We Are the Wave (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

What’s Wrong with You?

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Sun went down Sun went down over Pompeii On both sides the vow was broken Oh my my, I'm the one Trying to hide this damage done One day All our secrets will be spoken As we slow dance I became your statue frozen Times I wonder WIMPE CAR DEALERSHIP Hey! You can take your trash with you! - So, I missed something yesterday.
- Yeah, how was tennis? Oh, fuck.
- You messed with the wrong guys.
- Is your car out of the shop? - You fucking left - You fucking what? I get it with your thug buddies, but why you two are falling for that Nazi shit is a mystery.
You don't get what it means to be proud of your country.
If there's nothing else to be proud of Fuck off, man! Get the fuck off.
Nazi assholes! Watch out, schizo.
Have you ever asked yourself who you are? And if so, how many? And what's up with your mom? Does she wear a straitjack Leave me alone! I never did anything to you! My nose.
- You freak! - What's going on? I'm bleeding! - Kim, what happened? - Zazie attacked me.
That's not true! - Kim started it.
- They're lying, Ms.
Lea, you tell me.
What happened here? I just saw Kim push Zazie from behind, that's it.
She's lying, man! You're lying! Shh! Quiet.
Who else saw it? - The crazy bitch ripped my piercing out! - Calm down.
I'll take you to the nurse, okay? Since I don't know who's telling the truth and who isn't, you all have a two-hour detention.
The janitor will give you jobs.
Guys, you're seniors.
Violence has never been the solution.
My goodness.
Come on, Kim.
I hope it doesn't cause you trouble.
Well, even if it does, it was definitely worth it.
Sure, who doesn't want detention on a Friday? Thanks a lot, Zazie.
You didn't have to help me.
I know.
So why did you? Guilty conscience, maybe? Yeah, well, you used to bully Zazie.
I did what? "Freak.
" "Witch.
" "Mutant.
" That was one of the least harmful names.
That that was ages ago.
We were in grade school.
You're right.
I'm sorry, Zazie.
Be happy you don't wear metal on your face.
Busy this weekend? No I'll be drawing.
You? I have a tennis competition.
- Oh - Yeah, I know.
I'm so stuck-up.
So athletic.
Hey, guys, hold up.
We could You guys know the Abandoned? Huh? Man, the abandoned factory.
I mean, we could chill there this weekend.
Sounds great, right? Have fun.
Later, guys.
Fuck! You start too late! I tell you every time.
What's up with you? I just wasn't into it today.
I don't mean today.
I mean, these last few weeks.
At school, at practice, when we're partying You're not there at all, like a zombie.
I miss my best friend.
I'm right here.
- What are you talking about? - Nothing Girl stuff.
- Bye, you two.
- Bye, Sophie.
- Be on time tomorrow.
- Yeah, yeah.
Sorry I was tough on you earlier.
I thought you wanted to win the tournament.
Are you still coming to my place? No, I'm completely exhausted.
- I I said I was sorry.
- I'm not mad, just tired.
- So, what's it like outside? - Better than inside, dude.
Yeah, spit it out.
What's her name? Who? It's written all over your face.
My fantasies need new material.
Oh! Sorry.
Hey, bro.
The high school is full of rich kids.
I could sell a lot of shit for you.
You need cash? Of course, who doesn't? So? I'll think about it.
Is she pretty? Sure is.
I knew it.
Come on! Grandpa! Happy now? Mom? These are my things.
I can do what I want with them! They're almost all new.
I wanted to donate them.
It's great that you want to do social activism but Why can't you respect my decision for once? Because we paid for them.
Do you remember how long you nagged us about this coat? You have no right to dump it in the trash because you suddenly developed a guilty conscience overnight.
Better late than never.
Come on.
Let's have breakfast.
You're late.
I cannot help myself Ticking time bomb self destruct I cannot help myself Why didn't you answer yesterday? I tried calling you all evening.
I didn't hear it! It was on silent.
As usual, recently.
Were you partying? - Sophie! - No.
Is this an interrogation, BjÃrn? Just tell me the truth.
- I had an early night.
- I don't believe a word.
That's the truth.
You're just too chicken to tell me to my face.
Tell you what? Cut the crap, Lea! Could you guys do this somewhere else? If you were really happy with me, you wouldn't keep avoiding me! Sorry.
WHERE WERE YOU REALLY??? @HOME Icy silence, huh? ALONE??? I see.
Why are you even going to the tournament? You don't give a shit about tennis, about me or anyone! Lea, what's really been going on with you? What's wrong with you? Lea Lea! Are you crazy? - Let me out.
- What? - Let me out! - Not in the middle of the road Lea, cut it out, seriously.
Lea, what's going on? - Lea, this is so stupid! - Lea! Jeez, talk to me at least! Sophie, get back in the car, please.
Lea! What are you doing here? - Hi.
- Hi.
I thought you had an important tennis match? I changed my mind.
What does your boyfriend say? Isn't he your tennis coach, too? - Can we just go in? - Yeah.
- Where's the entrance? - There.
It's fucking freezing.
Get used to it.
- It's cool here.
- I've never been here.
I can't Make yourselves at home.
Or better! - Where did all of this stuff come from? - Most of it's junk that was left here.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Do you come here a lot? - As much as I can.
Hey, what's up? Looking for someone? Hey.
It's cool.
They're with me.
And you are? Rahim.
Doesn't ring a bell.
You know me.
You're Paula.
I even I even DJ'ed here before.
Look, I don't remember that, man.
Yeah, I've been here five or six times already.
I mean, it was definitely two or three times.
Chill, man! It's all good, Mr.
This place is for everyone.
Have fun! Shit, she always does that to me.
Come on.
You haven't seen the best part yet.
What are we waiting for? - Stop jumping around, man.
- I'll show you how it's done.
Now you guys! It's your turn.
Shall we? Okay.
One Two Three! Wasn't that awesome, man? Hey.
If you're scared, we could jump together, too.
I'm not afraid anymore.
Remember that, okay? I'll remember.
Whoa! Yeah! Come in.
Weekdays, 9:00 p.
Weekends, 10:30 p.
- It won't happen again.
- It won't.
Or else, no more of your privileges.
Thank you.
Go get changed.
Social reintegration, my ass.
I know a hopeless case when I see one, and you were born for jail, kid.
Go to this address early Monday morning.
You'll get 300 grams to start.
Then, we'll see.
Thanks, dude.
Get up! Time to wake up! Have a nice day.
- Give her one for me! - For me, too! Say hi to the hot chicks! - Benny sent me.
- Uh-huh.
Hey! Is everything okay? The battery's run out again.
I'll help you.
Should I Can I help you? Why do you do that? What? Helping you? Hagen, Rahim, Zazie Without you, they wouldn't have said a word to each other before graduation.
Or you, right? Probably, yeah.
I am the new guy.
I need a few friends.
Is that forbidden? No.
What you said in the paper factory the other day Naivety is the only thing we have to take down those assholes Do you really believe that? I wouldn't have said it if not.
But smashing glass changes nothing.
It depends on whose glass it is.
Tell me what's bothering you.
What's bothering you, here and now? The burger joint.
Okay, why? Everyone knows about the food, but they keep on eating that shit.
I have an idea.
Wha What are you doing? What are you doing? Hold that.
Meet me inside.
I'll let you down If you let me too close I am what I am, I know what I know If you catch me running away Then you'll know Dear Happy Burgerz customers! On behalf of our restaurant chain, I offer our sincerest apologies.
I just got off the phone with headquarters Don't eat that.
The food that you're eating is contaminated with pinworms.
What? I recommend seeing your doctor as soon as possible.
Okay? No! Don't eat that.
As a token of thanks, we'll be giving you all a coupon for a Double-Bacon Deluxe Burger.
Thank you very much.
Have a nice day.
PROUD OF OUR GERMANY! OUR COUNTRY, OUR VALUES! I know, I know I ain't ever gonna change Next time, I'll make a video of you, post it online, and 20,000 people who think the same will copy you.
Wouldn't that be easier? Yeah.
Amen! Know what I know I'll let you down If you let me too close If you catch me running away Then you'll know Come on! Come on, man! How did you get the scars? They're a souvenir from Hamburg.
Looks like you gave more than you took.
Were you an autonomist? - For a bit, yeah.
- Cool.
Setting cars on fire and squatting? Stuff like that? Stuff like that.
You're 17.
What did your parents say about it? It was ages ago, man.
Just what you'd say.
You know almost everything about us, but we know nothing about you.
I don't like to have to say it, but she's right, Tristan.
What do you want to know? Why you left Hamburg, for example.
I, uh I wanted to try something new.
In Meppersfeld? Really? Nice hiding spot, you rats! We want the punk scumbag, the dirty Arab, and the fat hippie.
The rest of you can fuck off.
- Let's split! - I don't wanna split.
Since our first kiss in the schoolyard, I think about you day and night.
Yeah? - Whoa.
- Hey! You know it's a silent cry for love.
So, you wanna fight or what? Let go of me, scumbag! Come on! Shit, come here! Fuck! Get down there! Let go of him! - It's pointless.
- Let me go! Get down here, you fuck! Shit! Ah! - Come here! - You okay? I'll finish you! No.
No! Tristan! Let him go! He's not worth it.
Tell them to fuck off, huh? Huh? Do it! Tell your buddies to fuck off! Come on, guys.
Yeah, man! Fuck off! This is our factory, got it? We won! We won! Hey! Hey, Paula! - Beat it, assholes! - Fuck off! We got rid of those Nazi shitheads.
Hey, guys.
We should do this more.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Every fucking day.
Yes! Oh.
Are you hurt? No, it's just a splinter.
May I? This might sting a little bit.
Keep it open.
I can't concentrate if you do that.
I'm not doing anything.
I'm sorry about the fight, and that you got hurt.
Come on.
Stop talking crap, Hagen.
I feel really good! Do you want a beer? Yeah.
No, thanks.
Your tennis coach? When we got together a few months ago, I was pretty crazy about him.
And now? I fear one of us has changed quite a bit recently.
And him? What's he like? - BjÃrn? - Yeah.
He's got his own apartment.
He drives a big car.
And he's studying Law.
It's good you're not superficial.
I know, right? But he's never hell-bent on anything.
He doesn't make people puke either.
Or beat them up.
And and does BjÃrn win or lose points because of that? Do you think you shook Lasse's views? Or do you just do that to impress girls? So, it's working? Yo, what's up? For the first time in years, I'm not scared of those fucking fascists.
It feels damn good.
Yeah, man.
- To freedom.
- To freedom.
- To freedom.
- To freedom.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Sorry, I have to go.
- Already? - We can walk with you, dude.
No, man.
You don't have to.
I want to know where you live.
- Me, too.
- I don't want to stay here by myself.
- Okay.
- You're stuck with us! Okay, come with me, but make it fast.
I really have to go now.
- Look in front of you, Hagen.
- I am.
Those Nazi assholes are all over the place.
We were stronger than them today.
Yeah, man! Today will go down in history! Yeah.
Don't you think so? - What? - Definitely.
Today will go down in history.
Yeah, for sure.
Whoo! - Whoo! - Yeah! Faster! Don't tell me you're Really? Oh, wow.
I'd really get it if you don't want anything to do with a con.
Why have you been allowed out? I'm allowed out until my release but only if I graduate.
What are you in for? Fare evasion.
Yeah, right Well, I don't know where you guys live, but I think your crib's the best.
See you tomorrow.
Okay, I've really got to go.
Well, look at that.
What now? Lights out! Against the laws Of gravity We almost reached Eternity We fight the rules We fight the crown We fight whatever Brings us down But we sleep in our golden nights HACKE & ABT ARMS FACTORY FLOOR PLAN, DRAFT II But we sleep in our golden nights But we sleep in our golden nights Where were you? Out and about.
Where are you coming from now? From outside.
- Good night.
- Good night.
DO YOU WANT TO I had a dream about you.
We were in the garden.
You always reminded me of a fox.
So beautiful and clever.
And wild.
Broch, get up! WE'RE STARTING A WAVE Oh, please! - Good morning.
- Was that you guys? I have no idea who did it, but it's cool.
- Where's Zazie? - No idea.
Here I am! Fuck! - Wow.
- Awesome! Were you at fashion week, or what? Can I just Fucking awesome! Calm down now.
Was it you guys? Maybe.
Yeah, but maybe not.
That's the Wave.
Do you like it? A little.
- Of course.
- Okay.
What are we doing next? I have an idea.
It might be kind of fun.
Do you guys have time on Saturday? - Definitely.
- No, I have a tennis competition.
I'm taking a picture.
- Do you want me to take that? - Yeah, thanks.
Here we go.
A selfie.
I don't wanna be late.
- Do you have big trash bags? - What for? - Just bring a few.
- Tell us what you're planning.
Meet at noon tomorrow in the Abandoned and you'll see.
Get rid of plastic! No more plastic! Get rid of trash! Ladies and Gentlemen, what you see here is the plastic waste that each of you creates in only one week.
Think about it! Yeah! - Don't buy plastic! - Shitty plastic! Plastic is killing us all! - Get rid of shitty plastic! - No more plastic! Look at that scene! - Dude, I thought we were cool, but - Nice.
- So cool.
- Look at that costume! Oh, my god! - That guy reminds me of you a little bit.
- Of me? Crazy! Sorry.
- Am I too late again? - Hold on.
- Sorry.
- Is everything okay? Come on, then.
Hurry up.
Yeah, we've got a new guy.
Anyway, if it really I'd really appreciate it if you did it now.
I'm stuck here.
Yeah? Sorry, but I can't do anything about it if my colleague's sick again.
I'm the one sitting here Yeah.
See you later.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.
- Good evening.
Go ahead.
- Evening.
12:00 at the camper.
I'll park the camper across the street.
This is gonna be insane, guys.
Are you scared, you wuss? No way, man.
What do you think will happen if we get busted? No idea, but it won't be that bad, really.
Guys, if we post this online, it could really go through the roof.
Does anyone know where Tristan is? Yo, yo.
I thought you weren't coming.
I went out with my girls last night Just like cannonballs and dynamite You guys can still stop now and go back home.
For what? To cram for the next math test? Or to play Fortnite alone? - Maybe we should rethink.
- If you think, you stink.
Let's go in there.
Are you sure you really want to do this? You've been saying this the whole time that we should believe in what we say, and do what we believe in.
I never thought you were listening.
Come on.
Viva la revolución.
And I've been out here I've been working for the night Just tryna survive Yeah! But baby Don't you look me in the eyes I've been broken I've been tired for a while And I've been out here I've been working for the night Just tryna survive
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