We Bare Bears (2015) s04e20 Episode Script

Mom App

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Commentator: And here we go.
Simmons takes it up the middle.
- He's got an open lane.
- Oh, come on.
Come on.
- Three seconds left on the shot clock.
- Yeah, let's go! He takes it up strong.
- Boom! Slam dunk! - Whoo-hoo! Game's over, folks! What a game! Joel, great game out there.
How'd you pull off such an amazing win? Well, there's just one reason for my success.
- His dedicated fans! - Years of hard work and training.
Gotta be the shoes.
That's right.
It's my mom! - What? - Huh? My mom taught me everything I know.
I owe it all to her! She even taught me how to dunk! And there you have it, folks.
Moms are the key to success.
And I think our sponsor would agree.
Narrator: "Mom" she makes you snacks, dries your tears.
She's a teacher, a role model, and a friend.
Moms are always there for you.
Someone to dry my tears? Ice Bear has never known such love and care.
Sn-a-a-a-acks! And that's why we created the "Mom App.
" The app that lets you order a mom whenever you need one.
You can find the mom that's right for you.
"Mom App" download today.
Bros! We need this app! [Phone clicking.]
Already downloaded! Ooh! Lemme see! Lemme see! [Music.]
Panda: Whoa! So many moms.
Grizz: Whoa! This mom's got snacks! - I want that one! - Oh.
Come on.
Grizz! Snack mom.
And she's supportive? Oh! Yes! [Beep.]
[Knock on door.]
Huh? Uh, that was fast.
Hello! I'm your new mom, Gayle! Welcome to our cave, Gayle! Glad to be here, boys! Please, just call me "Mom.
" - Mom.
- Oh! I know you want a supportive hug.
Ah! Yes! I love hugs! Mmm! We gotta throw a huge part to celebrate our new family! - What do you say, boys? - All: Yeah! [Munching.]
Dude, your mom's pretty cool for inviting us cool college kids to your party.
- I know, right? - Oh, honey, there you are! Ah! Hi, Mom! How's my big boy? Such a healthy appetite! Ah, Mom, please, not Mwah! Ah, there we go.
- Aw, man - Now have fun, honey.
Nice, "big boy.
" Yeah, I'm pretty much just a big ol' party guy.
Sweetie! I see you've met the artiste of the family.
I just dabble in the arts.
Don't be modest, dear.
- Time to share it with the world.
- Wait What? Oh, I found some of your best drawings in a secret folder in your room and hung them up! - Huh? - Huh? Oh, no! Those are private! My personal favorite? Titled "My Cat-sona.
" No, no, no! Stop! Stop! Stop looking! No! No! These aren't meant for the public eye! Supportive high five, Panda! [Action music.]
- Whoa! - Wow! - Cool.
Thanks, man.
- Oh, what's this? [Gasps.]
Now, whose instrument is this? Ice Bear hasn't practiced in years.
Oh, I would love to hear you play! Now, gather around, everybody! Our resident musician has a wonderful song to share.
Presenting Oh, no.
No need to be shy now.
All you need is a supportive push! [Tense music.]
I-Ice Bear will play "Twinkle Star.
" [Violin scratching "Twinkle Star".]
- Oh, look out.
- Oh, no! [Heart beating.]
You're doing great, honey! It sounds beautiful! [Glass shatters.]
Ahh! So beautiful! Love it! Bro! You okay? Whoa! Sorry, guys.
I guess Gayle wasn't a good pick.
Ice Bear can't go back out there.
Yeah, but it's not like we can send our mom away.
[All gasp.]
Wait! Oh, look! We can cancel Gayle! - Do it.
Do it now.
- Punch it, Panda.
Goodbye Mom.
It worked.
Well, it's too bad Gayle didn't work out.
- So who we gonna get next? - No, Grizz! It's my turn to pick a mom! Whoa! Classy! Oh, we're getting this mom! [Tires screech.]
Whoa! What the? [Drum roll.]
It's dirty.
Hello, new mom.
I'd like to welcome What is this? Aren't you a bit big to be a child? Linda: Lai ren ah! Kuai dian ba zhuh ge di fang qing li hao.
Dinner will be served now.
You will dress nice for your mother.
Aw, man! These clothes make me feel so cultured.
Ice Bear too hot.
[Bell dinging.]
I've brought one of my hotel's five-star chefs with a meal fit for your physiques.
Ice Bear hopes there are more courses.
I miss my big-boy days.
I'm not sure about this mom, Pan Pan.
I think we should cancel.
What?! No! Linda's perfect! We finally have class! Ready to eat, Mother.
[Linda humming.]
[Full mouth.]
This is pretty good.
It's artisanal.
Enough! This is unacceptable! Um, Mom, is everything okay? All of you lack proper etiquette! It's been decided.
You will go to boarding school in Latvia.
W-Wait! W-What?! What is a Latvia?! You will be sent to one of the family's hotel operations in Singapore.
Ice Bear is wanted in Singapore.
And, Panda I've decided you will be the one to inherit my entire fortune.
Whoa! Like Like your heir? Dui.
My legacy will be yours.
However I expect some changes from you.
Uh, what kind of changes? First, no more silly pursuits in "art.
" I expect a diligent son, which also means no more Internet dates.
Excuse me, Madame.
What should I do with this pillow? Burn it.
No! No! Miki-chan! Aah! No! I am sorry, but I cannot accept this, Mother! Panda! How dare you speak that way to me! - Ni zhen rang wo diou lian! - Panda, here! Quickly! - We gotta cancel now! - I know! She's gone, Panda.
Miki-chan is safe, sweet boy.
Whew! Ugh, that mom was terrible.
All right.
Let me pick the next one.
No! You stink at choosing! - Huh? - Ice Bear's turn.
- Oh, that's fair.
- Ice Bear has selected ideal mom.
[Helicopter blades whirring.]
[Rock music.]
Whoa! Hey! I'm your new mom Tank! You kids like basketball? [Grunts.]
Rah! - Whoo-hoo! - Our mom can dunk! Where did you learn to dunk like that?! Teach us how to dunk, please! Well, I'm afraid I can't do that.
You bears are too weak and puny! You gotta get buff.
Like me! - Now, drop and give me 30! - Huh? - Yeah, I don't think I - Come on, now! I'm gonna whip you boys into shape! [All groaning.]
That's enough.
30 laps! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Yeah! Feel the burn! Come on! Move it! [Panting.]
Everything hurts.
At least we can relax and watch TV now.
I don't think so! TV is for couch potatoes! - Ice Bear wants to be potato.
- Cancel.
Cancel, cancel, cancel! - Canceling.
- Hey, what'd I just say?! All this tech stuff is no good for you kids.
Let's get you boys to bed.
And I'll take the other bedroom.
And I've modified this one so you can all share.
Sweet dreams! Sleep well! [Door shut.]
You guys asleep? Uh, no, my body hurts too much.
Also, new beds are uncomfortable.
Aah! I can't take this, okay? We gotta get our phone back, or we'll be stuck with this mom forever! Ice Bear will help.
Sorry, guys, but I-I don't think I can move.
She's awake! Wait.
She's just doing sleep crunches.
Oh! Okay.
There's the phone.
Okay, Panda, keep watch while I [Gasps.]
Panda! Cellie.
I'm coming.
I'll save y-o-o-o-ou.
This isn't my phone! No! It's my phone! [Music.]
You need to listen to your mother! - Run! - Aaah! Come out, come out, wherever you are [Both whimpering.]
What do we do? This mom is out of control! Yeah, she needs, like, a time-out or something.
That's it! [Phone clicking.]
Oh, Panda.
That's genius! - A-ha! - AAAAH! Get back here! Playtime is over! Hah! You think you can run from me? You're too weak! Now I'm gonna make you work even harder! [Laughs evilly.]
You are not our mom! You are just a big bully! You don't know what's good for you! And give that back! You can't cancel me that easily.
We weren't trying to cancel you.
Why'd you take my phone? [Knock on door.]
Huh? Who the heck is coming over at this hour? Susan Tanketha Jackson! You put that young man down this instant! Mommy! [Gasps.]
You leave them alone! This mom did not raise a bully! No, Mommy.
I was just taking care of them.
- Oh, you're gonna get - Mommy! - a real talking to, missy! - No! Stop! Owww! And no cellphone time for a week, young lady! Man, having a mom is really different than I thought.
Yeah, they don't show you this stuff on TV.
Oh, I-I'm sorry about my daughter.
She's a sweet girl, but she gets carried away sometimes.
What are you boys doing looking for a mom at your age, anyway? Well, I guess we thought it'd be nice to have someone to take care of us, make us snacks, tuck us in at night.
And just raise us into good people.
It looks to me like you've already been raised into wonderful folks.
Just see how strong and confident you all are.
Thanks, Mrs.
You're a great mom.
I wish you were on the app.
You don't need me.
You have each other.
You boys take care now! Hmm.
So I guess we're kind of like each other's moms, then.
So what do you wanna do now, mom bros? Ice Mom wants to watch TV.
Can't believe we thought we needed a mom.
We're a perfect family already.
Narrator: Have you ever wanted a dad? [Panther snarls.]
- Done! - Done!