Wayward Pines (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

City Upon a Hill

1 MEGAN: It is the year 4032.
Man's destruction of the environment has created evolutionary aberrations, known as Abbies (roars) that rule the Earth.
- (gasping, panting) - (Abby snarls) One man saw the catastrophe coming.
He created an ark for mankind and selected a chosen few to sleep for 2,000 years and defy mankind's extinction.
Surrounded by mountains and protected by an electric fence, the last of humanity left alive on Earth do their best to survive in a town called Wayward Pines.
Previously on Wayward Pines - We'll protect the harvesters.
- What about the Abbies? CJ: We have never used fire on them before.
We don't know what they understand about it.
Well, tonight they'll learn.
Use the flamethrowers.
(Abbies howling) Finally reached the city.
JASON: Pilcher sent a dozen nomads out beyond the fence, and Adam's the only one who's ever returned.
You knew all along.
You were working with Pilcher.
I want to call it off.
It's done, Adam.
My family is all gone because of you.
- Tell him.
- Xander and I are married.
He's my husband.
I heard you caught one of those creatures in the middle of town.
KERRY: It's the first female we've ever seen.
MEGAN: As with any species, they're different.
They're not just dumb animals.
There's a method to it, if you can survive long enough to learn it.
(birds singing) (water splashes softly) (rustling) (soft, guttural grunt) (chomping, smacking lips) (purring gently) (purring, grunting) (helicopter whirring in distance) (purring) (helicopter approaching) (grunting, snarling) - (helicopter whirring) - (grunting continues) (child whimpering) (growling) (grunting) (shouting) (shouts) (yowls) (screeches) (groans, gasps) (helicopter departs) SOLDIER (over radio): We've cleared the valley, sir.
We are commencing the ground sweep to confirm our perimeter is secure.
(grunting) SOLDIER: Clear! SOLDIER 2: The area's secure, sir.
We can now begin construction of the fence.
(panting) (snarling) Hmm.
We should have a baby.
You and I.
Really? You're ready to do that? With me? Well, we've encouraged the First Generation to procreate.
(laughs) I think we're ready to set an example.
A son to lead.
Or a daughter.
Or a son.
(both laugh) One of both.
(playful growling): Four of both.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
Just a lot on my mind.
Same as you.
It's okay to have hope.
We're doing well.
The town? There's still the problem of the rust in the water line and I'm talking about us, Kerry.
We make a great team.
I knew you were the right choice.
(instrumental blues music playing on radio) BARTENDER: So? What'll it be? Well, I tried your beer, which is revolting.
And the whole celery soda thing, I don't know what that is, so Your choice.
How about that? "Distilled from pure Kentucky water"? Really? Where'd you get this? - Hassler drag it back in? - (chuckles) It is a very nice label.
Unfortunately, what's inside of it, we brewed two weeks ago, in the woods.
(chuckles) Yeah, well (chuckling): Sorry.
Whew You know what this place needs? Hmm? A town drunk.
Job's open.
(sighs) I did look for you, Theo.
I did what I could to find you.
I'm here because I know you have questions.
I'm tired of secrets.
Did you try to have a baby? (alarm wailing in distance) (crowd clamoring outside) (phone ringing) (snarling, growling) (roaring, snarling, screeching) Everybody up! We gotta go now! - MAN: What? - Leave everything behind, there's no time! (blowing whistle, people shouting) Let's go, let's go! Now! Now! (woman screams, blow thuds) WOMAN: Bastard! (woman screams, Abbie growls) (screams) (snarling) - Hey! - (screeches) (gasping) Oh, no, Theresa (gunshots) (alarm blaring) WOMAN (over P.
system): Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines.
All able-bodied men, please report to the fire station immediately.
(Abbies suddenly screeching and growling) (pounding on walls, rattling cages) (growling, screeching continue) - (men shouting) - Hey, hey, what's happening? - The crops they're on fire.
- On fire? How? We don't know what happened.
We're going out there.
Who's going out there? Anyone who can.
WOMAN: We need help! (alarm blaring) You should get to the hospital.
I meet you there and I'll see what I can do here.
You should go.
(tires screech) KERRY: Dr.
Yedlin, we need your help.
Can you come with me now? They're back, aren't they? We've seen some of them out there, yes.
Why are you sending civilians? Soldiers to fight the Abbies, civilians to fight the fires.
It's not the same thing.
Well, they'll die the same.
Should we just let the crops burn? If we lose the food, then we're all dead.
What about the explorers? CJ, the trucks? We lost contact with them ten minutes ago.
We need you at the hospital right now! (alarm continues blaring) WOMAN (over P.
): Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines.
All able-bodied men, please report to the fire station immediately.
nice plan, but we should think about You're going out there? We need guns.
To fight against him? No, to defend ourselves against whatever's out there.
WOMAN (over P.
): Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines Can you get us in? The Mountain? Xander Look, I'm not trying to drag you into something again.
I'm just trying to avoid a slaughter.
I've worked with Jason and I don't trust him.
We lose those crops, we lose everything! (tires screeching) (men shouting) All right, we got to get this out! Let's get the hoses over here! Get the hoses! Get the hoses! (screeching, growling) I've brought up tape, all the gauze, saline and sutures.
The O.
is ready they told us to prepare 20 beds.
Are we really expecting 20 patients all at once? We'll need more.
Discharge some more.
More than 20? We don't have any tags.
- What? - Triage tags.
Get some markers and we'll write on their forearms.
Hey, everybody Hey, Ev Stop! Stop! Listen to me.
I'll triage as they arrive, and I'll assign them out.
Letters for each color.
G is green.
Green is minor.
Yellow can wait.
Red is immediate.
Black, deceased.
Do not let them self-evaluate.
Listen to what I say.
And be calm.
Look, I want you to know where everything is right now, because I don't want any supply runs when I got someone going asystole on my table.
We're gonna offer the best care to the most that we can.
You can do this.
Come here.
Can I just say, sir, there is no one I'd rather be in a mass casualty - Shut up, Oscar.
- Yes, sir.
(screaming, shouting, gunfire blasting) (screaming) (solider moaning) (man wailing in distance) (men wailing, shouting, moaning in pain) More suction.
All right, he's good.
- Suture him up.
Next! - Yes.
MAN: wounds to the abdomen and chest.
- He's gone.
- These are bite marks.
- Next! - More coming in! Move! We need more stretchers out here! (grunts) I'm okay.
The Abbies got past us to the crops.
I'm fine! Help her! - Yellow! - Help her! Stop the bleeding in his shoulder.
She's hypotensive and tachycardic.
Get her an I.
Ampicillin, two grams.
We just used the last bag.
I looked.
- You're sure? - Yes.
Okay, breathe.
Slowly, slowly.
- (monitor beeping) - Her SAT's are dropping! Theresa you're name's Theresa, right? Look at me.
My name's Theo.
I need you to look at me right now.
You have a collapsed lung and that's why - you're having trouble breathing.
- OSCAR: Dr.
Yedlin?! Now, I'm gonna get you through this.
- I'm not gonna leave you, okay? - Dr.
Yedlin? - You got it.
- I need your help! Slow, breathe in.
And out in, out.
I'm not leaving you.
Very good.
I have to insert this in your chest.
It's gonna hurt, but it's gonna let you breathe.
Are you ready? (gasping) (wheezing) - JASON: Dr.
Yedlin? - That's better.
- JASON: Dr.
Yedlin! - Okay.
Why aren't the first generation patients being prioritized? They are if they're dying.
(man screaming) The femoral artery I-I can't find it! Clamp it off! I'm trying, there's just There's too much blood! Dr.
Yedlin, I need you to do this.
I can't my hand is in a patient right now.
- You can do it.
- Okay.
Put pressure on the thigh, and have your fingers find the artery.
Dig your fingers in there! (screaming) Okay, I think I found it! Bring the clamp in.
Don't take your fingers off until it's fully clamped.
I got it.
His heart rate's coming down.
(monitor beeping, echoing) (beeping fades away) (sighs) No one could've predicted what happened tonight.
I should've been able to predict it.
That the fields would burn? How could you know that? It's an impossible situation.
If I can't trust my own instincts rely on what Pilcher taught me, what good am I? I should've had us more prepared.
You did prepare us.
By planting them in the first place.
'Cause nothing would grow in Wayward Pines.
Why is that, Kerry? What's wrong with the soil here? Why didn't Pilcher account for it? What did we do to it? And what does it tell us if we have to die to get the food we need to survive? Who the hell are you? Because I thought you were the man born to lead this town.
Trained by Pilcher himself to usher mankind - Kerry - to the next generation, but that is not who I see in front of me right now.
Because what I see is weakness.
And fear.
Are you the man born to lead? Yes.
Then act like it.
And never let them see you doubt it.
Even if you do.
Yedlin, hey.
I was out there with the firefighters.
Uh one of them got a piece of me.
How's your jaw? Well, it hurts to smile.
Was that the point? One of them.
Hey, I left our wife in your office.
She actually saved some lives, too, tonight.
But I'll let her tell you all about it, since everything's out in the open now.
Oh, and Doc? The first one's free, but the next one's gonna cost you.
You still have feelings for him? Our marriage was like all the others in Wayward Pines.
At first, there were rules.
There was surveillance.
We were no more than cellmates.
And I chose you before any of this happened.
Yedlin, we we need you.
THEO: That's not an answer, Rebecca.
(sighs) (breathing quickens) (footsteps approaching) - (breathing hard) - Okay, uh, just just try not to move too much.
Are you a doctor here? Chief resident, yes.
Uh, Dr.
Yedlin called on me earlier tonight to perform a femoral artery clamp.
Theresa Who? Theresa Burke.
Is Um, you should you should get some rest.
Is she dead? I can't really discuss that.
She Just tell me.
I mean that, uh, you have to be you have to be family.
The Abbies were targeting any man with a hose.
Their goal, clearly, was to stop us from saving the crops.
You're saying the Abbies knew what the men were doing and targeted them? MEGAN: I'm sure it was very confusing out there, Mario, in the dark and the heat of the battle I know what I saw, ma'am, as I watched my men die.
How many troops do we have left? We lost half of the men, sir.
We have less than 20 soldiers left.
MEGAN: Perhaps we should reconsider recruiting so heavily - from the First Generation - We'll recruit more of them.
It's an honor to serve against a real enemy.
Our real enemy already did what they came to do: attack our food source.
I'm sorry, you make it sound as if the Abbies had a plan.
They set fires at the corners, so that it would spread faster.
The Abbies never used fire as a weapon before.
Not in all the years we've been here.
Until we used it against them to harvest the crops.
We taught them.
And tonight, they learned.
Stop talking about them as though they're human.
When the fields were on fire, Margaret was calm, but the males in the lab became highly aggressive, as if as if they knew what was happening.
So if they did have a plan They had no plan! The crops.
Tell me.
The flame took the plants down to the root.
The earth is scorched.
Replanting on that ground would take months, if the Abbies even let us.
So we only have the food that's currently in the storehouse.
Plant something that grows quickly.
It won't work.
What are you saying? That we'll starve to death? Every human on the planet starves to death? In how long? If nothing changes less than six weeks.
JASON: Today, we mourn the loss of 35 members of this town.
35 members of our species.
It's easy.
It's easy to wake up in the morning and forget who we are.
It's easy to forget that there are no more second chances for humanity.
That this is it.
That we are it.
I'm told that people used to tell stories stories that mankind began with only two people, a man and a woman.
Now we number 1,178.
So today, I believe that if we rose from two, we can rise from this.
We are the hope of mankind.
We will survive for those lost and for the future.
SOLDIER: Present arms! Ready aim fire! - Ready! - (rifles clicking) Aim! - Fire! - (rifles fire) - Ready! - (rifles clicking) Aim! Fire! (cash register dings) Here you go.
Thank you.
(door bell jingles) XANDER: Fellas.
Wayward Vine? We're collecting the weapons that were commandeered from the armory last night.
- Oh.
- MARIO: I need yours.
"Commandeered"? Nope.
No, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, wait.
You mean the ones that we used to save your asses.
You mean those weapons? - Yeah.
- 'Cause I do have one of those.
I won't discover that you kept some for yourself? Nah.
I mean, we got no food.
Abbies just killed a few dozen people.
We can't have citizens running around able to defend themselves, can we? That's your job.
You're doing great, by the way.
Toss the place, if you want.
You have a nice day.
Those shirts I always thought they were an odd choice of color.
Of course (clears throat) I guess all you First Gens aren't exactly up on your history.
"Do not discuss the past" and all that.
I know history.
I know your history.
Crashed out of the Marines.
Drug dealer given a second chance.
Pilcher chose everyone for a reason.
Yours was "resourcefulness.
" Hmm.
But instead of using that skill to ensure the preservation of our species, you used it to help yourself.
How's business, Xander? You know, "I can find any pills, any extra rations"? People are scared about food, so I'm sure there's a nice profit to be made.
I know who you used to be.
And history? I know it repeats itself.
(door bell jingles) (door shuts) Dr.
How are the wounded? Five are still critical.
Three we just discharged today.
You're about to have a much bigger problem, and that's medication.
Steroids, antibiotics, they're all dangerously low.
It seems like your lord and savior, Pilcher, did not bring enough, nor did he make any provisions to generate pharmaceuticals.
Now, I think I can probably synthesize a very, very basic form of penicillin in the lab, but Pilcher thought we would be treating things like ear infection and strep throat.
He never anticipated that we would have so many war injuries, or that we would go through so much medication so fast.
What did he anticipate? How low are the supplies? It's not an exaggeration to say that people could soon be dying of a sinus infection.
Tetanus, certainly.
And if a major flu came, it would have a devastating effect.
The food crisis we need to find a way forward, a way of surviving the shortages.
With the Abbies in retreat once again, we have I'm afraid that's no longer the case, sir.
In the last two hours, the Abbies have reentered the valley outside the fence.
Roughly 100 now hold territory immediately outside our borders.
CJ: See? They learned from us.
They learned that the fields were important, they learned how to use fire, they faked retreat, ambushed us, and now they cut off our escape.
" "Retreat.
" These are concepts these things don't understand.
This is distracting us from the problems we already have.
When are you going to realize that this is the problem? Then what, Dr.
Yedlin? The Abbies should inherit the Earth? You're here as a doctor, not as a military advisor.
You'd do well to remember that.
How are we gonna survive? (quiet, raspy breathing) (sighs) (door creaking) (monitor beeping) - I was expecting Pilcher.
- He's busy.
He sent me.
Don't worry, I walked, and I wasn't followed.
Would you even know if you were? He said it was done.
And it is.
Ethan won't be a problem for you or for us.
He belongs to the future.
And she's yours.
You can have the life you always wanted.
I heard you wanted to call it off.
Why? I thought you loved her.
That doesn't make it right.
(door bell jangles) - (indistinct conversation in distance) - WOMAN: All right, nice to see you.
(door bell jingles, door shuts) MAN: Anything else, or is that it? - XANDER: Be careful.
- All right.
- Good luck.
- MAN: Thank you.
(door bell jangles) What is the matter with you? Uh, you're gonna have to help me out, here.
I saw you go into the alley.
Jason's already thrown you outside the fence once.
Becca The guns I understand, and I helped you with that.
But if you kept some, or you stole more pills Apples.
Excuse me? I gave him apples.
Dale and his wife have got three little kids and I figured they could use the extra fruit from the shop more than I could.
I'm keeping my head down.
If the world's gonna end I'm gonna go out strong.
(sighs heavily) (sighs) We weren't nothing Becca.
I know we had our problems, but there were good times, too.
You know that.
People can change.
What they want and what they need, it can change.
They don't want us to be human in here, but, uh it happens.
Maybe you can ask your other husband if he knows what I mean.
And maybe you can tell me when I'm coming back home.
(sighs) (sighs) (door bell jingles) (gasping) (monitor beeping steadily) Theresa.
I'm so sorry.
You weren't supposed to follow Ethan.
I I just wanted us to be together.
I'm so sorry that that-that I couldn't protect you.
That I I couldn't save you.
Or that I did save you.
(cries quietly) It's okay.
It's okay.
(laughs) (echoing): Happy birthday, sweetie.
(flat line tone) (MRI whirring) (equipment whirrs quietly) Dr.
- (Abbie growls) - I'm sorry we started without you; I know you've been busy.
It's horrible, what happened outside the fence.
So many lives lost.
Well, we're gonna starve to death.
Well, that makes our work that much more important.
What's the progress? I am conducting an MRI, as per the very thorough research guidelines you sent over.
With the crops gone and-and the Abbies amassing outside, we have to understand why this one is so docile, when the others all want to kill us.
Wouldn't you agree? Yes.
That's why I told you to do it.
Margaret holds the key; I firmly believe that.
Still an animal of course, but there is something exquisite about her.
Now, what precisely are we looking for? - I assume it's - Temporal gyrus.
Advanced thought and problem-solving, center of language for her brain.
I still have trouble with the notion that these creatures - Huh.
- such as What is it? The temporal gyrus for a chimp is about a third the size of a human's.
And hers appears to be double the size of ours.
Do you think she can understand us? I, um I have a, uh spare bedroom at my place.
I mean I I wouldn't impose, I just thought maybe (whispering): I'd give you your privacy.
Got any other pains I should know about? We were never close.
I want to ask you something.
You're the only one who has seen them, how they live.
How they move.
Do they communicate in any way that you've seen? I know they're largely violent, but it seems that they have a purpose.
We've done some preliminary tests with a female, - and it seems to me - Did you say "female"? How how do you know about the females? They have one.
- Up in the Mountain lab.
- There's a female Abby in this town? Her palm.
Does it have a mark? A raised mark, it's like a brand? (anxious panting) Tell me.
(insects trilling) (roaring, howling begins in distance) (roaring continues) (children conversing indistinctly) - Can I take an apple? - Yeah, apples for dinner.
(distant roaring, screeching) (roaring and screeching grows louder) (growling, roaring, screeching continue) (roaring, howling in distance) (Abbies growling, snarling) (growling, snarling continues) We're safe.
Right, Dr.
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