We Bare Bears (2015) s02e19 Episode Script

Creature Mysteries

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Knock on door.]
Huh? Uh, hello? [Knock on door.]
[Doorknob rattles.]
W-Who goes there? [Knocking, rattling continue.]
Hello! Oh.
It's just a pack of large bears.
- What can I do for you? - Ranger Tabes asked us over, said she needed help with something.
Is she here? Hi, everyone! [Screams.]
Sorry I'm late.
Hope you weren't waiting long.
- Yo, Martinez! - Hey, Tabes.
Welp, welcome to the station, boys.
Come on in.
Make yourself at home.
This is my area.
That's a portrait, books, broom, office stuff, and a picture of my mom.
Let's keep moving.
I have lots more to show you on our tour.
Over here, you'll see a chalkboard, futon, small pizza Sir, please do not remove any items you see.
A few of them are explosive.
Ice Bear's personality is explosive.
So, Tabes, what'd you want us to come over for? I'm glad you asked.
Would you believe me if I said that you three were going to participate in something legendary tonight a mystery so big, you wouldn't believe it with your own eyes? - Sure.
- Good.
There is something huge I want to share with you.
Behold! The work of many all-nighters! - Uh what is it? - What is it, indeed.
The mystery is this, friends there's an unknown creature in these woods, lurking out and about.
I'm finally closing in on it.
Tonight is the night it all comes together.
By this time tomorrow, the media, the government they'll all know what this thing is.
Not this again, Tabes.
I've told you, there's no - Aah! - This is real, sir! I'm not gonna sleep or eat until I prove it to everyone.
When I catch it, I'm gonna show it to the world! Wow, Tabes, this is intense.
Look at this photo.
This is what we're dealing with.
Hey, hey, bears! Charlie?! [Laughs.]
Why do y'all look so nervous? This is exciting! Hmm.
You know, this all looks like Char - [Screams.]
Shh! - We can't tell her about Charlie! - She's too deep in this.
- Okay.
Tabes: Bait! I've learned the creature's favorite food! And I just finally finished laying traps all over the forest.
And when they're tripped, a flare will go off like this! [Bears scream.]
Hey, Martinez, where do you keep the nets, again? Okay, guys, you keep Tabes here.
I'm gonna go warn Charlie about the traps.
- Ice Bear will stall.
- How are you gonna get out of here? I've got an amazing plan.
Hey, Tabes? Ugh! I'm so sick! Not feeling well! - Whoa! What's wrong? - Oh, I just gotta go home and - Aah! My heart! - I might have the proper medicine to Oh, sorry.
Can't stay here, or else I'll explode! Okay.
Get some rest.
Oof! Oh! Now my legs are broken! Does he normally get sick like this? Oh, all the time.
He's fine.
Charlie?! Charlie! Charlie, where are you?! [Charlie vocalizing.]
Ooh! Trees look nice today.
Whoa! Hello, Mr.
Owl! [Sniffs.]
Wait what's that smell? [Sniffing.]
Where's that coming from? Could it be? [Gasps.]
It's that orange tasty gold! [Laughs.]
[Rope creaks.]
Whoa! [Grunts.]
Huh? Charlie?! So this is my dating app.
You should totally try it [Whoosh.]
Huh? Jackpot! We're on, guys! Let's move out! - Wait! Tabes! - No time! Let's go! Charlie?! Charlie?! Oh! Oh, hey, Grizz! What are you doing here? [Engine revs, siren wailing.]
Hey, Tabes, let me just show you my dating profile.
Not now.
It's too dangerous.
Uh, but but check out this girl that messaged [Grunting.]
Aw, thanks, buddy.
But to be honest, I'm just fine.
- I need some advice, Tabes.
- Come on, Stripes.
- I just need you to focus and help me.
- Ice Bear helps with map.
Hey, no! Stop that! I can't [All screaming.]
Whaaa! [Sniffs, grunts.]
Charlie, these traps they're, like, all over the forest set to catch you.
Why you want to trap me? Did you miss me? No.
It wasn't us.
It was Ugh! Tabes: That was too close, gentlemen.
- Huh? - We're lucky that bird wasn't hurt.
Who's that with your brothers? - We gotta hide you.
- Wait, what's going on? - I don't understand! - Shh! - Wait! What'd I do? - Nothing.
Just shh.
Dude! Not now! I tell you, I sense something, boys.
I laid about five traps in this very spot of the forest.
Cheesy Poof tracks.
Hunh! [Gasps.]
I sense the creature draws near.
- Tabes, look, phone! Check out my wallpaper! - Tabes, check out Ice Bear's new dance.
- Ice Bear dance.
- Don't look at anything else but my phone, Tabes! It's messing with me.
- Huh? Hah! - Tabes, over here! - Tabes, phone! Phone, Tabes! - Dance, Tabes.
Tabes, dance.
Bruh, what do we do?! [Screams.]
Charlie, let's go.
Phew! Come on! What's the deal, Stripes?! The creature's probably been scared off by now! Ugh! Unh! This is a bunch of [Growls.]
sassafras! [Groans.]
Tabes, I don't get it.
Why is this so important to you? I mean, if you don't catch it, so what? You don't understand.
Tracking this creature has been part of my life's work.
What do you mean? For years, I've been dedicated to this pursuit.
This mystery started ever since I was a kid.
I can see it so clearly.
Wha? [Giggles.]
I'm gonna get ya.
- Whoa! Whoa! - Tabes! That was dangerous! Here.
Be a good girl and sit nicely, okay? Better listen to your mom, Tabes.
All right, all right.
I get it.
Sheesh! [Leaves rustling.]
Ha! Hmm.
It's gotta be around here somewhere.
Whoa! Huh? - Mom: Tabes?! Tabes! - Mom? Tabes! Tabes, there you are! Are you okay? - You've got scrapes all over! - Huh? Mom! You won't believe! I saw a Tabes, that's enough! That was reckless, - running out by yourself! - But, Mom, I We're going back to the station right now, miss! I've been on its trail ever since.
I always solve my cases, and I-I-I can't let this one slide! How can I respect myself as a ranger if I don't follow this through? Charlie! To the cave! [Panting.]
- You okay, man? - Yeah! That was sure close.
Looks like people are still after me.
We got your back, Charlie.
I'm gonna stand watch and make sure she didn't follow us.
Just sit tight.
I can do that.
Just Just relax, Charlie.
You'll be just fine.
Hmm? [Sniffing.]
Hmm! Cheese! [Sniffing.]
Whoo! That's the cheese! Hey, hey! All right, coast is clear for now.
Charlie? Buddy, where'd you go? [Gasps.]
Charlie! [Laughing.]
No, Charlie! Stop! Aah! Oh, my gosh! [Screams.]
Charlie! We gotta get you out of here, man! [Screams.]
Ow! Hot, hot, hot! [Screams.]
Yes! Another flare! Yeah, we should hustle like him! I'll get the car! Hyah! Charlie! Don't kick it over there.
Tabes is coming.
[Siren wailing.]
- Tabes, slow down! - I think I see something! - [Tires squeal.]
I've got him now! Whoa! - Wait! Tabes! - Stripes, let go of me! - [Grunts.]
No! But there's a fire! Tabes, stop! [Grunting.]
Hah! Hickory nuts! The trap failed again! But it can't have gone far! Huh?! [Dramatic music.]
Tabes! We gotta help her! Tabes, hold on! I found the garden hose! - Panda Whoa! - What, Grizz?! Panda, shut it off! Shut it off! [Coughing.]
Oh, gosh! Uh, uh [Grunts.]
[Inhales deeply.]
Gotcha! Ha ha! Tabes? [Grunts.]
- Tabes?! - Panda: Is she okay?! [Groans.]
- It's gonna be all right, Tabes! - Help is on the way! [Gasps.]
W-W-Where'd the creature go? I-I saw it! Whoa, Tabes.
It's just us.
Ma'am, you're gonna be okay.
It's a good thing these bears pulled you out of the fire in time.
- The The The bears did? - We did? Oh, yeah! Oh, that's right! - We We totally did.
- I-I am so sorry.
I can't believe I let my obsession take me so far.
I didn't mean for all this to happen.
- Time to let go, I guess.
- Ice Bear is proud of you.
You know, some things are just too pure - and majestic for human eyes.
- Majestic? [Engine starts.]
See ya later, Tabes.
- See you, guys.
- Bye, Tabes! Well done, bros.
Saved Charlie, put Tabes on a straight path, - and avoided complete disaster! - Ice Bear begs to differ.
Eh, it's just artificial damage.
[Engine turns off.]
[Frogs croaking.]
[Inhales deeply, sighs.]
[Leaves rustling.]
Huh? [Wind whistles.]
[Engine starts.]

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