We Bare Bears (2015) s04e26 Episode Script

Charlie's Halloween Thing 2

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Wolf howls.]
Raaaaah! [Yawns.]
Wow! What a great nap.
Hmm? Oh! Well, hey, there, friends.
What brings you over here to this graveyard? Huh, I swear this was a nice little town when I fell asleep.
Well, hey! Since we're already here, how about some spooky stories? Huh? And I know just the one Whoa! Well, all right, then.
It all started on a night just like this one Grizzly: Oh, oh! Look! Those stars are shaped like a jar of honey.
Oh, honey would go great with these, mm, nuts.
Careful, Grizz.
I'm allergic.
Don't worry, Pan Pan.
I'll eat them away from you.
Oh, look! The stars are changing shape! Now, it looks like Tabes holding a jar of honey.
Why is she holding honey? 'Cause she likes honey, you silly.
What do you see, bro? Ice Bear, uh, also sees honey.
- Huh? What was that? - Panda: Whoa! A shooting star.
Grizz: Ah! Quick! Make a wish! Make a wish! Whoa! Did you guys see that? It landed close by.
We have to check it out! Uh, no, thanks.
I'm probably allergic to space dust.
Oh, nonsense.
I bet if we touch it, we'll get even more wishes.
Ice Bear will wish for infinite wishes.
- All right, let's go.
- Ugh, fine! Wait up.
[Dramatic music.]
[Dramatic music.]
Bro, you can't wish for more wishes.
Think that's against the rules.
Then Ice Bear will wish for more shooting stars.
Ugh, I wish we were home.
My allergies are acting up.
Well, why don't you wish for your allergies to be gone? Look! A stag.
Did anyone wish for a stag? It was one of Ice Bear's infinite wishes.
Um, it's acting a bit, uh [Shrieks.]
Strange?! Um, maybe it's napping? - I-Is it okay? - Get well soon.
- Oh, look, he's fine.
- Uh, Grizz, I don't think he's fine.
They they look like Aah! [Howling.]
All: Zombies! [All scream.]
Grizzly: Stack! We got to stack! [Music.]
Ah! What is happening?! Panda: Aah, they're so gross! Quick! Get up this tree! Go, go, go, go, go! Oh, thanks, Pan Pan.
[All growling.]
Eat nuts, zombies! Ha! I'm allergic! Get those away! Oh! Sorry, Pan Pan! Agh! What do we do? Oh! Over there! - Huh? - The ranger station! We have to get to Tabes! Good idea.
I'll call her right now.
Uhh Come on, come on, come on! Hello? Hello? Do you read me? Hello? Gah! What is wrong with my phone? [Shrieks.]
[All scream.]
Tabes! Tabes! Tabes! Please be home, Tabes! Please be home! Ice Bear feeling funny.
Tabes! Tabes! Are you there? - Please, Tabes! - It's an emergency! Open the door! Tabes! Open the door! Aah! Ice Bear Zombie Bear.
What happened to you? Zombie Bear wants brains.
No! Please! No! Not like this! [Warbling.]
[Spooky music.]
- Huh? - What now? [Music.]
Greetings, Earthlings.
I am so sorry.
It looks likes my little pet space goop is turning all of you guys into zombies.
But don't worry.
Got the antidote for it right here.
- Aah! - Bears! Zombies! - Tabes, we love you - And we love that you're finally here Both: But you just made a big mistake! No time for that, bears! The entire forest is infested! - Brains.
- Quick! I'll take us somewhere safe where we can't be bit ten.
Please tell me that's not a zombie bee.
Wait, would that make it a "zom-bee"? [Buzzes.]
Brains! No! They got Tabes! Grizz, we have to run! We're the only - Brains.
- Ahh! Give me brains, Pan Pan.
No, wait! Grizz, please don't eat me! No, I'm endangered! Please, no! Panda: Okay, here's your vegan Thai salad.
And here's yours.
- Brains.
- Huh? - Brains! - What? You guys need to eat your veggies! You can't just have brains all the time! - Brains? - Ugh! Why am I allergic to a hundred things but immune to zombies?! Brains.
Feed me your brains.
[Clears throat.]
Ha! Ah, just kidding.
Fooled you, huh? Wait, wait, wait! Don't go.
Not scary enough for you? Well, don't you worry.
This next one'll scare you just right.
Ugh, I can't believe none of those houses wanted to adopt us.
At least they gave us free candy.
[Thunder rumbles.]
- Aw, man.
- Aw, don't worry, Pan.
We still have more houses to try.
Uh, we haven't been to that one.
Grizz, we were just at that house.
Huh? Oh, no, I was pointing to that house.
[Wolf howls, thunder crashes.]
Oh, yeah, that one looks like it'd have a lot of room for some bears.
[Door bell rings.]
[German accent.]
Yes? - Uh, trick or treat.
- And if you really want to treat us, you and your family can adopt us.
There are no families living here, but you may spend the night if you dare.
[Thunder crashes.]
[Forced laughter.]
It'll be nice to get out of this rain.
This house is very old.
We don't get many visitors, aside from the spiders.
Oh! Did you guys see that? I think it was a ghost.
Aw, relax, Panda.
It was just your imagination.
Let's just enjoy our night indoors.
[Thunder crashes.]
Wait for me! And this will be your room for tonight.
May you rest in peace.
Wow, our own room! Whoa, this is so cool.
It's so big.
I don't know, Grizz, this place gives me the creeps.
Oh, sweet, Pan Pan, it's just your imagination.
- This place is awesome.
- Oh Dracula! Huh? It's just my costume.
It's a hotdog.
We've been over this.
Come on, let's go to bed.
You'll feel better in the morning.
[Wolf howls, thunder crashes.]
Ahh, a wolf man! Oh.
It's just a regular wolf.
Maybe Grizz is right.
Okay, it's all okay, Panda.
It's all in your head.
[Thunder crashes.]
Ahh! Wah! Guys, guys! I saw a mummy! Guys? Aaah! [Panting.]
- Hey, Pan, what's up? - Guys! You're okay! I thought you got eaten by monsters.
Dude, we just got a snack.
There's no such thing as monsters.
You're too paranoid, Panda.
Next you're gonna be telling me there's a monster right behind me! [Gasps.]
Ah! And I bet it's got big claws and creepy wings.
And I bet it's got a gross mouth like, ahhh! And a scary growl.
Uh was that you, Panda? [Whimpers.]
Ohh, okay.
Then it must be [Growls.]
Monster! Aaah! [Laughs evilly.]
Aah! [Music.]
Hmm? [Blows raspberry.]
- Hmm? - Boo! Hmm? [Growls.]
[Laughs evilly.]
- Wah! - Oof! [All whimper.]
[All growl.]
[All whimper.]
No! Stay back! I won't let you hurt my brothers! Raah! Frau: Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop! What are you doing?! Oof.
These monsters are my roommates.
They wouldn't hurt a fly.
Just look at them.
Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought they were gonna eat us! Ha! These monsters don't eat bears.
- I prefer pizza.
- And I only eat human children.
Well, why were you chasing us then? [Transylvanian accent.]
Ve vant to adopt you.
- Whoa, really?! - This is the best Halloween ever! [Music.]
Mmm! - Hey, my homework's missing.
- Oh.
Sorry! [Laughter.]
Monster party A spooky-wookie party Big monster party! It was all quite quirky Haha! That wasn't scary at all.
Let's take a break while I look for a really scary one.
We'll be right back.
Boo! [Laughs.]
Welcome back, everyone.
While you were gone, I dug y'all up another scary story.
And I promise this one's gonna be a real scream.
So, let's get to it.
[Keyboard clacking.]
Okay, guys.
Check it out.
This is my favorite movie of all time.
Grizzly: Hmm.
"Smart Buddies.
" Wait, hang on.
99? - I ain't paying that.
- That's highway robbery.
Wait! I know a way we could watch it for free.
- Oh, you don't mean - Oh, I do! [Music.]
Uh, Chloe, I don't know about this.
Wait, isn't this, like, wicked illegal? Nonsense.
I do this all the time.
Ta-da! Oh, um, okay, now, let's see which one's the real play button Huh.
Not this one.
All right, get comfy, guys.
You're gonna love it.
My name's Camille, and I'm the nation's top scientist in explosives.
For 20 years, I've [Static.]
Um, is this part of the movie? I I don't think so.
What's going on? [Computer beeping.]
Ah! Huh.
Cool movie, I guess? [Laughs evilly.]
- Aahhh! - What?! Lolololololololol! You filthy casuals! I'm finally free! You ready for some good times in the offline? Ahh! Who are you? Oh, you know who I am.
I'm the Internet Troll! What's your favorite thing? - Uhh - Too bad! It's garbage! [Cackles.]
Lol! Oh, boy, I'm just gonna heck up your whole scene! Dislike! Hate it! In fact, I think everything here could use a little more me! [Cackles.]
You can't do this, you big creep! What's the matter, bear? Can't take a joke? [Laughs.]
"Git gud," scrub! Grizz! Are you okay? - You're next, noobs! - Aah! [Electronic monotone.]
Oh, no.
Oh, golly.
Oh, no, Grizz! Oh! There! The back door! Trolls hate going outside! Come on, come on, come on! [Chimes.]
Uhh Jump scare! [Cackles.]
I'm obnoxious! [Beeping.]
Ice Bear will not run.
Ice Bear will fight.
360 no scope! - No! - Wait, Chloe! I have an idea.
I have some old antivirus software in my room.
- Maybe that'll stop it.
- Mm.
Quick, quick! I am going as fast as I can.
Troll: [Cackles.]
You'll never be able to escape me! - Hurry, Panda! - Got it.
Oh, come on, come on.
Come on, load faster.
Troll: [Laughs.]
You really think your pathetic antivirus can stop me? Oh, it's almost done! Both: Antivirus! Banish this troll! Banish! Come out and play! Banish! Antivirus, banish this troll! What? No! Not a firewall! Banish this troll! Banish! I'm burning up! It worked! The troll virus is gone.
You're still glitched.
This stinks.
Uh, Panda, what's going on? Panda? [Groans.]
[Laughs evilly.]
Aah! You thought you could defeat me? It's too late, noob! Everyone knows there's no way to stop trolls! [Laughs.]
I shall destroy this flesh world! [Music.]
Wait! There is one way to stop a troll.
Uh-huh, and what's that, know-it-all smarty pants? Hmph.
What's this? Hey.
I'm talking to you.
Stop ignoring me! Uh, I'm gonna destroy your whole world! You're you're dumb and you can't do anything! Everything you like is terrible! Um, you smell bad.
And you're ugly.
Um Darn it, darn it, darn it! You found my one weakness, not paying attention to me! I'll get you for this! - No.
You won't.
- Huh? Get lost, you dingle.
Aaah! G2G! [Music.]
Uh, how about let's buy that movie then, huh? [Music.]
So, what did you think? Pretty great, right? Yeah, I mean, I didn't really understand most of it, but, yeah, it was fun.
- What'd you think, Panda? - Oh, it was fine.
[Chuckles evilly.]
The Internet sure is a scary place.
Crow friends, take this evil box away and let's get to our last tale.
Oh, wait, that's Panda's.
Ah, well, he doesn't need it.
Okay, let's do half meats and half veggies this time.
- Hey, fellas! What's going on? - Oh, hey, Charlie.
We're just on the way to the city to get some pizza.
We'd invite you, but we know you don't like being seen by people.
Sorry, Charlie.
All right, let's go.
We'll bring you back a slice.
Bye, Charlie! [Sighs.]
Man, I wish I could be around people and grab a slice of pizza with my buds.
Aah! Oof! Ugh! Ah, fiddle sticks.
I should really look where I'm go Oooh! [Music.]
" Oh, wow! It's one of them wish-granting boxes.
Oh, someone must've wished for a skeleton.
Let's see what we got here.
"Make wish.
" Well, seems simple enough.
I am Zohar, the Wish Granter.
Make your wish.
Well, hello there, Zohar.
Now, let's see.
Oh, I know! I wish I could be around humans.
Your wish is Zohar's command.
I wonder if anything'll happen or Waaah! [Groans.]
Oh, man.
Huh? Waah! Holy guacamole! Is that me? I'm I'm human! That means I can go anywhere and be around anyone! What do you think, Skeleton? Huh.
Yeah, you're right.
Better to try to blend in a bit.
- Hiya, fella! - Hey, man! And a good humanly hello to you people folk! - Hi! - Hello, there! - How's it going? - Oh, hello! Excuse me, sir! Your outfit is so trendy right now.
Can we please take a selfie together? Uh, actually all right.
- Ahh, fabulous! Say "fashion"! - Fashion! Wow, she's even got your nose.
You two have a lovely day! Hey, fellas! Surprise! I was able to make it for pizza! Uh hey, Grizz, do you know this guy? Me? I thought you knew him.
Oh, right, sorry.
It's me, Charlie.
I know I look a little different, but now I can come to the city, blend in, and hang with my best buds! Oh.
Yeah, sure, Charlie! Yay.
Grizz, I have no idea who this guy is.
Maybe if we don't move, he'll go away.
Come on, fellas.
You remember me, right? They don't remember me.
Oh, my gosh! What have I done?! [Panting.]
Phew, I thought he'd never leave.
Zohar! Zohar! Hey, man, you made me normal, but now my best buds don't know who I am.
I wish that I was the most normal human around and the bears definitely know who I am.
- Morning, fellas.
- Ahh! - Oh, wait, wait, come back! - Ahh! Let's get out of here! - Hi, how are you? - Aah! - Hey, there! - My word! - Hey, Charlie! - Huh? Oh, gosh! What have I done? Okay, see you.
Zohar, come on, man, I didn't mean to make me normal by making everyone else not normal! I wish everyone was not Charlies! Hmm, so far, so good.
Hello Oh, no! [Chitters.]
Excuse me! Your outfit! It looks so good! - Wha! Oh, gosh! - Hey! Come back! Sorry, guys, gotta run! [Growls.]
Come on, you dang machine! - Hiya, fella.
- Hey, man! Hello to you folks! - Hi! - Hello there! - How's it going? - Oh, hello! Everything seems normal.
- Hey, fellas! - Huh? Oh, hey, Charlie! - Hey, y'all remember me! - Of course we do! You don't think we'd forget, do you? Alpha Team, this is Stripes.
We have the target in sight.
- Alpha who? - Don't play dumb with me, Charlie.
You escaped once, but this time you'll be locked up for good.
What? That doesn't even look like Huh? Oh, no! There he is! Charlie the Maniac! [Baby crying.]
What? [Siren blaring.]
No, I'm not a criminal! - Oh, man, I got to fix this! - We got a runner! He's headed south.
Stop where you are.
There's nowhere to run.
You're under arrest, Charlie.
Get me out of here, Zohar! Huh? Hello! - Please, just one picture! - Ahh! [Music.]
Ice King in wrong show.
Whew! Glad that's over.
You said it.
Hey, mind changing the channel to an action movie? [Screams.]
Oh, my gosh, Zohar! What do I do? I messed everything up.
It's all my fault.
Would you like to edit-undo? Edit-undo? [Music.]
I'm I'm normal! This is definitely the best pizza place.
- Bears! - Huh? - Oh, hey! - All right, what's my name? Where did you guys come from? Do you do you have the urge to arrest me? You're Charlie, of course! We came from the cave and wanted to have a picnic with you.
Ice Bear always has urge to arrest.
Back to normal.
- So do you want to join? - Sure, that'd be great.
- All right, man, dig in.
- Thanks, fellas.
Oh, boy! Pizza time! - I hope my slice is vegetarian.
- It is! [All munching.]
Y'all gonna share with me? Well, the more the merrier.
Mmm, so good.
That story had everything.
Wishes, danger, a hamster, me.
Definitely the scariest tale of all.
Don't you agree? Ah, you guys don't understand you're all just a bunch of ol' bones.
Well, thanks for listening to my stories.
Happy Halloween! [Music.]
- Done! - Done!
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