Waterloo Road (2006) s07e13 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 13

Two excellent candidates for the deputy headship, so they both get the job.
Just imagine what you could be like with a bit of practice, huh?! I can't, can I? I haven't got a guitar.
Don't want anything to do with these losers.
That's my decision, not yours.
If you want a guitar, I'll get you one.
We need the numbers today.
One of the downsides of management, that having to trot out the party line, mmm? I'm a teacher, which means trying to inspire then educate the kids.
My department, my methods.
How did we do on attendances last week? We Er, better.
Only 14 cases of truancy.
Usual suspects.
"Only"? I think Tom's saying we're moving in the right direction.
Well, it's not good enough.
We need to inspire each and every one of these kids.
Er, with respect, I don't think any of us are capable of that.
Well, I have a secret weapon.
Really? What? Not what.
Looks like fun.
Yeah, well, I aim to please.
You're doing very well so far.
What do you reckon? Yeah, it's nice.
Nice OK.
Well, it's not as if she's been on holiday.
Yeah, well, I'm just happy to have her home.
Listen, there's not a day gone by when I haven't thought of your sister cooped up in that cell.
And this is a new start.
Go back to normal.
Sitting round the dinner table, taking the mick out of each other.
Arguing about who's better-looking - Robbie Williams or Jason Orange.
I'm not stupid.
Lindsey's going to find it tough.
I know that.
But we can help her find her feet.
Everything's OK, isn't it? It's fine.
You're going to be late for school.
Well, why can't I go with you? It's just for one day.
She'll be here when you get back.
Listen, love, we just have to tread carefully, OK? Now go on, you're going to be late.
See you later.
The oasis of calm.
Linda Radleigh.
New head of English.
I'm Sian Diamond, deputy head.
Er, this is Matt, music Chalky, maths.
Er, Tom Clarkson, one of yours Morning, and the other deputy head.
And this is GrantlyBudgen.
He's been doing a sterling job as acting head of department.
You knew? I only found out this morning, let's just move on, hey? That man has brushed me aside without so much as a "by your leave"! I'm sure he meant nothing by it.
I am this school's elder statesman, and it's about time someone taught Michael respect.
Hello, you! I've got a bottle of single malt in the car with your name on it.
You shouldn't have.
It was a get-well present, but you slipped under the radar after the stabbing.
I'm sure everybody will make you feel at home.
I've never been head-hunted before.
We've known each other since teacher training.
This is her first HOD post, but not before time.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
She'll be shadowing you two today, getting a feel for the department.
Excuse me.
Tom how are you fixed later on? One of our Year 11s needs a spot of pastoral care - Emily James? Trouble at home? Potentially, yeah.
Her sister's out of prison today.
What did she do? Manslaughter.
Pleaded self-defence.
Don't they all? Kid should never have gone to prison in the first place.
The courts obviously didn't think so.
Linda Her father was sexually abusing her.
Sorry, I've already drawn the short straw for lunchtime detention.
I don't mind.
She can help me get my bearings - my own Passepartout! Just make sure she stays in school.
So what's the deal? Mrs James hasn't heard from Lindsey in weeks.
Seems she doesn't want to come home.
She needs to find out what's wrong.
Emily turning up at the prison is the last thing she needs.
Doesn't this Emily have a right to know? It's for her own good.
"Children abdicate responsibility because the system encourages them.
" Isn't that one of yours? Everything has a context.
Right, now remember, this is a new week so I want your best behaviour.
I mean it, Madi.
That was your first and last exclusion.
Sian's got enough on her plate as it is.
Listen, do me a favour Put one of them up in your form room, and you.
I can count on the pair of you to be there, right? You are kidding? What with him keeping me up last night? I couldn't sleep, that's all! Listen, mate, is there anything on your mind? Just drop it, yeah? Come on, mate you can talk to me All right, Em - when's this party? You're joking, right? Your sister's going to want to let her hair down.
After everything she's been through? No way.
I'm taking it nice and easy.
Oi! Oi! Don't go flashing that about! It's not like I can practise at home, is it? Can't hear above the telly.
Well, your mum needs her hearing tested! She needs a kick up the backside.
What's up? Liam's not coming home.
Social services came to do an assessment, and my mum couldn't be bothered getting out of her PJs.
You two need to team up and sort both your mums out.
My situation and hers isn't the same.
No offence, but we're not exactly chavs, are we? Who are you calling a chav?! Hey, you two! Pack it in! She started it! I don't care.
Class - now! Welcome to Waterloo Road.
You know, Michael and I always said we'd end up working together.
Yeah, he said you were at teacher training college.
Many moons ago.
We thought we'd change the world.
Well, Michael's certainly made a start.
We've bumped into each other on the conference circuit ever since.
Well, hotel bars, mainly.
Turns out we're both suckers for a single malt.
God, that makes me sound like such a lush.
Not at all.
All right, darling? Hey! This is my husband, Jez, and this is Linda Radleigh.
Hi Well, er, I'll leave you to it.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, it's fine.
Is it? Only I got up this morning and you were gone.
I'm sorry, I should've left you a note.
Michael called a meeting, first thing.
It's OK.
Things will calm down eventually.
Yeah, well, I wish I could say the same about Zack.
Not again.
I found his sheets in the dryer.
I mean, he's 14! So, he wet the bed.
It's not the end of the world.
It's probably just the upheaval.
Would you talk to him? I reckon he'll open up to you.
He won't talk to me.
I'm hardly flavour of the month, am I? Please, cos .
he just won't open up to me.
You'll find a way.
You should have got her acacias.
Sorry? Floriography.
Language of flowers.
The Victorians had way too much time on their hands.
Yellow acacias mean secret love.
No, no, no.
I'm just the messenger.
It's I haven't got the guts to ask her face-to-face.
Faint heart never won fair maiden.
How was the tour? Eye-opening.
A hotbed of romance.
That's teenagers for you.
Well, I wasn't talking about the students.
I just met Sian's husband.
Jez? I would never have put those two together.
How's your classroom? It's nice.
Just needs zhuzhing up a bit.
Sounds ominous.
I wanted to say thanks for the opportunity.
I'm sure you had plenty of other people in mind.
No contest.
I don't have time to micro-manage.
I need self-starters on my team.
You won't regret it.
I promise.
You've a free hand with your department.
Anybody gives you any grief, let me know.
Aye-aye, captain.
All right, sir? Not really, no.
Have any of you seen my guitar? If I do, I'll give it a good plucking.
What's up with Wilding, has he ran out of hair gel? Looks like you had most of it.
You know, gotta make an effort.
Never know who might be giving you the eye.
Have you not got the message, or do I have to spell it out for you? You can spell, too? Did you learn that in the ASBO class? Cheeky little You two.
Curb it.
Inside, now, please.
I told you not to wind him up.
N goal, mate.
Own goal.
This is my classroom.
Where's the door? Michael's idea.
Encourages transparency and cohesion.
And this lovely lot are my year 13s.
So, if you'd like to join me.
Actually I think I'll sit in on Grantly's class.
Your wish is my command.
The skin cracks .
like a pod.
Does anyone know what the poet is referring to? The scorched earth, write it down.
Hey, you, whiteboard's that-a-way.
Sorry, Miss.
I've got to get this finished, it's for my sister.
So you're Emily James.
How do you know? Just get on with your work.
Am I in trouble or something? I've been asked to keep an eye on you, that's all.
Why? What have I done? Don't worry.
It's not you.
Well, what is it, then? Well, your mum called My mum? When? Has this got something to do with my sister? The best thing you can do is stay in school, let your mum deal with it.
Deal with what? Tell me! She's a bit worried your sister might not be coming home.
I'm sure it's nothing.
I take it you aren't enraptured by my teaching style.
It's just regurgitating facts kind of went out with elbow patches and tank tops.
Though that one is very nice.
And how do you propose we enlighten these lost souls? Right, everyone.
Follow me.
I thought you had a double period.
Linda is about to show me where I've been going wrong all these years.
Well, the more the merrier, eh? Mum? It's me.
will you call me when you get this message? No happy ever after? Shame.
Well, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you? If you ask me, your brother's better off in care.
Er, Liam's got no choice.
Sounds like your sister doesn't even want to come home.
Trudi! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have wound your brother up.
I won't do it again.
Look, the party.
I made a mistake.
I don't know what I was doing.
I had a pretty good idea.
Take the hint, will you? It's not going to happen.
Come on, at least give me a reason, then? Why do you think? I'm not scared of your brother.
He's out on licence.
I'm not doing this to protect YOU.
""Brass, copper, aluminium, plastic buckets, "frantic hands like naked children screaming in the liquid sun, "their highlights polished to perfection.
"Flashing light, as the blessing sings over their small bones!" So what does the metre tell us about the poem? Yes? Sorry, don't know your name.
It's like a dripping tap, and then it changes to like, a gush.
All hail Scout! All very "a la mode", I'm sure.
Grantly What, you don't approve? Nearly 30 years I've been doing this job.
Fads ebb and flow like the tides pounding the cliffs of common sense, but they are immutable.
I'll leave the class in your capable hands.
Er, where do you think you're going? Right, let's get rid of this rubbish.
Er, I need the toilet, Miss.
Really? You can't not let me go.
It's against my human rights.
After you.
I don't need a chaperone.
I do know where I'm going.
That makes two of us.
Oi! A sorry wouldn't go amiss.
Why aren't you boys in class? Emily? Emily? Stop mucking about.
Emily? Emily! Stupid thing.
Problem, Janeece? Ta-da! I only passed my administration course.
A merit, no less.
Well, maybe we should sign you up for a basic DIY course.
No more probation for me, then? Congratulations.
Linda! Have you met our new head of English? This is Janeece, my secretary.
Personal assistant, nice to meet you.
Linda's a one-off.
A real inspiration, and the kids love her.
Yeah, well, if there's anything that you need, just ask.
I was wondering.
Do you still have Lindsey James's file? Problem? Just familiarising myself with the family.
See? That's what I expect from you.
I'll leave you to it.
Lovely flowers, Janeece.
They're from a secret admirer.
All yours.
You and I both know he should have advertised the job internally.
I appreciate what you're saying.
And you stood by and let it happen.
I didn't know.
I didn't! Even his storm troopers are kept in the dark.
The man is acting like a dictator.
Lost your way again, Janeece? Er, no, actually, I need a sort of vase to put these in.
They're gonna wilt otherwise.
Are you brightening up the office? I've got a secret admirer.
So, em, what's this I'm hearing about a fit club? Why, are you interested? I love getting sweaty, me.
Count me in.
I'll help to organise it, if you like? I know my star jumps from my squat thrusts.
Out to impress Janeece, eh? I'll look forward to it, Chalky.
Hey All right? How did it go with Zack? I haven't had a chance yet.
Well, he's down in the canteen now if you want to catch him.
You know what, good idea.
Sian, are you free to go over the departmental budgets with me later? Yeah, course.
Er, sorry, did I miss something? Sian was going to cast a forensic eye over the budgets.
Well, you know what they say.
Two heads are better than one.
Tough morning? Worse.
Somebody stole his guitar, apparently.
I've had her since university.
Tenner says it's already in a pawnbroker's window.
Excuse me.
I need to see my sister.
She's being released today.
Lindsey, Lindsey James.
James? Er Right, James I'm afraid you've missed her.
She's gone.
She went first thing.
Where? Don't ask me.
I just get paid to jangle the keys.
Emily! Not so fast.
I've got to get home.
The only place you're going is back to school.
But Lindsey'll be there.
She's not here.
Look, just wait.
Fine, I'll give you a lift, all right? Can you pack it in for five minutes? Who made you the boss of me? Is that Oi! That's my guitar? Oi! Stealing people's property is a very serious offence.
I didn't.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't march you both to the headmaster's office? Give her a break, sir.
She just really wants to learn.
Theft is theft, however well-intentioned.
Sorry, sir.
Strike one.
You nicked that guitar? It's the thought that counts, right? Lindsey! Lindsey! What are you doing home? Where's Lindsey? Linda Radleigh, Emily's English teacher.
I'm sorry, love.
I tried.
I really did.
What do you mean, you tried? She can't face it.
Too many memories.
Where is she? I don't know.
You don't know? She was granted an early morning release, she didn't tell me.
I thought she was still there.
But why didn't you tell me there was a problem? Listen, I only just found out this morning.
You're doing it again.
Don't lie to me.
I know you spoke to school.
I just needed to speak to Lindsey on my own.
I didn't want to worry you.
How long have you known for? I had my suspicions.
I thought I was just being a typical mum and over-worrying, but then when she didn't show for the visit That was three weeks ago! You told me she was fine! She didn't return my letters.
I thought if I could just talk to her Save you the heartache.
And her phone calls? You lied about them too? I'm not a kid any more.
I could've handled it.
I could've helped.
Nothing would've changed Lindsey's mind, I promise you.
Promise me? You expect me to believe a word you say? Emily! Wait! Please.
Maybe you should let the dust settle.
I'll look after her.
How was your week off? Manage to shift your hangover? Bet your house is like comedy central at the moment, innit? Nah, Sian's tripping over herself to be nice to me.
It was a great flat-warming, by the way.
Well, what I can remember of it.
You can party hard, I'll give you that.
So when's the next one? I wouldn't hold your breath.
We'll be lucky if we make this month's rent.
What did she want? What? Apart from my body and my brains? Body, maybe.
She was just being friendly, that's all.
How can Lindsey do this to me? How can she leave me with her? Your mum only did what she thought was right.
You have no idea what it's like.
The last two years it's been awful.
Come on, hey, it's OK.
Forget it.
Doesn't matter.
Why don't we do this somewhere comfier? Give me half an hour and I'll meet you in the pastoral care room, eh? What's the point? Nobody cares how I feel.
I care.
Fit Club does exactly what it says on the tin.
But it's not just for students, it's for staff too.
And if Mr Chalk can do it, anyone can.
Now the final exercise on the circuit is the plank.
I'm going to need a volunteer.
Ooh! Press-up position but on your elbows and forearms, please.
Oi, what do you think you're playing at? So I'm not invisible, then.
Zack, mate, come on! Do I have to hold this for much longer? Sorry.
Right, OK.
No, keep your back straight, that's it.
There you go.
I hope that you've got nice warm hands.
Sorry, I don't think that's appropriate, Mr Diamond.
Thanks for your input, Mr Chalk.
OK, Janeece, up you get.
Right, now everyone go to a station and you're going to move in a clockwise direction until you've completed every exercise on the circuit.
You've got one minute on each.
Wait for my whistle.
Quicker! Right, on my whistle.
That's a good look, Chalky.
Get on with it.
Straight backs.
Keep going, boys, come on.
You can do better than that, come on.
Someone's had their three Shredded Wheat, in't they, mate? Come on Chalky, you can do better than that.
Timber! My God, Chalky! What's up? My God! Umm, compressions.
What are you doing? He's having a heart attack! Just stop! I've lost count now! Look, he's got a pulse.
You'll kill him.
Please don't die.
Please don't die.
Right, Janeece, get an ambulance now.
You're going to be all right, Chalky, mate.
Ambulance is on its way, son.
Oi! Pick it up! Make me.
And I thought you were supposed to be pretty bright.
You don't know anything about me.
I know a stuck-up cow when I see one.
Should've known you're all talk.
You don't know how lucky you are.
You've got your sister back.
Just try being grateful for once in your life! Lindsey's not coming home! It's well mad.
Chalky's not even that old.
About the same age as my dad.
Just goes to show, don't it.
Carpe diem and all that.
We've been through this.
It doesn't mean we can't be friends.
We can still chill together.
Tariq wouldn't like it.
He can't do compromise.
He doesn't have to know.
You wouldn't tell anyone? Not even Josh? Not if you don't want me to.
Yeah? Any luck? Lindsey's number doesn't work.
Is that her? We went to Leeds.
See the ballet.
Lindsey loved all that.
Said she'd move there one day.
Just so she could go every week.
I can't remember the last time I was that happy.
Were you close? We were, but it's not so easy when you're sat opposite each other in a visiting room.
Why would she want to know what goes on in school? All she could talk about was life inside.
Different world.
No wonder she wanted to start again.
I would.
Who wants to be the daughter of a paedo? So Stuff everyone else.
Be who you want to be.
I've got to go.
I'll go with him.
Just keep me updated.
Look, you're going to be all right, do you hear me? I was beginning to think you'd changed your mind.
Slipped out the back door.
How's Emily? All taken care of.
What's taken care of? Emily spoke to her mum.
She knows Lindsey's not coming home.
Is she OK? She's fine.
How was your lesson with Grantly? Prehistoric.
The man's a dinosaur.
And we know what happened to them.
Have you got a moment to sign off on your department budget? Yeah, yeah, that's fine.
I don't suppose you've seen Emily James? AWOL again? Dear.
Once is careless.
Twice is negligent.
OK, Grantly, I get it.
You don't like me.
But hey, news flash, I couldn't give two hoots.
Really Michael's 100% behind me.
He really values my opinion.
You'd do very well to remember that.
Are you threatening me? You don't like the way I do things, you know where the door is.
In fact, I'd be happy to open it for you.
Could I have your attention, please? I'm sure you've all heard the news about Daniel.
Is there any word from the hospital? When I hear anything, I'll let you know.
I will be arranging a replacement, but in the meantime, I'll be asking some of you to step into the breach.
And that's all.
Back to work.
Business as usual.
Chalky's a footnote.
Grantly No, no.
If he has a grievance, let's hear it.
We are working our fingers to the bone - for what? For your apparatchiks to waltz in and steal all the glory.
Excuse me? I should have been offered the chance to apply for the HOD post.
You really want to do this here? Why not? Since you are such a fan of transparency and cohesion.
All right.
I didn't think you were a strong candidate.
You were happy enough to make me acting head.
Tom's deputy head, that left me with a choice of one.
That doesn't mean that you can flout the rules.
There are procedures.
The board of governors agreed I could bring in key members of staff.
I thought my ears were burning.
It's against the law and you are not above it.
You cannot bring in who you like, how you like.
Those were my terms.
A school cannot be run without teachers, right? Grantly, get to the point.
What is it that you're trying to say? You've left me no option.
As of now, we are on strike.
Don't be so ridiculous! Until the union gets back to us, we shall not be entering the classroom.
No, he's right.
The union's got guidelines - this is discrimination.
Are you really sure about this? Mm-hmm.
I'm just saying, Michael was the one who appointed me.
It just seems a bit disloyal.
This is about standing shoulder to shoulder with your comrades.
Or did you join the union for the free pen? Go on, Sir.
Stick it to the man! What's all this? Teachers are on strike! Listen up, everybody, it's party time, cos teachers are on strike! Wooo! Everyone, teachers are on strike! Scout.
Have you seen Em? No, why? Well, there's nothing in her locker.
Excuse me? Have you got room for a little one? Where are you heading? Leeds.
Must be your lucky day.
Lindsay this, Lindsay that.
That's all Em's been banging on about for the past few months.
What? And now she's not coming home? Well, it doesn't necessarily mean she's run away.
Scout, tell her.
She's pretty cut up about it.
Let's not jump the gun.
She's not answering her mobile! OK, OK! Any idea where she might have gone? You know, people, places.
She said her sister wanted to move there.
It's a long shot.
What if she's trying to find her? You're in charge of the map.
Keep trying her mobile.
Phone us if you hear anything.
Come on.
Someone's desperate.
What was it? Row with your fella? I've not got a boyfriend.
How many teachers are we down? Seven at the last count.
Make that eight.
Jez is there too.
There's no way we can cover that amount of staff.
Then we utilise the teaching assistants.
They can supervise classes and hand out worksheets.
Keep this disruption to an absolute minimum.
I think it might be a bit late for that.
The union won't back this.
The afternoon off? There must be a God! Let's hope it's smiling on Chalky.
So what are we going to do then? Just chill back at ours? No, I've got loads of chemistry to do.
Mrs Diamond wants three sides on isotopes and atomic structures.
Sounds riveting! And I've got to do notes on genetic code and sexual reproduction.
That's more my area of expertise.
Is that all you think about? All right! I'll just work on my new business plan.
What business plan? Actually, I think I'm just going to go to the library and get my head down.
Yeah, me too.
See what you've done? Hey! Where do you think you're going? Back to lessons now! If the teachers can't be bothered, why should we? Ten seconds, starting now.
Knew it were too good to be true.
There was nearly a God though.
'Hello?' Hello, Em? 'Got you! Leave a message.
' So what's in Leeds? I'm at uni.
Brains and beauty, eh? Well, I'm not sure about that.
I bet you're not short of offers, stunner like you.
I haven't really got time for a relationship right now.
I'm the same.
Why tie yourself down? Plenty of time for all that.
Sow your oats while you're young.
That's what I say.
Everyone back to class now! NOW, do you understand me? Look out! Look out! Zack! Stop it! Stop it! Get out of my way.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Taking a leaf out of Madi's book.
Well, this isn't helping, is it? Get to the cooler, now! Let's just get them in the hall, all right? So we at least know where they are.
Hall - now! I thought you said Leeds.
A man's got to eat.
But we were just at a service station.
Nah, soulless places.
There's a beautiful spot just up here.
Trust me.
You'll love it.
Come on, Miss.
Can't we just go home? Denzil, you know the rules.
There's no Denzil! Denzil! Denzil, is she all right? Where? Miss! Miss, it's Denzil.
What's he saying? Emily's stuck in some van.
He's really worried about her.
What do you mean, "stuck"? Shhh Say it again? He's just come off the motorway - junction 22.
Take that.
Told you, didn't I? Sandwiches.
What? Do you think I'd hurt you? Um, can you help me with the door? It's stuck.
What are you doing? Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door! Open the door! Open the door NOW! Open it! Grantly's made it perfectly clear where he stands.
But we can still rescue this.
Management require 48 hours' notice for a strike - union rules.
So? So they've made themselves eligible for the sack.
You're not serious? Our priority is to provide our students with the best education possible.
You can't do that standing on a picket line.
You can tell them they've until the end of today.
Me? Surely it's going to be better coming from you.
You'd rather I ask Sian? No No, I'll do it.
Leave me alone! Open the door! Emily! Get him away from me.
What have you done to her? Nothing.
Not that it's any of YOUR business.
Well, it is my business.
I'm her English teacher.
Emily's 15! I thought I was doing her a favour.
This is the thanks I get? Well, I suggest you get in your van and clear off.
I need my keys.
Here! Let's get you back to your mum, eh? I'll give her a tinkle, get her to meet us at school.
I need to find my sister.
You have to let her go, for now at least.
But why? Because she's She's changed.
She's a different person.
Deep down you know that.
Because I'm guessing you have, too.
Everything used to be so simple.
Lindsay needs time to find out who she is.
Move on with her life.
You all do, eh? Come on.
Up for visitors? Your daughter's having kittens out there.
It's a work colleague.
I'll go and get her, shall I? Do you want to come in? Is he going to be OK? Aren't you a sight for sore eyes? Really? Thank God you're all right.
I don't think I would've forgiven myself if You know I didn't know you cared so much.
I nearly killed you! Sorry? It was that CPR.
I think I need to take a refreshers course.
It's OK.
What did the doc say? Turns out it was angina.
What's that? Wake-up call.
Do you know, there was one thought just kept going round and round in my head Who's going to miss me when I'm gone? Hey, I'd miss you! You're the only one that saves me any biscuits in the staff room.
Stingy gits! There's something you should know.
I The flowers It was You? I thought perhaps we could go out? I'm touched, Chalky.
I'll take that as a "No" then.
No! I am, really.
You're kind, funny, caring Maybe if I was a bit older though.
It was just meant to be a prank, you know, a wind-up between mates.
Got you! Listen, you The right woman is out there, somewhere.
I'm going to come see you tomorrow.
Really? Try and stop me.
Hey, what's going on? We're on strike.
But there's always room for you on a picket line, Janeece.
So I'm one of you when it suits? Um, how's Chalky? Is there any news? Yeah, he's all right.
The doctor said that he's got Angora.
Angora's a country, isn't it? Yeah, well I knew that.
I was just testing you.
It's where the jumpers come from.
Come to join the proletariat? No, I didn't think so.
Here to negotiate? Not exactly, no.
Look, you're breaking union regs.
Michael needs 48 hours' notice.
Continue with this strike and you're all eligible for the sack.
Ha! Look, don't shoot the messenger.
I think "turncoat" is the word you're groping for.
You should know, Zack's in the cooler.
He's been letting off fire extinguishers.
I'd better go and deal with that.
What about your comrades? Family comes first.
And what's your excuse? Mortgage? Sorry.
First, the stunt in the yard, now this.
Do you want to get chucked out? That's the general idea.
You what? Face it, I'm an embarrassment.
I'm very proud to call you my son.
You and Madi will always be my greatest achievement.
Swiftly followed by the hat-trick I scored against City in the FA Trophy.
Why do you do that? Cover everything serious with a joke.
I'm sorry.
It's It's just your mum was good at that stuff.
But you don't even try.
Look, erm It's just hard for me, Zack, being your teacher and being your dad.
The bed-wetting - it's nothing to be ashamed of.
I remember this one time, I was doing night exercises with the TA Here we go, any excuse.
I was hunkered down in a foxhole, right? And I was bursting.
I had no option, I just had to pee myself.
Is that true? Mm-hmm.
I pretended it was sweat.
Lads didn't buy it though.
Not for a second.
But it turned out it wasn't really a big deal.
We're all still adjusting.
But I will always be there for you.
I mean, you and me, mate, we're the A-Team.
So why don't we all go out for a Chinese tonight, eh? All four of us? As long as you don't start drumming on the table with the chopsticks.
It's embarrassing.
What about the walrus? Can I still do the walrus? Come on! Emily! I'll leave you to it.
Am I in trouble? I think we'll call this one a draw.
A-ha! Present for you.
Serious? Yep, one of the students dropped out.
So there's an empty seat in the orchestra, if you're still interested? Thanks, Sir! Come on.
So you lost her twice? Technically.
You should've come to me the first time.
You wanted teachers to be self-sufficient.
Not with something as serious as this.
Context, Linda! OK.
Mea culpa.
I shouldn't have stuck my size fours in.
But at least Em and her mum are talking.
That's something, right? It won't happen again, I promise.
Well, every cloud has a silver lining, I suppose.
I don't understand.
You've saved me a lot of legwork with Grantly.
Please, don't tell me you're going to fire them? You can't! I will not have him use you as a Trojan horse to spring his own agenda.
Yes? Sorry, employment lawyer's on the phone.
I need to take this.
What on earth happened to you? It's my job.
You used to lead - inspire.
Not polish your jackboots on everyone else's backside! You're out of line! So fire me.
Mr Gibbs again.
He said that he got cut off.
Mr Gibbs.
Sorry, I don't know what happened either.
Anyway, apologies.
It was a false alarm.
I thought Lindsay didn't want to talk to me.
I thought I'd done something wrong.
Why didn't you just say something? You hardly spoke two words to me.
But I thought All I get from you is a quick hello, and then you're gone upstairs, plugged into the TV.
Even when I'm watching the same thing downstairs.
Cos you don't want me around.
That's just not true Then why didn't you ever say anything? Because I didn't want to upset you.
I thought it was your way of coping.
You just carry on.
Dusting, tidying, and reorganizing the kitchen cupboards.
Yeah, well, maybe that was mine.
I really miss her.
Me too.
Em I promise, from the bottom of my heart, that things are going to be different from now on.
Trust me.
I'll try.
As you know, I'm well within my rights to sack you.
But that's not going to happen.
Do I hear the faint footsteps of a climb-down? I won't apologise for wanting to turn this school around.
But I will admit that I can't do it without you.
Which is why I've asked the site manager to put the classroom doors back.
And what about Linda? Linda's a good teacher.
She believes passionately in what she does.
In fact, you two have a lot in common.
Then I look forward to forging a fruitful relationship.
Couldn't have done better myself.
Well, you know what they say.
Keep your friends close I'll catch you up.
Scout! I just wanted to say thanks, yeah? For today.
Who knows what would've happened.
It's all right.
I've got you a present.
It's a friendship bracelet.
Serious? You've been a real mate.
Stuck up cow.
See ya.
Come on, everyone.
It is for a good cause.
Chalky is one of us.
Have you got any change? Um, why don't we all go out for dinner tonight, my treat? Are you sure your comrades won't mind you fraternising with the enemy? Yeah, sorry about that, it was just a sudden rush of blood to the head.
Go on, I'll even let you have a bite of my prawn toast.
Meanwhile Zack spends all evening staring at his shoes? No, no, it's fine.
I fed him some line about me wetting myself while I was on exercise.
Look, I know, but it was the first thing that came into my head.
And it worked, it was great.
Sian, you ready? These departmental budgets won't finalise themselves.
I'd completely forgotten.
Me too.
Well, there's no need for all of us to stay late.
The first round's on me.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
I was planning on seeing Chalky anyway.
So I'll just get a take-away for me and Zack, and we'll have a proper lads' night in.
As promised.
From, "Get Well" to, "Thank You".
Now it's more of a "Forgive Me?" Apology accepted.
I could do with a drink after the day I've had.
Sian and I are on the late shift.
Well, some other time.
Come on then, Linda.
I'll introduce you to the bolt hole.
To Chalky.
Mmm, a true comrade.
Just because I'm deputy head doesn't mean my heart's not in the right place.
That's the thing about climbing the career ladder.
What's that? You get to the top, and you realise there's nothing there but the view.
Budge over.
What the? Vodka shots - melon flavour.
Trust me, they're good.
Not bad.
See? Try something different, you might surprise yourself.
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
You're the cornerstone of the department.
Without you, the whole thing crumbles.
And you, my dear, are a rose between two thorns.
Excuse me.
Nature calls.
Still, you wouldn't want to cross me twice.
Your round? I think it all just about adds up.
Whoever invented spreadsheets was an evil, evil man.
Or woman.
What, everything in boxes? No, it was definitely a man.
Thanks for sticking with me today.
It's OK.
It's what you pay me for.
Night cap? Yeah.
Single malt.
Linda holds a torch for you, I reckon.
Please She's so not my type.
Michael I should never have left you.
You know what? I never really liked whisky.
Look, Ronan, you don't get it.
I'm re-sitting, it's my last chance.
I've been thinking about leaving.
What did Mr Byrne say? He said I'm 16, I can leave when I want.
Ken Watling, a professional rugby coach.
I get that you want to do well in your exams, but can you try and be a bit nicer sometimes? That's why I asked Madi to help me cos she was interested, cos she didn't look at me like I was a loser.
Because she fancies you! Well, at least someone does! I want him back in school by the end of the day.
And don't make me involve the authorities.
Leave him alone! I don't know what you heard, but I never touched Vicki! Give me one reason why I shouldn't sack you now?
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