We Bare Bears (2015) s02e12 Episode Script

Chicken and Waffles

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner When you jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Buzzing, ringing.]
Oh, whoops! - [Panting.]
Oh! - Sorry! Sorry! [Panting.]
- Aah! - Oof.
Whoa! Hurry up! Hold up! Let me check you out.
[Breathes deeply.]
All right, gentlemen, let's go have the best meal of our lives.
- Surprise! - Wha?! - Coming in! - Charlie, what are you doing here? Oh, nothing.
Brought some food.
- Want to have a pinecone picnic? - Charlie, we can't.
Like, nine months ago, we made a reservation at this exclusive restaurant.
It's called Chicken and Waffles.
And guess what they serve.
Ice Bear likes soul food.
Chicken and Waffles? What a weird combination.
You don't understand! It's this really hip, trendy place.
If we're not there on time, we're gonna lose our spot.
Well, shoot, what's so great about [Groaning.]
- chicken and waffles? - Dude, next to PB&J, it's one of the greatest combinations ever made.
Well, uh, I set up a picnic blanket for you guys.
Well, sure! Looks great! Thanks for the invitation, but we gotta go! Okay, bye! All right, but you're missing out on fun! - [Train bell chimes.]
Sorry! - Excuse Ice Bear.
Okay, let's go! Let's go! Huh? My phone! Oh, I need it to take pictures! Wha I need to go back to the cave! Panda, no.
We all have to be there to get our table.
I'm just gonna grab my phone, and I'll meet you there! Panda, I'm scared! Come on, buddy! Eat up! [Panting.]
- Hey, hey! You're back! - [Buzzing.]
There it is! - [Cellphone beeps.]
Got it! Whoa! - Aah! Panda! [Groans.]
O-O-Oh, no! I can't see! My contacts fell out! - I-I gotta find them! - Can I help? No, no, no! Oof! [Groans.]
I got this.
Huh?! What did I break? Oh, looks like you stepped on your contacts.
But you found them.
- Aagh! I can't see squat! - Right here.
You gotta help me, Charlie.
- You gotta help me get to the city! - The city? Panda, you know how I feel around people.
- I-I've never even been to the city.
- Please! I'm begging you! Just use my GPS.
It's super-easy.
This is so important for me! Please, Charlie! Ohh.
Okay, I'll do it.
Anything for you, Pan-Man.
- I'll give it my best shot.
- Hooray! [Giggles.]
Just let me get some good camouflage.
Uh, is this supposed to What am I doing? Open, please! - Charlie, let's hurry! - Okie.
[Bell chimes.]
Okay, let's go.
We're good.
Come on.
Come on, Charlie! Whoa! [Panting.]
- We made it.
- Hello, sir.
You must be the 8 P.
Is your party all here? Aah! I mean.
oh, yes.
May I use your phone? [Buzzing.]
Oh! Someone must be calling! Answer it! Tap the screen! [Beep.]
Hello, Pan Pan? Hello? - Grizz? - Hey, man, it's Grizz.
You need to get here now, man! Where are you? I'm freaking out a little here.
Oh! What was that? You're super-close, you say? Okay! [Receiver slams.]
Grizz? Gri He Charlie, quick! Where did he go?! Uh, let me see.
No, that's not it.
What does "software update" mean? What?! Software update?! Charlie, what did you do?! We can't use the phone now! It's frozen! Hey, I'm just trying my best, man.
We gotta get off the next stop and ask for directions.
Okay, no problemo.
Uh whoa! Better watch your step there.
- Whoa! - Oh, my gosh! Panda! Charlie! Why didn't you warn me?! I still can't see anything, you know? You'll have to lead the way.
[Chuckles nervously.]
Well, okay.
- Where are we now, Charlie? - Hmm.
Let's see.
There's some poufy things hanging above us.
And some sort of red cart selling food.
Oh, I know! We must be in Chinatown.
We gotta ask people directions to get from here.
Uh, Panda, you know talking to people ain't my forte.
Oh, Charlie, it's nothing! Quick! We don't have much time! Hey, excuse me? W-Whoa! Char [Arguing in Chinese.]
Charlie, quit shoving! [Bell jingles.]
Ugh! Charlie, enough! Geez.
I got it from here.
[Cats purring.]
[Speaking Chinese.]
How are you today? Oof! Hi! We just need some directions to [High-pitched sneeze.]
[High-pitched sneeze.]
Is there a cat in here? Of course.
This is Mr.
- We're a cat café.
- Cat café?! - Oh! I'm allergic to cats! - Oh, my gosh! Back off, Mr.
Stripes! - Don't worry.
I got this.
- Thanks, Charlie.
I'll take care of directions.
[Cats meowing.]
All right, let's try again.
Come on! Where's that Panda? Good news You guys are up next, as soon as that couple over there is done.
We have to stall them.
Man, that fried chicken was heavy.
I'm nearly stuffed.
- We could just pack it to go.
- Hey, guys, what's the rush? Check out this dessert, or maybe start over with the appetizers! Are you guys, like, waiters or something? Ice Bear waits for nothing.
Make a left, and you'll be there.
All right, cool.
I think I got it.
So, first, I go down two blocks, then I go up five more, then right Wait I lost my train of thought.
Did you catch any of that? [Cats meowing.]
Can somebody help me?! I'll save you, Panda! [Cats yowling.]
Get away from him! Ew! Speak to me, Panda! - Help me.
- Gah! What do I do?! There's help across the street.
Acu-pun-cture and somethin' somethin'.
[Man speaking Chinese.]
You've come to the right place.
Ho ho! I didn't know needles were medicine.
[Speaking Chinese.]
But will help your friend.
And you you help, too.
- Hold the patient still, please.
- Sure thing.
Ha! You'll be better in no time, buddy! [Gasps.]
[Birds squawk.]
Thank you, Needle Doctor! He looks a lot better.
Definitely less puffy.
He screams more than most of my customers.
Hey, what's the matter, Pan Pan? - Don't ya feel better? - Better?! I'm lost and miserable, and things just keep getting worse.
And now I'm never gonna get to eat chicken and waffles! Oh! Did you say Chicken and Waffles? Why, that store is just a couple of blocks down this street.
Huh?! Wait! That means Oh, my gosh! We can make it! Charlie, we're gonna make it! Here! Hop on my back! We can be there in no time! Thank you, Needle Doctor! - Uh, check, please.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! - The couple isn't done yet! - No, we're done here.
Come on, guys.
You gotta help us out here.
What are you talking about? [Clears throat.]
Gentlemen, I'm going to have to ask you to wait back in line.
Oh, okay.
Off we go.
Actually, can we order some dessert, please? Grizzly: Whoo! Charlie: Wow! These buildings are amazing! - Taller than any tree I've ever seen.
- You know what, Charlie? We actually make a pretty good team.
- Really? You think? - Yeah! [Cellphone buzzes.]
Oh! Hang on.
It's It's my phone! Check and see what it says! - Update complete! - Oh, my gosh! Yes! We have technology again! [Distant clatter.]
What are we waiting for?! Let's go! Oh, uh, uh Yeah, we're just gonna take a shortcut.
Thanks for waiting, gentlemen.
Your reservation is ready.
- Just follow me, please.
- All right.
Here we co Uh, uh Man! What's that smell? Whoa! - Agh! - Wow! Thanks for rushing! At this rate, we'll be at the restaurant in no time.
- Uh, wait here a sec.
- What are you doing, Charlie? - Oh, uh, I just gotta tie my shoe.
- Oh, okay.
Whoa! What's going on? Oh, gross! What is this stuff?! Oh, my gosh! Free glasses! Wha? Huh?! What the?! - Ha! Gotcha! - Charlie, what are we doing here?! Oh, uh [Chuckles.]
Umy-you see, the phone fell.
Dude, I just asked you for one thing! - I'm sorry, man.
I I - And now I'm never gonna get to the restaurant, because of you! Hey! I've been helping! I got you this far, didn't I?! None of this was easy, like you said it would be! This is way more your fault, man! - You're the one dragging me! - You're the one leading! - I didn't lead us down here! - Yuh-huh! [Both grunting.]
[Both panting.]
- Well, you're just a big - No! Not this time, Panda! You're the dingle! [Gasps.]
Fine! I don't need you! I'm gonna find my own way out, by my Whoa! [Screams.]
Screaming ain't gonna do you no [Gasps.]
Pan Pan! [Screaming, gurgling.]
- Panda, hold on! - Help! [Grunting.]
- Aaah! - Got ya! Huh?! Panda! I've got you! Let's get out of here! Right on your tail! - Whoa! We made it! - What?! The sewer river led us to your waffle restaurant! - We actually made it! - Yeah! [Laughs.]
Whoo-hoo! Hey, wait.
Let me just There.
- Thanks.
- Welp, uh - Uh - Panda! You're here! Come on! Oh, hey, Charlie! Nice hat! Bye! [Sighs.]
Didn't think you'd make it, Pan.
So, what happened, dude? - Ice Bear wants to be caught up.
- And why was Charlie here? Charlie's the whole reason I made it.
I couldn't have gotten here without him.
What? Really? Man, I know he hates being around people.
You okay? Charlie! Charlie, I It means a lot, you coming to the city.
And, well I think it would be nice to have dinner with you instead.
But what about your brothers? - I'm cool with a picnic.
- Ice Bear is in.
And here ya go! Pinecones and leaves nature's chicken and waffles.
- Let's eat! - You guys are gonna love this! I also found some dried bark and some moss, which is kind of good for you 'cause it's green.

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