We Bare Bears (2015) s03e19 Episode Script

Road Trip

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Whoa! You guys, this meteor shower's gonna be incredible! I'm so excited! Okay, let's go over the checklist.
Mirrors? - Check.
- Directions? Directions to Desert Valley, check.
- Snacks? - Check! - Ow.
- Seatbelts? Check! - Check! - New driver's license? - Check.
- You guys all ready to go? You got the directions on your phone, right? No, no, no, no, no, no, no! They can't use a phone while driving.
It's dangerous! [Both conversing in Korean.]
I'm sure they'll be responsible.
Isn't that right? Ice Bear is responsible.
- There you go! - Hmph.
All right, you are the captain of the van now.
Take care of your crew, and they will take care of you.
[Lively flute music plays.]
Ice Bear understands.
Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! Road trip - Road trip.
Road trip.
- Road trip.
- Road trip.
- Trip.
Road - Have fun! - Slow down! [Music.]
- Slug bug! - Oh.
Sunny day just for two Think I'll leave my chores for the morning, hooray - Huh? - # We'll hang for a few # - Boop.
- # Cause a hullabaloo # This sweaty weather is no bother - [Gasps.]
Ooh! - # Let's fly away # Let's fly away Let's fly away [Snoring.]
# So far away # So far away So far away Grizz: Uh-oh.
Guys, we have a problem.
We're already out of Star Cakes.
We got to stop to refuel.
And I got to use the little panda's room, please.
Ooh! Let's stop there! They'll have snacks and bathroom stuff and dinosaurs! Ice Bear does not want to make stops unless emergency.
- Aw, come on! - I'll only take five minutes! We have plenty of time to get to Desert Valley.
- It's right there! - Please, please, please, please?! - Yay! - Yay! - Whoo-hoo! Hooray! - Yes! Yes! [Music.]
[Brakes screeching.]
It's the one thing he's not good at.
[Brakes screech.]
Huh? Go get cakes.
Ice Bear will wait in car.
All right, man, if you say so.
We'll be back in a jiff! [Music.]
[Honks horn.]
[Door opening.]
Oh, sweet relief.
I think I can make it a whole two hours now.
Where's older brother? I found you! Ooh, this is a pretty car.
My mom had one, but she pushed it down a ravine.
Wyatt! Oh, good.
You found the car.
Hey, guys, I want you to meet Wyatt.
He got separated from his motorcycle gang and needs a ride.
- Hmm - It's true.
I wouldn't lie to y'all.
I'm in a legit motorcycle gang.
I told him he could hitch a ride with us.
That's cool, right? Eh, I guess we could make room for one more? Yeah, what'll it hurt? Wyatt not part of plan.
Wyatt not coming.
Oh, okay.
It's just I got all these snacks, and now I got no one to share 'em with.
Okay, I call a vote.
All that want Wyatt and his Star Cakes aboard, - say "aye.
" Aye! - Aye! Aye! Welcome to the crew, Wyatt! [Sighs.]
Wyatt: Everyone was pretty happy and stuff.
And then I said, "If y'all come back, I'll feed you to my tarantula.
" And that's how I got rid of those kitty cats.
- No way! - Oh, wow.
Wyatt, that's so cool! - Oh, that's amazing.
- Please, please, please! [Cellphone beeping.]
Huh? Oh, no! The phone's on low battery! - You didn't bring the charger? - I forgot it.
Without directions, we'll get lost in the desert forever! - Ice Bear will pull over and buy map.
- Don't worry, gang.
I keep a spare charger in my boot.
- Wyatt, you saved us! - You're the best, Wyatt! Wyatt, you're so prepared for trips, maybe you should be captain! Oh, stop it! It's nothing at all, really.
I say this calls for a special celebration.
Who wants to watch me eat like six of these cakes at once? - Oh, man! - Go for it, Grizz! - Remember, use napkin.
- Don't worry, I'll be careful.
No, use napkin.
[Tires screech.]
Peek-a-boo! [Giggles.]
All right, so, we'll wash the car.
You go clean up, okay? [Water running.]
[Continues humming.]
Oh, look at all this bathroom graffiti.
This is really boring.
You got any music, Wyatt? Wyatt! Where'd Wyatt go!? [Wyatt humming.]
Oh, what? No toilet paper? - No.
- What?! Please! Mercy! O Captain, my Captain, we need to head back to get him! Ice Bear will not say it again.
We came too far.
A captain does not leave a sailor behind! Sailor doesn't bring other weird sailor on captain's ship.
Uh, but this is actually my mom's ship.
Ice Bear appointed captain by Chloe's mom.
Aye-aye, Captain! - Your wish is our command.
- This is just wrong.
- Aah! - What's going on?! [Engine clunking.]
Why'd we stop? Maybe our ship doesn't approve of our captain's cruelty.
- No, silly, we're out of gas.
- Well, whose job was it - to put in the gas? - W-Why you looking at me?! I was busy wiping off your space goo.
- No, window wiping was my job.
- Wyatt did all the wiping, dude.
[All arguing indistinctly.]
[Horn blaring.]
[Creepy sting.]
Come on, guys.
Let's give him some space.
[Car door shuts.]
- Did you see his face? - Mm, I think we broke him.
H-Hey, little bro, how you doing? Uh, uh, okay.
Uh, I guess I'll come back later.
Um, let us know if you need anything.
[Keys jingling.]
Captain: Aw.
What's the matter, sailor? Has this sea of sand defeated ye already? Ice Bear tried.
Everyone made it too difficult.
Aye, the captain's job is never easy.
And that's why the captain has the highest wage on the ship.
Ice Bear doesn't get paid.
Listen, son, what I'm trying to tell you is that a good captain never gives up on his crew! Ice Bear not meant to be good captain.
I once thought that way.
But my crew needed me just like they need you.
- Well, there you go! - Look, I'm pretty sure we're here.
- No.
You're looking at the map upside down.
- Ugh! Game over, man.
[Vehicle approaches.]
Huh? We're saved! Hey! Over here! Dude, we don't even know who they are.
- They could be dangerous.
- Oh, nonsense.
Over here! Over here! [Engines whirring.]
[Dramatic music.]
[Engine revving.]
- Uh - Mm! Huh? Stay back.
[Muffled speaking.]
Uh, say what? We We actually can't hear you.
Ahh! I said what's cooking, fellas? - [Sprong!.]
Ah! Wyatt! - Wyatt! [All laughing, cheering.]
- It's Wyatt! - We thought we lost you! - We're so sorry! - We forgot to fill up gas.
But we ran out of gas and - We're sorry we left you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Not all at once.
Let's hear what happened from the captain of the ship.
Ice Bear ran out of gas.
Ice Bear failed his crew.
Oh, what?! Nobody failed nobody.
- We can get you some gas.
- Oh, Wyatt, really?! Yeah, of course, if it's okay with the captain.
Ice Bear would be grateful.
[Triumphant music.]
Oh, oh! Look! There's a spot! [Brakes screech.]
Looks like you're gonna have to parallel park.
- O Captain, my Captain.
- Yeah, you can do this, man! Take us home, Cap'n.
Ice Bear won't disappoint.
- Yeah! [Laughs.]
- Whoo-hoo! - We did it! - We made it! Whoa! Look at that! [Breathing heavily.]
Hey, you know, I just wanted to say that I've never seen a finer docking job in my life.
Whoo! I just saw two! - I'm gonna make two wishes.
- What'd you wish for? I wish to never get lost again.
And I wish for more wishes, of course.
I'm no fool! [Chuckles.]
- Oh, so beautiful! - Ahh! Yep.
So worth it.
Thanks for driving, little bro - I mean Captain.
- Anytime.
- Dude, what are you doing? - Uh, nothing.
- Done! - Done!
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