Waterloo Road (2006) s06e16 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 16

So when do we get to meet him? Mum! Has he got a name? Yeah, it's Ewan, OK? You always did love the cash, Bex.
What did you do that for?! Because I don't need your money and I don't need you! I'm not giving up on you, Bex! You've got to watch your back, alone in a room with a testosterone filled seventeen year-old boy, it leads to situations.
What are you doing? Can't you see? This is my job on the line here.
Well, this is a hotel, so I've booked us a room.
The pupils of Waterloo Road need someone who will unite the girls and boys despite the segregated classes.
If elected as Head Pupil I will Set up a I will set up a weekly school social group, and I will Fight Fight for a plasma TV in the common room.
You forgot the bit about staff-pupil forums.
Bum! You get my vote.
Staff can't vote.
Yeah, but family can.
What do we say? Whoo, vote Bex.
So glad you're my campaign manager.
I don't function without my coffee.
Somebody out with lover-boy last night, were we? He's not a boy actually, he's a man.
Oh, I don't like the sound of that.
Can I meet him, soon? I don't want to scare him off.
I wouldn't let him see you in the morning.
I miss you too.
I swear she only saw him last night.
I know, it feels like a million miles away tonight.
Right where were we? If elected Kisses back.
If elected, I will ban all behaviour that makes me want to puke.
Vote Bex! Vote Bex! Vote Bex! Vote Bex! Vote Bex! Thank you, thank you.
Yes! I'll beat you next time.
Thanks for this.
I wouldn't have got out the door if it wasn't for you.
Seeing that counsellor's really helping, isn't it? It is.
I didn't think talking was my thing, but I'm really pleased, Dad.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Don't be soft.
It's true.
Yeah, you can take that touchy-feely stuff too far, you know.
Don't want to be late on my first day back.
You sure you're ready? My counsellor's signed me fit.
I'm ready for anything Waterloo Road has to throw at me.
So I went to cop a feel, then I realised she had one of those push up bras! Rude! Not like you, eh, Lauren? Get lost, Wayne.
You're just jealous, sweetheart.
Don't call me sweetheart.
I got some love for you too, if you want? I think I'd rather die.
Don't you ever stop whinging? Your ears must be bleeding, mate.
Come on, Den.
He's coming in with me, isn't he? Over my dead body.
What's your problem, Sam? You are, Finn.
If ever a girl needed a good seeing to, it's her.
And what, you're going to be the one to do it? I bet she'd be wild.
You need a personality transplant first.
Oooh, who likes Sambuca? Not me.
Listen, mate, it's not worth the hassle.
Anyway, there's other ways to get your kicks.
And they don't answer back.
Unless you call a sex line.
I like them real.
Where'd you get that? Website.
Give us the address.
Over 18s only.
My brother's a member.
He's got loads of porn.
He lets you watch it? Yeah, every night, standard issue.
So I told him "don't talk to me like that," and you know what he said? Earth to Cesca? Oh, sorry.
You don't fool me, you know.
I know exactly what's on your mind.
Or should I say, who.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Tom Clarkson.
Oh, right.
You're thinking, I like him, but is he ready to date again? He's only just started seeing a counsellor so maybe it's too soon.
On the other hand, you're worried about committing to a relationship you're not 100% sure of, especially as he's vulnerable.
The only way to find out if you and Tom are right together is to go on a date.
You've got no-one else on the horizon.
A vote for Jonah is a vote for respect A vote for Ronan is a free key-ring torch.
A bigger library and a breakfast bar Take a chill pill, Bill.
I want to win.
To impress this new girl you've got? What girl? The one you're thinking about with this expression on your face.
No such girl, mate.
Because I haven't seen her, doesn't mean she doesn't exist.
Bit like God.
I am young, free and single all right? And I'm an honest man.
And your manifesto is? Bribery.
Just don't feel like you've got to rush back into things.
I'm not going to fly off the handle again, if that's what you and Karen are worried about.
No, we're not.
I just meant Now take it easy.
We're here to support you if you need it.
I know how busy you all are, but I really would appreciate your support for the candidates this lunchtime.
They've all been working very hard on their hustings speeches.
Why do we need a Head Pupil anyway? It's just another scheme.
Let's hope the Head Pupil's a girl.
Otherwise it's going to seem like the boys are running this place.
The reason I've organised this mentor scheme for the year 11 and 12 boys is because they need it.
Hopefully, by working with local businessmen, it'll inspire them about a career.
Not just that they'll just want to bunk off from double chemistry? Which will mean they'll want to learn more in school.
Why not girls, as well? Boys need motivating more.
So just chain them to their desks.
Oh, come on, guys.
BELL RINGS I hope I see as many of you as possible at 2.
30 in the hall.
Thank you very much.
Cesca? I was wondering if you fancied trying another date? Oh, right.
If the horrific beating didn't put you off, that is.
No, no, it hasn't put me off at all.
Think about it? Yes, I will.
Talk later.
Guess who asked Cesca out this morning? Really? You got a date then? I'm working on it.
Ah, the man is back.
Feast your eyes on her.
Whoa! Quiet, please.
Text it over.
What about this one? Sick.
Look, I said be quiet.
She'd so get it.
What's that? Don't know.
You tell me.
We don't stand for pornography in this school.
Why is that pornography? Don't be clever.
I'm not, sir, I want you to tell me why it's rude? Delete it now.
It's not mine.
Well, whose is it then? My brother's.
He's 23.
You going to give him a detention? Well, it's on your phone, so give it to me.
What you going to do? Push me? Mrs Fisher's office, now.
Come on.
The rest of you stay here and be quiet until the bell goes.
Mr Clarkson's absolutely right.
I won't have pornography in this school.
Delete it.
Do you want another look first? It's all gone.
Check if you like.
Two weeks' detention.
What? You don't cheek a teacher like that.
Now get off to your class.
Thanks, Karen.
I would've dealt with it myself but I just thought you should be aware.
Of course.
You're a brilliant teacher, Tom.
You don't need me or anyone else to back you up.
I know, it's just I trust you.
Trust yourself.
Vicki, any chance you could hand out a few of these on the stairs or something? And, Jess, can you put a few on the notice board? Er, sorry, I'm going out, I've got a free period.
You're seeing him, aren't you? Have you met him yet? As if.
Do you know, I'm starting to think he must be really ugly.
Or imaginary? I think you'll find he's very real, and very sexy.
Jess, so why can't we meet him? Because, at the risk of sounding like Mum, it is a bit weird.
Yeah, well, it's not like I've not asked him, OK? He just wants to keep it secret.
For now, anyway.
Look, I know what you're going to say because I've already thought it.
He's married.
So, what if he is? Then you need to get out now.
It's too late for that.
I've really fallen for him.
Oh, Jess! Yeah, but I think I can trust him, I don't think he'd lie to me.
Then just get it out in the open.
Invite him over.
If he's got nothing to hide, he's not going to say no, is he? OK, I'll speak to him.
Excuse me, campaign manager! Can you not hand out a few Don't know why you're bothering.
Winning's not about campaigns, it's about free gifts.
Free keyring torch? Course you're going to vote for Bex, you're girls.
No, no, no, you can't take Miss Montoya to a steak house.
It's not a steak house.
It's a parrilla.
It's the same thing.
All right, all right, I'll think of somewhere else.
How long we got? About 45 minutes.
Better make the most of it then, eh? Babe? What? You're not married, are you? What? No.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not lying to you.
Well, then, will you meet my family? Oh Why not? I mean, you're serious about me, aren't you? Course I am.
So, then meet them.
Show me that I can trust you.
Jess Well, if you don't, then I'm going to have to just end it.
Well, I don't want to lose you.
So, will you, then? All right, then.
Yay! OK, well, come round after school? And meet Mummy for tea? No, she's not like that.
She's actually pretty cool - and you can meet Harry and Bex, too.
Can't wait.
Miss Montoya.
What are you doing here? I've got a class starting.
Are you seeing Mr Clarkson again? What? No.
Well, him and Josh seem pretty certain that you are.
I'm not.
He asked me out this morning, put me on the spot.
I couldn't turn him down flat.
Why not?! Because it's hard, and he's been through a lot.
Well, it doesn't sound too hard to me, unless you want to go out with him.
Of course I don't want to go out with him.
But we have to keep a cover, I can't risk anyone finding out about us.
I'm fed up of being your dirty little secret.
Vote right, get a free light.
I need you to actually turn up, thank you, girls! Girls, vote Ronan? Oi, it doesn't work.
And mine.
I knew the price was too good.
Vote Bex.
So you're just the one to worry about.
You're welcome to it, I can't be bothered any more.
What's the matter with you? There's more important things than this place.
Ah, the wanderer returns.
So, he isn't married and he's coming to tea! Brilliant! Oh, I can't wait to meet him.
You are going to love him.
He's just so Oh, forget that, anyway.
Campaign head.
Give me some fliers.
Do you know what? I think we can just chill for a bit.
What? Let's just say that the opposition is crumbling and I see victory in sight.
Lesbian sisters.
Loving it.
Oh, as if.
He's weird.
He is weird.
You won't believe this.
No way.
That can't be her.
It so is.
Bex Fisher is a porn star.
You must not, sir, mistake my niece.
There is a kind of merry war betwixt Signor Benedick and her they never meet but there's a skirmish of wit between them.
So, what is Leonato telling us about Beatrice and Benedick? I want you to get into your groups and then we'll feed back OK? I mean, who does Finn think he is anyway? To be a good influence on anybody.
For someone who hates him so much, you don't half talk about him a lot.
I'm just angry.
He's an idiot.
Like Beatrice.
Who? In the play.
She always goes on about how she hates Benedick so much.
Really, she loves him.
What? I'd rather die, honestly.
All I care about is what's best for Denzil.
HE READS SPANISH What the hell's wrong with you? Spat with your mystery girl? Uh-oh, I smell dumped.
Who is she anyway? And if she's now single, can I meet her? Joke.
Seriously, though, is she someone at Waterloo Road? No.
No, she's just some random girl I met at a gig.
She sounds like a right nightmare.
You're well rid.
You wouldn't understand.
Er, what's going on at the back? Jonah's having lady trouble.
Shut up.
All right, keep your hair on.
I'm sure Miss Montoya's broke a few hearts, eh, Miss? You loser.
Jonah? Jonah, where are you going? Toilet.
We could make money off this photo.
All right, Den? All right? How much money you got on you? What for? Don't you think he's a bit young? Never too young.
You like girls, Den? Yeah! Come on, Denzil.
Get lost.
You heard him, Sharkey.
He don't want you hanging around like a bog smell.
Don't show him that filth.
Don't sweat it, Den.
Sharkey's always been a bit of a prude.
What are you doing? You're a brilliant influence - teaching him how to fight now?! I was just trying to help, Sam! Course you were.
Come on, you.
You two are rubbish.
I think she likes you, I really do.
Shut it.
Never mind, Sharkey, if you can't have her, you can always have Bex Fisher.
What? How hardcore's that? Listen, I've got a new plan of how to win back my voters back simple cash incentives.
Pay them.
Forget faulty merchandise.
Right, that's it.
I've had enough.
I'm sick of watching you mope around.
I'll find you a bird.
Look, I don't want to hear, "Oh, I don't want anybody else," right? Need to get back in the pool.
Plenty more fish in the sea.
Girls love power, right? Head Pupil is power.
Therefore, girls love the Head Pupil.
I, Ronan, will sacrifice my own chance at victory, to help my mate Jonah in his quest for love.
Cheers, mate.
Head Girl, eh? That figures.
What are you banging on about? Banging is about right.
I'll vote for you.
All the boys will.
I don't want your vote, ta.
Just our money.
If you've got nothing interesting to say, then bog off.
Bex, I need to talk to you, in private.
Yeah? Why, have you come to give me a hard time as well? Look, Wayne's found a video of you on the internet.
It's a porn film.
Oh, my God.
Oh, this can't be happening.
It's on his phone.
Has he shown it to anyone? Just Kyle, I think.
Do me a favour - get hold of it.
I need your help.
What can I do? Get hold of that phone, delete it, whatever it takes.
I can't have my family seeing that.
OK, I'll try.
Don't say a word to anyone about this.
Promise? Swear.
I swear to you.
You can trust me, OK? Act One, Scene One, please.
Come on, Finn.
Stop wasting our time! You've already been to Mrs Fisher once already.
I was backing you up, sir! Hey, let's see that Bex video again.
Cost you.
I've got a quid.
Tough titty.
Or no titty, in your case! Quiet! If Clarkson gets wind of it, it's game over.
Best get rid.
Cheers for your concern, but I'll take the risk.
Can anyone tell me the reason that Benedick gives for not wanting to marry? So he can have all the women he likes! Oi! Give me my phone, you muppet! Give me that.
No! Please, sir! Give it to me, now.
Please, sir! I warned you.
I'm confiscating this till the end of the day.
You idiot! And if you can't give serious answers, then how about we re-read the whole act? Sir, I don't understand what this bit means.
MOBILE RINGS It's me mum! It is, too! Hilarious! Turn it off and put it away, now.
Look, I don't see why we had to change the photo.
Just remember why we're doing this, yeah? Oi, are youse two going to be much longer? Ooh, nice pecs.
See? Sir, I'm really sorry, but I forgot my grandma's in hospital, I need to talk to my brother about visiting.
Oh, I am sorry to hear that.
It's really sad.
Can I get my phone back? Why don't you give me your brother's number, and I'll call him? I can't remember, it's in my phone.
Honestly, sir, I can do it.
What?! I don't know how you've done this, but give it me it back.
It weren't me.
Oi, Sharkey! Told you the boys'd be into it.
Look at that, Kyle Stack's signed up first! Well, let's hope it improves his behaviour.
Oi! Hey, what's going on?! Right, get off him! Now! Chris, give me a hand, please.
You're already on a warning! It weren't me.
He stole my phone.
Well, I needed it What? Nothing.
Your office? I'm happy for you to deal with this.
My classroom then, now! Is he really OK, do you think? Well, there's one way to find out - let him stand on his own two feet.
I gave you the benefit of the doubt, Wayne, twice.
Have you got anything to say? Can I go for a pee? Fine, you can talk to Miss Lawal.
I doubt that she'll be as tolerant.
Nice tits, though.
Right, get to the cooler.
Now! And I'll be giving this to Mrs Fisher.
Sir, you can't Have you got anything to say, or is this a polite form of Tourettes? I'm giving a detention to both of you.
Now get out.
If you're here about the fight, you don't need to apologise.
You handled it very well.
Are you all right, Tom? Is everything OK? Look, this isn't about me.
I'm so sorry to show you this, but it's something you need to see.
What is it? I think it's been downloaded off the internet.
I don't understand.
Why is she doing that? You need to talk to her.
What would I say? I Karen, you need to talk to her, calmly, and get her to explain.
No, I don't I don't want to know about it.
You need to talk to her, and you need to listen.
Even if it's stuff that you don't want to hear.
I'm sorry, I'm not usually It's just a bit of a You can do this, right? I'm sorry, it's just It's a bit of a shock.
It's all right.
You're all right.
Excuse me, Mr Budgen, I need to speak to Bex.
Of course, Mrs Fisher.
Can you come my office, please? What's wrong, Bex? I don't know.
You know what Mum's like.
Come on, Mum, you're scaring me now.
I love you very much, Bex.
I love you, too.
And I want you to know that you can trust me with anything.
I know.
Whatever it is, no matter how shocking.
Can you tell me about this? Please don't ask me.
I have to.
Please don't.
You need to be honest with me.
I can't.
Whatever this is, we'll get through it together.
I promise.
I can't.
Since you've been back, I haven't pushed you about where you were, what you were doing.
I need the truth now, Bex.
OK, let's talk about pornography.
Not only is it degrading to women, it supports an industry that is inherently corrupt, compounds damaging stereotypes They get paid for it, don't they? Some do.
Others - young girls, vulnerable, underage they get sucked in and exploited in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.
I could try.
This is not a joke.
And your attitude disgusts me.
You're just jealous.
Excuse me? You're just jealous.
You might've been cute when you were younger.
Yeah, right.
I'm going to get your mother in.
I wonder if she knows what a sexist pig you really are.
No! Please, miss.
At least there's one woman you seem to respect.
I was seeing this guy, you know, the guy you met.
Him?! But he seemed so I'm sorry, darling, I'm listening.
We, um Well, he, like, filmed us having sex.
He forced you? No, he didn't He was my boyfriend, I wanted to.
I just thought, why not? We did quite a few films together, and I just never thought.
And then I find out he's got a website, and he's using me, making money.
So I tried to leave him, and he threatens to show you.
He says he'll go round to the house and show you all.
And he would have done, as well.
And I didn't want you seeing me like that.
I didn't want you seeing all those things I'd done.
It's OK, it's OK.
I didn't want you thinking of me like that, that I was some dirty little horrible slut, and I thought you'd hate me.
Hate you? What?! You're my daughter! How could I hate you? Oh, you have no idea.
When you went away, I didn't know if you were alive or dead Mum, I'm so sorry.
So he said that if I went away with him, he wouldn't show you.
I just didn't know what else to do.
Where did you go? London.
What did you do? Ate, slept, watched TV.
But you were away for nearly two years.
I can't even remember it.
It was like I was numb.
I just existed for him.
It was all right, he was kind to me.
He was abusing you.
This is child abuse.
You were only 16 years of age.
But I did it, too.
This is not your fault Do you understand that? None of it.
I want him put away.
Mum, no! I don't want to go through this again.
If you don't deal with this, this will follow you around for the rest of your life.
Look what happened today.
I don't even want to see him again.
Do you honestly think I want everybody knowing what I've done? Mum, I'm serious.
If you go to the police, I swear to God I'll run away again.
If that's what you want to do.
You're an adult.
You're just telling me to go? No, I'm telling you you have to do what you need to do, because I can't stop you.
But I'm not going to run away.
I'm going to go to the police and track him down.
And if you want to run, that's fine.
If you want to join me, it's up to you.
I'll do what you want.
Never in all my years of teaching have I come across that kind of misogynistic attitude.
I agree.
I've seen it in his work, too.
But there are some boys you just can't change.
They're hard-wired idiots.
Wayne, Kyle.
Wayne Bodley makes Kyle Stack look like a feminist.
There's something very nasty about that boy.
Well, I'll be interested to meet the mother.
I can call, but I'm not sure I'm the person to handle him.
As much as I hate to admit this, I think he'd listen more to a man.
I'll do it.
Is that OK? Yeah, of course.
Oi, girls! We've already told you, we're voting for Bex.
I might have something that'll change your mind.
Ooh, an upside-down picture of Jonah Kirby! Look, imagine this, yeah? Jonah Kirby as Head Pupil.
There to answer your every need.
You can't deny he's an attractive prospect.
Yeah, he's not bad.
We'll, erm, consider our options.
I think you should talk to Jess.
Yeah, but I just think Doesn't she deserve to know? At least something? She's been so supportive of you.
I'll go and find her.
But I She loves you.
We're your family.
Well, that was horrendous.
But I think we're going to get through it.
Good, I'm glad.
I'm going to deal with Wayne.
Adanna's calling his mother.
Do you mind if I don't join in? I'm don't think I could contain myself.
Nah, of course not.
I can handle it.
Thanks, Tom.
You're a bit of a rock.
What's this all about? Oh, that? Are you trying to make a point? No.
Why do you care? Of course I care.
Hey, miss.
What do you think of Jonah's new picture? Pretty hot! Jonah, can I have a word, please? In my classroom.
I need to discuss some coursework with you.
You! Free show, is it? Boys like you disgust me.
Perving on girls all the time.
And paying for it! Cos you think you're in your bedroom on your own, nobody's getting hurt? You love it.
All the attention.
Don't you dare say that! My life's been hell! I've not been able to see my family! You're pretty talented! It's no wonder you have to sit on your own watching porn, cos no real woman would ever want to go near you.
You filthy little slag! You're just like all the rest, only good for one thing.
You deserve to have it chopped off.
I didn't tell him anything.
I swear.
I'm just tired of jumping every time I see you talking to someone, sweating every time Karen wants to see me.
We've not done anything wrong.
We've got no reason to feel guilty.
This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I know you feel the same.
When I'm with you, I do, but when I'm not, I just It feels so wrong.
That's because we behave like it's wrong.
All this sneaking around and being secret.
It's got to stop.
What do you mean? From now on, we're going to behave like a real couple.
You're going to invite me over to your house for dinner tonight.
Jonah And I'm going to spend the night.
I-I don't know how that's going to work.
I mean Either you start accepting the fact we're having a relationship, or I can't carry on with this.
It's Bex Fisher.
Nah? It is, mate.
Sick! There's more.
Loads more.
Get off! You don't need to look at stuff like this.
What's wrong with it? It's porn.
It's gross, mate.
Too hardcore for wimps like you.
You're starting to sound like Wayne, you.
So? You can be a sad pathetic loser who can't talk to girls.
How can you find this attractive? First you teach him to fight, now you show him porn? But Sam, I was No, don't even say it.
I don't want to hear it, Finn.
You don't want to listen to anyone except yourself.
You don't need to be looking at stuff like this, Denzil.
Finn shouldn't be showing you He wasn't! That's exactly what he said! What? You two deserve each other.
I feel an apology coming on.
How was I supposed to know? Well, he did try and explain.
Guess I'll go find him then, yeah? Den's right, them two deserve each other.
Mmm, match made in Hell! Oi! Oi, give me your phone! What? Come on! I don't know whether we should be doing this.
So don't.
I thought you were a hard nut.
This is going too far.
Coward! Let me see that.
Oi Oi! Get here! What the hell are you playing at, hey?! She deserves it.
They all do.
Oi, look, there she is.
How much to get 'em off? Bex Why didn't you tell me? Get in there and sit down.
Read that chapter.
There'll be questions.
If you fail them, you're in even deeper trouble than you are already.
Is his mother on her way? I've been doing some digging.
She did a runner, a few months go.
Just left Wayne and his older brother to fend for themselves.
Do we know the circumstances? Apparently, she just ran off with some guy she was seeing.
They woke up one morning and she was gone.
Is there a father? Never been one around.
And what about this brother? Early 20s, works nights.
I think he's there, but I just can't raise him on the phone.
Probably sleeping.
Oh, doesn't sound like much fun at home.
Have you come to have another go? No.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
Am I hearing things, or did you just say sorry? Yeah, because I know it wasn't you showing Denzil porn.
Go on, one more time? Don't push it.
You really care about him, don't you? He's not a prat like the others.
Not yet, anyway.
Well, I suppose I just I didn't think you'd put the effort in.
Now you know what a great guy I am.
So now it's your turn.
What? To say you're sorry.
Why should I say sorry? For saying that I don't listen.
Well, you don't! I just did.
What for 30 seconds? How can you say that I don't listen, Finn? Here we go, blah Finn, I listen to everyone Peace at last, eh? SHE SIGHS I can't bear that you've had to go through all that on your own.
That you've had this horrible secret all that time.
I didn't know how to tell you, I thought you'd hate me.
Don't be stupid, Bex.
I'm so happy that you're back, whatever you've done.
It's all gone wrong now, hasn't it? We'll get through it.
Everyone in the school knows what I've done.
They've all seen that photo.
They'll get over it, Bex.
Mum will sort it out.
She can't, not this time.
I can't go in there.
Come on, we'll go in together, OK? No, I can't! I just I can't.
I'm going to have to leave Rochdale again, and I was just so happy.
You can be happy again, Bex.
You're so strong, and I'll be there for you, we'll all be there for you.
Please don't leave us again.
And? Pretty brave bloke, not cracking under torture.
Those Gestapo geezers aren't lightweights.
What's the point of it? You going to torture me? Wayne, what you did today was a criminal offence.
Not only did you access, you distributed what counts as child abuse images.
We're going to have to call the police.
What? We have to.
I didn't know it was illegal! I'm sure they'll take that into consideration when they talk to you.
It's why you were looking at it at all that interests me.
Why not? I gather your mum left you? So? What's it got to do with you? I'm just trying to work out why you think it's OK to watch porn, and leer at girls, and why you seem to think they all deserve it.
Because maybe they do.
You don't like girls much, do you? They're stupid, lying cows.
Do you have contact with your mum at all? No! I don't know where she is, and I don't care.
It's OK to be angry, Wayne.
I'm not.
It's OK to be upset, too.
I'm not! It's much better without her.
I can do whatever I want.
When someone you love betrays you, it's natural to be angry.
But it isn't Bex Fisher's fault that your mum left you, is it? Why did she leave me? I don't know.
But you need to understand that not every woman you meet is going to treat you badly.
I'm not saying your brother's doing a bad job of looking after you, but I do think you need to spend more time in female company.
I realise the segregation here is not ideal.
I'm going to see what I can do with the mentor scheme.
I haven't signed up.
Yeah, well we'll sign you up.
You're going to need a special kind of mentor.
Let me talk to Mr Mead.
No, I don't want to.
I know it's hard to accept help, but do you want to carry on the way you are? So angry all the time? OK, I'll do it.
But this doesn't get you out of punishment, and if you say yes, it's cos you want to and that you're really going to try.
I know.
Then we understand each other.
You know that book you're reading, Odette? About the war-time spy? She was a woman.
What? So you see, girls are just as brave, just as hard as boys.
And just as worthy of respect.
The girls in these images are underage.
And I want to make it very clear to you that if you're looking at them on your mobile or on the internet, it is illegal, and you could be in very serious trouble with the police.
And, perhaps now, more than ever, we need a Head Pupil who will set an example to us all.
So, without further ado, I'm going to ask Janeece to call on our first speaker of the day.
OK, is Bex Fisher here? I know I probably look like a hypocrite standing here BEX SIGHS I've made some terrible mistakes, but I'm not going to run away from them.
Because I've learnt first hand how it feels to be used and degraded and looked at.
Which is why I'm standing for Head Pupil, because no-one will work harder to make Waterloo Road a more tolerant, forgiving and respectful place where both boys and girls can feel equally appreciated.
And let's face it, you could come to me with practically any problem and I'm not going to be shocked.
MILD GIGGLING APPLAUSE BUILDS You've shown by your response that this is a school that values and supports its fellow pupils even when mistakes have been made.
And once again you've shown me how proud I am to be head of Waterloo Road.
Thank you.
CHEERING I love you.
No more running.
I'll go and see the police, OK? Well, you have to admire her courage.
OK, up next is Jonah Kirby.
That was amazing.
Oh, scary.
I just kept looking at you.
Erm, I'll be back in just a sec, OK? Why, where you going? Jess? Thanks for coming.
What's up, baby? I've not got a lot of time, but I needed to ask you a favour.
You know that video you took last night? Been watching it all afternoon.
Hardly got any work done.
Well, would you mind deleting it? It's just something happened today at school that's kind of made me really wary.
You do know I'd never show it anyone, don't you? Yeah, I know, I'm sorry.
I'll delete it on one condition.
What? I don't have to meet your family tonight.
I mean, I will do, just not yet, eh? OK.
But soon, though, yeah? Promise.
If you change your mind about deleting it I definitely won't.
Listen, I've got to go, so kisses.
Leave her alone! Well, hello to you, too.
Leave my sister alone.
Ooh, steady, Bex.
Stay away from her! You look good.
Just stay away from her.
Or what? Or I'll go police.
No, you won't.
Yeah, I will.
My mum knows everything.
You can't blackmail me any more.
Really? You know, she's not as good as you, but she'll improve.
You go to the police and I'll post this on the net.
One click.
Hodge Hodge, please Why Jess? Because I can't have you.
What if you did? Would you leave her alone? Would you delete everything? If you came back to me? D'you mean that? Because if you did I'd never go near Jess again.
Right, ladies and gentlemen.
Your votes have been counted and verified.
Please don't call now because your vote won't get counted and you might be charged.
So, the Head Pupil is Bex Fisher! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Where is she? Bex? Well, I'm sure she didn't expect to win, BELL RINGS so I'll look forward to telling her the good news later.
Right, go back to your classes please, quietly.
Sorry you didn't win, mate.
It's no biggie.
Like you said, I was in it for the wrong reasons.
Jonah, can I have a word? Let yourself in the back door, and don't you dare wear your uniform.
Mr Mead has kindly agreed to let you on the mentor course.
Yeah, I've spoken to a local events firm who specialise in outdoor sports days, rock climbing, abseiling, that kind of thing.
Sweet! You'll be shadowing the boss herself.
Julia Fellowes, she's an ex-professional rock-climber-turned businesswoman.
She's a tough lady.
Do you think you can handle it? Maybe.
Well, this isn't a treat.
You'll still be receiving your first strike.
You step one foot out of line, Wayne, and you're off the scheme.
Do you understand? Good.
Well, I can take you to meet her now, if you like? Yeah.
Right, go on, get your bag.
I'll meet you in the car park.
You don't think segregation's helpful, do you? You know I've never been a fan.
Boys like that, separating them from girls is probably the last thing they need.
Try telling Karen that.
I was just going to come and find you.
I just wanted I was going to say THEY LAUGH You first.
I was going to say maybe a date's not such a good idea.
HE SIGHS That's exactly what I was going to say.
Haven't we been here before? I just think I need to take it one step at a time.
I need to concentrate on being a teacher, not a boyfriend.
And, erm, I have to be honest with you there's someone else.
Oh It's only been casual, but we just decided to start seeing each other properly.
Well, I hope it all works out for you.
Me too.
Denzil, coming to the park? Yeah! Hey! You're coming with us.
Which one of you is that, then? That's both of us.
Come on.
Get in.
Pizza round mine tonight.
Come on.
I think I'm going to puke.
Goodnight, Miss.
Karen, have you got a minute? Oh, not really.
I've got to get home.
Yeah, course.
Erm First thing tomorrow? It's just, erm Oh, headline? Quickly.
Separating boys and girls isn't working.
We've been through this before.
The reason it isn't working is that no-one believes in it.
You're burying your head in the sand.
Everyone can see this.
I haven't got time for this.
Me neither.
I'm sorry, Karen, but I'm not going to cheerlead a scheme that I don't believe in any more.
You're on your own.
Now, if you'll excuse me, my family needs me.
Come in.
Bex? Bex?! Bex? Hey, you'll never guess what - you only won.
Bex? Right, well, Mum, she's not upstairs, anyway.
What's up? It's my fault, I pushed her too far.
It's not your fault, Mum.
It is.
Look, we'll find out where she is, OK? Harry, you go upstairs and have a look in her cupboards and coat pockets, see if there's anything you can find to give us a clue.
Mum, honestly we'll find out where she is, yeah? I can't go through all this again.
If she's gone, it's because she wanted to.
We can't force her to come back.
Yeah, you really are.
You're lucky I didn't fall for you because of your cooking.
Oh, really? Well, what was it then? I think it was that wonky right eye you've got.
No! What about your tiny ears? Hey, even so, we'd have really good-looking kids.
Do you want kids? I mean, not now, but Yeah, course.
With you.
This feels so right.
That's because it is.
I love you.
You don't have to say that.
I love you, too.
Say it again.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hodge "Good luck on your first day back at school.
"I always liked you in a uniform.
" PHONE CALLS Hello? Ewan? 'What?' Where's my sister? HANGS UP Who was that? No-one important.
Cheer up, babe! Got you something to eat.
We can't have you looking pale, can we? I knew you'd miss me.
So you're just going to shack up with that scumbag? He's changed.
Have you heard yourself, Bex? Cesca, are you sure everything's all right? OK, you can't say anything I'm late.
People won't understand.
They won't understand what you and I have.
They'll think I took advantage of you! You need to stop putting ideas into her head, and you need to start realising what's best for you.
What if he makes you do it and I can't stop him?! I don't care! I won't do it, he can't make me!
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