Wayward Pines (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Pass Judgment

1 It is the year 4032, Man's destruction of the environment has created evolutionary aberrations known as Abbies (screeches) that rule the Earth.
(panting) One man saw the catastrophe coming.
He created an ark for mankind, and selected a chosen few to sleep for 2,000 years and defy mankind's extinction.
Surrounded by mountains and protected by an electric fence, the last of humanity left alive on Earth do their best to survive in a town called Wayward Pines.
Previously on Wayward Pines (screeching) (grunts) (gunshots) (gasping) We're collecting the weapons that were commandeered from the armory last night.
I won't discover that you kept some for yourself? We should have a baby.
A son to lead.
Or a daughter.
I know we had our problems, but there were good times, too.
And maybe you can tell me when I'm coming back home.
In the last two hours, the Abbies have re-entered the valley outside the fence.
THEO: They vastly underestimated these creatures.
The temporal gyrus for a chimp is about a third the size of a human's.
And hers appears to be double the size of ours.
We've done some preliminary tests with the female.
- And it seems to me - Did you say "female"? There's a female Abbie in this town? Her palm does it have a mark? This experiment ends now.
Stop! If you kill her, we all die! THEO: It's not just their minds, it's math.
And they have the numbers.
ADAM: There's over a thousand now.
They are gathering for her.
They are coming for her.
That is what the brand is for.
She is their leader! JASON: Good citizens of Wayward Pines, this is the dawn of a new day.
We must unite as one.
And stand together against our enemy.
We will not let this threat outside our walls drive us into hiding.
We will find peace in our normal way of life.
This time will pass.
Go to school.
Work hard.
Be happy.
Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines.
Good to see you today.
- Kerry.
- Dr.
Yedlin? How's your arm? - It's fine, thank you.
- What are your next steps? Since you've now established the basics of communication? She's not gonna speak to us again, unless she's forced.
- But everything you indicated - Yeah, I was building a trust.
That was destroyed with three gunshots.
I have the results of your examination.
Just say it.
We found trauma.
Some residual scarring.
Possibly from the creature attack.
Possibly from something else.
Could be endometriosis, but, uh, we don't have the equipment for that, so You wouldn't be able to carry a child to term.
I'm sorry.
We're supposed to have children.
We need to have children.
I wanted to do my part.
I wanted to contribute.
Or what? He'll make you disappear like the others? (elevator bell dings) Thank you, Dr.
After I meet with Jason, I'll stop by the lab so you can walk me through the next steps of your research.
And if Megan gives you any trouble, please let me know.
(elevator bell dings) (alarm blaring) (Abbies screeching) MAN (over P.
): This is a code red.
There has been a security breach in the lab.
(indistinct announcements) (alarm continues) (indistinct radio transmissions) KERRY: Oh, my God! How did it happen? Code's on the cage.
She saw us input them and memorized them.
- She wants to get back to them.
- And do what? This.
Revenge for what we did to them.
Start searching.
Every air duct, every hallway, every stairwell.
SOLDIER: Hallway three clear! SOLDIER 2: Hallway four clear! SOLDIER 3: Hallway seven clear! SOLDIER 4: All floors are clear.
Check the tunnels.
(indistinct radio transmissions) - (faint screaming) - Let's go.
(indistinct radio transmissions) (faint screaming) Where is she? (gasps) (panting) She could've escaped two minutes ago or two hours ago.
- We have to warn the town.
- The soldiers will handle it.
What do you think the rest of them are out there for? They're there for her.
They're waiting.
They wouldn't attack while he had her captive.
We are telling the town now! He's right.
We'll tell them the truth.
I can set up two teams one to move around the perimeter to the south side of town in case she heads back to the woods.
We still have She found her way in, she's gonna find her way out.
Then we'll move through the neighborhood systematically.
You have enough men for that? We'll get people from town to help in the search.
Unarmed? They see something, they'll report it immediately.
We just collected the rebels' guns.
We can't risk handing them right back.
- JASON: Dr.
Yedlin! - I'm going to find Hassler.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
- Jason, I - Kerry.
No matter how smart she is, we're going to find her.
Did you talk to him? - He didn't come home.
- Last night at all? Last two nights.
I don't know where he is.
The hospital, maybe.
Well, is he trying to avoid you or the other way around? (chuckles) What do you want me to say, Xander? I'm barely coming to terms with this myself.
Hey, hey.
Why is this so hard for you to talk about? Because we're all stuck here together, and I still care about him.
He'll know it's not his.
I know.
I'll tell him.
Look, it happened.
And now, here we are.
With a baby coming.
That's what I want.
And I think it's what you want, too.
We can't control what happens out there, but in here, we can.
(sighs) (phones ringing, snoring) (phones continue ringing) REBECCA: Arlene? Hello? (school bell ringing) There's been an emergency.
Your parents have been notified.
Everyone, head inside.
- What's happening? - SIMEON: Don't know.
Head on inside.
Come on.
GIRL: Oh, my God.
BOY: What's going on? BOY 2: Is this for real? GIRL 2: So strange.
- (bell continues ringing) - Head on in; don't push.
ICE CREAM TRUCK: Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines.
- (phone ringing) - Please move inside.
Lock the doors.
An Abby has escaped - from the superstructure.
- (phone ringing) - If you something - What? - report it immediately.
- Oh, my God.
Hurry up.
- Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines - Run.
Please move inside.
- Lock the doors.
- Get inside.
(phones ringing) Come on, we'll go to the dorms.
Is this is? Are we dead? - No.
- You can do whatever you want, and you're going back to the dorms? That's what they said to do.
Ah, they say a lot of things.
We got a big electric fence.
Abbies aren't getting in.
Except when they build one of those ladder things.
If it is the end of the world, I'm not spending it hiding in a basement.
I want to see Rebecca.
- Luce - I'm scared.
Look, we have to go back inside, okay? She makes me feel better about these things, please.
(sighs) Okay, okay, I'll walk you.
(phones ringing) Get inside.
Get inside.
- (engine revving) - Hey, everybody! Off the street now.
Come on! Come on! - Hurry up.
- Come on.
- Get inside.
- Go, go, go.
Hurry! Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines.
Please move inside.
Lock the doors.
An Abby has escaped from the superstructure.
If you see something, report it immediately.
Attention, citizens of Wayward Pines.
Please move inside.
Lock the door (door closes) So, uh, the spelling bee's coming up.
Have you been practicing? Mm-hmm.
Remember, it's, uh, A-B-B-Y, not A-B-B-I-E.
And it's, uh, it's "Pilcher," not "Pilchner.
" There's no "N" in it.
I know.
WOMAN: Oh, be careful.
(hissing) (rifle cocks) (rifle cocks) (hisses) (gunshot, Margaret growling) (soldier screaming, flesh tearing) (soldier screaming in distance) She escaped, didn't she? Can you help me find her? REBECCA: Frank! Lucy! Get in here! Are you okay? SOLDIER: Stop.
- We'll do a sweep of Main Street.
- (tires screech) MARIO: Fan out! Front Jeep, with me! Check the roofs! Check the alleyways, too! SOLDIER: Alley's clear! XANDER: Everybody back.
Back to the back, come on! (snarls) (thudding footsteps) (snarls) (soldiers shouting) - Up there! - (snarls) (gunshots) (thudding footsteps) There! (gunfire continues) What you got? (panting) She's gotta be going to the fence, but these tracks are going the other direction.
No, she knows this place better than we do.
She used to live here.
I remember the first week.
The first day.
I didn't know where anything was, I I didn't even know how to turn on his computer.
You were always there for me.
Your counsel, your caution, your enthusiasm.
You taught me to stand on my own two feet and then I wasn't there for you.
I've tried to do the right things.
(sniffles) - Sir - I'll be there in a minute.
She won't get away with this.
(sniffles) Where's she headed? There's all sort of reports coming in, sir.
Someone said they spotted her on Cherry Blossom; another on Seventh, on the other side of town.
She's in a sewer, she's hiding in a trash can Did you set up a perimeter on the south side of town? I'm running out of men, sir.
How do we know that's where she's going? We'll use civilians.
Put the word out: anyone wants to help in the search let them; otherwise, everyone stays indoors.
- Copy.
- (engine starts) - Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
(panting quietly) Where'd you get those? I, uh, I kept 'em hidden in the storm drain in the back alley after the crops burned.
They need our help finding her.
Mountains, Main Street, here.
Hospital, school, less than ten kilometers to the fence at the narrowest point.
You're a very well-informed hairstylist.
She designed the town.
You built Wayward Pines? So you knew.
Hey, hey, hey.
She was abducted, just like most of us, all right? We can stand here and we can talk about our past or we can deal with the problem at hand, and she's the best person to help us out.
The best vantage points are the rooftops of the hotel, the hospital and this part of the elevated ground of the western section of the nature preserve.
We need binoculars.
And-and more weapons.
(sighs) I can do things.
I can, I can help.
I watch birds.
I have a pair at home.
I use them to watch birds.
I mean, there aren't a lot of birds, but I do like to watch them.
I mean it's not like I use them to watch my neighbors.
Uh, I'll go get the binoculars.
They're in my bedroom.
We want to help search.
Don't point these at anything you don't want to kill.
REBECCA: Be careful.
It's hard to get in here.
So if there's only one soft spot to sneak in, wouldn't she just try to sneak back out the same way? If she's trying to sneak out.
Maybe that's the way they'll all be coming back in to destroy the town for good.
We built Wayward Pines on the ruins of the old town.
If only I had the original surveys from the town here before.
There is a hard copy back in the Mountain.
I'll get them.
Meet me back in my house in an hour.
Okay? I'll radio the soldiers to escort you.
So, you know how to fire that thing? My Dad taught me and then I swore off it after I saw the damage I had to repair from what it did to people.
We've all gone back on promises we've made.
That's what happens here.
Unless someone steps up, and starts making promises that they keep.
So, what do you say, Doc? We bag this trophy, you have a little victory dance on Main Street? She's not a trophy.
You'd better hope she is.
I need something from his office.
You work at Wayward Beauty.
No one from the hair salon has clearance.
Jason asked me to get it.
Go ahead, radio him.
He's only trying to stop an escaped Abby.
I'm sure he can take your call.
It wasn't her blood.
She used him to send us the wrong way.
She's not injured at all.
Come on.
(hisses) KERRY: Find what you're looking for? I did.
The original geological surveys.
They'll help in the search.
They must be planning to get in through an old, abandoned tunnel.
Jason won't approve of you stealing his things.
I'm not sure I do, either.
They aren't his to begin with.
Why are you with him? Is that any business of yours? You know you can do more here than you realize? - Than standing behind Jason.
- I don't - stand behind him - Oh, yeah, you do, and with everything that's happened, it doesn't help anyone especially you.
Why are you with him? He's strong.
He's interesting.
He challenges me.
I meant Xander.
So did I.
There's the man you marry in Boston.
Then there's the man you marry in Wayward Pines.
I see.
Different worlds.
I'm not defined by either of them.
I am my own person, Kerry.
You should be, too.
- She's headed east.
- Based on what? She's been heading south.
From the Mountain, across Main Street, through town.
That's south.
The fence is south.
We go south.
SOLDIER: Look up! SOLDIER 2: It's not this house.
It's on that roof.
SOLDIER 3: You check the alley.
- There! - Move it! (dog barking) (baby crying) - You good? Okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
(dog barking) Let's go.
Clear! Backyard's clear! Check! - SOLDIER: Watch under porches.
- SOLDIER 2: Let's go.
SOLDIER 3: It's on that roof.
(Abby screeching) - Tom! - You okay? SOLDIER: What are you guys doing out here?! Get inside! What are you doing out here? Go back to your homes! - We're here to help, okay? - We don't need your help! - Hey, behind the house.
- SHARON: Where? (Abby snarling) SOLDIER: Behind that home.
Over here, over here, over here! - SOLDIER: Where? - Behind behind you! - SHARON: Over there behind you! - SOLDIER: Over there! SOLDIER: Mario.
(men groaning) Tom! Tom! SOLDIER: Not good.
- (Sharon yells) - Drop your weapon! It was an accident.
We didn't know it was you.
We thought you I don't care, drop your weapon! MARIO: Don't shoot! Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Stand down! Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Don't shoot, don't Maybe they got her.
Maybe they didn't.
I'm heading east.
- (whispering): Oh, God.
- Whoa, whoa! - Hey! - Tom! - Put that weapon down.
- They shot at us! Yeah, well, you shot back.
Let's not make this any worse than it is.
We got to get to the hospital.
What about him? He's-he's not breathing.
Is he okay? Is he gonna be okay? I'm sorry.
- He's gone.
- No! Hey, hey, hey, hey! What have you done? - Get out of the way! - I'm not moving.
Put the gun down.
- All of you.
- They shouldn't even have weapons! This town isn't working.
This system isn't working.
We need to change this.
We need to do it ourselves together.
We're running out of time.
Put them down.
Down! Let's get to the hospital.
What do we do now, sir? One, two, three.
Anything? No, sir.
There was one incident but unrelated to Margaret.
The number of Abbies outside the fence has tripled.
I know.
They must be here for her.
Should we get back to the Mountain? Come with me.
What is this place? This is for us.
These are for the pods.
You said this is for us.
Is this the only one? Does anyone else know? Just us.
This is it.
I told Rebecca that we needed a nursery, and we will sometime soon, right? Jason Kerry, there are thousands of Abbies out there.
If the superstructure's compromised, this is our chance to survive.
You and me like Adam and Eve.
I thought you would want this.
I can't have children.
Yedlin did some tests.
There's some trauma.
There's some scarring.
From the Abby, the one that attacked you.
Are you sure? It isn't just Dr.
Yedlin No.
He wouldn't lie about this.
He knows how important it is to me.
(crying) It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I wanted to have a child.
Your child.
I know.
I'm so proud of you for telling me.
I just wish I had known.
I would have handled all this differently.
I love you.
I love you, too.
(heavy breathing nearby) (gasps) (gunshot) (gasping) Nice shot.
(chuckles) I try.
I have to find a weakness near the fence.
Places where there might be unfinished tunnels.
Like a pit? When I was out there, they had me in this pit.
It was huge.
We know where she's headed.
How did you get those? I gave them to her.
Here where the fence meets the eastern base of the Mountain.
The original town had a drainage system running from here to here.
Pipes, tunnels How could she access the tunnels from outside the fence? They can dig.
Let's go.
(gun clicks) (hisses) Why are you keeping her here?! She is their leader! That is what the brand is for.
They are gathering for her.
They are coming for her, so we need to turn her over to them right now! (panting) She dug from outside until she intersected the drainage pipe.
- She took him.
- Or he let her go.
REBECCA: He didn't let her do anything.
None of us has.
(distant screeching) - They're gonna kill us all.
- Grenades now! Collapse the pipe! Move! Move! (steady beeping) The bullet went right through you.
Just missed your liver.
Fortunately, thanks to the extremely high level of medical care - you received - Shut up, Oscar.
Are we dead? You're alive.
You should be okay.
Are we dead? I don't know.
I think that having a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution I can make to the preservation of our species, sir.
I think that having a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution I can make to the preservation of our species, sir.
I think that having a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution I can make to the preservation sir.
(mumbling) Sir.
(grunting) - (all screeching) - (shouts) (screeches) (grunting, hissing) (low growling) - Xander.
- Okay, what I do now, Theo? Weapons, really? You gave weapons to civilians - from your little stash out in the back? - What do you want me to do? Send them out unarmed? They needed protection.
- For God's sake.
- There's man who died.
There's another one in the hospital.
And it did nothing! She got away.
- Good decision, son.
- It's not his fault.
No? Whose is it? Who?! Margaret? Jason? This town? Why is everything here someone else's fault? He was just trying to help, Theo.
He's sorry.
THEO: That's enough? Accidents happen that's enough? Yeah, it is.
Sometimes accidents happen here.
(groans) (panting) (screeching echoes)
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