Waterloo Road (2006) s06e14 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 14

Your father is a lunatic.
My dad did this? What that man did to Tom, it was so awful, Jonah.
Come here.
You're all right.
Do you not get it, Dylan? It's over.
It doesn't work like that, babes.
Get off me.
You'd better go.
No, Jonah, go.
DOOR OPENS Reminders of home.
You must be Mr Wisniewski.
But you're not Mrs Fisher, no? No, not quite.
I'm Chris Mead, the Deputy Head.
You'll meet the real boss tomorrow.
So I just thought I'd pop in, and talk you through some of your duties.
I'm a caretaker.
Site manager.
Fancy name but the same job, no? Yeah, more or less.
Don't worry, I'm all set.
I even have my first repair.
An oven to fix.
Right, well, I'll let you get on with it then.
Sorry, I almost forgot, welcome to Waterloo Road.
What took you? I'm ready, all right? Nothing like trying to impress the teachers, eh? You got a dead body in your bag there, son? It's coursework.
We've got an English deadline today, haven't we? Physics and Spanish Spare us details.
Don't know why he bothers.
I'm getting myself an education.
Get yourself a dodgy back more like, the weight of that bag.
Is that about the job, Dad? No, it's a benefit interview again.
Trying to take your money, Dave? I've got to go down and prove I deserve the pittance they give me.
Dress up as an asylum seeker.
They'll throw money at you.
Go on, get out of it, the pair of you.
Hey, listen, Dad, I can have a word about the job with Mr Mead if you want.
Nah, he'll just say I haven't got it.
What makes you so sure of that? Experience, son.
See you in a bit, Dave.
Leave 'em.
How long have you been down here? I can't sleep.
I don't much feel much like driving.
Come on, Dad.
It'd do you good.
You haven't been out the house in a week.
Everyone's asking of you.
Why don't you go and see 'em? I'm not in the mood, son.
I'm trying my best here, Dad.
The Misanthrope? Another play, since you enjoyed our last excursion to the theatre.
Oh, is this a musical? You what? You know, singing, music? Dance? Le Misanthrope is a biting satire on 17th-century French aristocracy.
That's a no, then? Looks like you needed that.
Oh, could use another cup.
I take it he's on the mend, then.
You what? Tom.
Must have his strength back if he's keeping you awake at night? Oh, no, no, no.
He's not.
We're not.
Is he still under the weather? Somewhere nice? What? Wherever it was you drifted off to.
Sorry, I don't know where my head is.
Oh, Jonah, is there something you needed? No.
Just want to say morning.
Well, now you've said what you needed to say you can make your way to class.
I think we should do something, the three of us.
You can come round to mine.
Let's go out.
Have a bit of fun.
How come you're the party animal all of a sudden? All right, I've been a bit of a moan lately, which is why tonight's my treat.
Well, if you're paying I'm in.
Yeah, baby! Jess? I suppose.
But I get to decide where we're going.
Surprise test, is it? No wonder the kids love you! Yeah, well, I need 50 running off by lunchtime.
Oh, Chris, aw, how is Tom? Any idea when he's back? No, he still needs more time.
But it's been a week now.
The man was beaten up, Grantly.
And he has my sympathy, but I have to cover his classes.
It's not just you - we're all covering his classes.
Yeah, well, covering's all very well but I'm left doing his worksheets.
I'm sure that Tom appreciates your support.
Martin, what can I do for you? Just wondered if I could have a word? If it's about your coursework, I've marked it.
Very impressive.
It's about my dad.
He went for the site manager's job.
I wondered if you heard According to the agency, interviews were last week.
He never heard anything.
We sent letters out.
Can he still get an interview? You'll have to ask the agency.
Actually, Martin The job's already gone.
New site manager started today, I'm sorry.
Well, what's the verdict? Your oven is broken.
And what exactly is the matter with it? You have problem with thermostat.
That's impossible.
I've calibrated it myself.
Well, you made a mistake.
I beg your pardon? OK, your oven is not hot enough.
I work with this at home.
I think you'll find my ovens are a little more sophisticated than the ones they have in Poland.
What makes you think I'm Polish? You have an Eastern European accent, so I just assumed There are 20 countries in Eastern Europe.
Not just Poland.
I'm joking! Of course I'm Polish.
But you shouldn't jump to conclusions.
Can you fix that quickly, please? Because I have a class coming in.
Are you going to use the oven? That's the idea.
Well, you need another idea.
Either that or a new oven.
Everyone inside.
Quickly, please.
Josh, I'm sorry it happened but ignoring me isn't helping.
I'm not ignoring you.
You've hardly spoke to me.
Been busy with my dad.
It's not been easy.
It's been a nightmare at my place.
Has your dad ran out teachers to beat up? Right, Josh and Nate, come on! Right, change of plan, gentlemen.
If you just give me a minute.
So start setting up, please.
Be careful with tools.
Sorry, mate, didn't understand a word of that.
LAUGHTER I said, be careful with tools.
Nah, still nothing.
Is it English? Why don't you boys get on with your cooking classes, huh? Is he trying to be funny? You're stealing jobs from people who live here, you know that? I didn't steal this job.
And I live ten minutes from school.
Yeah, but for how long? As soon as you make enough, you'll be off home, won't you? Mind your own business, OK? Blokes who live here can't afford to feed their families cos your lot are undercutting everybody.
Who are these blokes? My dad for one.
Yeah, you nicked his job.
Yeah, give it back.
I'm sick of your mob coming round here and you're nicking all the work.
I don't like being called thief.
You don't like it, you can go! Excuse me! What is going on here? Stole his dad's job.
I warning you.
I'm not a thief! That is enough.
I think you should leave, Mr Wisniewski.
What? why should I go? Because I'm telling you to.
Thank you very much.
It were a right mess so I reorganised it, it's much simpler.
Oh, what are you doing out of class? Ronan's showing me the new filing system he came up with last night.
He's put it all in alphabetical order.
Well, he never asked me.
You went home early.
Hairdressers, remember? I didn't think you'd mind.
Oh, and I sorted out Mr Budgen's photocopying as well, Janeece.
Oh, oh I want to make a complaint! Ah, is there a problem? Yes! Discrimination.
That's the problem.
So what's the plan, then? What do you mean? Can't let the Pole get away with that.
We need to do something.
I just did.
Sorry, did you not hear me? That were just words.
Done the trick, though, didn't it? He got kicked out the class.
Big deal.
He's still got your dad's job.
Yeah, I know.
Listen, your dad's a top bloke.
He's got loads of respect around the estate.
We just need to stand up for him.
All right, how do you reckon we do that? Don't know.
But I'm not letting Dave down.
Not letting Dave down? Have you heard yourself? He's not even your dad.
And if anyone's standing up for him, it's me.
All right? Look what I picked up in the office.
Grantly's surprise test.
For year nines.
It's no use to us.
Be handy for the year nines.
Make a bit of cash selling the answers.
Cutting it a bit fine, aren't we? Sorry, Jonah, I wasn't aware that my timekeeping was any of your business.
I was just making a joke, miss.
Yes, well, now you can just sit down.
Did you know that Martin Dowling was a racist? He hates the Poles.
That's enough.
It kicked off.
He told the new caretaker to go back to his own country.
Martin had no right to say that.
He's got the right to free speech.
Not free speech if you're attacking a minority.
Expressing an opinion isn't the same as attacking someone.
In my experience, Jonah, it often is, and I'd rather not be talking about this now.
Well, why not? Yeah, miss, why not? Because it's not relevant.
It's pretty relevant to me.
If you want to talk about this then we will all talk about it but in Spanish.
SHE SPEAKS IN SPANISH Ruby, can we have a chat? Yeah, I was going to come and find you, actually.
I had a few problems with our site Er Mr Wisniewski says that Martin Dowling was out of order this morning.
He wasn't the only one.
Mr Wisniewski should learn to rein in his temper.
The boy started it.
Doesn't mean you can threaten him.
He insulted me! OK.
I hardly think so.
Let's just try and stay calm.
I am calm, unlike some of us.
Lukas says that Martin told him to go back home, that he's stealing British jobs.
His father has lost out on that job - understandably he's upset.
That's no excuse.
You should've told Martin that.
I agree with him.
Sorry, what are you saying? I think that Mr Wisniewski IS stealing jobs from British workers.
Ruby, can we talk? You sympathise with right-wing views? Course not.
But I don't see the point of censoring them.
We can't let them run around making hate speeches.
Look, hate cannot drive out hate.
Only love can do that.
That's a little bit naive of you, Jonah.
Martin Luther King didn't think so.
You give these people a platform, you give them profile.
So we just ignore them, then? Yeah, so what's wrong with that? If you ignore people they only get louder.
So that's what this is all about.
You're upset because you think I'm ignoring you.
I don't think I know you've been ignoring me.
All week.
Jonah, please Why are you doing this, Cesca? Because what happened last week was a mistake and it can't happen again.
Well, it didn't feel like a mistake to me.
You've got to start being honest about us.
Jonah You have to understand - there is no us.
Something is happening between you and me, Cesca.
How long are you going to pretend that it isn't? Just give me a shout when you're ready, yeah? It was going fine then she just backed off.
Sounds like she's playing you, mate.
She's not like that.
I think she's just scared of how she feels about us.
Mate, you are starting to sound like a girl.
You're meant to be giving advice, not slagging me off.
It'd help if I knew who she is.
Heard you've got Budgen's test.
Cost you a fiver.
I've only got three quid.
Better start studying then.
Look, stop over-thinking it.
Bottom line - do you like her? Have you listened to a word I've said? Course I like her.
Well, find out how she feels.
Just ask her? Ah, I'm bored with this.
Oh, here comes trouble.
Oi, where's that master document? What you talking about? The photocopying.
There's only 50.
That's what it said on the Post-it.
I should have 51.
Where's the master document? One got jammed.
I had to bin it.
You're up to something.
I know it.
Pity you're not smart enough to prove it.
Don't you think we're blowing it out of proportion? Which part? Martin making racist remarks or you condoning them? But Martin only expressed an opinion.
Ruby, can't you see that holding these kind of views could be seen as racist? No, no! That's slander.
I resent being called a racist.
You might want to drop the whole "British jobs for British workers".
I think employing migrant workers over local people is unfair.
You see, saying things like that in school can have serious consequences.
Right, OK.
We're not exactly on the verge of a race riot, but OK.
You know what, Ruby? We're done.
You'll apologise to Mr Wisniewski.
Because I have an opinion? Yeah, one based on ignorance.
Do you know that my John lost his building firm last summer? It was 20 years hard work down the drain like that.
And you know why, Chris? Because he employed local tradesmen and he paid them decent wages.
In the end, he couldn't compete with migrant workers undercutting him.
We lost the lot.
So unlike you, I know what I'm talking about.
Sir, you better get downstairs.
Everyone, let's keep the noise down, please.
What's going on? You see? Don't look at me.
I didn't do it.
You two.
My office now.
David David.
Um Find Jonah Kirby for me and tell him to come and see me.
OK, miss.
Don't know why we're in here.
It weren't even us, sir.
You two were the ones having a go at Mr Wisniewski this morning.
Doesn't mean we tagged his office.
Martin, have you got anything to say about this morning? Well, we had words, sir.
Pretty harsh words.
You accused him of stealing your dad's job.
Yeah, but I just don't think it's fair, miss.
Is that why you painted the slogan on his window? Kyle just told you - that weren't us.
I'm going to be keeping an eye on you two.
Off you go.
Hey! And stay away from Mr Wisniewski.
So what are you going to do? Let's get Martin's dad in.
Thanks for coming.
You were right, I have been avoiding you, and that's not been fair.
I just wanted to explain You don't need to explain anything.
No, Jonah, please, just let me finish.
It was stupid of me to ask you to the house like that.
It gave the wrong impression.
So why did you? Jonah, please don't make this any more difficult than it already is.
When we kissed, it felt right.
Look, I know what the risks are for you and I know how scary it must be, but if you want it enough, then we'll find a way to make it work.
The thing is what happened to Tom Mr Clarkson it's brought us closer together, and I want to make a go of it.
So you're in a relationship after one date? I don't believe that.
Well, I'm sorry, Jonah, but you're just going to have to trust me on this.
It's for the best.
Eventful morning? It'll all blow over.
I wouldn't bet on it.
The entire school's talking about this.
Yeah, well, they'll be talking about something else tomorrow.
Ah, I take it you heard about Ruby's performance this morning? Yep.
Spent all of second period discussing it.
Nice work, Ruby! For goodness sake, you know, all I did was deal with the situation in my class.
It was a very volatile incident.
It's not how you dealt with the incident, Ruby.
What is it about? You think Mr Wisniewski shouldn't work here because he's Polish.
Not cos he's Polish, because he's not British.
Oh, dear God, Ruby.
Well, excuse me for being patriotic.
No, there's a fine line.
And you should be careful what you say around these kids.
As a teacher, I would expect a little bit of support from my colleagues.
Sorry, but I don't stand by any racists.
Don't be ridiculous, Cesca.
Oh, really? Well, maybe I should go back to where I came from then! Is that what you think about me? Your views are a tad extreme.
I see.
Ruby So what you're saying is you've got no proof that my son did this? It's not just the graffiti.
I'm afraid Martin has expressed some extreme opinions today.
Yeah, well, he's a smart lad.
He knows his own mind.
Oh, so presumably you don't share his views on immigration? We're not talking about me, are we? All right, maybe Martin You can tell us how you came to hold these views.
How do you mean, sir? Have you been reading books about it lately? Websites? Have you been talking with your mates? Maybe he just sees things for how they really are.
And how are they exactly? It's getting to the stage where it's not even our country any more.
The foreigners are getting all the breaks.
Is that what happened, Martin? You just woke up and saw things how they really were? Well My dad's lived in this area for years, he's got all the qualifications but he didn't get an interview.
I have to warn you that the school doesn't tolerate anyone airing the kind of views you did today MR DOWLING SCOFFS and if Martin continues to voice them, we will take action.
Is that it, then? Yes.
Janeece? Yeah? Can you get the recruitment agency on the phone for me, please? Yeah, of course.
Shouldn't be allowed in a school.
Total fascist.
Excuse me? Who did this? I mean it! Who is responsible for this? Finn? Do you know who did this? Finn! What have you got there? Oh, nothing.
That doesn't look like nothing.
There's a fortune.
Where did you get it from? Doesn't matter.
What do you mean it doesn't matter? It's just some money I managed to save, all right? It's no big deal.
I was thinking maybe I could get you a birthday present.
My birthday was ages ago.
Yeah, I know, but I wasn't about, was I? I was thinking maybe we could go into town.
OK, well could we get something for tonight with it? Ooh, yes, I might get myself something as well! It's all right for him.
There's no Poles undercutting teachers.
Sorry about the job, Dad.
It's not your fault.
I appreciate you two standing up for me as well.
It were Martin's idea.
Yeah? Didn't think you had in you.
Maybe you're more like your old man than you thought! If you feel strongly about something you've got to take action, right? Mind you, words on a wall only get you so far.
Might have to up your game, make sure they really get the message.
Up our game, how? Oh, you're a clever lad.
I'm sure you'll think of something.
Proud of you, son.
So what you going to do now? I think we should see how good Wisniewski is at his job, don't you? Land of the free! If we keep this up, he'll be handing in his resignation.
You never know - they might just sack him.
Hope he brought his screwdriver.
Have you got a problem? No.
No problem.
It's a right mess this place, innit? Yeah.
Shouldn't be allowed.
Someone's not doing their job properly.
Reckon someone should complain about it.
To Mead.
Go and tell him that the boys' toilets is a disgrace.
The whole school's a mess.
Yeah, I can do that if you want.
What are you waiting for? Go on.
Ah, it's just some of the kids messing about, trying to upset you.
Yes, well, they succeeded.
Who's to say that that wasn't a teacher? I can't see any of the staff pulling a stunt like this.
They're busy driving me out the staffroom.
Come on, that's over the top, you were hardly driven out.
It's just that race is well, a very sensitive area.
I made one innocent remark and I'm treated like the school pariah.
Are you sure it was so innocent? Do you know, I don't know now.
But you're going to call me racist, though.
No, I don't think you're racist, Ruby.
Just HE CLEARS THROA Well, a little right wing sometimes.
Well, look at you, Mahatma Gandhi! Not exactly famous for your tolerance and understanding, you know, Grantly.
Ah, it's true, I hate everyone, but I hate them all equally.
Why should I censor my own personal opinion? Look, much as I hate to admit it, Adanna is right.
Kids are like sponges, they take everything in, which is why we have to watch our mouths.
You know that I haven't got anything against Mr Wisniewski.
I mean, it's not personal.
I know that.
I'd be mortified if the kids thought it was.
I mean, I know I make out I don't care what they think, but I do.
I do.
Well, if that is the case, you might want to consider an apology.
Oh, come on, Ruby.
Saying sorry - it's what the British do best.
It's not just here.
They've been messing up the whole school.
I appreciate that.
What? You appreciate it? Well, maybe you should do something about it.
I will.
But for now I'm afraid you're just going to have to try and rise above this.
Are you saying it's my fault? Of course not.
You're being targeted but I just have to take it, yeah? I'm sorry.
I know that it's hard, but the school needs you to deal with this.
They won't get away with it, I promise.
Coping all right there, mate? Was you? Don't know what you're on about.
I mean, if you don't like it, you can always quit.
It's a good thing your father didn't get the job.
You what? Give him time to teach you respect.
You don't even know my dad.
You learn a lot about a man from his son.
Maybe you get your anger from him.
And your cowardice too.
You want to watch your mouth.
Got the money now, have you? Yeah.
That's a fiver.
Nice doing business with you.
Hand it over.
Any chance I can get a look at the answers? No chance whatsoever.
MURMURED CONVERSATION Not smart enough, am I? If you're seeing Clarkson, how come no-one in school knows? What are you doing? There's 600 kids in this school and they're trained to spot a teacher romance a mile off.
I thought we wouldn't talk about this.
We're not.
We're talking about you and Tom Clarkson.
I'd rather we didn't.
Why? Because your fibbing? Jonah, if you keep this up I'm going to send you to the cooler.
Why? Because you're not going out with Clarkson? Josh! How's your dad? He's not great, miss.
Well, I was thinking of coming up to visit after school.
Cheer him up a bit.
OK, sounds great.
Well, I'll see you soon.
I don't know about this.
We're going to get caught.
He wants to get personal - fine.
Martin? MOBILE RINGS Wiktor? Must be his boyfriend.
Mr Wisniewski, I Good God.
You two stay exactly where you are Hey! Hey! What on earth do you think you've been doing? Standing up for people like my dad.
I thought you'd understand.
You were the one backing me this morning! I thought you'd signed up for this and all.
I don't know what it is you think I believe in, Martin, but it's not this.
Dad says that if you believe in something, you stand up for it, take action.
Your dad's a moron.
My dad's not a moron.
Well, he is if he's encouraging you to damage school property! He's not a moron.
You need to take that back.
Take that back! Right, you are in enough trouble as it is, OK? Sir, you don't reckon this test of yours might be a little easy? I'm sure they'll find it challenging.
Yeah, well, I heard some of them speaking before and they reckon it's going to be a doddle.
Is that a fact? So I found one of your old ones in the office.
A year ten test.
So I photocopied 50 just on the off chance you might need 'em.
Let's have some fun! It's not your colour.
What you on about? That's perfect for me, that.
This is more you.
Do you reckon? Yeah, the colour's great and you've definitely got the figure for it.
Well, I've not got the money for it right now.
If you like it, I'll get it for you.
I could try it on.
Yeah, yeah, let's try it on, come on.
What can I say, Ruby? Well done.
Yes, thank you.
I'm well aware of my part in this.
Your part? Being modest there, Ruby.
You pretty much caused this.
No, this isn't Ruby's fault.
This is Martin's doing.
What the hell is this? Mr Wisniewski, I owe you an apology.
I'm going to deal with this right now.
Just I'm really so very sorry.
Jess Do you want to hurry up? Oh, it looks lovely.
I need a smaller size, Bex.
We haven't got time.
Oh, my God, it'll take two minutes.
It's like shopping with Mum.
I reckon she's an eight.
Come on, I'm not going to bite you.
I really don't have time for this.
Have you quite finished? I told you to stay away from me.
I have been doing.
It's a coincidence.
I happened to be passing, saw you Right, and when you went to see my mum in her office, you were just passing then, were you? I wanted to meet the family.
You've no right doing this to me! We're finished, do you not get it? Bit of retail therapy, was it? My money paying for it, yeah? I never asked for your money.
But you took it.
You know you've earned it.
Just have it back.
Go on, please, have it.
Problem is if I take that you're going to think we're all square.
There's nowhere to go.
Last chance - just take the money.
You always did love the cash, Bex.
What did you do that for? I don't need your money and I don't need you.
You didn't need to throw it off the building! There's nearly a grand there! Just go back to London.
I'm not giving up on you, Bex.
I didn't know.
It must have been a last-minute change.
You! You got Budgen to swap tests.
OK, so I kind of did.
You know what? I'll give you this one.
Little victory for you.
Oh, thanks, that's sweet of you, Ronan.
When I'm a high flyer and you're here, it'll comfort you.
Erm what's to say I'm not going to have the same career as you? You've got no education, Janeece.
This is it for you.
BOTH SHOUT AT ONCE Where is the phone? All right, calm down.
Where is the phone?! Mr Wisniewski, let him go! My office now.
You too, Martin.
The fact is you manhandled a pupil.
Because he stole my phone.
All day they've been attacking me.
And we'll be suspending him.
But now I also have to suspend you.
What? I'm sorry, but I've got no choice.
But you are giving him what he wants.
He's sitting out there, happy.
MOBILE RINGING Mr Wisniewski Mr Wisniewski! RINGING CONTINUES Where is it? Where's the phone? Hello, Viktor? HE SPEAKS IN POLISH SHOUTS JOYFULLY IN POLISH Viktor, my son.
He had an exam in Poland today.
A very hard exam.
Did he do well? Well, he says no, but I know he did.
He's a smart boy.
Um Do we have to go ahead with the suspension, Chris, given the circumstances? I was wrong to push him.
But, actually, one day here is enough for me.
Well, if you present your case then No.
I quit.
Thank you, thank you for opportunity, but I think it's better for me to have a fresh start somewhere else.
Where the hell did you get off to? Are we going to get this dress or not? I ain't got any money.
Er yeah you have.
You've got an big fat envelope of it, in fact.
I threw it away.
What? you threw your savings away? They weren't my savings, Jess.
I kind of guessed that.
So where did you get it from then? I can't tell you.
Well, it must be something bad, then, Bex.
Were you on the game? BEX SCOFFS Look, I did some things that I'm not proud of.
I just I don't want to say any more than that.
I'm your sister.
Yeah, and when I'm ready to talk.
you will be the first person I turn to.
JESS SIGHS All right.
Well, come on, then, let's go find a bank.
We're going out tonight, aren't we? You've got no money, so I'm paying.
Can you afford it? Yeah.
Got my savings, haven't I? I don't understand, Martin.
I'm not saying you're the perfect pupil but you're smart.
You've got a future.
Shoo-in for university if you work hard.
Dad says university's overrated.
And what do you think? Dunno.
Probably just stay around here, I'll get a job when I leave school.
Right, so you'll just throw away your education? My dad never had one and he'd have been fine if he'd got this job, wouldn't he? Because your dad didn't get the job, that makes it OK for you and Kyle to harass Mr Wisniewski.
I didn't say nothing about Kyle.
We know Kyle was involved.
We're not stupid.
OK, one week suspension for you, starting from now.
You go and you apologise to Mr Wisniewski and then you go home.
So was it worth it? How do you mean? You got rid of Mr Wisniewski, you must be happy with the result? I'm just sticking up for my dad, sir.
Well, all the trouble you've caused today, I'm sure your dad would be very proud.
I can't believe she thinks like that.
Then again, Ruby never was the most tolerant.
Worst thing is she actually believes she's right.
Well, she's the only one.
Must be hard, I suppose - when you think something's right and everyone says it's wrong.
Not really.
I usually bug everyone until they see it my way.
What if you know something's wrong but you just can't help yourself? Just so that I know - we're not talking about Ruby now, are we? Hmm? There's nothing wrong in it, you know, Cesca.
We can't help who we fall for.
If you and Tom like each other then go for it.
I know you two had a bit of a shock the other night, but you should just trust your instincts.
And what if your instincts are wrong? What, with Tom? Yeah.
Isn't it better just to take a risk, see what happens? This might be the best thing for you.
I mean, look at me.
I just ended up with guys that I thought other people would approve of, and where did that leave me? Three ex-husbands and a whole heap of regret.
CESCA SIGHS Your dad's going to be fine, he's solid.
Not at the minute, he isn't.
Just sits around in the dark and doesn't say a word.
Yeah, I wish my dad did that.
Nate! Sorry.
It's just that he keeps going on at me like he hates me.
He doesn't hate you.
He does.
It's Aaron he was close to.
That's what it's all been about - me not being Aaron.
You can't change that.
I know, but If I'm not like him, what if I turn out like my dad? That's what I'm worried about.
What if I end up doing something like he did? You are nothing like your dad, Nate.
How do you know that? Well, for one, you can't fight.
And for another, I wouldn't be with you if you were.
We're all right, you know.
Yeah? Yeah.
Now I've really got to go.
Miss I'm sorry about earlier.
It's not me you should be apologising to.
I'm just on my way to see him now.
Things just got out of hand.
Well, yeah, it's been a hard lesson for both of us, but they say those are the most effective.
It's you know It's all behind us now, so Anyway, it's over.
It's not over.
My dad's here.
Go get Mr Mead.
Right, son, you show me where he is, yeah? Mr Wisniewski You need to stay here.
What? Why? Just trust me, you need to stay here.
Mrs Fry, I don't know what's happening.
I'm not attracted to you.
CRASHING Oh, my God! This is safety glass! Idiot.
Let's see how tough you are! You want trouble? Come on, get out here! No, Mr Wisniewski! Just think about your job! The job you stole.
I didn't steal it! Don't call me a thief, OK?! That is enough! Hey! That is enough.
Please! Back off! He attacked my son.
Let's not pretend that this is about Martin.
You have come in here to throw your weight around.
You're meant to be setting an example.
I am.
I'm showing my kid how to stand up against his lot.
You are showing him how to be a bully like you are, that's all.
Yeah, maybe that's how you see it.
You've got him going round the school causing havoc because you didn't get a job! Would you blame me? I've lived two miles away for years and they hand it over to someone who arrived a week ago.
I didn't even get an interview.
That's not true, though, is it, Mr Dowling? I called the recruitment agency to find out why they didn't give you an interview.
Apparently, they offered you one, but you didn't turn up.
Dad? Is that true? Dad? No, no, really, Janeece, why bother? Well, because education's important and I want a career.
Look, re-sitting an A level is a lot of hassle.
Extra work.
That's why you're going to help me.
After school, two nights a week.
I'm a very busy man, Janeece.
Well, I'll pay you.
Start Tuesday.
You had no right to invite her.
I didn't.
She invited herself.
You should've said that I was busy.
But you're not, you're just sitting round in your pyjamas.
Come on, she said she wanted to cheer you up.
She actually said that? Yes.
Now give us a hand.
Josh, no.
I'm not up for this, I'm going to call her and cancel.
No, you're not.
I'm not sitting in again with you depressed.
Josh No, I mean it, Dad.
You do this, get a shower and get a grip.
You know, about this morning, with Martin I'm sorry.
You made up for it out there.
It's um been very nice to meet you.
Nice meeting you.
Just give us a sec, eh? Don't look at me like that, son.
It would have been a total waste of time.
You don't know that.
Come on.
Immigrants get all the jobs.
Maybe because they turn up to interviews! You've made me feel like a total div.
I've put my future on the line, I've made that guy's life a total misery - I did all that for you.
I never asked you to.
Yes, you did.
You made it very clear.
And all the time you didn't even want the job.
Maybe I just didn't want this job.
What? I was a welder, son, you know? Proper profession.
Proper skills.
So? So? So now I'm supposed to stoop to the level of a caretaker? It's better than being on the dole, hanging around the house.
Yeah, it would suit you, eh? Having your old man in here, clearing up after you.
You're the smart man, eh? The brainbox.
The kid with the bright future.
And you're supposed to be happy about that, Dad.
Is that not what you want for me? No, it's not, is it? You want me to be more like Kyle.
A total screw up.
Don't be daft.
Why would I want that? I don't know.
Maybe if I mess my life up, you won't feel so bad about the state of yours.
It's all right.
Looks better than it did.
No, I'm gawping at you, talk about being insensitive.
Look, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch.
I don't blame you.
It had me pretty shook up as well.
Are you staying for dinner, miss? Well, that would be nice.
You could cook something, Dad.
We haven't got anything in.
We haven't been to shops, see.
OK, well, here's a thought.
Why don't we all go out for a drink? I don't really feel much like drinking.
Go on, Dad.
I'm not planning a session! I really don't think it's a good idea It's just the one drink and then we'll grab a takeaway on the way back.
No, really.
I think this could be good for you, it'll cheer you up.
No, it won't! I don't want to go out! All right? I'm sorry.
I know.
And it's going to be fine, OK? Look, there's some pizza in the freezer.
Is pizza OK, miss? Pizza's great.
As long as it's all right with your dad.
Why not? I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I am looking forward to giving Karen her school back tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm not sure how you're going to be able to explain all this away.
I was planning on leaving most of that to you, actually.
Great! Can't wait.
Pint of lager and a white wine, please.
So you finally saw the light? My comments were misjudged.
Well, as promised, a pair of tickets.
Grantly, I just couldn't handle The Misanthrope tonight, I'm sorry.
Ah, these are for another performance.
Oh, Oklahoma! Oh, I love this! Don't get too excited.
It's an amateur production.
Do you know, I could've handled the rest of them but I'd just hate it if you were disappointed in me.
I've got two tickets.
Are you going to come? Er well, I thought you'd ask John.
Oh, no, he's been loads of times.
♪ Chicks and ducks and geese better hurry ♪ When I take you out in my surrey ♪ With the fringe on top! ♪ Come on, we're going to be late.
I'm sorry I didn't visit sooner.
It's OK.
You're here now.
It's fine.
To tell you the truth, I was bricking it, seeing you again.
I didn't exactly cover myself in glory, did I, on our first date? You don't need to apologise.
I'll tell you what - why don't you come over tomorrow night? I'm sure I can rustle up something a little bit more exotic than a pizza.
I'm so sorry, Tom.
I'm I'm a bit busy.
I've sort of made some arrangements.
It was just a thought.
No pressure.
Tom I like you, but you're going through a lot right now, and there's some things that I need to sort out so let's just Take it easy? Yeah.
You're right.
I better go.
I'll see you back at school? Soon, I hope.
Before you say anything, just hear me out.
I had no right to talk to you like that.
I was out of order.
No, you weren't.
You were right.
Look, if you want to forget all about us, that's OK.
It's just Just what? I can't stop thinking about you.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Vicki's going to here in about 15 minutes.
Yeah? You know, footballers and that come here all the time.
Pretty big names.
Bex, you should be flattered.
I just wish they'd stop staring.
Well, you're the one who wanted to come here.
No, honestly, it's fine.
To the Fisher sisters! If you're not going to have a good time, let's go home.
Don't be daft.
Honestly, it's fine.
I appreciate everything that you're doing.
Doing what? Well, coming here with me when you clearly hate it.
Honestly, it's fine, go, Vicki will be here soon.
Are you sure? I just think I need to spend some time on my own.
Well, go on, then, get lost.
Thank you.
MOBILE BEEPS You on your own too? Can I get you a drink? OK.
Didn't think I'd be doing this when I woke up this morning.
You're not regretting it, are you? No.
What about you? I don't think I'll be regretting this.
SHE LAUGHS So what am I looking at? A five? Six? Oh, Jonah, please! What less than a five? I'd say you were about a nine.
A nine? Serious? All right, not bad for a first timer.
I'm sorry.
I thought you knew.
Cesca? This was your first time? Well, does it matter? This was your time, Jonah? Yeah, and I'm glad it was with you.
No regrets? No, no regrets.
Karen knows.
It doesn't mention us.
It doesn't have to! Yeah? Come on! You threw a child to the ground.
It's the only language that Kyle understands! We are here on official union business to get an explanation for this.
We will need a written apology by the end of the day.
Do you ever think about anyone else but yourself? I don't know, do you? All I've got is a mum that shouts, issues orders and I've got a dad that I'm not even allowed to see! E- mail subtitling@bbc.
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