We Bare Bears (2015) s02e13 Episode Script

The Audition

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there [title music.]
A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner When you jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Happy music plays.]
Ah! Alone at last with my delicious Frosty Fluffs! So much frosty flavor it makes me do the freshy dance! - Ooh! [Laughs.]
- Come on, guys.
I think I hear Freshy Bear doing his freshy dance! - Aha! - Huh? Better luck next time, kids! Whoo! Ahh.
I just can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Boy: Frosty Fluffs cereal is a delicious part of this complete breakfast! - Grizzly: Hmm.
Where is it? - The lady said it was on Aisle 6.
- Hmm.
- Wait, here it is! Go back, go back, go back! Ooh! - Cereal section! - Guys, look! They have every cereal here known to mankind.
I feel like I'm in a corn fructose wonderland.
Ice Bear heart full of sugar.
We've hit the mother lode, bros.
Now, which one to pick? There's just so many! Maybe we could try something new like this one Oaky Wheat Flakes.
"Double the oak, double the wheat"? Ew! This cereal should be in the potpourri section.
Oh, I've got it! We'll pick based on the best part of the cereal the mascot! Like Teddy Toad for Sugar Snax? [Laughs.]
Oh, what about Monsieur Kitty Kat? - Meow! - Ice Bear prefers Cinna-Bunny.
- Fruity-Bot! - Nutty Buddy.
Jerry! [Laughter.]
Oh, my gosh! Guys, come here! - What is it? - It's Frosty Fluffs! - This cereal has the best mascot! - Oh, man! I remember that commercial from when we were kids! Ice Bear hates children who steal cereal.
Whoa, wait, look at this! They're having a contest to find a new Freshy Bear! It says the winner will get to be in the new commercial! [Gasps.]
And will win a lifetime supply of Frosty Fluffs?! Ice Bear has never wanted anything more in life.
You guys, I mean, this contest was made for us! I mean, look at us we're bears! - Should we still buy the cereal? - No need, bro.
Once one of us wins, we'll have free cereal for life! - Free cereal! - Free cereal.
Ice Bear was going to pay for that.
Oom pa, Oom pa I'm telling you, guys, we got this in the bag.
This'll be a piece of cake? Together: I just can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Jeremy, they're ready for you now.
I just can't bear to be without my Frost Fluffs.
Man: Without my Frosty Fluffs.
- There's so many people here, man.
- Oh, don't sweat it.
They're probably a bunch of amateurs.
Come on, let's just practice our lines.
[Clears throat.]
I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs! Oh, that was good! Let's see, um I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs! Nice! Ice Bear can't bear to be without his Frosty Fluffs.
Whoa! That's some of the best bear acting I've ever seen! - You guys are total naturals.
- Oh, thanks, dude! So do you think one of us will get the part? - Oh, yeah, sure.
- Who do you think will get it? Oh, I mean any one of you could, I guess.
Yeah, but if you had to pick just one.
Woman: Uh, is there a "Grizzly" here? Oh, ha ha guess I'm up! - Grizz? - I'm Grizz! That's me, it's me Grizz.
- They're ready to see you now.
- Eee! Yay! So do I just Woman: Just stand there in front of the camera, on your mark.
So, what's your name? Tell us a little about yourself.
Uh, hi, my name is Grizz, um I live in a cave, I know a bunch of karate, and I'm ready to be the next Freshy Bear! What's your name, sir? Hi, I'm I'm Panda.
What are you going to do for us today, Panda? Um, I can sing and dance around.
- Please state your name.
- Ice Bear.
What do you think is your most bear-like quality? Ice Bear is ice bear.
Okay, Grizz, go ahead and read your line.
I can't bear I can't bear Yeah, okay whew.
All right! I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Oh, I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Okay, can you try it a little cuter? Oh, I can't bear to be without my Fwosty Fwuffs.
Go ahead and say the line.
Ice Bear can't bear to be without his Frosty Fluffs.
No, it's "I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
" Ice Bear can't bear to be without his Frosty Fluffs.
And this is an Irish Freshy Bear.
[Irish accent.]
"Oh, I can't bear to be without me Frosty Fluffs.
" And here's Freshy if he were a cowboy.
"Dag nabbit, I can't stand to be without my Frosty Fluffs, partner!" Oh, baby Ooh, I just can't bear Please, just read the line as it's written.
I I Ice Bear can't bear to be without his frosty fluffs.
Back off you, kids! Those are my Frosty Fluffs! Frosty Fluuuuuff Woman: Okay, give us happy.
All right, now sad.
And let's see some anger.
Those are my Frosty Fluffs! All right, sir, I think that's all we need for right now.
You can head back to the waiting room.
Ice Bear's leg is asleep.
[Rehearsing lines indistinctly.]
Okay, everyone listen up.
If I say your name, we'll need you to come back tomorrow morning.
Please pick us, please pick us, please pick us.
Here we are.
Okay Grizzly [Gasps.]
Panda - Yes! - and Alonzo Tigerheart.
- Huh? - Who? Ice Bear needed a stage name.
Wow, those are really professional, little bro.
Woman: Here are some boxes of Frosty Fluffs you can use to rehearse with.
We'll need you here first thing in the morning.
Bros, we're gonna be stars! [Gulp!.]
Mmm! [Growling.]
I can't bear I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Ice Bear is Freshy Bear.
Ice Bear is Freshy Bear.
Ice Bear is Freshy Bear.
You're not gonna finish your cereal? No, I had too much already.
Weak, ha! I already had like 12 bowls.
Well, it's not about eating a lot, is it? It is about showing how much you care about Frosty Fluffs.
Watch this.
[Serious voice.]
I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
[Normal voice.]
How'd that sound? [Grunting.]
Ice Bear can't bear to be without his Frosty Fluffs.
I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs! [Chuckles.]
You guys kind of say it funny.
Yeah, I'm kind of trying to say it how a bear would say it.
Ice Bear was channeling his spirit animal, which is also a bear.
It didn't sound too bear-like.
Oh, come on.
We're bears.
How are we not bear-like? I don't know.
A bear would sound more like I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Ice Bear heard pandas are raccoons.
- What, is that true?! - What no! Look, a bunch of scientists confirmed that pandas are bears, and I'm pretty sure I'm the bear-est of all of us.
Come on! What is the first image you get when you - think about a bear? - Ice Bear.
Definitely Ice Bear.
My head immediately got filled with panda bears - when you said the word "bear.
" - Ehh! You're all wrong! The answer was grizzly bear, and that's what I am! Watch me eat all these Frosty Fluffs like a true bear! [Growling.]
Oh, yeah? I'm more bear than all of you! I'll eat anything! I'll even eat this table! [Growling.]
[Growling continues.]
[Growls softly.]
[Both groan.]
You guys are too much of a distraction.
I'm gonna go practice alone.
- Ice Bear prefers solitude as well.
- Pshh like I care.
Freshy Bear Fre-Freshy Bear can't bear without his - Frosty Fluffs.
- I know, man, okay! I was just trying something different.
Leave me alone.
Okay, guys, if you could put these on, and follow me.
[Man clears throat.]
Greetings, gentlemen.
[Beethoven's 9th Symphony plays.]
I am the director.
All of you should be proud to be the final candidates to become the new Freshy Bear.
I'll know which of you isn't Freshy Bear what is this? - Makeup? - Um No, sir, it's, uh, like a birthmark.
So you're a raccoon? You know we're looking for a bear.
- I-I am a bear, sir.
- I've got no time for that! You will prove to me that you are worthy of becoming the next Freshy Bear! - Why did you smile? - Huh? Um, hmm? Freshy Bear wouldn't smile or frown for no reason.
I hope you don't disappoint me with amateur mistakes like that, boy.
All right, show me what you got.
- Grizzly, go! - Yes, sir! Um, ahem.
- I can't bear to be - Stop! Panda, go! I can't I can't bear - Next! - Ice Bear ca Stop, stop, stop! [Sighs.]
Really? That was Freshy Bear? That was not Freshy Bear.
That was some sort of Trashy Bear! Freshy Bear is a pop icon.
You'll have to push yourselves to the limit! I need to see what you're capable of! Okay, so, what do you want us to do? Freshy Bear does a dance.
I need to see your best bear dance.
[Upbeat pop music plays.]
Dare to be flaunting Jump into motion, baby Hey! Keep 'em stepping with it - # Don't care what they say, yeah # - Hmm.
- Oh, it's perfect.
- # Dare to be workin' # All up through your youth Try to be moving It's cool, it's smooth Get out of the way! It's not your turn! [Grunting.]
Tell your crew that I'm working past midnight Gonna rock it till I can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs! Roar, roar! [Laughs.]
What the [Grunting.]
Tell your crew that I'm working past midnight I'm gonna rock it till there's no tomorrow Oh, ho, ho, yes! Bravo! Right now [Laughs.]
Yes, yes! I gotta say, you guys were all great.
Man, this is going to be a difficult choice.
But there can only be one Freshy Bear, so I have made my decision.
Panda! [Gasps, laughs.]
What, seriously? Your face! You look too much like a raccoon.
Huh? [Laughs.]
Grizzly, really impressive dance moves, but a little too trashy.
- What I wasn't trashy! - Alonzo! You were just weird.
Ice Bear's dance was fresh to death.
Well, then who gets to be the new Freshy Bear? Oh, I've got to say you guys were super close.
But not close enough.
So I am honored and happy to announce that the new Freshy Bear is going to be - me! - What?! I'd like to thank all of you for letting me realize that I'm the only one suited for this sophisticated role.
Oh, I'm gonna be so perfect! Kids are going to love me! Okay, thanks again for coming, guys.
Please show these gentlemen to the exit, please, thank you! [Door slams.]
Does that mean we're not gonna get our lifetime supply of cereal? [Munching.]
Dude, this tastes so much better - than those pathetic Frosty Fluffs.
- And healthier.
- Sugar makes Ice Bear crazy.
- We were all a bit crazy.
I'm sorry, guys, for being such a jerk.
- No, I'm sorry.
- Ice Bear is sorrier.
All right, come here, you guys! Huh? [Classical music playing.]
La, La-la-La, La-la-La [Plinking.]
I just can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs! Whoa.
That was trashy.

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