Waterloo Road (2006) s06e12 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 12

Doesn't your sister look great? Let's go, come on! Come on! 'When I saw' the state of the boys' exam results, I realised something had to be done.
Awful or not, separating boys and girls isn't going to work.
If you have any problems, then I'd like you to take them to our new Head of Pastoral Care, I'm sure you'll find each other equally challenging.
I'd like to introduce you to our latest addition, Mr Kyle Stack.
What are you looking at? You are not running away again! Bex, please! Are you off to scare some more girls? What? Everyone knows what a pathetic little perv you are! Who's been saying that? 'Was it Bex? Everyone, mate.
' Oh, my God! KYLE! Kyle! Tell 'em I didn't touch ya! Are you OK? You're safe now.
I must have looked like a right state.
You see that's impossible, it could never happen.
Hiya, Bill.
Yeah, I'm outside yours now.
All right then, see you in a bit, bye.
Shall we go and see baby Brooke? Aw, you look dead smart, love.
I'll feed Brooke.
Billie, we haven't got time for this.
You're going to school, that's the end of it.
I said I would, didn't I? Maybe she needs changing? Then if she does then I'll deal with it.
That's what I'm here for.
I'll tell you how today's going to go.
You're gonna go to school, you're gonna have a laugh with your mates and then everything's gonna get back to normal.
That's what we agreed.
You just want her for yourself! That's not true.
You're not her mum! I am.
Go to school.
No! I don't want to go to school, I wanna stay here and look after my baby.
Go to school, please.
NO!!! Go to school!! - Hello, Janeece.
- Hello, Mrs Taylor.
Billie's just coming.
Billie? - Say bye-bye to Brooke.
- Is she not coming to the school creche? - Not today.
- Why? Well, that's none of your business, Janeece.
Go on.
Say hello to your mum for me, love.
You should decide what's happening with Brooke.
She's your baby, Billie.
Look at the state of him.
He's been wearing the same shirt all week.
He looks scruffier than most of the kids.
He spends all his time in the care home with Fleur.
I think he is neglecting himself a bit though.
A bit? Maybe one of us should have a word? And by one of us, you mean me? Well, blokes aren't good at that sort of thing, are they? Morning.
Dressed for the job, I see.
You're under more scrutiny as head, aren't ya? For the day.
Don't worry, I'm not after it full time.
That's Billie Taylor there with Janeece.
She's going to need a lot of support.
I've got her booked in first thing.
On the ball, as ever? You know that Kyle Stack still seems like a bit of an outsider.
Yeah, he's not the sort to form friendships early.
I think I'll pull him and Finn Sharkey in for a bit of a chat.
Show them who's boss, eh? For the day.
Billie Taylor? I'm Ms Lawal, the new Head of Pastoral Care.
Are you the one my mum's been talking to on the phone? Yeah.
Yeah, she's filled me in a bit.
Come to my office at registration and we'll catch up then.
Well, I've gotta get to work.
Make sure you tell Ms Lawal what's happening with your mum.
Have you got any pictures? What of? Of the baby! Is she dead cute or what? My cousin's just had one, it's well ugly.
But saying that, so is she.
Let's not talk about babies, eh? When a girl has a crush on a boy she usually just writes him a note or tries to snog him or something.
What are you going on about? You and Nate Gurney? Don't be daft.
We just like hanging around together.
Hanging out together how often? Every night this week? Well, that's not just hanging out, that's getting to know each other.
OK, so maybe I fancy him a bit.
But still, we're just mates.
He don't like me like that.
Well, he's gay, isn't he? Just because he's gay doesn't mean he fancies me, besides I'm not even his type.
Well, you know how to find out? Ask him! That hole in your face isn't just for eating crisps, you know.
What's she on about? That was Mum seeing if you're all right.
Why doesn't she ask me herself? I dunno.
Maybe she doesn't want to hear the answer? Yeah, well, I've told you, I do.
What's going on? Anyone can see you're paranoid.
Jess, leave it.
All right, you're really happy to be home, right, and nothing's playing on your mind? The last thing you need is your little sister banging on about it? Morning, Miss.
Oh, morning, Jonah.
There's my essay.
I did it last night.
It's not due in till Friday.
Blimey, I wish your other classmates were as keen.
Well, Spanish is my favourite subject.
I was thinking of going on holiday there next year, see how I got on speaking the language.
D'you know I've been thinking, we don't get enough real Spanish talk in class.
Do you think if I offered conversation classes, I could get some of them to sign up? I know I would.
Why don't find you find out if anyone else is interested? I could put up a notice.
I'm free at lunchtime if you are? All right.
Honestly, Grantly, you're getting worse, what a mess.
I wouldn't like to see inside your house.
No, you wouldn't.
It is, to use the proverbial, a tip.
Well, how did it get in that state? Well, I go from here straight to the home Fleur's in, sit talking for two hours to someone who doesn't know who I am, and then I get home, eat some thing out of a box, down the best part of a bottle of whisky, bed and back here again.
You need a woman's touch, Grantly.
Never mind a woman with a degree in domestic science.
You?! Well, you know I'm just saying that if you need any help.
Not from you, I don't.
What have I done now? It's what you've not done.
It's time that you two buried the hatchet.
No way.
He nearly killed Bex with that dog of his.
And now I don't have a dog, thanks to you.
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
You know, you two have got a lot more in common than you may think you have.
So I want you to shake hands now and get on with it.
You can't make us do that.
No, I can't make you do anything but I'm asking you to do it.
I don't want any bad blood in this school.
I'm not gonna shake his hand and I don't want to be his mate.
Same here! OK.
You're lucky that you're still at this school.
Any more trouble and you'll be out.
And you You step out of line and we'll be down on you like a ton of bricks.
You know, one day you two are going to grow up, strange as that may seem, and I guarantee that you will both look back on this and you'll realise that you were behaving like complete idiots.
Out! Sir do you get paid more money if you're standing in for Mrs Fisher? I wish I did.
Yeah, well, I think you should.
Cos all the problems going to Mrs Fisher's door are now gonna come to you.
Really? Yeah, and there's a case of child theft that needs to be looked into.
Child theft? Do you want to expand? Yeah, Billie Taylor's mum's trying to steal her baby.
Oh, come on, Janeece, don't be so ridiculous.
It's true.
I heard it.
OK, what exactly did you hear? Shouting.
Yes? Well, all I know is Billie was in a right state.
Well, Ms Lawal's dealing with Billie so you don't need to trouble yourself any more.
I've told her to tell Ms Lawal about her mum.
Janeece I really don't need you stirring up trouble, especially today.
Just get on with your own job.
Cos that's all I'm good for, innit? Being a school seccy.
What was that? What? That! Janeece, this might sound like a really stupid question but do you have a baby in your drawer? No way.
Well, it would be well cruel to keep a baby in a drawer.
But I do have one in the stationery cupboard.
Creche! Now, please.
Oh, but she's not doing no harm.
Why do I have to take her to the creche? Cos that's where she goes every other day.
Why is today different? I didn't know it was a crime to want to spend time with your baby! Come on, Cheryl.
Amazing! Come in, Billie.
Go on, take a seat.
How are you finding being back? Are you a little nervous? Is that what my mum told you? That I'm nervous? Oh, no, I've got my own eyes.
We've booked a place on the creche for Baby Brooke.
I thought you were bringing her in today.
Mum says Brooke's got to stay at home with her.
She reckons I should concentrate on getting things back to normal at school.
I'm trying, I swear.
Well, maybe it's for the best until you settle back in at school? Right, let's get the first day over, eh? Any problems, I'm here to help.
Go on, off you go.
I'm loving the enthusiasm.
I know, Waterloo Road kids signing up for extra classes.
It's a big ask.
If anyone can get them to come, it'll be you.
Gosh, I'm flattered.
It's appreciated.
There's not many teachers at this school would give up their own time with things like this.
There are some special pupils in this school.
I just want to see them reach their full potential.
TomKyle Stack? He doesn't play for any of the school teams, does he? No? Have you asked him? Kyle seems more interested in kicking his classmates than a football.
Besides, I've got Finn Sharkey in the senior team he's essential, they're sworn enemies.
That is my point.
I thought, now hear me out, if you could get them both playing on the same team, that might help them forget their differences.
What d'you think? I don't know if he's any good.
I'll give him a trial at lunchtime.
Cheers, Tom.
Best of luck.
Billie? What did Ms Lawal say? She said my mum's been talking to her, and they both agree that my mum should look after Brooke.
I don't believe it.
What, so she's backing your mum against you? Brooke is your baby, Billie! Mum's been saying all sorts of things about me, that I'm not fit to look after her.
They said the same about me.
If I would have give our Cheryl away, it would have been the worst mistake of my life.
You've got to do something.
It's no use, they've already made up their minds.
Look, where should you be now? Food Technology.
All right, get to class.
Your first day back, Billie, and you're late.
I was seeing Ms Lawal.
Right, take a seat.
Your work folder's out for you.
The girls are doing theory today.
Miss, why is no-one talking? Isn't it great? See what happens when the Year Ten boys come in.
Yes? Sir, I need help with question one.
Ermone Urgh! Get back in your seat.
Sir, I don't feel well.
You'll feel a lot worse if you don't get back in that seat.
Yes? You know what? It's all right, sir, I don't need any help.
Sir, he said he didn't have a clue.
Sir, it proper stinks in here.
I can't smell anything.
Sir, it smells really, really bad.
It's like an old tramp's let himself in or summat.
Oh, right, that's enough.
Get on with your work by yourselves.
I don't care if you pass or fail.
Have you told Billie Taylor it's all right her mum's taken the baby? What I said is confidential.
OK, madam? Yeah, and it was her who told me.
I don't think it's fair that cos she's a single mum she don't get no rights.
The baby's Billie's.
No-one's disputing that.
And her mum's dead-set on nicking that baby.
If you don't know that, you shouldn't be in your job.
If I were you, I'd keep your opinions to yourself.
I've got ten years' experience of children's problems.
Fine, if you're not gonna look after Billie, I will.
You will stay out of this.
That's an instruction.
All right? Yeah.
Listen, I'm sorry about your dog.
It's all right, my fault, really.
Shouldn't have used him to fight my battles.
Had a good laugh last night, mate.
Yeah, brilliant.
Fluke, though.
Could have a re-match tonight? Yeah, if you wanna get totally humiliated? Cool.
Maybe we could do something else instead of playing computer games? Sounds good.
What are you talking to that queen for? Shut up, Finn.
What's the letter about? Where the hell did you get this? Who's the this guy? I'm not answering any of your questions.
Bex? What's he on about, that there's money to be made? He sounds like a flaming gangster or something.
You stole it out my locker? I'm sorry that I went in your bag but I'm worried about ya.
I'm even more worried now I've read that.
Don't do anything like this again.
Why can't you just answer my question? Who's Hodge? Why is he so desperate to see you? You're scared of him, aren't you? Look You mention his name one more time and I'm leaving, do you understand me? I'm not coming back.
I've warned that one off as well.
Best of luck.
Janeece won't be convinced she's wrong till Billie's mum takes a lie-detector test.
She's on a mission.
I might get the mum in some time this week.
Have a chat.
Something about all this is making me feel uneasy.
Yeah She was doing well, her grades were above average.
Then bang, she got pregnant and all her education stopped.
It'll be a real waste if she leaves here without any qualifications.
Kyle Kyle, could you please concentrate on your work? What's the point? - I don't understand a word.
- He's thinking about his dead dog, miss.
Shut it, you.
Kyle, please, can't you see that he's hoping you'll respond the way you do? Ms Montoya? Can I have a few minutes with Kyle Stack, please? Of course, Mr Clarkson.
Me? What for? Just wait outside.
FINN! Everything all right? He's just so aggressive.
You can't even look at him and he takes offence.
I'll have a word with him, thank you.
Why is everyone picking on me? Because you give them the satisfaction of responding.
Well, I didn't do anything.
So what was going on in there? I hate Spanish.
Well, is there anything that you are interested in? Football? It's all right.
Do you play? Sometimes.
Well, what about joining the lads at lunchtime? Just a kick about, see if you can make the team.
I dunno.
Kyle, you haven't made a single friend since you started here.
No wonder you're bored.
I just don't think I'll be very good.
Well, that's what practice is for.
To get better.
Give it a go, eh? I suppose.
Come on.
So are you going to Ms Montoya's conversation class? You kidding? In my lunch break? Na, I've got better things to do with my spare time.
What about you? Er, not too sure yet.
Grantly? I had some free time so I've cooked you up some suppers.
For God's sake, I don't need looking after.
Well, there's plenty of us in here who think that you do.
Well, I don't want charity.
I'm so glad I wasted all morning cooking! He doesn't want to know, does he? There's a bolognaise, chicken curry and a steak pie in that.
Well, I'll have it if it's going begging.
No, it's Grantly's, and Grantly is going to get it, but I just think I'm gonna need your help, OK? Billie? Janeece tells me you're worried about your mum keeping Brooke at home? She shouldn't have said anything.
If you're missing Brooke, it's natural.
You can always give your mum a ring from my office.
Do it now if you want.
Brooke's in safe hands, you know.
It might feel like your mum's spending more time with the baby, but that's just because she knows how important school is to you.
You've missed a lot of schooling, Billie.
The best thing you can do is get your qualifications.
Oi, fancy going to the pictures tonight? I feel like I haven't seen you for ages.
I'm busy with Nate tonight.
What, again? Seeing a lot of him lately.
Is something going on between the two of you? No.
We're just mates, that's all.
Tom, go on Now's your chance.
Are you sure about this? Yes! Go on! Who asked you to talk to that Ms Lawal for me? I thought she could have helped.
Well, she didn't.
Well, did you tell her about your mum trying to take over? She's on my mum's side! And I'm on yours.
I seen with my own eyes this morning how your mum was going on, holding Brooke as if she was hers.
So you really believe me? I thought I was going mad.
Look, let's go to your mum's now and have it out.
Us mums need stick together.
Jonah? Hey.
This is a bit embarrassing but you're the only one that's signed up for conversation classes so far.
Obviously I'm not as inspiring as I might have hoped.
No worries.
I mean your grades won't suffer for it.
What? Oh.
You want to cancel the class? Oh, no, I just assumed that you wouldn't want to, erm I'm up for it if you are.
Um, well, I'll see you at lunchtime.
Mum? - What are you doing home? - She wants to see her baby.
Well, she's settled Why are you not at school? Billie wants to speak to you about a few things.
What exactly's going on? Go on I know you're only trying to help but Brooke's my baby.
Not yours.
You're doing too much and I need you to stop.
I can't stop, Billie.
She's a baby.
Somebody needs to look after her.
- Well, what about her mum? - Stay out of this, you.
Go onyou've got her attention now.
You just want her for yourself.
You can't look after her! You're not safe to be left with her.
I'm not having my grand-daughter put at risk.
What risk? I love her! See.
She's been like this for months.
Then she wonders why I want the baby to be with me.
Oh, no, hang on a minute! What did you say? It's best for all of us.
You get your life back, be a teenager again.
So I've I've been in touch with a lawyer.
To see if I can adopt Brooke.
No! - Billie, STOP IT! - Get off me! Billie, STOP! She's my baby! She's my baby! You can't take her away from me! You have no idea what's going on here.
Don't for one secondthink that you have heard the last of this.
Either of you! Oy, oy Looking good, Kyle.
Stick 'em down there, Ronan.
Sir, what's he doing here? Practising his football like everybody else, and I don't want any trouble.
He causes it! I'm surprised he hasn't been kicked out yet.
Well, at Waterloo Road we give all the kiddies a chance, even little pests like you.
Go on! Right, I want you to dribble through these cones and then pass to your partner who's gonna shoot through these two cones there.
First time.
Got it? Where's Jonah? He's sucking up to Miss Montoya.
Eh? He's doing some daft Spanish conversation classes.
What? And missing football practice? Right, Ronanyou go first.
I want an accurate pass to Stephen.
So we're working together, supporting each other.
Finn, I want you with Kyle.
Oi, Kyle.
Dribble then pass to Kyle.
Oi! Think I don't know that you've just done that on purpose? He was in a perfect position to get the ball.
It would help if he was any good.
He's crap.
I'll be the judge of that.
You've just lost your team mate the chance to score a goal, that's what I call crap! Are you all right, Kyle? No problem.
Good lad.
He's only in the team cos you feel sorry for him.
Right, youget.
You what? I've had enough of your cheek.
You're out the team.
Go! Sir, you must be joking! You gone mad? It's all right.
I'll go.
No, you're staying.
Go on.
All right.
But I'm not coming back.
Right, you lot, jog round the playground, now! Come on, faster.
Hey, where've you been? I got you a phone.
It's just one of them pay-as-you-go ones but I thought you might need it in case you get lost or something.
That is so nice.
Well, you're my sister, I love you, don't I? Look, I know that everything you're doing is cos you care about me.
I'm not going run away again if that's what you're worried about.
Hi, Finn.
Don't try the steak pie, bro'.
I'm not getting anything to eat, mate.
Going straight to the offie after school and getting wasted.
Yeah, the answer to everyone's problemsgetting sloshed.
Who asked you? Well, what's the matter? Your dad's just kicked me off the team.
Are you joking? What for? For nothing.
Why do I suspect that's not the whole story? What, you're laughing at me as well? I'll tell you what, I'll leave you here with your boyfriend, I'll be over here on my own.
What a relief.
Boyfriend, eh? What's he know that I don't? I've never said that.
I'm not complaining.
Tendria mas bien una hamburguesa.
No puedes ser il tipo de persona que come comida vegetariana.
Well, I do like to keep myself fit.
Right well.
Another maths book.
Is that all? Well, we've been at it for 40 minutes.
Well, I was really enjoying it.
Talking to you.
Yeah well I have to admit, those 40 minutes did go by rather quickly.
There's not a lot of Year Twelve pupils who can speak Spanish and talk about Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
My new favourite author.
So he stayed for the course? That's something.
He did, and I lost Finn Sharkey.
One of my best players.
Wasn't the whole point of the exercise to keep them playing in the same team? He was bad-mouthing Kyle the whole time.
I had no choice.
What now? Well, if its anything to go by I've got the feeling that Kyle enjoyed being part of the team.
We could always work on that.
That's good.
But what about Finn? We don't want him falling back into his old ways if he feels hard done by.
Maybe I could get his mate Josh to have a word with him? Great.
OK, feel it here, feel it right there.
Right, erm, you might want to pack your things.
So same time tomorrow? Yeah, let's see.
Why don't you let the rest of the class know erm, how useful conversation classes are.
See if you can't get them to turn up.
Where's the headteacher? Excuse me, you can't just barge in here.
Is she here? No she's away but I'm the deputy head.
Now I suggest you just calm down and tell me what this is about? I'm Laura Taylor.
Billie's mum.
I'd like to lodge a serious complaint against one of your staff.
Wait till I get my hands on Cesca, stealing my best footballers.
My house keys were in the left breast pocket of my jacket, as usual.
Except now they're not.
Yeah well they can't have gone far.
I'll help you look for them.
I hope I haven't been robbed.
Working in a den of thieves as I do.
Ms Lawal? I need you in the office.
Anything serious? Billie Taylor's mum up there shouting the odds.
Billie's been home during lunchtime and hit her.
Oh, great, that's all we need.
That's not the best of it.
Janeece is involved.
If you ask me, Janeece Bryant is behind all this.
Billie does not need winding up.
For someone to lash out at their own mother like that They're not fit to look after a baby? So, you're saying Billie hit you? She's been like this for months.
She's having mood swings.
I don't know what to do any more.
I'm this far away from calling the police on my own daughter.
I understand how angry you must feel, but lets just wait and see if Billie comes back to school, and then we can hear both sides of the story.
No, I'm sorry, it's too late for that.
I've got a baby to think about.
Billie needs to realise what she's doing to this family.
Until we've established the facts, let's not do anything we could regret.
Billie could easily have the baby taken away from her.
You don't look too unhappy about that, Mrs Taylor.
She assaulted me! Ask Janeece, she saw everything! Will you excuse us just for one second? What is going on? I know, it'sa mess, to say the least.
Why don't you go back in there and try and defuse the situation.
Fat chance.
The woman's about to shop her own daughter, she's not in the mood to listen.
I'll track down Billie and Janeece.
See if we can get to the bottom of this.
Miss! Billie's mum's trying to run off with her baby.
Yeah, she's run here.
Yeah, cos you and her are trying to take Brooke off me.
Your Mum's upset about what happened at the house.
We're going to get this sorted out, don't worry.
You! In the office.
You wait here.
You have to say that you didn't see anything.
But I did.
Look, your Mum said a few things, but you shouldn't have hit her.
I can't help it.
I lost my temper.
Please, I can't lose my baby.
Tell us what happened, Janeece.
Well The truth! Janeece.
Mrs Taylor, please.
She thinks I'm the baddie here and I'm just trying to keep Brooke safe.
Go on, Janeece.
Well, we went to the house, me and Billie.
They don't need to know the ins and outs.
Just tell them about the assault.
And there was loads of shouting I never saw no assault.
She's lying! Look at her.
Look, I know you probably think I'm a gobby little madam You might be right.
But sir, she don't give a toss about Billie.
All she wants is that baby.
She wants to adopt Brooke! Because it's the best for everyone! And I do give a toss about her, actually.
Very much so.
BABY CRIES Mrs Taylor.
Would you mind if Janeece takes the baby down to the creche? No.
I'm sorry I'd like Brooke to stay with me, please.
Well, we need to talk, and I for one can barely hear myself think.
She will be safe down there.
Thank you.
You've got her for me! I'm supposed to be taking her to the creche.
Well, I'll come with you.
I don't know, Billie.
Well, they're probably going to call you in there in a minute.
Well, I'll go back in a minute.
I've not even seen the creche yet.
I think you should leave her with me.
You sound just like my mum.
Let me take her.
What happened in there? What did they say? They was asking me loads of questions, and I said I didn't see anything.
Thank you.
Because I know you didn't mean it and I know you won't do it again.
No more lies from now on, yeah? And you need to learn to keep your temper.
Yes, Tom? Erm, you got any spare A4? Help yourself.
I'm not paying for it.
Everything OK? Well, I could have sworn those weren't there earlier.
I must be going senile.
I'll be in there with Fleur before long.
Don't be daft.
You're probably just tired.
Hey, do you fancy a drink later? Relax a bit.
Much as I would like to take you up on your generous offer.
I didn't say anything about paying for you.
Oh! Go on then, my treat.
You deserve a good night out.
Might even stand you a curry after.
I can't.
Fleur'll worry if I'm not there at visiting time.
Come on, Grantly, you've even said yourself she hardly knows who you are.
Do you mind that's my wife you're talking about.
OK, she might not know who I am but I know who she is.
Sorry, mate, that was a bit crass.
But, I'm sure she wouldn't mind you missing the odd night.
Things that bad? No, it's fine.
Everything's fine.
We're just trying to help you, mate.
An after works drink wouldn't be the same without your smiling face.
Just don't shut yourself away.
It's the last thing Fleur would want for you.
Hey, you, you didn't turn up for practice today? Sir, I was doing some extra Spanish.
Instead of football? Am I hearing right? It's just I really want to get an A in my A level and Ms Montoya thinks I need the extra help with my speaking.
So forget about football? Ah! Ms Montoya, you're stealing on of my best players here.
I've never known a boy in my experience choose Spanish lessons over football.
Well, we were hoping that we'd get more boys to come.
What? Even more of my players? OK, maybe we should run the classes after school, Jonah? Avoid the fixtures clash? If that's all right with you? Yeah, even better.
Great! I mean If that means more boys will come, then all the better for me.
Well, sounds like a good solution.
Josh! You know that pain in the neck mate of yours? Finn Sharkey.
Look I've stuck my neck out a bit, it's backfired on me.
I need your help.
Basically I need you to have a word with him.
I thought that when Billie came back to school that her behaviour would improve.
We both did.
Well, having a baby can be traumatic for anyone, let alone a young girl.
The first couple of months she was absolutely fine.
A lot more relaxed then I ever was.
But then suddenly she started to become really defensive.
Quite moody, and her behaviour just changed.
I know that can happen.
I don't know, maybe she's got baby blues.
But wouldn't that mean she'd reject the baby? And she's not.
She just She just thinks everybody's against her.
Especially me.
I don't have any option.
I am going to adopt Brooke.
Well, you can still be supportive and be Brooke's grandmother? No, I don't think I have a choice.
I'm not doing this to hurt Billie.
I'm doing this because I think it's for the best.
That description of Billie.
She never was the quietest kid before she got pregnant.
But violent? So Mrs Taylor says.
Maybe its her age, if you know what I mean? It's a question of who do we believe.
Janeece's word against Mrs Taylor's? Accusing Billie of hitting her can only help in getting Brooke adopted.
If Mrs Taylor's lying just so she can steal her own daughter's child, that makes her one very strange mother, one that I've never met before.
Don't talk to me about strange mothers.
I'm an expert.
Look, as far as I'm concerned, it's that mother in there that's got all the problems.
Hand on heart.
I'm beginning to see what Janeece meant.
And tip your egg yoke from side to side, put all the white into your bowl.
Ooh, that's really good, Kyle.
You haven't got any yoke in there.
Hey, there is something Stack's good at, cooking! I should pour this over his head, shouldn't I? You believe I'm not on the team and he is? You chose not to be on it.
Your dad chose him over me.
It's his job, he's a teacher.
He wouldn't be doing it if he weren't helping pupils mix.
Well, let him do his job then.
He can't go back on this.
If you want to be back in the team it's gotta' come from you.
Do you think you're going to be able to sit on the side and watch Kyle score? I need to change her.
Well, I can give you a hand.
Why? Just in case you get muddled up.
You're as bad as my mum, you.
Don't you trust me? I didn't mean it like that.
Look it can be a struggle if you've got to juggle the baby, baby wipes, nappies, especially if she don't just do a pee.
Yeah, well, I've got to get used to that, don't I? Look, shout me if you need me.
I'll be in the creche with Cheryl.
Look if you wanna go sit with Nate Gurney just say so.
What are you going on about? In you come.
Look I know me and Nate have been spending a lot of time together I think he might, y'know What fancy you? Maybe? Forget him.
He's an idiot.
What is it with you? Don't you like anyone? If you don't watch it, you'll end up like Kyle.
Look, sir, what I said before, about wanting to leave the team.
I didn't mean it.
Does that mean you're gonna play like a professional? No grudges on the pitch.
Yes, sir.
What you doing? Was Billie Taylor in here? No, is she all right? Well, I don't know, do I? She was a bit upset.
She said she'd be in here.
She didn't really herself.
And I got the feeling that she didn't really like her baby.
She didn't have any pictures of her or nothing.
Not even on her mobile.
And every time we tried to talk to her about Brooke she just said, "I don't want to talk about babies".
Well weird.
I've got to go.
Time to hear Billie's side of the story.
Shall we get her in? Yeah.
I can't find Billie anywhere.
She's took the baby with her.
I told you not to leave them.
Don't worry, she can't have gone far.
Yeah we'll start looking.
I'm sorry.
Has anyone seen Billie Taylor? No, sir.
Sorry, Sir.
Billie? Billie? Billie? Are you down here? It's me.
I mean, what if we missed her? What if she's not even in the school grounds no more? We can't cover the whole of Rochdale, not just us.
If anything happens to that baby, I swear Why would anything happen to the baby? Janeece, believe me when I say this is not the time to be coy.
I lied.
Billie went for her Mum, and I mean proper lost it.
Mrs Taylor was right.
She has been acting a bit strange.
Any luck? No.
I've covered most of the school.
This is all my fault.
I could have done a better job of things.
There's no point blaming yourselves.
Lets just try and find Billie.
This is what you've all wanted, isn't it? You're all in on it together to try and take my baby away from me.
She's mine.
Billie? No-one's trying to take your baby away.
Billie! Billie, give her to me, please.
No! Mrs Taylor, OK, everyone, keep quiet.
Billie, look at me.
I know you might think that we're all against you but we're not.
Stop it.
Stop saying that.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
Who's saying things to you, Billie? We're the only ones here.
Just leave me alone, please.
Are you hearing voices? Yeah.
Horrible ones.
What are they saying, Billie? Slagging me off.
I love my baby.
I know you do.
Hey, we all know that.
No! You're in this too.
No, Billie! No! No, I'm not.
I'm not one of the voices, am I? Hey? But I think I think we can stop them.
We can stop you thinking all those things.
Because we know that you don't mean it.
Just, just like you don't mean to hurt your baby.
We know that you love Brooke.
I do.
That's right.
I think you might be ill.
But if we get you to a doctor, if we get you to the hospital, they can help you.
They can stop you thinking all these things and they can make those voices go away.
I promise you.
Billie, come on you don't mean this.
It's all right.
It's OK.
Here's your mum.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Spill the beans about Josh and Nate then.
Well, one's short with curly hair, and the other's You know what I mean! Well, not really.
Unless you're talking about man love? Look I don't care that he's gay.
He can go out with every lad in this school for all I care.
It's just that when you like girls it's different cos you have your mate and then you have your girlfriend.
But if he's with another lad then it's gonna be like his new best mate.
Where do I fit in? Aw, look at you.
All jealous because your mate's dumped you for his new boyfriend.
Don't be daft.
I can't tell whether it's cute or just sad.
Or maybe a bit of both.
Have you got nothing useful to say? Yeah.
Get over yourself.
Grantly! Look, I'm going to see Fleur and no, I don't want your food.
Actually I've delivered it and a lot more besides.
It was you that took my keys? You know actually it was Tom.
And we're only trying to help because we really care about you.
And listen maybe tomorrow you would consider a wash and a brush up? And that's an aftershave and deodorant kit.
I'm afraid I've let you down.
I couldn't persuade anyone to come to the conversation classes.
How hard did you try? Not very.
But I wouldn't want anyone to lower the standard.
You coming the pub? Yeah, yeah I'll catch up with you.
Well I'll see you tomorrow.
I thought the classes were only once a week? Well, if you want to learn how to speak fluently then you'll just have to keep going at it.
It's Karen.
"Conference full of education babble.
I'll be back tomorrow.
"I'm sure everything's gone smoothly".
Yeah, depends what your definition of smooth is I suppose.
Are you OK? I really thought she was going to do it.
Doesn't Karen keep any booze in this place? I know what you mean.
I could do with a steadying pint or three myself.
I nearly blew it today, Chris.
Believing Janeece's word over Billie's mothers.
Oh, come on, don't beat yourself up.
It was hardly straightforward.
It could have been the worst day in this school's life if it hadn't been for you.
Well, you've certainly proved you can sit in the hot seat.
For a day.
Let me take you for a drink.
And I won't hear a no.
# When my days are rolling stones # When my memories ring like telephones # I'll have somewhere I can go # I'll have comfort This one thing I know # You pull another blanket around me # Yeah, you pull another blanket around me # This is where I want to be # This is where I want to be.
# Come on, Stevie, get in.
Who's that? Dunno.
OK, to tell you the truth is it's Nate.
All right, well I'll sort some pizzas then, shall I? Cool.
All right, mate, can I have three meat feast pizzas, please? Finn's here.
Why? Dunno! He invited himself.
I couldn't say no.
Can't we get rid of him? Under the bridge.
1 Furfield Road in Rochdale.
All right, cheers, mate.
You can start where Finn left off.
Pizzas on its way, boys.
Hey, we're in the quarterfinal now, you know? No, we're in the semis now.
We can go back? Are you kidding? That's four hours of my life on there.
Play Nate.
He's better than me.
You're all right.
Maybe you can show us what you're made of in a bit.
Honestly you two boys just carry on.
I'll make sure Janeece sticks to secretarial duties from now on.
Maybe if we give her a bit more responsibility she'd be a bit more focused.
You can't deny the girl's got a good heart.
Yeah, and a great big gob to match.
Oh, it's the hospital.
Hello? Don't know what he thinks.
I mean, I can't be easy, can it? Somebody telling you that you smell.
It's not easy for us smelling him.
Can I get you a drink? I'll have a white wine, please.
Oh, the same for me thank you.
Adanna? Yeah, red wine.
News from the hospital.
Billie's been diagnosed with something called puerperal psychosis.
It's quite rare apparently.
Is she going to be all right? They said with the right medication and some proper care she should be fine.
The doctor said you're gonna get plenty of help.
Might take a little bit of time but we'll get there.
Now we know what's wrong we can fix it.
And they're not going to take her off me? No, darling.
Neither am I.
You mean you're not going to adopt Brooke? No! I was wrong.
I'm so sorry.
I've been a horrible daughter.
You're a beautiful daughter and Brooke's a beautiful granddaughter.
I still want to go back to Waterloo Road, Mum.
And you will do.
All Brooke's gonna remember is how much of a great mum she's got.
You reckon? I'm always right, me! Oh, get in there, what a win.
I absolutely smashed you there, mate.
Where's Finn? I dunno, he must have gone home.
You got any more games upstairs? Hey! Oh, Grantly, You look fantastic.
Very smart.
Many thanks, mein cook, cleaner unt general factotum.
Oh, you smell heavenly.
Ruby, I would very much like to buy you a drink.
Whatever you want.
Yes, Grantly you may, can I have a white wine, please? Can I give you a hand? Aw, he looks brilliant.
I know.
Don't think I haven't noticed that I've Let myself go a bit.
It's just that, well with Fleur being where she is and me back and forth after work to see her, you know.
Well, you know, you didn't have very much time.
I do understand.
It's not just that though.
She doesn't know who I am.
So I thought what's the point in making the effort? But there is a point.
Fleur would have hated to think of me in a dirty shirt.
Oh, er, can I have a large scotch please and a dry white wine small one.
Just be honest with yourself, that you've got a problem with it, haven't you? Just stop trying to pretend that you're cool with me and Nate.
It's obvious you're not.
Look Jonah, I just want my lunchtimes back for myself, OK? That's all.
What are you doing? What's going on? What's going on, oh, I'll tell you what.
I want this kept away from my son.
"This" is my son! Josh.
Well, your boy might be a freak, but mine's not.
I've got this gig coming up.
There's mega money in it.
Just one more, I promise.
I don't want to do any more.
It's over.
It doesn't work like that, babes, you know I reckon me and your mum would get on.
Stay away from my mum.
Are you worried she might find out what her little girl's been up to all this time?
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