We Bare Bears (2015) s04e19 Episode Script

Hot Sauce

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
- Lunch ready.
- Hooray! - Bánh mi for bánh you.
- Thanks, little bro! - Veggie bánh.
- Ooh! Sweet! [Shutter clicks.]
All right, guys! Dig in! [Both inhale deeply.]
Grizz: W-A-A-A-AIT! - Wha? - Guys! We can't eat these yet.
They're missing the essential ingredient.
One squirt of Sir-Cha-Cha hot sauce! [Rooster crows.]
Oh, duh! Of course! Burn makes Ice Bear feel alive.
Hold tight, my dudes.
I'm taking you to Flavortown.
[Inhales deeply.]
Here, let me try.
Whoa! Uh, guys, we might have a problem here.
Don't panic, bros.
I always keep a backup bottle.
- Oh, no.
- What?! - So So, no sauce?! - Uh okay, well, there's got to be another secret stash around here somewhere.
Ice Bear can rehydrate sauce around the cap.
It won't be enough for the full flavor experience.
We gotta go buy some more.
Well, I guess that's really it.
I guess we could try mixing ketchup and chili powder? Ew.
It's not the same.
Let's just go home.
Aah! Aw, gross! I stepped in something.
Aah! Oh, my gosh! Is it blood?! Ew! Ew! Get it off, get it off, get it off! Gah! [Sniffs.]
Not blood.
- Gross, dude.
- Hot sauce.
What? Hot sauce? - Hot sauce, you say? - Ice Bear sees sauce tracks.
Huh? [Pigeon coos.]
[Harp plays.]
[All gasp.]
Is that? [Gasps.]
"Sir-Coo-Coo"? [Duck quacks.]
Hey, wait.
Is this some kind of knockoff? Yeah, sorry, man, but we're kinda Sir-Cha-Cha purists, so [Cooing.]
She says to taste it.
Ooh! [Whirl!.]
Well? [Munching.]
Ahh! It's so good! Guys! This tastes exactly like Sir-Cha-Cha! [Cooing.]
Hey, man! We'll take it all! Whoa.
Grizz, can we talk for a second? [Chuckling.]
Uh, excuse us.
Bros, isn't it a bit shady to buy back-alley hot sauce? Oh, come on, Panda.
Be adventurous for once.
- Ice Bear needs the spice.
- Ugh.
[Cash register dings.]
Pleasure doing business with you, friend.
Huh? This is a business card.
- No name.
Just an address? - Well, that's ominous.
Oh, who cares? We got the spice! [Giggles.]
Oh, man! What should we eat with it first? Oh, maybe we could use it like gravy on like a Huh? Hold it right there, bears.
You three are under arrest! - Arrest?! - What's going on? [Sirens wailing.]
What's going on? You three are in some big trouble! Why? What? Why are we here, Officer? Is this about the new season of "Hot Dog Ninja" that I downloaded?! Don't play dumb with me, bears! Does this jog your memory? [Gulp!.]
- Uh, we can explain.
- Save your excuses! This morning, a hot-sauce truck was robbed, and you bears have the stolen goods.
And the punishment for black-market deals is jail! No!! [Sobbing.]
So, where did you get the goods, then, bears? I mean, we just met some pigeon in an alley, and we made the deal.
Oh! They gave us a card.
Here! [claps.]
This is from the Pigeon Cartel.
I should have known they were behind this.
This is from the Pigeon Cartel? Can't believe I didn't see that coming.
Now you'll finally be able to make your case against them! No, it's not enough.
We need photographic evidence.
But couldn't you just send some guys in there to take a picture? T-There's an address on the back.
- Are you volunteering? - Oh, no, no, no, no.
- What?! Are you kidding?! - No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Don't you have undercover cops to do that sort of thing?! Because if you did volunteer, I could free you of all charges - Oh, yeah, we are totally volunteering, sir! - Yep! Yep! Sign us up! [chuckles.]
Glad to have you on board.
But, sir, how are they gonna get in looking sosoft? - Hmm.
Yeah, you're right.
- We could dress up, maybe? What do you have in mind? [Music.]
I'm sorry.
Why are you wearing that again, Grizz? We gotta look bad, and who's badder than Dracula? - Right, bro? - Ice Bear can't see anything.
Hey! Enough goofing around.
Just get in there, take the photo, then text me the image.
And don't mess it up! [Tires screech.]
[Buzzer rings.]
[Pigeon coos.]
Um, Heh.
Hello! Uh, we are here to purchase some sauce.
Wait, wait.
What'd he say? - They don't want our business.
- What?! We're paying customers! Grizz, let's just leave.
This obviously isn't working, and this place is freaking me out! Nah, man! Look, we were given a card.
[Pigeon coos.]
[Pigeon coos.]
[Pigeon coos.]
We are invited inside.
All right.
Let's do this.
[Pigeons cooing.]
[Needle buzzing.]
Cool tat! I'm next! [chuckles.]
[Pigeons screeching.]
What?! [Music.]
[Pigeons cooing.]
[Hip-hop music.]
I've never been so scared by a dance before.
Um, hello.
[Male computerized voice.]
So, I hear you are interested in buying some of our hot saise sauce.
Am I right? Oh.
Oh, yeah, we are here to buy more, um, hot sauce.
Yeah, and, um, uh, get a pic of the merchandise.
[Record needle scratches.]
- Uh - Pic? Why would you need a pic? Oh, you know, for, uh, my crime scrapbook.
Before we go any further, you will need to complete a test.
A-A test? W-What kind of test? [Music.]
To earn my trust, you must drink the entire bottle of Sir-Coo-Coo.
A whole bottle in one go?! Is that even possible?! Ice Bear worries about long-term health issues.
It's okay, bros.
I got this.
You can do this, Grizz.
You love hot sauce.
Bottoms up! [Glug! Glug! Glug!.]
Whoa! [Shouting gibberish.]
- So spicy! - Oh, thank goodness.
I'm impressed.
No pigeon has ever passed this test before.
Follow me.
- Behold! - Whoa! [Music.]
Pretty impressive, I know.
So, how many crates would you like? - Uh, how many? Um uh - Eee Uh, everything! We'll take it all! - Really? - Of course.
We love that sauce! Did you hear that, everyone? The big dogs just bought the whole stock.
[Pigeons cooing.]
Um, Mr.
Boss, uh h-how about a photo to celebrate this moment? [chuckles.]
For my new favorite customers? Anything.
- Now, say "hot sauce"! - Hot sauce! [Shutter clicks.]
Perfect! Just let me add a filter.
I-I ju Almost got it.
J-Just gotta finish.
Just gotta finish loading and [Pigeon cooing angrily.]
Huh? No, no! Wait! No! I got this cape from a Dumpster, actually.
[Pigeon cooing.]
[forced chuckle.]
I can explain.
Okay, seriously, I can really explain! Oh, can't we talk this out?! The time for talking is over.
You betrayed me.
Did you honestly think we would allow you to live? Foolish.
Huh?! - No, no, no! Let us out! - No, no, no! Please stop! - I don't want to be a pancake! - Aah! I just wish I could have one more taste of Sir-Cha-Cha! Huh? Since you did prove yourself a true lover of the sauce, I will allow you one last taste.
[All gasp.]
Come here, dog.
You may drink.
Oh, uh, thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
Boss, sir.
Uh, here we go.
Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Splash attack! Hoof it, bros! [music.]
Grizz, wait! We're still tied up! Aah! You could do Put me down! [Boss pigeon cooing.]
[Pigeons cooing.]
- Panda, I got your phone! - Ohgot it! [Message bloops.]
And sent! It's the gate! We're almost there, guys! [Pigeons cooing.]
Wha? Oh, no! I told you bears, no one messes with the Pigeon Cartel and lives to tell about All right, Pigeon Cartel, we've got you surrounded.
Put your wings in the air! Come on.
We can take these cops.
Dang it.
Yeah-ah-ah, Officer Murphy! Ice Bear has never been so happy to see cops.
Murphy: Thanks again, bears.
You did good.
All the stolen goods will need to be confiscated.
But here's a little something extra for your service.
[All gasp.]
Aww, Officer, you shouldn't have! [Wink!.]
Mmm! Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's the good spice! - Why are you still wearing your costume? - Because I look amazing.
- Done.
- Done!
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