We Bare Bears (2015) s03e06 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Narrator: This may look like another peaceful rural town in America, but the McArthur family realized their quiet neighborhood was actually a terror-hood.
- Meet Bobby Bateman.
- Sarah: We thought he was normal, but then he kidnapped our cat, and he lit our house on fire.
Those aren't normal things at all! Nobody could believe that he would've done such terrible things.
Oh, man! Ho ho! No way.
This is messed up! Narrator: The McArthur family was left in the end with barely anything [Yawns loudly.]
- What are you watching? - Oh, hey! You guys gotta check this out.
I'm binge-watching this crazy show about crime happening anywhere even nice places.
[Woman sobbing.]
Sarah: We just didn't see it coming.
Wait, were you watching this all night? Yeah, man.
This show's insane! I mean, look at him! You would never guess that this normal looking guy would be so cray-cray.
I mean look at me.
No one knows what I'm up to, but everyone assumes I'm this perfect bear because of my awesome looks.
- Well, I heavily doubt that.
- You never know, man.
You never know.
[Large vehicle rumbling.]
Huh? Warren: You're the best.
Hey, hey, hey! Check it out, guys! Looks like we've got new neighbors! Oh! We've always wanted neighbors! The barbecues, the dinner parties! This is gonna be amazing.
Ah! Let's go say hi.
Ice Bear made casserole for the new neighbors.
Hey, neighbors! Welcome to the neighborhood! Nice to meet you.
I'm Grizz! - I'm Panda.
- Ice Bear.
- Hi, I'm Faye.
- Warren.
Pleasure! Excuse us if we're intruding your space.
Didn't know someone was living here.
No wonder we're getting wi-fi.
Hope you don't mind us staying next to ya? Oh, of course not! Welcome! We're so glad that you guys are here! [Laughs.]
Heck! We'll just stay forever then.
By the way, are you a grizzly bear? - Yeah! Pretty cool, huh? - Oh.
Your hair's so tough.
Man, are you as strong as you look? [Chuckles.]
I look strong? Honey, you'd better check this guy out! - Warren, don't be rude.
- What? I'm just admiring his physique.
Oh, I'm sorry, Grizz.
We're just obsessed with grizzly bears.
I'm obsessed with new neighbors! [Laughs.]
Come on.
Touch the bear.
- Go ahead, touch him.
- Warren, please.
Well, it was a pleasure meeting you all.
Let's try and plan a dinner sometime soon.
- Panda: That would be wonderful! - Grizz: Ah, that sounds good! All right, well, we'll see ya around then! See ya! [Laughs.]
Those guys were cool.
- Yeah.
- Ice Bear forgot to give casserole.
Oh, here, I'll give it to 'em! - Faye: Did you see his size? - Warren: The grizzly? Yeah.
I like how chubby he is.
What? I'm not chubby.
Faye: I mean, this is what we've been looking for.
All the hard work we've put in, finally paying off.
Now, now, let's not get too excited.
Excitement screws things up.
We gotta make sure we capture him this time.
[Pan rattles.]
Who's there?! Did you hear that? Huh? [Panting.]
- What's going on? - They're after me! They're gonna kill me! They're bear hunters! - Calm down! Who is after you? - The new neighbors.
They were saying stuff about how perfect and chubby I was.
And and how they're gonna capture me.
They have knives! - Ice Bear has knives.
- Grizz, we all have knives! I think that TV show's got you paranoid.
Yeah, right? There's no way they're bear hunters.
Yeah! [Chuckles nervously, sighs.]
Dude, those guys are cool! - Ice Bear knows who's cool.
- Yeah, you're right.
Get some rest or something.
We'll leave you alone.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Okay, see you in a bit.
- Yeah, cool.
I'm I'm just gonna take it easy and relax.
Faye: Oh, I just love this little house.
It's so cute.
- Panda: Oh, anytime! - Hey, what's going on? - Hey, there you are! - What's up, Grizz? You looked kind of dead.
We didn't want to wake you up.
- Come, join us.
- Oh, hey.
[Chuckles nervously.]
I didn't know you guys were joining us for dinner.
Come on, big fella, sit.
Be the meat in a Warren and Faye sandwich.
- Dude, don't be rude.
- Uh, okay.
- Hi.
- I'm so excited.
I've never sat next to a grizzly bear before.
Oh, yes, you have.
Yeah, but that one wasn't alive.
- Uh, that doesn't sound awesome.
- Tell me, Grizz, what's it like living in such an isolated place? I bet someone could scream and nobody would hear us.
- We'll see about that.
- Huh? Yeah.
I want to hear you scream.
[Screams lightly.]
Scream like you're in pain like your life depended on it.
[Screams loudly.]
Whoa! Look at these teeth! They look so deadly! You wouldn't bite anyone with these, though, like even when someone attacks you? - Uh, I uh, um - Hey! Whose axe is this?! Can I borrow it? Ice Bear would be happy to hook up a neighbor.
Whoo! Really need this for an important project we have.
Right, honey? [Groans nervously.]
Okay! It's getting kind of late! Late? Dude, it's only like 7:00.
Yeah, Panda, brother, this is when I go to bed! Oh? I respect that.
We really need you to be healthy.
All right, guys, thanks for coming! Please, have a good night! [Sighs heavily.]
- Panda: Dude, what was that all about!? - What? Uh, I was tired! You just woke up from a nap, like, 10 minutes ago! Okay, fine! But you'll thank me later, dude! Those guys are not the nice neighbors you think they are! - They're bear killers! - Oh, man! You just ruined our awesome dinner with our awesome new neighbors.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Pan Pan, dude! I'm just trying to keep all of us safe! [Door slams.]
You're welcome! [Owl hoots.]
[Clock ticks.]
Hyah! [Glass shatters.]
Just gotta stay awake.
Gah! What was that! Oh, just a stupid branch.
[Soft chuckling in distance.]
Who's there?! [Tapping continues.]
Knock it off, you dumb branch.
Huh? [Screams.]
Stay back! [Grunts.]
Aah! [Panting.]
Huh? [Clanging continues.]
Huh?! Dude, you should come see this! [Grunting.]
I just don't know, honey.
You don't think this might be a bit much? Not at all.
I think it's just what he deserves.
Both: Huh? Oh, no! Our bones! [Both laugh.]
[Grizz and Panda screaming.]
Why do I have to be right all the time?! Where's my phone?! We have to call the cops! - We have to call the cops! - Panda, no! [Grunts.]
What the heck, Grizz? No, we cannot call the cops! In these scenarios, they call the cops, but they never nab the bad guys - because they don't have proof! - Then what do we do?! We need to get some evidence.
I think that was our last bag.
Well, I guess we should take a trip to town - and get some supplies.
- Good idea.
Okay, they're leaving.
- How are we looking? - We're live.
- All right, you're clear! - Good luck to you, brother.
Ice Bear has never seen this many knives.
Look at that! Now can we call the cops?! It's not good enough.
We need something really incriminating.
Is that enough evidence? Yeah, that's enough evidence.
- What! - Oh, no! What happened?! I don't know! We lost the feed! Stay here and keep watch.
I'm going in! [Panting.]
Brother, are you okay, dude?! What happened?! What'd you see?! Ice Bear saw that.
- They're after all three of us.
- Guys! [Screams.]
What are you doing?! You're supposed to be keeping watch! I got too scared and whoa! Are those pictures of me? - Yeah - Dude, those are pictures of me! [Warren and Faye laughing.]
Warren: That's the fastest supply trip we've ever made! Oh, no, they're coming! Quick, in that closet! We'll hide in here until [All screaming.]
- Grizz: Oh, no! - This is a madhouse! Other door! Uh the window, quick! [Grunts.]
Whoa, whoa! [Grunts.]
Warren: Hey, is someone in here? Faye: The skeleton's on the floor.
Honey, I think we have company.
- Oh, no, I'm stuck! - Grizz, we'll get you out of there! Oh, they're right.
I am too chubby! Warren: Is someone in there? We're coming in on the count of three.
Okay, one, two - Three! - Three! What is going on here!?! Stay back! We know what you are! [Grunting.]
We know you're bear hunters! Both: Bear hunters?! They're on to us, honey.
Should we tell them who we are? I think it's better if we show them.
[All gasp.]
We're not bear hunters - We're bear carvers! - Uh, it's me.
I'm glad you think so! We've been studying you a lot trying to get the likeness right! My husband and I run a woodworking business, and when we met you guys, we thought you were perfect muses for our work.
We tried to be inconspicuous.
We didn't want to freak you guys out.
- But what about the bones? - Those were fake.
We study them for reference.
That all makes perfect sense.
I'm so sorry I misjudged you.
I let my imagination run wild, and then I dragged my brothers into it.
Not to mention, we destroyed your RV.
Oh, I feel terrible.
I wish there was something we could do to make it up to you.
Well, there is one thing [Music.]
How much longer do we need to do this? My contacts are drying out.
Ice Bear can't feel his butt.
Faye: Don't move! You guys are doing great! [Chuckles.]
Yeah, just a few more hours, and I think we'll have all the carvings we need! [Laughs.]
- Done! - Done!
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