We Bare Bears (2015) s03e08 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Birds chirping.]
Now, what did I tell you, Snake, my boy? [Hisses.]
Best berries in the whole dang forest! Oh! Mmm! So, what'd you think, friends? Wait, you leavin'? [Hissing.]
Okay, then.
Catch you guys later! Good ol' snake family.
[People murmurs.]
Whoo! What a beautiful day, folks! Come on out.
Lots to see! Oh! A scrub jay! [All gasp.]
Aphelocoma Californica! [Gasps.]
Squirrel! [All gasping.]
All right, let's keep moving.
[Screams, panting.]
Did you know that there have been spottings of wild turkeys roaming these areas? They even make their way to residential streets.
[Twig snaps.]
Huh? What was that? Whaa! Oof.
I heard something.
[All gasp.]
Did you see that, guys? I think it could be a baby deer.
Get out your cameras.
[All screaming.]
Dummies fall for that one every time.
- 'Sup? - Ah! Th-Th-This is unbelievable! What's your problem, man? You're You're just like me, only, like, all buff and chiseled.
Yeah, that's how they make 'em up North.
And you scared away those hikers like it was nothing.
Ha! Scaring those chumps is easy.
And Ralph ain't afraid of no lousy human.
I mean, who would want to mess with all this? Whoa! Uh may I? - Knock yourself out.
- Ooh! So strong! Oo-hoo-hoo! Hey, hey, enough already.
Be cool.
I'm just passing through, so I better keep moving.
These dumb humans ain't gonna prank themselves.
Anyway, see ya, Tiny.
W-W-Wait! Can I come? Please? Mm yeah, all right, but you got to keep up.
Wow! Coming, friend! [Music.]
- # Today my head hit a wall, man # - Oh, no, no, no, no, no! The RV! Wait! [Laughs.]
# Tomorrow I'm guessing the same # Some will say I'm just using hyperbole [Both chuckling.]
So I just stay in my lane Gonna hang back and be judgie - # Glued to this wall, I observin' # - Aah! What's going on? [Both laugh.]
That lady's got a green t-shirt [Laughs.]
Oh, man! - # And that dude's got some nerve # - Hmm? People be talkin' nothing [Giggles.]
- # Blabbin' in the air no choice # - Huh? Aah! [Both laugh.]
[Both laugh.]
Ahh, the looks on those Tiger Scouts' faces.
You know, Tiny, you're not half bad.
- Really? You mean it? - Yeah, I guess, for an amateur.
Mmm! Not that great, though.
I mean, we've barely scratched the surface.
" B-Bear.
Bears! - Dinner! - Huh? I'm supposed to be meeting the bears for dinner.
I almost forgot.
You should come! Uh, do these bears like to party? Oh, sure do party, soiree, rowdydow all of it.
All right.
I'm in.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! The bears are gonna love you! Oh, I'll just take these.
[Knock on door.]
Huh? [Knocking intensifies.]
All right, all right! Charlie, I'm coming! - Oof! - Well, hello, bears.
[Chuckles nervously.]
What's up, Charlie? Thanks for these.
Come on in.
Um, have some cheesy poofs if you want Nah, forget that.
I brought a new friend over.
Um, is he like a wild animal or anything? Party animal, more like it.
Introducing my new best bud, Ralph! Ralph? [Growling.]
Oooga Booga! [All scream.]
Oh, man, that'll never get old.
Great goof, Ralph! - T-T-T-Two Charlies? - And this one is really buff.
- Ice Bear sees three Charlies.
- Well, come on now.
Ain't you gonna even introduce yourselves? - I am your guest, after all.
- Yeah, guys.
Don't be rude.
Well, Ralph, uh, welcome to our home! Uh, my name is Grizz.
Uh-huh, yeah.
How 'bout you, soft serve? Um, I, um I-I'm Panda, and - Panda, huh?! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! The pleasure's all mine! And how bout y [Wind howls.]
This guy knows what's up right here! - Nice apron, by the way.
- It is a nice apron Say, I dig your man cave.
Hup! Ahh.
Uh thanks.
So, uh, Ralph, I had no idea there were other folks like Charlie around here.
[Glass shatters.]
Oh, man! Whose cutesy junk is this? - [Laughs.]
Oh, "Meow Meow Kitty Princess"? - Um, that's mine, and, uh c-could you please not put your feet on the couch? - It's gross.
- Pbht! Yeah, okay, buddy.
- You ought to lighten up.
- Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! You know, you seem real stressed out so much tension in these shoulders.
[Bones cracking.]
- Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! - Loosen up those bones! Ow, ow.
- There! Good as new! - Ugh.
Who else wants one? How 'bout you, slim? - Don't touch Ice Bear.
- [Laughs.]
This guy! So whatcha got to eat around here? Wow! Ralph's really taken to you guys.
So, it's cool if he stays for dinner, right? Oh! So, like I'm saying, bunch of "bird-watchers" show up.
I sneak up all stealthy like, and then - rawwwrrrr! - Aah! Scared those fools but good! [Laughs.]
And every one of their dumb birds, too.
Oh, Ralph.
You're too much.
Wow, huh, you've sure been around, huh? Well, I ain't afraid of nothing.
And I'm trying to get Tiny here to loosen up, too.
Oh, you know it! Huh.
That's cool, I guess.
Soyou like pranks, huh, Ralph? Oh, yeah, me and Ralph love pranks - goofs, jokes.
- Yep, just all kinds of mayhem.
- We threw bees at a guy.
- What? Wait, that just sounds mean.
This guy.
And nah, it's not mean.
It's just funny.
- Hey, you gonna finish that, stripes? - Yeah, man.
It's mine! How 'bout a little friendly competition for it? Arm wrestle? You've got to be kidding me.
No! Come on, Pan Man.
It'll be fun.
Nah, I get it.
I get it.
Why don't you just run off back to your precious "Meow Meow Poopy Princess" then, buddy? [Growls.]
Rrr bring it.
[Bell dings.]
[All gasp.]
What is this power? [Straining.]
I can't take it anymore.
Just kidding.
Get dunked on! Bah-do! [Laughs.]
Oh, Pan Pan! - Speak to me, bro.
- Ugh! Ralph, please, no.
- What is wrong with you, man? - Dude, chill out.
A little roughhousing never hurt anybody.
- What? You literally just hurt him.
- Pain all over.
Stop being such a dingle, Ralph! Man, I thought you said your friends were down to party.
They're being real killjoys.
I'm gonna go watch TV.
Okay, buddy.
Uh, be with you in a sec.
Dude, Charlie, what are you doing with this guy? He's bad news.
I don't think you should be hanging out with him.
What are you talking about? Ralph's just all about having fun.
And up until now, I thought you guys were, too.
Hey, I'm all about fun, but not being a jerk.
R-R-Ralph bad.
No manners, no respect from Ice Bear.
Chhh, you just don't know him like I do.
I finally find someone like me, and and you won't give him a chance? - W-Wait, Charlie, he's - He's what? Yo, Tiny, these bears are the lamest don't even have the good channels.
Let's bounce.
Yeah, we're gonna go have fun somewhere else.
[Pot shatters.]
[Birds chirping.]
Can't believe it what a bunch of party poopers.
Psst! Hey.
Over here.
Look! Hiking Guide: All right.
Everyone, watch your step.
Easy does it.
Come on, everybody.
Yo, check this out.
Aah! Whoa! Woop! Hold on, folks! [Panting.]
Ralph, w-what the heck are you doing?! What the heck are you doing? Let go! You're wrecking the joke! I-I think this goes beyond a joke, man! This is dangerous! What, like throwing bees at a guy wasn't? Besides, what the heck do we care about people? There's are so many of 'em and so few of us.
What's losing a few for a laugh? No, no, man! It's just not right! Whoa! Ralph, help! Please, please! Pbht.
No way.
To be honest, you're being a real snoozefest.
Come find me when you're ready to have actual fun.
Ralph, wait! Whoo-hoo! We made it! Phew.
[Bee buzzes.]
Aah! Aah! [Blowing.]
Bee, shoo! [Shrieks.]
Feet, no, please, feet! Don't fail me now! Come on! [Grunts.]
Can't hold much longer.
Aah! Oof! Huh? Okay, hold on, Charlie! We gotcha! Pull! - Whaa! Oof! - Panda: Ow! Charlie, Charlie? Are you okay? Uh yeah.
What are you guys doing here? We were worried about you, so we came looking for you.
Look, hey, Charlie, we're sorry about earlier.
No, no, I'm sorry.
You guys were right.
I was just so excited to meet someone like me, I kind of ignored the fact that he was a gigantic butt.
Hey, man, you guys might look alike, but you're nothing like Ralph.
You are a great guy, and don't you forget that.
- Aww, thanks, you guys! - [Chuckles.]
Why don't we continue our hangout back at home? Ice Bear could cook another dinner.
Panda: Yeah, and we could play video games, or we could Charlie: Oh! What about a push-up contest? Pssh.
Good riddance.
He was too soft anyway.
[Snake hisses.]
What are you looking at? Hit the road! [Chuckles.]
Hit the road Huh? Uh [Chuckles nervously.]
Uh, nice snakies.
[Keyboard clacking.]
- Done! - Done!
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