worry, I'll I'll speak to him and I'll make sure he does what he needs to do.
I should never have asked him to lie.
He didn't lie.
All right, then I should never have asked him not to tell the truth, whatever! Either way he hates me now.
Hey, come on.
It'll be all right.
I promise.
Is Janeece here? Have you seen Janeece? Why, what's wrong? Oh, Tom Yes, well, it's good to know who you can trust.
Not now, Grantly.
Why are you looking for Janeece? Somebody is having a big laugh at my expense.
What? I told you in confidence.
What? The kids know, so it's got to be halfway round Manchester by now! I don't know what he's talking about.
What other gossip have you been spreading about? Grantly, the baby is missing.
It's just that the year-elevens know some private things said in here.
Behave yourself.
Even if they did, it wouldn't be one of our lot that's spreading gossip, would it? She's in here.
You're upset, let me talk to her.
BABY CRIES Come on, Cheryl.
I'm sorry.
I'm dead sorry I just don't know what you want.
Janeece? This is the ladies! Janeece, when I said talk to them this isn't quite what I meant.
You haven't really thought this through, have you? I just wanted to see her, I knew they wouldn't let me near her.
Look, how does Cheryl feel about all this? I don't know what I'm doing.
Last time I picked her up and she stopped but it's not working.
Open the door for me, Janeece, eh? I don't want to let her go, she's mine.
No-one else's.
I know.
It's like every part of me is telling me I'm a mum now.
And you will be.
No-one can take that away.
I don't want it to.
I don't want it to ever go away.
Come on out, eh? Am I in loads of trouble now? No.
And I won't let anyone take her away from you if that's not what you want.
Hi, Janeece.
I just wanted her back.
What do you want to do now, Janeece? I don't know what I want to do with her, do I? Janeece Oh Oh, whoa, whoa, Poppy! It's all right.
You know there are all sorts of stories going round.
I can imagine.
Some of the kids were making out that Chris hit Jonah Not how it looked on CCTV.
Well, why would he do it, though? He wouldn'tnormally.
Glad to see you've come along to support the cause.
Er, yeah, except we're here to disagree with you.
My mum's head teacher, I dream of CCTV.
It's, like, top of my Christmas list.
If I have kids no way are they coming to my school.
You don't think it's fair on them? It's not fair on you.
They're making your life a misery! Right, if you could all make your way to the front of the seats, that would be great Thanks.
What Chris Mead is saying, it's a lie, isn't it? You're messing up your education because of some misguided loyalty I'm not, Dad.
I'm really not.
Have you done the PowerPoint presentation? Yeah.
Ronan got a few facts and figures together.
Nothing too exciting.
Thanks, Ronan.
I know what you've done in the staff room.
So what? Your kind of spying is even more devious than the school's.
I'm making a point.
There's nothing wrong with the cameras.
It's just whether they're used or misused.
Guess which one you're doing.
Chris, we're needed at this meeting.
Yeah, right Um Do you want me to take most of the questions or? I think you've shot your mouth off enough for one day, don't you? What was it you were saying about Marcus that Jonah heard? Has he written the letter yet? Not yet.
Then I think I'll let you hear it from him.
Grantly, what are you doing? Ah, re-enacting my movements.
Ah! Little sods.
Is this what I think it is? That's a webcam.
Tit for tat.
Someone has been filming us in here.
I'll deal with that later.
So in my view, cameras in school, especially in classrooms, create a culture of suspicion and mistrust.
I think we have to accept it's a fact of life, Mr Kirby.
I'd rather talk about how the systems are going to function.
Maybe we can switch the cameras on and off ourselves.
He's ignoring my texts.
I think I might have made things worse.
Who has access? LEA? Anyone on the internet? They can watch one of my algebra lessons.
It'd be the first time anyone's paid any attention to it.
You wouldn't be wrong, sir.
Sorry we're late.
OK, in a minute we're going to be opening the floor to questions for Mrs Fisher and Mr Mead, but first Jonah and Ronan would like to show us something.
Yeah, er I was going to give you a lot of boring statistics about CCTV, crime rates and all that, but our deputy head doesn't understand why we don't like being spied on.
We wondered how he'd feel if he knew we was watching his private moments.
GASPS FROM AUDIENCE All his little secrets on show for everyone to see.
MRS FISHER: What is this? I think this has gone far enough.
Yeah, that's right.
That's enough, lads.
I think you've made your point.
You told us you were happy with the deal.
Look, I know you're giving her a good home .
and you love her, and she's happy.
You know what to do, you've read all the books.
All I've done since the birth is watch workout videos.
You know, if you realise that But I want her for myself.
I was scared that if I kept her that she'd take over my life, but she's doing that anyway, cos I can't stop thinking about her.
I know what you're going to say, and I know it's not fair, but I want to be a mum to my own baby.
All right, Janeece.
What? I mean, what else can I say? Is she OK? Yeah, she is now.
Can I hold her a minute? I'll give the solicitor a ring as soon as I get in, put a bit of pressure on.
See if I can get him to hurry things up.
Ruby, what is this? She's not ours.
Yes, she is.
She is ours now.
I wish she was.
I wish she was, but she's not.
Janeece never wanted this baby.
Poppy deserves someone who wants her more than anything.
It's not even Poppy.
Ruby, stop Haven't you seen the way Janeece looks at her? Think about this.
We might not get another chance like this.
It isn't about what you need, or Janeece needs.
It's about what Cheryl needs and she needs her mum.
You look after her.
Why didn't you show the other clip? The one of me? My sister made me realise I'm better than that.
Jonah what happened with me and Jess, it was a mistake.
A real mistake.
I didn't think that I was doing anything wrong.
I felt sick when I realised that she was a pupil, and not just any pupil either.
Funny how you're still so close.
I've not had anything to do with her since.
I've saw you with her earlier! What? In your classroom.
Yeah, that's right.
She was in bits cos she thought she'd messed things up with you.
Don't blow it over this, it's not worth it.
Well, I'll have plenty of time to think it over after being excluded.
Just write the letter.
I don't think so.
See, I've got a conscience.
You don't have to leave.
I'm not going to say what it's really about, and obviously you're not Jonah, just hang on two seconds.
Look, it's like my dad says about these cameras.
People should do the right thing because it's the right thing, not because they'll get found out.
Earlier in the staffroom .
I made a cock-up.
Is that what passes for an apology in your world? I wouldn't have made that mistake I'm just finding it difficult to focus at the moment.
You can't carry on like this.
It's no good for you, it's no .
good for Fleur, and actually, Grantly, it isn't any good for any of us.
I don't have a choice.
You know, Fleur's condition isn't the problem here.
It's you.
Your love for her is the problem, cos it's hurting her.
And if you really want to do best by her, you have to let her go.
Well, I'd best be off.
It's against my better principles to hang around longer than I have to.
Grantly Grantly! Do you have a letter for me? No, miss.
As if fighting wasn't enough, you sneak a camera into the staff room and in the process humiliate one of my teachers.
We're not getting anywhere here.
You can go now, Jonah.
I'll explain.
Go on.
Before I start, I don't think that we should extend the cameras beyond the trial period.
Why is that? You want a school built on trust.
I didn't understand that.
Why do I think I'm not going to like this? Cos you're not.
It's OK, Dad.
I think Mr Mead's explaining why.
Something to do with Jess, isn't it? Yeah.
Do you remember the first day of term? I tried to resign, and you stopped me.
Well, you wouldn't have done if you'd known the reason I wanted to leave.
What's this got to do with Jonah? The night before .
I'd been out, in a club and I metthis girl.
Chris? It was Jess.
She didn't come home that night.
She was with me.
I didn't know that she was your daughter.
How could I? So it would have been all right if it had been someone else's daughter? I thought she was older.
II can't tell you how mortified I was when I found out.
Not enough to tell me.
I wanted to tell you as soon as I knew, but then all that stuff with Ruth Kirby going missing, there wasn't a chance And then it just seemed like it was too late.
And I love this job You selfish idiot.
Karen You've allowed Jess to walk around all this term carrying that with her, protecting you.
She's had all that other stuff to deal with.
You've lied to me all this time.
I've nearly excluded a child whilst you've weaselled out of responsibility.
Do you know what's really sad, Chris? You could have been great.
You could have been a really great teacher.
I've loved every minute of working here.
Get out.
Get out! Still here, then.
Mr Mead did the right thing for once in his life.
Well, I don't care what he did.
I care that you called me a liar and a cheat.
You could have told me.
Maybe I didn't tell you because I was scared you'd do something totally freaky, like hitting a teacher and then almost outing me in front of the entire school just when you'd promised you wouldn't say anything.
You should never have made me promise.
What was I supposed to do? Let you blab and then a teacher loses his job because of me? But it's OK for me to get thrown out of school instead? I don't want to lose you over something that happened before we even knew each other.
It's not about that.
It's about you caring more about what happens to Mr Mead than what happens to me.
We're over.
Ah, lovely little Cheryl.
Gorgeous little chubby cheeks.
Oh, boy, you stink.
She needs changing.
Oh, yeah, OK.
Can I have a little help, please? She's all yours.
Jess, it's your mum.
Can you give me a call back when you get this? I think we should meet up and I'm not in the mood for you yelling at me, OK? I'm not going to yell.
I'm sorry you couldn't talk to me about this.
It's not just you.
I've been doing stuff too to get to you.
I don't know why.
You don't deserve it.
You didn't deserve Chris Mead taking advantage of you.
That was me, Mum.
It was my fault.
He knew what he was doing.
I did all the running.
He didn't stand a chance, to be honest.
He'd like you to think that.
He's not done anything wrong, Mum.
I threw myself at him.
And maybe that's because you and me are messed up, I don't know.
But don't screw him over because of that.
He should have been straight with me, Jess.
I asked him not to say anything.
He kept it quiet for me as much as anything else.
He's just being selfish.
So he gets sacked and I feel rubbish for it, right? That's the best that can happen.
The worst is that the whole school finds out and the governors get involved, it ends up in the school newspaper and everything.
I can't deal with all that stuff, Mum.
You wouldn't have to.
I'll deal with it.
He's a good teacher, Mum.
Not many are.
But he broke the rules.
You make the rules.
It's not as easy as that.
Jonah broke up with me, Mum.
Oh, sweetheart Jonah's not excluded, I gather.
No although I did see a side to him that I didn't much like today.
He's not entirely blameless in all of this, but he's a very good student.
I don't want to lose him.
How are you keeping up the front? I'm sorry? You don't have to keep it together, you know, not for me.
I know you saw him as a friend.
It must have upset you to fire him.
I haven't decided what course of action to take yet.
Are you serious? This man slept with a pupil, not just any pupil.
He lied, flat-out lied, and you still want him as your second in command? If I fire Chris now, what good's that going to do my daughter or your son? My son's education was at stake because of him, and you're saying he could walk away unpunished? As I said, I haven't decided yet.
OK, I'll make this easy for you.
Sack Chris Mead or I resign.
Marcus You're a brilliant teacher, you make a huge difference here.
I've had nothing but respect for you, the way you cope with this job no matter what was going on at home.
But this? This is out of order.
This is your personal life dictating what you do in work.
There's nothing stopping me reporting this, of course.
I know you won't do that, Marcus.
Him or me - your call.
What would you do if you were me? I'm not you.
I never will be.
I've pretty much proved that.
Well, let me put it another way.
Should I accept YOUR resignation or Marcus's? Sorry? That's the choice.
There's no choice.
I'm finished in teaching.
You were fast-tracked into something that's all about experience.
I really wanted this to work, you know? At any cost? No, it wasn't about me, my career.
I know you probably won't believe that, but I was just trying to do the right thing by everyone.
Really? If I'd quit back in September, I'd have been walking out on you just at the moment when you needed me most.
And if I'd come clean and told everything, I'd have made life unbearable for Jess.
So what was I supposed to do? Avoided the situation in the first place.
Well, I'm not going to stand around here being silent.
Just one thing Will Marcus get my job? I should think so, yeah .
if you were going.
Sorry, I'm not with you.
Don't I get to be selfish sometimes too? I've still got a job? If you recognise your inexperience and learn from it.
Karen And I don't want my daughter wasting her energies feeling guilty about you.
But remember this, Chris.
Your card is marked.
One more mistake and you're out .
whatever the consequences.
What about Marcus? That's his decision, not mine.
Marcus, look, for what it's worth If you touch my girl again, I'll kill you.
It was really nice, I can't tell you.
That was the nicest holiday we ever had, I think, even if we were stuck in the caravan the whole time.
Rained for two weeks.
Thunder and lightning the first night, knocked out the electrics.
No telly.
My dad must have been going bananas trying to think of things for us to do.
I don't know who this is.
It's Grantly, Fleur.
Well, Grantly, if you don't mind, I'm trying to have a private conversation with my mother.
Ruby called me.
I'm here to help, Grantly.
You need help.
You're moving to London? I'm glad I won't be around when you tell the kids.
There's one thing you haven't thought of - sell your house.
Is there any truth in this rumour that you've been studying last year's texts? Simple mistake.
Simple mistake? The only way forward is a charge of professional misconduct.
Excuse me.

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