We Are the Wave (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Do You Know That Feeling?

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [electronic music builds.]
Keep calm.
Nice and easy.
No one knows about us.
Look at us.
I wouldn't recognize myself.
How far would you go? What would you risk? For your ideals.
Your friends.
For love.
For our future.
We won't change the world by sticking to the rules.
But the world has to change.
Everything has to change.
[applause and cheering.]
Thank you for being here.
Thank you.
Fellow compatriots! Friends! When we When we come into power, and I truly believe we will, then we will clean up.
We'll get rid of the muck.
- No one's allowed through.
- I'm supposed to put this on the podium.
Is Mr.
Berndt supposed to break off his speech because of a dry throat? We are German, my dear friends! And I am proud of that! [clears throat.]
Come on.
On you go.
Yes! And here we have a wonderful example of our beautiful homeland.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm so pleased with you, with your patriotism, your love of your country.
It gives me strength for the fight for this office! Let's show the press out there that we're here! [applause.]
[crowd cheer and whistle.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
We question everything.
Because it's high time to do so.
And if we scare you even better.
You have all had enough time and wasted it.
From kindergarten to high school graduation, our children get pumped full of various ideologies.
Polit [swallows.]
Political correctness.
Fake news.
Scorched earth.
A bombed cul nat Cultural nation.
That is total war! [astonished murmuring.]
When I'm mayor I mean, will be I mean, have become Excuse me.
I'll be back shortly.
[astonished murmuring and applause.]
Isn't he fantastic, our Horst? Big round of applause for Horst! [applause.]
There's no going back.
We have decided.
Now, we're taking action.
And we don't ask for permission.
What do you want from me? [man.]
You'll see.
[phone alarm beeping.]
[phone beeps with a notification.]
[alarm continues and phone beeps with notifications.]
You have to come.
["bury a friend" by Billie Eilish plays.]
Why do you care for me? When we all fall asleep Where do we go? Come here Say it, spit it out What is it exactly You're payin'? Is the amount Cleanin' you out, am I satisfactory? Today, I'm thinkin' about The things that are deadly The way I'm drinkin' you down Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me PHONE Step on the glass Staple your tongue (ahh) Bury a friend, try to wake up (ah ahh) WENT TO BED EARLY AGAIN, HUH? Cannibal class, killing the son (ahh) Bury a friend PHONE [murmuring.]
[bell rings.]
Good morning.
Hey, Lea.
Check him out.
I'd like to introduce your new classmate.
This is Tristan Broch.
Please be nice to him.
- [murmuring.]
- [pupil.]
What's with the look? Would you like to tell us about yourself, Tristan? No.
[class laughs.]
Okay, well, I'll leave you be.
Go find a seat at the back.
Maybe one of you could take Tristan around the building during break and show him where the different classrooms are? Lea? Would you be so kind? Yeah.
Careful he doesn't steal your phone.
Tristan, the class will be writing a test paper today on the Algerian War.
You can read the chapter on it in the textbook during the test.
Fuck France.
Excuse me? Fuck France.
That was the rallying cry of the NLF rebels.
If you know so much about it, why don't you write a paper, too? Better than sitting around.
Then, let's get to it.
I'm going out.
[door shuts.]
It's true.
More and more scum at this school.
Him, for example.
Who's that? Who's that retard? Is he wearing a St.
Pauli shirt? [boys laugh.]
He's wearing a Pauli shirt! Hey, St.
Pauli! Which train station toilet did they scrape you off of? I hate this damn inclusion school, man.
Nothing but retards, mongoloids, and leftist scum.
[boy 2.]
What's wrong with that one? - [boy 3.]
- [boy 4.]
Whoa, don't touch me, you faggot.
Just helping you both come out.
I'm not into guys.
But I see you two have a lot of repressed feelings for each other.
[teacher 2.]
Got a problem, guys? [boy.]
I'm gonna get you, scumbag.
Lasse, we'll speak soon.
Yeah, yeah.
[student playing basketball.]
Hey, here.
Yeah! Good.
Very good.
Go! Come on! [girl.]
Give it back.
Hey! [student.]
Hey, loser, pass it! Here! - Give it to me! - Yeah, keep whining.
Nice drawing.
They won't stop if you don't defend yourself.
Yo, buddy, do they all smoke that shit? Smells like gasoline.
You can just ask.
Ask you what? If I'm selling.
That's why you followed me in.
You wondered who'd sell drugs at school? The criminal Arabs, right? [speaking Arabic.]
Saying all Arabs sell drugs is like saying all Germans are Nazis.
You speak Arabic? A little.
Are you from Beirut or Tripoli? How do you know I'm Lebanese? Your dialect.
I'm from Beirut.
Al Safa FC? What else? I was with my parents at the "mil'ab.
" [speaking German.]
"Mil'ab" means "box.
" I don't think you were in a box.
[speaking Arabic.]
at the stadium when they won.
- Really? - Really.
I thought Germans were too afraid to set foot in Beirut.
[speaking German.]
Everything south of Mallorca is Third World for you.
To him.
Look at him.
They hear Arabic and their dicks shrivel up.
[door slams.]
Shall we? Tell me something about the school.
What do you want to know? Everything.
Well We're the only classical high school in Meppersfeld.
We've got 680 pupils.
One more as of today.
Can I book you for a city tour? I'll save you the obligatory lecture on the Scholl siblings.
Why? Anyone who knows so much about the Algerian War must know everything about German resistance under National Socialism.
Shall we? Okay.
This is our library.
Kick-ass selection.
You might like this.
Your sneakers are in it.
Can we move on? [Lea.]
This is the way to Chemistry.
Here's the auditorium.
I'll show you the sports hall.
Hey! Good.
Here's the auditorium.
[Tristan plays "Fur Elise".]
What? I don't want trouble.
They've got you trained well, right? You're serious, aren't you? The rebel-in-sweats bit.
Do you need it for your ego? - I don't need anything.
- Tour's over.
[electronic motif begins.]
[door shuts.]
Tristan? [music builds.]
Are you crazy? You could get suspended.
Maybe you shouldn't yell.
What are you waiting for? Forget it.
I bet this will be the only thing you do today you haven't done a thousand times before.
[Lea takes a deep breath.]
Do you know the feeling? As if you're seeing everything through a thick plate of glass? Sounds are muffled.
Colors are paler.
You can't reach anything.
Nothing can reach you.
Do you know what? Sometimes you just need to smash that glass.
I have no idea what you mean.
You do.
Yes, you do.
[howls like a wolf.]
So? How was the test? Fine.
Did the putsch come up? No, but the NLF rebels' rallying cry did.
The what? But thanks for helping me revise.
[he moans with pleasure.]
Do you have gum? Yes.
LOGOS? NO, THANKS What is it? Lea? Nothing.
[buzzer sounds.]
[Tristan knocks.]
Just in time.
[Tristan sighs.]
Get in position.
The fact guys like you are allowed out for a day Turn around.
Our justice system is too lax.
Get changed.
Hey, Aisha.
Looking like a good, proud German.
The burka was in the laundry today.
- [boy.]
Run, you dirty Arab! - [Lasse.]
Kebab muncher! SCHOLL GYMNASIUM - Hey.
- Hey.
Did I miss something? [Tristan.]
Is this seat free? [girl.]
Man, get a load of that! What an awesome couple.
The psycho and the misfit.
So, Zazie? Have you introduced him to your mom yet? [laughter.]
You won't get bigger making others feel small, just uglier.
- Who does this asshole think he is? - They're both crazy-ass psychos.
Alright, good morning.
Can I have your attention for a few minutes? The companies that we're visiting today have been nice enough to let us know they will be offering internships If you want a group to back down, the first thing you have to do is go after the leader.
I want to, but Kim's way stronger than me.
And if anyone starts to feel sick during the ride, they're very welcome to come up front and OSBURG-TRAVEL In architecture, art and science shake hands, and an architect needs both creativity and an understanding of physical properties so his buildings not only look beautiful, but also stay standing for a while.
I'm telling you this, because, when I was your age 17 or 18 I went to New York.
Manhattan, Empire State Building, 86th floor I was up there, and I thought, "Wow.
What kind of person came up with this?" I knew then it was my calling.
I didn't just want to dream that there would be buildings like this in Germany.
I wanted to be able to build them.
Enough about me.
Do you have any questions? Or maybe you'd like to see a couple of projects we're working on? [teacher.]
That would be great.
You can see the interest in their faces.
What you see here is my latest and dearest project: the new shopping mall at the main train station.
- [student.]
- [teacher.]
It's really big.
What does it look like? Do you have any questions? - I have one.
- [architect.]
Did other buildings have to be torn down? Did people have to move out? Since when do people live in a shopping mall? In all seriousness, it was a decommissioned industrial estate.
The city was happy to find a strong investor.
Quick question: what grade do you have in art? Me? I have a B.
- And what is your art grade? - A.
[architect laughs.]
I'd follow her example.
Where on earth have we ended up? [student.]
It stinks here.
Are you okay? Mm-hmm.
It's very interesting what they make from all that waste paper, right? Impressive technology! KP89X is our double-sided premium paperboard.
It combines all our papermaking experience and expertise.
KP89X is suitable for graphic applications and high-quality packaging How can you sleep at night? Someone has a question.
Could you speak up, young man? If you want an internship, you have to be louder than the machines.
Don't you feel guilty at all? Your factory has polluted the entire area! All of our fields have been contaminated.
- Nothing grows.
It's all your fault.
- [teacher.]
Hagen, what are you doing? [factory manager.]
It's the same old story.
We are the third-largest employer.
We fulfill every environmental requirement by 110%, and we were acquitted of all charges filed against us last year.
You young people let Green councilors and the alarmist media stir you up.
But you don't have the slightest idea how our economy works.
Your naivety is simply unbearable for me.
Because it's the only weapon we have to defeat people like you.
Always be realistic.
Don't ever be so naive as to think you could change anything, so people like you can keep raking in the dough.
Exactly! You belong in jail, you asshole! Hagen, Tristan, that's enough! Outside! Come on, out! I'm sorry.
Man, have you lost it? Is this a kindergarten? [teacher.]
You can't just go and put off a potential employer like that.
Seriously! What did that big-shot paper guy do to you? All I've ever wanted is to become a farmer and take over my parents' farm.
That damn factory poisoned the river, then the fields, and all the farms went bankrupt.
Organic farmers like us were the first to be hit.
Didn't your parents try to fight it? Butschma had better lawyers.
My parents are still paying back the legal costs.
What was in your pocket? [Hagen sobs.]
A paint bomb.
I know exactly how you feel, man.
Why did you stop me, then? Guys like that deserve far worse than just a paint stain on their suit.
If you're serious about doing something to that jerk, let me know, okay? Okay.
Lemmart, Mr.
Broch, come in, please.
Dude, she was so mad at us.
She should have given you an A for moral courage.
- Yup.
- Yup.
- Definitely.
- Right? - Yes.
- Bye, Zazie.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Do you like her? I haven't really talked to her that much.
- How long have you been in the same class? - Three years.
And elementary school.
Maybe it's time you talked to her.
Yo, bro.
Which way are you heading? - That way.
How about you? - Me, too.
Me, too.
What are you waiting for? - [Lea.]
That was really brave of you.
- Thanks.
I meant Hagen.
Hey, bro Forget it.
She's not into losers like us.
Backhand! [Lea grunts.]
Come on.
Faster, Lea.
You got it.
Ah, fuck.
You're too slow.
I keep telling you.
Come on, Sophie.
You're up.
You did well.
You got it! Great.
One more.
Lea? Training's not over yet.
Where do you live, Tristan? - Uh, that way Way out there.
- The industrial estate? - No, further north than that.
- I see.
- How about you guys? - I live right here.
On a farm.
- Hey, guys? Are you really hungry, too? - Yes.
Shawarma, dude.
I'll take you to the best shawarma joint [tires screech.]
- [Lasse.]
We'll get you, fucking Arab! - Are you nuts? - Are you okay? - Yes.
I'm fine.
- They wanted to whack you.
- They didn't.
Fuck, dude! [Rahim.]
I'm used to it, guys.
Those assholes wait to jump me every day.
Why don't you go to the police or tell the teachers? The police? [Rahim.]
Dude, the NfD is getting more and more popular in this fucking town.
They're stronger than me.
What am I supposed to do against those fucking racists on my own? [boy.]
Go, it's your turn to get beer.
Who said you're alone? What's he up to? I dunno, but I'm in.
["You & I" by Crystal Fighters plays.]
Hey! What's going on? Shit! [boy.]
You motherfucker! You filthy sons of bitches! Stop it! Whoo! Get it, have it Bag it [neo-Nazi.]
Stop, motherfuckers! You wankers! Fuck! Fuck! [Tristan laughs.]
- [Lasse.]
Stop running! - [Hagen.]
Shit! [laughter.]
Big dreams, we're all about 'em You're finding it, take it Take it in, it's all here You and me [Tristan.]
You go that way! - Hagen, come on! - [Lasse.]
Get the fatty and the Arab.
You and I Ain't no body else You and I You and I, no-one else, nothing else But you and I [Tristan pants.]
Where's the scumbag? Come here.
Let's check here.
Great job.
I told you he went that way! How the hell should I know where he went? - Open your eyes, dude.
- Shut the fuck up.
Hey! Lasse! [man.]
I imagine it might even make sense to invest a little.
So, based on the current situation, I think that would be the best alternative.
- [speaking Arabic.]
What is he doing here? - [speaking German.]
Please greet our guest.
- Hello, Rahim.
- Speak German.
You're being rude.
Why don't you learn Arabic? I mean, there are Germans who have managed to do it.
Thanks for the tip.
- [mom speaking Arabic.]
Behave, son.
- Behave? He wants to throw us out of the house.
Rahim! [speaking German.]
Take a look at this.
And it's close by, so you won't have to move very far at all.
We can't afford that.
Here you go.
We visited the paper factory on a school trip today.
For our internships.
I had a paint bomb and I wanted to throw it at Butschma's face.
And why didn't you? What's a paint bomb? I'm going upstairs.
I've told you a thousand times I don't want to hear about it.
It's over.
We lost.
Stop hurting her.
[man on TV.]
When Antonia grabs me, I make this move to stop the initial movement with my upper arm.
I grab her at the wrist, and twist my hand while I pull her down to the ground.
With my other arm, I push against her elbow, then I pull my leg back, and pull her towards me in a controlled position, and use it as leverage.
She'll show it to you again, and then we'll swap positions.
I grab Antonia here She gets leverage at the wrist, turns to the side, and pushes me down.
[Lea's mother.]
How was your test, sweetie? Great.
And tennis? Mm-hmm.
Why didn't you bring BjÃrn along? He didn't have time.
What are you reading? Logos? No, thanks.
I once saw her give a talk in person in Toronto.
Changed my life.
How? What do you mean, how? How did it change your life? Hmm? You just said Nola Kleiner's talk changed your life.
How? She just really impressed me.
She made me think about things.
Dad, you wear designer shirts, designer shoes, suits Designer clothes are a lot better than all those throw away clothes.
I mean, the conditions in the factories in Bangladesh are the real scandal.
But the book's called Logos? No, thanks.
I have no idea what you're getting at.
Not a clue.
- Nothing.
Forget it.
- [Lea's father.]
It's just that you said it changed your life, but obviously it didn't at all.
- Can we please eat, Lea? - What? Can't we have an open and honest discussion? You haven't even gotten to the foreword and you're already putting me on the stand.
That's from someone whose walk-in closet we could lease as a vacation home.
[Lea's parents laugh.]
[Lea's father.]
What do you guys say nowadays? Burn! Do we have ketchup? The rice is so dry.
Ouch! Cheers! [timer beeps.]
[timer beeps.]
[tires screech.]
I'll have a look around.
[guard 2.]
Go check the alarm system.
CLOTHES, SHOES [lock beeps.]
[continuous beeping.]
[beeping continues.]
["Resurrection" by Son Lux plays.]
This is what The resurrection feels like From the other side Is this what The resurrection feels like? [Lea.]
Life changes in the blink of an eye.
But you only realize after the fact.
Would it have happened without him? Woo-hoo! Would we still have been friends? Would we have had the courage to fight? And to go so far? We were like a fire that wanted to break out and he was the spark.
Lights out! We'll all hear the roar When the walls hit the ground
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