Waterloo Road (2006) s07e15 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 15

We don't need a reputation for cheating! Who cheated? Jeremy! Stop! Vicki, stop! Go on, soft lad.
Give her a kiss.
What do you want?! A confession! I want to hear you say it! Innocent until proven guilty.
And you couldn't prove jack! I didn't hit Vicki.
She's telling the truth.
How did she get the bruise, then? I hit it on a cupboard.
I've always found you very attractive.
It's you who should be locked up.
You'll pay for what you did.
'I've been working as a professional carer for five years 'Three years 'Two years 'My last place of employment was an old people's home in Stockport 'Was a care home for the elderly in Stockport.
' What sort of MS do you have? Benign MS? Relapsing-remitting MS? Secondary progressive MS? Or is it primary progressive MS? Hey, I've been practising me chords.
I'm beginning to sound a bit like Keith Richards.
What you laughing at? Is that recording gear? Yup.
Our orchestra are recording a piece we've been working on for the parents' evening.
I can give your orchestra some oomph if you want.
Yeah? Like chika-chika-wow-wow! No, thanks.
But I can help! I was born to perform.
I am a prefect, you know?! What are you shouting about, Tariq? I just wanted to help, sir.
They said I can't join the orchestra.
Being able to play an instrument might help.
And can you? I do beats really good.
Really well.
Give us a go, please! How is your percussion section, Mr Wilding? Adequate.
Well, adequate's not good enough for my parents' evening! Why don't you give Mr Siddiqui here a chance? If his "beats" are half as good as he says they are, then it's a win-win, no? There's no way we can have Tariq Siddiqui in our orchestra.
We're so up against it as it is.
I haven't got time to muck about with new arrangements.
This is a troubled pupil showing a spark of interest in something for the first time.
All I ask is that you don't write him off.
I'm not writing him off.
I'm just I'm sure a teacher of your quality can handle Tariq.
Unless you want to tell me otherwise? Brilliant.
I've got relapsing-remitting MS.
And, as I put in the advert, I need a night carer.
You'd be free during the day.
Sounds perfect.
How long have you been a carer? Two years.
And your last place of work was the Chantry Hall Nursing Home.
I don't know it.
It's a small home, but very perky.
Not the old people.
They're not perky, they're old.
That came out a bit wrong.
I know what you mean.
Don't worry.
Some of the other nurses I interviewed made me feel like a patient.
They didn't quite get it.
You seem different.
Really? That's a good thing.
Well, it sounds like you just need a bit of help.
That's it.
Jodie, I want you to take the job.
We'll go on a trial basis, but I have to do this sooner or later.
God, you're kidding?! Sorry.
Slightly too much.
I'm giddy! I'll give your referee a call later today, but I'm sure it'll be fine.
I'm sure it will.
Hello, gorgeous.
Ha, what you doing? Finn, we can't.
Not here.
Why? No-one's looking.
What have I said? Has he taken her back? Looks like it.
What?! Careful, Finn.
All right, mate.
What, you two back together, then? Yeah.
Just a little blip, you know? Just didn't think you'd want to.
It's me and Vick.
Solid as a rock.
Hold those.
Are you still playing rugby tonight? I can't, mate.
I'm cooking up a treat tonight.
Have you lost your mind?! No.
Your girlfriend decked you one and you're cooking her a romantic meal?! She's taking you for a mug, Ro.
No, she isn't! Are you sure, mate? Mind that for us, yeah? Hiya! You're not going to believe it, I got the job! You're kidding! It's a new start, Phee! What are you doing? Stop filming me! How come you've got a new phone? I've been saving up.
Hold still, I've got to capture this moment in history.
So what's your mum gonna say? Mum? Don't know.
She probably won't notice.
Course she will.
Yeah, maybe when she hasn't got a slave to boss around.
I could ask my dad if you could come stay with us.
Have you not been listening at all? I'm going to get paid.
Like, properly.
This is my chance.
But there's just one thing.
I need you to be a reference for me.
What do you mean? Mia's going to ring you, and I need you to pretend to be my old boss.
I'll put her number in your phone, so that you know when she rings.
You're mad, you are.
So what's his name, then? Mr Joe McGuiness.
Mr Joe McGuiness.
Will you do it? All right, then.
You're mint, you.
So are you.
Hello, handsome.
Last time I saw you, you were wearing considerably less.
Linda, probably not the best time to talk about it.
Later, then? That's a nice tie.
Trying to impress someone? Linda Everything you say to me in this room is confidential.
Feeling all right? No, not really.
Let's start by you telling me a bit about how you'd been feeling in the lead-up.
Just stressed, I suppose.
But have you got people to talk to? No.
Just Ronan.
Have you ever had any counselling before? No.
I didn't need it.
Did you think Ronan deserved it? What sort of a question is that?! I'm just trying to establish the reason why you hit him.
Well, I don't know why I hit him! It just happened.
I freaked out.
I just keep getting more and more stressed.
About what? About everything! About failing at my work! Having no money! And Ronan And if you were to fail at your work? What's the worst that could happen? I'm not going to fail.
Why did I even think this was a good idea? Vicki.
Finished your work for Mr Budgen, then? Yep.
All done.
Nice one, son.
Do you want me to have a look at it, before you hand it in? Thanks.
But I'm happy with it.
Come on, hand it over.
It can't be that bad, you've worked all weekend on it.
No, I haven't.
Come on! Blimey.
Yeah, all right! I bet you're looking forward to parents' evening tonight, aren't you, Dad? Look, it's going to be all right.
Speak to you later.
Aw, I'm sorry, bro.
Come on.
What is the point of parents' evening, eh? We dread it.
The kids dread it.
The parents dread it.
It's just one great big ball of dread.
Have you ever thought about being a motivational speaker? Hello, everyone! Isn't it a beautiful day? You look nice.
Someone's dressed to impress tonight.
Mmm, maybe? Either that or someone had a very good weekend? Morning, all! Morning.
All right, all right.
I know, parents' evening can seem like a challenge after a long day at work.
But don't forget you've all got a lot to be proud of.
I know how hard you've all worked at this and I'm pleased, OK? The kids' grades are starting to come through and they're very good.
Some of you still haven't inputted your grades into the system, mentioning no names, Grantly.
If I could have them by the morning break, please? Come on, help Sian out here.
She's got a particularly busy day ahead.
Well, I'll help.
It'd be great to have an extra pair of eyes when the outstanding grades come in.
Consider it done.
Thank you, you're a lifesaver.
Um, well, I've got to see Vicki Macdonald.
But could you swing by my office in about half an hour? Sure.
Good luck.
Thank you.
What? What are Zack's grades looking like? Not great, but we are still waiting on some subjects.
Look, darling, is there anything that you could do? I'm sorry? You know, like with his science grades, you know, maybe bump it up a little bit? You told me yourself that his biology coursework looks all right.
Have you asked any of the other teachers to "bump up" your son's grade? Of course not, but he's a fragile kid.
I think the scrutiny of tonight might just shatter his confidence.
Cheating's starting to be a bit of a habit with you, is it? Whoa, hang on a minute.
Look, if he's struggling he needs our support! Lying is hardly the answer.
So, I reckon I can move my stuff out of Mum's later when she's not there.
Need a bit of muscle? Hiya.
Guess what! That woman offered me that carer job.
I'm moving out! You're joking! You've had the interview and everything? Yeah, this morning.
Phoenix were great.
He got me here on time and everything.
It's like my perfect job.
Yeah, because looking after some woman with MS every night sounds like a right laugh to me.
Rock on.
It's what she wants to do.
Yeah, all right, who asked you? Don't worry.
Right, Chalky, just grab that for me.
Look at this gear, it's well professional.
What's he doing here? None of your business, so shut it.
No, you shut it! Tariq, any more of that and you're back out that door.
Even though Mr Byrne says I get a go? Get a go at what? Are we being recorded or something? Right, firstly, guys, Tariq is here to help with the percussion section.
And Simon is here to record the track for us, so it can be played at parents' evening tonight.
Nah, you're joking! That is so sick! What? So it's like a proper record thingy? Absolutely.
Everyone grab their instruments and gather round in a circle.
Come on.
Double time.
Let's run through the piece we've been working on the last few weeks.
Right, Phoenix, you're coming in first, OK.
Are we ready? OK, five, six, seven, eight.
Ready? Annie? Nah, that won't fit in there.
Go, now! Phoenix! Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, this is wack, man! We're just warming up, Tariq.
Yeah, exactly.
By tonight it's going to be perfect, isn't it? I wanted to give you this back.
My coursework? I could fail you for that, Vicki.
Are you going to? If you resubmit, you could claw it back.
Is it that bad? There's no getting away from it.
You've had a lot on your plate.
And your work was bound to suffer.
I don't believe this.
I'm an A-grade student! You've told me that over and over! Yes, and you need to pull something out of the bag and fast.
How's the counselling going? Not great.
I walked out.
Vicki! I I think you need some support.
And I want you to know that I'm here.
If you need anything at all.
I don't know what good it'll do.
It's like I'm destined to mess things up at the moment.
Sorry, I've got to go.
Hey, Vicki, is everything all right? Yeah.
I wanted to ask you, Lauren needs some help with refreshments at parents' evening.
Pouring the tea, nicking the biscuits, that sort of thing.
What? Parents' evening? Refreshments? They need help.
Can you do it? Whatever.
Ronan! Come on, son.
I've got to go, Vicks.
speak later, yeah? Yeah.
OK, luckily for us we've got the whole day to get this right.
So I think we should record it one part at a time.
Sir, me and Rhona wrote some lyrics.
Think it'll make the track sound more interesting.
Um, I don't think we'll have the time, girls.
Don't you want lyrics? I'll give you vocals.
Like I just said, I don't think we have time.
Nah, I'm ready.
Simon, switch that mic on.
Testing, testing.
Right, one, two, one, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
D'you want me to split your head open? Tariq! No, thanks! Yeah, thought so, right.
Hush, man, this how it goes.
Prison life was hard, for them man behind them bars.
I walked in, I stood tall, I had fights, I didn't fall.
Parents didn't call.
I did a crime didn't No, I did time, did a crime Sir, he's crap.
You should just let us do the singing, seriously.
You need to learn some respect, man! Do I? Yeah?! One more comment from any of you, and you're in the cooler.
OK, do I make myself clear? Right, Tariq, can you go back to the sound desk, please! Sir, all I'm saying is why bother even having music if you can't sing over it? Roll out, man.
You can stuff your stupid orchestra.
Girls, no, hang on.
Mr Wilding? Why can't we try an arrangement with voices? I know it's not what we've been practising, but OK.
Um, Phoenix! Off! Sir, my dad had a hospital appointment.
He said he'd call me to tell me how it went.
Do you mind if I call him back? OK, yeah, I hope he's all right.
Can Scout come as well? Yeah, yeah, fine.
Just don't be too long.
OK, girls, let's hear what you've got.
Right, OK, just don't do that weird voice you did earlier, yeah? A Hello, is this Mia Willington? Yep.
Hi, there, my name's Joe McGuinness.
I'm ringing from Chantry Hall Nursing Home? I believe I had a missed call from you? Yes.
I didn't know whether I had the right number.
The voicemail sounded like a school kid, if I'm honest.
That must have been my son, Phoenix.
He borrowed my phone.
He must have changed the voicemail message.
OK, look, I just wanted to double-check a reference on Jodie Allen? One of your carers? She's fabulous and I would trust her with my life.
She's always been particularly great with the handicapped.
Must go now.
Eat your heart out, Robert Pattinson! Wilding's coming.
Excuse me? Phoenix, we're ready for you.
Thank you.
I think it might be best if we just split the workload.
So if you check the average grade for Year 12 English, I'll crack on with Year 11 science.
Thanks, Linda, I really appreciate it.
It's no problem.
Come in.
Grantly! As instructed.
My assessment data.
But if I could have the folder back.
It's where I keep my betting slips.
Thank you for this, but you didn't need to write it all down.
It's submitted online.
That, Mrs Diamond, is one of the crimes of the computer age, the loss of the art of hand-writing.
It has been noticed by eminent graphologists that I am a particularly elegant scribe, so I embrace any opportunity to share my graceful hand with others.
This is going to take us an age.
Hello? Sorry.
Miles away.
Anyone I know? Come on, spill the beans.
God, I can't really say.
Well, you seem happy.
Well, it's early days, but yeah, I am.
Zack Diamond.
Have we got it? Girls, we've got it, thank you.
Yeah, more than enough.
Shut up! Cut it out! Right, you know that bit.
Yeah? Ready to go, yeah? It's Mia.
Hi, Mia.
Jodie, hi.
Everything OK? Fine, yeah.
I just rang to ask you.
I spoke to Mr McGuiness.
I hope he gave me a rave review.
He did.
But there was just something he said that didn't quite fit.
What do you mean? He used the word "handicapped".
It's just an outdated word.
No professional I know would use that word these days.
I also found it slightly offensive.
Yeah, well, to be honest with you, he's a bit old-school.
He wouldn't have meant anything by it.
What was he like as a boss? He was always really supportive, a man of his word.
Is there anything you'd like doing? No.
It's OK.
Actually, you could pick up my tablets on your way over tonight.
They're at the surgery.
They're used to people picking them up on my behalf, just give them my name and address.
Absolutely no problem at all! See you later! See you, Jodie.
And thanks.
I've got a question.
Sure? Some of the kids are really down on themselves about their grades.
Vicki Macdonald freaked out just now and maybe I've raised her expectations too much.
I'm all for raising their expectations.
What if we interview her? Gave her a character assessment, and tried to work out if there are any external circumstances affecting her grades.
Then we could provide extra support, you know, we could allocate an aspirational grade, based on what she wants to reach at A-level.
Sure, take some time off lessons this afternoon, reassess.
Most of the teachers have to sit there tonight and talk about "potential", but if we don't have a concrete process Sian? Yeah? I just said that's great.
I'll find some cover for you.
What? That's OK? Yes.
Of course.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Sian? Yeah? Are we OK with what happened last week? With Jez.
I was just doing my job.
Yeah, sure.
I'd better get on.
OK, guys, tell you what, let's hear what we've got so far, shall we? Matt? Rosie! We're trying to record a song in here, so will you Sorry.
We need to talk about the appointment.
Um, will you just take over for a second? That's just great! What are you doing here? Good news, we've been bumped up the waiting list! We've got an appointment in half an hour.
But, if we leave now I can't now.
How long have we been planning this?! Rosie, I'm teaching! I can't just go! Plus this recording thing we're doing is for tonight.
It's parents' evening.
Matt, we've been given the thumbs up.
We've already paid for the consultation.
We just need to go in, you do your business, we sign a few forms, and then we're away.
Don't bail on me now.
Come on, please.
This is it, now.
The day is upon us.
It'll take twenty minutes.
You've got cover, yeah? Everything all right? Um, yes, absolutely fine.
Hi, I'm Rosie.
Old friend of Matt's.
You are? Daniel Chalk.
Chalky, I just need to steal him for half an hour.
I really need his sperm, you see.
Can't actually believe you just said that.
Yeah, you can.
You're trying for a kid? Yeah.
Ooh, top banana.
So, um, can you cover for him? Look, I can't ask Chalky to cover.
Well, I suppose I could.
You see? We're sorted.
Come on.
Are you sure? Are you sure? I won't be long, OK? Yeah.
You have a nice, um time.
What's Ronan playing at? Sounds like they're trying to sort stuff out.
Why bother? It's not like they had a row.
She battered him.
Now he's going back for more? What, is she hypnotising him as well or something? You all right, Vick? Look, I'm sorry, I was just.
No, carry on.
I was just making sure yous was OK.
Yeah, we're fine.
Not that it's any of your business.
Well, it kind of is, because Ronan's my mate.
Well, he's my boyfriend.
You should have thought about that before you went for him.
Don't listen to him.
You're right, it's none of our business.
Don't worry.
I was just leaving anyway.
Now look what you've done! Well handled! Come on, don't tell me you're siding with her.
She's got Ronan wrapped around her little finger! You getting fresh with Trudi now, then? No.
Yeah, what are you doing? Nothing! Dream on, Finn.
QUIET! Yes, right, well, I'm afraid we're going to have to crack on without Mr Wilding.
He's had to pop off.
Why don't we listen to Shona and Rhona's recording, eh? Coming up! Thought you needed a bit of help.
Do you think that's funny? Sounds well better, don't it? Take that effect off the voices, please.
I need that bloke back, I seem to have deleted it.
I'm sorry.
Nah, you're lying! Stop wrecking everything.
Me, wrecking it? They're the ones that shouted me off the mic! Just stop it! Bunch of amateurs.
I'm done.
Forget this! Right, see you all after the break, when we'll get the recording finished.
You hanging out with me tonight? I can't.
I've got to get Mia's pills and then go to work.
I can't wait to start this job.
It's going to be great.
We could nick off now and pick up the pills? Yeah, right.
It's break.
We'll be back in time, Mr Wilding's not even here.
Like you said.
You need to keep your new boss sweet.
I don't know.
Come on.
It'll be a laugh.
All right, then.
Where are you going? Tell you later.
Cover for me, yeah? Boo! Linda.
Hey, great initiative Sian's got going on there.
Glad you approve.
Um, do you like Vietnamese food? Cos I thought maybe I could rustle something up later.
Eat with our fingers.
Get a bit messy.
I've never really gone in for the whole eat-with-your-fingers thing.
You're right, all those silly little bowls.
I do have cutlery too, so, you know.
Look, Linda, I want to be clear.
What happened on Friday was a one-off between two consenting adults.
But we crossed a line.
Never to be repeated.
All right? Yeah.
I suppose.
You know me.
It wouldn't work.
Of course.
So, we're OK? Sure.
Tariq, you going to come back in, or what? What for? No-one wants my rhymes.
You've done nothing but sneer at everyone.
What did you expect when you got up, eh? Wild applause? "I heart Tariq" banners? No.
Just wanted to make music.
That's all.
But the orchestra's about the final sound.
I mean, ideally you don't want to turn it into a chorus of gremlins.
Hey, it's not funny.
Look I might be an old duffer who knows nothing.
But from what I heard, you sounded all right.
It's a tough crowd in there, don't let them put you off.
In fact, if it hadn't been so disruptive, I was going to ask you, you know, how you did that thing.
On the voices.
Weren't that difficult.
You going to come back in or what? I've got a song to write in four hours.
I could really do with your help.
Right, here we are, then.
The "love nest".
Could do with a few candles, couldn't it? Glass of wine would go down a treat.
Yeah, how drunk were we when we had this idea? Remarkably.
It'll be great.
Yeah, yeah, hope so.
Rosie, is this us? What do you mean? I woke up this morning, worrying about speakers and sound desks.
And now we're sat here, about to be parents.
Before you know it, we're going to be arguing over who helps with the English homework, and pottering off to parents' evening.
It's just really messing with my head.
We've gone through it all.
Mr Wilding.
Anyway, you were the one who said my baby - our baby should know its dad.
Yeah, you're right.
OK, sorry, here goes.
So we have Mercury! Venus! Earth! Mars! Come on, up you come.
Jupiter! Saturn! Uranus! Neptune! Come on, planets are quick, you're quick planets! Very good.
Right, imagine that the playground here is our galaxy, only smaller.
Stand in relation to the sun and in a minute we'll work out the relative distance between all the planets.
I need someone to be the sun.
Zack? Where would you be, do you think? Which end is hotter? Mercury.
Brilliant, well done.
So, we have Sun, Mercury.
And after Mercury comes Venus.
Mr Byrne, can I steal Zack for a moment, please? Well, that'd be tricky.
We'll lose all of our light and heat, won't we? But we'll manage.
Off you go, Sunshine.
Don't worry, Zack, you're not in trouble, OK? I didn't mean you had to cover for me.
Are you joking? I love this, should be doing it more often.
OK, now, where did we get? We got as far as Mars, but hold on a minute, back to relative distances.
If Neptune is down the end here.
Done and dusted.
As they say.
Right, I'd better get back to school.
Please stay.
At least until I go in.
I feel a bit sick.
It's nerves.
Sweaty palms.
Of course.
Matt, are you all right? Yeah.
We'll be fine.
See? It's not all doom and gloom, is it? Nobody expects GCSE standard just yet.
And your Dad is really proud you're trying, we both are.
Will you tell Dad tonight that you reckon I could get a B in science? Yeah, of course, I think he'd rather hear it from you.
Come on, off you go.
Hey, sorry.
I just need to grab some stuff, I still haven't set things up in the hall properly.
I need to work on my time management.
I've left it all a bit late.
Is there anything I can do? No.
You've got enough on your plate.
I've been thinking about Vicki.
I'll have a word with Ronan.
Get his take on it.
Are you sure you've got time? I'll have to make time.
Otherwise I'm not doing my job properly.
All right? You're joking! Phoenix is cool, and funny and daring.
He's really kind too, he offered me a place to stay, if I need it! My God, you're so into him.
No! Yeah, all right! He's not really my type.
We can all be daring.
Oi, give it back! What do they do? Em, they're prescription drugs.
For the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and muscle spasms.
That's Mia's medicine! Go on.
It'll be a laugh.
We can hang out.
Get wasted.
Em, no! Oi! What are you two doing? We just popped out.
You're supposed to be in class! What's going on? All due respect, sir, you're supposed to be in class too.
Right, get inside, both of you.
Are you mad? Chill out.
It's just a laugh.
- Get your hands off me.
- Cut it out, mate! All right, you lot.
I though Vicki was supposed to be helping you? I haven't seen her.
I thought you said you didn't want her to help.
Ronan? We're not joined at the hip.
She don't have to know me every move.
But you are keeping an eye on her, aren't you? She just needs a bit of help at the moment from the people that love her, and, in case you've forgotten, that'd be you.
OK, we're doing great, but we haven't put the guitars on yet or the bass or the trumpets, flute.
Hey, what's going on? I just found these two out the front.
Great! You've been practising, all this time? No, they haven't.
They've been skiving.
I was told they had to practise.
OK, Em, you're just in time to record your flute part.
Let's get cracking! Clock's ticking.
You should have thought about that before you took off! Yeah, thank you, Rhona! OK.
Hey, cut it out.
Cut it out.
What's she on about? She's taking the mick.
You know what, we don't even need a flute.
I'll be the judge of that, yeah? Em? You all right, yeah? Em? What's wrong? Em, come on, put some passion into it, yeah? Come on, go again.
Sir, she looks like she's tripping.
Something's not right here.
She's not well.
OK, Em, stop.
What's wrong? Look at her eyes.
I don't know.
I feel awful, my head's pounding.
My God! What's the matter with her? She's taken Diazepam! What?! Right, we need to get her to the sick bay now.
Tariq, grab the door.
Can you look after the recording for me? Mr Byrne's going to want to know what's gone on here.
I'd best go with them.
I've got it.
Can you take a break from that? Either I need to work harder, or I don't.
I thought I was failing.
Vicki, I need to interview you, and you need to co-operate with me.
What's the point? I'm going to fail anyway.
I may as well leave.
I'm not going to let you fail.
I'm going to get a C! To get into a top university, I need an A! What do you want, Vicki? What do you mean? Well, forget about everything that's happened.
What do you actually want? I don't know any more.
Well, then you listen to me.
If you've decided your education is over, then it's over.
It's that simple.
Life's hard.
You know it just is.
And it surprises you.
I mean, you've seen me go through it a little bit this term.
I mean, if you'd have told me this time last year that I'd be married with step-kids Well, let's just say it's not what I expected.
But you've just got to get on with it.
You can't unravel.
It's not an option.
I want to go to university.
I want to do a degree in biochemistry.
And how much do you want that? More than anything.
It's OK.
I think we're done here.
Thanks, Mrs Diamond.
She looks happier.
How did you do that? Well, her confidence is low.
I just reminded her of a few things.
Look at you, showing off earlier.
Yeah, something like that.
It was nice to roll my sleeves up again anyway.
Well, it was good to see.
Sian, I've finished with Grantly's grades.
Will you check I've inputted them on to the system OK? When you get a minute.
Excuse me.
Sorry I haven't been around much today.
You OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just trying to clear my head.
Something that Mrs Diamond said.
How did it go? Did you get your coursework back? Now he's asking.
Well, that's not fair.
What do you want me to do? Look, it's going to take me time.
Yeah, well, you were fine this morning.
Yeah, well, maybe I've had a chance to think about it.
I can't pretend that everything's OK.
I can't pretend that last week you didn't hate my guts.
All right.
You don't need to say it out loud.
Well, it happened, Vic.
I've got to learn to trust you again.
The person that I love, the person that I thought loved me.
No, I do love you! You act like everyone's out to get you.
I know, but I need to move on from this too.
I want to make it up to you, so we can get back to normal.
I know.
Come here.
Yeah, this all looks really good! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have it finished.
We can tell the staff it's ready for printing now.
Michael will be pleased.
He'd better be.
Sian? Yeah? Do you mind me asking you had a thing with Michael, didn't you? Yeah.
A long time ago.
We should probably compare notes, then.
What? You and Michael? He's your mystery man.
We had too much to drink, but still.
It was quite a night.
I'm sure.
Now he says it's a one-off, which is just hurting a bit.
I'm sorry.
Was it the same with you and him? When you broke up? It was complicated.
His head was in pieces, and he kind of pushed me away.
Actually, could we talk about this later? I'm just clock-watching a little bit.
Is that all right? Of course.
Sian, you won't say anything to Michael? My pride and all that.
The nurse says she'll be fine.
Where did Em get the pills? Sir, is she going to be all right? She's just taken drugs, what do you think? Now, I asked you a question! Where did Em get the pills?! I've got this job, all right, working for someone.
Mia Willington.
She asked me to go to the doctors and collect her prescription.
So, you gave HER prescription drugs to your friend? I didn't give them to her! She snatched them and shoved them down her throat! Don't lie to me, Scout.
You've dealt drugs before, haven't you? Are you at it again? I'm not! Em taking them drugs was nowt to do with me! Right, report back to me after you've collected your things.
I'll give you a letter for your mother telling her you're excluded! What's the point? She don't give a toss.
You don't get it, do you? Why d'you think I got a job working nights? Because I don't want to be at home with her! I'm not going back.
We can't force her to go home if she doesn't want to.
Fine, then we'll call Social Services.
What, so, you're just going to chuck me back into care, then? Scout, it's your doing.
All I wanted to do was just to get a life for myself.
Sometimes in this job you just have to trust your instincts.
What? Even if you might be wrong? Do you realise what you've done? Do you? I know, I It's all right for you, with your cosy house and your caring mum.
Because of you showing off, taking those pills, I've lost my job.
That was going to be my new home! I'm sorry.
I am.
I just I just thought we weren't going to be mates.
This is so messed up.
Mr Byrne's ringing Social Services.
Because of all this, I might get taken back into care! Do you get it?! Do you get how stupid it was to take those pills now?! Well, Mrs Willington, I'm just so sorry that you've been lied to.
I can only offer you my most sincere apologies.
Thank you.
Take a seat.
Well, you are one very silly little girl.
Sir, I know.
I'm sorry.
Take my advice.
Stay away from Jodie Allen.
She's nothing but trouble.
But she's my best friend.
What happened to me was nothing to do with her.
I took those drugs from her.
She tried to stop me, but I wouldn't let her.
I was showing off.
You were showing off? I don't know why.
Well, thanks to you, Miss James, Jodie's going to a care home tonight.
Sir, please don't let that happen.
There's nowhere else for her to go.
My mum'll take her in.
She's stayed over at ours loads of times.
My mum really likes her.
There's an empty room too, my sister's never going to want it again.
OK, fine, take the phone.
Give your mother a call and let's give this a try.
Scout! I spoke to my mum.
Will you move in with us? You ARE kidding? Seriously.
The school reckons it's OK and she'll speak to Social Services, do whatever it takes.
Scout! I'm really sorry about earlier.
Well? Happy? I jumped to conclusions, Jodie.
I really shouldn't have.
No, you shouldn't.
And there was me thinking I'm a good judge of character.
After today, I'm not so sure.
But I owe you an apology.
Did Em talk to you about arrangements? Yeah.
I guess it could work.
And don't you think you've got away with what you did today.
You can wave goodbye to your lunchtime breaks for the foreseeable future.
Hey, Scout, are you up for a burger after parents' evening? Sorry, I can't.
I'm moving in Em's tonight.
Go on, take a picture.
It's ANOTHER moment in history! Come on.
OK, some of the parents have started to arrive, so if you could make your way downstairs that'd be great.
And I've got the final student grades here.
Zack said that you'd had a word.
Yeah, I did.
Well, he seemed happier.
He needs to know that you believe in him, Jez.
Where's that come from? He thinks that you're ashamed of him, because he's struggling.
Is he wrong? I can't win with you, can I? Now, purple, does it say confident, or bit of a berk? Berk.
Yeah, thought so.
I'll go with the other one.
I need a vote of confidence.
Are we to be treated to the fruits of your musical labours this evening? Yes.
Everyone's in for, er quite a surprise.
Right, folks, I've just been downstairs and, Sian, you've done a terrific job.
Chalky, it's parents evening, not speed dating.
Haha, no, no, it's Echinacea.
I get a bit jumpy, you know.
Well, you should expect a warmer than usual response out there.
And I know I already owe you all a drink.
The first round is mine.
Well, that is a language I respect and understand.
You are a genius.
Do you mind? What? I have to go.
Milk, two sugars, yeah? You'll be lucky.
Ready to go soon? Yeah, sure.
Vick, I'm really sorry about before.
It's all right.
You know me.
Couldn't help myself.
I don't blame you, to be honest.
We're going to get off anyway.
Have a good one, mate.
Nice one.
Well, good evening, everyone.
I just wanted to thank you all for coming.
It's been an absolutely wonderful turnout, so thank you again.
Now, the pupils have done us proud recently, even pupils with lower grades have been able to set their own bench marks thanks to our aspirational grade initiative, meaning those pupils with low grades can think about what they can achieve with the right application.
Because here at Waterloo Road we believe that every child should be able to aim higher and be assessed on that potential, and our pupils have proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.
Just to demonstrate that, a few of our music students spent the day working hard to prepare their own music track.
And I think now we're fortunate enough to be able to hear it.
Tariq? Technical glitch.
You! See! Is this you? Is this Tariq? When did you record this? We've been beavering away, you know? This is great.
Chalky, you've produced a music track! You're a bona fide music producer.
Do you wanna get some drinks in from me? I'll be along after I've finished cleaning up, thanks.
Matt? Well done.
Thank you for taking that gamble.
Are you happy with that? D'you like it? What? Tariq was? Yeah, he was brilliant.
What kind of music was it, Chalky? Well, it was sick.
Nah, it started off a bit grimey, then when the "dub-step" kicked in Tariq was MCing over the top.
Right, my round! I'll give you a hand.
Why was he sick? Couldn't these have waited? I just wanted all the records of attendance.
Sian? Yeah? Everything all right between you and Jez? Yeah.
Why? You just seemed a bit tense earlier, that's all.
I'm surprised you had time to notice anyone else's love life, there seems to be so much going on in your own.
What's that supposed to mean? Apparently, there was no stopping you.
"Quite a night," she said.
And why are you worried about that? I'm not worried.
Well, you don't seem happy about it.
I just I think it's in poor taste.
You're her boss.
She's obviously into you, and you just We're two consenting adults.
We can do whatever we like.
Yeah, I know that.
Are you jealous? Are you out of your mind?! Yeah, you are, you're jealous.
You haven't got a clue, have you?! What?! This is what you do, Michael, you play with people.
You did it to me and now you've done it to Linda! You ran off and got married! Don't you dare.
I should go.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Quite caught me by surprise today.
What, you mean you don't think I'm ready to be a dad? Course I do.
Rosie and I had this drunken idea, but what if we don't get on? I mean, I can't have my child growing up thinking that he or she was a mistake, like Scout.
If there's one teacher Scout talks about all the time, it's you.
Come on.
No, no, she is one of the most difficult kids in that school and you got through to her.
You and Rosie, you're good friends, aren't you? Surely you can pass that on to the little one? Some parents couldn't.
Maybe you should just stop worrying? Hey, how are our baby plans coming along? Sian.
Thought I'd check out parents' evening.
Very interesting.
People really like you, don't they? Sounds like you're the big hero again.
Get out of my office.
Could have wheeled me out.
Seeing as I was your big success story.
You need to leave.
Right now.
Otherwise I'm calling the police.
We can tell them about you popping round my place.
Threatening me.
What do you want? My girlfriend kicked me out today.
So? What, you've nobody to talk to about it? Don't push it.
So, now, because of you, I've got no home, no girlfriend.
Wayne, how is this my fault? Because of the case, I was away on remand.
And I missed the birth of my little girl.
And now Alicia wants me out.
I've got nothing.
Wayne, I did everything I could for you when you were at school! You know that! God, you're so ungrateful.
You can't have everything handed to you on a plate.
Sooner or later you're going to have to man up, take responsibility for your own life.
It's your fault I'm out on the street now.
See, there you go again! Go on.
GET OUT! You're actually quite scared of me, aren't you? Brilliant.
Hi, guys.
All right, where have you been? I had to help take down some display boards.
Really? You should've said.
I'd have helped you.
Are you not stopping for another? No, I should get back.
You OK? Yeah, it's just been a long day, that's all.
See you.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Are we all right? Yeah, of course.
I'll get you a glass of wine.
You deserve it.
Anyone else? Please.
Yes, please, mate.
Hey! I thought I told you to leave.
Here he is.
Get yourself off school property right now! Make me.
I'm not going to tell you again.
Go on, then! GO! Come on, then! Get out of here! YOU LEAVE ME ALONE! Man, you're asking for it! Again! What did you say? What did you say?! What you going to do, eh? Be a man about it, eh? Me and you are going to see a lot more of each other.
That Wayne lad that Michael reckoned stabbed him is unconscious in hospital.
Suspected foul play.
Show me your phone! I wish I could, but if I do I'll land someone in trouble.
With who? The police.
Me and Trudi, we've been, like, going out, but in secret.
Now I have heard it all.
Tariq's going to kill you.
You come here! We're together.
It's true.
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