We Are the Wave (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

What's Next?

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [electronic music begins.]
Dear customers, we will be closing in a few minutes.
We hope to see you again soon.
[music fades.]
Where should we hide? You'll think of something.
Our Special Supreme Sale will begin on April 8th, with unbeatable prices on our spring collection.
We are open from 10 a.
until 8 p.
, Monday through Thursday, and from 10 a.
until 9 p.
on Fridays and Saturdays.
Our next open Sunday will be on April 14th.
What did you do? The prison answer or the therapy answer? What's the prison answer? Shit, man, I'm innocent.
Can't you find your own spot? - Is anyone else coming? - It stinks in the men's.
And the therapy answer? When I think back on my crime an overwhelming feeling of remorse overcomes me.
And the truth? I torched some of these rich dudes' luxury cars.
- [shop assistant.]
Is anyone there? - Don't talk.
- Quick.
- [shop assistant.]
We're closing now.
Hello? Is anyone still here? We're closing! [all exhale with relief.]
[exhales with relief.]
[muzak plays.]
What shitty music.
You'll like this.
[punk music playing through headphones.]
[door slams.]
Are you scared? Only because this all might be a dream.
Can you feel that? Hey.
Playboy? How are things with Zazie? I I'm not so good at that stuff.
You have to talk to her more.
It's all about communication.
Give her compliments, make jokes That works for every girl.
Zazie, too? [Rahim.]
Zazie, too.
What are you on about? - Environment.
- Soccer.
Environmentalism in football.
That's it! - We found it.
- [laughter.]
- [Rahim.]
Jackpot! - Grab warm stuff: coats, sweaters, boots.
Hurry! [Rahim.]
Mine's full.
Let's go.
Hey, hey.
Do we have a Plan B for getting out of here? Fuck! - Here.
- [Lea.]
What do I do with it? Pick the lock.
Where did you get that? - A DIY store.
- [Lea.]
I don't know how.
- Then it's time to learn.
- Come on! [Lea.]
The guard could walk in any second! Then you'll learn fast.
- Are you crazy? - Just do it, Lea.
This first - And then? - In there.
- Here or what? Here? - [Tristan.]
Now the lock pick.
Very slowly.
Do you feel the pins? To the left.
- [Lea.]
- [Tristan.]
Near the bottom.
Now pull the wrench up slowly.
- This one? - Yeah.
Nice and easy.
[Tristan laughs quietly.]
- [Zazie.]
Out, out, out.
- [Lea.]
Come on.
["You'll find a way" by Santigold plays.]
Go ahead, you know you want it You'll have no other way Tristan! Hurry up.
It's not for me - [Hagen.]
- Did you get gas? [Hagen.]
Of course.
- Do you have a license? - I've been driving since I was seven.
There we go! [Tristan.]
Ay, ay, ay! [Zazie screams.]
Yes! [Hagen.]
What's he doing? [guard.]
Stop! [Zazie.]
Hit him, man! - [Hagen.]
What? - [Zazie.]
Just a bit.
Hey! Hey, stop! Stop, man.
He saw our license plate! [Hagen.]
- Shit.
- I've got it.
[Rahim breathes heavily.]
Stay where you are! Stop.
Don't take another step.
Not another step.
- Listen, and nothing will happen.
- Are you crazy? I have a gun.
Do you think I'm scared of that toy gun? I'm used to tear gas.
- [guard.]
Not another step.
- [Tristan.]
Huh? I was with the black-bloc protesters.
Even the cops were afraid of us.
- Stop! - Hey, you forg [Tristan groans.]
You idiot! [Hagen.]
Away from the window! [Tristan groans in pain.]
I warned you, you idiot.
Hey! - I didn't want to! I didn't want to! - [Lea.]
Stop it! - I'll kill that asshole! - [Zazie.]
No, no, no.
We have to help.
He still hasn't seen your faces.
Please - Fuck.
- He's right.
Hey, it's cool.
Everything's okay.
Did you know that all those expensive designer clothes are burnt at the end of every season? What? Big luxury brands don't want their crap to be sold for a cheaper price or donated.
Yeah? All we're doing is stealing trash.
Awesome jacket, right? Yeah.
Try it on.
No one has to know.
It will look good on you.
Wow! I don't know.
This [Lea.]
Do you have a girlfriend? There's a women's coat, some sweaters Why don't you just take the bag? Take a picture, in case he develops a guilty conscience.
With the peanuts they pay me? No way.
["Ya Super" by Ilona plays.]
Bye! Did I pass? [laughs.]
With flying colors.
- [Lea.]
Shit, does it hurt? - [Tristan.]
Like hell! Maybe leave the next guard to me, so it doesn't happen again.
Very funny! [Lea.]
To everyone out there who wants to know what's wrong in our world: do you have any idea how hard luxury fashion brands have it today? To keep increasing their profits, they have to exploit child laborers in the third world, skin defenseless animals alive for their fur, and then, at the end of the season, burn the unsold merchandise so their precious brands don't end up on the cheaper racks, where lowly, normal people can afford them.
Are you sure the video can't be traced to us? Trust me, bro.
I used Tor.
The guy with the hammer? [laughs.]
No, the software, man! [Lea.]
But that's all over now.
In order to help the owners, boards, and stakeholders of luxury labels finally sleep easy again, The Wave has decided to help the fashion industry.
- Why do we need so much attention? - How can we wake people up without noise? If it gets too loud, someone's bound to call the cops.
Chill out, man.
Most likely, nobody's seen it anyway.
Hey, Tristan They're all looking at their phones.
#wearethewave This is awesome.
Fuck! So much for "nobody's seen it.
" #wearethewave WHAT A GREAT MOVE! Wow! They're all watching our video! Not a word to anyone that it was us.
What are you afraid of? No one can prove it was us.
I'm getting out soon.
I really have something to lose.
Tristan's right.
Hey, Rahim.
It's about communication with girls.
Jokes, compliments [speaking English.]
Words, words, words.
[speaking German.]
Go on, dude.
Hey, Paula.
- Hey.
- Look at Paula.
DJ! My friends call me Rahim.
Is that so? Did you have anything to do with the clothes thing? Only if you think it's cool.
If you don't, I have no idea what you're talking about.
See you around? - Rahim.
- [Rahim.]
Yeah? I think it's cool.
["No Applause" by Champyons plays.]
[inaudible whooping.]
Hadad, look I've offered you a choice of three apartments already, and now I have a fourth for you.
[Rahim's father.]
We can't afford any of them.
[Rahim's mother.]
They're too expensive for us.
It's best if you vacate the apartment by the end of the month.
The noise, the risk of an accident Risk of an accident? Is that a threat? Your son seems to be a bit temperamental, Mr.
So Temperamental? - I flip out, like all young Arabs - I wasn't trying to generalize.
- [Rahim's dad in Arabic.]
Go to your room.
- I won't.
[in German.]
I won't be jerked around by this crook.
A construction site is not a suitable place to live, that's all.
Build somewhere else! I'd hoped we could settle this like civilized people, but This is an eviction notice.
You have six weeks to vacate, or we will do it for you.
Like hell we will! Get the fuck out! I said, get out! - [in Arabic.]
I said, go to your room.
- [in German.]
Get out! [in Arabic.]
You bring me nothing but shame.
You embarrass me.
You're behaving exactly like this Griese guy expects us to.
Like all Germans expect us to - stupid, aggressive, and angry.
But why do you let them talk to us like dogs? Why don't you do something? Why do you let them humiliate us? We don't have a choice, son.
What are we supposed to do? [Tristan in German.]
Guys, we need to agree on something.
- Who we are and what we want.
- [Zazie.]
Why are you here? I want to have fun.
Chaos! [laughs.]
[in English.]
Peace, love and rock and roll.
- [Hagen.]
Hey! - [Rahim in German.]
And you? What do you think? I used to hang with people who wanted to get rid of capitalism and stop globalization.
They would seek out the most invincible opponent possible, so they would have an excuse when they failed.
The five of us won't be saving any whales, we won't be bringing human rights to China, but what we can do is change something right here, right now.
In our own backyard.
Each of us says what pisses us off, and we'll do something about it.
If everyone started doing it, everything would change.
At some point, the wave will turn into a huge tsunami! Actions, not words Deeds, not dreams! [laughter.]
Whoa! Shit.
Fuck! [Rahim.]
Yo, guys! We need a symbol, a tag or something.
What pisses me off is advertising.
All those fucking perfect, photo-shopped models with their idiotic grins, always telling me: "Zazie, you're completely worthless.
Look at yourself.
You're too short, too fat, your belly isn't flat.
Stop thinking you can be who you are.
" ["The Lives They Wish They Had" by The Slaves plays.]
WE HAVE THE BEST APPLIANCES! SEXIS Nobody gives a shit SEXIST BULLSHI Come on! SEXIST BULLSHI The lives they wish they had The lives they wish they had Poolside-poses, but don't fall in You'll remove the glow From your otherwise pasty skin An HD self-portrait Sucking on a cigar Leaning on the bonnet Of your rented motor car Come on, man.
I have grown my muscles To an intimidating proportion And I'm not done yet Nah watch this space Okay.
- Go, Hagen! - Go, Hagen! [Hagen.]
Yeah, man! I'm king of the world! [Hagen.]
Woohoo! - [man.]
Could you guys maybe hurry up? - Yeah, it's all good, man.
Yeah, easy.
- Okay? - Have a good night.
- Hey.
- Hi, Lea.
- Hello.
- Sorry, we're full.
At this time? Are you deaf? It's full.
Is there a problem? [bouncer.]
All good.
It's just packed tonight.
- He's my friend.
- Okay, we're still full.
- You must be kidding.
- I'm serious.
- Do you know what pisses me off? - What? - All this hidden, underlying racism.
- [girl.]
Just go somewhere else! - Looks behind my back on the bus.
- [Zazie.]
Chill out.
The stuff people whisper on the street.
And the bouncers are the worst The club's either full or there's a private function.
That's right.
Germany is just one big fucking private function! - Go back to where you came from.
- Say that again.
- Lea, go in.
- Not without my friends.
- [bouncer.]
That's your problem.
- I got that all on my phone, asshole.
Soon, the entire city will know you're a racist.
Fuck off, losers.
Get the hell out of here! [Hagen.]
Fuck you! [Rahim.]
Shit, man.
Hey, guys.
We'll just have our own party! ["Ubersleep" by Fuck Art & Let's Dance plays.]
More! I wanna hear you! [cheering.]
Unable to see that I’m done Narcotic sensation sail down Raving to the beat I’m doped up Mr.
DJ! Do you ever dance? - What? - Do you dance, too? It depends on who's asking.
Come on! [shouting and cheering.]
I never sleep I never Call it Übersleep, call it that - [man.]
Give me a 40.
- [Tristan.]
- Tell people about me.
- Yeah, bye.
What are you up to? Do you want to use daddy's card for this? This is really good weed.
100 percent organic, no chemicals.
You will always be a gangster.
[shouting and cheering.]
Lea? Why are you out here and not inside? I Is everything okay? Come on, let's go inside.
Everyone's there.
I heard you're making a bit.
All those rich kids get too much pocket money.
Will you ever tell me why you need all the dough? - You'll read about it in the paper.
- You're so old-school, bro.
No one reads newspapers anymore.
[yelps in surprise.]
Promise me you won't fuck up.
I wanna see you on the outside again.
But it's all about technique, right? [Rahim.]
Yo, man.
What's up? - [Hagen.]
- [Zazie.]
In that video, there was a chick, 1.
5 meters tall - shorter than me.
And she just grabs this huge dude and knocks him to the ground.
Bam! [Hagen.]
A really big dude, yeah? [Zazie.]
One day, I'll be a fighting machine like that.
You are already.
Speaking of waves Who wants liquid refreshment? - [Zazie.]
- Here.
Rahim? No, I'm hungover from yesterday.
- [Hagen.]
Tristan? - No, thanks.
I can't.
Well, then - Cheers! - Cheers! Paula asked if she could join us.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
I mean, the kids at school know who's behind the video anyway.
People keep asking me if I know anybody in the Wave.
Yeah, they should join us.
Why not? You don't mean that, right? The more of us there are, the more we can achieve.
That makes sense.
But it's not true.
After reaching a certain size, every group self-destructs.
People argue about the distribution of power, positions, rules We're not a political party.
We're talking about 20 or 30 people instead of five.
But the five of us can trust each other.
We're getting better with every campaign, more powerful.
Why do you wanna go and risk that for some other people? Yeah, we might end up with a snitch or a traitor.
You're both really paranoid.
Lea, I know exactly - Meppersfeld is not Hamburg.
- And you're not listening.
Of course, I'm listening.
I just have a different opinion.
Your opinion is wrong.
- Oh, really? - [Tristan.]
Who gets to say what's right and wrong for the Wave? Just you? I'm the only one who at least has some experience here.
You're the only one who got caught.
When have you ever risked something for your convictions, huh? At which tennis tournament? I have to go.
- [Tristan.]
- [Zazie.]
Let her go.
Tristan! Lea, wait.
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm sorry.
Do you think I'm part of the Wave so someone can dictate to me what I can and can't do? Call me when you can take me seriously.
She's right, man.
We don't need a fucking Führer.
[exhales loudly.]
Go on! You've got it! [basketballer.]
Perfect three-pointer.
Rahim! Leaving already? Yo, guys I think I'll hang out here a little bit longer.
You don't even play basketball.
We'll teach him.
Besides I'm naturally talented, man.
- What's up? - [Zazie.]
Oh, wow.
Bye, Mr.
Bye, guys.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What are you up to now? Having dinner.
I'm always hungry, actually.
threatened by an acute hunger crisis in East Africa.
Because of the absence of rain, the price of foodstuffs has increased tenfold over the last three years.
Even You're the first boy Zazie's ever brought home.
experts are concerned about the availability of clean water.
In the capitals of Rwanda, Malawi Did she cut her beautiful hair off because of you? Hey, Grandpa.
It was my idea.
I like her new hairstyle.
The last European journalists left the affected areas two weeks ago.
Do you drink beer? Sometimes.
four German tourists are still missing.
Meanwhile, the Indonesian foreign ministry has declared that it can fully identify the whereabouts of the German citizens.
Early in the evening on Tuesday, the senior travel group from Munich Could have been worse.
Where were you? [Lea.]
Did we have plans? Not us, our parents.
Fuck! The dinner.
I don't want to be there any more than you.
I'm not cool enough for you anymore.
That's not true.
Well, I don't want to miss out on the drama.
What drama? [Sophie.]
She's here.
I'll be right back.
Why are you here? Don't you want to say "Hello" to me first? Your parents invited me.
I'm supposed to talk you into coming back to practice.
Should I save myself the trouble? Lea, what's going on? Talk to me.
Now? I want to save our relationship.
I'm here, because I want to give you another chance.
Just drop it.
- Hello.
- [Lea's father.]
Right on time, as always.
Are you out of your mind? We were both caught up in the idea of each other.
Lea can you explain? Leave me alone.
- [man.]
Lea, hi.
- [Lea.]
Lea, I want an explanation.
We're just fooling ourselves! I could brag about you to my friends, and you could brag at your law school parties.
But that's all there was to it, and you know it.
Are you ending this? I'm sorry.
[Lea's father.]
Come on, you two.
Make up again and come inside to eat.
Lights out! [phone rings.]
Hey, yourself.
When did you get a phone? [sighs.]
I found it.
Are you still talking to me? I haven't hung up yet, have I? What are you doing? I went for a swim.
Earlier, I broke up with BjÃrn.
Wanna talk about it? Do you think I made a mistake? - No.
- So, what's there to talk about? Wanna to show me your room? I'm curious.
Is it what you imagined? Yeah.
A bit pinker.
Ha-ha! What do you see out the window? Just walls and barbed wire.
You? Our garden.
Our pool.
No need to feel ashamed.
I used to live like that, too.
- Yeah, right.
- Really, I swear.
My father's an ambassador.
I was driven to school everyday with bodyguards.
So, you're even more spoiled than me.
Where did you live? Beirut, Tokyo, Kinshasa, Cape Town How did you end up in Hamburg? I ran away.
And your parents? Lea, I have to tell you something.
I um I lied to you.
I'm not in jail because I burnt a few cars.
Why, then? Serious bodily injury.
I wanted to get my hands on the CEO of a defense supply company.
The scumbags sell weapons to dictators, death squads But But I put the wrong guy in hospital.
The guy looked exactly like him.
The point is even if I got the right guy, it would have been a mistake.
It wouldn't have changed a thing.
Why are you telling me this? Because we've created something really good with the Wave, and I don't want us to screw it up.
By letting other people join in? For example.
You should trust your fellow humans a bit.
I live with people you're better off not trusting.
Then trust me at least.
You don't give up, huh? I learned that from you.
Are you tired from swimming? A little, yeah.
Should I hang up? No.
Woo-hoo! [Rahim.]
Come on! - Last one there's a loser! - What? Hey, hey! [Rahim.]
Fuck, man, she's fast.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- [Tristan.]
How are you? - Good.
You're cute when you sleep.
Oh! What's that, now? You didn't sleep in your cell last night? [Hagen.]
Did we miss something? Are we in the way? Should we make ourselves disappear? [Rahim laughs.]
Is Paula coming today? Right, changing the subject I get it.
- [Tristan.]
Look - [Rahim.]
Okay, okay.
I'll stop.
- Paula's coming.
A few other people, too.
- How many did you invite? Wait and see.
I don't see anyone yet.
They're coming.
I'm cold.
Let's go in, Hagen.
[Rahim laughs.]
Come on, dude.
What's the deal with you and Lea? [Tristan.]
We just FaceTimed.
I call Paula, too, but nothing happens! Hey, people are coming! They came! [laughing and shouting.]
- [Hagen.]
Hey! - [Lea.]
It's great that you came! [Rahim.]
Whoo! [boy.]
Come on! Let's go inside! [Lea.]
Head over that way.
It's great that you're here! I'm really happy about it! ["Give it my All" by Mike G & Gooding plays.]
Give it everything I got Push it to the limit Don't stop I'ma give it my all [boy.]
Hey, where's the beer? - Hey! Up here! - Oh.
Oh, fuck.
Okay, again.
Each of us should be asking ourselves what we can be doing now, in our own backyard.
Think about what you want to change.
Can I get a twenty? Yes.
Cool, man.
Hey! What do you want? I [Zazie.]
What? I thought maybe I could join you.
Hey! Want a beer? Yeah, sure.
[crowd whooping.]
Admit it.
It feels good to see so many people.
I'd prefer to be alone with you.
Hmm, so you'd betray the revolution for me? I don't see any revolution here.
All these idiots know is how to party.
Wanna bet they can do more? What are you up to? Wait and see.
Hello! Be quiet for a minute.
- [boy.]
What's this crap? - [Lea.]
Listen up for a second, please.
It's really great that you all came.
- [boy.]
- [girl.]
Louder! - Hi, I'm Lea.
- [boy.]
Who cares? [Rahim whistles.]
Shut up! [Lea.]
All I was ever interested in before was my grades, clothes, and how many likes my latest selfie got.
- [boy.]
You're not even that pretty! - [girl.]
Let her finish.
None of that interests me anymore, because our world is going down the drain, and we have to do something about it! [cheering and applause.]
- [Rahim.]
Yeah! - Yes.
- Maybe we are naive or crazy.
- [boy.]
No way! [Lea.]
Maybe resistance is pointless, or it's already way too late.
- [Lea.]
But do you know what? - [boy.]
What? I've never felt so free and so in the right place as I do right here, right now, in this moment with all of you! [explosion of cheers.]
Let's fight for the things we believe in together.
Let's make a wave.
- A humongous wave! - [cheering.]
- [Rahim.]
Who are we? - [all.]
The Wave.
I can't hear you.
The Wave! We are the Wave! - We are the Wave! - We are the Wave! [cheering.]
And what are we doing next? You know the slaughterhouse in town? [murmured assent.]
If you stand outside, you can hear animals bellowing in fear for their lives.
Everyone knows the slaughterhouse breaks animal protection laws.
It's been in the papers countless times, and no one's doing anything about it! [cheering.]
Down with the slaughterhouse! - [all.]
Down with the slaughterhouse! - [boy.]
Down with the slaughterhouse! Down with the slaughterhouse! [all chant.]
Slaughterhouse! Slaughterhouse! [chanting continues.]
Hey, hold on a second! [chanting continues.]
What's wrong? Are you coming? This is a mistake.
Something will go wrong.
What? All of this was your idea, too.
What now? Please Please stop the campaign.
I don't understand you.
Slaughterhouse! Slaughterhouse! [Lea.]
Hey, guys! Hold up, everyone! [all.]
Slaughterhouse! Slaughterhouse! Wait! Before everyone rushes in, a few of us should go ahead and Think about the slogans you want to spray on the wall! "Meat is murder," or something.
Or "As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields!" Are you giving us homework? Take a can and think about what you want to spray.
[chanting continues.]
Stop! Hey! Hold on a minute! Hey! Hey, guys! Stop! We're not burglars! Rahim! Rahim, we're doing this all [Rahim.]
Lea, look at this.
Stop being boring! [whoops.]
Who are we? The Wave! [whoops.]
Wait! We won't achieve anything!
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