We Bare Bears (2015) s03e15 Episode Script

Lucy's Brother

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Vacuum cleaner running.]
Sorry, Miki-Chan.
[Video game beeping.]
You guys! Look at this mess! This place looks gross.
Ugh! Blocking the TV, dude.
Huh? Grizz, peanut butter again? Ugh, you can't just leave this out.
You know I'm allergic.
- [Laughs.]
Eat fireballs, bro.
- Bigger fireball.
- Dang, you're good.
- Mike drop.
Ugh, seriously, guys? I mean, could you at least try and clean up after yourselves? - What's got you all worked up? - Nothing, nothing.
I just think this place could be cleaner, you know.
- Ooh, I know what it is.
- Fruit Friday.
Fruit Friday, Pando-Wando.
Uh, what Oh, is it Friday? I had no idea.
[Knock on door.]
Whoa! [Chuckles.]
Hiya, bears! Happy Fruit Friday! - Hey, girl.
- 'Sup? Hi, Lucy! Whoa.
[Clears Throat.]
[Deep voice.]
Hello, Lucy.
Whoa, here we go.
Let me help you with that.
Ooh, careful.
It's a bit heavy.
Yeah, no not to me.
I'm good.
It's fine.
So, how are my favorite customers today? Ice Bear is excited for many fruits.
Well, I got all of your favorites.
- Pink Ladies for Grizz.
- Ooh! My ladies.
And for you, one extra large eggplant.
Catch! Mm.
Uh, hey, Lucy, do you want to stick around for some iced tea? Aww, I'd love to, but I'm already way behind on my deliveries today.
Clifford! [Breathing heavily.]
I told you to stay in the car, buddy.
You're allergic to, like, everything outside.
I don't want to be in the car anymore.
You promised we'd watch "Robot Laser Rangers.
" I know, but I have to work today.
Hey-hey, who's this little guy? Oh, this is my little brother, Clifford.
Say hi, Cliff.
I'm watching him today, but I still have tons of deliveries to do.
Ugh, my little bud's not having any fun with his big sis.
Oh, bummer.
Wish we could do something to help out.
Wait a minute.
If I look after Clifford, therefore helping Lucy, then she'll see how responsible I am and fall in love with me, and we'll get married and be together forever! [Laughs.]
Oh, okay, you know, be cool.
You got this.
Uh, hey, Lucy! Uh, how about I hang out with Clifford so that you can finish your deliveries on time? Really? Ooh, um, ugh, I don't know.
Cliff can be a bit of a handful.
I'm high maintenance.
Ha! So's my baby bro.
They'll be perfect for one another.
Oh, and we can help you finish your deliveries.
- Wait, what? - Well, yeah.
I mean, that would be amazing! - Are you guys sure? - Of course! Whoo-hoo! I call shotgun! [Laughs.]
Ice Bear's bringing eggplant.
[Laughs nervously.]
Well, I guess this is happening.
Okay, so here is his emergency backpack with all his allergy stuff inside.
Oh, thanks, Panda.
You're really helping me out today.
Be good to Panda and call me if you need anything.
Bye, guys! Have fun! [Engine starts.]
Bye, Lucy! Your little bud is in good hands! Okay, Clifford, le Uh, Clifford? W-Where are you, little guy? Th-This isn't funny.
Clifford? Come on out! Please.
Clifford! Clifford? [Sighs.]
What are you doing just sitting in the tub? [Sniffs.]
I like the tub.
It's cold in here.
Uh, sure Um, do you want to play tag or something? Kids like tag, right? That's a thing.
I guess.
Um, okay.
You're it.
- You're supposed to chase me.
- Oh.
[Breathing heavily.]
Aah! W-W-What do you need? - Inhaler.
- Oh! [Inhaler hisses.]
[Inhales deeply.]
[Chuckles nervously.]
Let's do something less active.
Oh, shoot! [Tires squeal.]
Oh, where's my head? I totally forgot to tell Panda about the extra allergy pen.
Whoa, Lucy, what's up? Why so stressed? Oh, I just get so worried about Clifford.
He's so sensitive.
Easy, Lucy.
He's safe with Pan-Man.
Trust me.
He'll be fine.
So just relax with us and stay loosey, Lucy.
We'll get your deliveries done in no time.
Now, first thing's first.
Hand over the phone.
I can do this.
Loosey Lucy.
Second thing some soothing music.
[Heavy metal music playing.]
# Bang your head to the boogie # To the beat now, bang Hmm.
We have a lot of the same allergies.
Pickles? - No.
- Okay, then.
Can he do potato chips? Oh, gluten.
Peanut butter? Nope.
No way.
Well, it looks like the only thing you can eat is this can of olives.
How about it? W-Wait, what are you doing? My doctor said I should lie like this.
Um, okay, you do that.
I'll go get us a bowl, okay? [Coughs.]
All right, one bowl of olives coming right Oh, not again! C-Clifford? Clif-Clifford? Come on, Clifford.
This isn't funny anymore.
[Muffled cough.]
Hey, Cliff, I got a big bowl of yummy, olivey goodness here.
Come on, buddy.
Look, I know that allergies are a bummer, but sometimes good things can come out of it, like I never would have have met your sister without my peanut allergy, and and then I wouldn't have - become friends with you.
- We're friends? Yeah, of course we're friends.
Can I have an olive? [Coughs.]
These go to the fruit department.
Well, there's only one way to move this much fruit.
- An assembly line? - Nope, a conga line! Dance in the line, sway to the side Dance in the line [Laughs.]
Sway to the side Jump in the sound, we moving all around, ja rah What a chilly day [Both laughing.]
Nice to have friends on a Saturday Gonna take my time to hang here with my crew Nice to have friends on a Saturday - Whoo! - # They stare, don't care # [Whistling.]
# That's how we walk # Nice to have friends on a Saturday So casual as we cruise around the block Wasn't that nice to have friends on a Saturday Dance in the line, sway to the side Dance in the line [Laughter.]
# Sway to the side # - Whoo! [Laughs.]
- # I say, dance in the line # [Both panting.]
# Sway to the side # [Inhalers hiss.]
# Movin' all around # [Both laugh.]
That's the last of it.
Thank you guys for all your help.
- No probs, girl.
- Ice Bear enjoyed employment.
Oh, hey, now you can text Pan-Pan and let him know we're on our way home.
Great! [Both laugh.]
Okay, okay, now we got to take a selfie.
You really want one with me? Usually it's only Lucy who takes selfies with me.
Well, not anymore! Get in here.
Okay, smile! [Cellphone chirps, vibrates.]
- What? - J-Just ignore that.
- That's nothing.
- Give it! - No, wait! - "Future Mrs.
Panda"? No, don't tell Lucy.
Wait, Clifford, you don't understand! Clifford, uh, it's not what you think.
- I can explain.
- You were only using me to get close to Lucy, just like all the others.
No, Clifford, I Wait, there are others? - Wait, wha wha - I hate you, Panda! No, don't run! You'll hyperventilate! [Splat.]
Oh, geez.
Are you okay? Oh, peanut butter! He's gonna die! That's weird.
Still no reply.
But Panda never misses your texts.
I know.
We got to get home.
- Keep texting.
- Okay, but Aah! [Tires squeal.]
[Dramatic music.]
[Cellphone chiming, vibrating.]
Aah, no, no, no, no, not now! Aah, where is that emergency bag? [Grunting.]
Allergy pen.
Allergy pen! Oh, come on.
Where is it? Where is it? Oh, the kitchen! [Panting.]
The backpack! Ugh.
Oh, no.
Peanut butter! Dang it.
Backpack [Grunting.]
Backpack! [Thud.]
[Continues mumbling.]
I'm coming, Clifford! [Wheezing.]
Hold on, Clifford! [Breathing heavily.]
Clifford, I'm so sorry.
At first, I was using you to get close to Lucy, but then then I really did think of you as a friend.
Please forgive me.
That's fair.
I deserve to perish alone.
Goodbye [Thud.]
- You alive? - I am, but how? Lucy always packs a spare allergy pen.
[Tires squeal.]
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Clifford, Clifford, are you o kay? Oh, hey, guys.
Sorry we missed your texts.
We were just super into this episode of "Laser Robot Rangers.
" Surprisingly good show.
I guess I didn't need to worry so much.
Ah, you did great, Lucy.
Ice Bear thought you were chill.
Phew, eating all that fruit made me hungry.
Let's eat.
Cliffy! Aww, I missed my little partner in crime.
Too tight, Lucy.
Can I hang out with Panda again sometime? Uh, yeah, if Panda is okay with it.
Of course, but as his friend, not as his babysitter.
Yeah! [Coughs.]
Hey, whoa, easy there, Clifford.
Go get your stuff, okay? - See you, buddy! - Bye, Panda.
You know, he doesn't really take to people much.
You must have made an impression on him.
Well, you know, I Thank you, Panda.
See you next Friday! [Panting.]
[Inhaler hisses.]

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