We Bare Bears (2015) s03e14 Episode Script

Poppy Rangers

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Tabes: # Poppy Rangers have no fear # Together: # Poppy Rangers have no fear # Kind to every bird and deer Kind to every bird and deer You hear that, girls? Formation three! Hmm.
Ah-ha! [Whistles.]
Can anyone identify this insect? Yes, it is a rose winged grasshopper, sir.
It can jump 20 times the length of their own body.
- Great observations! - Whoa.
Formation one, go! [Inhales deeply.]
My brave Poppy Rangers, all summer, I've been training you to become the best you can be.
And I'm so proud of how much each of you have accomplished.
- I'm sorry about the eye, though, Wallace.
- I have no regrets, sir.
I did it for the badge.
I see good things for your future for all you girls.
Now, who is ready for adventure?! Together: We are, sir.
Follow me! Welcome to the Howling Mountain Cave.
Together: Whoa.
Today, we will be navigating our way to the other side of this mountain, and you'll earn your final Poppy Ranger badge the Spelunking Badge! What's with those faces? Tabes: Why don't you guys look excited? Well, we want the badge, but it's just that the cave looks a bit, uh Scary.
It looks really scary.
Are you sure we have to go in there? Of course I'm sure! You girls are so ready for this.
Plus, we even have a cave expert joining us.
All: Wow! Actually, he should have been here by now.
Whoa! [All gasp.]
Ah! - A bear with a backpack! - Hey, Grizz.
'Sup, Tabes? Uh, I got so lost.
This forest has like 50 caves.
This is Grizz, our guest cave expert.
- 'Sup? - Poppy Rangers, sound off! Together: Sir, yes, sir.
- Diaz! - Parker! - Murphy! - Nguyen! [Yelling.]
Wallace!! Whoa, these kids are hard core.
Are you even kids? Are you even a cave expert? - Uh - Of course he is! This bear knows everything about caves.
This is important now, Grizz.
Are you ready to help shape these young minds? - Sure.
I guess.
- Excellent.
Glad to have you on the team.
Let's get this adventure started.
Grizz, you're the caboose.
So, uh, how many rooms does this cave have? Or is it more of a loft? Murphy: Hey, look, Ranger Tabes.
- Sedimentation.
- Great find, Murphy.
Grizz, you want to tell us more about this type of cave? Oh, uh, yeah.
It's, uh, well, it's definitely a standard cave you know, wet, dark [Bats squeak.]
Hey, cave expert, what kind of bats are those? Those are vampire bats.
You know, they eat blood and junk, so be careful, gang.
Um, aren't those from Central and South America? Uh, oh, well, let's ask.
Lucky for you, this cave expert speaks bat.
[Clears throat.]
[Bats screech.]
Ahhh! Ahhh! [Laughter.]
Ah, what did I say? [Scoffs.]
Gather 'round.
I can't believe it.
A cave salamander.
[Indistinct shouting.]
All: Ew! Grizz: I got it! Monster be gone! [Salamander squeals.]
It's gone now.
You're safe.
Grizz, those are endangered! Whoa! This wall of ammonite fossils has been untouched for thousands and thousands of years.
- Then what's that? - What's what? Pretty good likeness, huh? - Oh, I'll draw you guys next.
- No, Grizz, stop! Okay, troops, can anyone tell me about the stalactites above us? Oh, that's when it gets so hot that the cave starts to melt.
All: Oh.
- No, actually, that's not right.
- Hey, look at that thingy.
What? We should stay in formation.
All: Ooh.
Troops, we shouldn't be over here.
We need to stay on the path.
Okay, but first, I got to get a photo of this thing.
I know I have a camera in here somewhere.
Let's see here.
Jump rope, old soda can, no.
Assorted trash.
- Those aren't spelunking supplies.
- Oh, my gosh, a cookie! Grizz, you really shouldn't yell in here.
Everyone, get to the path! Move! Okay, are we all wait, where's Wallace? Wall Wallace? [Music.]
Wallace, are you all right? - You are awesome.
- Ah, you're okay.
Oh, geez, are you guys okay? We're fine, but we all need to be more careful.
And, Grizz, you should never shout like that in here.
- I'm sorry, Tabes.
- It It's all right.
I just need you all to listen to me and do exactly as I say from now on.
Together: [Whispering.]
Sir, yes, sir.
Sir, yes, sir.
[Inhales deeply.]
Let's get moving.
That way.
What, seriously? That's the spooky path.
Shouldn't we, say, take this path? - I mean, it's all bright and shiny.
- No way.
If you want to be a serious ranger like me, you have to challenge yourself.
[Clears throat.]
Now fall in, troop.
Forward march! [All humming.]
And I'll drop the beat! [Beatboxing.]
Ah, my supplies! [Beatboxing.]
[Humming continues.]
[Beatboxes nervously.]
[All whimpering.]
[All gasp.]
Dinosaur! Oh.
[All gasp.]
Ah, a bear! Oh, wait a minute.
R-Ranger Tabes, aren't crumbling walls a sign of erosion? I'm spooked real spooked.
Yeah, maybe we ought to go back, huh? I miss the sun.
Ah, don't be silly, Grizz.
These girls have come so far, and we're not turning back for nothing! - Isn't that right, Wallace? - I don't know, Ranger.
- I think I agree with bear guy.
- Come on, Wallace.
We got to get that final badge, don't we? - Sir, yes, sir! - Excellent.
Now back into formation, and let's go! [Music.]
[All gasp.]
[Flashlight buzzes.]
Ahh! [Panting.]
[All gasp, panting.]
Got to be close to the end now, right? Yep, not much longer, Rangers.
By my estimate, the exit should be right over there! [Angelic music.]
[Indistinct shouting.]
[Wind whistling.]
- Uh.
- All right, Rangers, it's crossing time.
I-I-I don't think this is a good idea.
I mean, the path is barely like two paws wide.
Oh! [Distant thunk.]
Yeah, I say we go back.
I mean, I think I saw another path Grizz, who's calling the shots here you or me? - You, sir, but - That's right.
And as leader, I say we're crossing.
Well, as a cave expert, I say we go back.
'Cause I don't want to be a cave pancake.
- Come on, small friends.
- Overruled! Grizz, you've done nothing but distract my rangers all day.
- Now, I say we go.
- Then why'd you even bring me? You know I'm a distraction 24/7.
- Now, come on, let's go back! - No, Grizz.
A true Poppy Ranger never turns down a challenge.
Yeah, but a true Poppy Ranger's also alive.
Come on, eyepatch kid! How will they learn if they're never pushed? Wallace, with me.
Easy, we're not falling into a bottomless pit! - We're not going.
- Are too.
- Are not.
- Are too! Sh-sh-shush! [Rumbling continues.]
- Huh? - Huh? And another thing Ah! Everyone, move, move, move! [Panting.]
We're almost there! Uh, retreat! [Whimpers.]
Ah! Ah! We're We're trapped.
Ah! What do we do now, Mr.
Bear Guy? Um, don't worry, friends.
We'll be fine.
Isn't that right, Tabes? You You have a plan, don't you? Tabes: I-I I'm sorry.
I-I don't.
This adventure was supposed to be for you girls, and instead I made all about me.
And I put you all in danger.
I failed you all.
I'm a terrible leader.
What? No, Tabes.
Uh, you led us this far, haven't you? Sure, you're a little intense at times, but I bet these girls would follow you to the ends of the Earth.
- I'd lose my other eye for you.
- Parker: Yeah, you're the coolest.
Murphy: We want to be just like you.
- Uh, Tabes, you okay? - Poppy Rangers, formation! Hup! I have an idea.
Girls, you've shown incredible courage today, and each of you has a bright future ahead of you.
But first, we got to get you out of here.
Now, Diaz, remember the grasshopper.
Now fly, you beautiful child! Ah! Yes! Let's keep it moving.
Fly! - Fly like the wind! - Ah! [Music.]
Almost there.
Soar, my child! Come on! [Indistinct shouting.]
All right, Wallace, you eminently throwable child! Take flight! [Music.]
- Ha, oof! - Wow.
- Ranger Tabes, come here now.
- Come on! [Indistinct shouting.]
Thank goodness.
At least they're all safe.
Oh, whoa! - Yikes! - Whoa.
All right, I'm gonna throw you.
No, uh, don't do that.
I'll sink like a stone! Maybe if I dump some of this useless junk.
Grizz, you're a genius! [Grunts.]
- Whoa-oh! - Hold on tight.
- Hyah! - Oh, gosh! [Music.]
[Indistinct shouting.]
Congrats, Rangers, you are now all expert spelunkers, and, Grizz, that goes for you, too.
You absolutely were not a cave expert before, but you certainly are now.
Okay, everybody, into formation.
Let's move out.
Poppy Rangers have no fear Kind to every bird and deer [Squeals.]

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