Wayward Pines (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

Blood Harvest

1 It is the year 4032.
Man's destruction of the environment has created evolutionary Abberations known as Abbies (screeching) that rule the Earth.
(screeching continues) One man saw the catastrophe coming He created an ark for mankind and selected a chosen few to sleep for 2,000 years and defy mankind's extinction.
Surrounded by mountains and protected by an electric fence, the last of humanity left alive on Earth do their best to survive in a town called Wayward Pines.
Previously on Wayward Pines - Where are we? - You're in Wayward Pines.
KERRY: Damn it, stop the car! He's gonna want to bring you in and talk things through.
JASON: I'm doing what Pilcher would have done.
BEN: Jason! You want to stop the killing? We're here.
Take them.
KERRY: First Generation can never harm another.
I'm not harming Ben.
And Theo? KERRY: He's skilled.
Listen, Rebecca, we have to leave right now.
Something's rotten here.
Clear rules, severe punishment.
Clear and severe.
THEO: What's on the other side of the fence? XANDER: Mario! Mario! What are you doing? Mario! Come back! (screeching) Who would join us on this adventure? This journey into the future, where we would rebuild, not just the town, but humanity.
Should we pick the brightest - and the best in society? - (baby cooing) No.
No, they had had their time and they nearly destroyed the planet.
So instead, we selected the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, the cop, men and women who know how to work.
For there was so much work to be done.
But for those who break the rules, there can be no compromise.
They must face the consequences of their actions in public.
JASON: For everyone to see.
Where are they going? Switch cameras.
(screeching, electricity crackles) (students murmuring) BOY: Why are they doing that? (murmuring) JASON: Mario, here.
What are they doing? - We're not sure, sir.
- Send response units now.
Get the jeeps ready at the checkpoint.
- I'm on my way.
- We're coming too.
- Yes, sir.
- Jason We will be fine.
We need to see what's really happening.
Cut off the feed.
I don't want people to panic.
Yes, sir.
Turn it on.
Turn that back on.
Please, my husband's out there.
Hey! (growling, screeching) - We got to move.
- XANDER: What? And you think - it's better out there? - No, no, no.
We'll just split up.
We got a better chance if we draw them in different directions.
(growling) (grunting) Okay.
(grunts) (distant screeching) (screams, electricity buzzes) (screeching) (screams) (Abbies growling) (screaming) (soldiers shouting) (screaming) All right, I want a team going up the north side of the wall.
I want a team going down the south side (screeching) (Kerry screams) (growls) Kerry! (screeching) (screaming) JASON: No.
No! Medic! Medic here! - Do something.
- Okay.
Oh, God.
The hospital, I think we need to get her to the hospital.
(grunts) (soldiers shouting) Radio the hospital.
Tell them we're coming.
- MEDIC: Yes, sir.
- Hang on, Kerry.
Shall I tell them to prepare for surgery? Sir? Sir! (distant gunshots) (panting) We're giving her fluids now.
She has deep lacerations, and I think possible internal injuries.
Look, I don't have the experience for this, sir.
I'm sorry.
(distant gunshots) Mario, go find Dr.
- Cameras spotted him over by Section Six.
- The crops? Yes.
Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go! SOLDIER: Take cover! Clear! Go! (screeching) MARIO: Open fire! Doctor, get Put them down! MARIO: You okay? JASON: Dr.
Yedlin, it's Kerry! She lost a lot of blood when the Abby attacked her.
- There might be internal organ - You need to stop ignoring my questions - No, forget about - Answer my questions! And where-where's my wife? Forget about your wife, you're doing this right now! I'm not doing anything until you (panting) till you explain all this.
You want to die? Is that it? You, Kerry, your wife, all of us.
We will all die.
You have no idea what's going on here.
Then who's gonna operate, huh? You? Or, uh, maybe one of your pregnant 12 year olds.
You're gonna get Rebecca, bring her here, and tell me everything that's going on.
(monitor steadily beeping) - (softly): Oh, my God.
- Rebecca.
Oh, thank God you're okay.
- Oh, my God.
- JASON: Okay.
That's enough.
Doctor? Let's go.
I told you, that was part one.
She's right in there.
Just get her stabilized and then we'll talk.
I don't believe you.
- Doctor.
- I want to know where we really are.
I want to know what that fence is about.
I want to know what those things are outside that fence, and I want to know how an underage cretin gets to be in charge of all this.
- Theo, don't.
- You have a duty.
You want me to beg? Is that it? You were kidnapped in Hawaii and placed in cryogenic suspension.
Humanity's gone extinct because we destroyed the environment and the planet's been overrun by evolutionary Abberations.
The fence protects us from them.
People in this town are the only humans left.
- I want the truth! - Dear God! No, no, please.
Please stop it.
- Mario! - Stop no, no, no.
Please, for God's sake.
- Rebecca tell him.
- Yeah.
- Theo.
- No! She's dying in there! Listen to me, Theo.
Just do what you need to do to save her, okay? Just do this.
(panting) Okay.
(coughs) Let him go.
(panting) (monitor beeping) (grunts) JASON: You're gonna be okay.
You're very lucky.
That's what he says anyway.
The Abbies.
Did more get over? No.
Laser grenades, and they retreated.
We secured the fence.
Everything's okay.
And what about the harvest? Are we gonna be able to get the food in? What about the other rebels, - the ones who surrendered with Ben? - No, no, no.
I don't want you to worry about any of that.
You need to rest.
(sighs) Thank you for taking care of me.
Of course.
You know I always will.
Where's Dr.
Yedlin? I should thank him, too.
You don't need to thank him.
He was just doing his job.
- Barely.
- (chuckles) Who lives here? You hungry? Must be.
I'll see what we have.
It's probably not much.
(sighs) So, rations get delivered on Tuesdays here, but, uh, with you here, I guess we get double.
"Rations"? It's, uh been less and less.
You know, it's part of the reason that caused the rebellion.
But we've been told there will be a harvest soon.
I know this is very hard for you, Theo.
But it's also hard for them, you know? To find the right balance between not enough information and too much.
You know, when you, when you wake up, and you're taken out of the cryogenic pods You don't believe this.
You don't believe any of this.
At first, I didn't.
It was very difficult for me to know what to believe.
But you know, over time, I've, I've learned to accept this.
"Over time"? Over the day you've been here? I've been here three years, Theo.
I live here.
You coming to the meeting? Not if it's about the war.
The rebellion is over.
Jason is returning everything back to normal.
(birds chirping) You're one of Pilcher's protégés.
I thought you'd be happy.
I am happy.
Can't you tell? Jason wants to harvest the crops.
They're ready, right? They look ready.
We delayed too long already, because of the rebellion.
- We shouldn't wait.
- What about the Abbies? They're climbing over their own dead bodies to reach us.
They're willingly sacrificing themselves.
There's nothing about this type of behavior in Pilcher's years of research.
It's like nothing we've seen since we've been in Wayward Pines.
We planted out there, because we needed to.
Because the chemical levels in the soil inside the fence changed.
MEGAN: So we can get the food as long as we can protect the people getting it.
CJ? You know I trust you.
- Are you sure about this? - We'll protect the harvesters.
We have to.
How? We've rigged some flamethrowers already.
If they get too close, we'll torch them.
- You can't control fire.
- We can control it.
It's elemental.
It's alive and unpredictable.
It's like trying to control the wind or the sun.
JASON: Their behavior has changed.
We have to change, too.
It's time to push back.
Harder than we ever have before.
And have faith that it won't break us.
You said three years.
I saw you three days ago.
I saw you three days ago at a bungalow.
- Do you remember the bungalow? - None of it matters.
Do you remember what you said at the bungalow? - None of that matters.
- Said there was a storm - and something hit my head.
- It was a long time ago for me.
How severe was that injury? Did they induce a coma? - No, they did not.
- Were we in Hawaii? - Yes, we were in Hawaii.
- Really? Uh-huh.
Where'd I get this? (chuckles) We married? Theo, just forget about all of this, okay? 'Cause I know this is not a Grand Mal Theo, are you listening to me? - Are you listen? - Whoa, whoa! - Listen to me.
- Why? None of it matters, okay? All that matters is that we're here.
And we need to figure out a way how to survive in Wayward Pines, like everyone else.
"Everyone else"? This is no everyone else.
This is not real.
It's some hallucination.
Did that feel real? Huh? You don't feel pain in a hallucination, Theo.
Theo you're alive (knocking) We have to answer.
Hi, Nancy.
Everything okay? Drake can't catch his breath.
It's been days now.
He says he hurts.
Something's wrong.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I, uh everything's a little bit crazy I know.
But I heard there's a doctor in town again.
You're a doctor, aren't you? Yes.
Will you help us? WOMAN (over loudspeaker): Good morning, Wayward Pines.
The sun has risen on a new day.
Let's celebrate our good fortune and continue to live our lives as normal.
Good morning, Wayward Pines (sighs) Good morning, Dr.
I'm Arlene Moran.
I'm the receptionist here at the hospital.
And I just wanted to say I'm happy to help you with all your medical needs.
I mean, I'm not really a medical professional or anything.
Didn't I see you the other night? - Wa-Wasn't that you? - Yes.
Um that was me.
I was getting a little tune-up.
I have to get them every once in a while.
It helps even me out.
But then, I'm good to go, like now, and I'm just cooking with gas, so anything you need.
Yedlin? You've got a lot of patients this morning.
We're ready when you are.
And just to say, sir what you did in there with Kerry, it was just Please stop that.
Okay? (door opens) THERESA: Rebecca? Hey.
Theresa, how are you doing? - Sorry, I'm just still - Jason put Ben outside the fence.
- What? - This is what people are telling me.
How can that be? He is First Generation.
They're both First Generation.
(sighs) - That's Jason.
- Your husband was out there, too, right? Yeah.
And he's alive.
So maybe Ben's alive.
It's it's possible.
It's possible.
Okay, I need you to tell your husband to come and see me when he gets home, all right? I need to know what he knows.
Rebecca, please? Theresa, I, uh Rebecca you have lost people too, I know that, but you just got somebody back.
Please help me.
(groaning) MEGAN: Quite a sight, isn't it? Don't worry, it can't hurt you.
Remember, the only good Abby - ALL: Is a dead Abby.
- Excellent.
Now, this is one of five Abby cadavers that we're currently studying at our newly expanded research center.
We also have three live Aberrations.
- (gasping) - No, no, don't-don't worry.
They are caged with the highest level of security, and they're often heavily sedated.
With Jason's encouragement and support for our programs, we are learning more every day.
And the more we understand, the better chance we have of learning their weaknesses, right? Now, I know that I'm not here with you at the Academy in the way that I was now that I'm directing all the scientific research, but if you have any questions Did you get that off the pile? That pile they made, trying to get in.
Now, where did you hear about that, Frank? - Are they gonna do it again? - No.
No, no, no.
Not now that they've seen how we defend ourselves.
Remember, kids, Wayward Pines works when we work together.
As long as we stay unified, we don't let ourselves be sucked in by any of the unpleasantness and the divisiveness that some members of our community are trying to cultivate, if we stick together, we're perfectly safe in Wayward Pines.
We are perfectly safe.
Well, his tongue's pretty swollen.
Your mom tells me you're hurting a little bit.
Will you, uh, show me where? My arms too.
The joints.
Yeah, these are, uh, signs of malnutrition.
What's the situation at home? I give him all the rations first.
I understand that the food supply's low right now, but what is your access to the basics? Multivitamin or? Not everyone qualifies, Dr.
How does one "qualify" for a vitamin? Okay.
Well, we can fix this.
We'll tube him and hydrate him.
Call the gastroenterologist and Except we don't have a gastroenterologist.
So I will do it.
(sighs) A lot of patients, Doctor.
I'm sure it's quite an adjustment, but with your help, soon the residents will be fully trained Do you understand the condition the people of your town are in? It's a good thing you're at work then.
That's what we do here in Wayward Pines.
Well, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense what you do here.
That's no business of yours.
Except it is, because you keep sending patients to me.
It's not your job to tell me how to run things.
To even suggest how to run things.
I took an oath, so it's my job to heal people.
In fact, I'm the only one who can do that job, aren't I? How's Kerry this morning? Look, you can tell me all the stories you want about what this place is, and I accept some version of it, fine, um, maybe, but what I won't accept is a reality that I wake up in a dictatorship.
You see, back in the real world This is the world now.
Then I would try harder to protect whatever shred of humanity is left.
You're lecturing me now.
I think you need to watch your tone with me, Doctor.
You don't think I can do your job? That's fine.
But we both know you can't do mine.
He just got here.
I'm not taking suggestions from him.
Then you don't have to.
But a small town doctor, the small town doctor, people are gonna look to him for answers.
On a lot of things.
It's just common sense.
How do we stop it? We can't stop it, but he's not a threat if you control it.
I'll help you.
Wayward Pines has been here before.
There can't be factions or dissenting voices.
There can only be one person in charge.
Otherwise it all falls apart, and we disappear.
I know.
(sighs) Just work with him, Jason.
You don't want to start this kind of fight.
It isn't worth your time.
You're right.
He isn't worth it.
Should never have brought him out.
Well, then I'd be dead.
Our lives are worth his arrogance.
I'm still here today.
You're still here.
That's what this town needs.
He's difficult, yes.
You and I both know he's necessary to the survival of this town.
I know.
WORKER: You got it? Okay, let's go.
(door closes) (lock clicks) Hi, Dr.
Rebecca left about an hour ago.
Rebecca? She was your wife, right? Rebecca is my wife, yes.
Who are you? Lucy Armstrong.
She's my boss.
Come on.
(door opens, closes) Hey.
No longer an architect, huh? You're a beautician? Yeah, that's the job I was assigned here.
Just like you were assigned yours.
Hair? That's what I was told to do, Theo.
And sometimes in order to survive, you have to do what they tell you to do.
Your work meant everything to you.
I was on Main Street today, and I saw an ice cream parlor called McConigle's.
Wasn't that the name of your favorite professor at Harvard? The School of Design? I wondered if you had anything to do with that.
(sighs) You're just being paranoid now.
(laughs) Why wouldn't I be paranoid here? 'Cause it won't get you far.
Two years ago, the ice cream parlor burned down.
They asked for my help to reconstruct it.
And they let me pick the name.
That's all there is to it.
It's light activity tonight and a full moon.
The Mountain will be spotting anything out there.
We clear the fields, and we station the flamethrowers here and here.
What if the fire draws them in? We have never used fire on them before.
We don't know what they understand about it.
Well, tonight they'll learn.
CJ: We'll have soldiers at ten-foot intervals.
We're in, and we're out.
Remember, the lives of everyone in Wayward Pines depends on us getting that food.
(soldiers shouting) (Abbies shrieking) They're not stopping.
Use the flamethrowers.
(screeching) They're retreating.
The fields are clear.
CJ: Copy that.
Move the harvesters in.
CJ: We've cleared cornfield B.
The first six trucks on their way back.
Take me back with you.
- Ben? - Please.
Please, hide me in a truck! (grunts) I'm First Generation! You can't just leave me here to die! Hey, hey! (alarm blaring) (groans) No! (gate slams) (panting) (sighs) Okay.
This is Ben Burke, on the outside.
This may be my last message.
You better see this.
Mom, I know you didn't always approve of me taking things as far as I did, - so I'm sorry.
- He's alive.
And I know that Dad wasn't perfect, but he taught me to fight for the things that I believed in.
You both did.
And I just wanted to make you proud and do what was best for everyone in Wayward Pines.
I'm sorry that it wasn't enough.
Jason, if you're watching this, you know this is a mistake.
You put me outside the fence, which is a death sentence, and you know that.
Pilcher said that - one member of the First Generation - Turn it off.
- cannot harm another member.
- Sir? Turn it off now.
If any good comes of this, at least maybe the people can see the kind of leader that you really are.
(quiet conversations) Good job out there.
Good job out there.
Did you see Ben? (laughs) Did you see Ben? - Did you see him? - Uh, no, I-I didn't.
I'm sorry.
It is true what they say about First Generation, isn't it? Isn't it the first rule that you can never harm each other? Isn't that right? Mrs.
Burke, I understand that you're He is out there, and he may be alive.
So why are you guys sitting in here, not doing anything? I know it's upsetting, ma'am, but we're just following orders.
How can you let Jason do something like this? (whispering): Please do something.
Do something.
Do something, please! - Get her home.
- Damn it! (engine starts) She's right.
It's the first rule.
He fought against us.
But he's still one of us.
We can ask Jason, we could go No.
No, he'll just say no.
Let's go.
THEO: Breathe in.
(inhales) Breathe out.
(exhales) I'm fine.
I need to get back to work.
Give us the room.
Uh get out.
You don't feel any pain? I know what pain is.
I'm fine.
And thank you for what you did when I was hurt.
That's my job.
Right? Unless, of course, you need a barber somewhere.
(chuckles) He listens to you, doesn't he? He does what Pilcher would've wanted.
And he does what's right.
But you have his ear.
I should hope so, Dr.
Do you have a point? No point.
Just trying to figure out how it all works here.
Make this hospital work.
You can leave the rest to us.
You should eat, Kerry.
I'm trying.
(chuckles) Tonight, the people of Wayward Pines are gonna eat real food.
The fence will hold, the rebels are crushed.
The town is starting to finally come back together.
(chuckles) Theresa's running around, asking about Ben.
I know.
The rules, Jason No First Gen can harm another First Gen.
- We were taught that.
- I didn't harm him.
I exiled him.
The Abbies did the harm.
He tried to turn us against each other.
You might have to explain that to some people.
I shouldn't have to.
He wasn't really First Gen, anyway.
He came in late.
He's not an original.
I'm not an original, either.
That's different.
You are different.
You're loyal.
You're mine.
(rustling) Mario, is that you? Where's Ben? Xander, it's me! Where is Ben?! Dammit, I am his mother! Where is he? I'm sorry, Dad.
(screeching) (door opens) (softly): Hey.
Infectious disease.
Didn't get it.
Didn't care.
I don't think I ever delivered a baby.
Not on my own, anyway.
Can't remember the last time I set a broken bone.
In your residency, you did a bit of everything.
You'll get it back.
My index finger.
Up in the Sierras.
White Bear Hot Springs.
That was Eden.
Well, we were naked.
And the bungalow? Is that where you still are? Your head? When I woke up here, I thought you were dead.
And now you're here, sitting with me you're alive.
I am happy about it.
(sighs) But that-that's-that's as far as I can go.
For now.
At what? Nothing.
I've checked all 60 cameras not an Abby in any of them.
This has never happened before.
Is it possible? They're gone.
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