Wayward Pines (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Enemy Lines

1 - My name is Ben Burke.
- Happy birthday, sweetie.
My father was a Secret Service agent in Seattle.
He disappeared in a small Idaho town called Wayward Pines.
My mother and I followed him there and when we woke up, it was 2,000 years later.
We are now in the year 4032.
Man's destruction of the environment has created evolutionary aberrations - (snarling) - known as Abbies (screeching) that rule the earth.
One man saw the catastrophe coming.
He created an ark for mankind and selected a chosen few to sleep for 2,000 years and defy mankind's extinction.
Some were there by choice, but, like us, most were taken against our will.
How do I get out of here? You don't.
My father died defending his family and the people of this town from monsters outside (screeching) Dad! and threats from within.
Three years after my father's death, the town is ruled by the First Generation.
Those born in Wayward Pines.
They rose to power and continue to rule with an iron fist.
- (screaming) - It wasn't a world I wanted to live in.
So I vowed to do something about it, not just for me and the people of Wayward Pines, but the entire human race those awake and those heroes who still sleep, dreaming of a future for humanity as we battle to survive.
(seagulls calling) I was wondering if I could borrow your bikini because you're not using it, and, uh I'm going swimming again tonight.
I'm doing it.
If you don't come with me, I'm going with that fat guy over there in billet six.
The one with the hair on his back.
Two margaritas? Uh, beer tonight.
She's, uh, resting.
(thunder rumbling) Looks like something tropical's blowing in.
Yeah, it does.
Might as well sit back and relax.
Ain't nobody getting out of here tonight.
Next one's on me.
- This dude stands up again.
- No.
- Right in front of me.
- (laughs) You knocked him out.
You got to tell me that.
Man, as much money as I paid for them tickets $500, man.
I'm talking about two rows behind the bench.
- If anybody getting thrown out - Right.
it's gonna be him.
- (laughs) - Yeah.
(coughing) People, man.
Sometimes you wish you'd just start over, right? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
(chuckles) POPE: No, I'm serious, man.
Change is coming.
All the stuff we're doing to this damn planet.
We're in the middle of some evolutionary transition.
And there's gonna be a revolution as a result of it.
You save people, right? Yup, that's my job.
Well, Doc if you had a chance to save 1,000 people at once put 'em down and then wake 'em up through some magical, like, procedure that you believed in and knew how to make it work you'd do it, right? Uh I'm serious.
I mean, everybody might think you're crazy.
Um No, you knew.
You are gonna save a lot of folks, Doc.
A lot of people, thousands of people you ain't never even met before, but you gonna save 'em.
- (thunder rumbling) - And I'm glad that I met you.
You know what? I get a feeling about folks, and I got a feeling about you.
(beeping, electrical whirring) Dr.
Uh Hi.
(sniffles) Oh.
(exhales sharply) I'm a little embar Clearly had a little too much to drink last night.
I haven't been feeling well.
(sighs) Hope I didn't cause any trouble.
(chuckles) Okay.
Thank you.
I'll get back to my room.
He's awake.
(door rattles) You're needed at the hospital.
I'm not working, I'm doing a vacation here with my wife.
Uh the storm Where's my wife? Your wife is fine.
I just really need you to come with me.
(footsteps departing) Is Seventh Street clear? MAN: Negative.
Take Fifth over to Cherry Blossom.
Where are we? You're in Wayward Pines.
(door buzzes) (gunfire in distance) WOMAN (over P.
): Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines.
Due to recent rebel activity, curfew will begin in 25 minutes.
(over stereo): Anyone knows an ant can't Where are we going? I told you.
We're taking you to the hospital.
I'm fine.
You're not the patient.
He's got high hopes The bullet's lodged at the base of the neck.
We need you to get it out.
In the sky hopes I don't understand.
I'm just a doctor.
Just remember that ant Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant Whoops, there goes (gunfire continues in distance) Xander.
They're heading your way.
I got 'em.
that ram scram He kept buttin' that dam 'Cause he had high hopes KERRY: Damn it! Stop the car! (tires screech) High hopes (shouting) Go! No one is killing him! High in the sky hopes Where are you going?! So any time you're feeling bad 'Stead of feelin' sad KERRY: It's a small town! We'll find you.
Whoops, there goes a billion kilowatt dam (pin clicks) Whoops, there goes a billion kilowatt dam.
(grenade clinking) (person whistling a tune in distance) (classical piano music playing) (whistling continues) (whistling stops) (whistling continues) (gunfire in distance) (door opens) May I help you? Can I borrow your cell phone? We have a landline.
For local calls.
That's good.
Then I'll call the police.
Who is it, honey? He wants to borrow our cell phone.
(classical piano music continues) (panting) You want to sit down for a minute? I Hector just started playing.
He's doing some Chopin tonight.
(woman chuckles) Isn't music a privilege? We'll get you a glass of water.
What's your name? Did you not just hear a big explosion outside? Probably a transformer.
Lines might be down.
Yeah, I'm gonna I think I'm gonna go.
Please, stay.
(door opens) (panting) Call it in.
(engine revving) (grunts) (tires screech) (car door closes) (panting) MARIO: On your feet! (panting) I asked you what happened at that wall.
(indistinct radio transmission) Am I being detained? No, but please don't try to run again.
- THEO: Is this the only hospital? - Yes.
Where are all the doctors? He died.
You have one doctor in the entire town? That's why you're here.
Jason Higgins.
Thank you so much for coming.
I'm sorry about the whole arrival thing.
I'm sure it's all very confusing.
Yes, yes, it, uh it is confusing.
The, uh, bullet holes, the blood, your militia.
I'm very confused.
This town is part of a secret government study determining the psychological effects of war trauma on civilians.
He founded the project.
And all of the people here are volunteers.
I'm not.
We're in an emergency tactical role-play right now.
Because you come highly recommended.
I told Bill Gibbons at Mass General I wanted only the best.
- Bill knows that I'm here? - Of course.
And your wife.
We wanted to bring you along more traditionally, but with the storm in Hawaii You don't remember any of that, do you? (chuckles) Anyway, she thought that it would be better Well, she thought that you'd enjoy getting right back to work.
Rebecca did? Of course.
She's on her way here right now.
She keeps telling us this is the longest she's ever been away from you.
I know this is unorthodox, which is why it'd be better for me to fill you in on the details later.
I think the best thing would be to just put that all aside for the moment and just focus on the patient, focus on what's real.
Can we do that, Doctor? Right now, we can't really wait.
She's important.
Well, they're all important, aren't they? Every life should be cherished, treasured.
That's something very important to us in Wayward Pines.
But she's more important than most.
That is for certain.
She's septic.
It's been that way for days.
Why wasn't she treated or moved? We have nurses and a team that are waiting.
You're the missing piece, Dr.
THEO: Get me a pot of black coffee.
No sugar.
We can do that.
(monitor beeping steadily, air pumping) Scalpel.
Yes, Doctor.
JASON: You're wasting time, Doctor.
KERRY: So that's four more rebel houses cleared today.
Yes, ma'am.
How's the surgery going? He says it will take hours.
Tell me, Kerry.
We lost another one of our men tonight.
Oh, hey.
I bet it was Xander.
Where's he been? He just got back.
I don't trust him.
Two more died earlier today in the hospital.
So three today.
Added to the losses in the previous few weeks Where are you, Ben? Mario says we're making progress.
And there's no sign of abnormal or increased activity outside the fence, according to the latest surveillance.
He'd be disappointed in me.
You're doing everything you can.
MEGAN: If they'd gone along with you and Pilcher in the first place, it never would have come to this.
JASON: Every life matters here.
He taught us that.
Yes, but the cause is most important.
He'd understand how essential it is to end this rebellion and weed out the troublemakers once and for all.
Clear rules, severe punishment.
- Clear - And severe.
It's the only way.
Mario needs you.
(indistinct radio transmission, quiet chatter) XANDER: Ben, I'm telling you, we just have to keep picking 'em off, one by one.
He's all about the numbers.
He's gonna want to bring you in and talk things through.
(sighs) But, Xander, then nothing will change.
Rallies, the propaganda, the reckonings.
We can't escape.
We need to change Wayward Pines from the inside.
Yeah, well, I changed it some tonight.
I mean, we-we just need to have a say in how we live our lives.
(sighs) Otherwise, my dad and all those deaths, all for nothing.
You might need to lower your standards, kid.
Look, I got to get some sleep.
(clears throat) Some of us have to work for the enemy in the morning.
Got to keep up that cover, you know? (sighs) Besides, uh routine is the building block of happiness.
That's what Pilcher says, right? (all chuckle) (door closes) Dr.
(sighs) That was, uh, very impressive, what you did in there.
Thank you.
(sighs) I mean, segmental recession of saphenous vein interposition graft? That's right.
I was, uh, just wondering, sir, if it might be possible for you to teach me that.
I don't work here.
You You don't? What, they got you, like, painting houses or something? Dr.
I hear it went well.
She should recover.
Then she should be monitored.
Actually, it would be best if you did that.
I'll make arrangements.
Did you say you're gonna bring my wife to me? We'll bring her here as soon as she arrives.
We have doctors' quarters here at the hospital.
I'll have your things sent over.
(crickets chirping) Let's go talk to somebody when we get back.
(sighs) We've tried that.
Somebody else.
Baby, I know that we can compromise, Bec.
Yeah, you're right.
About some things we can.
But how do you compromise about having a baby? Unless there's a middle ground I'm not aware of.
Well, you knew who I was.
You knew that going in.
(sighs) And I loved you for it.
(sighs) MAN (recorded): Why not have a refreshing beverage? I don't want to set the world On fire I just want to start A flame in your heart (electricity crackling, Arlene grunting) In my heart, I have but one - Desire - (gagging) WOMAN: You're doing great, Arlene.
And that one - Is you - (grunting) No other will do.
Good morning.
(gasps) She's awake.
(grunts softly, sighs) I'm Dr.
I performed your surgery.
Oh, I know that name.
You been to Boston? (sighs, chuckles) Not in a while.
(sighs) You're group C.
Uh group C? No, they just woke you.
Bet they haven't told you yet.
About the government program? Yes, they have.
Did they tell you it was an experiment? That we're all volunteers? Who briefed you? Was it Jason Higgins? KERRY: Your room at the hotel is ready.
Your wife will meet you there, and we're making arrangements for your travel home.
And thank you again for everything.
I know Kate thanks you, as well.
THEO: So where's the nearest airport? Boise probably? Probably.
And how far is Boise from here? I don't know.
I've never been there.
Where are you from? Wayward Pines, sir.
So you never, uh, want to go traveling somewhere else? No.
Funny, 'cause I'm from a small town, too.
There's a whole world out there.
I think that having a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution I can make to the preservation of our species, sir.
I didn't need to save you.
Still trying to figure out why you did.
You're one of their leaders.
Just tell us where Ben is.
Tell us where the rebels are, and this ends today.
Can't use the chips to track them? Or your hundreds of cameras? Oh, yeah, that's right.
We blew up your surveillance system.
Now do you ever think maybe this is all just a waste? We keep killing each other, and that's exactly what they want.
They don't even have to come over the fence.
We do it to ourselves.
I'm trying to stop that.
I want to preserve life.
Just like when you executed my husband in front of me? I'm doing what Pilcher would have wanted.
But things change, Jason.
They evolve.
And you haven't evolved at all.
You think you want to preserve life.
I really believe that.
But all you've been taught is how to control it.
And you can't.
(rapid metallic scraping) DANNY: Mommy, Mommy, don't go! RUBY: Danny, I have to go with these men for a while, okay? - Why? - It's just the rules.
- All right? - DANNY: Mommy? Ah, that's enough.
Let's go.
Just Mom? Hey.
That's not necessary.
You don't have to be rough like that.
Stay out of this.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay, sweetheart? Mommy's gonna be right back.
Okay? Okay? Come on, Danny.
Let's go get some candy, huh? Watch your step.
(vehicle departing) Let's go.
I'll be back for you and your wife at 7:00 a.
, unless the hospital needs you before then.
Where were they taking that woman? What rules were they talking about? Someone will bring you something to eat.
I'm, uh, hungry.
(sighs) REBECCA: You know, Theo, this whole passive-aggressive thing of yours is just I'm not being passive-aggressive.
I am sincerely trying to-to - Look, I want your success.
- This is not about my work.
I am not threatened by it.
Listen to yourself! What are you even? I'm trying to fix this.
And I appreciate that.
You know, marriage is not a triple bypass.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
You know why? Because it's a lot harder.
This is not a problem to solve.
You don't have to try to fix everything - all the time.
- I'm built that way! Well, I am not built that way.
You just have to accept it.
I don't.
Theo? (window rattling) (loud thud on window) It's okay.
I'm here to help you.
Come with me.
I'll get you out of here.
Here, come on.
Did Kate talk to Jason? - Who? - Kate.
The woman in the hospital.
- She's alive, right? - Yes.
Okay, did she talk to Jason? - Did she say anything to Jason? - I don't know.
Look, it's very important.
Listen to me.
Did she tell him anything? Names, addresses, anything? I said I don't know.
Did she say anything to you? Group C.
I'm gonna go find my wife.
I'm gonna get home.
(crowd chattering) You are home.
Follow me.
Time to go.
You're not gonna want to see this.
KERRY: Are you sure about this? Short-term pain, long-term gain, remember? They won't love you for it.
I don't need their love.
And this is on Kate.
Thank you for coming.
Good afternoon to all of you here on Main Street and all of you listening throughout Wayward Pines.
(over radio): I know there are some of you who disagree with the direction of this town over the past few years.
The curfews, the rationing.
I know I'm not the leader that Pilcher was.
I'm not the leader you want me to be.
But Pilcher wouldn't want this.
This month-long rebellion helps no one.
We need to work together as Pilcher intended, and figure out how to defeat our real enemies.
The ones that attacked us on Invasion Day.
Because even if we disagree on some things, the survival of this town is one thing we can all agree on.
WOMAN: That's right.
(crowd cheering) So I'd like to announce a general amnesty for anyone who comes forward.
I'm asking you to put down your weapons.
Now is the time for us to come together and make Wayward Pines whole again.
(hushed murmuring) Anyone? Followers of Ben and his rebellion, give yourselves up now, and there will be no more need for bloodshed.
(hushed murmuring continues) (microphone feedback hums) I tried.
Come on, let's go.
Keep walking.
JASON: I have offered you a peaceful way out.
Now I have no choice.
I am doing what Pilcher would have done.
I'm doing what's best for Wayward Pines.
(gun clicks) (crowd gasps) (crowd gasping, murmuring) Hey! (grunting) - THEO: I'm a doctor.
- Theo? Hey! Rebecca? JASON: Enough! (gun clicks) WOMAN: No, no, no! (crowd murmuring) BEN: Jason! We heard you! You want to stop the killing, want to move forward together, we're here.
Take them.
(soldiers chattering) Take the doctor, too.
(panting) (engine starts) JASON (over P.
): Good citizens of Wayward Pines, the rebellion is over.
For your safety, suspected rebels will be detained and questioned.
Your streets are safe.
Work hard, be happy, enjoy your life in Wayward Pines.
Thank God you're safe.
You're okay.
Listen, Rebecca, I need you to listen to me.
We have to leave right now.
It's okay.
Don't listen to anything they say.
It's not safe.
Something's rotten here.
Jason would like to speak with you.
Let's go.
I'll be waiting for you.
The rebellion is over.
We need to start fresh.
I was hoping you could come up to the mountain, share a meal with me, talk about the future of Wayward Pines.
You need to tell me what's happening here.
I will.
Just get in the car, Doctor.
(car door closes) You start fresh.
It's just a precaution.
(groans) The First Generation can never harm another.
I'm not harming Ben.
And Theo? You said it was an emergency.
You said you were putting him back to sleep.
He's skilled.
We need doctors.
We need our own doctors.
Residents are almost ready.
(sighs) I'm not taking any chances with him.
I don't want another Ethan Burke.
I think it's a mistake.
(engine starts) MEGAN: The rebellion is over, Kate.
Your men have surrendered.
You fought hard.
All of us, so impressed.
I know you believed in your cause, but it's time for us all to move forward for the good of Wayward Pines.
Why are you here? Jason sent me.
He wants to talk to you about the future.
When you're up on your feet again, of course.
(chuckles softly) We can't discuss the past, can we, Megan? But the future that we can debate forever and ever.
I know a lot has happened, a lot of angry words, words that hurt.
And also some deaths.
But we can work together, Kate.
I just know it.
Me, too.
I think it's time to let go.
(sighs) Oh, gosh, your pain medication's getting low.
As if you don't have enough to worry about.
I think I still remember how to do this.
It's funny how the training never really leaves you.
These nurses here I keep telling Jason that ever since they lost Pam, they've been at sixes and sevens.
(grunting) (both panting) (groans) You just can't find a way to get along, can you? (gasping) We've done so many great things.
So many.
(panting) The pyramids.
Man on the moon.
The Beatles.
We were capable of so much.
But now it's your world, your future.
And (gasping) And I don't want any part of it.
(gagging) (groans, gasps) (panting) (electrical buzzing) Where are we? What's on the other side of the fence? (grunts) (beeps) (alarm blaring) Mario! What are you doing?! Mario, come back! (grunting) Mario! Mario! No! No.
(crashing) (alarm continues blaring) (heavy metallic thud) (phone ringing) (several phones ringing) (phone ringing) (phone continues ringing) (electrical buzzing) (exhales) (growling) No! (electrical crackling) (wild shrieking, growling) (shrieking, electrical crackling continues)
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