Waterloo Road (2006) s06e15 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 15

- It's not your fault.
- I didn't do much to stop it, though, did I? - You're on your own too? Can I get you a drink? - OK.
- It'll cheer you up.
- No it won't! I don't want to go out, all right?! Not bad for a first-timer.
This was your first time, Jonah? Yeah, and I'm glad it was with you.
- No regrets? - No regrets.
com/MemoryOnSmell, memoryonsmells.
com Morning.
Ooh, what time do you call this? Heavy night, was it? Mum, Dad's text.
He said he deffo wants me down this weekend.
Oh, let's not start all that again, Harry.
The answer is still no.
That's out of order.
They're always allowed to go down.
They didn't come in the bottom 20% of their mid-term assessment, though, did they? That's it, is it? Because I'm a failure of your stupid experiment.
- Hey! - Just call Dad and ask him.
He said I could come any time.
Are you listening to me? When you and the other governors, and some of my staff start believing in it, mate! - Someone else you're having a go at? - Harry, what's got into you recently? It's not a good idea to turn the breakfast table into a war zone first thing in the morning, is it? Yeah, Harry, don't be a prat.
Right, if anyone wants a lift, I'm leaving in five minutes.
I seem to have lost my phone, so can someone pick it up for me, please? Ringing it now.
PHONE RINGS Come on, girls, hurry up.
- Here we go.
Thank you.
Well, the girls' results are up.
- Thank you.
Governors aren't worried about the girls' results.
Wasn't segregation introduced to help the boys? Hang on, these are only mid-term results.
- So the boys haven't adapted as quickly as the girls? We need to be patient.
- Thanks, Janeece.
If it's not working yet, we try harder.
We try different things.
Which brings us to today's event.
- Chris.
- Yes, er.
Year 11 boys are going to be working on a business initiative with local entrepreneur Han Nichols.
They'll be developing business plans for a community scheme - within the school, and the winner gets an award.
- Sounds good.
So why is it being denied to half the school purely on the basis of gender? And we are having a problem getting the boys to respond to anything.
Believe me, I know.
Yeah, um, Harry's taken a bit of a dive recently, hasn't he? Some good news from the segregation coalface would be very welcome at the moment.
No pressure there, then.
Isn't that what you boys respond to? Right, er, moving on.
Sambuca Kelly returns to school this morning.
I gave her a call this morning and we had a talk about how she might be a positive influence on Denzil.
- She seemed up for the responsibility.
- Good.
- I think that's about it then.
- Yeah.
- Karen, are you OK? - I'm fine.
You seem a bit distracted.
Waking up to a cup of tea in the morning is one thing.
Waking up to an e-mail from a governor with serious concerns is quite another.
Not to mention the snarling beast who seems to have taken over my beloved son.
Kids, eh? Lucky you came to work to get away from them.
- You two had a row or something? - No.
Just thought I'd come in with you.
First day back and all that.
Josh, I am more than ready to come back to work, OK? - Sure.
- Even if both my legs were broke, I'd still drag myself in.
Daytime TV's definitely gone downhill since I was a student.
- Tom! Hiya.
- Morning.
Fit and ready to come back? - Yup.
What does she want? - Good for you.
Probably wants to welcome the wounded hero, I should imagine.
Hello? Karen? She hung up on me.
She heard me answer and then she hung up on me! It's probably at the bottom of her bag with the keylock off.
- Ready for this? - I wish people would stop asking me that.
You've got to stand up for yourself, Denzil.
You can't just be a sheep.
I've got to listen to this every morning? If you follow people around you're going to get trodden all over.
I mean, look what happened to me the last time I was here.
Oh, look who it is! Did they let you out early, eh? Good behaviour or something? - No, I could've come back any time, actually.
- So why now? You miss me? To keep our Denzil out of trouble.
You're constantly bending my ears, you.
It's got to be worse than any trouble I could be getting into.
Fair enough.
Things are different round here now.
Don't worry about it.
If you miss me in class you can always catch up at break.
I think I've had enough for a term actually, thanks.
- All right? - Yeah, apart from Mr Gobby over there.
I've got something to show you.
It's my mum's phone.
It's got all her e-mails on, stuff about the teachers and loads of other things Yeah, I'll catch up with you in a minute, Harry.
- Oi, you two! - Hi, Sam.
- Do you not think you two owe me an apology for getting me kicked out of school? - Sorry.
- They didn't throw you out.
You chose not to come back.
- You planted drugs on me, Amy.
What, and do you think I didn't get told off for it? I got excluded! Right, girls, that's enough! - What is your name, girl? - Sambuca Kelly.
I know fitting back in is hard, but you're a smart girl.
You know this is not the right way to go about it.
And what am I supposed to do? Act like we're best friends? She got me kicked out of school.
Listen, I'm sure the problem with her will resolve itself.
OK, focus, on you, on setting an example to Denzil.
Why did you have to be like that with her? Look, Sir, I just need to speak to Miss Montoya.
It's about our extra Spanish classes.
Ah, the enthusiasm of youth.
- Kirby boy for you.
- God, he's keen.
Wish I knew your secret.
You'll never know.
I'm sure it's something trivial.
Listen, before I forget, that's the book you lent me.
And here is one I thought you might like.
Hey, I thought we could go to this place.
It's in Manchester and it sounds dead classy.
My treat.
- Look, Jonah - I can afford it.
And no-one'll recognise us there, so - We can't be seen talking here like this.
You know that.
- Exactly.
That's why this'd be perfect.
Look, I'll call you after school.
I promise.
- You'd better.
- And now I'm your teacher and you're my pupil.
Oh, so that's how it is, is it? I'm just a pupil? It's what you are.
Isn't it? - Hey, Mum.
- Hiya.
Is it OK if I miss tea tonight? I'll be back by 11 and I've got everything ready for tomorrow.
Are you going somewhere special? - Nowhere special.
Just out.
Mum! - So when do we get to meet him? Well, has he got a name? Yeah, it's Ewan, OK.
Happy? So, is it all right? Yes.
Thanks for asking.
No problem.
So you're allowed to go off with some guy that Mum's never even met, and I'm not even allowed to see Dad without her kicking off? It's called keeping her sweet, OK? Tell her what she wants to hear.
You get done? She just warned me off Amy.
Told me to let it go.
Well, it makes sense.
That's all right for you to say.
But I'm not going to stand around and let Amy walk all over me.
- I'm just going to have to be smart about it.
- Come on, Harry.
What are you doing hanging about? - Done your homework? - No.
Should I have done? I have had enough trouble with you without that kind of lip.
Do you understand me? Hey, Tom.
- Welcome back.
- Good to be here.
How are you feeling? Good.
You're fully recovered? Well I'm, uh, here, aren't I? - How are you feeling in yourself? - Good? - Ready to jump back into the maelstrom? - Yep.
Same old, same old.
Because what happened to you must have been really Karen, thank you for asking.
I'm fine.
I'll take any help you can offer on how to make Thomas Hardy appeal to Year 11s, but otherwise OK.
How's about in periods five and six, - you help me on the judging panel with the Business Initiative? - Why? I don't know anything about business.
Well you can offer a whole fresh perspective, then, can't you? Fine, but don't blame me if I don't know what to say.
- It's just a presentation, Tom.
- Right.
Right, just make sure your names are on your worksheets, please, and legible if you can, thank you.
Can you just hand in your worksheets, please, and get along to your next class? Miss.
Are you OK? Can you just hand in your worksheets, please, and get along to your next class? And last but by no means least, your Shakespeare text is Macbeth.
Ooh, smart! - Hey, is Hamlet in this? - No, Janeece.
That would be Hamlet.
I just thought it might be the series, you know, like Harry Potter.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Hamlet isn't in this.
- Did he go on or what? - Grantly, I You're busy.
I'll come back later.
No, no.
I think we're finished here, aren't we, Janeece? Plenty there to be getting your teeth into.
Everything OK? Oh, well, I'll leave youse two to it.
I don't want to intrude, do I? No, it's not OK! I just got this.
"We need to discuss your results and disciplinary record.
Both are terrible.
" I'm absolutely horrified! "Shouting at the pupils isn't teaching.
" Pah, you need to confront her with that.
Ask her to explain herself.
I can't.
I mean, I can't.
I mean, I can't face her, but you're the union rep, aren't you? Yes but we need to think this through.
I mean, she's a formidable opponent.
Not one to be underestimated.
Tell you what.
I'll run it past the union.
Right, we've got full union backing.
Fisher should have spoken to you before issuing a written complaint, and the tone of the e-mail is tantamount to harassment.
- And that means? - It means that we are going to have to face her.
She's had a go at me and all.
Don't know what she thinks that's going to achieve.
What, on your first day back? Look, don't let it get to you, Tom.
You've had enough on your plate, after everything you've been through.
BELL RINGS - Ruby? Grantly? - Karen.
We are here on official union business, to get an explanation for this.
When did you receive this? When I opened my e-mail account this morning.
It is from your e-mail account.
Are you denying you sent it? - I can see that.
- It contains unsubstantiated allegations, deeply unprofessional criticism which could be construed as harassment.
- Well, that's arguable.
- There will be no debate about it.
It is not an accurate appraisal of Mrs Fry's performance, and I think you know it.
I'll be the judge of what I know and what I don't know.
We will need a written apology by the end of the day.
Come on, Mrs Fry.
We're done here.
Hey, Miss, it's your post.
Mum, are you OK? What was that about? - Oh, nothing for you to worry about.
- Mum? Year 11 boys' English results.
I was wondering if you've thought about me going to Dad's this weekend? - Darling, now isn't the time.
- It never is, is it? That's the power of the union for you.
A bit of solidarity, the management are on the run.
You were absolutely brilliant.
Very masterful.
Ooh, it's been a while since anyone called me that.
Well, you were.
And thank you so much for being there for me.
My pleasure.
Ruby, hey? What say you we go out for a spot of lunch, celebrate your victory? - OUR victory.
I'd be delighted.
- Really? It's a date.
Right, keep the mumbo-jumbo down to a dull roar.
I've already dealt with enough offensive rubbish for one morning.
What do you mean, sir? Oh, just the slight matter of your mother stirring things a little too vigorously.
You mean the e-mails? She tells her son about private communications with the staff? If you think they're bad, you should hear what she says about you behind your back.
She's always shouting at her laptop.
- Such as? - Harry, shut up, man! Your mum'll go mad.
Well, she says some bad words.
I mean, I can't say them cos I'd get sent to the cooler.
LAUGHTER But she did say that you were a troublemaker.
I'm allowed to say that, aren't I? Ooh, stinger! Got to hurt, that one, sir! Shut up! Right, get on with your work in silence.
Yes, Harry! You wanted to see me? What's this? I came that close to telling her she deserved every word.
Trouble is, I can't remember sending it.
But you must know if you sent it or not? I started an e-mail to her about her results, nothing more.
And I can't believe I was quite so direct.
It was late and I'd had a glass Well, a couple of glasses of wine.
Look I get home, I eat, I argue with my kids, I open a bottle and try and get on with some work.
I'm not proud of it.
Believe me.
So things are tough at home? Mmm, mainly Harry.
Ever since the divorce came through, I just dread having a conversation with him.
Either one of us always flies off the handle.
Well, don't beat yourself up.
Can't be easy being a single mum.
I hadn't quite thought of myself as that.
Now you know how half the parents around here feel.
Segregation isn't working its magic on him.
And here I am, trying to tell everyone else to be patient about the boys' results, - and I can't even get through to my own son.
- Hmm.
Will you have a word with him? - Me? - Mm.
I think he's missing out on male conversation.
Er, yeah, OK, fine.
I'll just get all this organised first.
Anna? Grantly Budgen with some more information.
Yes, it seems our Mrs Fisher has something to say about everyone in the school.
Insulting personal attacks, Anne.
But get this - she is even complaining about my legitimate activities as union rep.
A face-to-face with you? Oh, that would put the fear of God into her.
So, you and Mr Budgen, eh? Me and Mr Budgen, what? Well, I've had a right eye-opener today.
I never realised there was something between youse two.
- Don't be daft! - Hey, look, I seen the look on his face earlier.
Listen, he was just being a friend, and as a matter of fact, he's invited me for lunch.
Never! What did you say? I said yes, of course.
- Why wouldn't I? - Well, it's not just going to be lunch, is it? Janeece, what are you talking about? Look, he fancies you.
Oh, don't be absurd! - Actually, he did call it a date.
- There you go.
But I've just been trying to make sure that he's OK, and not completely on his own without Fleur.
You've got nowt to worry about, then, have you? - Pero que quieres decir? - Que? "Como", not "que".
Como? PUPILS LAUGH Que quieres decir? What are you saying? No tengo no idea-rio.
LAUGHTER What's gotten into you, Harry? Is this how you want to behave? - The grinning idiot at the back of the class? - You calling me an idiot, miss? Calm down, kid.
You're trying to take everyone on today.
Dillan, can you please read? Como es que estudio usted cuando las familias gitanas estan ascentadas durante muchos anos en una localidad es mas facil Miss Montoya, can I have a word with Harry Fisher, please? What's going on? Your schoolwork and your behaviour have really dipped recently.
You sound just like my mum.
She's worried about you.
She's asked me to have a chat on her behalf.
So, rather than her talking to me, she's got you to do it for her? Hey! Show a bit of respect, please.
Now, come on, what's wrong? Don't know.
Ask her.
Or she can ask me herself.
Wait, she can't be bothered! She's under a lot of pressure at the moment.
I don't care.
How would you like it if your mum was your head teacher? Listen, this Business Initiative today, it should be good fun.
I think that would be a really good opportunity for you to show me and your mum that you can apply yourself like we know that you can.
And if I don't? What's Mum going to do? Put me in the cooler? Or get you to have another chat with me? Come on, Harry.
Let's see what you're capable of, eh? OK.
'Business Initiative?' Well, I don't see why we can't do it.
Yeah! Women are just as good at business too.
- And we get an afternoon off school.
Look, I don't know why - Yeah you're so bothered about it.
It's just another thing to keep the stupid boys happy.
- So why aren't they bothered about keeping US happy? - Er, because we're not dumb like them? So you're just going to take everything they give you? Behave like good little girls - cos you're scared of getting into trouble? - Sam's right.
It's not fair, is it? - So then let's do something about it.
- Like what? Start a protest? - No, just think of some of our own ideas.
- Well, yeah, why not? Looking conspiratorial, girls.
Miss, we think we should be able to come up with business ideas as well.
Sounds like you've already made your minds up, and I'm not going to stand in the way of students wanting more education.
See, even the teacher agrees with us.
Oh, come on, Amy.
What's the worst that could happen? We're asking for more work.
It's not like we're truanting or getting into trouble, is it? Well, I am on board.
So, um, I want you to pick a theme and write 250 words If we're going to compete against the boys, we do something that they would never think of.
- We set up a school dating agency.
- But these ideas are supposed to add value.
Like solve problems.
Dating's just a laugh.
But being single and mardy is a problem.
Plus, if it makes a few munters hook up, then that's better for the rest of us.
Girls! A theme is an idea - They're going to want something more schooly.
Academic and that.
- Well it's a business idea, it needs a market.
- What's going to be more popular with kids around here than dating? - She is right, you know.
Girls! Hey, I am here, you know! When I said be quiet, I damn well meant it! You OK, miss? Miss Montoya? I'm fine I'm fine.
Er, everyone back to work, please.
- I wouldn't leave that around here, mate.
Anything could happen to it.
- Is that right? Tell you what? Give us a tenner and I'll look after it, make sure it doesn't get no scratches.
OK, son.
How about this? Anything happens to my car, I'll hold you personally liable for every penny's worth of damage, OK? You're a witness, which makes this a legally-binding contract.
And just to give you a ballpark figure, my last respray cost ?1,500 before tax.
We good? Pleasure doing business with you.
I think YOU need to talk to him.
It seems more like a family thing.
- Oh? - Well, he's quite touchy.
He's very defensive and I think maybe the divorce is affecting him more than he's letting on.
But as far as the school side of things go, I think I got through.
Well thanks, Chris.
Seems like the more scrutiny I'm under, - the more pressure I'm passing onto him.
- Mmm.
Hello, Han! How are you? How are you? Very well.
This is Chris Mead, who's organised today's event.
- Hi.
- Mm, tough call.
I don't know who's going to give you more grief, me or the kids.
BELL RINGS And I'll bet Karen here can be a bit of a taskmaster and all.
Shall we, er, go through to the hall? I'll catch up with you later.
- I heard Mr Mead had a quiet word with you? - So? - Harry! - What? You expect me to be grateful now that you're talking to me yourself rather than using him? Thanks a lot! Right, if you'd all like to find a table and settle into your teams, please.
Er, I should warn you that there's some tricky lads in this year group.
I'll be fine.
But this one'll need to sharpen up.
- He'll need a new brain first, mate.
- Hey! Behave! - Yeah, or you'll get this.
- Kyle.
Right, I want you to go and sit on that table over there next to Harry.
- With him!? - Just sit down.
Sharkey started it.
Finn! Over there.
Come on, lads, hurry up.
You're late.
When's the next round? There won't be a next round.
Right, this is Mr Han Nichols and he's kindly come into school today to give you an insight into what it is to be a successful entrepreneur.
OK, lads, you've all been given the brief by Mr Mead.
Remember, your ideas need to be A, practical, B, improve the quality of school life, and C, use only equipment easily available in the school.
Right, you've got 30 minutes now to develop your ideas in your groups and come up with a presentation by the end.
OK, let's get to work.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Cos if we don't win this, I know who I'll be blaming.
Karen knows.
About us.
- She can't do.
- Oh, no? Explain this.
- It doesn't mention us.
- It doesn't have to.
- Who have you told? - No-one! - Oh, come on.
Who? Hey, keep your voice down.
- No! I would never do that! I swear it.
Why would I? Hardly matters.
The end result's all the same.
I can't believe how stupid I've been.
- Whoa - No.
Don't even think about it.
Vino? No.
I can't stay long, I've got to, um, pick up some things for John.
Cos I'm, well, I'm going to make this romantic meal for him.
Token of my love for him.
- He's a very lucky man.
- Yes, he is.
Oh, I don't know why we haven't done this before.
Yeah, just two friends meeting up for lunch before we go back to work.
Yeah, but this is different, though.
This is the start of something new.
Today, the two of us No, Grantly, please don't.
I You know, I like you, I really do, but you know, I'm a married woman, and very happily married.
And, you know, we work together.
I mean, that never works, does it? And, you know, you know, I just I just don't feel that way about you.
I just think you're a smashing bloke in so many ways but I have no feelings for you of that sort whatsoever at all! And I am sorry, I'm sorry.
Well I was going to say that today the two of us have struck a blow for the rights of the working teacher.
And to answer my own question, yes, I think we DO need some wine.
Yeah, great.
Are you not doing your conversation classes? No.
That's over and done with.
- Aren't you supposed to be in football practice? - Do you know what? I feel like sitting here all day and leaving them all to it.
- Only Karen's stuck me in this Business Initiative scheme all afternoon.
- Karen has? Yeah, Karen.
It's like she's sitting on our shoulders, trying to monitor everything that we do.
Cesca? - I think I'm in serious trouble with her.
- Why? - What have you done? - She didn't say.
Her e-mail just said to report to her office after school.
- You must've done something.
- I haven't! You've no right to imply I've done anything wrong.
Don't you have a go at me! It's bad enough getting it off the kids! On top of everyone treating me a like a basket case round here.
Oh, Tom! Tom! Tom, wait, I didn't mean it.
We could set up a business specialising in cleaning school science equipment.
- It's always filthy.
- Who cares about that? OK, what about something green, then? Um, we could start our own compost heap.
I mean set up an allotment on the school grounds? Growing carrots? No chance.
All right, you think of something.
OK, well, what about me beating you up so nobody can see? That'd be a great investment.
Sod it.
- What's your idea? - Behave! As if I'd share anything with you! If it meant keeping your teeth, you might.
Your choice.
OK, here's what we're doing You know, I'm going to strangle Janeece when I see her.
You wouldn't be the first to try.
I know, but it's my own fault.
Of all the people to take advice from! Who wouldn't listen to her? Former pupil.
Teenage single mother.
- Yes well, you know, no harm done? - No, no.
No, I don't think you and I would work for a second.
- Oh, I don't know about that.
- You're joking! I'd never get a minute's peace.
- And as for your cooking - You could do a darn sight worse.
Your "haute cuisine" is all very well once in a while, but give me a ready meal and a large scotch in front of the telly and I'm happy.
- Ugh! - Hey to us! - And victory this afternoon.
- To victory.
- This can't be what they're doing! It's stupid! - Like you'd know! Sharkey even drew the diagram.
He didn't want to, but what was he going to do? - We'll get well done for it.
- Shut it, Fisher.
Uh, is there a problem? - Nothing.
Just getting on with it.
- Harry? This is a load of rubbish.
- A lot of people have made a big effort to make this work for you today.
- I didn't ask you to.
No, but the head teacher did.
Now, I suggest you buckle down, you get your idea going and you help Kyle.
Otherwise your mum's going to be finding out what a little pain you're being today.
- 'Well, they er, seem to be getting into it.
' - 'We'll see.
It's a shame it had to be' something for the school.
You're trying to engage kids that don't like school, right? - Yeah.
More or less.
- So why do you keep pushing school on them? Free them up, listen to them.
They might surprise you.
Hello, love.
Have you seen your sister anywhere? Yeah, yeah, she's gone in to town.
She had to go to the library to get a book for this humanities coursework.
- Oh? Did she? - Yeah, she mentioned it to you last night, before she went to bed? Do you not remember? Right.
Oh, well, not to worry.
I'll catch up with her later.
Wasn't sure you'd make it.
Must be difficult bunking off when your mum's the head.
- Well, what she doesn't know can't hurt her.
- Oooh, you bad girl! I have my moments.
Let's hope so.
Shall we? OK everyone, the judges have arrived, so if the first group get ready, I want you all to pay attention to their presentation.
- Kyle, you're first.
- 'How's Harry been?' - Erm Just more of the same, really.
- What? It's my fault.
I need to talk to him.
OK, folks, this is it.
Remember, presentation is important, but the idea is the key.
The best spin in the world won't sell a weak idea.
You ready, boys? HE CLAPS Save that for the talent shows.
The only applause we want is a "yes" at the end and a signature on a contract.
Off you go.
These days, recycling's dead important.
Everybody's banging on about it.
So our idea is to recycle drinking water back into the school.
We'll recycle the water from the schools' sinks and toilets SNIGGERING and pump it back into the kitchen, where then it will be filtered and then boiled SPEECH DROWNED BY ECHOING Woah! Stop.
Are you taking the mick? - No.
- You think piping raw sewage into the school kitchen is a good idea? Well, yeah, actually It'd be a public health disaster.
You're wasting my time, and everyone else's.
You hear that kind of laughter at a pitch, you've got it very, very wrong.
I hope they're not all going to be like this! Don't why you're laughing, Sharkey.
This was your stupid idea.
We'll have to think of something else, eh, boys! Just wait till this is over, we'll see who's laughing.
Oi, that is enough.
Just calm down, go and pick your file up.
Hey, pity no-one liked your idea of boiling up crap, innit? Yeah? Come on! Tom! Is that how you fight, is it? When someone's being held back? Kyle, you go to the cooler now, please.
- Mr Mead, can you take over here, please? - Yeah.
Told you there'd be a next round.
I am OK.
Just, when he lunged forward like that That's an everyday occurrence here.
To be dealt with firmly and calmly.
And that wasn't your reaction! I know, I know, and I've said I'm sorry! Sorry isn't the answer here, Tom.
You threw a child to the ground.
This is Kyle Stack! It's the only language that he understands.
- Tom, this isn't you, is it? - Well, how would I know? All day long people asking me if I'm OK, or whether I think it's too early that I've come back! And now you've proved them wrong, have you? You got aggressive with Kyle.
And you know what, Tom? For a moment, I thought you were going to turn on me.
Every day since this has happened to me, I've just been playing it through in my head.
Every punch, every kick, I feel like a frightened kid or something.
You've got to understand we've got a difficult situation here.
You've more or less assaulted a child.
- That is an exaggeration! - Is it? I've got to bring in occupational health, and have you assessed.
- What? A shrink? - Until you're assessed and deemed fit, you can't work at Waterloo Road.
Well, how long will that be? I don't know, but at the moment, you're a liability to everyone around you.
Let's just hope Kyle's mother doesn't press charges.
Whatever you recommend.
Don't worry about the price.
As you wish.
So, where were we? You were talking about your sister.
Uh, yeah, but it's pretty boring.
Oh, I don't know.
Bex and her "dark secret".
Sounds intriguing! What is it? See, that's the thing, I don't know.
She won't say.
It doesn't really make any sense.
I know it's about money.
- Most things are.
She threw money away?! - Yeah, but most people don't throw money away, do they? Yeah loads of it! But that's Bex for you - unnecessary.
Drama's her middle name.
Oh, my God, it is amazing in here.
I am such a lucky girl.
I don't think luck has anything to do with it.
The beauty of StudyBase is that it doesn't require any extra work from teachers or students.
We combine She won't be much longer.
- process.
- Students do the work, as normal, no change there.
She's missed the last two pitches.
I don't know how it'll when it comes to judging.
You'll have to be judge and jury all by yourself then.
hard work people put in year after year, when it could be shared to help students like you? Uh, hang on a sec, girls, what are you doing? - We've come to pitch up our ideas.
- No, no, no, no.
Come on, this is just for the boys, out you go.
- We just want a chance.
Do we not even deserve that? - They've got MY attention.
Thank you! All right, then.
Why don't you have a seat next to Harry over there? Wow, Sam you really can't get enough of me, can you? It might have to wait this one, though - I'm a little bit busy.
- Get over yourself, Finn.
- I wasn't talking to you, was I? You mess with one of us, and you get the rest of us.
- Thanks.
- Well, we're a team.
We stick together.
Well, we are! You seem to spend a lot of your time in here, Kyle.
It's cos you lot keep chucking me in here, even when it's me being attacked by a teacher.
I'd be very careful if I were you, Kyle.
Do you remember your first day at this school? You set a dangerous dog on my daughter.
And my every instinct told me to throw you out.
But it was Miss Lawal who convinced me I should give you a second chance.
- But I'm the victim this time! - Victim? What, copying other students' work, menacing pupils, being verbally abusive to members of my staff? Doesn't sound too good does it, on top of your previous record.
No, miss.
I'm sorry, OK? All I'm asking is that you give Mr Clarkson a second chance.
The way we did for you.
- Well, he is a bit - His confidence has taken a bit of a knock recently.
I think we should all be aware of that.
So what do you think, Kyle? It was nothing, a misunderstanding.
Shall we go and join the others? - Miss? - What?! You know the bit in paragraph three where she talks about her father - It's a test translation - just do your best.
- Miss! - What?! You'll be fine.
- I feel sick.
No, miss.
I need to go, now.
Carry on with your work.
I'll be right back.
You've got to believe me when I say I haven't told anyone.
You don't need to, drawing attention to us like that.
You think I've been bragging about you like some stupid kid! Can't you see? This is my job on the line here.
My entire life.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to go see Karen after this period.
Get it over with.
I can't stand this any more.
I can see what you were going for, but I didn't feel that you really believed in what you were saying yourself.
And if you don't, there is no way on earth anyone else will believe you, let alone invest in you.
- What are the girls doing here? - They just barged in.
I tried to get them to leave, and your mate Han wanted them to stay.
This is supposed to be boys only.
I've been talking this up as a shining example of segregation in action.
Yeah, I know, but you said you wanted me to keep him sweet.
- I'll turf them out if you want.
- It's too late now.
Just leave it.
I've had enough aggro for one day.
OK, the girls' presentation's next.
- Ah.
This is Ruby Fry, the recipient of the first of these communiques.
- Don't worry, we will sort this out.
Well, your support in this makes the world of difference.
What happened to you isn't acceptable.
And if Ms Fisher has indeed been discussing - these matters with her children first, that's even more unprofessional.
- And she's looking at? Written censure.
Possibly even suspension.
But that does depend on how she responds today.
Well, shall we? I'd like to run through everything again, just to make sure we're all on the same page.
Social networking sites are popular, but they have their problems.
People not being who they say they are, and genuine people living too far away.
And what does our school have plenty of? Hot girls, cute boys.
And yet still loads of people are single.
Our project class date will help Come to see what you've done? The girls said you encouraged them.
All I said to the girls was, "Make your voices heard, like you would have done.
" They were already fired up! Since when was I Mr Segregation, anyway? It wasn't even my idea.
So it's free of the dangers of other social network sites.
- I was supposed to say that.
It was my idea.
- No, you wasn't.
If it wasn't for me we wouldn't be here.
I think he just got that e-mail I sent him.
- I need to speak to you.
- Can it wait? No, it can't.
on producing such a detailed pitch.
It was funny, and you certainly made your point.
But let's see what the judges say when they come to making their decision.
I don't believe you! I support you to the hilt with this segregation, even when you start acting like it was all my idea, I organise today and deal with your mate Han, who's hardly a walk in the park, I talk to Harry for you - Chris, what are you talking about? - This! Karen.
I know you said at the end of the day, but I'm finding the pressure rather intolerable.
- What? - Ah, Mrs Fisher.
I believe you know Anna Poulton, our union official.
Mrs Fisher, I wish we were meeting in happier circumstances.
What is going on? Do you really think this is how I would express my dissatisfaction with you? - My members do all have written proof.
- Well, I'm not disputing that! I'm asking "your members" whether this seems like something I would do? Poorly worded, insulting, unsubstantiated e-mails? That's what's so hurtful about it.
Cesca, you and I have always had our differences, but we've resolved them through talking.
- Chris, I thought you knew me better.
- So you're denying writing these? Well, of course I am! That's not how I run my school.
I like to think I enjoy a mutual respect with members of my staff.
Seems I was mistaken.
As I said before, the girls' pitch was entertaining.
Extra kudos for having the stones to get in here in the first place.
But ultimately, ClassDate is just another dating site so the award today goes to an idea so simple, I can't see how it wouldn't work.
The winner is StudyBase, Finn, Josh, Nate.
THEY CHEER Congratulations.
I've screwed up, big time.
Mum's going to kill me! Harry, just give it to me.
You'll get caught with it for sure! But you've all done yourselves proud, and you've been better behaved than your teachers.
Sorry to interrupt, but it seems as if someone in school has hacked into my e-mail account.
Obviously this is a serious matter, as the same person might well have stolen my mobile phone.
So we'll start with a voluntary search of all bags, in here to begin with.
All your bags on the tables now, please.
No way are they searching me! I didn't steal her stupid phone.
- Amy? Where are you going? - Home.
Miss said the search was voluntary.
- Have you got something to hide? - Are you calling me a thief? No.
But you won't mind us checking, will you? That's not mine.
Mrs Fisher? Is that yours? - No way! No, I don't believe this! - Come on.
This is so unfair! - What did you do that for? - Saving your bacon, pal.
- Amy's going to get well done for that! - So? She set me up! It's time to have a taste of her own medicine.
- That's out of order.
You hated it when they did that to you! - Don't get all high and mighty on me! - This is stuff that you've done! - But no-one had to take the blame.
We could have dumped the phone and walked away.
Oh, and I thought you were supposed to be avoiding trouble? Wait, hang on! So earlier, you wanted to be hard, "Oh, look at me", and stick it to your mum.
It's not fair! It just causes more aggro for you, Amy, and my mum.
So now you don't want to upset her? Make your mind up, Harry! I have.
All right, I'm sorry! Where you going? Harry?! I didn't do it! I never even seen that phone before you found it! - Harry! - It was me.
All of it.
I took the phone and I sent the e-mails.
See? And I put the phone in Amy's bag.
Thanks a bunch, yeah! Right, Amy.
Come on, let's go.
Have you any idea the amount of trouble you've caused me today? - I didn't mean to.
I mean, it started off as a joke.
- A joke?! Destroying the trust between myself and key members of staff? That's very funny.
- Sorry.
- What is wrong with you at the moment, Harry? It's just one thing after another.
There's your results, endless complaints from staff, your attitude.
Do you ever think about anyone else but yourself?! I dunno.
Do you? What? How dare you, after what you've done today What about what YOU'VE done? You know, I used to have two parents that would listen to me and help me.
Now all I've got is a mum that shouts, issues orders and will only talk about stuff connected to your precious job, and I've got a dad that I'm not even allowed to see! Harry Harry Harry! - Stop! - What are you going to do? Exclude me for letting down the side? As your head teacher, yes, I do have to discipline you.
Ooh, big deal.
As your mother, I just want to say I'm really sorry.
For what? For not listening to you.
Not being there for you.
Not being a very good mother.
I've struggled since your dad left.
I miss him, too.
You never say that though, do you? You never talk about it.
It's like I don't even exist.
All you seem to care about - is how well I eat and how well I do at school.
- That's not true.
But if I've made you feel like that, then I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
I think we should make a promise that we never ever let it get as bad as this again.
Now, I've just got one thing to sort out here and then I suggest that you and I go and grab a pizza? Just the two of us.
I'd like that.
Under one condition - we don't talk about this place at all! You off home, Tom? Yeah.
Listen, Karen, I owe you an apology.
- No, you don't.
- My behaviour was way out of line.
I understood why.
Counselling will help.
I'd best get off.
See you soon.
Amy! Lauren! Wait up! Look, it was me that put the phone in your bag.
I'm sorry! You utter cow! See what she's like, Lauren? What she's really like? - That is a crappy thing to do.
- Yeah, I know.
I know it was wrong.
But I've spent all that time just thinking about how to get back at you, and it's stupid, but I'm sorry.
Right, well, I'm sorry too, then.
And I should've said sorry earlier.
Much earlier.
We cool then, yeah? Hello, girls! Nice try with the whole dating thing, but I don't think - we need it as much as you.
- Denzil, what are you doing with him? I went to Miss Fisher and said I should be his mentor since you're doing such a bad job of it.
- Are you joking? - Nah, she was well up for it, not surprising after I've just won the business initiative.
Dad! Hang on.
Are you OK? What does it look like? I just want to get home.
And don't look at me like that.
I'll be OK.
- They're sending me for counselling.
- That's good, in't it? If you say so.
You got beat up, Dad! It's a big deal.
No-one thinks you're weak.
You just need help.
Why can't everyone just accept that I want to move on? Because you can't! That's why you need counselling.
I don't have any choice in the matter.
I either go or I don't have a job.
Karen, I shouldn't have reacted the way I did before.
I put you under pressure.
You only flared because of that.
- Do you think we made a mistake with this segregation? - No! Did we jump in too fast? No! Absolutely not.
You said it yourself, if it isn't working we just try harder.
Well, in that case how about community mentoring? Getting in positive local role models for the difficult kids? - Your mate Han had 'em hanging on every word.
- OK.
And I was thinking that to unify the two sides that we call an election for head boy and head girl.
- Let the kids decide.
- That sounds great.
Chris? Um, what you said earlier - That's when I thought the e-mail was from you and it wasn't so - It was pretty heartfelt.
Some of it, maybe.
I've realised that since Charlie left I've been struggling at home, and at school.
- And that can't have been easy for you.
- Or you.
- Yeah, but I've been aware I've been passing the buck.
- I'm your deputy.
That is what I'm here for.
Anyway I just wanted you to know that it won't happen again, all right? OK.
So what happened? It was a false alarm.
We're OK! See? I told you I didn't tell anyone.
All I want to do right now is just go home with you.
Well, I've got a better idea.
That was amazing, Ewan.
Thank you.
Anything for you, babe.
Oh, I just can't wait to be able to just come out about all this and show you off.
So you want to swap bunking off school, and meals in fancy hotels - for a mug of tea round the kitchen table? Boring.
- I know, I know, but No buts! I don't want to share you.
I want all of you.
All to myself.
Our dark little secret.
So, what now? - I don't need to be back till 11.
- Well, this is a hotel.
So I booked us a room.
Of course, I can just drop you back off at yours if that's what you'd prefer? She's not as good as you, but she'll improve.
- Can you tell me about this? - Please don't ask me.
- I have to.
- Please don't! I can't risk anyone finding out about us.
I'm fed up of being your dirty little secret.
I'm not going to cheerlead a scheme I don't believe in any more, you're on your own.
- Why Jess? - Because I can't have you.
- What if you did? - If you came back to me, I'd ever go near Jess again.
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