Waterloo Road (2006) s07e12 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 12

Superhead Michael Byrne insists it'll be business as usual when he starts at Waterloo Road.
He's a proper celebrity.
Cos he got stabbed by a pupil? As Waterloo Road is a failing school, I have recruited some of the best, Sian Edwards.
Actually it's Diamond now.
You and Michael? They had a fling, before you saw the light, eh, darling? Names? Phoenix and Harley Taylor.
It's the Taylor boys.
I've spoken to Social Services.
Phoenix admitted they're caring for their nan.
Not any more.
She died this morning.
Well, their dad's still local.
He's the only relative I could find.
He's why they kept this thing quiet.
They don't want to be sent back to him.
Nelson Smith's a foreman on a building site.
Finished for the day, but he may be here.
They need you, Mr Smith.
Darling, I need to do this! You shouldn't be so irresistible, should you? What are they? They are the finest scallops money can buy.
Nothing but the best at Chez Diamond! It's a friendly get-together, not the unveiling of your Michelin star.
This is our first big "do" since we got married and I just want it to be right.
I know.
Just don't take it too seriously.
OK, point made! No need to be aggressive.
Let's just hope it has the same effect on potential A-level science candidates, eh? Well, sports science isn't a core subject, these days.
If you don't stop that, I'm going to leave you behind, come on.
All right, OK, but that is fantastic.
Yeah, yeah.
Ronan, how long's this going to take? Not long now, just a second.
Pretty smart, eh? And it's ours.
It's ours? What the hell are you on? It's all true.
We can move in today if you want to.
Are you nuts? Where did you get the money? I'm earning on the stall and that! What? Enough to pay for this? Sure.
Well, why didn't you tell me? I wanted to surprise you.
We can't be living at my mum's forever, can we? It's not that bad at your mum's.
You don't say that when she opens the door without knocking.
We've had our rough patches, haven't we? This is how we make things better.
Come on, you've not seen the best bit yet.
Oh my God.
En suite for the lady.
Never mind the high-definition telly and king-size bed.
Lauren is going to be so jealous.
So, that's a yes, then? Come back when you're properly dressed.
You what? Come again? You mean, "Excuse me, sir.
" Excuse me, sir, but we don't know what you're on about.
I told you we shouldn't have worn these skirts.
Socks! Thank you, ladies.
Scout! Hey, Phee, how'd it go? Fine.
What's a funeral supposed to be like? Dunno.
I didn't think you'd be back so soon.
Isn't your dad coming in? No choice.
What you sweating about, anyway? Had to get yet another prescription for my mum, didn't I? Jodie Allen.
Go and help Mr Wilding unload that van.
I think he might have something that will interest you.
You too, Denzil.
Phoenix, Harley.
You are early.
You OK? My dad got me this watch.
Engraved it an' all.
Did you get one? Sold it.
No-one's going to bribe me.
Maybe he was just trying to cheer you up after what's happened with your nan.
He didn't bother to turn up to the funeral.
Would that have been appropriate? Nan hated him, but I guess not.
Come on, man! I think Harley wants to hear what your dad has to say.
I don't want to go back with him! We looked after Nan, we can look after ourselves.
Well, you can both explain how you feel when you meet the social worker later.
And your dad's coming to visit you before the meeting.
But no-one's going to force you to do anything.
I promise.
He'll just lie and make out he's sorry.
I don't want to see him.
I'm telling you, he's a liar.
Hey! What's in 'em? Er, instruments.
Have a look if you want.
Classical ones.
Oh, boring! I thought it'd be a synth or something.
They're all just instruments.
What you do with them, the music that you make, is up to you if you join the orchestra I'm starting.
Orchestra? Oh, I don't think so.
See you later, mate! It's just boring classical stuff.
Not necessarily.
Ah c'mon, Scout, we've got to go.
Look, I'll be here all day OK, if you want to come by and try it out? Come on, Scout.
We're going to be late.
BELL RINGS It's not a palace, but I reckon it's ideal for coming up with all the brilliant ideas you're going to have.
You choose.
I'll take the one nearest the kettle.
I know my place.
Are you sure about that? This one can put it away like there's no tomorrow.
Well, today I want us to get at least 20 GCSE and AS-level students signed up to the core subjects, English, maths and the sciences.
Don't worry, we're ready for the challenge.
Do you know there are only 14 pupils signed up on A-level courses in this school? The poor English take-up is particularly surprising.
Well, there are reasons for that.
From what I've seen so far, we can reverse the trend.
What if we can't persuade them to sign up? Tom, yes, you can, you've devoted your whole life to teaching English.
I think you of all people are ideally placed to change their minds, fire those imaginations.
And anyway, defeat is not an option.
You know what the kids will say when I tell them, "Yes, you can do A-level English"? No? "Not if Budgen's teaching it.
" And he's the acting Head of Department.
And then I'm finishing off with my world-famous, rhubarb-infused creme brulee.
Oh! Probably end the night chucking our keys in a fruit bowl, knowing those two.
I was just telling this lot how much we're looking forward to tonight.
It'll be fun! Can let our hair down outside work.
Grantly, could you just hold that for me, please? Now for those of you who teach core subjects here, A-level sign-up forms.
It's all right for you lot, the chosen few! Oh, well, that's easily sorted.
You can have mine.
Oi! Oh, Tom, how is life as a henchman for our new leader.
Yeah, yeah, give it a rest.
Sian, while I'm trying to get the kids to sign up, am I all right plugging the orchestra? Yeah, of course, the more the merrier.
D'you know what? I reckon you've got your work cut out there, big boy.
Well, never mind, at least we've got something nice to look forward to tonight, eh? Yes.
A good stiff drink.
So what you serving with your creme brulee? That is going to be up to you.
It's BYOB.
(What's BYOB? ) Bring your own bottle.
Huh, they'll be charging us at the door next.
Hi, Janeece! You're looking very lovely today.
What was Mr Diamond going on about then? Is he having a big dinner at his house or summat? Erm Well, can I go, or is it just teachers? Oh, yeah, typical.
I-I'm sorry.
I'll go find him.
Madi, slow down.
Dad's going to go mental.
I'm sure he won't.
Can't we just go round to his house? NO! Look, we're here now.
How many times have you said you want to see your dad? I do.
But not like this.
Zack, you're upsetting Mum! Please.
I've never asked you for anything.
A-levels are a gateway to a better job, university, a better career.
In short, a better future.
Now, I don't want you to be put off by the core subjects - English, maths and the sciences.
They're challenging and exciting, and those heads of department are going to sell you them today both for AS and as an upgrade to A-level.
And sell them, they will.
Excuse me, where's the staff room? Well, who're you looking for? Er, a teacher.
Could you point us in the direction of the staff room? Thank you.
Except they're not in the staff room, they're in the hall doing some A-Level thing.
Well, excuse me! Well, as you all know, English is the best choice that any of you could make right? But I hear that Mr Chalk and Mrs Diamond have some cheap tricks to try and grab your attention, so give them a fighting chance, eh? Your teachers have given you some time out of lessons today, so make the most of it, OK? Talk to us about whatever it is you think you might want to do.
There he is, Mum.
Jez, we need to talk.
Look we can't.
I have been trying to call you.
You can't just turn up like this.
What's going on? Mr Byrne this is my ex-wife, Sarah, and these are my children.
What are you gawping at? I don't know, but it's looking back.
Thank you, that's quite enough.
Would you please take them somewhere more private.
Oh, so you're her.
The slapper! Madi, please! Please, this isn't for public consumption, all right? No, let's go.
Madi GIGGLING Thank you that's enough! As you were.
The show's over.
No wonder he left her.
That's enough! (I hope this doesn't mean the dinner's cancelled.
) Are you all right? Yeah.
Just had to get out of there, that's all.
I can imagine.
Every time I asked Jez about the kids, he'd say they didn't want to see him yet.
Well it's obviously more complicated.
Just, I didn't think they'd hate me so much It wasn't the best introduction in front of half the pupils.
Still I've been wanting to meet them, and now they're here, so You came to humiliate me.
Oh, don't you try and blame me for this, Jez.
We're the humiliated ones.
I was going to come and see you next week.
Right, look.
I haven't had a moment to myself since you waltzed off.
My dad's ill and he needs me, and the kids YOUR kids are desperate to see you, to know that you haven't written them out of your swanky new life.
Of course I haven't.
Oh, really? Cos I've called and I've texted, God knows how many times.
I just need you to take them for a bit.
My dad needs me.
Just like these two need theirs.
Mum, please don't leave us! They're sick of sharing a bedroom, so they'll be very comfy in your lovely big new house.
Bye, darling.
You be a good girl.
Sarah what about their school? You're their dad.
You sort it out.
Sarah! Look, I'm really sorry.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
Sarah needs us to take them for a while.
I know it's a bad time, but if I talk to her I'm sure I can Jez, they're your kids.
It's fine I know but We need to start somewhere so let's talk to Michael about this.
It's great that you're here.
Yeah, right(!) We're going to get this sorted out.
Mate, you missed it.
Mr Diamond got proper merced! Yeah? Spread these around, will you? To the usual suspects! We're having a surprise house-warming for Vick! Have you moved out of your mum's now? Nice one.
Ooh! Ladies, excuse me, sorry, are either of you interested in Gran Turismo, FIFA, GTA? Yeah Yeah, but he asked me first.
No, he asked me.
Well, if you're good at gaming, it's pretty easy to create your own.
Who's your daddy now! You see, that is how all great computer games start - pure maths? OK, I'll sign.
I thought you weren't going to do maths? Nah, it's not for me, that.
Well, you can You can both sign.
So I suppose you need English for most uni courses, right, sir? Hmm, I'm surprised at your interest, Mr Kelly, after your comment last year that English is and I quote "minging".
What's that?! A-level selection is very much a two-way street.
After you decide whether the subject is right for you, we decide whether you're right for the subject.
I don't understand a word.
What the hell are these? They're 30 years old! I will not have pupils forced on me by anyone! For God's sake, Grantly.
No-one will want to do A-level English if you make them take a bloody test.
We need the numbers by the end of the day.
One of the downsides of management, that.
Having to trot out the party line.
I'm a teacher, Grantly.
Which means trying to inspire and educate the kids, not drive them away.
My department.
My methods.
I've wanted to meet you both for a long time.
We didn't want to meet you.
That's enough.
Why are you sticking up for her? She's my wife, Madi! Let's get this bit sorted out and then we can have Stay there and Janeece will look after you.
We have a favour to ask.
Well, where to begin? Look, I'm really sorry, Michael.
I brought you here to raise standards and energise staff, and what do I get? The launch of a key initiative ruined by live-action soap opera! Look, Sarah's been having a really tough time lately.
I had no idea she was going to suddenly turn up and drop the kids off.
I expect my staff to keep their private lives private.
Turning this place around's going to throw up enough challenges without your personal lives getting in the way.
I know.
And it won't happen again.
You can guarantee that? Michael, we understand the problems, I know it's a big ask, but we need them here for a few days.
They need to be with their dad.
I mean Sian's right.
They're good kids.
They've just been through a lot.
Right, well, if we do this, it's dependant on their behaviour.
And this is their one and only free pass.
When you come through these gates, I need this place to be your priority.
Janeece, will you give Madeline and Zack their year group timetables, please? Thanks, Michael.
You've really saved my skin.
Sian? If there's anything you need, I'm here.
We'll be fine, thank you.
You coming to the party at Vick and Ronan's tonight? It'll be sick.
I'm not really into parties.
Why not? I can't dance, I don't like alcohol.
You haven't been to a party with me yet, have you? Look, just in case.
Why do you have to do the big "I am" with girls like that? She can see right through it.
Listen, mate, she is just playing hard to get.
20 quid says she looks back.
Hmm, hmm! Someone has stolen my papers.
Well, who'd do that? Well, from past experience, could be anyone in this school.
Well, they're so old, they probably disintegrated.
Yes, well, I will not be made a fool of.
I see promotion hasn't mellowed him, then.
Here comes someone worse off than us.
Sorry to have kept you, Vicki.
Are you OK? That all seemed a bit Yes, it's just been a difficult time, that's all.
Come on let's do this.
Ready? Yep.
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to CSI Waterloo Road.
Well, seems our loss is the science department's gain.
All right, Zack, this is you - double maths.
Can't I stay with you? Well, not now, it's lesson time.
Always something else going on, eh, Dad? Madi! I'll take you to your class.
I'll be fine.
I've had to be, haven't I? Come on, mate.
You're going to be all right.
You like maths, don't you? Now, if this were a real crime scene and we had the proper kit, we'd be using chemistry to analyse the DNA, biology to examine the body and physics to figure out the strength of the fatal blow.
So what I want you to do is use your detective skills to track down the killer.
So what clues can we learn from the murder scene? Well, there's blood's everywhere, so he probably got hit really hard.
The distribution of brain matter is a major clue.
So, anything else? ALL: Eugh! The killer's most likely to be a guy.
Miss, look, there's blood.
And you're off! I want you to find the murder weapon and then whodunnit.
Look, the window's open.
Yeah, I reckon that's where the killer snuck back in.
Look what I found, Miss.
Don't touch it, Rhona.
I'll touch it if I want.
You're a suspect now.
We have to dust that for fingerprints.
You'll need to use the aluminium powder for fingerprints.
Then find a match print and the murder weapon, and you've got your killer.
This is exciting.
A real life murder.
Who's guilty? Shame my mum didn't have one of those, maybe she'd have found out you nicked my dad sooner.
Unless you want to join in, please leave.
Shutting me up? No, I'm trying to teach.
Can I have a word with you? I want this to work for everybody, your mother included.
So while we're at Waterloo Road, I am your teacher and you are my pupil.
If you're not happy, you'll have to leave my class, is that understood? That's fine.
Let's get that fingerprint and go find your culprit.
BELL RINGS Try your best to learn that one as well, OK? See you later.
All right, sir? I was just wondering if I could have a go on that guitar? Of course you can, yeah! My grandad had one.
He played country and western but he showed me some chords and stuff.
Right, well, show me.
My grandad made it look dead easy.
You've gotta start somewhere.
Besides, if country and western isn't really your thing, try this.
Right, finger up there In and strum.
Nice one! Yeah, just imagine what you could be like with a little bit of practice, ah? I can't, can I? I haven't got a guitar.
Mmm, well, you could always join the orchestra.
Everyone gets an instrument, practises at home, comes to rehearsal.
I can take this home? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but don't you have to be into that posh, poncy music? No, look, I'm going to make this orchestra out of whatever instruments that you guys want to play.
And then we'll just make up the music from there.
Right, check this out MUSIC PLAYS No way is that an orchestra.
Yeah, we put this together at my old school.
And no-one in this group could play before they joined.
Cool, so how many have signed up here, then? Uhhh, a few You should spread the word, sir.
I'll help you if you want? You know you're good at this, Vicki.
Have you ever considered a career in science? Me? Not a chance.
I'd never get in.
Someone like you would thrive at university, you know.
Yeah, well, it's too late for that anyway.
I failed my exam last year.
Why was that? I just, erm I just had some personal problems.
All sorted now? Yeah, I think so.
Great, well, it's never too late.
And it's only one exam.
I'm sure we could find a way.
All right, OK, what's going on? Break it up, please.
Come on, I'm sure you've got classes to get to.
Thank you.
Madi? Well, now everyone here knows the truth.
I didn't take your father away from you.
You're a liar! Right! You're coming with me.
Go! CHILDREN LAUGH I knew she was trouble.
I came as soon as I could.
What's going on? Madi? First she scrawls graffiti down the side of the science block, next she assaults a member of staff.
Your wife.
You did what? She's very lucky I'm not getting the police involved.
Deal with her.
I'll just go and get the site manager.
No, don't.
We take responsibility for our actions.
She can clean it up and then I want her gone! If you want to be angry about what happened with the affair, you take it out on me, you don't take it out on Sian.
I can't believe you're still defending her.
She's the reason my mum is popping pills for depression every day.
I hate her.
Look, I loved your mum, I did.
But we weren't built to last.
Things were over between me and your mum long before Sian came along.
Sometimes these things happen.
I just want our family back.
I know that I've really let you down, that I've hurt you.
But I am still your dad, even if I am hopeless.
But I do love you, I'll make it up to you, I promise.
All right.
Well, I think we've done enough.
Let's go home.
What, to her house? No, to your dad's house.
WHISPERS: Rhona, Rhona.
How am I supposed to dust for prints, when there's already dust everywhere? Hey, check this out.
There's probably another dead body in there.
Yeah, yours if Budgen catches you.
He probably won't even notice.
It's such a dump.
Oh, shame! It's full of whiskey bottles and ready meals.
Oh, gross, he eats corned beef! LAUGHTER What do you think you're doing? Ah! It's you, innit? You're the murderer.
What? Oi, you can't do that! Oh, I think you'll find we can.
It's for Mrs Diamond.
Oh, I might have guessed.
Is it him, innit? Not sure, but that looks like a match.
What did I tell you? Well dodgy! Oh, you've been busted, sir! By the power of science.
Oh! Look, I can't be expected to meet your A-level objectives if I'm constantly undermined by your so-called deputies.
Don't worry, Grantly.
I'll see to it.
Thank you.
And what will you be doing about Tom? Hm? To correct his attitude? Again, undermined at every turn.
Mr Byrne? Mr Smith's here to see you? Will that be all, Grantly? Mr Smith, good to see you.
Mr Byrne.
A seat? Thanks for this.
Giving me some time with the boys.
They're actually on their way up now.
We'll have about an hour or so before the social worker gets here.
Are you sure they're OK with this? Yes.
Harley's looking forward to it.
Oh, that's good.
What about Phoenix? I can't say I blame him.
The past is done.
You have to start again somewhere, I suppose.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS This is what we're going to put together at Waterloo Road.
We are going to create an orchestra that you're going to be so proud of.
And all you need to do is sign up! Sounds like a laugh.
You up for it? Already in, aren't I? DOOR KNOCKS Look at you! Oh, you've got so big! Come here, son.
All right, Phoenix son? How about a big hug for your dad? I'm fine.
That's all right.
Came in the post yesterday.
Thanks, Dad.
It's nothing, son.
Just my way of saying hello.
I heard about Madi, I'm sorry.
Jez is with her.
I'll, er I'll have to face it later.
Look, I can cover this.
No, it's fine.
Thank you.
This one here, I think.
Harley and Phoenix can show you the ropes.
Enjoy your meal.
Are you're not joining us? No, I think this is a good chance for you three to talk.
I'll be back before the social worker gets here.
Are you OK? Yes, of course.
I won't tolerate a member of my staff being assaulted.
Not by anyone.
She has a right to be angry.
Yes, but not with you.
Well, this is nice.
Dad we need to get our own food.
They don't bring it, you know.
What I was thinking? It ain't a restaurant.
Show him, Harl.
You not coming, son? In here? No chance.
I'll get a sarnie later.
Zack! Zack, I swear I seen a tramp wearing that jacket the other day.
Oh, look at the new boy.
He's so cute! Oh, man, he's so green.
What you looking at? Reject! Yeah, loser boy! Hey! What's going on? I don't know.
He just went all mental.
Move, come on? Are you all right? Do you want me to call your dad? I haven't seen him since this morning.
We can give him a call if you like? Zack, are you all right? I'm fine.
Zack I'm not hungry.
Just give him some space.
How many bedrooms does this house have? Four.
Where's the one of me, you and Zack at the Lake District? I'm having it re-framed.
MOBILE PHONE RINGS I'm sorry, darling.
Hello, babe.
No sorry, I'll explain, all right? Yeah, it'll be fine.
Trust me.
Should've seen Budgen's face.
Priceless! I bet.
Should've been locked up years ago.
Mrs Diamond keeps going on about me re-sitting chemistry.
Oh, yeah? What did she say? She thought I belonged at uni.
Can you believe that? But you said no? No, I didn't.
I said I'd think about it.
She's the only person that made me believe I can do it.
What, not even me? Well, that's different.
You've not got a first from Oxford.
Look, if I retake it, I've got options.
Whatever I do will affect my life.
What time do you want us round? I can't wait to see it.
What? What part of the word surprise do you not get? What surprise? I was organising a house-warming.
Yeah, it's going to be wicked, We can't wait! I was going to tell you, I couldn't get a word in.
You're all forensics this, Mrs Diamond that.
I was talking about my future.
I don't want to sell fruit and veg for the rest of my life Whatever you want, babe.
That's why I got the pad.
I want to give you whatever you want.
I've messed up.
I promised Scout Allen a guitar in the orchestra, and there aren't enough instruments to go round.
Believe me, mate.
Wish I was in your shoes.
You really don't.
No, you don't.
Not if you have to listen to that racket every day.
That racket is about discovering a talent.
Count yourself lucky.
I've got eight students passionate about A-level maths, and one of them's Owen Lee Joking! Well, you're doing better than us.
We've got three.
Who will all pass.
Michael Byrne's just about bums on seats.
Well, we'll see whose approach is more successful when the results come out.
What are my chances of getting some more funding? Money's tight, but I can have a word with Michael for you.
Good to have the old guard on side.
Poacher turned gamekeeper, you mean.
Don't know why you want these.
They're older than you.
What are those? Thank you, Janeece.
Now, if you will allow me to see to my own jurisdiction? As you were.
Yes! Woo-hoo! Level five.
That's dead good, right? Oh, quick reactions, you see.
Bet the Diamonds aren't having the dinner now, are they? Well, they've not said anything to me.
They're going through a tough time.
She could do with a friendly face, you know? A bit of female solidarity? Look, Daniel.
I want to go to this party and you should take me.
Well, there not going to turn your partner away at the door, are they? DS: "Game Over!" DOOR KNOCKS Miss? Vicki, hi.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I was just thinking about what you said before.
I don't think I can do it.
It's a lot to take on, I know.
That's not to say we couldn't make it work.
I know.
I've just got loads going on at the moment.
Me and Ro are getting a flat together and stuff.
Well, it would be a shame to let that talent go to waste.
You're a born scientist, Vicki.
You reckon? How about tomorrow, we go through your workload and map out a revision timetable? You won't regret it.
OK, you convinced me.
That's such good news.
You've no idea how much I needed some of that today, so thanks.
Well, I'll meet you tomorrow, then.
OK, tomorrow.
Your dad's on his way back.
Look, I'm sorry you've been chucked in the deep end here.
Other kids had the problems, not me.
Shona and Rhona.
Just, er just give them some lip back.
People like that are just insecure.
I reckon even your dad would be frightened by some of these girls if he met them in a dark alley.
Your dad loves you very much, you know.
Yeah, right.
He talks about you all the time.
Otherwise how would I know that you're a Man United fan? There's no accounting for taste, but Oi! He doesn't care about us any more.
He does, Zack, and he'll prove it to you.
Why don't you come and wait in my office? I have to take a test?! But I'm already doing AS! Yes.
But of course, if it's too much effort Excuse me, Mr Budgen.
There is no test.
In fact Sorry, everyone.
Bit of a misunderstanding.
Just to clarify, there is no test to sign up for A-level English.
Carry on.
So, what books are on the course? Er Macbeth, Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and Enduring Love.
Thank you, Mr Budgen, for making this clear to me.
Because these books deserve better.
Why? They'll change your life.
They're about people, just like us.
Good and bad.
Mean, Brave.
And stupid.
If you take English, you can spend two years in the company of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.
And how do I know English will change your life? Because it changed mine.
I grew up in a house that had basically only one book.
The phone book.
When I was your age, I was out fighting, thieving.
Always out, constantly getting into trouble.
I thought I knew it all.
Till one decent teacher got me reading.
One good book.
Everything changed.
I realised how big the world was.
I saw all the possible lives I could lead.
I realised for the first time my future was down to me.
I could choose.
That's what literature gives us.
So who wants some? Mr Budgen would be happy to take down your details.
Sir, have you got a pen? You see? Wasn't hard, was it? You coming to this party tonight or what? I don't know.
I need to check with my brother.
So is your brother like your minder or something? No.
I do what I like.
Could have fooled me.
He's just a bit protective, that's all.
Hello, sis.
What you doing talking to that? He's in my class.
What am I supposed to do? Ignore him? Sounds good to me.
I need to talk to you a sec.
See you later, Finn.
You're not going to that party with them skanks tonight, are you? Chill out, Tariq.
I've already agreed go round Samira's.
Come on, chill out.
DOOR OPENS The social worker's running late.
Aren't they always? Thank you, Janeece.
Well, we've had a slap up lunch, so we're feeling all right.
Aren't we, boys? Everything all right, Phoenix? Ask him.
It was smashing.
All of us having lunch together.
It's something we should've done a long time ago.
Like old times.
What? He's drunk.
No, I'm not! He is.
I saw him.
When he thought I weren't looking, he had a drink from that bottle.
What are you talking about? I haven't been drinking.
I I don't drink! He had a bottle in his jacket.
I saw him finish it off.
Check if you don't believe me.
I haven't touched a drop for years.
He's lying.
Dad? Told you.
Mr Byrne, That's not mine.
What's this? A joke? There's no need to raise your voice.
Why would you go and do this? Today of all days? Mr Smith.
I think we need to calm down.
What's the point? He doesn't want to live with me! Now you see what he's really like.
Phoenix, he hadn't been drinking.
I would've smelt it.
I didn't do anything.
That was really childish.
He's a loser, I told you.
No, he's not! You don't remember the bad times.
We can look after ourselves.
Well, surely that involves some degree of responsibility.
It took real guts for your dad to come today.
And you're not even man enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Or am I wrong? A stupid prank isn't going to get you anywhere, is it? Go after him.
I hear you're having a party tonight in your new flat.
Sorry, no teachers allowed.
No, I was just wondering whether my daughter could come along? The one that wrote that stuff about Mrs Diamond? Yeah.
She's very sorry about that.
She's just having a tough time.
Honestly, she's a really lovely girl once you get to know her.
Yeah, all right then.
That's great, I really appreciate it.
Dad! Dad, wait! What's the point? Your brother's already made his mind up.
It's too late to pretend it's OK, like nothing ever happened.
I get it.
You've got every right to be angry with me, But that was out of order! I've worked really hard to sort myself out.
Yeah? And I'm never going to let you lay a finger on him or me again.
Do you get that? Phoenix, he's not like that now.
I know I drank too much and I know I hurt you.
I live with that regret every day of my life.
But I'm not that person any more.
That's why I've come here to see what I could do.
So please, please, I'm asking you.
Please let me put it right.
Phoenix, just give him a chance.
All right.
I'll do it for him.
But not for you.
PHONE RINGS Yeah, all right, Dad? I was just thinking about Listen, I got to be quick, but tonight we're having some of the staff over 'and I thought you'd probably find that really dull and boring, ' so I've got you an invitation to a really cool party instead.
Cos I'd be in the way? 'No!' Look, I just thought it'd be fun for you, right, 'to be out with kids your own age.
'I'll give you some cash so you can treat yourself.
Sound good?' Sure.
If that's what you want.
It tore me apart cos I really loved him He took my heart away and left me to bleed out, bleed out He broke my heart cos I really loved him He took it all away and left me to bleed out, bleed out I knew right then that she'd been abducted I knew right then that I would be taking her heart I knew right then that I'd never love her The reasons I hope the dream I'm not stupid! I know people split up.
I can handle that, but he just doesn't care about us any more.
It's like we're history.
Your dad's missed you, and he wanted to see you as soon as you were ready.
He hasn't even called me back.
Zack, we always have time for you and Madi.
I left him loads of messages.
And I texted him.
I guess he was too busy.
DOOR OPENS Hi, you two! All right, Zackster? Do I detect a little bit of bonding going on? Where've you been? Sorting Madi out.
I think she's got it all out of her system.
Can I speak to you outside, please? Have you any idea what you've done? Madi'll be fine! Now Michael's excluded her Not today - for the past five months! Your kids have wanted to see you.
They were upset! I just thought it would be better if we let things settle down for a bit.
Settle down? They think their dad ran off and doesn't give a damn.
No wonder they're upset! Sian, what do you want me to do? Show them how great my life is, get them to smile at our wedding photos and pretend they're all right with this? Obviously not, but there are ways that you can And I'm sure it's obvious to you, but you don't have kids! I'm sorry.
I screwed up.
Why didn't you just talk to me about this? I didn't want to drag you into it.
Your kids are the most important thing and right now they need you to put them first for a bit.
Of course.
And what about you, are you all right? I will be.
Talk to Zack, OK? Right, the good news is that my old school is going to lend us some more instruments, and Mr Byrne has promised us some more money CHEERING but only if all of you keep coming, OK? The bad news is that there's been massive, massive interest in two instruments drums and guitar, OK? At the moment I've only have one of each, so I'll have to allocate them as fairly as possible.
Denzil, come here a second.
Just pick one piece of paper from here and one from there.
Thank you.
Right, so, on drums we have IMPERSONATES DRUM ROLL Marcy! Well done, brilliant.
And on guitar we have Felix.
TITTERING Hey, well done, mate! Brilliant.
Right, don't worry, everyone.
You will get an instrument eventually, OK? You said I'd get that guitar! You knew how much I wanted it.
Scout, I'm sorry.
You're not the only disappointed one.
You practically promised! No, I didn't.
I Look, an orchestra's a team, OK? So you've got to be a team player.
Let me use your guitar then! That's hardly fair on the others either, is it? Look, I would have picked your name, but I couldn't see! You know what? This is rubbish! BELL RINGS Hey! Hey, listen, are you coming to the party tonight or what? It's going to be going off! Are you two going to be there? Yeah.
Well, that seals the deal for me then, don't it? No chance! You laughing at me, little kid? You'd better not be! Oh, look who it is! It's little orphaned Annie! If your dad's such a dirty, dirty dog, then how did you turn out such a wet puppy? At least I haven't got a face like a bulldog.
Right, I'm very pleased with the results today.
Maths now has nine A-level students, but I have to hand it to Sian.
An unprecedented 13 pupils will now be doing a combination of the sciences at A-Level.
I'm much less pleased with certain people's approach to today.
It's our job to inspire, to show our students that A-levels are possible.
And that goes for EVERY child in this school.
I'll be making some changes to that department, based on what I've seen.
But apart from that, thank you for all you've achieved today.
From what I've heard, you'll be celebrating tonight.
Changes? W-W-What's he going to do to my department? Don't know, mate.
He hasn't told me anything.
Don't play the innocent with me.
What do you expect, Grantly, when you've been playing up all day? I was just wondering if I could bring a friend tonight? Well, Janeece but I expect you've got other plans now, though, haven't you? I'm still up for it.
We haven't discussed it yet, but You might have to take us as you find us, but, yeah, bring Janeece along.
There's plenty of food to go round.
If anything, we should be celebrating your success, Mrs Diamond.
You've shown the rest of us right up today.
Come on in.
Can I get you a drink or anything? No, thanks.
You all right, weasel? Hi.
Right, Madi, Zack, I've just got off the phone with your mum and you two can stay with me and Sian for as long as you like while your grandad gets better.
So what do you reckon, Zack? Spend a bit more time with your old man? Sounds good.
Madi? It's fine.
And, em, I am sorry about today.
I just need to get used to it, but I'm going to make some new friends tonight, so That's my girl.
Come on, I'll show you where your room is.
She's going out? Yeah, Vicki MacDonald's.
I mean your protege.
I thought it might help her settle in.
Right, OK.
Look, are you sure you're all right with all of this? It doesn't have to be for ever, and it gives me a bit more time with them, that's all.
I know, it's fine.
And I know that you lost confidence in me today, but I want us to keep going, I really want this to work.
I know, and it will, OK? Right then.
On with the grub! Can you be careful? I've just sorted them out! Vicki, it's a party! Though, if you want, we can have a written test at the end.
I'm sorry! You're right, I should've been more careful.
I'll just go and sort the drinks out.
Wow! This place is fab! Oh, you two have got it made! Your own place! Wait till you see the en suite.
What do you think? It's mega! How much is this costing a month? Oh, you made it! How did you get away? I'm a girl of many talents.
OK, I won't tell if you don't.
Let me get you a drink.
I've brought my own.
Coconut juice? They drink it in all the best clubs in London.
You all right? Ooh, I'm going to get slaughtered.
Sauteed butternut squash.
Oh, well, I prefer orange.
Squash! Hmm, yum.
I'll have some of that seeing as how you drank most of mine.
Don't worry.
Jez has loads more wine in the utility room.
I'm not sure I've got anything that really compliments Will you go and get some, hon? No, let me oblige.
Right, OK, well tuck in.
I mean, nothing worse than cold soup, is there? So, erm are your kids not about? Oh, but not yours, obviously.
Zack's upstairs, Madi's out.
Didn't think this was her sort of thing.
I think we all deserve a drink after the day we've had.
To our dear leader.
Got one over on you, though, didn't he, Grantly? A battle, Daniel.
There is a war to be won.
JANEECE COUGHS Ugh! Urgh! Don't you just hate it when that happens? At least it weren't short and curly! DANCE MUSIC BLARES It's a good party! Thanks for inviting me.
I wouldn't have done, not after what you did to Mrs Diamond.
She broke my family up, yeah? She deserves everything she gets! Hey, is that for me? Why not? D'you want a dance? Er I'd I'd better, er, check the fridge.
Here, drink that.
Stop being so moany.
I said sorry.
It's not your fault.
It's his, the git.
Too right.
Look, if you want a guitar, I'll get you one.
I will! You'll see.
Hey, what's wrong with you? LAUGHTER Just get her in the taxi, Ronan.
But I don't want to go! Please, can I not stay with you? Get in the taxi, yeah? You two are boring! Mind your head.
This is going to go down better than the scallops.
Yeah, the sweetness took me by surprise a little bit.
I'll complain to that fish shop.
Those scallops were not fresh! In that case, I'll put some in a doggy bag for our beloved Bichael Myrne as a token of my esteem.
HE SLURS SNIGGERING OK, everyone, bon appetit.
COUGHING That's really hot! It's lovely, but it's hot.
Ooooh, spicy! There's no chilli in this.
Well, clearly someone has been determined to make this evening a disaster.
I wonder who(?) Mmm, it's lovely.
DANCE MUSIC BLARES For someone who reckons they can't dance, you're not that bad.
I'd almost say you're enjoying yourself! I know.
Weird, innit? Particularly as I've been stuck with you the whole night.
Trudi, let's go! No, Finn, please.
And if you come near her again, I WILL kill you! Tabasco? Yes, plus I found this on the worktop.
Well, at least your forensic skills got a workout.
"Sorry," my arse, Jeremy! Enjoy your precious dinner? Madi Well, what are you lot gawping at? Everything all right, Madi? Yeah, just wanted to say goodnight to dad and "mum".
Madi, up to your room now.
See? You don't want us around in your ickle love nest! Now me and Zack are nothing but a great big hassle to you.
Take a vow of honesty Promise to eliminate the poor Cos the poor are voiceless here Oh-oh-oh As the poles retreat We face defeat head on Kill the light parade The last exploding bomb Feels like Fahrenheit The last daylight COUGHING AND VOMITING The constitution failed To be Something More than I could hope to be Drowning helpless in the sea VOMITING CONTINUES Carried by a rising tide Need to remedy this life.
Linda Radleigh, new head of English.
That man has brushed me aside without so much as a by your leave.
What's this about a fit club? Why, are you interested? I love getting sweaty, me.
Count me in.
You don't know how lucky you are! You got your sister back, try being grateful for once! Lindsay's not coming home! You're going to be all right, do you hear me? Emily! 'Have you got room for a little one?' Where you headed? Leeds.
It must be your lucky day.
Michael's 100% behind me.
You'd do very well to remember that.
Are you threatening me? You don't like the way I do things, you know where the door is! As of now, we are on strike.
Don't be so ridiculous! Michael I should never have left you.

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