Waterloo Road (2006) s07e14 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 14

Linda Radleigh, new head of English.
This is her first HOD post, but not before time.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
Never know who might give you the eye.
Have you not got my message? What did she want? What, apart from me body and me brains? Body maybe.
The right woman is out there somewhere.
How was the honeymoon? It was fine, thank you.
Fine? It was amazing.
Mrs Diamond wants three sides on sexual reproduction.
That's more my area of expertise.
Is that all you think about? That's her ex you're slagging off.
Jez! You and Michael? They had a bit of a fling, ey, darling? I should never have left you.
You know what? I never really liked whiskey.
How long have you been up? All night, trying to finish this coursework.
I can't even think straight.
My head's banging.
Why don't you go and get a couple of hours, put your head down? I can tell school you're ill.
Ronan, you don't get it, I'm re-sitting, it's my last chance.
Please, will you just let me concentrate.
OK, just don't push yourself too hard, yeah? Don't worry.
I'll tidy up when I get back.
You know the rent's due on this place? Yeah, I know.
We're short by 50 quid.
And, oh, let me guess, you spent that on fruit? Don't worry.
We'll have enough when I sell this.
"Don't worry"? That's all I've done since we moved in here.
Da da! Happy birthday, son.
It's all yours.
Like it? It's the best present I've ever had.
Can I ride it to school? Yeah, how else you going to impress the girls? Dad, can I get a quad bike when I'm 16? Well, we'll see.
Ooh, I best be off.
Right, and please, please, be careful on that thing.
Yeah and thanks, Dad.
See you later.
Give us a backie, then.
Don't be stupid.
Have a nice walk.
Please say we've got another ink cartridge.
Well, you just take care of yourself.
Never mind about me.
She's getting me some plastic containers.
You told her to come? Yeah.
Hey, you all right? I got them.
Hey, all right.
There you go.
You can have the heavy one.
Thank you.
See you in a bit.
I'll get the door.
You take that.
Excuse me! Good to see you back, sir.
Morning, ladies.
All right.
I've got to go hand my coursework in.
I'll see you later.
Face it, Finn, she just doesn't like you.
Oi! What do you think you're doing? Er, I don't know who you think you are but Oi! You!? Where d'you get this? It's my birthday present.
Happy birthday! You jammy git! Have you seen this? Trying to impress? Take you for a ride later if you like? Nice bike, Phoenix, do you have a licence for it? Course he has.
Scout, Emily, you should both be in your form rooms, off you go.
Laters, yeah.
Come on, let's get this home, please.
It's a present.
I'm 16 today.
It's your birthday today so I know you haven't had a chance to do your CBT.
Which means it's illegal for you to be riding it.
Sir, if you'd just got a brand new set of wheels, you'd want to show them off as well.
I'll tell your form tutor you'll be a little bit late.
Great, thanks a lot.
Many happy returns.
Scrum machine? Looks more like an instrument of torture than sports equipment.
Why's Michael so into rugby anyway? It's change, Tom, embrace it.
He wants the kids to try different things.
What do you reckon? Very good.
It's going to take more than a fancy kit to win the game, though.
Well, me and Sian are going to be celebrating tonight.
Name your restaurant, no expense spared.
Concentrate on preparing the team instead of worrying about where you're going to eat this evening.
I've got it under control.
Let's hope so.
Hasn't exactly been the best start now, has it? I'll see you later.
And, Jeremy, good luck.
Today's match was my idea so let's make sure we win.
Well, St Mary's have been playing rugby since Bruce Forsyth was a lad.
Pressure's on, Jez.
We'll win, all right? Whatever happens, I think you've done an amazing job.
Give me a football any day of the week.
You think I'm up to it, don't ya? Of course I do.
You've put everything into this and you're my husband.
See you in a bit.
Everyone, Chalky's here.
I wish that I looked as good as you after you know.
Arteriosclerosis of the cardiac arteries.
Well, you're back, that's the main thing.
Tea? Coffee? No, don't drink the stuff.
The lads have been working really, really hard and the improvements we've had in the time we've had have been amazing.
That's Linda, she's going to be refereeing the match.
Ken Watling.
Jez tells me you played for Harlequins? Women refs.
God help us! I'm fully qualified.
I don't care how many exams you've got, if you haven't played with men, you shouldn't referee them.
I thought Cro-Magnon man went extinct Ken, I'll show you round, mate.
Who's that? Jez's misogynistic rugby mentor.
He thinks I should be chained to a sink, not refereeing a rugby match.
Rugby mentor.
He didn't tell me.
He'll soon change his mind when he sees me in my shorts.
I don't doubt it.
These'll go like hot cakes.
Could you do me another hundred for tomorrow? Yeah, no problem.
I might have to look at the price again, though.
I'm practically giving this lot away.
Ronan, you're robbing me already.
Come on, 90 pence a unit, what do you say? I say you drive a hard bargain.
But OK.
Hey, you're good at that.
How much are you going to make? Nothing.
I've got no money for stock.
And I need to pay this month's rent, Vicki's going to kill me.
Well, I can get money.
My dad lets me use his credit card.
Nah, I couldn't.
He never checks his bank statements.
Tell me what you want, I'll get it.
Then you pay my dad back.
Well, I'll have to take a cut, of course.
Yeah I mean, that'd be amazing.
But I'm not going to tell Vicki about this.
I just want to keep it as a surprise.
Well, I charge more for my silence.
I could really do with the help.
You never know, you might even enjoy it.
Look, I know you're trying to cheer me up, Matt, but I'm fine, honestly, thanks for trying.
I am trying to cheer you up and do you know what, I actually hate people that do that to me.
But it might take your mind off things.
I haven't played for ages, though.
My room, lunchtime.
All right? Hey, I'm sorry about before.
I'm sorry about the ink.
It's all right.
Look, can you just give this fruit business a rest, just till there's less pressure? What pressure? I mean, for you, exams and that aren't a problem.
Well, I just can't afford to mess up this time.
You, Miss MacDonald, are a genius, you'll ace it.
Mrs Diamond loves you.
And I love you.
Yeah, OK, no problem I'll, er I'll leave it a few weeks, yeah? Excuse me, mate, have you seen Nelson? The bloke with one arm and a dodgy eye? I'm his son.
Right, he's there.
Oi, what are you doing here? Mr Byrne won't let me take my moped into school, he sent me home.
Flaming cheek.
What did he do that for? Rules, apparently.
I've been thinking about leaving.
What did Mr Byrne say? He said I'm 16, so I can leave when I want.
Right, come on, let's get you kitted out.
What for? You can come and work for me.
Welcome to the working world.
Why bring a coach in on the day of a match? Over to you, mate.
Dad says it's about trying to get us all focussed and that, playing as a team.
Sounds a bit desperate to me.
We're going to get slaughtered, man.
Right, boys! Over here.
This is Ken Watling.
He's a professional rugby coach and he's ex-Harlequins prop forward.
He's one of the best.
Mr Diamond.
You got a second? This is a school initiative, Jeremy.
You should've consulted me before bringing in an outsider, no offence.
None taken.
You told me to think big.
I've turned footballers into rugby players in weeks.
This is just a bit of extra help.
Mr Byrne, innit? Yeah, heard about you.
Got stabbed by a kid, yeah? And he walked? Should've thrown away the key, the little scrote.
He'd better be worth it.
I am.
Go on, Ken.
Right, who's captain? Right, you, shift this thing with me on it, five yards that way.
Come on.
What, on me own? No, go and get some Year Seven girls to help you.
Of course, on your own, you fool, now go on, get.
Right, three, two, one.
Come on, boy, heave! Pump those calves, sunshine, go on, pump those calves, lad! Wait a second, wait a second.
I forgot to take off the break.
Well, I think he passed the captain's test.
He never gave up, you see, boys, he never gave up.
And the good news is Ken's working with you after break.
So, yes, that means you're all off timetable.
Sir, I can't make it after break.
Ronan, you've got Oi, it's not up for debate, son.
Do you want to lead this team or not? Go on, off you go.
Ha ha, who's that? That's Zack.
He's our scrum half.
Is he bloody 'eck as like! I've seen more meat on a sparrow's kneecap.
He's quick.
So's diarrhoea.
Look, I've got to say, Jez, some of these lads don't look like rugby players.
Don't tell me you're into mixed ability sport? No, but I think everyone should be given a chance to shine.
Look, sport is about winning, yeah? Sod all this, "It's the taking part that counts".
I just hope Jeremy understands how important this game is.
It's not just about rugby, this is about aspiration, helping these kids strive to be better.
I get it, you want to put the school on the map, but there's no need to speak to Jez like that.
He's done an amazing job setting this up.
I'm sorry, you're right.
It's just hard for me seeing you with him.
I meant what I said.
I know.
Vicki? Everything OK? Yeah, fine sir.
Just got a lot on.
We've got high hopes for you, Vicki.
Have you thought any more about what university you want to go to? Leeds has a great science department.
I was thinking London.
You know where I am if you want to chat through your options.
You sure about this? I said I'd help you.
I've only got art after break.
No, I mean about the money.
Stop worrying.
It's not like my dad can't afford it.
Why are they all scared of you? Two weeks here, you'll be the same.
Won't it be weird having me here? No.
It means I'll be able to keep an eye on you, plus you're someone I can trust to do a good job.
I think I'll be a brickie.
You can earn 400 quid a day.
You know what? This is well better than school.
So I'm pushing it like this, yeah, and he's on top, must be about 20 stone, easy.
No way.
And everyone's like, "Go on, Ro!" So I'm pushing it, and he just jumps off and takes the brake out.
Why did he pick on you? Well, I'm captain.
Reckon he wanted to see if I was up for it.
Yeah? Having a nice time? You all right, Vicki? Look, I think you should tell her now.
Tell me what? The canteen want him to do another hundred.
It's good money, Vic.
Let me guess.
Spent the rent money? No, I lent it to him.
It's a loan.
I'm paying it back.
Get out.
But Vicki, I was just Get out! Madi's a mate, you had no right to talk to her like that.
I know what's going on here, Ronan.
No, you don't.
I got an order, a chance for us to make us some money.
Once I've sold this, I'll have enough money for rent and some left over.
I don't care about the rent.
I never asked to move into that flat.
You just did it.
I did it for us.
I thought it would help.
Help what? You don't get it, Ro.
I am stressed out, I've got you banging on all the time.
All I want to do is concentrate on my work.
So let me do my thing and I'll let you do yours.
I get that you want to do well in your exams, but can you try being a bit nicer sometimes? That's why I asked Madi to help me.
Because she was interested.
She didn't look at me like I was a loser.
Because she fancies you! At least someone does! Vicki, what are you doing? Stop it! Leave me alone! Stop! Vicki.
Stop! Get off.
Stop it! Listen to this.
"Ken Watling.
Not the most gifted of forwards.
"What he lacked in skill he made up for in sheer brute force.
" What? Look, I've got to go, I'll see you in class, yeah, mate? Meet me for lunch? What? I can't.
Back of the canteen, I'll be waiting.
I'm really sorry.
Ronan? Look, everything's just getting to me.
I feel like people are just watching me and waiting for me to fail.
Not me, Vic, I've never doubted you.
I know.
Sometimes that makes it worse.
I'm just scared that if I do fail, I won't be the person that you want me to be.
I've never cared about your achievements, I just wanted to make you happy.
I am so sorry, Ronan.
I was just in a state, and I saw you and Madi and I just lost it.
I need to be getting back.
Ronan, please.
Let's just forget this ever happened, yeah? Yeah, course.
Where d'you turn to for inspiration? The coach? No.
He'll be as much use to you as tits on a bull.
It's the captain's job to motivate the team.
Go on, Ro! Go on! Shouldn't we be talking about tactics and stuff? What a good idea! Tactics and stuff.
Right, then.
Why don't you get the ball rolling? Right, come on, stand up, everyone.
On your feet.
I want you all to join hands, yeah? We're a team.
Every player is a vital link, yeah? You'll have your heads between sweaty male thighs in a few hours, so what's worse? Come on! Aw, what's wrong, sunshine? Doesn't your girlfriend let you hold hands with anybody else now? Right, come on, let's go and show everyone we're a team, yeah? Yeah! Let's go, go! You joining us? Right, coursework files, please.
Thank you, Tom.
Thank you.
Vicki? Er, Miss, can I give you mine tomorrow? Vicki, this is becoming a habit.
Yeah, I just need more time.
How did you get that? Um, I just walked into a cupboard door.
Here, let me see it.
I need a clamp.
When did this happen? This morning.
Vicki, is something the matter? No, why? Look, I walked into a door, it happens.
But I want that work in tomorrow, no excuses.
Apparently, his dad's working on some new apartments in the city centre.
There's the address.
Thanks, Janeece.
Can I have a word? Yep, but you'll have to be quick.
I've got a building site to visit.
Really? Yeah, Phoenix Taylor's been AWOL all day.
I'm going to talk to his dad, see if we can't get it sorted.
What was it you wanted? Ronan Burley.
I think he might be physically abusing Vicki MacDonald.
What?! She was fine earlier.
She's got a black eye now.
I know it doesn't sound like Ronan No, it doesn't.
Look into it, let me know.
Those two, eh? Can't prise them apart.
I know, they make a dead good team, don't they? You mean them two God, no! Sian's married.
Janeece, you've a very suspicious mind.
Madi? I wondered if I could have a word? It's about Vicki McDonald and Ronan.
If it's gossip you're after, you'll have to go elsewhere.
I was just wondering if they'd been having any problems.
Vicki's under a lot of pressure.
Well, so's Ronan in case you hadn't noticed.
But running a fruit and veg stall isn't the same as A-level chemistry, is it? Course not.
Look, I know you like Ronan.
Yeah, as a mate! What's that? It's my dad's credit card.
I borrowed it.
That's OUR credit card.
Yeah, well, I wanted some clothes.
He lets me.
Go on, then, go ask my dad if you don't believe me.
Don't worry, I will! Right, lads, I don't mind telling you, Mr Byrne's been putting pressure on me on us.
It's not only football that's important at Waterloo Road.
This is a big game, a big game for the school.
Zack, sorry, mate, but Tariq's going to take over as scrum half and you're going to drop back to the bench.
That's well out of order.
All right calm it! Decision has been made, you deal with it.
Right, girls, let's talk game plan.
Mr Diamond? Wifey! Tariq, listen.
You're number nine now Sian, I'm really busy.
I just caught Madi using our credit card.
Look, there's three payments to a beauty clinic for 250 quid a time.
Our money, Jez, and she says you let her.
Um, I I actually told her she could just use it in an emergency.
Jez, you can't buy their affections.
I'm not.
Look, I'll speak to her.
No, I'll do it.
I'll sort it, I promise.
Don't worry, I'll be diplomatic.
No, look, you really can't.
The beauty clinic thing, it isn't her.
It's me.
What? I've had a few I've had some work done.
I mean, just the eyes, nowhere else.
You've had Botox? Simon Cowell has it done, don't he? What for? You're 36.
I felt like I needed to.
Come on, Sian, you and I know I have to work a bit harder in the looks department.
So you're saying you did this because of me? Can't you wait till you get him home, miss? Ronan Burley, I would watch very carefully what I say if I were you.
Can we talk about this later? I mean I'm under the cosh here.
Show no fear, look into your opponents' eyes, OK? No fear whatsoever.
Mr Smith.
All right? He should be at school.
He's 16, surely he can make his own mind up, can't he? No, he can't start working until he leaves.
Let's just call it work experience till then.
Come on, Mr Byrne.
He wants to take his place in the big, wide world.
What happened this morning with the bike just goes to prove he's outgrown school.
What happened with the bike? I think we both know he shouldn't even have been given the bike until he'd taken the appropriate training course.
Look, I agree maybe Phoenix is frustrated, but is quitting really the answer? It didn't do me any harm, I've done all right for meself.
Do you know what he scored in his last maths test? He got a B, and it could easily have been an A if he'd put a few more hours in.
Look, all I'm saying is he's a good student, he could have options.
He got a B? Really? Yes.
Well, he don't get that from me.
But it doesn't take away from the fact that he just doesn't want to be there.
Well, have you asked him? Phoenix, come here.
Mr Byrne here reckons that you don't really want to quit school? Dad, honestly, I love it here.
Finally, I feel like I'm being taken seriously.
Tell you what, we'll give him a week to work it out.
If it don't pan out he can come back to you and your equations.
I don't think you understand, he doesn't have a choice.
I'm his dad, I want what's best for him! His dad? Forgive me, but you sound more like one of his classmates.
I want him back in school by the end of the day.
Don't make me involve the authorities.
Bye, sir.
I thought you said he was all right with you leaving? You'd better be sure that this is what you want to do.
Look at him! My old mam shows more aggression when she's queuing for her pension.
Well, no more changes, we can't risk it.
Oi, come here.
What're you doing? I need him.
I think your attitude stinks, son.
Oi, oi, oi.
Don't you laugh at me, I'll rip your bloody head off, right.
Um, can we calm down? Calm down? Do you want to win this match? If you want me off the team, I'm gone, no problem.
Ronan, stay put.
Just let him go.
Rugby's a man's game, Jez! Get off him! Set your alarm if you're going to take me on, sunshine.
Right, you're the captain, end of.
With him as captain, you're going to get slaughtered.
I've made my decision.
You don't want my help? Fine.
Good luck to you.
You're going to bloody well need it.
Ken? Where you going? We've still got the line-outs to go through.
Ronan, where are you off to? I quit.
Sorry, sir.
Circuits! A, the legend.
Ready to rock? I hope you don't mind, I brought my own.
All right, sir? Better get the oxygen for Mr Chalk, just in case he Em! Right, settle down everyone, please.
Mr Chalk is here to learn with you all, OK, and help a bit, if he can.
Sir, this looks really difficult.
Sir, can you play? Well, I haven't played for a while, you know, years.
Aw, play something.
Can you play Rihanna? That's probably not Mr Chalk's taste, is it? Go on, try it.
I don't know that song, sorry.
Just play anything, sir.
Go on, sir.
Go on! Go on! Go on, go on! No way out of this, is there? That is a much smaller ball.
Hand-to-eye co-ordination.
Some people have it, others don't.
Well, I'm more of a lips-to-lips co-ordination kind of guy.
Mr Cheese or what? We're mates, remember? Yeah - mates kiss.
Look, I don't know if I'm feeling this whole mates thing.
We agreed.
And now I'm changing my mind.
I'm allowed to change my mind, aren't I? Is that what you're saying, that you just want us to be mates? No, I'm not saying that.
Maybe we could just Not so bad, was it? We know what Ronan did.
The scumbag.
What? Anything we can do, just ask.
You don't have to put up with that, you know that, Vic.
Are these shorts too tight? No, you look great.
Is Jez excited about the match? I don't know, you'd have to ask him.
I'm so sorry.
I've just got a lot on my mind, so Anything I can help you with? No.
I'm a good listener.
Problem shared and all that? I don't think you'd believe me if I told you.
Go on, I've heard 'em all.
Jez has had Botox.
You're joking.
It showed up on our credit card statement.
He's spent a fortune on it, Linda.
I'm sorry, but He's a bit young to have it done, isn't he? He said he did it to keep up with me.
Can you believe that? Well, it just shows you, men can be as sensitive about their looks as us.
And they all have their little secrets.
It's not a secret.
It's just a level of narcissism I didn't really expect from him, that's all.
My God! Michael says she's as good at keeping her mouth shut as she is at typing letters.
Well, you should know.
I mean, with you being his deputy, he can confide in you.
Go on.
What's he really like behind that Superhead mask? It's been a while since I spent any proper time with him.
I bet he's broken a few hearts along the way.
I, er, I wouldn't know.
Excuse me.
Zack? Zack, you OK? I thought you'd be getting ready by now? Dad's booted me off the team.
What? Why? Has he given you a reason? He's losing it.
That Ken bloke's gone and Ronan's quit.
Why did Ronan quit? Dunno.
Think it's got something to do with him and Vicki.
Look, your dad Um, he's under a lot of pressure today.
This rugby thing, he's got to make it work.
People are saying you've hit Vicki.
Well, is it true? Ronan, is it true? It's none of your business.
It's none of anyone's business, so keep this out! I'd like a word, Ronan! What for? I think that's obvious, don't you? Miss, you wanted to see me? We're going to sort this out.
There's nothing to sort, it's between me and Vicki.
We don't tolerate violence in this school.
Ronan, we should just explain.
So it's true, then.
Why would he do that, though? Dunno, mate.
Yes, boys, are you all set for the match in a bit? I was just looking for Mr Diamond, has anyone seen him? Er, last seen having a row with the missus.
Well, you know why that is, don't you? He's had Botox and he's spent an absolute fortune on it.
No! That's good, that's a D-chord.
Well, well, well, I had no idea you were so good.
Years spent on me own in me bedroom, the original William No-mates.
A bit more wallowing there.
I'm sorry if I'm not dancing up and down the corridors.
I'm going to be on beta-blockers for the rest of my life.
Come on, this isn't you.
You're not a naturally morose person.
Yeah, right.
Right, I'm going to be selfish here, OK? I need the old Chalky back.
Preferably the one who plays guitar better than I do.
See you later.
Violence against women is never justified.
It's not Ronan.
Come on, Vic.
Look, he didn't hit me.
I hit him.
He would never hit me, never.
Look, I understand you want to protect him.
No! I hit him.
Maybe I should talk to you separately.
You must be under a lot of pressure, here.
Yes, but not by him, if that's what you mean.
The only problem here is people with big gobs who don't know anything.
Look, thanks, Miss, thanks for trying to help, but you're just jumping to conclusions.
Me and Ronan are absolutely fine.
Right, you lot, go and get ready.
Good luck, boys.
Er, what're you two playing at? Takes years off you, eh, sir? Good for the skin.
Yeah, all right, shut it, the lot of you.
See you on the pitch in five minutes.
Everything's just getting to me.
I'm scared of failing scared of letting everyone down.
It's all these expectations like you, Mrs Diamond, Mr Byrne "Vicki's our top student", pictures in the Gazette.
Yeah, but you hit me.
I know you're under pressure, but I don't know what to do.
I don't either.
Do you want me to stop this? No I want you to keep doing it.
I don't want people thinking that you hit me.
I'll deal with it, don't worry.
I'm going to go and finish some work I'll meet you at the gates, yeah? Ronan, did you hit Vicki? Look, I've heard the rumours, but I need to hear it from you.
Well, then there's no reason you can't be playing then, is there? Look, if you're not out there, we're going to get hammered, simple as that.
Look, it's up to you, but if you do, I'll be there, cheering you on.
Well, there you are, I mean, she obviously wants you to play.
Look at me.
Everyone's going to have a go about the Botox but I don't care.
Botox? Yeah, I had a bit Look, what I'm trying to say is that it's water off a duck's back.
This isn't the same as people knowing you've had Botox.
I need you.
You've got ten minutes until kick off.
No, I haven't had a chance to work it out yet.
Five minutes! You're joking me! Yeah, all right, OK.
Was that school? No, and why aren't you working? There's nothing to do.
What's the problem? I've got five minutes to tell the supplier how much stone to send, but some daft old sod's done the measuring in old money he's done it in yards instead of metres.
It's well easy to convert, we do it in maths all the time.
Can you do it? Yeah, have you got a pencil? Whatever people tell ya They'll never love you more I wish I'd known to love you right before, and that's the score Now, whatever's come to pass Please be sure Are you sure this is right? Yeah.
Yeah, hiya, mate.
It's me again.
Right, I've got it.
It's 64 cubic meters.
Yeah, nice one.
Hey, some impressive stuff going on there, son.
I know.
Back to school.
What? No wonder that headmaster come here to fetch you back.
I like it here.
You said I could stay.
No, that Mr Byrne was right, you don't belong here on a building site, especially now I know my son's a genius.
Dad! Phoenix! You've been here five minutes and you're bored out your mind.
No, you're going back and you're leaving that bike here and all, I'll ride it home for you, the lads could do with a laugh.
Come on.
Who are ya? Who are ya? Well, good luck, lads.
And you.
Looks like you're going to need it.
Right, boys, this is it.
We keep our shape, keep our discipline and remember beat your opposite number.
Yeah, what's he doing here? I ain't playing with him.
You'll do as you're told, or you can go and tell Mr Byrne why you're prepared to let the school down.
Didn't expect to hear you defending women's rights.
Anyone laid a finger on my sis, I'd kill 'em.
Ronan, you're full back.
Alex, subs bench for you, mate.
That's a shame, innit? Here.
This is a waste of time.
They don't want me here.
Look, forget about this lot, you're on.
You OK? Couldn't be better.
I bet you wish you were playing with girls, don't you, Ronan?! Shut up! Yeah, and you're going to make me, are you? What happens between Vicki and Ronan is their business, no-one elses.
Says the girl that fancies Ronan.
Hey, good luck.
Three, two, one, six, two, four.
Come on, Waterloo Road! Come on, boys, yeah, talking to each other.
We need to keep our eyes on the ball.
We need to keep our heads up.
Got to captain this team ourselves.
We need to get the roll, man, yeah? Little battles, it's not that hard.
No girls on this pitch.
No communication, no passing, I might as well not be here.
Yeah, sounds good to me.
Leave him alone! Look, I don't know what you've heard, yeah, but I'd never touch Vicki! Stop it! Jeremy, your team's imploding.
Cut it out, or I'll sin-bin the two of you, stop it!! He didn't do anything! Stop it!! Vicki, you need to get off the pitch.
Just leave it, Vicki, yeah? Ronan didn't do anything.
He didn't hit me, I hit him! God, you lot are worse than them.
This isn't the time.
Jez? Vicki, off the pitch, now.
No, not till they know the truth not till everyone knows the truth.
Look, just tell them I'm not having you taking the blame for something I did.
We don't have to justify ourselves to this lot.
Look, will you just tell 'em, we're getting hammered here! Please, Ronan, just tell them.
I didn't hit Vicki, she's telling the truth.
Well, how did she get the bruise then? I hit it on a shelf he didn't do anything.
I'm sorry.
Right, come on.
Let's play rugby.
Ronan, mate, what can I say? I'm sorry.
Come on, boys.
My dad says I'm to say sorry Sorry, sir.
Apology accepted.
You've made the right decision, you know that? Good, go and watch the game.
Well, whatever you said worked.
It didn't take much.
He's a good father, really, they're lucky to have him.
Phoenix has got a lot of potential.
Crouch, touch, pause, engage.
Go on! Now, you see? That's what I'm talking about, tenacity, teamwork, dedication, never giving up.
Well done, well done, Ronan! Come on! Six, one, three, four, Bedan's ball.
His foot was in touch.
His foot was in touch.
OK, try disallowed.
Line out.
Is he being serious?! You're a cheat! No need to be like that, mate.
Jeremy a word.
Give me one reason why I shouldn't sack you now.
I just watched you disallow a perfectly good try.
It looked out to me.
We just won the game! You saw the buzz it gave the boys.
I want to build a culture of success, not dishonesty.
If you can't tell the difference Great performance, just what the school needs.
We do not need a reputation for cheating.
What? Who cheated? Jeremy did.
Please tell me he's wrong? Look, I just gave us the benefit of the doubt, that's all.
What is wrong with you? Come on, Sian it's not that big a deal, is it? You've made us look like idiots, Jeremy.
Played, sir.
Nice one, sir.
Cheers, sir.
Wait for me, yeah? Ronan! I'm sorry but I couldn't just stand there and let you take the blame.
I said I'd deal with it.
Can we just go home? I'm going out round town tonight.
Is she going? I'll see you later.
Ronan? Yes.
We're taking the fruit to the canteen, then we're going out.
Well, don't bother coming home! Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that I just I'm sorry, OK? This isn't going to work.
No, I said I'm sorry Can we just go home? Please don't do this to me, please.
I'm not coming back tonight, yeah? Go then I don't care if you never come home! Scout! Phoenix.
I just wanted to say I was really impressed with your playing earlier on, it's got good technique.
Not as good as you, sir.
Yeah, well, you know Listen, if you wanted any extra lessons, as long as Mr Wilding's OK with it, then I'm happy to help.
Serious?! Course! Great.
Well, we'll start tomorrow then, shall we? Tell Denzil and Emily they're welcome as well.
Cheers, sir, see you later.
Dad, Dad, what's going on? Everyone's saying you cheated.
Just leave my credit card alone, all right? Well, is it true? Looks like we've got nothing to celebrate.
Ronan, can I have a word, please? Just give us a minute.
I owe you an apology.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you and Vicki.
It's OK, miss.
No, it's not.
I jumped to conclusions.
Are you OK? Well, you know where I am.
We can help you both of you, there's counselling and all sorts.
We're fine, but thanks, miss.
And Vicki? Is she all right? What she did was unacceptable but I'm still worried about her.
Keep an eye on her, Ronan.
She's not as tough as she makes out.
What were your job like? It were all right I'm glad my dad changed his mind and that.
It's always good to have choices, innit? Least you don't have to work.
I've got a job interview later.
Why don't you concentrate on your exams? You're dead clever, you.
I need it.
It keeps me away from my mum, don't it? That bad? Yeah.
You could come round after we're ordering pizza.
My dad's paying.
Great! Not that your dad's paying but, yeah cool.
Laters, then.
Try some spicy chicken, Dad.
All right.
Oi! Don't eat all of it! All right, birthday boy, I'll save you the last slice, I promise.
Well, brain box, does it feel good to be back at school? Yeah, I guess.
I'm thinking of taking that maths A-level.
I got an A in art today.
Wow, keep this up, we'll make pizza night a monthly treat.
Hey, hurry up, Scout, before there's nothing left.
I got you a present.
It's nothing, right? I made it in textiles.
But you've got to be safe, haven't you? Cheers.
Well, go on soft lad give her a kiss.
Did you apologise to Zack? Erm, he'd already gone, but I will.
I'm sorry if I upset people today but I did what I thought was right.
You know, I'm sorry if I'm not perfect.
Can we just go home and talk about this there? No.
You go, I'm staying.
Thanks for today, Matt.
Sorry about being such a pain.
From now on, if I see something or want something, I'm just going to go for it.
Well, I will drink to that.
Is it true? Jez the cheat? No! No, I'd call it bias.
What's the difference? Well, bias is more about Well, it's about We won - who cares? Tom! You in? Come on.
You OK? I'm fine.
Well, you must be able to see it now.
He couldn't handle it today.
He's let everyone down.
And you're delighted about that, aren't you? No, I wanted more than anyone for this to be successful.
You gave him an impossible task, Michael, don't think I don't know what you did.
Sian, don't be ridiculous.
So quick to point out Jez's failings.
Perhaps you should turn that perception on yourself.
You're overreacting.
Again? Aren't you going to join us? No.
I have to go.
Drink? Yeah, why not? Ronan? Yeah, it's me.
Sorry, I should've phoned.
I thought you weren't coming back? Yeah, well, that was all talk, wasn't it? I'm going to make myself something to eat.
I've been looking at stress management websites all evening.
I never meant to I'm really sorry about what I put you through today.
I don't know what you want any more, Vicki.
I want you, I want us.
You don't trust me.
Yeah, I do.
You're all I've got, course I trust you.
And Madi? Just seeing you two together you you just looked dead close.
Madi's a mate.
She can help me run the business, keep this place going.
You know I would help you if I had the time.
I know.
We'll be fine.
You hungry? I didn't want to say anything in front of the others, but today's match was a brilliant idea of yours.
Thank you, but you should've said something.
I don't have a problem being praised in public.
No, I mean it! I know what Jez did was wrong, but that whole rugby thing, I mean, it just shows what vision you have for the place.
We'll get there.
Well, this is me.
Look, I'm going to come right out with this.
I've always found you very attractive.
Why don't you come back to mine tonight? I promise you won't be disappointed.
Hello, handsome.
Last time I saw you, you were wearing considerably less.
What's Ronan playing at? She battered him, he's back for more.
What, is she hypnotising him as well or something? You're actually quite scared of me, aren't you? You've dealt drugs before, haven't you? Are you at it again? I'm not! My head's pounding.
Don't you dare.
Man, you're asking for it again! What did you say? WHAT DID YOU SAY?!! Red Bee Media and Mecano
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