Wayward Pines (2015) s02e07 Episode Script

Time Will Tell

1 MEGAN: It is the year 4032.
Man's destruction of the environment has created evolutionary aberrations known as Abbies (screeching) that rule the earth.
(pants, screams) One man saw the catastrophe coming.
He created an ark for mankind and selected a chosen few to sleep for 2,000 years and defy mankind's extinction.
Surrounded by mountains and protected by an electric fence, the last of humanity left alive on Earth do their best to survive in a town called Wayward Pines.
Previously on Wayward Pines (growling) (grunts) Use the flamethrowers.
(shrieking) We're all still here because of you, CJ.
They learned how to use fire, they learned that the fields were important.
You make it sound as if the Abbies had a plan.
I heard you caught one of those creatures.
KERRY: It's the first female we've ever seen.
Her palm does it have a mark? It's like a brand.
MEGAN: There is something exquisite about her.
THEO: Temporal gyrus.
Hers appears to be double the size of ours.
Do you think she can understand us? The Abbies have reentered the valley - outside the fence.
- (roaring) JASON: Are you sure the fence is impenetrable? The fence is secure.
- What if you're wrong? - Then we're dead.
(shrieking) We're safe.
Right, Dr.
Yedlin? (shrieking, growling in distance) (whirring) (blipping) (air hissing) (classical music playing) MAN (on radio): Incoming! We've got incoming! (various voices overlapping under static) WOMAN: all the crops are dying.
Closer to home: As Pacific Northwest residents, they do continue to welcome North Korean refugees.
Secretary of State Curry assured reporters yesterday that anyone crossing U.
borders had been scanned for the H1R3 virus.
(beeping) (classical music continues) Was it a mistake? (Abbies snarling) (growling, hissing) (low snarl) (growls) MEGAN: Well, I suppose no one's really sleeping.
Oh, I checked your microscope with the moldy bread.
Your penicillin spores are multiplying.
Wish we'd thought of that sooner.
You didn't think it was important to tell me about this? - It's it's a tribal mark.
- That took a tool.
That took a design.
That took a tribe.
Look, she got in here, and none of you've been able to figure out how.
Jason is working on that and I'm confident She's not here by accident.
She understands.
And we better get what she understands, or it is over.
And how would we go about doing that? We establish a system.
Yes, no.
Teach her a pattern, a common language, or understand hers.
Just like that? Taught my dog to go outside in two days.
She's smarter than that.
Abby Comprehension 101.
Associating images with meaning is the basis of all language.
I suppose if-if the female brain is superior, then Communication should be successful.
Maybe even easier than with our own species.
Hey, I'm-I'm so sorry about what's going on with your wife.
She was such a visionary at one point, with the little garages in the backs of the houses.
Now finds her only solace in heads of hair.
But, really, my-my condolences, truly.
But d-don't worry about anything.
Jason's going to find you another mate, I'm sure.
Maybe I've already found one.
What do they eat? Uh, pellets made from leftover rations, mostly why? Are you wanting to reward her? I'm not using it to reward her.
I'm using it to teach her.
- You ready? - Okay.
Green means yes.
It's for you, yes.
She's my friend.
Am I supposed to eat one of these, now? If you perform well.
Crown is leader.
- Bow to me a little bit.
- I beg your pardon? Listen, I'm trying to show her deference.
Don't get your ego into this.
It's 'cause I'm standing up and you're - (sighs) - Just bow a little bit.
And if she doesn't speak English, how does this help us move forward? It's the same as when you go to a foreign country.
You grasp concepts, body language.
Say you walk into the middle of a family argument in some random apartment in, uh, North Korea.
You don't speak the language, but you know who's in power, who's at fault, who's scared, who's amused.
We can teach her, and she can teach us.
(door closes) Beverly, now, the last time we talked, you were having a hard time with your marigolds.
I'm telling you stick with it.
They keep the pests away.
Huh? (laughs) Don't you listen to Harold.
He's still mad at me from that game last week.
(chuckles) Harold I told you I played pick-up in the Army, didn't I? REPORTER: And massive explosions continued to be seen for miles away, as the air assault continues with no end in sight.
Civilians and (fades out) ANNOUNCER: This is an alert Please proceed (static crackling) You'll be given (birds chirping) - MAN: Hey! - (gasps) Don't move! I don't carry fire.
What? Your metal.
- Please.
- Where are you from? I haven't seen anyone in a while.
I'm CJ.
Where are you coming from? West.
You don't mean Old West? Only fragments remain.
It used to be beautiful.
Uh, how-how are the fish? We're lucky the water's clean.
Water's potable.
Anywhere closer You lost someone? Didn't everyone? Look at that one.
Oh Oh, wow! (grunts) I'll go build a fire.
(moaning) (moaning continues) (moaning, gasping) (grunting, gasping) (Griffin panting) Listen, I have to go alone.
Why? I left when I did just to make it easier.
How is this easier? We would survive together.
No! Who's helping you? You're here close, cared for.
I can't.
How can you not?! Help me! Take me with you! It's my job to take care of them.
Why not me?! Take me! (quietly): I'm sorry.
I can't.
Why do you have the right to be safe?! (both grunting) (bones snap) There are so many people we couldn't save.
All I can save you from is what's coming next.
You need to rest.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We've been at this for hours.
Even if she picks up a card, you can't tell me it's anything more than dumb luck.
She'll prove it.
Give her food.
She'll understand that's her reward.
(males grunting) She wants them to have it.
It's empathy.
But not toward us.
How many times has she been touched and prodded and restrained? There are other species that would kill us on sight.
Or have no compassion for their own.
Animals who consume their offspring in the name of survival, yet she's putting the lessers above herself.
Yeah, her lessers, who are waiting outside to kill us any chance they get.
It's the mark on her palm.
Hassler said it was a symbol of power.
She's not just some chimp that's repeating a sequence for a cookie.
She's an intelligent being, and maybe she can help us out of this mess.
Do you really think that's true? You better hope it's true.
Because it's not just their minds.
I saw them electrocute themselves.
I saw them sacrifice themselves so others could get in here.
And then it's just it's math.
And they have the numbers.
And they will win.
(door closing) (radio static) (clinking) EILEEN: You look tired, baby.
Almost time to go back to sleep.
You're getting lazy.
I'm about to take you.
This was always your game.
I prefer it when we garden together.
My hands in the earth.
Watching what grows.
The soil under your nails.
You wash your hands so much, your skin will crack.
(laughs) But I rub them.
The lotion that smelled like honey.
(sighs) Tomatoes in the summer.
They never even made it inside.
(laughs) I miss the smell of summer.
What does it smell like here? I can't tell anymore.
I'm worried about you.
I knew there was a reason why you came today.
Is it now? When we go? (laughing) Baby, that's not my job.
I wish this wasn't your job, but it is.
You can't come with me.
Maybe soon.
Miles to go.
When I come home, when this is over, I always thought I would be able to find you (crying): and lay next to you.
But the ground that you were in, it's not even there anymore, is it? That's just dirt.
That's not me.
Oh, you were lifted from that dirt, and became part of the air.
While I lay here preserved cheating? It's your job to be here.
But is it right? It's what the world is now.
It won't be the world I recognize.
I've seen bombs falling like rain.
A sky that was green with poisoned light.
There were times I wanted to call out.
But I imagined my voice spinning around the world, coming back to me with no one left to hear it.
You can make the world whatever you want.
You have that power.
I don't want to be alone.
You're not.
(snarling) Where is she? Get her out.
- Get her out.
- Hey, hey.
- Wait! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - She has the mark! - We know, we know she has the mark, Adam.
Then why are you keeping her here? Look, they are gathering for her.
They are coming for her, so we need to turn her over to them right now.
We don't know that that's what they want.
We don't know what they want, but she is here for a reason.
They didn't catch her.
She was sitting on a carousel.
She chose to be here.
That brand that brand takes months to apply.
- I have seen them do it.
- Then tell me, what is it that provokes them to attack? That's an excellent question, Dr.
Tell me, w-which card should we try for that? You're both missing the point.
Those Abbies outside, they are gathering for her.
She is their leader.
That is what the brand is for.
Fine, so maybe we should be working so she can communicate with our leader.
Our leader.
You mean Jason? Yeah, you've been gone a long time, Adam.
You have not been privy to the changes within Wayward Pines.
You're right, I've been gone a long time, Megan, but it's what's outside of Wayward Pines - that should concern you! - I'm calling Jason down.
He and Kerry are on the Mountain tonight.
You need to let her go.
- I need your help with her.
- Let her go.
Listen to me.
We're on the same side.
They vastly underestimated these creatures.
ADAM: Yeah, and these people.
They are too stupid or too blind to do anything about it now.
I'm trying to rectify that.
You're too late.
(indistinct chatter) Christopher.
Is the world ready for us to begin construction? Yes, last I checked, the soil, the air, it's all good.
Back to preindustrial levels.
What a privilege, for us to prepare for Group A's awakening.
I can only imagine what you've seen.
The world changing like sand sifting between your fingertips.
Are you ready? Let us go then, Christopher James.
(chuckles) (birds chirping) Others are here? Don't move.
Oh, my God.
I saw a man once, a long time ago, when he was beginning to change.
He was only the first step.
But you were right.
They shouldn't be here now.
The mutation should have run its course.
They should all be dead by now but they're here.
It didn't attack.
Maybe it's like any animal in its natural habitat.
If we don't provoke it This isn't any animal, CJ.
It's mankind gone wrong.
These things stopped being human quite some time ago.
We could go back to sleep.
If you didn't plan for this, maybe we should.
We need to get back to the others.
There's work to be done.
How can we live here? I had hoped we wouldn't have to encounter them, but they're here; this is the new reality, so we have to drive them away from here a-and then build a fence.
Over the settlement? This isn't a settlement.
They don't possess our intelligence.
They don't possess our sense of community.
They lost all that a long time ago.
This is our land now.
Our land again.
I did plan for this.
I hoped I wouldn't have to see it when I woke up, but don't worry.
Humanity will win.
(door opens) (growling and screeching) Megan claims you're establishing some sort of communication with the female? We need a breakthrough before they do.
How many Abbies were here an hour ago? And look at the monitors now.
There's over a thousand now.
We know that they're gathering.
Yeah, as an army would.
We need to release her now.
- You're giving her too much credit.
- ADAM: Wayward Pines.
- It was theirs first.
- JASON: We made this town.
ADAM: Yeah, on the ruins of their settlement.
JASON: To save humanity.
After we basically destroyed the entire planet.
Look, how old is she? Huh? How old is she? About 30? - Right? - Blood tests show a mature - female, yes.
- Don't you get it? She was there when we took it away from her.
- She was there.
- JASON: Stop humanizing her.
Territoriality is not solely a human trait.
Yeah, well, we took it back.
What's wrong with that? It's our nature to fight.
Nothing's wrong with that.
If you don't mind fighting and losing, them taking this place back and then ripping every one of us to shreds.
You have tried everything else.
They are surrounding us.
There are more of them every minute.
The only thing we have on our side right now is science, and that is telling us that this an intelligent species.
So, if we can find a way to maybe just even What? Negotiate? Why not consider it? You're underestimating our power here.
- Pilcher always said these things - He said a lot of things, and that would be fine if Wayward Pines had remained in his head.
Maybe going down this road buys us more time.
I don't need another naysayer.
I don't think you know what you need right now.
I'm as surprised as anyone to be considering this, but even Megan has been swayed, now that an actual medical professional has weighed in.
Oh, I won't stand for your condescension.
I'm merely stating a fact.
You weren't even awake when we built this town.
I schooled you at the Academy and I've got no problem doing it now.
No, I never denied that you had a good head on your shoulders, but, technically, you were supposed to be contributing much more to the future of Wayward Pines.
- Are you kidding me? - Fertility and survival go hand in hand here.
Kerry knows how important the program is.
- How could this be a priority - It is priority.
This really is the inmates running the asylum.
Has it not occurred to anybody in this room that while we're observing her, that maybe she's observing us? Don't you want to come and meet everyone? You all can welcome Group A without me.
Come on, CJ.
We've all worked so hard to finally be able to wake them up.
They'll be here any minute.
Come celebrate with us.
I'm having a hard time understanding your attitude here.
We are rebuilding the world.
I know, I saw the world fall, all of it.
I watched that, alone.
How can anyone say what humanity will be in 2,000 years? How could we have known it would come to this? How could we know what this time, this loss, would do to our souls? He knew.
My soul is replenished.
I need you to have faith, CJ.
You say that the world fell but you're forgetting all of the people that Pilcher saved.
You are a part of that.
And what will you tell them? Hmm? Group A.
You'll cut the ribbon, you'll serve the corn bread.
Hmm? And do you think they will be grateful that we stole them from the world they knew.
Do you think they will be able to comprehend what they lost? - In time.
- In time.
I had 2,000 years to let it go.
They will lose it in seconds.
Please, join us.
Group A should know what you've done for them.
I have confidence that they will appreciate the privilege of our continued survival here in Wayward Pines.
(carousel music playing) (shrieking in distance) MAN: Oh, my God.
This isn't real.
(screaming and glass shattering in distance) Help me.
MAN 2: They're lying to us.
MAN 3: Stop.
Stop! You can't leave me here! (car horn honking) MAN 4: Go, go, let's go.
(shouting continuing in distance) WOMAN: This can't be true! This isn't real! (gunfire in distance) (glass shattering in distance) WOMAN 2: Somebody please help! (screaming and gunfire in distance) Friend.
The people in this town, here friends.
Jason is our leader.
This is a waste of time.
Why is she cooperating? I'm honestly just curious.
Given the way that we've treated them, why would she? She's communicating, not cooperating.
If she can comprehend even more than these simple cards, then we move forward, we try to show her that not everybody in this room is her enemy.
You should want this to work.
You should want progress.
Nobody's worked harder for our survival than I have, but we're in a war here, Doctor.
We are.
We have to try everything.
Doc (growls, shrieks) (hissing) ADAM: Doc, I wouldn't do that.
KERRY: Stop, it'll kill you.
Yedlin, I - (shrieking) - Aah! KERRY: Get him out of there! (hisses) (whimpers) Any doubt that she controls them? This experiment ends now.
No! (shrieking) Stop! Stop! If they can learn, let's teach 'em some consequences.
- (shrieking) - ADAM: Stop, stop! Hey, think about it if you kill her, we all die! (grunting) Kerry.
(panting) If she does control them, is killing her a risk you want to take? I don't have an answer yet for what will end this war, but eliminating what I believe is a crucial piece of it is not what I would advise.
Or do my words not hold any weight for you anymore? Of course they do.
Yedlin presents new information.
Let's think about what we can do with that before we waste it.
(snarls) It's a cruel joke, isn't it? Here we are, last of our species.
Best of what's left.
We can't even climb out of our own ruin to save ourselves.
You may be Jason's replacement.
But they're ours.
I've lived for many years in Wayward Pines.
I barely remember the world as it once was.
I worked hard to forget it.
But I'm so grateful to have come so far and to have seen so much.
It's been fascinating studying Margaret with you.
But at this point we can't conclude Are you so indoctrinated that you can't see that the only animal in this room was Jason? I see his weaknesses, yes.
But we are not the lesser species here.
They are not our replacement.
I won't surrender to those kinds of thoughts.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
(short chuckle) I'm going home.
I mean the hospital.
I'm gonna take a shower and try to clear my head.
I'll be back in a couple hours, and then we're gonna s I don't know what we're gonna do.
You saw them first.
The Abbies.
With Pilcher.
What do you think? About? Was it a mistake, commencing construction when we did? Did we wake up too soon? We've stolen centuries.
But that is a moment that we can't take back.
Why discuss it now? We'll gather later to discuss protocol.
Wayward Pines did not journey into the future to grind to a halt at this.
I'll not allow it.
I assure you.
Humanity will win.
(gasps) Oh! Margaret.

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