Wayward Pines (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Exit Strategy

1 It is the year 4032.
Man's destruction of the environment has created evolutionary aberrations, known as "Abbies" (screeches) that rule the Earth.
One man saw the catastrophe coming.
He created an ark for mankind, and selected a chosen few to sleep for 2,000 years, and defy mankind's extinction.
Surrounded by mountains and protected by an electric fence, the last of humanity left alive on Earth do their best to survive in a town called Wayward Pines.
Previously on Wayward Pines I think we have a problem, Mr.
Ethan Burke's wife might be coming to look for him.
I want to call it off.
But it's done, Adam.
There's something I have to show you.
It's Adam Hessler.
It's September 15.
Still no signs of any survivors.
The Abbies they're gone.
Hello, Jason.
You and I had an agreement.
(choking) JASON: For those who break the rules, there can be no compromise.
MARIO: The rebellion is over.
Jason put Ben outside the fence.
XANDER: No! No! (Abbies growling) (screams) (gasping) (echoing): Hello? Ben! (grunting) (Abby screeches) (groans) (Abby growling, snarling) (Xander grunting) (Abby choking) (heavy breathing) (cracking, squishing) (Xander panting) (grunting) WOMAN (over loudspeaker): Good morning, Wayward Pines.
The sun has risen on a new day.
Let's celebrate our good fortune and continue to live our lives as normal.
Good morning, Wayward Pines.
MEGAN: We have 25 pregnancies entering their third trimester, 34 in the second, and 19 in the first.
In addition, we have nine females that have become viable this month.
That's excellent.
What about the research in the lab? I will have an update for you later this week.
Maybe Dr.
Yedlin could help you with that.
I-I'm not sure Dr.
Yedlin has that kind of expertise.
(chuckles) Research on the aberrations requires years of familiarity, as well as a very specific biomedical background.
I think he's a quick study.
Maybe you could run it by him? MEGAN: Okay, will do.
We should also pull together a plan with Dr.
Yedlin to complete the residents' training.
See if he has any suggestions about how to speed things up.
That's a good idea.
I thought this meeting was about the crops, about securing a permanent source of food and water.
It's about the issues facing Wayward Pines.
We have a lot of them.
None of them matters if we can't feed the people.
We're all still here because of you, CJ.
We know that.
Please, stay.
Jason, as Wayward Pines grows, our food supply must grow with it.
We should pick our site properly.
Maybe it's near the original crops.
Maybe it's slightly further away, but we need to do soil studies; measure sunlight, determine what from our remaining seed bank will flourish.
We should lay irrigation and source an additional water supply My understanding was that this was just about planting a few extra rows of corn.
This is a rare opportunity.
With the Abbies retreated, we can work without fear.
Make careful agricultural decisions that will benefit all of us.
No, there's still risks.
We don't know where they've gone or for how long.
Look, Kerry's right.
This sounds ambitious.
Maybe we need to focus more on shoring up things inside Wayward Pines.
What CJ suggests makes sense.
All I'm saying is we have to think about what Pilcher would have wanted; we must never stray from that.
He would have wanted us to survive, and be bold as he was.
If I hadn't planted those crops out there three years ago, we would have starved - by now.
- Right.
How can you be against us securing our food? They'll have the same security, even more than the harvesters did.
They'll return once the first batch of studies are complete.
They're not going far.
I understand your concerns, Megan but we need to do this.
(groans) Easy, easy.
You from Wayward Pines? Where else would I be from? - You a nomad? - What? "A nomad"? No, no.
Who sent you? - Pilcher? - No, man, Pilcher's dead.
Who are you? Look, you mind easing up on the knife work there, buddy? Huh? I'm not one of our little mutant friends, in case you can't tell.
We're on the same side here, I promise you.
Who's in charge? Is it Pam? No, no, Pam, uh Pam did the deed, actually.
At least that's what I hear.
No one's seen her for awhile.
No, there's a there's a kid in charge now.
His, uh his name's Jason.
You'd love him.
Where the hell are we? I woke up in some pit.
Do they put people in pits? They do a lot of things.
Where you going? So, wait, Pilcher sent you out here? What'd you do to piss him off? Nothing.
A bunch of us were sent.
Scout and report back.
To look for other communities.
Other survivors.
Yeah, and-and what'd you find? I found you.
I'll get Lucy to wash your hair.
Lucy? Lucy? Oh honey, it's okay.
I remember the first time I got mine.
It's really scary, I know but you'll get used to it.
How old were you when you were paired up? It was a little different back then.
You know what? They're gonna make you meet a few boys, and one of them will be really nice.
I don't want to be a mom.
Lucy I can't; I'm not ready.
Please don't make me go back.
I'm sorry.
You have to go back.
Honey, if you don't, they'll figure out something's wrong.
Come here.
Are you sure they're gone? Not sure.
Never sure.
Well, that's reassuring.
They usually send a scout.
Catch the scout before they can report back.
Then you've got a chance to run.
There's a method to them.
If you can survive long enough to learn it.
So what's your story? (sighing): Uh well Uh, Group B.
Uh, woke up in paradise about five years ago, I think.
A little before Invasion Day.
I don't mean that.
Why are you out here? I colored outside the lines.
Seems like a harsh punishment.
I agree.
But, uh at least I'm in the clear now, right? Depends.
I'm going home.
Somebody I gotta see.
But (sighs) who knows? They might just put you right back out here.
SEAN: I'm bad Hearts.
All right.
(monitor alarm beeping) RAMSEY: Abbies? No.
It can't be.
The The signature's wrong.
Let's get to the fence.
It's Xander and someone else.
Open the gate! (gate clanking open, alarm sounding) On guard! GUARD: Is that Hassler? GUARD 2: Might be.
Who are you? Dr.
Who are you? Why did you go out there? How far did you get? Are we alone? I guess that's something that we still don't know.
(whispers): We know.
They're not our enemies.
They're our replacements.
What does that mean? (groaning) Are you in pain? Lie back.
(stifled groaning) JASON: Adam Hassler.
How's he doing? You'd have to ask him that.
He's not really talking to us right now.
That's why I'm asking you.
And I'm his doctor, so I'm not talking, either.
Little thing called the Hippocratic Oath.
We live in a different time now.
Some of those old rules don't apply.
Is he stable, Doctor? Mentally, I mean.
What part of what I said did you not understand? I understand your position.
But Adam Hassler's a hero.
You see, Pilcher sent a dozen nomads in a dozen directions out beyond the fence, to report back on everything.
And Adam's the only one who's ever returned.
This is big news for Wayward Pines.
We need to know what he's seen, what he knows, even the smallest piece - of information.
- Then ask him.
Ask him.
They come to you when they're sick.
Isn't that right, Dr.
Yedlin? That's when you care for them.
That's when they trouble you.
If they trouble you.
With your manner, sometimes, it's hard to tell.
They're my responsibility all the time.
They're like my extended family, in a way.
Like Pam Pilcher, you mean? You know nothing about that.
I know she's dead.
I worry about all of them.
They keep me up at night.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect them.
I'll make the tough choices.
Would you? (door opens, closes) (panting) - (growling, snarling) - (grunting) (sudden yell, then gasping) (groans, pants) - (screech echoing) - (yells, gasps) (screech echoing) (grunting, gasping) Oh, Mr.
I was able to pull a few strings, and I booked you a complimentary haircut.
And I was also lucky enough to get you a nice body wax, and a manicure-pedicure.
(grunting) But perhaps, at this juncture, we should consider rescheduling.
Behold! This is the land where I shall build a community.
And lead humanity out of the darkness.
As we rise from sleep and return to our world, the first generations shall lead us, and create families of their own.
The dream of a repopulated earth is alive.
And it begins here, in a town called the Wayward Pines.
Pines! Trees that always last Pines! Do not discuss the past Pines! Your needles pierce our heart Pines! They gave us a new start You smell so good We burn your wood You give us shade The plans we made Will make sure we Are never torn apart Pines! Luce (audience cheering) (indistinct chatter) Lucy, dear is everything all right? I noticed you've been taking extra bathroom breaks lately.
Just something I ate, ma'am.
All right.
What did, uh, "Clear and Severe" want? What's wrong? I think she knows.
Don't worry.
I won't say anything, okay? MAN: Easy.
MAN 2: Over here.
(growling and snarling) (people murmuring, gasping) MAN 3: It's okay, son.
It's okay.
(uneasy breathing) THERESA: Adam? It is you.
Where is Ethan? Ethan's gone.
They just put Ben outside the fence.
Did you see him at all? Is he alive? I didn't see him.
You son of a bitch.
You sent Ethan here.
You knew all along, didn't you? You were working with Pilcher, and you knew about this place, and you were in on it.
My family's all gone because of you.
We trusted you.
Rise and shine.
I just couldn't wait for my morning scoop.
Guess I should've changed the locks.
I have keys.
They open a lot of things in this town.
The kids will be excited you're back.
What's the flavor of the day? - Corn.
- Really? I was banking more on remorse.
Hassler's not talking and Jason is still deciding what to do with you.
He knows about the guns, the grenades you stole, and that your loyalty to the First Generation was elastic and still worthy of punishment.
But your survival made you a bit of a hero, and things were just getting back to normal.
I'm not gonna be any trouble.
For how long? I don't know.
Till we run out of ice cream? I wouldn't make a joke out of this, Xander.
We're giving you a second chance for about the tenth time.
I understand.
If there's no fight, I won't pick one.
Then how will you amuse yourself? How did you make it out there, anyway? Did Hassler help you? Did you get a good look at that guy? He may have been on his way back in, but he's lucky I found him.
You know they're not just dumb animals, Kerry.
There's a method to them.
If you can survive long enough to learn it.
So you learned something about them.
Something that can help us.
I'll give Jason a full report.
I can even talk to Adam, too, if that's what you want.
We developed a kind of bond out there.
If that's something you think might help my position around here.
(licking, smacking) (smacking) (growls) (boy screams) (panting) They're our replacement? That's what he said.
Adam Hassler said that.
(inhales deeply, sighs) Theo, I think you should say something.
Pilcher called them "Abbies" because they're aberrations.
They're not supposed to be the future of the planet.
And apparently, now, they're sending people outside the fence.
(sighs) I think you should tell Jason.
I'm not putting my fate in his hands.
Well, it's not just yours, is it? Mmm.
Nothing says Wayward Pines like a piece of fresh, warm fudge.
(chuckles) Thanks for meeting me, Frank.
I know it's not exactly cool to be seen in public with your old teacher.
Yeah, I mean it's it's fine.
Do you know why I asked you here today? No? To remind you of David Pilcher's greatest gift to us.
The fence? Life.
So precious and so necessary.
Wouldn't you agree? And each of us must contribute.
And I wanted to remind you, Frank, one of the rules of the Academy is that there are to be no secrets between the members of the First Generation, and there are certainly none that should be kept from me.
So we should rat each other out.
Let's not use that word.
We should share information.
We should be honest with ourselves and with each other.
Frank help me with your sister.
I don't I don't know what you're talking Frank.
It's me.
She's not ready.
That is not your decision to make.
I promised I'd protect her, I-I-I'm not-not gonna You-you-you are protecting her and that is so admirable especially after everything that's happened to the two of you but she's growing up, Frank.
She's a blooming flower.
She's becoming a woman and that is something that should be celebrated.
Hmm? And what we encourage is simply a natural way to live, without restrictions, and a chance for her to serve a higher purpose.
I know you want to do what's best for her but now the two of you need to do what's best for Wayward Pines.
CJ: The Abbies are gone, Doctor.
Maybe not forever.
The town may still be at risk.
But I understand your concern.
But we have a chance to secure our future and start forging a new path.
Look I'm new here, I get it.
But I saw them making ladders with their bodies.
It's problem solving.
It's social structure.
They're willing to sacrifice themselves.
You're underestimating them.
And putting your people at risk.
How long have you been here, Doctor? A week? Ten days? Now imagine you've been here a year five years, ten years.
Just consider.
The life you had, the people you left behind those memories start to fade, and the visits in your mind, the ones that gave you comfort, becomes nothing more than placing flowers on a grave.
Now our work is important, yes but this isn't about water, or corn, or soil samples.
We go outside the fence tomorrow, we stay outside.
It's not even about us.
It's about the people we leave behind, the ones that can't come with us.
Yes through us they can see the horizon and through us they can hope.
They get to leave? Yeah, it's exciting, isn't it? MAN: Hold on! Theresa? I'm gonna come with you.
CJ let me find my son.
What about him? He's not my problem.
MAN: Let's roll.
(alarm sounding) (cash register dings, mellow music plays over P.
) Hey.
You okay? Right.
Well, uh I'm-I'm still here.
I guess that counts for something.
I see your husband's awake or unfrozen, or whatever.
Is he leaving you alone? - Your husband? - No.
- I mean Jason.
- Oh.
Uh unclear.
I told them I had new information about the Abbies.
Do you? I'll come up with something.
(chuckling): Xander, try to be good.
I'm just trying to stay alive.
Yeah, aren't we all? On the house.
Wow, lucky me.
Hey, I'm, uh, I'm thinking about calling 'em Wayward Vines.
I think that's brilliant.
- Mm? - Mm.
Come on, that's funny.
Very charming.
(door bell jangles) Megan.
May I help you? I was just talking with Lucy.
I can see that.
What about? Well, if you really must know, I was reminding Lucy of her obligations.
Obligations? Yes, it's exciting, isn't it? Lucy, you need to come with me, dear.
No, please.
Lucy, could you step outside for a moment? Try this, it's really nice.
(door bell jangles) Every member of our community has a duty to ensure the future of the human race, hmm? Obviously, there'll be some failures, such as yours.
Which is why we need to encourage the First Generation to bear children as quickly as possible.
I understand that.
But you can preserve humanity and try to hold on to some, at the same time.
You do realize you're asking children to bear children.
Ye it-it's a survival strategy used by numerous societies.
Primitive societies.
Megan, these girls should have a choice.
Lucy has a choice.
Actually, Rebecca, she really doesn't.
Do you need me to walk you through it? I will not let you hurt her.
No one is above the rules.
You leave me no choice.
I'll be seeing Jason in 30 minutes for a research briefing.
You know I'll have to report this.
Report what, exactly? Rebecca Yedlin's not following the rules? Rebecca Yedlin needs to be reined in.
Reckoned? Do you really want to pick that fight, Megan? Because I'm not sure if this is going to be a winner for you.
You're being very self-destructive, Rebecca.
If only you could see it.
Lucy come on in.
Come home with me tonight.
I'll walk you to school in the morning, okay? Mm.
Our world.
It's still beautiful.
Let's get the tents up! Why did you come back? Is it me? Are you trying to help me? Yes.
The harvesters saw Ben.
I know what it's like.
To see something that you can describe, and no one will believe.
To feel a sense of an ending.
(panting) (faint, indistinct voices) - MAN: They brought him in.
- MAN 2: Is it who we think it is? (Theresa crying quietly, sniffling) Lucy's gonna be staying with us for a few days.
The shower's up on the left.
I'll be with you in a few moments to show you where you're sleeping.
Where are her parents? They died on Invasion Day.
So she lives with her brother at the Academy, with the other orphans.
I look out for her now.
She got her period a couple of days ago, and they wanted to enroll her in the fertility program.
That girl? She's what, 11? I know.
Well, how does that work? Do they inseminate them? They pair them up.
And they put them into these procreation rooms at the Academy.
(sighs) And I think they do things the old-fashioned way.
Old-fashioned is, uh, a six-pack and borrowing your brother's car, your dad's cologne and the radio.
It's not (sighs heavily) Who picks them? Who pairs them up? I don't know.
Not one person, I think.
And it's by looks, or, uh, intelligence? Size, maybe? It's eugenics.
- And you know this.
- I'm on your side, Theo.
I agree with you.
I'm trying my best to protect her from what I can, for as long as I can.
This is why she's here with us.
CJ told me why they're going outside.
It's not the food.
He says it's to give hope.
Which, on some level, makes sense to me.
But every time one thing here seems almost rational, two things pop up that make absolutely no sense at all.
So we talk.
And we try to make sense of what we can.
The talk is all survival.
It's not about living.
This isn't life.
Work hard.
Be happy.
Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines.
Where you been? I know it was you.
Wh-What? Lucy, what are you talking about? You told her.
What if I told her things about you? What things? I hate you.
(grunts, sighs) BOY (echoing): Put it up, Jim! BOY 2: What's the score, Brian? BOY 3: Take it in! (lively chatter) (switch clacks, motor whirrs) (lively music playing) (music slowly winds to a stop) (growling) (snarling)
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