Wayward Pines (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines

1 - Previously on Wayward Pines - They're gone.
Tonight, the people of Wayward Pines are gonna eat real food.
The town is starting to finally come back together.
Look, you can tell me all the stories you want about what this place is, but what I won't accept is a reality that I wake up in a dictatorship.
Wayward Pines needs a new generation.
You all will have the honor of parenting the first generation of 100% originals.
No First Gen can harm another First Gen.
- We were taught that.
- I didn't harm him.
I exiled him.
The Abbies did the harm.
All that matters is that we're here and we need to figure out a way how to survive in Wayward Pines.
I want to know where we really are.
I want to know what that fence is about.
I want to know what those things are outside that fence, and I want to know how an underage cretin gets to be in charge of all this.
WOMAN: Once upon a time, there was a town, hundreds of miles and thousands of years away.
And around the town, there was a fence.
Beyond the fence, there were creatures.
They were terrible things: humankind gone wrong.
But inside the fence was a little boy.
And what he didn't yet know, because he was too young, was just how special he was.
(crying) (insects chirring) MARIO (over radio): What's the status? Holding.
- (twigs snapping) - (breathing hard) MARIO: Do you copy? All quiet.
Nothing but a deer here.
(laughing): There's a damn deer out here.
MARIO: Copy.
Did you hear the news, Dr.
Yedlin? Afraid not.
People are saying that the Abbies have skedaddled for good.
Wouldn't that be something? You really believe those things just ran away? Well, I mean, you have to have hope.
Otherwise, people just lose their crap.
Hey how would you like to have a celebratory drink with me at the Biergarten? I'm clocking out in five.
I know.
I mean what happens in Wayward Pines stays in Wayward Pines.
I mean, it has to.
There's no one left.
The Abbies aren't gone.
But they've retreated.
Mario confirmed it: no fence attacks, nothing on the thermals for two days.
Two days.
We need to do more testing.
The thermals? They cover a 35-mile radius, Kerry.
The flamethrowers worked.
All this time, we've been trying to figure out how to kill them.
We never thought about what might actually scare them.
We have options now.
This is exciting.
Don't you want to know what's out there? Now is the time to try.
You just put people out there.
And if Ben Burke is dead then you've killed a member of the First Generation.
(teakettle whistling) (water bubbling, whistling stops) They're saying in town those things are gone.
- You hear that? - People were talking at work.
That they just ran away? Maybe Jason has information we don't.
Why is it that everyone puts so much faith in that kid? Because he's been groomed for this.
Like some prince? Sometimes you just have to stop asking questions.
Yeah, I can't do that.
None of this is easy.
(clatter, thump) What was that? There's something downstairs.
- Jason - Stay here.
WOMAN: What was her name? J-J? MAN: Jasmine.
- WOMAN: Jasmine.
- MAN: Yeah.
Do you see her? MAN: No.
We're just friends.
WOMAN: Oh, you'd make such pretty babies together.
- (woman laughs) - MAN: And what about? (gasps) Hello, Jason.
PAM: The little boy was the firstborn son of Wayward Pines, raised by a kind and clever man and his strong sister.
They loved him as they would their own son, teaching him the important lessons of the new world.
PAM: You are so curious about them.
See this fellow, here? He was an accountant.
But in Wayward Pines, we're gonna give him a little shop where he can make toys for children.
Make his heart happy.
Hmm? And this is Emely Martin.
She was a wilderness guide, and she knew all the plants and animals and how to survive in the woods.
What animals are there now? It's a very different world now.
JASON: So what will they do when they wake up? Well, we'll help them adapt.
- Mm-hmm.
- Some of them will adapt.
It is not easy for everyone.
It's not natural, what we do.
- CJ - He should know.
If you really want to teach him, he should know everything.
You'll know what to do.
Because this is your world.
Hmm? And that's why you have the most important job of all.
She just arrived.
I-I was coming to get you.
I convinced him it'd be all right to let in an old nurse on a dark night.
- MARIO: I-I can stay.
- No.
That won't be necessary.
Will it, Pam? No.
We'll be fine.
- (door opens, closes) - You're not getting enough sleep.
I can always tell.
What are you doing here? You and I had an agreement.
You would stay in that house and I wouldn't look for you.
We agreed to disagree.
It was an upsetting time.
You killed Pilcher.
And do you understand why? Why I would kill my own brother? Baby, I've been watching.
Paying very close attention to everything that David worked so hard to build.
And to the very difficult choices that you've had to make.
The recent rebellion killings Ben.
Have you forgotten? How we raised you? No.
No? (sighs) I've been reading Pilcher's plans.
We plant more crops, we gain security, we grow stronger.
As our numbers grow, we can start new settlements out beyond the fence.
It's what he always wanted.
I was with David when he was making those plans.
I know every step.
I could walk them in the dark.
Will you let me guide you through this? How would it look? - Me welcoming you back in now? - (exhales) Like the evolution of a great leader.
Yeah, that's my boy.
(laughing): Yes.
(low conversations) (murmuring) Well, this is festive.
Who are they executing today? Who's that? They say the one that killed Pilcher.
Pam Pilcher.
She was his sister.
She killed her brother? She did it to save the town.
The town she helped to build.
They've always said she lives in that creepy old house on the outskirts of town.
JASON: A lot of you already know why we're here today.
An old friend has rejoined us.
Some of you may know her as the mother of Wayward Pines.
- (scoffs) - And Pam Pilcher was tested on Invasion Day.
She had mere seconds to make a decision.
And we all mourn the loss of our former leader, but we also continue to evolve.
And over time, we heal.
Now, the road ahead, it relies on our expansion.
Our expansion beyond the fence of Wayward Pines.
But our survival, it depends on our united front.
So I personally feel blessed to have Pam back by my side to take these bold steps into the future.
I go forth with forgiveness.
And so should we all.
(scattered murmuring) (scattered applause) (laughs softly) - Oh, Miss Pilcher.
- Oh, good to see you.
It's nice to have you back, Pam.
Oh, we'll have a drink some night, Arlene.
Oh, yeah, I mean, I can't commit.
I have to check my calendar.
Whenever you're free.
I mean, it's tough at this juncture.
For me anyway.
Oh, Dr.
You're looking well.
I'm sorry.
Have we met? Yes.
Long time ago.
- You're working here now? - Mm-hmm.
It is a teaching hospital.
Would you like me to teach you something? (chuckles) What would that be? Well, maybe something about how we practice medicine here in Wayward Pines.
You were forced to stay away.
It's a difficult time for everyone.
You didn't know David.
You wouldn't understand.
You weren't here.
Well, you weren't awake yet.
(chuckles) I hear you're, uh, back together with your wife.
Must be complicated for you, hmm? Must make things interesting in bed, though, huh? Sorry? Well, is it like the first time? After 2,000 years, I wonder? Oh! (laughs) You haven't re-consummated yet.
I'm so sorry.
You're gonna be pretty pointless around here if you don't (clicks tongue) get to it, you know? So then, what is your point? Because I know that I was not brought from Hawaii to strictly service my wife.
Ah, Hawaii.
(chuckles) That bartender made such a mean Mai tai.
And that's a skill.
Sheriff Pope and I could barely get up the next morning.
Do you really think Hawaii was all about you? (clicks tongue) Look, I've got a lot of tidying up to do here, so maybe we can chitter-chat later on, hmm? Yes.
We will.
Have a report on my desk.
Oh, aye, aye, Captain.
(laughs) (door opens) (door closes) PAM: And so the boy grew.
Exploring and studying, learning all he could.
But as he grew, his world started to feel smaller.
The sky was closer.
The trees seemed to shrink.
The fence felt confining.
He wanted to walk tall.
He wanted to feel distance.
He wanted to explore new lands.
Well, look at that hard work you're doing.
But the party's back this way, buddy.
They're not my friends.
You made them come here.
Well, of course, they wanted to come.
Who wouldn't want to celebrate the day you were woken? They don't like me.
Of course, they like you.
Why would you say that? Jason, you get back to that party right now! She's right.
Everybody's waiting for you.
That's just what I was saying.
You need some convincing, buddy how's this? Sheriff Pope is bringing a new ice cream flavor just for you.
Sounds so yummy, hmm? Pam, why don't you go back, and, uh, get started and we'll be there in just a minute.
Oh, thank you.
You're feeling sorry for yourself on your birthday, huh? Yeah, I know how that is.
I've had a few of those myself.
And I bet she won't take a sad face as an answer, - now will she? - No way.
Well, you know what, Jason? Any time you want, you can come to me.
Okay? And you, you tell me what you're thinking, what you're feeling.
That's my gift to you.
And there's no expiration date.
I don't want anyone to treat me special.
Well, that's not special.
That's your right as a son of Wayward Pines.
All of the First Generation are of Wayward Pines.
Well, but you are the first, aren't you? - And you're theirs.
- Wait.
They're my real parents, right? Pam and David? Um sort of, yes.
And, boy, do they have some exciting plans for your future.
Now, don't you worry about those kids.
- They are your friends.
- (laughing, cheering) And they know that one day very soon they will be standing in line behind you.
There are exploratory steps being taken for our lives outside Wayward Pines.
Isn't that amazing? But in order for us to be the strongest community that we can be, the most important steps will be taken right here by all of you.
That's right.
Let's put the "pro" back in "procreation.
" - (children giggling) - Evan, dear? We will start with "K.
" (hinges creak) Lovely.
Yes, dear? I thought we weren't officially paired until graduation.
Officially, yes, but, well, some of your friends haven't waited that long, have they? Right? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Raise your hands if you're already on your way.
Raise your hand.
Before we begin though, I'd like Dana McKinnie, Julie Jackson, Riley Ford and Lucy Armstrong to gather their things, and follow me into the hallway.
(students murmuring) Now, if you four girls will go down to the library, Mrs.
Randolph has some special reading materials for you.
Are we in trouble or something? Oh, no, honey.
You girls just haven't experienced your blooming yet.
When you do, you'll be able to fully participate.
Until then, you study up, okay? Okay.
Very impressive.
MARIO: Pilcher would be proud.
(chuckles) Oh, I'm not so sure about clearance procedures.
Given your situation, um, I don't You heard Jason.
He wants me to be welcomed back.
You wouldn't want to disobey orders, would you? No.
- It'll be all right.
- Yeah.
(sighs) (machines powering up) (growling) (growling intensifies, roars) (sniffing) (Abbies growling) (growling continues) (growling) Pam? Oh.
(chuckles) Here you are.
I wasn't aware - that we had an appointment.
- We don't.
Are you sure you're allowed up here? (laughs softly): Oh.
Don't be silly.
I I am completely impressed with what you've done up here.
Even in spite of your difficulty.
It-it's miraculous you survived.
Yes, it is.
Now I spend my time studying their habits.
Looking for weak spots in their genetic code.
It's all very time consuming.
- It's very dangerous.
- Yes, of course.
- Difficult - (Abby roars) for a hypnotherapist.
Hmm? Jason seems to trust you.
And you.
Slim pickings all around.
It's very difficult to be a leader in a time of crisis.
It's grueling.
Megan, I know what my brother meant to you, (crying): and I am so sorry for what I had to do.
I beg you to understand.
I respect that.
But I won't pretend to welcome you home like you're some sort of hero.
You think I want to be congratulated - for what I did? - Maybe you want forgiveness? Hmm? Well, you won't get that from me.
I guess you best be on your way.
(Abbies growling) You take care, Megan.
(growling intensifies) (screeching roar, growling) (roaring) (knocking on glass) Hey.
Come on in.
Let me clean you up a little, Theo.
Pam Pilcher.
What about her? She said she was in Hawaii when they took us.
Some of them came here on their own, you know.
People who believed.
And what about the ones who didn't? Where's your ring? - What? - Your wedding ring.
Oh, um They never gave it to me.
She also said that Hawaii wasn't just about me.
(sighs) The past is full of holes for me, too, Theo.
(boys talking, laughing) (spray paint can hissing) BOY: Oh, she's back! Come on! (Pam sighs heavily) (softly): Well that's that then.
(inhales sharply) (inhales sharply, shuddering exhale) (sighs heavily) I wasn't expecting you out here.
Yeah, yeah, um the hospital.
We are perilously short on staff.
Oh, certainly we can discuss this tomorrow at the hospital.
(chuckles) Well, it's been quite a walk.
(sighs) Hardly requires a house call, Doctor.
(screen closes) What was it like to have to beg forgiveness from a child? - (scoffs) - 'Cause that's how you got back, right? But whatever rule you broke, it was a rule you made.
I helped lay the groundwork.
So you had your reasons for what you did that day.
Invasion Day, right? - That's what you called it.
- It wasn't an invasion.
David let them in and his decision was less than wise.
- As was mine.
- To shoot him in the chest? Your brother? Why did you do that? He'd given up.
His mind had snapped, it I-is there something else, Doctor? Yes, uh, Hawaii.
You said that I wasn't the reason you were there.
- Did I say that? - Mm.
That must've been one hell of a selection process.
I mean, all that time you put in choosing people, and then you just took us.
And here you are, alive.
Well, there were guidelines that you followed, right? There must've been.
I mean, who you needed here, and for reasons why.
Hundreds of doctors in Boston, yet you chose me.
Everyone was chosen for a reason.
A random doctor? And an architect? Thank you so much for stopping by, Doctor.
(sighs) (breathes heavily) (liquid squishing) (inhales sharply) Hmm.
Did you find something? What's Variola major? Why, is it missing? Maybe one's missing, I Count them again.
I'm calling Dr.
Now, as you know, Pilcher's plans are very specific.
He-he made notes about reclaiming the valley, going north for more portable water, building a bigger perimeter, but his original intent is important to me.
We're lucky to have Pam who can fill us in on some of the details.
She'll be here soon.
Why? 'Cause I want her to be.
And I want the first group to go out next week.
That's ambitious.
Please sit down.
CJ, as far as the crops go, how to the plans look to you? CJ: It took time to find the fertile ground the first time.
We'll cut a wider path, see if we can try more variety this time.
Good, good.
Uh, Mario, is there anybody on your team that Dr.
Yedlin, this is a closed meeting.
I want everyone to get up very slowly and leave this room.
Don't touch each other, don't touch anything.
You? You stay exactly where you are.
- JASON: And what is this about? - She got a hold of smallpox.
She took it from the lab.
THEO: You're so protective of this town, that you don't want anything to happen to it? Fine.
We're gonna run some tests.
I'll decide about tests.
Just one, smallpox.
- What do you say? - (scoffs) We'll sedate you, and then quarantine you.
That won't be necessary.
THEO: If she injected herself, she can infect everyone.
She wants to kill all of us.
Wayward Pines was supposed to be the salvation of the human race.
- It is.
- No, no.
It's over.
You're sabotaging us.
Because this is how this story ends.
Known it ever since I lost my brother.
You killed your brother.
He killed Ben Burke, and how many others? We're turning against each other.
All we seem to know is hatred.
CJ, you know this.
Better than anyone.
What you've seen, what we did.
What happened to the dream? Sweetie, I am trying to give you a gift.
I raised you to be a leader, and I am begging you to lead your people to a peaceful end.
(voice breaking): I let you in.
And now you have to deal with me.
Take her.
(footsteps approaching) JASON: The Abby threat is contained.
- We won.
- Won? Yes.
The traitors, they're gone.
Kate's toy bomber and their minions, I took care of them.
Where's Pilcher? I wanted to tell you both.
(shuddering breath) Jason, he No.
- No, no.
- (sobbing) This is everything you prepared me for.
You were right.
Their lives are in my hands.
They took that for granted.
I had to kill them.
- All of them.
- No.
In front of each other on their knees.
What I have done here, what we have done here, will be historic.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's that's not what we want for you.
What do you mean? How can this be a community without them standing in line behind me? (whimpering groan) - How dare you! - Ow! It's tragic to lose any one of our small number.
(stammers) And you want to celebrate this? Become a legend? No.
No, that is not the boy we raised.
There is no humanity in murder.
(sighs softly) Did you always know? What, baby? His plan.
That it would fail, that it would come to this.
I never wanted to believe that.
That's why you're here.
You could still make the right decision.
What? Just let all these people die? You realize how insane you sound? Killing us all with smallpox.
You think I'd let you do that? I'm a son of Wayward Pines.
You're not only a son of Wayward Pines.
What else would I be? You're mine.
My son.
And I raised you to be as tenacious as I am.
All that matters to me now is we fix our mistake.
I won't stop.
I will find a way.
So, baby you can let me die of smallpox, or you can kill me.
THEO: She didn't infect anyone.
She's still within the incubation period.
You saved the town, Dr.
You're a hero.
Maybe they'll appreciate you for it.
We can administer the antidote now.
That's not your decision to make.
PAM: You remember the story I used to tell you? JASON: The story of Wayward Pines.
PAM: Your story.
JASON: You never told me the ending.
Did you have one? PAM: Doesn't matter.
Fairy tales aren't real.
It was just my fantasy of what this place should be.
I never told you the reality of the horror.
(softly): Okay.
All right.
The boy was grown.
And he looked at his town and he knew it was his to do with as he pleased.
Then he wanted more, but the "more" belonged to the creatures.
When he realized this, he felt all alone.
And became very, very sad.
(crying): And in his sorrow, he remembered just how special he was.
So he closed his eyes, and he wished for grace.
(Pam gasps) (sobs quietly) (door opens) Is it done? We should talk about who's going out in the first group.
I don't want to lose the most valuable people here, but we need experts in the field.
CJ, he'll insist on going.
An engineer would be good.
- And additional military.
- Jason.
Do you want to talk about what happened? REBECCA: Hi.
You okay? (soft chuckle) No.
I keep looking for my watch.
As if time means anything here.
I never got a gift from my father in my life.
No presents for Christmas, birthdays, nothing.
Then when my mom died, after the service, went to shake his hand, and he took off his watch, his retirement watch for 40 years on the dock.
"O'Clancy's, 5:30.
" I'd never had a beer with my dad in my life.
So I show up and there he is.
Two beers there.
So, every Thursday, 5:30.
That was our standing date.
So I'd been wondering what happened that first Thursday at 5:31, when he used the cell phone that I gave him, - which he hated so much, to call me, - (sniffles) and of course there was no answer because I was gone.
And when was it that he called the police, or how long he waited? Did he go back that next Thursday? I know you can't think about that because if it consumes you, you would not be able to go on with your day, but you need to know that I'll never forget that.
(sniffling) (classical music playing) (men grunting)
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