We Bare Bears (2015) s03e18 Episode Script

Lunch With Tabes

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Funky music plays.]
Ugh! It's too hot to focus on this! Ice Bear must keep cool.
Ice Bear must keep cool.
Come on, Kirk.
Do something cute for our selfie! [Whimpers.]
Ugh! Never mind.
Can we eat now? I'm so hungry.
Patience, stripes! You cant rush perfection.
All right.
[breaks neck.]
Let's do this! [Grunting.]
[Action music plays.]
Ha! Behold my culinary masterpiece! All: Huh?! Er, check out this sandwich I made.
- Oh! - A sandwich, that's neat.
- I love sandwiches.
- Wow.
That's right.
Feast your eyes! Isn't it the most beautiful sandwich you've ever seen? - Oh, is that avocado? - Wow, it's really square! Ice Bear thinks square is most delicious shape.
Yep, a perfect right angle just like Mom used to make.
All right, guys, let's eat! - Yeah! - Whoo-hoo! [Kirk barking.]
Do you need to go outside, boy? Well, I guess lunch can wait a few minutes.
Better put this in the fridge for now to keep it at the optimal food safety temperature.
Okay, guys, I'll be right back! Martinez, you're in charge while I'm gone.
Great work, Martinez! [Kirk barking.]
Whoa! Oh, okay, bye, guys! - Um, I guess we'll wait? - Aw, man! [Clock ticking.]
- I'm back! - Aah! Kirk and I really worked up an appetite out there.
Come on, guys, let's get this lunch starte [Gasps.]
[dramatic music.]
Wha? Wha?! What's wrong, Tabes? What's wrong? Can't you tell? Don't you see what's wrong here?! Oh, man.
Someone took your sandwich? That's rough.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry, Tabes.
Ice Bear will help make new sandwich.
Hey, good idea, bro! We'll all help you make a new one! A new one?! You know how hard I worked on that sandwich! I put my blood, tears, and sweat into it! - Ew! - And now it's been taken before I even got to taste it! No.
I refuse to trivialize this crime by simply making a new sandwich.
Justice must be served! Uh, can justice wait until after lunch is served? No, it can't wait! Justice never sleeps or eats or goes to the bathroom.
Hey, we'll help you figure it out - if it means we can eat sooner.
- Excellent! First, we'll need to question the suspects.
Right! Suspects! - Um, who are they? - Isn't it obvious, my dear Grizz? The sandwich was eaten while I was outside with Kirk.
- Which means - Oh! I know, I know! That means that the thief was inside? [Gasps.]
Oh, my gosh! What if he's still here?! - [Sighs.]
We're the suspects, Grizz.
- Bingo.
Ice Bear has committed no crime today.
[Tense music.]
[Panda whimpering.]
- Ahh! - What's the matter, Stripes? Nervous? Feeling guilty? Don't worry.
You'll have your chance to talk.
But, first, where were you, Martinez?! [Snoring.]
Pretty strong alibi.
- Grizzly! - Uh, I didn't do it! - I swear I'm innocent! - I'm listening.
Um, okay, I was waiting for you to come back from your walk.
I was playing with my blocks when something flew past the window outside! I had to investigate, but Martinez was asleep in front of the window.
So I, uh, gracefully moved around him and climbed out.
Oof! It was a totally sweet boomerang, but it was stuck in the bug zapper.
I mean, I really wanted to rescue it, but Aah! every time I tried to grab it, I'd get zapped! Aah! So I knew I had to devise a clever plan.
Sneak attack! Aah! Oof! Using a stick, I carefully disabled the zapper, finally allowing me to pull the boomerang to safety.
Hyah! Ha! Whoo-hoo-hoo! But it turned out that disabling the bug zapper was a bad idea.
I mean, suddenly, I was surrounded by, like, a zillion bugs.
I tried to fight them off with my boomerang, but they just kept coming! Ugh! I think I even got one in my mouth.
Eventually, I made it back to the station, locking the bugs outside.
Pbht! Aah! And, safely inside, I returned to my blocks, which I'm awesome at.
Good story But if it's true, then where's the boomerang? Well Save me, boomerang! [Grunts.]
- But it never came back.
- Hmm.
Guess that checks out for now.
- Stripes! - Aah! - What's your story? - Uh, so, I was looking for something to make my profile stand out more on my dating app.
I just needed the perfect prop.
[Funky music plays.]
And then I saw it.
Bingo! Ladies love a man in uniform.
I politely asked to borrow Martinez's hat.
- Martinez? - Hmm? Can I Can I borrow your hat? [Snores softly.]
Ma Martinez? I'm gonna take that as a yes.
[Camera shutter clicking.]
I then took a few selfies I like this hat.
and then, I went to return the hat.
But Martinez was making things difficult.
Oh, come on, man! What, what?! Hmm? Eh.
[Snoring resumes.]
And then I just lied on the floor and tried to stay cool.
Fair enough.
What was that?! Nothing, nothing! It was nothing! What's your story? - Yes, you.
- Ice Bear was on computer, researching the flowing stream kung fu technique.
[Smooth jazz plays.]
But then Ice Bear decided to wash hands before lunch.
Ice Bear walked around sleeping Martinez to get to the bathroom.
Ice Bear washed hands.
Ice Bear dried hands.
Ice Bear tried to leave, but door handle was old.
Ice Bear was trapped.
[Doorknob clatters.]
Ice Bear thought about water dragon technique.
[Water bubbles, drips.]
[Rapid punching.]
After mastering water dragon technique, Ice Bear went back to computer and watched cat videos.
Ha ha.
That is end of Ice Bear's tale.
Solid alibi.
Tabes: Interesting.
Very interesting.
I've got it! I know who the thief is! It was almost too easy.
First, in Grizz's story, he allegedly climbed over a sleeping Martinez to get out of the window to find his boomerang.
And then, in Panda's story, Martinez was clearly sleeping at his desk when Panda borrowed his hat.
And, lastly, I recall a certain someone saying they had to move around a sleeping Martinez to get to the bathroom.
If all your stories are true, how was Martinez moving around the station if he was asleep? - He's a vampire! - No, no, no, my friend.
He wasn't sleeping! [Snoring.]
[Tabes clears throat.]
- Huh? - Martinez? - Hey, guys.
- Playing dumb, eh? Thought you'd eat my sandwich and get away with it?! I-I didn't eat your lunch, Tabes.
I can't.
I'm on this gluten-free vegan diet.
Check my top drawer.
Sorry for doubting you, Martinez.
No one would eat kale chips willingly.
As you were.
[Snoring resumes.]
But if Martinez was asleep, why was he moving around the station? Um, Tabes, you mind if I turn the fan back on? It's, like, so hot in here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
- Sweet.
[Chair wheels squeaking.]
Ice Bear questions physics involved.
Well, I guess that's one mystery solved.
But one still remains! If Martinez isn't the culprit - and you all have alibis - I'm sorry, Tabes.
Looks like this will just be another unsolved mystery.
No, Grizz.
No mystery should go unsolved! Ah, think, Tabes, think! Well, I think if there's one culprit here, - it's you, Pan Pan! - What?! Yeah, you're the one who said, "I love avocado!" That's ridiculous! Besides, you're the one who said you liked squared food! Nuh-uh! That was this guy.
- Yeah, it was you! - Ice Bear denies your evidence.
- A likely story, you selfish bear! - He's not selfish.
You're the one with all the selfies, you weirdo! I said "selfish," not "selfie," ya dingle! [Gasps.]
Selfies! Quick, Panda, give me your phone! Huh? My phone? Sure.
And if anyone ate the sandwich, it was you! - Just look at you! - Grizz: Uh, excuse me.
What is that supposed to mean? [gasps.]
All: Huh? Bears, I have solved the case for the second time! You see, I noticed that Kirk wanted to go out, so we left the ranger station for a quick walk.
In the woods, I let Kirk off his leash to do his business.
And then I proceeded to get in some calisthenics.
Many sets later, Kirk returned.
Then we happily arrived back at the station, ready to eat.
But, alas, my beloved sandwich was stolen! As impressive as those push-ups are, we already knew all that.
But don't you see, Grizz? While we were all distracted, someone crept quietly into the room, used the hand towel to open the door, snatched the sandwich, and escaped undetected! Was it Grizz, fighting off bugs with his boomerang? Or sweet Stripes, searching for the perfect selfie? - Or you, the slyest of the bunch? - Ice Bear's flattered and nervous.
The thief has been right under our noses.
Feast your eyes on the culprit! - Panda: Buh.
I look terrible.
- Just scroll forward.
All: Huh? [Suspenseful music plays.]
Kirk! What a sneaky sneak! Ice Bear knew whole time.
I'd be mad if I wasn't so dang impressed.
- Respect.
- Well, at least the case is solved! Sorry for putting you guys through all this.
Hey! How about I take you out for pizza to make up for it? - My treat.
- Yeah, pizza! Let's not bring Kirk, though.
Ice Bear is interested in black light.
Well, Glamazon has a great deal on them right now.
Hey! [thud.]
Boomerang, you came back! [Groans.]

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