We Bare Bears (2015) s04e21 Episode Script

The Limo

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Panda: No! [Crying.]
Why, world?! Why so cruel?! [Crying.]
Bro! What's wrong? Something happen to your phone? - No! - Did you get another "C" in art class? No! It's Lucy! [Crying.]
She's she's In.
Relationship! Oh, dude, I'm sorry, man.
I know how much you liked Lucy.
And it gets worse! Look at the dude she's dating.
His name is Kale! He's perfection! Tattoos, well-traveled, not allergic to cats, and he's a cool nerd! - How can he be both? - Ice Bear sees no faults.
He's perfect.
Ahhh! Oof! I get it.
I'm not as cool as Kale! [Sniff.]
Aww, Pan Pan, you're plenty cool.
And you know what else'll make you feel better? Triple chocolate ice cream! No! Ice cream won't always solve my feelings! [Whimpering.]
[Computer chimes.]
Oh! Wait, was that Lucy?! Did they break up?! No! Why are they still together?! [Muffled crying.]
Oh, man, what are we gonna do? Ice cream bars always did the trick.
It's never been this bad before.
Okay, quick, check what coupons we have.
There's got to be something.
Nono [Gasps.]
This just might work.
[Speaking foreign language.]
Lies! [Horn honking.]
Huh? Go away! [Horn continues honking.]
Stop it! Huh? [Disco music.]
Hey hey, Panda! We've come to take you out! Wait.
What's with the limo? Where did this come from? Prom season.
Limo discounts everywhere.
Don't sweat the small stuff, bro! We're here to take you out! This'll be the coolest night ever! Guys, I appreciate the effort, but I'm not feeling up to it.
Oh, come on, bro! [Horn honking.]
Limo! Limo! [Horn honking.]
Fine! Is there WiFi? Heck, yeah! Only the best for you, bro! Woo-hoo-hoo! Limo! [Disco music.]
Newscaster: And Jerry, traffic is a mess out there.
It looks like everything southbound is at a complete standstill.
[Volume decreasing.]
Traffic jam is Ice Bear's least favorite jam.
No! Ugh.
I knew I should have just stayed in.
Well, um, there's still plenty of things to do.
Uh You can, like, sit over here! Or chill over here! Or ignore our younger brother! Ice Bear does not like this game.
[Soft, sad music playing in headphones.]
Let's see what going on up there.
Oh, man, this is really bad.
Hey, pizza guy? You know what's happening? I think there's a concert going on with a rapper T-something? Oh, a concert! That's pretty exciting.
- Is it, uh, T-Dawg? - Hmm, nope.
Oh uh that Korean group, T-Dragon? - Nuh-unh.
- T-Square? Yeah, I don't think that's a rapper.
Nghh Oh! T-Pain! - Oh, yeah, that's him.
- Ah! I love that guy.
Jeans in the club, uh, shawty with that hair Yeah, that's the guy.
Man, at this point, my pizzas are gonna get cold - and go to waste.
- Waste, eh? Well, we have a limo, and the coolest guy in it.
Bring those pizzas over.
Let's have a pizza party, man! - Come on in! - Oh, hey, I've got popsicles that are melting! - Can I come? - Me, too! I'm a magician! Me three! I'm bored! [Groans.]
Huh? Ha-ha! Hey, Pan! I've got a surprise for you, buddy! - This way, everyone! - Whoa, cool, limo, man! - Long limo.
- Grizz? Who are these people? - These are our comrades in traffic.
- Yo! Oh, uh, yeah, nice to meet you, I guess.
- All right, then! - Hey! Let's get this party started! [Volume increasing.]
- Haha-boom! - Ooh! Karaoke, buddy! Let's hit it! Hey - Come on, man, you can do it! - Sing man, sing! [Singing in foreign language.]
Pretty, pretty boy [Singing in foreign language.]
I'm a pretty boy [Singing in foreign language.]
Oh, my lady [Singing in foreign language.]
I'm a pretty boy [Singing in foreign language.]
Oh, my lady [Singing in foreign language.]
I'm so pretty [Singing in foreign language.]
I'm so pretty [Singing in foreign language.]
No clowns.
He's a pretty boy My pretty face Pretty boy Such pretty face I'm a pretty boy [Singing in foreign language.]
So, Panda, you feeling better now? Oh, yeah.
I feel great, actually! I could even go for another popsicle right now.
Oh, we're out of popsicles, but fear not, 'cause my fruit vendor is also stuck on the bridge - and she's bringing us some papayas! - [Gasps.]
I love papayas! Knock-knock! Did someone say "papayas"? All: Papayas! - Papa yas - [Gasps.]
Lucy? Oh, my gosh! Bears! Everyone is talking about the cool guys throwing the limo party, and it's you! [Forced chuckle.]
Ta-dah! And this is perfect timing, too! Guys, this is my boyfriend, Kale! [Slow motion.]
[Heartbeat thumping, "Kale" echoing.]
Hey, what's up? Lucy has told me so much about you guys! Ah, you must be Grizz? She tells me you're, like, one of the coolest people in the world.
Oh! Thanks, man.
And you must be the one that doesn't talk much, but I can feel such awesome vibes from you that words are not needed.
And I heard someone's into papayas! - [Pffft.]
I don't want it.
- Huh? Oh.
- Sorry, man.
- But Panda, I thought you loved papayas? - Wait, you don't like papayas? - Who hates papayas? [Many voices echoing.]
Papayas, papayas, papayas Aghhhhh! Huh? Hey, Panda, you're up again for karaoke! [Cheering.]
- Here you go, man.
- Panda, wait! [Panting.]
Oh, gosh, what is happening? Huh? Wait Isn't this a sidewalk? [Horns honking.]
[Dramatic music.]
Help! Ahh! Man: Yo! Wakey-wakey! Hey? Hey? Hey, man.
You okay? Wha? Where ? Wha? Have people told you that you look like T-Pain? Yeah, man, all the time - probably because I am T-Pain! - [Gasps.]
What? No way! Oh, man, Mr.
Pain, I am such a huge fan! [Laughs.]
Hey, man, be cool, be cool.
Please, man, call me "T.
" [Chuckles.]
Okay, T.
Um, T, am I in heaven? Nah, bro.
You're on my tour bus, dude! Oh Wait, isn't the concert in the other direction? Yeah, but I forgot my phone, so we were, like, headed back to my house to pick it up until the tour bus stopped right in front of you.
Ahh! Huh! And that's when you fainted.
Ugh! This is the worst day of my life.
Nah, man, it's cool.
Come on, let me give you a tour of the place.
Wow! What a crazy way to travel.
Well, that's what the "T" in T-Pain stands for - "traveling.
" - Really? That's so cool.
Dang, this is the best oolong tea I've ever had.
You know it! That's why the "T" in T-Pain stands for "tea.
" Yeah.
Wait, what ? Whoa, I didn't know buses had elevators.
Well, they don't, but how else am I supposed to - get to the Botanical Garden? - The what? Whoa! - Man, this is amazing! - Yep.
I can't wait to tell Lucy about this Oh, never mind.
It's not like she'll want to talk to me after how I acted.
- Ugh, I'm such a dingle.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Watch it with the d-word, homie.
I'm sorry.
It's just that, I made a fool out of myself in front of this girl that I like.
- Well, what happened? - Kale happened.
What? She doesn't like kale? Well, then that's her loss, 'cause kale is delicious, man.
Kale's the name of her boyfriend.
And The worst part about it is that, like, he's like, the coolest guy ever.
- Well, does she seem happy with him? - Yeah, I guess.
Well, then, you should be happy for her.
The only person's feelings you can control are your own.
- Know what I'm sayin'? - Yeah.
I get that.
- Man, you are wise, T.
- Nah, I can't take credit for that.
It's actually a line from one of my favorite web series.
Oh? What's it called? Crowbar Jones! You see, I thought it was gonna be a crazy action show, but when you think about it, it's actually pretty deep.
Hurry up, Pando! They're getting away! I'm coming! Aaaah! [Crying.]
Grizz: Panda! Pan Pan! Where are you, buddy? Pan? [Music.]
Uh, I got to go, T.
Thanks for the advice and stuff.
No worries, dude.
I'm glad I could help.
Hey, before you go, I got something for you, though.
Really? Ugh! This is all my fault.
I'm the one who brought the papayas.
I should've known Panda hates papayas.
- Ugh.
- Bad papayas.
- Any luck, Grizz? - No, still nothing.
Maybe he hitched a ride back home? Ughhh! Ooph! - Hi.
- Pan Pan! Oh! My baby bro! We were looking all over for you! Calm down, Grizz.
I'm okay.
Guys, I'm really sorry for running off like that.
It's all good, Panda.
I'm just happy to know you're okay.
Also, I'm super excited to meet Kale.
- Where is he? - Oh, he had to leave.
- Really? - Yeah.
He's helping out that old lady fix her car.
You got it, ma'am.
Don't even worry about it.
Of course he is.
Hey! We still have the limo for a few hours.
Anywhere you want to go, bro? Maybe, uh, the T-Pain concert? - Whoa! - Wait, how did you get those?! That's amazing! Wait, we've got to go! You can tell me on the way! Oh! You're the best, Panda!! Grizz and Lucy: To the concert! Whoo-hoo! All: To the concert! Whoo! OhI don't think I have enough passes, so, uh Awww! T-Pain: What's poppin', Bay Area?! How's everybody doin' tonight? [RnB music.]
Yo, I like to start off every concert with the immortal words of the great Pando "Before you love yourself, you've got to love your selfies!" Crowbar Jones, whaddup?! Wait ! He's seen "Crowbar Jones"?! - Grizz, are you okay? - Yeah, he'll be fine.
- Done! - Done!
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