We Bare Bears (2015) s02e20 Episode Script

The Library

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Keyboard clacking.]
- Mm.
- Huh? Grizzly: Wha $8.
95? That's highway robbery.
I'm sure there are perfectly good reasons why these books were overdue.
Let's see.
Um Oh, yeah.
This one was due during a holiday.
Yeah, I didn't like that one, so it shouldn't count.
- So don't count it.
- Wait.
What's this? "Photography of the Arctic"? Ice Bear: Ice Bear Uh, Ice Bear lost that.
- Ugh.
- Did you try looking under the sink? Okay, stop.
I'm going on break.
Could we still check out these books? - What's up, bro? - Ice Bear knows that person over there.
- "Enantiomers are " - Hey, is that Chloe? Chloe, is that you? - Chloe? "Chlo-Chlo"? - Huh? - Oh, my gosh! - Oh, hey, guys Chloe, uh, you look good.
What is all this, all these shapes and squiggles? "Pi bonds formed by " Ohh.
Ugh! Chloe? You okay? Uh, sorry, guys.
I've got this huge chem exam tomorrow, and I think I've been studying for two, three days straight? [Yawns.]
I don't remember anymore.
So I guess that's what all these students are doing, huh? Yeah, this test is a big deal.
It's worth half the course grade.
Fail this, and you fail the class.
Wait a second.
I-I'm missing I'm missing one of my books! - Where did it go?! - Chloe, can we help at all? [Thud.]
Ow! Oh, no! My last practice test.
I'm such a mess.
Oh, I'm gonna bomb this for sure.
Grizzly: No.
No, you're not, Chloe.
- Hey, how about we help you study? - I'll go print you another test.
Ice Bear will get new book.
And I'll stay here and keep you awake.
- Ohh - Don't worry, Chloe.
This'll work.
Okay, now, come on, guys.
Get in here.
On three.
One, two, three, study time! Together: Ah! [Thud.]
You there? Okay, let's get that practice te Whoa! This computer looks super retro.
Why does the screen bulge out? Okay, let's see.
Power button.
[Welcome tone plays.]
Uh [Groans.]
Um [Whirring.]
[Dial tone, static.]
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
[Static continues.]
Ice Bear needs book "Handbook of Organic Chemistry, Palmer and Jones, 4 " - 4th edition.
Where can I find it? - Oh, let's see.
[Keyboard clacking.]
Well, looks like we only have one copy left.
It's call number QD253.
S with natural sciences on the third floor.
Did you get all that? [Music.]
Hey, Chloe, check it out.
I highlighted this whole chapter.
Does that help at all? Okay, I know.
Um, maybe we need to get up and stretch a bit, you know, get the blood moving.
All right, let's do some jumping jacks.
And one and two.
And one and two.
Wake up, Chloe.
Up and at 'em.
Uh hmm.
I bet some food will do you [Grunts.]
a world of good.
- Huh? Finally! - Shh! Okay, go to "File" and "Print.
" [Beep.]
What?! No, come on! Go away! Come on! No! Noooooo! [Rapid beeping.]
- You worthless archaic junk! - Oh, having trouble? I can help you with that, young man.
Oh, that would be wonderful.
Now, let's see.
We press, uh this.
And then this.
There you go! Your document should be printing.
[Printer whirring.]
Oh, great! Thanks, Library Lady.
Uh [Music.]
[Breathing heavily.]
[Crrrrreak, crash!.]
Gotcha! [Laughs.]
Thanks! [Grunts.]
All right, Chloe, now a little something to keep that blood sugar up.
Just between us, I know a couple tricks with these vending machines.
I used to get my groceries here back in the day.
All right.
Let me see here.
Uh, uh, mm.
And that should do it.
Okay, we got to get you pumped up so you can focus.
- Give this one a try.
- Just a little bit, I guess.
Okay, now try this one next.
And this one and this one and Oh, uh, this is a good one.
That's cane sugar.
And you know what? This one, too.
We got to hit the nougat group.
I don't know.
I don't think this is [Slow-motion.]
You don't look any different.
Uh, how do you feel? I feel like I could kick a hole through a whale! Ah! Yeah! That's it! Ah! I knew this would work.
Chloe? Panda: Hmm.
Okay, almost there.
That's good enough, right? I mean, I'm just gonna help you pull out the rest of the way.
And finished.
All right.
One page down.
How many more to go? [Sighs.]
Okay, just got to keep on going.
Just got to keep on going for Chloe.
Having trouble again, dear? [Chuckling.]
- Would you like me to fix - That's okay.
- I'm just gonna copy it on paper.
- Oh, don't be silly.
It's no trouble.
No, really.
I've got this.
Thank you.
- You needn't write it all out, silly.
- Ma'am, please, just give me it.
- I can Don't be rude.
- Okay, just give it.
Give me the paper back, you old turtle! Harrumph.
[Suspenseful music plays.]
Hey! [Music.]
Give that back! [Grunts.]
I sense it the science, the poetry, the knowledge! Chloe! Your table's that way! Yes, yes! Inspiring! Fantastic! - So much to read! - Hey! There you are! It's great you're so energized, but maybe we study for your test, Chloe? Forget chemistry! I'm gonna read everything! Wait! Come back! What? Hey, you.
What are you doing? I just sorted those! [Crash, glass shatters.]
What have I done? [Music.]
[Wind rushing.]
I'm gonna get that booook! Hey, do you have any glue or tape or something? - Aah! - [Gasps.]
My stuff! - Whoa! Hey! - Hey, my papers! Ah! [Chuckles.]
Better luck next time.
- Chloe! Did you guys see Chloe? - What's going on with her? Yeah, I might have given her an excess of sugar to keep her awake.
Ow! My papers! Hey! [Crash!.]
[Indistinct shouting.]
- She's gonna fail her test.
- We've got to stop her! Ice Bear can run fast but not that fast.
Okay, we got to figure out a way to catch her.
There's three of us.
That's it! [Panting.]
Guys, this is the key.
I gave Chloe a bunch of these candy bars earlier, which means, if we eat a bunch, - we'll be able to catch up with her.
- What? [Munches.]
All right.
[All munching.]
Nothing's happening, Grizz.
Ice Bear has surpassed sugar quota for day.
That's strange.
I swear this is how it works.
Maybe if we just [Slow-motion whirring.]
- Does that fly look a little funny to you? - I don't know.
But I feel kind of tingly and and empowered.
Oh, we should check out the upper level.
- Whoa.
- What's going on? This is crazy! Huh.
Hello? Oh! Aha! Guys, check it out.
It's like the world's slowed down.
The sugar must've slowed down time! - Or we're super fast! - Ice Bear wants to see how fast.
[Up-tempo electronic music plays.]
Whoa, look at this mess.
Chloe must be near.
- This feels so weird.
- Oh, there she is.
- Chloe! There you are! - Oh, hey, guys.
Chloe, what are you doing? You're supposed to be studying for your chem test.
Huh? Chem test? My chemistry test! Uh, it's tomorrow! Oh, man! I totally went off track! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't freak out, Chloe.
- Time is on our side.
- What? [Slow-motion tick.]
- Wait.
This means I can still study! - Yeah, you're totally good.
We'll get you studying in no time.
- Panda, grab that practice test.
- Yes, sir.
- Bro, retrieve the book.
- Ice Bear will redeem himself.
And, Grizz, you and I can grab some more study materials.
Okay, lead the way, Chloe! All right, split up, guys.
Break! [Up-tempo electronic music plays.]
[Rapid whirring.]
What? [Both laughing crazily.]
[Music slows, stops.]
[Birds chirping.]
Ohh, man.
Is it morning already? - Ohh.
- Too loud for Ice Bear.
What time is it? Aah! 11:35? Class is in 10 minutes! Aah! What happened to all the time we had? We got to scram! Grizzly: Chloe, can't crash now.
Hang in there! Chloe: Come on! We're almost there, guys! Ice Bear's reached his limit.
Aah! Professor Hollies! I know I'm late, but please let me take the test! Chloe? There's no test today, just a faculty meeting for us teachers.
Huh? Wait.
So there's no test today? - What? "Seriouslies"? - Oh, what a waste of a sugar rush.
Ice Bear has sugar crash.
Looks like you got the dates a little mixed up there.
Oh, but at least you're all prepared for the exam now.
I'll see you then.
You guys look like you could use some sugar, man.
Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

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