Waterloo Road (2006) s06e13 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 13

Whose is that car? How am I supposed to know? Oh, my God, no, how has he found me here? Fancy going to the pictures tonight? I feel I haven't seen you for ages.
I'm busy with Nate tonight.
Again? You've seen a lot of him lately.
Your sister left home for nearly two years.
When she's ready she'll tell me why she did it and what happened to her.
I was enjoying it, talking to you.
Yeah, well I have to admit those 40 minutes did go by rather quickly.
Nate? What are you doing in your brother's room? And turn that racket off.
What time did you get in last night? 'Bout eleven.
Where were you? Nate.
Did you hear me? I asked you where you were? That's four nights this week you've been out.
So? Don't be so cheeky.
I want to know where you're spending your time.
Nowhere, all right? No, it's not all right.
What about your homework, when's that getting done? I'll sort it.
So you'll be coming straight home after school, then? Nate, answer me! Maybe.
Maybe not.
I don't know yet.
I've not decided.
Don't worry, you'll be the first one to know.
Hang on, wait for me, I'll give you a lift.
Nate! Hello, this is Matthew Gurney.
I appreciate this is short notice but I'd like to make an appointment to see Mrs Fisher today, so if someone could call me back as soon as you get this.
It's about my son, Nate Gurney.
Josh? Have you seen my shoes? Under the table.
You need to start looking after yourself.
You wait till you get to my age.
Gets harder to burn off.
Depends what you're shoving in.
Since when did YOUR body become a temple? Since I discovered you and me share the same gene pool.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Hasn't done ME any harm.
Perfect specimen! See ya.
Y'all right? I am now, yeah.
What you doing here? Just passing by, thought I'd give you a buzz.
If it's not cool No, no.
It's all good.
Right, that's me, I'm ready.
Oh, all right, Nate? Didn't see you there.
You guys need a lift? Great.
Right now I should be on the phone to the LEA updating them on the segregation policy.
Yes, Mum, we know because you haven't stopped going on about it.
Just tell them it works.
You know keeping them separate.
All blokes ever do is give you grief.
Thanks, Rebecca.
I'll pass on that enlightened opinion.
Bex! Who was that? Dunno.
A boyfriend? I don't know him.
You must know him, he was calling your name.
Mum, leave it.
I'm only asking.
Well, don't, or I'm out of here and I mean it.
You can't be calling me by my first name here, OK? It's Miss Montoya.
Cool, no problem.
Look, Jonah, it's because I'm your teacher.
Yeah, I know.
I could still teach you a thing or two.
Starting with how to text.
It's like you're writing an essay.
You've kept all my texts? Yeah, why? Have you not kept mine? You've got to get rid of them.
Please, just delete that message.
Delete all of them.
It's not like I'm going to show anyone.
Just do it! What's HE done, then? Nothing.
Looked like you were giving him a right telling off.
No, he just handed in his coursework a bit late.
Remind me not to get in YOUR bad books! So, erm, what do you think of them two being an item? As long as Josh is happy that's all that matters.
Young love, eh? You can't have that one, can you? That's an 18.
Have you got any ID? No, off you pop.
Put 'em away or I take them off you.
Oh, sir, that's well not fair.
Nor was the goal scored by United in the derby.
Go on.
Totally unfair.
I agree.
What? Don't look so surprised.
You're not the only one who has a passion for football.
And before you start asking me, I do understand the offside rule, OK? Never doubted you for a second.
Back of the net.
She fancies you.
You think? You're joking, right? Your old man and Miss Montoya? Don't know how he does it, mate.
Must want to mother him.
No No No Have you ever heard of acrylic nails, love? A nailbrush wouldn't go amiss, either.
The art department's that way.
Too much blusher.
Right, so, we all know how to type up an e-mail, but do you know how to do a formal letter? Headings, dates, references? I'm only doing this cos it'll look good on my CV.
It'll be about the only thing that WILL look good on you.
Sign there.
What are you up to, Janeece? Miss, my secretarial class starts today, so I need to be dead strict, to find out who's right for it.
Where are the boys? Are you being serious? I think you should give them a try.
Cos we don't want to be seen to be reinforcing gender stereotyping, do we Janeece? Miss Montoya.
You're a friend of Cesca's, aren't you? Yeah.
Why? I think it would be a good idea if she kept her door open on her one-to-one sessions with Jonah Kirby.
You know how teenage boys can be.
Look, don't worry, I deleted those texts.
All of them? Great.
I mean, not that there's anything wrong with them.
It's just that you know how people can talk.
Well, they might get the wrong idea.
Yeah, it's silly, really.
Well, great.
I'll see you later and we can run through the vocab, yeah? Si.
Or you could text me the stuff we're covering and I'll get a head start.
Jonah I'm joking.
Can anybody identify any root vegetables for me? Er, carrots, parsnips That's excellent, Finn.
Miss, what about tomatoes? Actually, those are a fruit don't grow in the ground.
Yeah, neither do kebabs.
What you doing tonight? Same as I do every night.
Hanging out with you.
Been thinking, though, it would be good if we could, er, spend the whole night together, you know? Yeah, I know.
You sure you're? Yeah.
Why don't you come round tonight? Will your dad mind? No, why would he? Maybe we can get rid of him, have the place to ourselves.
Yeah, that'd be great.
What about YOUR dad? Yeah, he'll be totally sound.
I'm here to see Mrs Fisher.
Really? Are you sure? Because I ain't got no-one scheduled in at this time to come and see her.
Hello, Mr Gurney.
Sorry, Janeece, I arranged this one myself.
Would you like to come through? Thank you.
Can you dig out Nate's file? What, and stay the night? If you can deal with it.
No, look it's not that.
I just don't want you rushing into anything.
I'm not.
Look, what I'm saying What you're saying is you can't handle my boyfriend coming to stay the night.
Don't worry, I get it.
Would you feel the same if Nate was a girl? Yeah, exactly.
I didn't say anything.
No but it's true, isn't it? I'm sure you never stopped Chlo and her boyfriends.
Yeah, I did, actually.
Well, at least I tried to.
Look, what I'm saying is Oh, just be honest with yourself.
You've got a problem with it, haven't you? Just stop trying to pretend that you're cool with me and Nate, cos it's obvious you're not.
You're concerned about Nate? Yeah.
KNOCK ON DOOR Yeah, for a while now he's been, um Thanks, Janeece.
He's been actingmoody.
I don't know, he's just not himself.
He's home late.
He's not doing any homework.
Never thought I'd have to worry about him.
He was the quiet one head always stuck in a book! Now, his brother, well, that was a different story.
It must be a difficult time for the family at the moment.
It's been six months now.
Has Nate made any friends? I mean, is he settling in OK? Oh, I think he's mixing very well with the other students.
Just looking at these results, I don't think you've got anything to worry about.
He's a bright boy.
I'd like to think it was me he took after! Truth is, I don't know where he gets it from.
Well, he's doing very well.
You should be proud.
A small token by way of thanks for your help with Fleur.
Tickets for the theatre this evening.
Oh, that's a nice thought.
You didn't need to get me anything.
An Inspector Calls.
It's been years since I last saw that performed.
All-time classic.
Don't you think? Oh, yeah it's one of my favourites.
Oh, is it? Priestley is grossly underrated, isn't he? Oh, absolutely.
Let's talk anon.
Can't wait.
Maybe Josh has a point.
You know, if he wants to bring his girlfriend over to stay, then would we even be talking about this? His first girlfriend, yeah, maybe we would.
Tom, it's going to happen.
I know, but Maybe it's better knowing where he is.
Cesca, Karen asked me to have a quite word with you.
What does she want now? She saw you you alone in your room with Jonah.
I don't know what you're your talking about.
Listen, you've got to watch your back.
Alone in a room with a testosterone-filled 17-year-old boy, it can lead to situations.
Don't take it personally.
You OK? Yeah.
Nothing I can't handle.
D'you fancy coming for a drink later take your mind off it? C'mon, you might enjoy yourself.
Yeah, sounds like a lovely idea.
Tonight? Yeah, suits me.
That's a date, then.
You got it wrong, you know, Josh.
I'm "cool" with you and Nate.
Look, you're happy and I'm happy for you, son.
Does that mean he can stay? Yeah.
Why not? Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
And guess what? You've got rid of me for the night.
I'm going on a date with Miss Montoya.
Guess the old magic never dies, eh? See ya later.
What time you coming round, then? You cleared it with your dad? Yeah, I said I would.
Nice one.
Oh, and now it's official, you need to put it on your profile.
Check this out.
Don't tell me you've done that.
No, not a chance.
This is so not cool.
Why? What's the problem? Look at it, it's well cheesy.
# He loves you # He wants to kiss you! # It's well out of order.
Dad, what the hell are YOU doing here? I was in seeing Mrs Fisher.
What's that? Nate loves Josh? Who's Josh? Hi, Mr Gurney.
I'm Josh.
Is this a wind-up? Nate? What's going on? Nathan.
You're not? Oh, you are kidding me! No, we're going out.
Haven't I got enough on my plate with your brother without this stupid nonsense?! Dad, please You are pushing me to the edge, lad, d'you understand? I've had enough! Now go on.
Get moving now! You're coming with me.
Get out of my way.
Er, excuse me! Josh, what's going on? What's going on? I'll tell you what.
I want THIS kept away from my son.
This is MY son.
Well, your boy might be a freak but mine's not.
Er, just hang on a minute.
Are you, Nate? Nate! Come back here! Nate! You're a teacher, you shouldn't be encouraging this.
Encouraging what, exactly? You know what.
Right, you two - enough.
into my office.
Come on! Move along, the rest of you.
You all right? He might think it's OK for his lad to be like this.
I don't.
I am trying to support my son.
Maybe you should think about doing the same.
Don't tell me what I should do with my boy, all right? Mr Gurney, you do not come into this school and behave in an aggressive and threatening manner to a member of my staff, all right? Never mind me, what about Josh? I want him kept away from Nate.
I'm not listening to this.
Tom, come back.
Sit down, please.
Mr Gurney, Josh Stevenson's done nothing wrong.
Now, I suggest you sit down.
And calm down.
Both of you.
Nate's never mentioned anything to me.
Not a word.
Is it any wonder? LookI know this must have come as a bit of a shock.
Why's he doing this to me? My other son turned out all right.
Find that hard to believe.
What? With you as a father? Six months ago Nate's brother, my son, Aaron, was killed in Afghanistan.
Don't you DARE talk about my son like that!! Dad promised everything was going to be OK.
He said our Aaron was never going to get killed.
Then these two blokes from the Army turned up at the door If you'd mentioned it, I could have helped.
Why didn't you tell me? It's difficult.
I've told you everything.
Stuff I'd never tell anyone else.
It's not the same.
You don't know what it's like, it's all my dad ever talks about.
Maybe that's why I didn't say anything.
I don't have to think about it when it's just you and me.
If I mean so much to you, why didn't you tell your dad about me? If he wouldn't have come today, he would've never knew you was gay, would he? I'm sorry, OK? It's nothing to do with you, or us.
It's about him, my dad and me.
You know it's not too late to sort it out.
Yeah, you're right, I'll get it all cleared up, tell him about you and me.
I wake up every day, I think I'm in a nightmare and then it hits me.
It's real.
He's dead and I'm not going to see him again.
We've been to hell and back.
All of us.
Thought a change of school would be a fresh start for him.
I had no idea about any of this.
Let's try and keep a bit of perspective What kind of school is this? Separating boys from girls.
Is it any wonder young lads are getting the wrong idea? Mr Gurney, we try to TACKLE homophobia here rather than encourage it.
If you're asking me, I think this place is a bad example for my son.
I think I should be taking him somewhere else.
The school's not the problem here.
You need to talk to Nate.
I thought he had a girlfriend.
I guessed that's where he was spending all his time.
I never thought he was seeing another BOY.
I don't get this.
Not Nate.
Maybe he's just confused? Nate has been very open and confident about his sexuality from his very first day at Waterloo Road and it's the school's responsibility to encourage pupils' choices.
Why don't I get a room for you where you can have a talk with Nate, because I don't think you should leave it like this.
Mr Gurney, when Josh first told me it wasn't easy.
And I listened to him It took me a while before I really heard what he was saying.
I guess we're all different, aren't we? Preparation - key to success.
That's what my course is about.
It's mega important when you work in administration.
Well, you're teaching by example and I'm so impressed, Janeece.
And when exactly did the lunatics start taking over the asylum? Hmm Cheating? No.
I was just refreshing my memory before the show this evening.
By reading Letts notes, and not the play? You haven't read it have you? Well, I'm assuming this is just a random, if extremely unfortunate, omission of your knowledge of the classics.
Listen, I probably read more than you.
OK, so you've read all the classics.
Have you read that? Cos I can get through about four of those on holiday.
You'd really enjoy that.
How can one acquire a taste for vintage Champagne then suddenly start liking cheap plonk.
Yep, well, you don't know until you try.
Oh, well, if I must.
Only if YOUread this.
Book swap? Right, you're on.
Here we are.
I'm here to help if you'd like me to stay? We'd like to be left alone, thanks.
I'm down the corridor if you need me.
What's going on, son? I know it's been hard at home, since Aaron died.
Me being gay's got nothing to do with Aaron getting killed.
So what's it about, son? There's nothing wrong with me but you wouldn't get that, would you? Just cos I'm not like him.
Cos I've never been like him.
He was your blue-eyed boy and now look at him, Dad.
He's dead.
Are you saying that's my fault? Why didn't you stop him! He went because of you.
Now we'll never see his 21st, never get to that party we'd planned for him.
Never stand by me and tell you it's OK that I'm gay.
Aaron knew? I told him.
On his last home visit.
Well, why didn't he say something? He said I should tell you.
Said you'd be cool with it.
Just before he went back, he made me promise that I'd tell you.
I was going to but I never got the chance.
I broke my promise, didn't I? Look, we're going to make some changes, OK? I want you to be able to talk to me, tell me what's going on.
I don't want to lose you, Nate.
You really mean that? Yes, of course I do.
I promise.
I'm sorry too, Dad.
You're young, Nate.
You've got a lot to work out.
This is just probably something you'll grow out of.
Might be best if you stay away from that pal Josh for a bit, yeah? Got to be a family now, eh? More than ever, we need each other to get through this.
Look, I'm telling you none of the boys are interested.
I knew they wouldn't be.
Well, you better get them interested.
Unless you get at least one boy on this course, it's cancelled.
Can I help you? I'd like to see Mrs Fisher please.
Mrs Fisher's a bit busy.
But I'm her personal assistant, can I help you with anything, Mr Hodge? See that guy that came in then, what did he want? Apparently he's a photographer.
Done all the schools round here.
I said I'd give his details to your mum.
I wouldn't mind him taking mine.
He's well fit, weren't he? Hey.
I'm sorry about that.
I hope you don't think I just blanked you, like you did to me this morning.
I wanted to see you.
I miss you, Bex.
I've been trying to call you butwell, you know that.
What do you want from me? Meet me? Forget it.
I bet you that secretary will get me into see your mum once she's finished with her meeting.
All right, I'll meet you.
I'll give you a call next week Maybe we can meet up or something? Who should I say I am when I introduce myself? All right.
I'll meet you tonight.
Make it lunchtime.
1pm, in the park.
Got loads to catch up on.
There's not many places left but because your mum's my boss, I'll squeeze you in.
But don't tell anyone.
The old "buy it now or miss your chance" routine? You what? It's a slightly worn sales technique.
I'm not interested.
Hey how do you fancy becoming a personal assistant, learning the gen from somebody who can walk the walk.
Oh, I've got a class at that time, but thanks anyway.
You've spelt stationery wrong.
It's with an E, not an A.
Easy mistake to make.
What's this? Oh, my secretarial course.
Learning how to become a top PA What's a PA? On second thoughts, forget it.
Hey what about you? I just need you to sign this, if I don't get at least one boy then the class is cancelled.
Not my problem.
Oh, well, if you're not going to sign, at least help me take the boxes back to the office.
It's all your good for anyway.
Whoa, that's proper sexist.
So what? Sue me.
Shove them in there.
It's pretty cool in here.
Yeah, I know.
You don't realise how much of this stuff the school gets through.
I've seen the bills.
And it costs a fortune to keep you lot in pens.
I can imagine.
What time do these classes start again? I'm well up for it Honestly? Yeah, only if you can squeeze me in? Sign on the line.
The one-to-one classes are cancelled.
As of now.
Why? Because I don't have as much time as I'd like to my self.
Come on? What's up? I thought you was enjoying them as much as I was.
Look, Jonah, I just want my lunch times back for myself.
That's all.
What are you doing? I'm doing what you want me to do.
No you're wrong.
I'm going out for a drink with Tom Clarkson.
He asked me and I said yes.
A date? Yes, exactly.
We are going out on a date.
What is so funny? You and him? Come on.
You hear about it all the time in the news, soldier killed Yeah and it doesn't hit home until something like this happens.
There must be other families at the school, or in the community who are affected by all of this.
Maybe we should do something to help? Like what? Well, an initiative? Or a foundation or something? Something Waterloo Road can get involved with.
I can look into it, see what we can come up with.
Tom? Look, I know he was out of order.
I know where he was coming from.
It's not been easy.
To be honest, there's been times with me and Josh, I still don't know if I'm getting it right.
If you'd said otherwise, I wouldn't have believed you.
But the fact that you can be so honest shows just how far you've come.
This parenting thing doesn't come with a guide book.
Harry, do us a favour.
If you see mum, just say I've gone dentist, yeah? Do I have a choice? No.
She's gone to the dentist.
That's what I was told.
Got these for tonight.
Thought I'd let you win the first two, then do my usual and totally annihilate you.
Yeah, think I'll leave it out.
Chicken out, more like.
Grow up, Josh, I don't care about your stupid games.
Is this your dad? What's he said? Sorry.
I can't do this.
No, wait a minute.
What's he said? I'm not coming round tonight, Josh.
Or any other night.
All right? Que pasa, mate? You're back early aren't ya.
Shouldn't you still be in Spanish? What happened? Miss Montoya blow you out? Yeah.
She did.
Ah well, at least you get a lunch break.
Catch you later, yeah? Eh, where you going looking so happy any way? I managed to bag myself a place on Janeece's secretarial class.
And that's a good thing? Should be fun, and quite lucrative.
Are you OK? When I didn't see you in the staffroom, I started to think maybe I had offended you.
Oh, no.
No, no.
I'm absolutely fine.
Just running a bit behind, that's all.
Cesca, all that stuff I said about Jonah - I was only trying to be a mate.
I know.
I know and you were spot on.
In fact, I've cancelled the lessons.
What? I never meant for you to do that.
You were right.
One-on-one classes with Jonah, not such a good idea.
They are, they're a great idea.
In fact, they're the kind of thing Karen wants us all to do more of.
But I thought Karen had some concerns? She's just looking out for you.
Listen, keep the lessons going.
All you need to do is remember, keep the door open next time.
There's one person in the school that deals with all these.
I know you might think its Mrs Fisher.
But I am her right-hand woman and I have to step in and take over.
As if.
And that's not all.
A personal assistant has a lot of other responsibilities.
Well, can any of yous tell me any of the others? Running the universe? Not quite thank you very much.
Well, there's the keeping of the office keys, and the ordering of the stationery supplies What about the petty cash? Ah, good question.
So d'you like these? Yeah, they're all right No talking while I'm talking, OK? She's not even a teacher.
Is that right? What am I doing up there if I'm not teaching? If you wanna be one step ahead like me I suggest you shut up and listen.
Is she for real? You can shut it an' all.
I came here to try and learn something, not to listen to how great you are.
I'm out of here.
Yeah, I didn't expect it to be so boring.
I did, no offence.
Oh, well hang on, I mean we've not even covered the scheduled appointments or the personal appearance.
Just ignore them.
You're doing great.
I'd love to hear more about the ordering of the stationery.
Why are you sucking up to her? Just interested.
Why, cos he's going places, unlike yous two.
Hiya, gorgeous Don't Wow, come on, Bex, what's all this about? How can you be like that, after everything we had? Dylan.
It's over.
You've gotta deal with that.
So you're giving up everything we had together? The fancy hotels, the Champagne and all the other little perks? Come on we had a right laugh, didn't we? S'ppose so You're kissing all that goodbye, for what? To go back to school? Are you mad? I've changed.
Have you? Still look like the same beautiful Bex that blew me away Get lost No, I mean it.
You're breaking my heart here.
I just I want to spend some time with my family and get some proper qualifications.
I thought you hated your family? Well, they're not so bad.
I've got this gig coming up.
There's mega money in it No.
Just one more.
I promise.
Then I'll whisk you away to that I don't want to! Not now.
Not ever again.
Do you not get it, Dylan? It's over.
It doesn't work like that, babes.
Get off me.
You know, I reckon me and your mum would get on.
I'd like to talk to her.
Stay away from my mum.
Why? Worried she might find out what her little girl's been up to? I'm a failure.
That's what Miss Fisher's gonna say.
She'll understand.
It's better they dropped out now rather than later.
As if they'd make a good PA anyway.
If you can't sit and listen for five minutes, what chance have you got? You're right, you know.
You're really getting the hang of this, you know.
Thanks to you.
It's really interesting, what you do.
You're practically running the place Not quite I'd love to shadow you for an afternoon, find out a bit more about the nuts and bolts of the job.
Hands-on experience is much better than just sitting in a classroom.
I'm free today.
I'll ask Mrs Fisher.
Can I come too? Oh, well, I don't think you've got it, love.
Bit too mousey.
That's if you don't mind me being up front.
That's another skill you've got to have - telling it like it is.
Didn't know we covered best sellers.
Oh, Seems to be all the rage in Year Ten at the moment.
Sad, sad little minds.
Someone must have dropped it.
Complete and utter drivel.
We're talking after school? Yeah, any free time I've got, I'll be in here, Miss.
I just want to learn.
There's nothing like practical experience.
What, so, is it OK then? Yeah, why not? Sweet! Harry mentioned you'd been to the dentist.
Erm, yeah, I went in for a check-up, but I ended up needing a filling and my mouth's killing me now.
As long as you're OK.
I thought you were going to stop checking up on me.
I'm your mother, I worry.
It's what I'm supposed to do.
OK, OK, I lied.
I didn't go to the dentist.
I got Harry to cover for me cos I didn't want you knowing where I was going to go.
I went to the job centre but there's zilch on offer.
So I've decided I'm going to stick it out here, get some decent qualifications.
How come you're always right, eh? Come on, quickly, please.
Right, get into your pairs.
Pick out the nouns and the adjectives that best highlight the themes of the poem.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
I'm sorry.
Nate, where do you think you're going? What's going on? He dumped me.
You all right, mate? Nate, wait there.
Sorry, Mr Clarkson, I just can't be here.
I can't do this any more.
Walking out of my class isn't going to solve anything.
I know, nothing is, but everything is such a mess.
I can't please anyone.
I take it things didn't go too well with him.
He thinks I'll grow out of it, thinks me and Josh is just a phase.
I don't know any more, maybe he's right.
Nate, if you want to be with Josh, that's OK .
and if you don't want to be with Josh, then that's OK, too.
This is about you, Nate.
No, it's not.
All I ever get off my dad is grief, talking about Aaron.
He's obsessed.
Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, all the time.
He never stops, it never goes away.
People deal with loss in different ways.
At some point he'll get over it and he'll accept you for who you are.
I don't want to fight with him any more.
Maybe I should just do what he says.
Sometimes you've got to put yourself first before you can even think about anybody else.
There's only you can decide how to make you happy.
Yeah? Come on.
Mum? Something happened? It's Bex.
Some guy turned up here this morning, she went off and met him at lunch.
There's something not right.
Well, did you speak to her? No.
She didn't know I was there.
Right, so you followed her? I just want to know who this man is and why he won't leave her alone.
Maybe he's an ex-boyfriend or something and he's still got a thing for her.
Jess, if you know something you've got to tell me.
She was getting loads of phone calls on her mobile and she was in a right state over them.
And then later on she tried saying that she'd lost her phone, but I already knew she was lying.
If he's an ex-boyfriend, and he's harassing her, then she needs to tell me Mum, don't go wading in, OK? No matter how much you want to.
I tried that, I really did, but the closer you get, the further she'll run.
And if you push her, then she'll just go.
Josh, I'm sorry to hear about you and Nate.
It's fine, Dad, honest.
Yeah, I liked him, but I'll get over it.
Well, he's got a lot going on at home.
He might still need a friend, no matter what.
'Please leave your message after the tone.
'When you've finished recording, you can just hang up.
' Dad.
Look, I know how much Aaron's death has affected you.
I miss him, too, but you can't keep telling me how to live my life.
I want to be with Josh and you're just going to have to deal with that.
Milk and one.
All right, what's next? I want you to put these in alphabetical order.
Then I want you to start polishing your organisational skills.
Yes, boss.
And then I want you to sort all this out.
Properly, though, no skimping.
Let me know what's there so I know what to order.
I should have written it down in the book, but everyone just helps themselves.
So you've got no idea what goes in and out of there? I ain't got a clue.
I'd let you get this.
But I don't think you're ready yet.
Janeece Bryant.
I never thought I'd say this, but I am thoroughly enjoying this.
I really know how she feels.
Cos sometimes I feel like a good bit of retail therapy when I'm fed up.
That's one take on it.
How you doing with mine? Oh, yes, well It's interesting.
From a philanthropic point of view.
Yes, shall we go? Can I just go and put some lippy on, cos these theatre luvvies are all dressed up to the nines? I don't want to look like a tramp.
Not entirely convinced a bit of homemade shepherd's pie warrants what I'm having to fork out to save her soul.
Tickets are extortionate.
You did offer to pay and I hope that's all this is, Grantly.
A cultural intervention.
And your point is? She is married, you know.
As am I.
So it's not like it's a date, then? Don't be ridiculous.
I've spoken to a local support group that's been set up by the families of soldiers affected.
They're up for the idea of working with the school on this.
Be great if we can get someone in to talk to the kids and the staff.
If we are going to set up a foundation we need to do some fundraising, so I thought I could set up a charity football match.
We need to get Nate and his dad onboard for that first.
No, of course.
Leave that with me.
I'll talk to him.
That's great, Tom.
Thanks a lot.
And don't worry.
Easy does it.
I know Good night.
All right, Ronan? I'm off, then.
Ooh, you're keen.
I didn't get round to asking Mrs Fisher about setting the meeting up.
Don't worry about it, sweetheart.
Is she around? You'd better come in.
You can get off now, Janeece.
Nate, wait! I don't need a lift, Dad.
Look, son I know I haven't been there for you.
It's just these last few months since Aaron Since Aaron died nothing's been right.
And it never will be, Dad, but I'm still me.
Course you are.
Come on, let's go home.
You don't get it.
Nothing's going to change.
I'm gay.
That's who I am.
Let's face it, it's not me you want to come home.
I don't need these to remember him.
I'm going out tonight, Dad.
Don't be daft.
Come on, we'll talk about this.
I've had enough.
Mr Clarkson's right.
I'm your dad.
I know what's right for you.
Where are you going? See you tomorrow.
Nate! Night, Mr Clarkson.
Night, Olivia.
Cesca, you sure you don't need a lift tonight? I don't mind.
I can pick you up.
I'm OK, thanks.
If you like, you can get the first round in? No es problemo.
Hasta luego.
Hasta luego.
Thought you was playing it cool? Thought that was cool? What do you want? Another chance? It's nothing to do with me.
Do you no harm to listen.
I know I don't deserve it, but I know what I want.
I've always known.
No more hiding it.
No more trying to please everyone else.
Still reckon I can annihilate you.
I always let you win.
Dream on.
Do we need to let your dad know? No, he knows.
Look, Mrs Fisher, I think you've got the wrong idea about me.
Really? I only want to talk to her.
She won't answer my calls.
She won't see me.
That's her decision and I suggest you respect that.
I wish it was that easy.
I don't know what she's told you, but we were together.
So she was with you all the time she wasn't with us? I looked after her.
I fell in love with her.
When we first met, we just clicked straightaway.
She was messed up all right, but we were good together.
At first, I didn't even know she had a family.
Well, she does and I'm her mother.
From what I've seen, she doesn't want to have anything to do with you.
So maybe you should just leave it at that.
Mrs Fisher, I'm not the bad guy here.
When I found out, I tried to persuade her to go home.
I even offered to talk to you.
But she wasn't interested.
I miss her, Mrs Fisher.
All I want to do is talk to her.
Maybe you could have a word with her, just explain to her that's all I want? That's up to Bex.
At least would you give this to her? Thank you.
Prepare to die.
Dream on.
You going to get that? No.
OK, I want the truth.
Is this sweater too tight? No, looks great, Mr C.
Cheers, Nate.
Looks like you're going all out.
Have you actually ironed that? You look fine, Dad.
You better hurry up, you know.
Might not be a great idea to keep Miss Montoya waiting.
I'll see you later.
Don't drone on about fishing - you'll bore her, too.
Well, give me fishing over sun, sand and sangria any time.
That's not all Spain is about.
There is more to it than fry-ups and karaoke.
Yeah, I know.
You look nice.
Oh, cheers.
And I look a right mess.
Didn't get the chance to go home and change.
You look great.
You can be honest with me.
I'm just glad we've finally got some time to get to know each other.
D'you fancy a bite to eat later? There's a great little tapas round the corner that Josh told me about it.
I booked us a table.
Oh, did you? That's really nice of you.
Mr Gurney.
Cesca, this is Nate's dad.
Mr Gurney, can I get you a drink? Is Nate at yours? Yeah, I've left them playing on the Xbox.
I'm glad I've caught you.
I wanted to ask your permission.
The school want to start a foundation in Aaron's name.
Raise some awareness, hopefully raise some money for the families.
You being serious? Not good enough to turn Nate against me? Now you don't think I'm doing enough for my dead son Aaron.
Let me get you a Tom! Tom! Yes! Told you.
Get off it.
What you doing? Get off me.
Josh, he wouldn't let me take him to hospital.
He insisted I bring him back here.
I'm all right, son, honestly.
Dad, Dad, what's happened? Dad, are you OK? What happened? Your father is a lunatic! Are you all right? My dad did this? Tom, let me call the police.
I'll be fine.
Why's he hate my dad so much? This my fault.
I've got to go.
I'll be fine, I'll be all right.
I met a man called Dylan Hodge today.
He came in to see me.
Asked me to give you this.
What's going on, Bex? Nothing, OK? No, hang on.
It's not OK.
Who is this man? Are you in some kind of trouble? Because one minute you're running away from him and the next you're meeting up at lunch.
You followed me? What do you expect? The phone calls, lies, sneaking around.
You don't tell me anything.
Cos it's my life! My mess, all right? D'you know, you wonder why I left? Because I couldn't take you breathing down my neck all the time.
Well, at least I know why my dad went.
Not the most romantic start to a date.
It's not your fault.
Didn't do much to stop it, though, did I? He was looking for a fight.
There's nothing you could have done.
Cesca, if you don't mind, I think I'm going to call it a night.
Call me, and tell me how you're feeling, yeah? Bye.
Hey, it's me.
Thanks for coming.
Well, you a had a bit of a shock.
What that man did to Tom, it was so awful, Jonah.
You all right? I'm OK.
Are you sure I can't get you anything? No, you've been great.
Well, I'll stay however long you want.
You better go.
You sure? Yeah, It's running late, and your parents are probably wondering where you are.
Go Jonah, go! Shouldn't be allowed in this school.
Yeah, total fascist.
What happened last week was a mistake.
Something is happening between you and me, Cesca.
How long are you going to pretend that it isn't? You see? Don't look at me, I didn't do it! It'll cheer you up.
No, it won't! I don't want to go out, all right?! I can't stop thinking about you.
No, wait.

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