We Bare Bears (2015) s03e15 Episode Script

Lucy's Brother

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music] [Vacuum cleaner running] Sorry, Miki-Chan.
[Video game beeping] [Gasps] You guys! Look at this mess! This place looks gross.
Ugh! Blocking the TV, dude.
[Groans] Huh? Grizz, peanut butter again? Ugh, you can't just leave this out.
You know I'm allergic.
- [Laughs] Eat fireballs, bro.
- Bigger fireball.
[Explosion] - Dang, you're good.
- Mike drop.
Ugh, seriously, guys? I mean, could you at least try and clean up after yourselves? - What's got you all worked up? - Nothing, nothing.
I just think this place could be cleaner, you know.
- Ooh, I know what it is.
- Fruit Friday.
Fruit Friday, Pando-Wando.
Uh, what Oh, is it Friday? I had no idea.
[Knock on door] [Gasps] Ugh.
Whoa! [Chuckles] Hiya, bears! Happy Fruit Friday! - Hey, girl.
- 'Sup? Hi, Lucy! Whoa.
[Clears Throat] [Deep voice] Hello, Lucy.
Whoa, here we go.
Let me help you with that.
Ooh, careful.
It's a bit heavy.
[Groans] Yeah, no not to me.
I'm good.
It's fine.
So, how are my favorite customers today? Ice Bear is excited for many fruits.
Well, I got all of your favorites.
- Pink Ladies for Grizz.
- Ooh! My ladies.
And for you, one extra large eggplant.
Catch! Mm.
[Kisses] [Grunts] Uh, hey, Lucy, do you want to stick around for some iced tea? Aww, I'd love to, but I'm already way behind on my deliveries today.
[Coughs] Clifford! [Breathing heavily] I told you to stay in the car, buddy.
You're allergic to, like, everything outside.
I don't want to be in the car anymore.
You promised we'd watch "Robot Laser Rangers.
" I know, but I have to work today.
Hey-hey, who's this little guy? Oh, this is my little brother, Clifford.
Say hi, Cliff.
[Coughs] I'm watching him today, but I still have tons of deliveries to do.
Ugh, my little bud's not having any fun with his big sis.
Oh, bummer.
Wish we could do something to help out.
[Thinking] Wait a minute.
If I look after Clifford, therefore helping Lucy, then she'll see how responsible I am and fall in love with me, and we'll get married and be together forever! [Laughs] Oh, okay, you know, be cool.
You got this.
Uh, hey, Lucy! Uh, how about I hang out with Clifford so that you can finish your deliveries on time? Really? Ooh, um, ugh, I don't know.
Cliff can be a bit of a handful.
[Chuckles] I'm high maintenance.
Ha! So's my baby bro.
They'll be perfect for one another.
Oh, and we can help you finish your deliveries.
- Wait, what? - Well, yeah.
I mean, that would be amazing! - Are you guys sure? - Of course! Whoo-hoo! I call shotgun! [Laughs] Ice Bear's bringing eggplant.
[Laughs nervously] Well, I guess this is happening.
Okay, so here is his emergency backpack with all his allergy stuff inside.
Oh, thanks, Panda.
You're really helping me out today.
[Giggles] Be good to Panda and call me if you need anything.
Bye, guys! Have fun! [Engine starts] Bye, Lucy! Your little bud is in good hands! Okay, Clifford, le Uh, Clifford? W-Where are you, little guy? Th-This isn't funny.
Clifford? Come on out! Please.
Clifford! Clifford? [Sighs] What are you doing just sitting in the tub? [Sniffs] I like the tub.
It's cold in here.
Uh, sure Um, do you want to play tag or something? Kids like tag, right? That's a thing.
I guess.
Um, okay.
You're it.
- You're supposed to chase me.
- Oh.
[Breathing heavily] Aah! W-W-What do you need? - Inhaler.
- Oh! [Inhaler hisses] [Inhales deeply] [Chuckles nervously] Let's do something less active.
Oh, shoot! [Tires squeal] Oh, where's my head? I totally forgot to tell Panda about the extra allergy pen.
Whoa, Lucy, what's up? Why so stressed? Oh, I just get so worried about Clifford.
He's so sensitive.
Easy, Lucy.
He's safe with Pan-Man.
Trust me.
He'll be fine.
So just relax with us and stay loosey, Lucy.
[Laughs] We'll get your deliveries done in no time.
Now, first thing's first.
Hand over the phone.
[Sighs] Okay.
I can do this.
Loosey Lucy.
Second thing some soothing music.
[Heavy metal music playing] # Bang your head to the boogie # To the beat now, bang Hmm.
We have a lot of the same allergies.
Pickles? - No.
- Okay, then.
[Muttering] Can he do potato chips? Oh, gluten.
Peanut butter? Nope.
No way.
Well, it looks like the only thing you can eat is this can of olives.
How about it? W-Wait, what are you doing? My doctor said I should lie like this.
Um, okay, you do that.
I'll go get us a bowl, okay? [Coughs] All right, one bowl of olives coming right Oh, not again! C-Clifford? Clif-Clifford? Come on, Clifford.
This isn't funny anymore.
[Muffled cough] Hey, Cliff, I got a big bowl of yummy, olivey goodness here.
Come on, buddy.
[Sighs] Look, I know that allergies are a bummer, but sometimes good things can come out of it, like I never would have have met your sister without my peanut allergy, and and then I wouldn't have - become friends with you.
- We're friends? Yeah, of course we're friends.
Can I have an olive? [Coughs] These go to the fruit department.
Well, there's only one way to move this much fruit.
- An assembly line? - Nope, a conga line! Dance in the line, sway to the side Dance in the line [Laughs] Sway to the side Jump in the sound, we moving all around, ja rah What a chilly day [Both laughing] Nice to have friends on a Saturday Gonna take my time to hang here with my crew Nice to have friends on a Saturday - Whoo! - # They stare, don't care # [Whistling] # That's how we walk # Nice to have friends on a Saturday So casual as we cruise around the block Wasn't that nice to have friends on a Saturday Dance in the line, sway to the side Dance in the line [Laughter] # Sway to the side # - Whoo! [Laughs] - # I say, dance in the line # [Both panting] # Sway to the side # [Inhalers hiss] # Movin' all around # [Both laugh] That's the last of it.
Thank you guys for all your help.
- No probs, girl.
- Ice Bear enjoyed employment.
Oh, hey, now you can text Pan-Pan and let him know we're on our way home.
Great! [Both laugh] Okay, okay, now we got to take a selfie.
[Laughs] You really want one with me? Usually it's only Lucy who takes selfies with me.
Well, not anymore! Get in here.
[Laughs] Okay, smile! [Cellphone chirps, vibrates] - What? - J-Just ignore that.
- That's nothing.
- Give it! - No, wait! - "Future Mrs.
Panda"? No, don't tell Lucy.
Wait, Clifford, you don't understand! Clifford, uh, it's not what you think.
- I can explain.
- You were only using me to get close to Lucy, just like all the others.
No, Clifford, I Wait, there are others? - Wait, wha wha - I hate you, Panda! No, don't run! You'll hyperventilate! [Splat] [Grunts] Oh, geez.
Are you okay? Oh, peanut butter! He's gonna die! That's weird.
Still no reply.
But Panda never misses your texts.
I know.
We got to get home.
- Keep texting.
- Okay, but Aah! [Tires squeal] [Panting] [Dramatic music] [Cellphone chiming, vibrating] Aah, no, no, no, no, not now! Aah, where is that emergency bag? [Grunting] Allergy pen.
Allergy pen! Oh, come on.
Where is it? Where is it? Oh, the kitchen! [Panting] [Gasps] The backpack! Ugh.
[Distorted] Oh, no.
Peanut butter! Dang it.
[Thud] [Groaning] [Grunting] [Mumbling] Backpack [Grunting] [Music] Backpack! [Thud] [Continues mumbling] Clifford.
I'm coming, Clifford! [Wheezing] Hold on, Clifford! [Breathing heavily] Clifford, I'm so sorry.
At first, I was using you to get close to Lucy, but then then I really did think of you as a friend.
Please forgive me.
That's fair.
I deserve to perish alone.
Goodbye [Thud] [Gasps] - You alive? - I am, but how? Lucy always packs a spare allergy pen.
[Tires squeal] Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Clifford, Clifford, are you o kay? Oh, hey, guys.
Sorry we missed your texts.
We were just super into this episode of "Laser Robot Rangers.
" Surprisingly good show.
[Sighs] I guess I didn't need to worry so much.
Ah, you did great, Lucy.
Ice Bear thought you were chill.
Phew, eating all that fruit made me hungry.
Let's eat.
[Laughs] Cliffy! Aww, I missed my little partner in crime.
[Groans] Too tight, Lucy.
Can I hang out with Panda again sometime? Uh, yeah, if Panda is okay with it.
Of course, but as his friend, not as his babysitter.
Yeah! [Coughs] Hey, whoa, easy there, Clifford.
Go get your stuff, okay? - See you, buddy! - Bye, Panda.
You know, he doesn't really take to people much.
You must have made an impression on him.
[Chuckling] Well, you know, I Thank you, Panda.
[Kisses] See you next Friday! [Panting] [Inhaler hisses] [Sighs]