We Bare Bears (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Yard Sale

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner When you jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [music.]
I know I've said it before, but I really mean it this time.
- I'm in love.
- No way, man.
That's awesome.
- Who's the lucky girl? - The bagger at the grocery store.
Did you see the way she looked at me? Is she that girl with the short hair? Oh, no, that was another girl - that I was in love with last week.
- Whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
- Stop.
Back up.
- Beep.
A yard sale! Let's check it out.
Whoa! A Smash Brogan action figure.
Sweet! Get ready for pain! Huh? What the $5? Aw, man.
[Camera shutter clicking.]
The perfect panorama shot.
Hey, you know, this stuff isn't just good for pictures.
So what are you looking for, bear? - Can I help you with something? - Oh, um [laughs nervously.]
- Nothing really.
Just looking.
- Well, okay then.
- Just holler if you need anything.
- Uh, okay.
[Inhales deeply.]
[Exhales deeply.]
Hmm, tiny basketball? Too tiny.
Springy thing? Uh, too springy.
Huh? [chimes.]
- Thank you, sir.
You enjoy.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Is this box really free? - Well, sure.
Take it.
Just lots of stuff in there nobody wants.
- Less for me to throw away.
- Really? [whispers.]
Dude, free stuff.
Psst! Free stuff.
All: Free stuff! [Laughter.]
All right, guys.
Start calling dibs on whatever you want.
Both: Whoa! [Laughs.]
Mine! Smash hands.
Awesome! Hyah! Cushion smash! Whoa! Look at this.
And old phone.
Look it does this flip-slidy thing.
Hyah! Oh, my gosh.
It just turned on! It's still working! Well, let's see if the camera works.
Whoa! Hyah! [Camera shutter clicks.]
It's so pixely.
Ice Bear will take family entertainment.
Family entertainment smash! Panda smash! Aah! What the heck, Grizz?! Go outside if you're gonna smash stuff! [Laughs.]
Time to show the world my new form.
[Glass shatters.]
Lamp smash! - Get out! - Going.
[Door knob rattles.]
[Cellphone vibrates.]
What? [Cellphone vibrates.]
[Vibrating continues.]
Uh, I-I got to go.
Don't bother me! [Door slams.]
Woman: Today is a special day.
Today, you start focusing on you.
Today, your cycles and the Earth's are one.
Hi, there.
And welcome to [Upbeat music plays.]
"The pregnant women's workout.
" And we're gonna show you that just because You're packing on some extra pounds eating for two, Doesn't mean you can't still be active and stay fit.
Grizz: And that! [Laughs.]
Take that, bad guy.
And this and this and that.
What's that? Well then take that, bad guy's friend.
Now, what haven't I punched yet? Oh, the afternoon post is here.
Huh? [Grunts.]
Guess I should take these gloves off first.
Uh there you go.
Good as new.
Time to get these off for real.
I'm gonna need some help.
And step and step and step and step.
Keep those knees up, ladies.
Oh, come on! Man! Uh, brother! [Upbeat music plays.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! - Hey! - One and two and one [Sighs.]
Got to find help somewhere else.
Panda: That text couldn't be for me.
I mean, it just doesn't make sense.
But maybe she does really want to go on a date.
Eh, maybe if I give her one little text back.
No! I shouldn't! [Cellphone vibrates.]
Huh? "So, our date? Let me know if you can ASAP.
If you can't, I'll make other plans" Our date? Our date! [Gasps, laughs.]
I can't believe it! A date! Oh, wait! Wha-What do you write back? Uh, okay.
I got to write the perfect response [Keys clacking.]
Um No, not classy enough.
Something playful, maybe [Beep.]
No! The phone's dead! The phone's dead! I need a charger! I need a charger quick! No! It's not fitting! Breathe in, breathe out.
Breathe in, breathe out.
[Breathing heavily.]
Now we're gonna add and extra step.
This move is for advanced users only.
Are you ready? Ice Bear is ready.
Okay, and hop.
Whoo! Okay, and hop.
Whoo! Great job.
Um, excuse me.
Excuse me, sir? Uh, could you, um Aah! Hey, man.
I don't want any trouble.
- Chill, okay? - Sir, please! I just need some help! [Sighs.]
Oh, hello, ma'am.
Would you be so kind as to [Screams.]
Just take my purse.
Aaah! No, I'm not trying to rob you.
I'm a nice guy! [hit.]
[Coins clatter.]
[Upbeat music plays.]
Charging cable, charging cable, charging is this No, come on.
Come on! [Laughs.]
I got to do this right.
[Keys clacking.]
Woman: Two more toe touches.
Come on.
Great job, ladies.
Now remember, working out at home is great, but the best way to exercise is to share a power walk with a fun group of powerful women.
Hmm [Music.]
Took a flight just to give us this dream of mine Can a man come this far Please, someone help? Huh? Oh, thank goodness.
Law enforcement.
I need your help.
Can you take these hands off me? Of course.
Right after we set up our table.
Oh, thank you so much.
Oops! Oh, let me get it.
Here you go.
Hey, what'd you do that for? Uh, sorry.
I didn't mean to.
I was just Hey, what are you yelling at these girls for? I'm not yelling.
I just it's these gloves.
They The monster is breaking our cookies! - The monster hates cookies! - [Gasps.]
That's it.
Out, monster! Be gone with you! Monster? Back to the mountains from whence ye came! - Boo, monster! - Boo! Monster? All right.
Got the chocolates, the flowers.
Good to go.
Oh, that must be her.
Okay, Panda.
This is happening.
Excuse me, Annie? I am here for our date.
- Huh? - Wha I am Annie, but who are Wait! You're that guy from the yard sale today.
You? You're Annie? I I don't I-I thought but, I but the text Why do you have my husband's phone? I am so sorry.
I think there's been a mistake.
Babe, what are you doing here? I drove to your mother's house to find you and she Who the heck is this? Chocolate? Flowers? And is that my phone? You've been sweet talkin' my woman with my own phone? Paul, I think this is just a misunderstanding.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's not what you Whoa! You steal my phone, and now you're trying to steal my wife? Paul, no.
Th-The phone.
I got it at a yard sale.
I-I got a message, and I thought it was for me.
- Oh, I've got a message for you.
- Paul, no.
I swear I wasn't sweet talking anyone.
I'm not that smooth.
Honey the baby's coming.
What? - Babe, w-w-what's wrong? - I think it's happening.
The baby? Uh, oh, man.
I'm not ready for this.
I can't handle the responsibility.
[Breathing rapidly.]
Okay, got to stay calm.
- Ugh.
- Paul! [Screams.]
Ice Bear feels impending motherhood nearby.
Hey, buddy.
Time to wake up now.
- Where is mother? - Brother! Uh, this is Annie.
Her broke just watered.
I mean, uh, she needs help.
Breathe like Ice Bear.
[Breathing rhythmically.]
- Need husband.
- Husband? - He's knocked out.
- You, husband.
Me? I can't be a husband.
I I - Husband, now.
- Okay.
W-What do I need to do? Just hold your hand or Ow! [Screams.]
Thank you.
Ow! We have to get a cab to the hospital.
[Woman screams.]
Oh, get away from me! Please, will you help me? Will anyone help a monster? You, sir? Help? Help? [Dog yelps.]
- Grizz! - Brother! Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
I've had such a crazy day.
What happened to that guy? Grizz, this is Annie.
She's having a baby.
- Oh.
- I need to get to the hospital.
We need help.
Can you get us a ride? I'm sorry, brother.
I'm a monster.
And monsters can't help.
They can only destroy.
No, Grizz.
You have to save us.
- You can be a hero! - Hero? Hero.
You're right! It's time to use these fists for good.
- For good! - Um I am not a monster! [Tires squeal.]
What the? [Music.]
Step on it.
[Tires squeal.]
Chair! [Grunts.]
Follow me! [Grunts.]
Take that.
And that.
And that.
And that.
And that.
- And that.
- I am now making the primary incision.
A-ha! Oh.
[Bell ringing.]
Excuse me! Ma'am! Miss! Lady! Miss nurse lady! Ma'am! Sir, you'll have to sign in and wait like everybody [Gasps.]
Oh, gosh! Your hands! We'll get you into the E.
Oh, no, no, no.
Not me.
This lady's having a baby.
[Breathing rhythmically.]
Easy, almost to the top.
And aw, dang it.
This this is rigged.
Aah! Excuse me.
The couple would like to see you now.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Please come in.
We just wanted to thank you so much for your help and we're sorry for the misunderstanding at the café.
- Aren't we, honey? - Uh, yeah.
I got a little hotheaded, but I'm sorry.
- It's not problem.
- You know, we're always happy to help a pregnant woman in need.
Speaking of which, let's see that little bundle of joy.
Hey, there, little guy.
Ah, got a pretty good grip.
Strong baby.

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